Saturday, May 27, 2006

What's new pussy cat? The Gemini New Moon May 26

We're currently under the new lunar phase moon within the air sign of Gemini.

I like to call this one the 'What's New Pussycat?' New Moon because we're invited to ask questions, get curious, sample, try out and talk and think to our heart's content.

More emails I am sure get sent and received under Gemini New Moons. More people hop in their cars and commute and more people hike up their phone bills because there's so much to say and just not enough time to say it.

It's a great time for new publications, columns, radio shows, novels, blogs, journals, and jobs and projects in the communication fields.

This particular New Moon is exciting in that it receives blessings from the North Node in Aries and Structure Saturn - we can have the best of both worlds as long as we're willing to try something new and at least talk about the pros and cons of Keeping Life The Same or Trying a New Approach now.

The North Node shows a place we're trying to reach and in Aries AGGRESSION as you'll notice has become a way of life. War is always touted at the time of the Arian North Node, but the New Moon in Gemini says "Talk about it" and since it's in a great placement this month to the North Node - talking and clear channels of communication will help us all.

This month:

Make the call
Spit it out
Say it like you mean it
Get your head together first
Write the letter, email
Stick it in the mail
Cover more ground
Explore the neighborhood
Contact siblings
Be curious and youthful
Get a a CAR TUNE UP!
Buy a bicycle or other method of transporation
Ask questions
Talk to strangers (yes this is actually a good Moon for this!)
Read a new book
Learn sign language

I enjoy Gemini Moons because I have a Sag Moon (opposite sign) and there's always a free flow of energy provided the aspects are happy ones. This month they are, so it's a bright and breezy time. A lot will be asked, a lot will be said but I'm not sure how much will be done unless it at least preserves how far we have come. Creativity will become more structured thanks to Saturn in Leo and whatever we are trying to put our personal stamp on will get the green light once it knows its purpose and can explain itself thoroughly.

If you have a presentation or you want to put it down on paper or sell it, this is a great time - use the right chosen words at the right chosen time (consult an Astrologer perhaps?) and you'll hit it big.

Wherever you end up, whatever you think and whatever you are inclined to say these next two weeks especially, remember Communication is everything.

Enjoy! And Keep talking - but make sure to listen too, yeah?


Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Power of Energy

Everything is Energy. The human body is a giant battery, run on water and a strong conductor of electromagnetic energy waves. In the Age of Aquarius we'll begin to see the interfacing of humans with technology ( microchips being the so-called 'End Game' for the world controllers some claim) and the Internet being the ultimate 'link-up' between humans in this chunk of world history (Aquarius rules technology, connections, networks, computers etc).

This video is an example of just how powerful sound energy is. Imagine the impact of sound (music, or invisible energy waves) on our sensitive human bodies.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Oh - and another! Stonehenge in Brazil

And what do we have here - moments after I post my last findings:

Brazilian archaeologists have found an ancient stone structure in a remote corner of the Amazon that may cast new light on the region's past. The site, thought to be an observatory or place of worship, pre-dates European colonisation and is said to suggest a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy. Its appearance is being compared to the English site of Stonehenge.

The stones appear to have been laid out to help pinpoint the winter solstice, when the sun is at its lowest in the sky. It is thought the ancient people of the Amazon used the stars and phases of the moon to determine crop cycles. Although the discovery at Amapa is being compared to Stonehenge, the ancient stone circle in southern England, the English site is considerably older. It is thought to have been erected some time between 3000 and 1600 BC.

This is not just Astronomy as reported but ASTROLOGY but of course mainstream sources won't report this much.

I hear Stonehenge may be rebuilt by 2009, which I see as a good sign we are trying to retrace our steps and locate lost facets of our collective story on Earth.


Celestial Find at Ancient Andes Site

Archeologists working high in the Peruvian Andes have discovered the oldest known celestial observatory in the Americas — a 4,200-year-old structure marking the summer and winter solstices that is as old as the stone pillars of Stonehenge.

The observatory was built on the top of a 33-foot-tall pyramid (33 is a very important number in esoterica, a maste number in Numerology, the Masons who love Egyptian symbolism have their highest 'order' at thr 33degree) with precise alignments and sightlines that provide an astronomical calendar for agriculture.

I anticipate more and more discoveries as the truth of our celestial heritage becomes harder to ignore or deny or suppress any longer.


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pluto in Sagittarius and the Galactic Centre

Pluto is currently in Sagittarius at 26Degrees - a place of huge significance. It's called the Galactic Centre, and TRUTH becomes a huge issue - the trouble is what is it, do we have it, and can we tell the difference between the real thing and the lesser versions being peddled right now?

Good question.

One movie released this week is a reflection of the planet of Death, Destruction & Rebirth (as well as probing, propaganda) in the sign Sagittarius (religion):

The Da Vinci Code.

I came across material way back in the early 90s, that showed symbolism within artwork and the "truth hidden in full view of the public". The best place to hide the truth is within plan view which seems to have founds its roots in most news stories now - the war on terror a strong example - hide things where people won't look - right in front of your face.

Religious figures and 'believers' worldwide are going nuts over the release of the movie - since it threatens their very foundations of life.

Sagittarius relates to belief and with Pluto digging up dirt on things that show a different version of 'official stories' (from the 911 government version of events, to the life of Christ) people will not relinquish their view on reality.

I can only imagine what will happen as we near 2012 - will aliens land and throw everyone into chaos when we realize our history book are bogus? Will everyone be forced to accept microchips with a vaccination we "need" because of bird flu? The stories and possibilities are endless - but one fact remains - be caeful what you believe, because in the years ahead BELIEF DETERMINES YOUR EXPERIENCE.

At the end of the day, who cares if Jesus had a wife, if Mary did this or that. Did Jesus even exist (or does he represent the "sun" of our solar system along with the 12 disciples (signs of the zodiac) that show its passage through the season - death in winter only to be reborn in the spring (equinox).

Sagittarius loves information and Pluto loves to ferret around in taboos.

Exciting times.

Here's the story on the religious rampages currently:

Funny how knowledge and belief can STILL divide us. Can we get over it and just work together?

Sheesh, wake up people.


Monday, May 08, 2006

Digging up Dirt: Full Moon in Scorpio (May 12)

This Friday, the Full Moon lands in one of the most intense signs in the zodiac: Scorpio.

I always tend to see this Full Moon as one that contributes to a lot more crime in the world at large. People try and get away with more during Scorpio Full Moons, but often they're caught or something gives them away. If you're psychically in-tune you can smell a rat at this time, if you're not you may fall victim to a scam, scheme, violence, danger or intrigue.

Underground activity is high this week, especially at Friday's Full Moon watershed mark - when the shadows increase despite the fact there's a blazing silvery orb full and strong overhead. It's like halloween all over again, which I happen to like but for most it's a weird time on the streets, which I'm sure you'll see by Friday.

So what can we expect at this time. Here goes:

Personally: Desire increases. Hormones rage - people are hungry for sex, love, money, power, satisfaction, and they won't rest til they find it. Prostitutes are out in force, people gamble higher for bigger sums, people sneak about, and you may even catch some people with sunglasses on at midnight or later. We feel a need to focus on the serious stuff, the things that we want more than anything else. Our bad habits surface and we suddenly get an urge to kill something off - a way of life, or just throwing something away that has served its purpose. We get out the scissors and cut stuff from our lives.

Globally: The intensification of power issues makes it a volatile time, so we're sure to see someone losing it and going postal somewhere, that's nothing new. But Hotshots like world leaders, bankers, greedy people (which already covers them both) and those dipping their fingers in the pot are sure to have some secrets publically revealed. I love these times - we get to see, as the public, all the things other people are doing in a Full Moon dedicated to:

Airing Dirty Laundry for all to see.

Gotta enjoy it - this week's Full Moon is better than any soap opera. Stay tuned to the news headlines for thigns that revolve around Scorpionic issues such as:

astral experiences
corporate calamities
drastic changes
matters relating to death
occult matters
outcome of lawsuits
partner's income
recycling - regeneration - reincarnation
resources, other people's
support from others

DEATH comes to us once more - something ends this week in the bigger picture, can we let it go? And can we not get too carried away with things that are ending? We don't need to stick the knife in any deeper, sometimes it's best to simply move on, and swim away.

Other Aspects

This Full Moon could bring some intigue with online affairs - the Internet and secret goings on (child sex scandals, money laundering etc could become bigger news), the media could be slammed for lying (heres hoping) or take us further into more deceipt (even likelier).

Drugs and Drink could be problematic - we already heard news they are going to make carrying smal amounts of cocaine etc in Mexico LEGAL (with a view to detaining you for "questioning" indefinitely...nice one)

(This Full Moon squares NEPTUNE in AQUARIUS.)

Also, our hearts and heads can be so divided we don't get a chance to sustain what we already have because we're heated up and want to jack it all in. Messages delivered now seem more like ultimatums or we read them as such. Our minds may be at rest but our hearts aren't. The public may suddenly DEMAND an answer to something the press isn't talking about.

(The Full Moon opposes MERCURY in TAURUS)

And finally,

We can use this time to build something back from the ashes so stay tuned for news of new building projects, new foundations, new family values stories and more efforts to safeguard the past. Since the US is a Cancer Country this Full Moon could bring more patriotic flag flying and more Homeland Security announcements for that reason.

Why? This Full Moon trines MARS IN CANCER.

Our homes can be made safer (and less burglar friendly) and we can make our emotional defenses just as sturdy, by letting go (Scorpio) or emotional seeds of destruction.

Spiritually, letting out demons is harder than if we just keep them at bay by not playing host to people or energy that is destructive. Stay vigliant to where your own energy and where your emotions are being focused and expressed.

Above all - seek psychic answers, consult the Tarot, learn Astrology, find lost objects, have amazing sex, be open and have a heart-t0-heart, resolve debt and financial issues and get ready to Rise Again Like The Phoenix!

Bigger and better than ever.



Sunday, May 07, 2006

Poll: Which sign was your best lover?

Vote in this fun poll at the What's New link on the front page (

Closes: May 16, and results on-site and announced on London Radio, listen in live at( Tuesday 8.45am GMT (12.45am PST).



Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yee-haa! Venus moves into Aries: May 3

Venus, the planet that loves love, loves tasty treats, adores affection, and loves to spread a lot of it around (the planet that also represents money, luxury, beauty, vanity, cosmetics, design and "what we like, love and value") moves into fiery Aries on May 3.

I'm a big fan of this happening because I was born when Venus was in Aries herself. It makes everyones love nature a little bit more aggressive (women start making the first move or begin leading, stay tuned for news stories of just this). We all begin to love a little more selfishly which can be a happy or depressing thing - if we become a little more selfish we demand a little more of our loved ones time (and no one's complaining about being Wanted so bad!) or we push-puhs-push to have it our way or no way, and we forget about the other person's needs and feelings.

Venus in Aries is nothing if not pushy - which is why I'm dragging my bestest friend and buddy and partner along to DISNEYLAND this Friday - to let our hair down and be children (Venus in Aries loves kids stuff: ice cream, candy, rollercoasters, adventure, thrills, spills and laughter.)

Expect to see a little more RED finding its way into fashion trends of this month, as well as people, movies and advertisers using it to woo us - I notice American Idol is using Red (with a splash of white) to advertize the infamous brand of cola (as if it needs an extra selling, but hey I guess it works.

A fun fact you may be interested in - RED and WHITE are colors favored widely due to their hypnotic quality. I've always loved the colors together but the significance goes deeper.

The famous Cola Brand uses Red because according to their vast studies, woman are more seduced by the colors.

Red and White is used on most road signs and a lot of big companies - KFC, Safeway, Ralphs - of course now I'm drawing a blank, but keep your eyes open during the day and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Red and White are found on the MAGICIAN card of the tarot Deck (Rider-Waite deck) and are also the color of BODILY FLUIDS:

Red = Blood = Life (and Death)
White = Milk, Sperm = Life=giving fluids

Red and White are our blood cells too - visible blood often means a new life (delivery room) or the end of one (accident scene).

The colors are powerful and affect the collective unconscious in dramatic ways you may not have thought about until you read today's blog (hey you learn something new every day, right?)

And this is what Venus in Aries LOVES - something, anything NEW!

In some ways, this is our strong arrival into Spring. venus shows what we adore, admire and want to receive so:

1. Make a move on someone
2. Make it happen - whatever it is you want
3. Rough someone up in a loving way (neck bites, and hair pulling is strongly IN now)
4. Love yourself (Aries is the sign of the self) - take yourself on a date
5. Be a Child - go for dessert first and skip your veggies (just this once)
6. Wear Red, be assertive and up your courage
7. If you're timid - be a little bossier. If you're aggressive, teach someone else how to be, and soften up yourself (venus).

There ya go. Some tips on making the most of this period.

I'm off to have as much fun as possible - Venus in Aries knows that naive pleasure and the pursuit of innocence is all that matters - you don't find anything new out about yourself unless you try something new in the world.

How about it?!


Monday, May 01, 2006

Land of the Free??

As I write, at 4.14pm we are already 14 minutes into the rally here in Los Angeles for immigration rights.

Looking at the chart of the current moment it's interesting to see that today the Moon is in CANCER (the sign of the United States) and with the Moon (representing the public), it was no surprise to see on TV more than 300,000 people or more holding US flags in the streets here (and across the country) to demand the freedom afforded others who work hard and already live here.

Not only that, the Moon touches MARS (the planet of war) The news called it an "immigration battle" and as Mars shows were our energy is being directed, there is a lot of anger, energy, and assertive ACTION being directed towards the states and the ability to call this place a Home (Moon).

Can America look after its own children? it's a Cancer country, for goodness sakes - "how can our Mother foresake us?", the people cry.

With the Sun in Taurus, being challenged by Saturn in Leo (authority issues) we can easily see how they are trying to cause a wave - taurus represents money, and a walk-out today is certainly causes many companies enormous financial difficulty. We're pushing (square) our leaders (Leo) to wake up and realize that everyone who is working here and bettering the economy (Taurus) deserves a place to put down roots (Taurus). After all, isn't that was Capitalism is all about? You'd think (considering most immigrants here are paid peanuts, and do most menial jobs Americans refuse to).

Spiritually, the founding fathers of the US, established the culture of America as a testbed of cultural mixing - and this will always go down as the most successful experiment in the human world - here people CAN get along.

Of course leaders currently are using the 'divide and conquer' method, so these protests continue to channel energy into the 'divide', playing into the favor of creating unrest and stress for the population. I wonder if an amnesty will lead to the new proposed microchipped IDs cards - first for immigrants, then slide it in and pass it for regular citizens. We'll see soon enough...

The Moon in Cancer today is starting its oppposition to PLUTO in Sag - Sagittarius is overseas, laws, and the surpassing of borders, and of course, in opposition the public is marching to oppose such borders.

Pluto in Sagittarius has truly go down historically in this period as a time when the church (Sag) was nailed for sex scandals (Pluto) when secrets (pluto) are coming out about religious stories we are now being told weren't truth (sag) (Da Vinci Code - Pluto loves codes and mysteries).

We've seen death and destruction (pluto) in the name of Holy wars (Sag) and cultures (sag( being blamed for mass deaths (pluto).

And here we are today - as the Moon graces the sign of the actual United States of America - its children (moon) are marching (mars) to reclaim their rightful place in a land they already live in and have done for many years - I saw one woman who had been here 17 yrs, leaving her job today (at the risk of being fired) because she wants the rights anyone else here does.

And of course, to provide balance, I saw two old ladies on TV who were screaming against it "Go back to your own country" they cried. And in protest, what are they going to go? SPEND MONEY (Sun in Taurus) to prove "they can't beat us".

How sad, I thought that we can still witness scenes like this. The way to get back at people who have the same rights as anyone else, is to spend money to give to the corporations, to 'show them' (the little people). How crazy, I feel.

Uranus (freedom, equality) is in Pisces (compassion). We can no longer ignore the inequality we've spent years denying. The People are not happy - and the times are a-changing.

I saw one sign today that reminded me that it's not even about flags anymore. "God Bless America" is past its use-by date.

I propose a new flag - "Goddess Bless Earth".

Her energy already does actually, if we would only see it. Perhaps in reality we should be proclaiming 'People bless the Goddess". Where are WE in relation to the planet??

With Venus in Pisces today, we're connected through emotional energy. We're all the same - do we need to continue rallying, fighting, protesting and dividing before we can see this?

I think so, just a little while longer anyway....

I send a ray of light to all those today who are without the rights afforded to many - by showing yourselves on TV, by upping the numbers, we at least have light shining where most people are afraid to look.

The United States is going to have to start Caring about life - under the sign of Cancer, it is a spiritual and karmic obligation and it won't get away without it any longer.