Thursday, July 16, 2015

Healing The Heart: Venus Retrograde (Jul 26 - Sep 6)

In 8 days, Venus will turn retrograde (Jul 26 - Sep 6), coinciding with a major influx of Relationship Ripples - from old haunts, to current ghouls, the ones that got away to the ones you ran away from. Love (Venus) must now confront her own shadow-self  - narcissism, manipulation, selfishness and criticism /the need for Perfection - since she begins her retro in detail-driven-Virgo.

Look up and you've no doubt seen her shining BRIGHTLY above us, as she paired with Jupiter. Financial matters (also Venus) are re-examined - from spending habits, to credit cards, bank accounts and the possible pursuit of luxury and 'things' to fill a void in our sense of self-worth (another Venus attribute). Are we living beyond our means Or way under our full potential?

Venus is currently at the final degree of Leo - the pursuit of personal pleasure is necessary. So does creativity in all it's forms: music, art, theatre, dance, childhood freedom. Find a way to express what is in your Heart now, while you still can.

For without the strong self-pride we learn while Venus passes through Leo, we pass insecurely and uncertainly under Venus' Virgo critical eye.

 Enjoy yourself right now.That in itself is an Act of Love. And then prepare to Work on Yourself as Love moves us from high drama to a low, calmer tide of self-examination and the exploration of what is not working as it could or should in our pockets and in our hearts...

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Love Thyself!

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cancer New Moon: Bonds, Belonging and Busting Beyond the Discomfort Zone

Cancer New Moon tonight. Lots of watery energy about as you've read in the Weekly Scopes (scroll down my page to see them). The New Moon falls at:

6.24pm LA
9.24pm NY
2.24am Thursday UK,
5.24am Thursday Dubai,
9.24am Thursday Hong Kong,
11.24am Thursday Sydney

This one is all about the PAST, our FEELINGS, our NEEDS, our EATING HABITS, our LIVING SITUATION, our FAMILY, our sense of BELONGING.

A square from Uranus in Aries adds a sudden urge for freedom from past restrictions, past feelings/triggers/reactions - in short, old worn-out emotional material. There's an urge at times to throw everything out from our past, but the square shows it's really an internal friction playing out externally between the habits that have become comfortable even in their discomfort, and the striving Valiantly, Nobly and Bravely and Suddenly (Uranus/Aries) towards something fresh and new.

We have no choice but to Update Our Lives now. Helpful Trines from Chiron (healing) and Saturn (structuring) are welcome signposts that beyond the yearning, burning, churning feelings in the pit of our stomachs, lies is a New Comfort Zone waiting to be tried out. All it takes is listening to that still voice within and taking one foot forward...
Send some good vibes my way, will you? Still trying to secure a new home and it's been one challenge after another. Saturn back in Scorpio is a real Test. Don't give up.

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Synchronicities of Pisces/Neptune/Cycle 12

If you're also with me on Facebook ( direct link: ), you may remember my supermarket story from the other day? I rarely write down or track my synchronistic moments. Maybe I'll start!

Born with a highly charged Neptune (and transiting Neptune on my IC (Cycle 4 cusp), I've come to find it commonplace but something I joke about a lot - how everyone who ever spends enough time with me inevitably gets to bear witness to some strange, surreal, magical and perhaps mystical moments and "line-ups". It happens a lot with the Fish, or to those who know them well.

Like the many times I'll suddenly say the exact same thing as the person on TV, read friend's and strangers minds without trying, or the only woman in the giant library a couple weeks back, who passed me near the Travel section with her friend discussing... zodiac signs, of course.

There have definitely been enough "raised eyebrows' when "chance" goes through the window. It's fun when you have a witness!

I caught Family Guy, first time in a long time late the other night. And a character said "between garbage and good, there's Chipotle!" If you've been reading my posts - maybe you'll also find that synchronistically-amusing.

Oh and the randomly-assigned hotel room number I was given last night? "222"...

Any of YOU seeing more line-ups of late?

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sagittarius Full Moon Scopes (May 2)

Archery (sign of Sag, the Centaur/Archer) is tricky. I found I was good at darts when I was younger and I was too shy to chat to people at the local bar. My Moon is in Sag, so perhaps that's why? Naturally good aim.

That's key now: WHERE ARE YOU AIMING?  What are you aiming AT? What is your goal?
Without an answer, you're shooting from the hip (the part of the body also ruled by Sag).

HONESTY is key. Without it, you're screwed. Square Neptune, this Full Moon has its fair share of tall tales, courtesy in part by a nice easy aspect from Jupiter,

Remember this!

Since I missed the Weekly Scopes here is a (very brief) run down on the theme for the next two weeks for each sign:

ARIES: Beat the Truth drum but be careful of the germs of doubt or depression that dampen your light.

TAURUS: Admit your sexual needs. Be above board in all $ transactions but be careful of "friends" who threaten to drag you to their level.

GEMINI: Truly HEAR what others are saying about or to you. Avoid glossing over harsh truths and be wary of office politics and shady fiascoes.

CANCER: You now know what works and what doesn't. Simple. Not letting dark fantasies cloud your vision. Tricky.

LEO: Your happiness is in YOUR hands. But be wary of hormones that build everything up to come crashing down just for the sake of the High Drama you thrive on.

VIRGO: Build on truth, pull the rug out from lies. Be wary of victims trying to lure you in to pity parties to drain your precious reserves.

Say it like you mean it! Just be careful your health isn't affected when you feel guilt creeping in for your abrupt tone.

SCORPIO: Think positively about the whole money thing or you'll deplete your own good fortune. Watch out for any residue  victim-vibes secretly yanking the strings within your heart.

SAGITTARIUS: LIVE your truth, quietly, loudly. Be Yourself. Just offload that mouth of yours, preferably on paper? Be careful, old emotional material (and family/home patterns) could pull you under again.

CAPRICORN: As long as YOU live with virtue and honesty, to heck with everyone else. Be wary of thoughts that leads you down the dark labyrinth you've traversed many times before.

AQUARIUS: Celebrate the allies who cheer you on. Mutual Support systems in place! Careful, money management is shaky.

PISCES: You stand for Integrity and Principle. Just don't allow your weak moments to topple you.

(c)  Neil D Paris

Monday, June 01, 2015

Gospel Singing in the Rain (Sagittarius Full Moon with Jupiter and Neptune)

June 2 2015
trine Jupiter square Neptune 
(9.15.58 am LA, 00:15:58 NY, 18.15.58 UK)

The BS factor increases with help from Inflation-Jupiter to his own ruled (and now exaggeration-and accident-prone) Sagittarius Moon, while Neptune breaks the emotional dams built between us.

Some big stories with epic moments, 
rainbows found in the stormiest times,
 huge rescues, 
lost cash, 
big gamblers and spenders!
huge emotional blow ups and messes, 
major sinkings (or sinking feelings) 
miracles aplenty, to save the day!

Picture a choir of gospel singers singing their heart out in the rain, perhaps on the Titanic, perhaps by the scene of a fallen hero. The image is one of joyous beauty and sadness.

Now watch the song from Cirque de Soleil Allegria with subtitles ("the beautiful roaring scream of joy and sorrow, so extreme"). This is the astrological essence of the Now: the exquisite dance of Joy and Sorrow. It's only "negative" when you cannot accept the truth (Jupiter) of true (Sag) surrender Neptune): to the music, to the change, to the unknown, to your life...

Sagittarius is the Bright Light at the End of the Tunnel and Pisces is empathic experience and thus understanding of suffering and sadness found and felt along the way.

Together, we let the tears of Today 
float us to a brighter Tomorrow.

 I should know, my Pisces Sun/Mercury (4th) are eternally square my Sagittarius Moon (2nd). 

You have to adapt now.

 If you need help, I'm your guy.

Your Astrologer,

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Mercury Retrograde and the Mental Monkey Maze

What are you thinking about right now? 
What pictures were you holding in your head earlier, on the 

Watch your Thinking! 

Observe your daily ramblings and ruminations this next three weeks. 
Mercury will retro soon 
(6.49pm LA, 9.49pm NY, 5.49am Tue UK). 

In Gemini, this becomes THE chance to re-train your brain, 
teasing it thought by thought towards that which delights you, 
fills you with energy....
and to slowly...
un-stick our cerebral centres from thoughts that only lead us into the
 endless Mental Monkey Maze.... 

Time, perhaps, to tell yourself a New Story, 
one that leans into the Universal Mind where All is Well...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Scopes - Taurus New Moon with ASTRAEA

Weekly Scopes up early, in time for the Taurus New Moon tonight! 
This one is a degree from Astraea. 
According to legend, "Astraea will one day come back to Earth, 
bringing with her the return of the utopian Golden Ager". 

Could this New Moon herald her Return? 

As the last Goddess to leave the Earth she is, however, associated with "unresolved issues" "believing it ain't over until it's over - even though it already is" "not letting go soon enough" and thus "loose ends"

Then... Mercury turns Retro the day after! 

What could it all mean? 

Some possibilities laid out for you in the Weekly Scopes...
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Your Astrologer,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Uranus Pluto Square March 2015 - the Final Dual


The Final Dual

Neil D Paris

We're building to the 7th (of 7) Uranus-Pluto alignments on March 16, 2015. You've probably already heard or read countless times now how these are "game changers" otherwise known as "The Universe rearranging the pieces FOR you" or so it would seem.

 Higher Purposes (outer planet stuff) lie behind EVERY event around this time. [Like the Major Arcana in the Tarot representing the Soul's Journey...compared to the minor arcana day-to-day stuff].

Big Things are happening whether you see them or not. And perhaps Big Things are already happening within your own life, or the lives of those around you? Or just have. Or perhaps they soon will be..?

Uranus = Aquarius = shocks to awaken us to our True Selves and Ultimate Freedom.
Pluto = Scorpio = the breaking down and purging then renewal or removal of that which no longer helps the Whole (be it a body, company, relationship, country etc)

Put the two together in a Cosmic Clash and we'll see in the weeks ahead the manifold manifestations of their dynamic dueling.  Don't forget it could easily be a windfall as a windmill falling on you.

Think The Joker versus Darth Vader...

Keep an eye out for global phenomena: further insane weather as Earth herself reacts to this energy:

[volcanic eruptions, nasty earthquakes, mean winds, 
things falling down, caving in or otherwise crumbling, 
bombs or people 'going off, 
more marches/rallies/protests/revolutions/people in the streets -
and the subsequent 'clamping down' on the rebels']  

and personal ground-level stuff such as:

[eruptions of personal karmic-gunk, Surprise New Beginnings, 
Surprise Endings along with the twist-surprise that 
Some Things Are Not Over, 
                                       they just need re-arranging, re-configuring and upgrading]

You know how annoying computer upgrades are? It's like that but for Humans  - complete with emotions to boot (pun intended).

 Go easy. Even when life isn't. Especially then. Bigger Forces are at work. Remember This. Everyone's having a hard time right now in SOME area of life.

The thing you never saw coming, along with the thing you were hoping for that does arrive, or the thing you hope to see coming (or going)...even this too shall pass. So breathe.

There is always life AFTER the thing you're stressed about.

So "weather the storm" or "bask in the sunshine" depending on the cosmic weather you're personally experiencing in the weeks ahead under this intense alignment/face-off. And if you need help, there's the Personalized Reports (which I personally endorse)  or we can check in one-on-one.

Congratulate yourself on being a survivor of Six Hits from Uranus/Pluto. The seventh is ahead. And you'll deserve an even bigger medal. But you're going to look stellar standing on the podium. So hang in there, it will be worth it

Because busy or quiet, loud of soft, you'll have passed a major milestone in Earth's history.

Til then - let the Pisces Season mantra wash over you:
                                                                  it's all an Illusion...

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The "Bittersweet Rocky Road" of Human Love

Love-ruled VENUS is jammed between
 CHIRON of Healing (or rewounding) & the Hot DESIRE of Mars

Relationships of all kinds are all weirdly affected now because everyone's dealing with their own SELF-LOVE issues (or playing out ancient family dramas, cleansing patterns of wounding or hurting and learning compassion along the way) or past-life unfinished business that needs a clear up by playing out (since it all takes place in Pisces, the last sign).

So much is being washed away now, under the stellium of the Fish.

We either get swallowed up in our own personal darkness, or we continue to reach out boldly to the Other with courage and even just a shred of faith because we believe in Compromise and Cooperation. (The basic message of the Lunar North Node of Karmic Evolution currently in Libra). Old angers and the acting out of feeling trapped or breaking free are triggered (Aries South Node with Uranus) but firing every one of us for what ultimate purpose?

Into Coming Together in New Ways. The "meet me halfway" way. Synergy. Win-Win. Not the "me, myself and mine" habits we may have slipped into (Aries South Node) but the "I got your back, you got my back and we'll hash out a deal or compromise at every conflict".

The "WE"....

Alas, on Planet Earth, a zone of Free Will and Accept the Consequences, not everyone wants a resolution. Not everyone agrees. Not everyone wants an agreement to even be reached. Not everyone wants to shake hands and forgive. Not everyone wants to say sorry. 

                             Are you flowing with or resisting moving towards 
                 some sort of Peace, Compromise, Agreement or Understanding?

". A body that is attracted to another is negative to it, and after attraction, becomes positively charged, and when saturation point is reached it is repelled. If marriage began and ended with this series of operations, there would be much misery in the world. True marriage is grounded in a deep sympathy and understanding which has no selfish ends to serve and no desire to satisfy that is not mutual."


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Saturday, January 31, 2015


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Your Astrologer,


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cycles not Houses

2015 is the year I stop talking about "Houses" and instead speak of "Cycles" because actually, each House in the Birth Chart is a Process, an Initiation, a Rite of Passage - each segment part of a greater whole. What you learn in one, goes into the next. This is how we evolve.

There are 12 Cycles.

I discuss these in my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles: a Lifetime Guide to Your Stars.

The book was written through me as an addition to all Astrological Libraries as a fundamental building block book to support all further Astrological research, study and practice.

If you were born with Venus in the 5th House, for example, it's the same as saying
Venus is in Cycle 5 - going through Cycle 5 themes and growth challenges.

We now have planets going through certain Cycles, and this gives us a richer look into what is actually going on with this placement. Planets in Houses now becomes evolving Planets moving through initiations.

If you remember that PLANETS represent DRIVES WITHIN YOU, you can understand your Chart from a new perspective (Sun - drive to be, Venus - drive to relate, Jupiter - drive to learn etc). Find out more about each Planetary Drive at the Astrology 101 page.

If you were born with the Sun in the 9th House, you can now say your ego (Sun) is moving through a Cycle 9 initiation complete with Cycle 9 people, themes, opportunities and challenges.

You represent a Sign going through a Cycle.

As a 4th House Pisces Sun, I can now say I'm a Pisces evolving through Cycle 4 this lifetime.

How about you?

Find out more about the 12 Cycles, play around with them, have fun with this. And if you can, please pick up a copy of my book. It not only supports me further in my astrological adventures (and helps me while I write my next two books!) but it also is a killer book that you will use time and time again! It is after all, a Lifetime guide...

Friday, January 09, 2015

Not All Signs Are "Good"

I won't be looking for Signs this year but I'm sure I'll see many again. 2014 was full of them! So was 2013. You'd think I was nuts if I listed off just how many and the specifics. Wow! More than ever before. Did you see any?

This year, I'll be observing it all and noticing, acknowledging, realizing and remembering that The Fact That Something Bigger Is Taking Place puts me right back in the magic, and less into what has outwardly appeared (at least with Saturn in Scorpio which was often a nightmarish hell dimension). I'll revel in the seeing of a "sign", instead of the blind allegiance to it as a perfect manifestation of my Higher Self or Destined Path.

We must be careful whose path/signs we are following now. Which leads us to Saturn in Sag as a brave call to Adventure - once more, for those already on the Path. To get Back On the Path. To demonstrate the teachings.

To make real and manifest (Saturn) the wisdom (Sagittarius).

2015 begins the era of the Walk Your Talk philosophy as people demand "Prove it!".
Preachers and Teachers will abound in the years ahead but not all speak Truth from the Universal sense but the ego-voice, ever searching for ways to both empower itself and satisfy it's desires. Don't go shopping when you're hungry! So Saturn caution is called for, in any teaching or story.

In Church, via media, or even in your own living room.

We're all working on the Truth, this year. And thus, in the polarity-world-3d-game we find ourselves in, many will operate under a Lie.

For those seeking soul-peace, it seems 2015/2017 is the gift of all the hard work of perseverance in pushing on through the dark, so that a tunnel and a light may indeed be seen/created/found.  Seek and you shall find. Saturn tempts us to Quit The Seeking, closing us down so that our Belief is jeopardized and our self-fulfilling prophecies take on a darker turn. But it doesn't have to be this way. If we continue on despite of (or perhaps even, because of!) challenges/delays/frustrations/tests....the Sagittarian good fortune will be there. Saturn always holds the ultimate (and longer-lasting) payoff, remember?

How strong and sturdy (Saturn) is YOUR faith (Sagittarius)? 

We don't need anyone to believe in us anymore, and we no longer need a nod to follow our own sacred life philosophy. 2015 offers the freedom to pursue our personal truth without judgment! But Judge they most likely shall.

Just because you "see a sign" doesn't mean you should follow it, that it's a call from your Higher Self, or anything remotely worth paying attention to. But synchronicity grabs us, doesn't it? And when they pile up and repeat, how can we not feel just a little excited that indeed, 'something must be happening'?

In 2015, I won't be seeing anything as a 'sign'. I have the Signs of the Zodiac to work with and there's more than enough information there to keep me busy (plus this is ancient tried-and-true wisdom as opposed to the latest and greatest we see popping up on Page 1 of any of our google searches).
Instead, I'll bask in awe at the consciousness that makes it possible to see that something bigger is indeed taking place.
If you've tapped into synchronicity of late, take heart and smile.  And if you haven't, don't go looking, just slow life down, take time to just "be" and see what happens.

2015 takes a final zip around a surprising corner (Uranus square Pluto's final 7 of 7 exact hits) and we're left with the purest form of ourselves and the range and limits of our personal power, in a world fighting for new ways of being, while holding tight to that which has been built so far.

The tension now is palpable. Wounds must be healed. And they will be healed the more we face Saturn's karmic lesson of Truth with a continued purging of non-truths.

When you see a Sign, it could be a Red Flag, a Green Light or simply a line-up revealing that "something" is being worked out, on a Higher Level perhaps, reflected in the dense 3-D physical world we also inhabit. It could also be something trying to lead you astray. Seeing a Sign, in itself, is amazing but like the freeways we drive upon, life has many road-signs and we don't follow them all. And sometimes, people rearrange them to send us in the opposite direction.  Skepticism is a very Saturn-in-Sag concept, but one that also has its place.

Remain open (Sag), but remain vigilant (Saturn). 

And as always, enjoy the scenery - even the areas you'd sooner rather leave behind than get stuck in. There are many roads leading to where you want to go. All we need do is keep our Destination in mind, and allow for the many pit-stops and detours along the way.

Even this page of your story, even this view, even this chapter is important.

In 2015 just remember one thing above all else:

Don't lose your laughter!
Your Astrologer,

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