Friday, May 12, 2017

The Webs of the Scorpio Full Moon conjunct Asteroid Arachne

May 10th Scorpio Full Moon conjunct Asteroid Arachne
two week influence

Caught in a web or ripping ourselves from one?

Full Moon in Scorpio = an ending, release, loss. Choice or Force.

The "Cosmic Cleanse".

Intense Emotion. Dark. Hidden. Subtext. Covert. Maybe evil is made obvious.
Full Moon = revelation, illumination. Moonlight can color things. With bias and emotion.
Don't let emotions overwhelm you. Don't make it so black or white you become ruthless.
Scorched Earth policy. Nuke. Utter destruction. Worth it? 

Crimes of Passion.

What isn't right or isn't working? We shall see. Choice either to REMOVE THE CANCER FROM YOUR LIFE or CONTINUE TO LET IT DRAIN & DESTROY YOU. Tell it to keep its grubby hands off of you.! This is the Screw You Full Moon of 2017. You still have time to show the Universe what you're truly ready to "Say No" to, and gain the cosmic backing to do just that.

You can overcome many demons under this Moon, so don't waste a chance to at least make some sort of mental prayer within on what you no longer want to haunt you. This is a Major Turning Point.

Think deeply, breathe deeper and be willing to let go of something completely, utterly, totally and finally.. And perhaps a rebirth will see its return. If not, your Soul Path involves something entirely different, and altogether Better.

Sextile Pluto, we have the structures in place to aid us in this. All cleansing and detoxing are aided.

Asteroid Arachne is involved in this one - her themes? Trickery. Seduction. Building something. Intricate details. A lurking menace aka black widow. Trapped?  In something sticky?

Shady (and shaded) goings-on this month...

Drama - intense flavor of public events, more extreme that usual. People go off the deep end more easily. Long bubbling emotional issues come bursting forth like volcanos once dormant.

Things are NOT what they seem right now.

Tap into psychic power. Scorpio Moons are great for depth soul work and intuitive insight. 
Clean up your outsides, and your insides too. Sweep. Dust. It's symbolic of cleansing and is a meditation unto itself. 

ruthless removals - this is the time when people may cut each other off in extreme ways, that may or may not stick. But often we are so hungry for complete change we can start sabotaging our lives 'as they are'. Make sure all your actions have your full backing and avoid making emotional decisions in the Moment that are not coolly thought out.

trash collecting - gather up what you no longer and toss it. Refuse to go back through old rubbish for things that you could really do without. 

emotional eruption - as mentioned earlier - extreme reactions. Be aware. Stay chill.

life/death etc - things may or not be this serious. But this Full Moon waning period definitely has a darker and more serious tone to it. If you find yourself faced with serious life or death issues, trust that you have survival programmed into you and you shall pass through all fires unscathed and ready to tell the rest of us about it. From one who knows!

Enjoy passion again, don't be afraid of anything besides Fear itself. And sometimes going all the way one direction is the ultimate impetus to fire the other in the hopes of finding wisdom somewhere along the way.

After the darkness always comes dawn. Remember this now.

May all Beings free themselves from anything depleting.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Impatience, Impulsiveness, Mental Illness, Thinking Traps and Speeding

Impatience, Impulsiveness, Mental Illness, Thinking Traps and "Speeding"...

Mercury is How we think, What we Think about and thus our Personal Perception of the world.
Steer differently with your mind, says Mercury Retrograde. (This one ends on May 3rd). Another chance to nip Faulty Thinking and repair Screwy Wiring, in the programs we run in our heads.

One theory I find interesting is that when a planet if Retrograde, it could be expressing through the secondary ruler. Mercury expresses through Gemini ways. Seeking and translating and transferring things or info. When retro, (inverted) Mercury thus expresses through Virgo, it's secondary ruler. So suddenly information is processed differently, more methodically, more critically, with more discernment. [Venus would  express through Taurus means (appreciating, enjoying) while retro, she would express through Libra means (evaluating relationships)]. 

Mercury Retrograde is now in Aries.

That was quick. Yesterday's news is already old. What I posted about Taurus themes, has shifted. It's still about self-worth, since we began this Retrograde in Taurus, but it's now about our very personal spheres: who we are and what we want. We're about to take things highly personal again, for good reason.

Mercury has retreated back into Aries, so it's worth a read of this FB post on the curses of Mercury in Aries from last year, so you're forewarned and (dare I say it) forearmed...

March 30 2016: Mercury in Aries

Mercury is now in Aries. People talk faster. People listen slower. The pitter-patter of waiting & tired feet is obvious at checkout lines. Listen for people sighing more (likely from annoyance), or they'll "huff and puff and [threaten to] blow your house down" (or at least throw you a few choice words). But it's mostly Hot Under The Collar pressure-relief. Mental agitation is common. But so too are *Great New Ideas* that come fast and furious and are gone just as quick be sure to act on them or note them down.

No more mental-wallowing in the waters of Pisces. Our minds and conversations are now turned fully towards: things we are angry about, swearing or telling someone off, getting something started, our energy - of lack thereof, ourselves (me, myself and I!), personal boundaries, MY stuff versus yours, speed (watch for red lights and tickets), childlike fun, games & sports and competition...

When your mind is irritated, angry or impatient you're likely to wind up bumping yourself. Instead, move swiftly (yet carefully lest you knock your head) on to something you CAN control/manage or handle... then go back to the troubling issue with Fresh Eyes...

The name of this post comes not from the news of Mercury Retrograde in Aries, at 29 degrees. But from angry Mars (Aries planet) now in Gemini (Mercury's sign) stirring up brain activity, turning up the cerebral testosterone and heating up minds and mouths. And...

The planet of War and Conflict is squared Humaniry's Lunar Nodes: Our cosmic slippery South - back, into the shadows of the unconscious past. Or forward, North bound, into the dawning light of a new way of being.

Mars square the nodes suggests an angry karmic jam, in which we may have to seemingly fight out way out (in Gemini it seems the war is in our heads). Action is called for (Mars is DOING). Our HEAD and our HANDS need to work together. Or else. No sitting stifling, for long. Sooner or later, minds are electrified into action when enough Mars frustration and trapped-desire-energy has built.

Right now, watch for Wars of Words. What is said, is attacked. How it was said. People bicker. Twitter is no doubt about to blow up again. In Gemini, could there be some duplicity and double-speak? You betcha. Two meanings to things said? Oh yeah.A lot unsaid, of course. Mars in Gemini is the reader and writer who rushes. The person ever-ready to explode and argue. People want to get the last word, even if it's not in their best interests.

Mars square the nodes is a choice to APPLY OUR MENTAL (Gemini) DESIRES (Mars) AND MENTAL (Gemini) ASSERTIVE FOCUS AND DRIVE (Mars) either TOWARDS USELESS PURSUITS  (south Node in Pisces) or TOWARDS PURPOSEFUL CONSTRUCTIVE SOLUTIONS to pressing problems (north node in Virgo).

The low side: 
wasteful wars. childish conflict. regretted words. Hasty ill-timed decisions.

The bright side: 
fast flow of info, multiple questions asked and answered, no more deliberations or delays, 
speedy decisions at last, mental dexterity.

Face it, we all have problems. The north node is in Virgo for us all. WE ALL HAVE TO WAKE UP AND CLEAN UP. We ALL have to repair or replace broken merchandise. Repair ourselves when we're sick.  Reach for a healthier, more sober way of living, without losing ourselves to emotional desolation or self-abandonment. All actions are now led first and foremost by choices first made in our minds. The current place of war. That's not a great thing. But drive and ambition to effect change in things that aren't working, is palpable. Frustration energizes our minds into deliberate action.

Even in war zones, healthy decisions and choices can be made and acted upon. Choosing to not act is still a choice, but you have to now weigh up non-action is keeping you stuck.

Mars in Gemini is a quick learner. This could really get you ahead now. Whatever is daunting to you, may not be as hard if you were forced to suddenly have to learn. So try a new skill. Push yourself, (mars) with some positive affirmations, held firmly in mind (Gemini). Better yet, write down your Desire and Read It Every Day. 

Mars-Gemini is the Powerful Force and Power of Words Written or Spoken.

Boredom (a dreaded Gemini downfall) leads to Mars aggression now. Not being heard. Not being listened to. Being ignored. Being beaten down by nasty words. Being made to look stupid.
Moving too fast. Be warned.

Caffeine, sugar, Adderall, crystal meth. "Speeding" in this article refers to the desire to increase the heart rate, to be amped up. It also relates to traffic tickets and being pulled over. Wanting to speed up is a very common choice for many, in a wearied world and still expected/pushed to hurry. What's better than apathy, boredom, depression for many? To be Driven. Ballsy. Aggressive. Pushy. Multiple projects. Lots on the go. Rushing from here to there. Competing. Conquering. Dominating. This is the alignment of Uppers, all behaviors, and drugs that increase testosterone and up the likelihood of frustration, anger, conflict, violence and overkill. That goes for too much sugar and caffeine too!

Look around. People are either playing games on their phones to dispell stress, or frantically pecking at keys in text message arguments. Please remember, to Slow Down and Breathe, right now. 

Sleight of hand. Mars in Gemini could be the "look over THERE while this more important thing I want you to miss goes on over here..." tactic used by all magicians, and many media outlets.

Stay curious, but retain the facts until you have a chance to hear the story again. Chances are high, there will be a discrepancy at play. Hard to spot when you're rushing. And that's part of the plan, for those trying to cause conflict as a deceitful distraction.

This is a MULTITASKER alignment, for better or worse. It's like one relentless ongoing Google Search. Useless facts, "about to's", bickering, waste of words, hot air or useful info. Contradictory details. A myriad of unrelated pieces of an incomplete jigsaw picture.

This period could agitate mental illness, as Mercury retro in Aries combined with Mars into Gemini speeds up the mind and the chances of agitation and anger are higher. Gemini is the inner tennis match between the hemispheres, ideas, options, opinions and perhaps moods and mindsets. We may all be lost to the demons of mental anguish and imbalance at certain times during this Cycle, experiencing a sort of cognitive dissonance, as we hold two thoughts at once, sometimes at complete odds with other. The love-hate, push-pull black and white of bi-polarity.  We may all feel a little unstable and changeable under these conditions, so the planets advise us to protect our minds by monitoring our desires and trapped energies so that we can re-direct them accordingly. When irritable, change your focus and your mindset follows. Don't spin your wheels or words. No need.

IS THE INFO USEFUL? Will this agitate my mind or help me to focus clearly on what I desire?
Ask these questions regularly as a check-in to avoid spinning mental wheels and draining your energies and efforts.


Is there a solution being offered or merely a new repackaging of the problem?

Always seek improvement, right now. However small. 

Prevailing energies are tricky. fickle. fidgety,, changeable. unstable. 

The practical way forward through the questions and questionable leads us to an ongoing choice: 

South to Pisces fading, or North to Virgo Improving. 

As always, our own Free Will. The Nodes are about to leave these signs, and the results will be shortly in, on how well we did with these Lessons.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

2nd week of Taurus Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde. Week 2. In Taurus.

The whole money thing is paramount. Are you getting what you're worth? Who owes who? Do you have enough cash for what you desire? The whole love thing. Do you feel appreciated? Are you enjoying yourself?

Who and what do you love and is it time to re-evaluate where you "spend" your affections? 

If possible, be realistic about your financial picture. But immediately get to work on rebuilding a stronger Appreciation/Gratitude/Abundance mind-set. 

Mercury Retograde in Taurus is the astrological chance to re-wire your brain in a more lucrative light.

This is the procrastinator Mercury Retrograde. Hard to gain traction sometimes. Other times we are deep in mud, spinning our wheels because what else are you going to do? Stubborn refusals to give up on something stupid. Stubborn refusals to hang on, when things are just about to blossom. Taurus energy slows to a crawl for a very good reason now: we are afforded a chance to slow down long enough to e-evaluate all choices as Sensible or Silly?

Taurus is common sense personified, so Mercury retracking here helps give us a sense of extra time (an illusion that nonetheless feels real) so that we can see for ourselves the Real Time evidence of what is worthwhile and what is a waste.

Sensible or Silly? Worthwhile or waste?

Minds aren't at peace, they rarely are under any retrograde. While some people dive under beds seeking quarters for laundry, others may be adding up their sum totals and pleasantly surprised. Taurus is feast or famine. Plenty or lack. Mercury wants us to root out the corners of our psyche where don't yet feel we are worth being recipients of something worthwhile.

Try the Abundance Meditation at my book website:  under CYCLE 2.

Find the small pleasures, the ones that cost nothing. Dwell there. When stressed, seek a calm mental state, encouraged by the tuning out of Present Time Noise and Doingness and into an inner state of Quiet Beingness.

Peace is always present.
 We just need to be also, to feel it.

Get sober. Get serious. Get stubborn. Get Security-Conscious. Get appreciating. Get soothing. Get Positive and Pro-active.

Time will reveal so much more, by the Retrograde end - in the weeks following May 3. 'Til then, hold out on any firm and final financial or relationship decisions.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Aries New Moon

This is it. Time to stopping looking back. So much lies around us, right here right now TODAY. In this Moment. And on the road ahead. Too much that could be missed, without the correct focus and direction. This is the Keep Moving Forward New Moon of 2017. Whatever water has passed under the bridge is South-Node-swampy and deceivingly deep or shallow, Neptune-style and we'd all be wise to rethink retracing any steps that one led dangerously close to the edge, or that once before pulled us under.

Aries battles are often to preserve a sense of self that was lost, forgotten, denied, repressed or abandoned in the previous sign, Pisces. The fight to reignite a strong sense of Self is at hand. This is the Start of ALL the cycles. Solar Cycle 1, if you're following my book. A cosmic call to turn the page and March Bravely on, no matter what.

Bravery will be needed, as always when carving new paths, where none currently lie. We all face the excitement and anxiety of mapping out new terrain, with new mindsets, new actions, new beliefs and new feelings.

This isn't the week to sink into boredom. Find where *Aries is in your chart and which Cycle/House this falls in. Repaint this area of your life. Bring in new vibes. Actively seek new doors of opportunity. Build them, if there are none.

Aries New Moons often get us hot, pressing buttons and stepping on toes, so that we will draw our own boundaries and borders to define where we begin and where others end. Safeguard your personal space, this lunation and avoid unnecesary conflict from those spinning their wheels.

This New Moon coincides with larger forces at play on the cosmic world stage. Jupiter-Pluto are squared, and this is huge. Jupiter zaps Pluto, adding exaggeration to already dangerous or corrupt forces at work, in government, in hierachy, in rules and regimes, in systems and structures. Peopel get ballsy. People call others bluff. Points aren't just made, but highlighted in thick red and black permanent markets. Jupiter-Pluto is akin to nuclear power or unfathomable greed. Jupiter-Pluto calls into question Mafia, Unsavory characters, your local drug dealer. The glitz and glamour of the high life, with all the hidden undercurrents they entail.

Pluto meanwhile zaps Jupiter with a finality to add to its pompous hyperbole. Things get even bigger and potentially darker, if we don't know when to stop.  There's a sense with this alignment of Too Much of a Good Thing and Too Much of a Bad Thing. One thing is certain - things are going to get big, for better or worse. Probably both.

In our personal lives, the Jupiter-Pluto squares demands that we mine our own lives for poisonous roots, strangling relationships, manipulation on any level and underhand and dishonest alliances. This is the alignment people 'sell their souls' under, for the promises of something glamorous, something spectacular.

And indeed, huge wins are found under this alignment, but yes you guessed it. Massive losses too. Bankruptcy, for example.

Jupiter likes to gamble and Pluto goes ALL IN OR BUST. This alignment drives us all on, in various ways that are obsessive, fixated. This is the Psycho Stalker, who just won't stop. It's also the tenacity to walk through the battlefield unflinching to do what must be done.

Jupiter in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. Are the Others in our life, truly on our side and willing to champion us? Are we following dated models of living for the sake of conforming?

Massive Change is imminent again. This is one of those defining times in 2017, that leaves a mark. How we begin this year will not be how we end it.

This week, remember that nothing is ever the same, no moment, no experience. Despite outer appearances, everything has shifted. Let this knowledge and reminder release us all from becoming imprisoned in the old, even if it's just a mindset.

Keep seeking new doors, never tried pathways, try a new vantage point, vista and view. New possibilities find those willing to embrace the bold decisions to Try It and Find Out...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grounding Our Dreams: Sun squares Saturn


The Sun approaches a square to Saturn, and our egos (Sun) are tested (Saturn). All bright lights (Sun) are challenged (Saturn).

In Pisces, the Sun (ego) finds a confusing time, as things dissolve and what is solid seems to evaporate, as the Neptune tides continually erode the boundaries in place that seaprate.
Saturn is the planet of boundaries and divisions, so this is our challenge this week: to maintain our Vision, yet do the direct work to make it manifest.

Borders and Boundaries help us now in giving shape to the formless, structure to something ethereal.

Ground your ideas in structured actions now. Be sensible to offset any hazy magical-thinking.

Saturn in Sagittarius, as covered before, is a challenge of faith:

Can you believe something when there's no proof? Can you "keep the faith" when something or someone rains on your parade? Are you fearful to leap? Are you remaining adventurous and risk-taking within reason or recklessly?

These are the challenges this week - the continuation of the Fact V Fantasy theme, but zooming into our personal lives, this Sun-Saturn square is the Bright Light faced with the Wet Blanket. Do we work with current confines or bemoan our fates?

Authorities (Saturn) can rub us wrong and seem to block us, with a No, Red Tape, Delays, Frustrations, Refusals and other assorted negativities. Parents too. Our Bosses also. This week, how will you handle the rules issued from those above you? Remember that moods affect behavior, so try and fly under the radar Pisces-style, when faced with Sagittarius-flavored hyper-reactions.

So there will be depressing moments this week, and tests of our compassion and flexibility. Remain flexible and maintain an inner bright light optimism that refuses to dampen or dim no matter the terrain, weather, mindset or moment.

And try and STRETCH MORE - this will help physical and mental flexibility, which is needed more than ever right now. When things slow down or seize up, remember that all delays could play in our favor now, if you can Trust That Things Are Unfolding As They Should...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sadness, Synchronicity & Slowing Down

As if under cosmic cue, I lost 4 pages I'd written to you. Pisces Season is often about "letting go" one way or another.

Lot of sadness around, whether your own or others suffering. Comes with the astrological territory we are currently traversing. Hang in there. You're not alone! If things get overwhelming, seek a Safe Other to talk to. [I'm still available for chats and readings, email reports are still helpful reminders from your soul]. Find an outlet for feelings. Poetry. Sad music. Chill-out time. People's minds are seeking to RELEASE MENTAL RESISTANCE, by whatever means they can find. Be one of the smart ones who do so within healthy limits (not something traditionally associated with Pisces). Seek a mental release, but be sure to stay grounded. Mercury in Pisces is the cosmic call for us all to root out egoistic thinking and Merge With The Infinite Again. This is the time to bring back your meditation practice, the yoga, mindfulness. Turn Zen, and tune out mental noise.

Mars is now in Taurus. This helps with the grounding. A calm body aids a quiet, calm mind. Go to PHYSICAL COMFORT to tend to 'heavy-mental' emotional stress. 

Allow for extra sleep or some sleepless nights. Mercury in Pisces gives way to Aries this week by the 13th so expect then, minds to turn edgier, angrier, hotter - seeking speedy solutions, new information. Seek and You Shall Find, by the raw Power of Pursuit. We are more able to rewire our brains and carve new neural pathways inside, so that we may explore new pathways, outwardly.

As above, so below. As within so without....

Mercury in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Prejudice is rife. What or Who is real, what's fake?

"Fake News" has always been around, we only now have a name for it. Where's the 'fakery' in your own life? 

Depression can set in when either our honesty isn't welcomed, or lies are preferred.  Expressing our feelings honestly is still one of the bravest things we can do this lifetime. What will you stand for and Stand Up For, when it comes down to it?

This Mercury-Saturn stress can be relieved by Remembering That Happiness is a Choice and that Optimism is too. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we need to embrace both signs: Pisces kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations and Sagittarius' Bigger Picture & desire to magnify.

Magnified feelings help us create works of art, as our creativity grows. Magnified feelings also mean Amplified Grief as well as Amplified Ecstasy. These are the times: this week, Sag-Pisces energy is strong, so you need to find ways to Explore a New Adventure while Maintaining an Inspired Cosmic perspective. Look for Silver Linings in Storm Clouds: "Everything happens for a reason", for example. "It's the Journey that matters most". "Reach for a Better Feeling". "All is Well". "This too, shall pass". "Better Days Are Ahead". Being in the Right Place At the Right Time, despite how things make outwardly look. Trust. Believe. Expect.

These are choices we can all make.

Saturn in Sagittarius can bind us to locations - trapping us in certain times and places to learn specific lessons. Being Trapped, could be a theme that hides a truly cosmic and karmic purpose. We all face Judgment now, our own Judgments or from those thrown our way by those around us. We get to see where we are living narrowly, where Saturn in Scorpio may have quashed our adventurousness, our open-mindedness. We get to choose now to keep breaking the prisons of belief we may have stumbled in. Like planets, are we pulling towards (conjunct) others or away (opposition). Let's try to avoid having or Stories define us. 

We are still Real People, beneath the tales.

Find your freedom where you are.  Look for greater knowledge. Bookstores. Classes. Podcasts. Check out for truly Sag-Pisces experience no one else will get to have but you. Sometimes it's good to Pan Way Back, for a more Global Perspective.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the quest for the Truth, but it's also the wall that's built to keep the lies alive.
 The only way through the blocks is a greater understanding of how other people live. Pisces-Sagittarius is the ultimate alignment attuned to Compassion for Those (seemingly) Unlike Us. The guy next door from a different country. The girl at work who follows a different political party.  Our galactic cousins we're possibly yet to meet.

This week then: Soothe your Soul. Align with Others who have compassion enough to care, to listen, to try to understand. Do the same for others. Slow down and catch your breath, this is not a race but do allow new information to pull your mind's eye in new directions. It's Time! 

Friday, March 03, 2017

Big Bold Bids for Freedom: Mars/Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter

Be bold but be careful....

Mars meets Uranus in Aries, with an exact opposition to Jupiter. BANG! What was that? Crash!! The market or a car? POW! Remember Batman, with the speech in air bubbles. It's All Action Now. Actions are exaggerated, too. People want their freedom and will go all out to get it. DO NOT GET IN MY WAY. Sudden flare-ups of temper. Yikes! Electric fryouts, ZAP! energetic. Stay in Your Lane/ Sheesh!  HUGE efforts with Huge Sudden Gain, but equally as stupendous Fails now. How do you ever know? Wat are you willing to go ALL OUT FOR? And is it wise and worth it? If so, by all means...

Bangs, Bruises, Cuts, Crashes, Impulsive Reactions, Fast Failures....this could get ugly. But it could also become really cool when we watch the progress made through personal courage and independent moves.

Lot of people freeing themselves from bondage. Across the board. In small and large ways. Watch the news. Watch your friends lives and look at your own story. It's going to be amazing. But some people won't go easily.

Sudden new decisions Changes of direction. Reversals. Sudden Revelations. Immediate Insight. Shocking personal choices. Fighting for Further Freedom. This is a personal and global aim.

Anyone being abused or oppressed will find a dawning era of freedom, and enlightenment. Things can't stay this way forever. This is a guarantee. Nothing Stays the Same, and these times will underscore this, speedier than ever.

Mars and Uranus is a sudden fad, a flash in the pan. Therefore it may not always prove to be a profitable or sensible idea - in the long run. But we can't know that yet. But it can also be the Uniquely Perfect idea, the leap of insight you needed to take the Initial Step to something new and improved. With one changed action. Mars/Uranus can be just the nudge we need to finally free ourselves to be ourselves. No more rules, chains, restrictions, limitations. No more confinement. No more oppression, depression and suppression. Mars in Uranus could be the Perfect Moment for An Idea Whose Time Has Come. That's pretty huge, right there. A single decision you make now could be the best and ballsiest thing you could ever do. Another Hero moment, in the making.

n Aries, we get angry when our freedoms are stifled. We get pissy. We turn violent. Verbal/emotional/physical/mental/spiritual/sexual, the list goes on. So these are the symptoms of our feelings of being powerless. Avoid them where you can, both outside and within. Jupiter is in Libra so hopefully, we can all keep our heads, to be civil.

Opposed by Jupiter, things can get big fast. Great for truthful news, not for forest fires or familiar arguments.  You never know WHAT you are going to ultimately get, with Uranus. Know this. There are no guarantees. Only brilliant ideas. And major flops. All sudden moves are under Uranus' domain. Jupiter does bring the added good luck, (being in the right place at the right time) and in Libra, we may be luckier teamed up than going solo, but this is an opposition. Jupiter in Libra wants it done with etiquette. The right way. Is that the PC way? What is the right way anymore? Aries wants it done Now, Today. No more discussion. Aries wants it ITS way, Libra demands a compromise. But Uranus is in the picture.  Things are always askew.

The Wild Card then could be our saving grace now, or our Thorn In The Side. You never know.

Feelings suck sometimes. I know many people born with lots of a Water in their chart who get tired of the overwhelm, the extra sensitivity. Anyone you know with lots of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces in them? You know the type. I'm filled with water (and fire, thankfully) and I know the deep well of sensitivity and all that entails. The most profound psychic sensitivity. For better and often worse.

Right now, there's a huge amount of planet in Pisces, which always brings a lot of feelings to the surface. People are lost, vague, drifting and dreamy. Chasing fantasies. Lying. Losing themselves to addictive repetitive behaviors that bring no real gain. Feelings others pain.

Having emotions in a shut-down world can be devastating, and lonely. Cancerians are ever acute to emotional need and whether or not there's a lack of plenty of security and sustenance. Things that aren't given freely on this planet, at this time. Scorpios are ever acutely aware of possible danger and so are hyper aware of perceived threats, however slight. Pisces are tuned into the feelings of those around them, the sorrows of the world and Suffering in general.

The Moon/Neptune and Pluto would be the planetary signifiers to look for in the Charts for those who exhibit emotional tendencies and sensitivity if the signs themselves don't appear.

Until many years later, I finally realized I was an empath. A strong Neptune (massively debilitated some would say!) always tuned into undercurrents and slight shifts in the vibrations around. Aware of pain, able to feel what others felt and to feel their sorrow, their joy. To be able to understand. To know a lie, to hear the unspoken truth, to 'get it' without solid evidence or 'proof'.

Following our instincts now will be our ultimate salvation, if we can avoid the inner voices of fear.

The world is now divided, more strongly than ever, by those who are:

Emotionally available and reachable still (the Humans). Those who are hurting, but continue to reach for joy. Who want to see everyone happy because it just feels better. Those who retain their Human Empathy.

Emotionally shut down (the 'Robots': narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, etc)
Those who, for whatever reason, have succeeded in shutting down their feelings so that they can cause others harm (or themselves) and feel no remorse.

As we progress into 2017, we will see a further divide between the Emotionally Available (the humans) and the Emotionally shut down (the robots).  All we can do in our lives is continue to stand for Human Rights, Individual Freedom and thus Collective Freedoms and continue to find ways to free ourselves from any and all bondage, so that we can more fully BE ourselves...

Each time we do this, we take back the planet from the Robots and put it once more in the hands of The Humans Who Care...