Friday, January 20, 2017

Learning to Live Underwater

Every time you pick up trash or clean your surroundings, you evolve.
Every time you strive for improvement, however minor, things do get better.
Every time you learn something useful and apply it, you ascend.
Every time you release an attachment to something harmful, you blossom.
Every time you choose Calm over Chaos, things lighten.
Every time you clean up a mess, you grow.
Every time you release old emotional patterns or baggage, 
you unfold the agenda of your Soul.

Right now, with so many planets in Pisces, the final water sign and the very last sign of the zodiac (or the "one before the first") there are so many feelings surrounding us and within is, it's like learning how to live underwater. Panic sets in for controlling types since everything is changeable and in flux now. Go-with-the-flow types may actually find this season 'too much of a good thing' offering chances to dissipate, dissolve and deplete back into old, redundant, unhealthy and ultimately untenable ways. Everyone faces the moment-by-moment choice between venturing back to the twilight surreally sublime swamps of Illusion... or venturing up the many winding steps of Healthy Improvement.

We all hurt. And we're all healing.
We all suffer. But we can all help.

This Week, find something Helpful or Healthy that you're willing TO DO DAILY.

Guaranteed, it will keep you away from Emotional Overwhelm, and back into Healthy Human Functioning.

Need some tips? Read the suggestions for Cycle 6.

And this would be a great time, to listen to your special Neptune in Pisces Video Horoscope, at my Youtube Channel (Just look for your Sun Sign and Rising Sign videos).

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon in Cancer (Jan 12)

Cancer Full Moon

Jan 12

Much comes out, at this Full Moon. A nice release moment before we begin a new annual voyage. Cancer Full Moons are always deeply felt. In very private ways. Some bring a deep and abiding feeling of comfort, protection and security, in the safety of the tribe, the team, the family, in the warm familiar walls of Home. Others bring a sense of being torn from the nest, taking us back to a time when we could not fly, or simply entertained the notion we may never fully learn how to, on our own.

2017's Cancer Full Moon is part of a Cardinal Square. A fixed grid that demands that New Action Be Taken Immediately. Nothing can remain stagnant now. Change leaves an impression on us, once again. In Cancer, it's sensitive and close to home. Something has to change, or something already is. the emotions we unearth around this time, always, always find roots in our Mother and Father experience, in What Went On Back Then. The past comes into view again, through an even more emotional lens to get our attention and to reconnect us to our core - so that we can better feed our souls and give ourselves the roots and grounding we need  during our physical time on Earth.

Some may be entertaining ideas of moving. Some may find themselves homeless. 

Since the FM is a purge time, when tears are shed, [more alcoholic drinks are imbibed and time and time again those in emergency rooms and police departments see a definite influx of people around this time], raw emotions are going to come up - relating to how insecure or comfortable you feel, relating to the nurturing or lack thereof within your family tree, where you live and whether it again feeds your needs or leaves you feeling un-grounded, relating to what happened in your past and whether it gives you a firm foundation to build upon or reminds you to uproot and build elsewhere.

This emotional illumination or emotional revelation will serve you. It may hurt, plunging you back into uncertainty, but it will help in the uprooting of old emotional scripts echoing through your life's journey so that you are free to Find Out What Your Needs Are and go about Fulfilling Them For Yourself in even better ways than you have so far. 

Sometimes it's just the FEELING that wants to be found and felt and freed.
So events arise to help us find them.

Pluto opposing this Full Moon is like the ache you feel between what you know you need and what must be given up to be fulfilled. You can't have it both ways, not at this Full Moon. Something has to give. And it will always come back and come down to how you feel and what you feel you must have, in life, with no room for compromise. Pluto opposing can help sever us from toxic connections to people or plans if we are willing to put how we feel, at the top of our list of priorities.

Jupiter squaring from Libra could be the challenge we each now find ourselves facing in how to handle our emotional natures without the need for absolute compromise. Sometimes, people lose, feelings get hurt. Sometimes there is no middle ground, there is no grey, there is only This or That. Much as we may now try to keep the peace by following rules of etiquette, the Full Moon in Cancer WILL have her way with us in revealing (bringing to our awareness through actual events of inner feelings) what we feel. It's up to us whether to act on it, repress it, deny it, fight it.

What will you do with the feelings that arise around this time?

Uranus squaring from Aries could be the angry inner animal we all possess, the primal side of our warrior spirits that wants to do as it pleases, with no thought but to being the most authentic free "Me" we can be. Explosive anger then, could be the hallway of this tie to the Cancer Full Moon, since Aries-Cancer is protective at best, and fiercely defensive at worst. Be careful you don't overstep the line and cross into someone else's personal space or territory at this time. And be wary of triggers and sudden irrational reactions. Cancer Full Moons can pull in the passive-aggressive, emotional manipulator side of this sign.

That's another key theme. Emotional Abuse. The manipulating of someone else to feel a certain way. Like advertising experts. Like the mother who threatens to cancel Christmas to get her way. The father who ignores his kids as punishment. Or the partner who scoffs at your sadness. However subtle, we are AWARE of it now, and we know when someone is setting out to deliberately hurt us. 
A long time standing emotional pattern could be about to end in your life, if you're willing to withdraw your involvement from it. Cancer Full Moons help in the dissolution of toxic loyalty or trauma bonding, any bad habits you want to give up and anything or anyone you no longer want to be attached to.

This Full Moon - remember that feelings pass. No need to get that worked up about anything, you feel. A Catch 22? Honoring our feelings is essential now, but not living through them abandoning reason and sound judgement. Something from the past needs resolution and completion but part of us may want to hold on, To the old ways of doing and the old ways of being, but this only delays growth, snags up the traffic and blocks your flow. The past can often be resolved by facing the present with more awareness and...presence.  From nearly 24 years now in the field (time has flown, and what they say is true - I have enjoyed it!) I have seen countless times that our past (past lives, childhood, history) repeats throughout our lives as an echo, perhaps purified each time by our presence and actions, but always there, just behind the events and pictures, people and places of our Present Moment Lives. Major growth doesn't always come in huge leaps and bounds but in the gradual repetition of new patterns of behavior, through the many days of our lives. 

And sometimes, only the names have been changed....

Realize that despite your best efforts at catering to everyone to find a Win-Win, that you can't please everyone, and you're allowed to feel how you feel. You're free to react how you please, and act how you please but that it's a Higher Path and a Harder Path to rein in the raw, savage and to express our feelings without apology or guilt, shame or regret. The Lower Path is always available to us - regression back to childish behavior to bend those close to us to our whims and ways. As always, it's our Free Will Choice.

Accept what comes up around this time. Feel how it makes you feel. Decide what you'll do with the new insight. Stay? Go? Surge ahead? Pull back? Then turn your attention to finding a safe and grounded space of your own again, where you are safe to tend to your private needs, be yourself and safe to feel how you feel..until that feeling passes too.

Enjoy cocooning,


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Welcome to 2017:The Year of Honesty

How are you faring in the second week of 2017?

Due to time restraints and my writing projects, Weekly Scopes are now Weekly Thoughts - a look at the week ahead For Us All, instead of the traditional Sun/Rising Sign approach. I am hoping this helps illuminate prevailing cosmic weathers and our choices in *how* we approach these transits - with less emphasis on fated-experiences, and more on personal choice and evolution. We are, after all, In This Together. And you have Your Say, in how you choose to participate. Not choosing, is also a free-will choice. If you tire of the new format, I will try to continue the Individual Weeklies..

Despite my lessened social media presence in 2016, I am still hard at work behind the scenes with Readings. maintaining the websites, compiling the new books and continued talks with the TV peeps (getting nearer!) - amidst my own healing journey - Chiron has been passing over my Sun and Mercury for some time now, bringing home the actual work involved in Facing And Healing Wounds. It's not always pretty, and positive thinking only gets us so far...but from loss does come gain, I can assure you...and all dark nights of the Soul inevitably give way to the bright dawn. If you stick them out. All wisdom borne of the Scorpio Rising "Transitions &Trauma" school of life, which I will happily share with you in my work and writings - and Readings - this year.

If you haven't yet ordered one, make 2017 the year you invest back into Yourself and wake up to the beauty and truth of who you are, while acknowledging and smoothing out the rougher edges of your personality or life path. The Personal Astrology Reports I offer will not only remind you of your ultimate cosmic strength, power and possibilities (areas of guaranteed success this lifetime) but help support me in my continued work, so Thank You! You can also help us both by ordering a copy of Surfing Your Solar Cycles - a friendly and informative pep-talk to accompany you every month of your life through your ever-evolving Personal Cycles. Guaranteed, you'll find something new in each reading.

You can browse all that's on offer here.

As we move through 2017, Personal Truth becomes more obvious, thanks to karmic Saturn in Honest Sagittarius, as we continue to face the decision to either blossom into more open-minded citizens of the world, with Integrity, Optimism and Authenticity...or...face the dark tangents of prejudice, discrimination, deflated hope and loud-mouthed hyberbole.

In short, the difference between the Sincere and Insincere, the Real and the Phony, becomes ever clearer...if we listen to the voice of Intuition, forever whispering in our ears. Talk is cheap; actions will always speak louder. And the loudest voice, is not necessarily true.

Watch the Watcher; Judge the Judges.

First Weekly Thoughts is up - expect more in depth next time, each Monday - or additional, when something of note is brewing.

To the many adventures in store for us all, in 2017.

I salute you, fellow earthling!

Your Astrologer,

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mars at 29 Scorpio

Mars at 29 Scorpio

Cliche as it may be, it really is "darkest before dawn". 
The fact we are guaranteed a sunrise each day, is evidence enough that
 the Light always returns. 
Fear made a comeback in all our lives under this transit job 
and we've had our work cut out kicking it in its @$$! 
New Beginnings are just a mindset away...but...often mixed up in the 
messy business of 'endings'. Can you have one without other? 
Something is undeniably over or gone, while in other areas, 
situations or people are simply (or not so simply) going through intense rebirths 
along altered paths forever changed. 
It's all Hard Work, but something great is about to come from what seemed so terrible. 
No one gets left out, no one is forgotten. 
Hang in there as we squeeze through the bottleneck 
into the greater freedom of Mars entering worldly Sagittarius 
on August 2nd...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Structured Reaching: Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius


Need some mental stability, a fresh optimistic attitude, 
a new broad stroke of color to your creative offerings?
 Mercury in Leo has us Thinking Of The Fun we're about to have, 
or the Joy That's Sorely Missing
Playful (and Playing) minds can now tap into the Saturn in Sagittarius anchor - 
downloading Wisdom and Honesty - and some much needed 
"structured reaching" 
 to temper overly dramatic communications and conversations 
(within and without)...
Narrow minds are offered an opening now, recklessness is given a word of caution 
(and any appropriate Saturn limitation) and we may just discover a few Set in Stone Beliefs -
 and Judgments - blocking a more joyous head space, at least right now.

Channel thought into Learning Something to overcome inertia, 
Going Someplace to gain perspective or 
Passing On something about your own story, in order to draw in Feedback or Support.
Treat yourself to an affordable and helpful Personalized Report 
(Buy One Get One Free until Friday July 22) and
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Your Astrologer,

Friday, July 01, 2016

Love is helped by...Venus-trine-Jupiter:

The last post was heavy, because the planetary combo of Venus-opposing-Pluto isn't light.  Light comes, after the piercing blackness, with this alignment, ask anyone born with it.

The Good always there if you but look for it. Venus is aided now by Jupiter, a planet you always want on your side. This is the energetic principle of "good fortune" "being in the right place at the right time" "optimistic advances" "plenty of everything".

Love is helped by Optimism. Love is protected by Laughter.
 Love is healed with Adventure and Knowledge. 
Love is sustained with Honesty.

The downfall of this planetary team up is the "too much of the thing you love" which always sickens on some cellular level. This Venus-Jupiter isn't as indulgent (or is, within some sort of limit), unless it's on being OCD with the details and over-analysis, typical Virgo vibes (Jupiter is in Virgo still, remember). Venus in Cancer is a heat-seeking missile, defining what is Top Priority.

Finances can swing either way under this one: too much of a good thing could be "Credit, Debt, Greed". The upside is that we end up on the receiving end of some sort of blessing, perhaps financial perhaps in some other form.

Remaining loving and nurturing of ourselves and others, through the darker Pluto chapters, is the way ahead. Jupiter in Virgo is the light at the end of the tunnel, which promises that we WILL get there, to the other side, if we continue just taking one small step forward, one giant Jupiter leap of faith at a time.

If you're looking to part with some hard-earned money for something absolutely worthwhile, give yourself an Astrology Report from my Store, They're super popular, with good reason and some of the most affordable you'll find online.

Live and Love Lively,

Your Astrologer,

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Venus in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn


See this aspect as the clash between Sweet Caring Mom (Venus in Cancer) and Rigid, Unyielding Father (Pluto in Capricorn).

That symbolism should explain a lot of what is manifesting outwardly - and inwardly. 
A clash between Warring Parents? 
The Needy versus the Power Hungry?
 Care or Control?

Flip it and we could have the Emotional Manipulator V the One Who Enforces the Boundary.

* Love, Art and our Enjoyment of Life are challenged under the current conditions, by either 'outdated rules', 'pushy politics' or 'obsessive-compulsive control'.

* Finances: time to Pluto-trim and figure out if what you *want* versus what you really, truly *need*. What's your bottom line?

Interestingly enough, Cancer as the USA and Capricorn as the UK suggests an intense ripple effect within both countries, especially after the choice England made to leave the European Union.

Let your Love deepen, even - or especially - as the Shadows momentarily grow...