Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross & Libra Lunar Eclipse 
April 2014

There was a time when people made little connection between their personal lives and celestial forces. But that time is over.

Astrology may not be able to always tell you precisely how something will manifest (since your participation is always one half of the equation) - but it always answers the "Why".

Because the pressure to evolve 
has become too great for anything to stay the same.

Right now, everyone is banding together energetically (even in areas where conflict continues to divide us physically) through a Neptune in Pisces ability to 'pick up' energies in the ether (think shark's smelling blood or dolphin sonar). It's as if everyone suddenly became more psychic, whether they choose to open up to it, or not.

Everyone on Planet Earth knows that we live in a New Time. Uncertain. Ever Changing. Surprising. As the Old World goes through its death throes (complete with loud noises, struggles, refusals and resistances) the New World remains unformed, created by the both the acceptance of what no longer works or is no longer available to us...and ...the new energetic pathways we create in our individual minds (and Cosmic Mind) through the simple act of living more consciously.

                                         Are you where you thought you'd be by now?

The answer will always be NO, because whether you're doing better or worse than you feel you should be, life has other plans, there are always surprises. Our lives are stories. Movies. Just as the Universe affects us, we affect it. The Universe grows as we change our reactions to events. Sometimes you can surprise the Universe as much as it surprises you.  We're living in one of those periods. When we take new pathways, when we stand up and face a fear and keep moving, when we fall apart and begin the process of putting ourselves back together again, when we continue to keep a light on through dark times.

These days, simply admitting you have a problem, takes enormous guts.

We weren't all meant to be born as Astrologers, but we all become one when we see the correlation between how we feel, what is playing out and what the larger cosmic forces are reflecting back to us.

Right now - as we move into April and May 2014, things continue to change, on an ever-faster acceleration.


     Awakenings.                                                                          Whoa!

Karma comes flying around, whether we can trace its roots or not. When life seems unfair, remember that. Don't, however, assume you are being punished for every crummy thing that unfolds before you (and do your damnedest to avoid getting sucked into battles that aren't your own), and if you are a target for karmic payback your only job is to not to pollute your world further, ultimately freeing yourself.   At the same:

open to the possibility that a nice, normal, quiet day
 is actually IS good karma, being paid in kind.

Nothing is as it seems down here on Planet Earth. The simple is often complex. The most honest can be fraught with the most deceit. Things are unstable. And everyone is waking up to that. While some continue to slumber, it's up to the awake to move forward as consciously as possible.

Whether through turmoil or celebration, we WILL all come together. It's inevitable.
Maybe not through beliefs, maybe not through laws. Maybe not even through agreement.

But through Human Empathy.

Protect yourself this April and May. Psychic Shields up. Appearances are more deceiving that ever before. Life throws you challenges but never without a blessing. Accept both with an equal and open heart. 

April and May will Bring It.
May your Response from here on in be "Bring It ON!"

Your Astrologer,

 * More astro-details on the Grand Cross coming soon. In the meantime, you can read up on past articles about the Libra Full Moon here (the Libra Total Lunar Eclipse is April 15)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014



This April, join my KARMA CLASS 

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Your soul remembers. Isn't it time you did?

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Letting things fall apart so they can regroup stronger : Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Scorpio

With Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Scorpio, we're given a cosmic gift - the magic of Neptune can easily help us on the our True Path now. And, as always there's a positive potential and a possible pitfall.

The Potential

To allow whatever is going/fading/phasing out/dissolving/saddening/disappointing/hurt/lost to disappear like the smoke from a snuffed candle, knowing in your Soul that life is prodding you on to your chosen destination.

That's one giant part Faith and a huge dollop of Trust, and some type of Inner Knowing.

 Can you allow yourself to believe that
 through everything that's unfolding, 
you're going to be okay?

The cosmic conditions call for us to Let Go because Death IS the destination - at least while the North Node travels through Scorpio. Parts of your life are MEANT to die off now. That was always part of the plan as we entered 2014 and this chapter of Life on Earth.  Everything and everyone on the planet, is in the throes of a major metamorphosis. Everyone feels it on some level. Some days it feels easier. Other days we feel under the weight of something unseen and dreary. This transit activates a Soul Suicide - a mission seeded within every human, to allow for a dying off, of various levels of our selves. Especially the Fear-Based parts of our psyche.

Look at your own life and determine now where Going With the Flow may be your best bet because any resistance shown now, could simply be delaying the movement from where you are, to where you need to be. If the Universe is guiding you through your own life, and knows just what it is that you want and need (there's that Trust/Faith/Belief clause), then you have to actively demonstrate that trust, to see it reflected back from the watery Neptune realms of imagination, into the stodgy, heavy, physical dimension of Saturn.

You are always evolving, when you resist, the Scorpionic energies of the North Node either rip things away from us or we find things become too problematic. Things continue to break down, to make way for that Better Option. The parallel Universe, always open to us, when we Choose Differently.

You're better off being in the receptive Neptune-in-Pisces space of allowance. Then, you'll notice that pieces (an anagram of Pisces) line up and fall into place. But that you have to accept the loss of whatever illusion you may still be clinging to, to arrive at a deeper place of actual (not imaged) soul-satisfaction.

Behind the wall of the room you're currently inside of (if you're indoors) is a vast sky, and lots of stars. The ceiling is not the whole story. Even if it's all you have to stare at sometimes.

The Potential

Going with the flow is great when you're in the best flow for yourself. Not the flow of the mainstream but your own flow. Are you letting yourself devolve, or evolve? How can you tell? Neptune is after all, also sextile (an opportunity) the Taurus South Node, so old temptations and paths of least resistance become lures that rob our Light and sap our Cosmic Chi.

Don't rigidly push, but don't flimsily just get swept away by your feelings, be they fantasies or the echoes of divine discontent buried deep within every human being.

If you're tuned-in you're more sensitive now yourself, softening or learning compassion for those in your life. Tears flow - relief or grief. But something inside of us knows that by letting things fall apart, they can regroup stronger.

Families, friendships, career plans, health objectives - all of it.

Can you handle not being in control as a path to getting your life on a better track? Sounds counter-productive. Type A personalities won't want to give up control in areas where they still experience fear, but there is little choice. When you combine Pisces and Scorpio, change is always powerful and it always moves you. I'm a Pisces Sun, with Scorpio Rising, so take it from me.

Addictions? Always a Neptune possibility. But even the alcoholic soon comes to realize that something needs to change, that something no longer works. So too, the drug addict. So too, the over-achiever just as much as the under-achiever.

The great thing about Neptune currently trine the North Node is that lying is no longer an option. Our souls are revealing themselves more each day, as we become more and more the energy signature that we choose to allow ourselves, to predominately vibrate to. We're like soft paper being etched with the lines of the prose we chose to write. It really is written all over our faces these days, or at least in our eyes to our Neptunian-soul. That is of course, unless the ego has hijacked you and the lights appear to be off, But the writing is still revealing itself through us.

Broadcast your own signal, and watch the Universe respond to it in kind.

Sometimes, it's all you have. 

Thank Neptune, it's all we need.

Your Neptunian Navigator,

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014: The Gift of Grit

Capricorn Season - and each New Year - is a time of hardship. We all come out of last year with a sense of 'what we achieved' and 'where we failed' no matter how skewed these perceptions are through our humanly distorted lenses. Some year you look back and you say "ahhhh.." with satisfaction. Other years, it's ARGH!

Your discomfort is a Gift.

It's mine too. And how we choose to act during it, will shape all our Destinies, individually and collectively. For discomfort is the grit that creates pearls. It helps you focus utterly and completely (Pluto style) on your Desired Destination. 

Things that no longer work, can no longer continue unless they change at the deepest more conceptual level. Problems can't be avoided any longer. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are seeing to that. We see the work that must be done and we do what we can.

Your discomfort is a Gift.

It helps you shape the direction of your dream and thus your action. It shows you where you need to grit your teeth and continue scaling the endless flights of steps to the top. Capricorn demands a challenge and a karmic payment and so we'll all be issued one at some point, this New Year.

At the end of the day, you're the one directing your own Story. That often frightens us, because we don't know what we "should" be doing, or what we really need, as the Me, Us, I, Ourselves that we Are.

What you consider success is no doubt different to your next door neighbor. For some people, taking one step again after a stroke is success, as is the case with my mother-in-law. For others it's having the courage to travel across the world to meet with a love (my friend), for you it could be securing a job or completing a project, while for me in 2014 it's going to be the new directions my life can take (and the post-traumatic fall out to clear up) after the cleansing fire of last year.

A problem is simply a solution waiting to be found.

And Your discomfort is a Gift.

Continue the climb!

Your Astrologer,

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Angels & Demons of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (Nov 3)

The Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio, (4;49am PST) occurs at the North Node, thus opposes (challenges) the South Node - our place of comfort and our absolute stubborn resistance to letting it change, evolve, or die.

Thus the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is simply another "opportunity" to do some spiritual housekeeping - which inevitably means having our physical lives rearranged accordingly as we clean out the cobwebs, raise the dead spirits of our ancestral pain and pry open the locked trunks and blocked closets containing our secrets, shames or other assorted skeletons.

If you don't - someone else will.

Life invades and violates us sometimes during these Eclipses. Or so it would seem. But the true message of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is to allow for the eclipsing of your sense of self, your confidence in yourself, or your acceptance of yourself, so that you may gain these very same things - your very sense of self, new confidence and a stronger acceptance of yourself, and the process called Life.
What is taken away is valued all the more.

That's how Eclipses work.

They change the light, the affect the interplay of light and dark on the planet. The Sun doesn't want to be eclipsed. it wants to share the honor of our Bright Light, our Ego, our Inner Child. But wait, when the light goes out is when we truly get to understand, acknowledge what it is when we're suddenly blinded by its brightness once again. We know the Light, through the Dark sometimes.

Since the Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio we can safely assume this means an Ego-Death of some form as the necessary step forward in our spiritual evolution. But we do have Angels on our sides  for the road ahead (we'll get to the demons).

We have a fixation on the Dark Side (notice the proliferation of Zombie and Vampire), or we're Fighting it every which way we can. Scorpio always takes sides. It's the nature of the Beast, excuse the pun. Angels often come disguised, but so too do the Demons.

Saturn, the steely one who reminds us that Time reveals all because nothing stands up to time. Saturn is his own Grim Reaper only he measures it, he doesn't rape us of it, like Pluto. Saturn Angels are the life experiences disguised as painful barriers and hurdles. They test you. They wear you down to see what you're made of. They feel like a hangover. They leave lasting impressions and you say I MADE IT and no one can take that from you. (Scorpios take note especially since Saturn's been in your Sign so you are earning your spiritual stripes right now). Saturn demons are the feelings of failure and quitting under the heavy load of the same painful barriers and hurdles. Either you push on or you give up. Sink or Swim. Saturn demons like to drag you under.

Mercury Retrograde honors up with his presence in Scorpio too so that we have no choice but to retrace our steps so that a new wiring can be created in our brains of a new way, a new possibility. A new way this can play out - finally? But thoughts are just thoughts so could we just simply be repeating mental programming and analysing it in a replay of the exact same energy? Loops of experience, loops of thought and further loops of experience. Can we break the spell? Yes with commitment and focus (Mercury/Saturn). It won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. It's a tough world and sometimes we see it's harsher, colder, more sober, starker and darker version. That's the Scorpio stellium. A feeling of unsafety, or things falling apart. Of forced change. Or plain and simple Trauma. Mercury Retrograde Angels however arrive in the form of conversations that get to the very bone when it comes to raw, honest feeling and the sharing of unimaginable passions and pains. Mercury Retrograde Angels are experiences designed to help us to review our pain so that we can find some buried (Scorpio) gold amongst the dirt of destruction. Some new ideas on healing or getting stronger or gaining more power. Sometimes you have to hurt to grow stronger.

Demons abound during these times. Psychic vampires, sexual demons, reptilian businessmen and who knows what other assorted hellish beings may be walking around. In our houses, in our personal spaces. Or is it all just in our heads? After all Mercury is retrograde and what we see outside is a physical representation of our spiritual current place in our evolution and experience. You get to see where your head is, or where it goes sometimes. You get to rewire it. Mercury Retrogrades I have come to understand as cosmic strokes - affecting our brains, giving them a chance to be rewired and reprogrammed with better material. Mercury Retrograde Demons (remember Scorpio is the true meeting of the Living with the Underworld Realm of Pluto) are those thoughts that plague us, for the simple pleasure they have in making us feel hooked on feeling lousy.  Are we being tested, could we be surrounded by snakes? Replaying pain is a form of post traumatic torture for all of us. Suspicion is our enemy, while in the past may have been our rescuer. You can never quite tell under this Eclipse. The light changes suddenly and what you thought was real, has changed. Mercury Retrograde Demons try to keep you trapped in a painful past but inevitably help you wise you up to where you burned your hand on the ring that way last time.

The meeting of the Sun and Moon heralds a potential deepening commitment to diving into your heart, into your mind and into your soul to find a purpose, passion and a power within you. Whatever that is. We're all called to walk through the Spiritual Metal Detector: anything that is unnecessary for the road ahead from this point on (a job, a relationship, an attachment, a person, a situation) could leave us, as the cosmos to come to remind you that leaves fall off trees each year to make way for the seedsthat will become next year's blossom.

 Change has a purpose. And you're ready for it. That's the Scorpio North Node Eclipse, in a nutshell. You just have to Act Powerful, thus evoking the natural magician within you (Scorpio) and facing life will a steely resilience - at least for now.

Anticipate some final farewells. Goodbyes are inevitable during true change. But also some re-connections with loved ones who have passed over with a message here, a signal there of their presence since Mercury is retrograde. Or in the form of getting ourselves out of Mental Hell due to injuries suffered on life's thorny path.  Mercury Retro in Scorpio leads us into the labyrinth of the mind but doesn't promise a way out unless we seek it in New Thinking (or the re-thinking of the old in new ways). What you focus on grows. That's the bummer sometimes. There are also re-connections though, old deaths rise up again - you think its gone then IT'S BACK! A recreating of things, sometimes in the image of of their past selves, but also of new ways, means and abilities. We get to try on a new hat and see how it feels.

People can change. People are changing. Because lives are changing. Daily.
And we change with our circumstances, as it should be.
"Accelerated change" always has the same feeling, but it quite simply means more
is happening in a shorter space of time.

When Death comes knocking, honor that which has passed,
and turn again to face Life, because deep down, as a wise
Scorpio once told me, "those who are yours 
never truly leave you". 

You have to say goodbye to one thing in order to roll out the welcome mat for something new. Old energies return in new packages, and new energies can spring from the roots of old energies. Anything is possible now. Passion, Purpose and Power are needed to face the fear and surrender control, if only for a Moment.

Welcome your Angels and Respect your Demons,
Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Season of Death

Let's face it - it's Scorpio Season and that means the month ahead will bring a Death. What is Death? Nothing but a transition from one state of being to another. [See Cycle 8 of my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles: A Lifetime Guide to Your]. While I continue my own Phoenix rebirth from the literal ashes of my former life, (yikes!) the population on Planet Earth are figuring out what must stay and what must go (by choice or by "fate"). Watch the process. See how people and situations morph into new forms. Things may look the same but aren't - the sort of phasing from one dimension into another. Ourselves included. The process involves a sacrifice of sorts. A literal/emotional/intellectual/physical/spiritual letting go, which means we will surely "hold on", a natural polar human reflex! But that's where Astrology reminds us that just as things CHANGE, DIE & LEAVE US...SOME THINGS ENDURE (Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio). Like good old fashioned memories. And solid appreciation and enjoyment of what we currently have (Taurus). And that things can change for the better if you trust in the Current Unfolding of Change taking place within your own life now. Sometimes painful; always necessary. Expect in the next month period, to witness Death at play around you and co-operate with its process with a firm acceptance that there is no loss (Scorpio) without a gain (Taurus) and that by letting go of what is or once was (Scorpio) we allow for the arrival and unfolding of What We Truly Want (Taurus)..

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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