Saturday, March 29, 2008

Lights out tonight - 8pm your time

TOnight is Earth Hour night - an idea spawned on the Internet that seems fun. Between 8 and 9pm tonight, everyone is asked to turn off their lights. Big Businesses are doing it as a sign of good will. It's to highlight the 'energy crisis' but I think it's just plain good fun, so I'll be joining in - we may get some great satelite photos from it if nothing else.

Read more about it here.

See you in the dark tonight!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Astro-Find in Israel

This interesting article crossed my desk this evening and I thought I'd share it. For those in religious realms who 'believe' Astrology to be a negative practice (the "devil's work" and so forth - yes there are still some), I found it beautifully poignant that this 2005 article of an ancient find at a prison site in Israel of a hidden 'church' - actually uses the sign of Pisces as the mosaic floor tile design.

Pisces, the two fish swimming in opposite directions, symbol of the soul's earthy downward direction and swimming upstream to spiritual enlightenment and our 'true' nature. Pisces was, of course, elected as the symbol for Christians/Christianity and is still widely recognized today.

Since then, we've progressed into the Age of Aquarius, whose new symbol, I believe is the Internet (symbol of Aquarius technology, humanity and its connections, electricity and 'brother/sister-hood ...and sites like MYSPACE and FRIENDSTER (friends and space being Aquarius symbols) another reflection. Also, the WWW of the internet, reflects the symbol of Aquarius (seen above).

Here's the article from 2005 about the hidden church and the picture above is of those two Pisces fish revealed.

You can sweep it under the carpet, but you can't hide the truth forever. Beautiful eh?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Update:Transit Report

The Transit Report I offer has now been updated to include specific date periods revealing your personal cycles - when they begin, when they peak and when they are over. So you can now chart the changing cycles and seasons of your own life, with ease.

You can see a sample at the website and order your own. It's currently on special as a new introductory offer of $30.

I hope it helps you understand what's currently happening and what lies ahead for you and how you can best respond to the changes tides of your own life.

Enjoy - it's a great report that I use myself when I need a handle on where I am at.

Get your own here.


Which House is Your Sun in?

So you know you're a Leo, or a Gemini. That's your SUN SIGN. But which HOUSE does it fall in, in your Astrological Chart.

Here begins our first 'lesson' in Astrology - as we peel back the layers of our own Birth Charts. You can get one free at my website under the FREE TOOLS or if you already know then you can go straight to the audio and listen to the Sun in your particular house.

There are 12 Houses. Our Sun in a specific house shows a need to "shine Light" into this area. Some say it's where we didn't have too much focus in other lives, and now it becomes an important focus. Some say it's where we're in the dark and need to learn something. I say it's some of this and more - it's a place we must assert our true selves if we're to ever feel strong and truly alive, while on Planet Earth.

So if you're ready to explore further, and discover a little more about yourself, grab your Chart, find the symbol of the sun (shown above) and then listen to what I have to say about its particular unique placement in YOUR Chart.

Feel free to share your comments or experiences. The clips are only a couple of minutes long so we can't cover everything but these are some of the main aspects of your life according to the Sun position (and remember there are a whole truckload of other placements!)

Listen to your Sun-House position here.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Your Escape Key or Key to Escape (March 27/28)

On May 27 and 28 we have some interesting planetary alignments I thought you'd like to know about:

Mercury joins Uranus followed by Venus joining Uranus.

A quick synopsis - Mercury shows where our mind is, how we seek and share information. Communication and the flow of people or ideas.

Venus shows our likes, our enjoyment, our relations, our artistic styles, our way of interacting with others.

And Uranus?
Wild cards - unpredictability, fresh freedom fields and the REAL story behind what we say (Mercury) and what we enjoy (Venus). In short - being so yourself, there is no room for anything else.

If you're in a relationship, look out for this one. You need closeness (Venus) but my goodness you'll need space (Uranus). Couples would do well to tune into both sides of the equation. Love IS freedom - freedom to be yourself while sharing life and the road with another. In any relationship. So respect that. Or watch the fireworks erupt.

And with Mercury also joining the wild planet, prepare for some outrageous media stories, comments, ideas and proposals. Inspired to some, sheer madness to others. Grab a pen and keep a notebook handy - you could just download the next greatest invention. That's if you can tune out the multitudes of 'noise' and 'nonsense' filling the airwaves right now.

Can we sleep? It depends if we can switch off our brains. Watch for sudden traffic and travel snarl-ups - people have a habit of turning into your lane at the last minute under this one.

And new romance and current dates? Don't hang your hat on them. Relationships struck up now, are likely to be fiery fanfares that end in a similar bang. Nothing stays the same with Uranus.

But if you like change, and feel you need to break out - then this is your week.

Find your freedom, and live it to the max - but be prepared to let others do just the same.


PS For those who have their charts - find out where 19 Degrees Pisces falls and this is the house where you'll find your greatest escapes and surprises. If you need help, let me know, or schedule a Reading.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Confrontational Cooperation: The Libra Full Moon

Every War is a Tug of War.

Since war implies conflict you can't have one unless one side is battling against another side.

They're the folk who will be excited with the Libra Full Moon on March 21 (for two weeks).

Libra is the midway sign in the Astrological Circle, implying a middle ground, a dividing line. "Me" and "you" for instance. Libra is the sign of partnership (we know the rumor about single Libras and their inevitable depression).

Since Full Moons are a completion, a release and a peak emotional time, and Libra is the sign of the "other", then it's a sure sign of an emotional tug of war in some area of our lives.

Is a relationship about to change? They always are. Will it end? That depends on many factors. What is certain is that when one end releases their end of the rope/bargain/deal the game is up.

Since every fight is a fight with ourselves (nobly brought to us by an outside who plays their role with amazing dexterity to help us "get through it", and every "other" (friend, lover, parent, boss, stranger, enemy, business client) is "us" (us in another form), then this is a funny old time. We get to incestuously play off with another in either a fun and feisty way, or buy into the illusion that there is a "me" versus "them" situation to fight, in which case we're lost chasing illusions.

Remember, as long as we take one side (I'm good, she's bad, I'm right, he's wrong, I am a happy person, they are sad people) you automatically must bring in its polar opposite to balance out. Nature loves balance. Night/Day, Dry/Wet, Hot/Cold, Male/Female. Play one side, you bring someone in, somewhere, to play its opposite. You have to. You can't help but. It's the Nature and Law of this 3-D physical dimension on Earth.

The Polarity Dance on Earth has always been a fun one, but it's time is waning. As the Full Moon shines in this particular Libra phase, we're tested on how fulfilled we are with the people we're bringing in - but it goes deeper, how fulfilled we are in ourselves, is determined by how much peace we bring in from the outside (in the form of helpful people) or how much conflict we bring in (because we're torn and divided inside).

I know I chase these demons daily (I was born with my North Node ((the lesson I'm meant to learn and the sign I'm meant to become more like)) in Libra - and the issue of manners, etiquette, politeness and fairness all weigh heavily on my karmic path.

To claim we're fully at peace would be a pretty amazing and surprising thing to say these days. It's not impossible, but I guess that most of us are in conflict with at least one person, situation, event or encounter.

Getting off the see-saw, letting go of the rope, ends the game. Remember that, the next conflict you are Just about to step into. Even the one with yourself "is it right to do A, should I have said this instead, should I open Door 1 or Door 5, should I stay or go etc etc. Give up the indecision. When you choose, reality adjusts around your decision and opens up new doors. But you must decide. And be happy standing by your decision or standard set.

What happens now will help you work out which partnerships you want and which you don't. They're all helpful (in aiding you to come to some sort of truce or resolution inside) but which ones are you enjoying? After all, I believe the quest for enlightenment, should be a fun one.

Growth doesn't HAVE to be painful!

This Full Moon has a few planetary archetypes hammering it, or clashing with its usual energy. We have Mars, the planet of initiation and aggravation squaring off against the Full Moon and we also have Pluto, the total destroyer and reformer in defiant opposition to Mars as well as squaring the Full Moon).

This is all astro-speak for a time when Anger would be a most likely manifestation. How many people are TRULY working on clearing up their inside "crap"? How many people are truly wanting to open their eyes to their part to play in all conflicts going on around them, in some shape or form? How many people are trying to overcome their lower desires (Mars) and reach for a higher transmutation of those energies, in the cauldron of alchemical change (Pluto)? I wonder.

For everyone, whether the relationship issues are small or large, it's ALL ABOUT US. It's deeply personal. You choose whether to stop or go. You can cut someone off if it's unhealthy or you can sign a new contract because you want to grow with someone. We're dancing with many partners and whoever said we only have one soul-mate, is mistaken.

Each person we meet on the path is a soul-mate. Whether we're single or committed to someone, we're all in relationship - with life, with pets, with strangers, with lovers, with family, with friends. No one is alone. Even the relationship with our mind is a strong and lifelong union. Each person outside of ourselves though, is a bud who's here to help us get closer to ourselves, through the intimate moments spent with another.

Whether we choose to spend most moments locked in an embrace of conflict, or an embrace of mutual respect and sharing, it's a personal choice only we can make.

Since you can never escape the Art of Sharing:

Who are you dancing with
and why?

If you get stuck, or need some help with current events in your own life, I have created a series of special Full Moon Readings that I'll make available at the Full Moon (the two week period) each month. Relax. I'll help you see the bigger picture. You can check out this month's here.


Friday, March 14, 2008


Let's play a game, you and I. Let's see how many people we meet, cross paths with or someone wind up sharing space with this week who are either Drunk, Stoned, High, Oversleeping, Missing appointments, Losing their Keys or something equally as important, going swimming or to buy extra choc/cigarettes/dessert, totally lost to their addiction, a dancer or poet, sleep-deprived, available only at night or generally Out To Lunch.

Let's see the results. Mercury just moved into Pisces, which means most minds are cloudy, confused and awash with anything but logic.

If you're right brained its a dream come true. indulge.
If you're left brained, have someone drive you to work (preferably a right brainer who can daydream and drive with a spanking clean record).

Let the games begin!

P.S I overslept yesterday morning. Strike 1.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Monthly New Moon Readings & Ritual

Each month, the New Moon falls in a new House in our personal Astrology CHart, highlighting key issues, bringing key events and key people (and emotional changes) into our awareness and experience.

The New Moon is a power period, a time of New Beginnings, a window each month to plant seeds of intention. By working with the lunar tides, we begin to manifest around key lunar periods.

The New Moon Reading and Rituals series will repeat each month - highlighting a unique New Moon each time, and its personal relevance to You & Your Chart (and life experience).

Find out more about these special readings here.


Friday, March 07, 2008

Drifting Dreams: The New Moon in Pisces (March 7)

Felt the urge to zone out, tune out, switch off, knock off, quit, let it slide, go with the flow, run away, hide, deny, take drugs, down a BIG stuff drink, eat five chocolate cakes, stay up all night, smoke a bowl, dance dance dance, cry, write poetry, walk by the ocean, listen to the rain, leave the planet, sleep 80 hours?

Or are you resisting the urge to?

We're in the flow of Pisces energy right now - which, for some of you, is music to your ears, magic to your soul and a beautiful thing in your life. To some of you, it's a truly terrifying time when you feel lost, dazed, confused and swimming in circles, or nowhere in particular.

Whether you're lost, or just cruising on autopilot, the deepest need at this time is to REMEMBER OUR SOULS VOICE. By escaping from physical reality for a time, we refresh our spirit, we wash away the woes of the day and have a chance to go back 'home' - to our true selves, not our bodies and bills, relationships and repairs.

The New Moon on March 7 gives us all a prime opportunity for a moment to get away. To celebrate our souls and renew our relationship to ourselves and to all of our own lives, but reminding us that fantasy is fantastic, that escapism is enjoyable, that magic is marvelous and that reality is but a dream and that dreams create our realities.

So - firstly, celebrate the fact that things don't seem that structured right now. They're not MEANT to be. We get to creatively coast a while under a Pisces New Moon. To sleep longer, dream deeper and to let things take their course.

Old karmic patterns are sure to surface, as Pisces is the sign of karmic completion, the last stop on the soul's journey 'around the wheel' of the zodiac. And in aspect to Uranus, the planet of Liberation, this new Moon allows us to find out what old patterns we're addicted to, so we can free ourselves from being at the mercy of them.
True freedom now comes from freeing ourselves from unhealthy, addictive escapist paths that lead nowhere but to a feeling of being drained and depleted.

So you can stay on track now by knowing you're in a karmic loop when you feel you have no control, you're 'cracked out', 'amped up', or drifting into a victim role or just lost and hopeless or running away through less healthy channels (eroding your body and energy supplies) - and you have a chance to play it out one last time before you let it go for good. What are you addicted to that no longer serves you?

Find an alternative - fantasy, creative visualization, music, mystery, fantasy - anything that takes you out of yourself and gives you a chance to connect something deeply moving. Meditation. movement. Music. Candlelight. The Ocean. Romantic Music. Sad stories. Charitable work. Even just sitting and letting yourself feel.

Feelings are everything now - whatever comes up has relevance. So let it be there. The hopelessness, the void. All part of the human story and drama of being on planet earth.

Pisces New Moons are about learning to continue charting a course, while simultaneously (the two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions) letting things take their course.

"Let it go" - keep doing that right now, and you'll be spiritually lighter.

This New Moon, enjoy the Great Letting Go - and read up on the previous blog I wrote on this New Moon period from last year for extra insight, on what to do, what to expect and what it all means.

Relax - you're in the flow of the current of your own life. You always were, you always were. There is no control, just a moving. A flowing. Stop fighting the tide, by letting go we always float again, eventually.

With you all the way - after all I'm a Pisces Sun and Mercury (with the Sun square Neptune and Mercury square Neptune) so I'm over-qualified to help you out with this enchanting and strange period, so call me on whenever you need.