Friday, November 28, 2008

Shock to your System? Uranus goes Direct (Nov 27)

Felt a shock wave move through your life? I did. A massage table collapsed today crashing me to the floor and badly bruising my back while I was having a treatment for re-alignment. You have to laugh.

Uranus works that way - whenever you need a shock to the system, he delivers with swift and mostly uncertain action. But you feel it. He was moving retrograde since June 26, forcing us to look at how free we feel inside and now he's marching back to the forward beat of his distant drummer.

What does that mean for YOU, you cry?

For us all, it's an outer shift representing an inner sense of renewed freedom.
Recent events in your life may involve sudden shocks, disconnects, surprises, u-turns, reversals, electrifying revelations, unnerving change, exciting innovations and radical alterations as though the renovation team had moved into your life to knock down walls and create a holy world of noise right under your feet. All to pull you to making a physical change in alignment with energetic changes ALREADY going on inside you.

Everything in the physical world is old - manifested from a thought-form that came way before its physical arrival.

Uranus now enables you to do what you really want to do - BE FREE!

So current changes are all enabling you to do just that, break free of stifling patterns and bad habits that keep you trapped and chained to a life you're used to...but not one that's right for you.

Where did your life go?

Here's a quick snapshot for you to check where you're being re-wired right now:

Aries - Unconsciously, as you break free of things you've been doing forever. Bad dreams and disturbing emotions that rear up from nowhere are here to help you clear your conscience once and for all. it all fades, falls, crumbles physically but spiritually it stays with you. Change your hold on your physical life and tap back into your core spiritual center, and all shocks will feel like orgasms and less like touching a badly wired socket.

Taurus - Socially you either have to contribute and stop complaining or suffer being just one amongst a very unhappy bunch. If you have something to change, change your relationship to your own individuality, your own weirdness. Get socially active if you're really frustrated. Re-wire your friendships, after all you're only as good as the company you keep, and the company you are. And what about your future? How do you want it to look? Start now.

Gemini - Direction-wise, it's a time when you could jump ship, decide to make a u-turn or push for more freedom and space where you're at. You need a destination but more than that, it's time to change your offerings to the world - are you trying to help or looking to be helped out? Let air in, your career path could be getting too stuffy.

Cancer - What you believe begins to show signs of insecurity and uncertainty, as you realize what you've been boxing yourself into is a propaganda paradigm of your own construction. Whether you open your mind or have it wrenched apart, traveling to new places, learning new things helps you do what you need to do now - un-learn stuff, forget your wisdom and stay open to living your truth.

Leo - Freeing yourself from your addiction to the dark side of life - from sexual problems, to relationship entanglements on the shadier side, your own emotional "stuff" gets an airing as you realize that freedom now does indeed come with a complete overhaul and total transformation. Desire burns, but you'll get burned if you can't just let it go, with no grudges held.

Virgo - Relationship changes are inevitable - you can only go as far as you 'grow'. Fresh air could mean a split, a break, a separation, permanent or temporary as both parties withdraw to decide what they need. mostly it'll be a question of change, freedom, selfhood and space that will aid and shift your connections. Sometimes the best thing for togetherness is separateness, and it's something you'll come to appreciate.

Libra - How your body is or is not working needs a shake-up. As does your routine, your daily schedule, what you do when you get up (or don't do) and how - in general - your entire life can be done better, lived easier, experienced healthier etc. If that means a job shock, so be it. Or a physical issue you'll have to get figured out. What's your body trying to tell you? Check Louise Hay's Heal Your Life for ideas on that. Get out of boxes. You'll breathe and live easier.

Scorpio -
Creativity seethes beneath your bubbling exterior and your inner child screams at you to change how you handle this energy. Whether you wind up splashing paint on the walls or your own body, it's time to throw something unique in your cauldron and find new hues to enrich your life with. The artist in you wants something unlike anything you've ever created. Romance now has to be wild and free or at least unpredictable. Routine has stifled your artistic creations. Free yourself to free them.

Sagittarius - Where you live, how you live, who you live with and where you call home - boy if that hasn't changed or shifted you're lucky or just about to experience it. it's not about that though, it's about how much you're living in alignment with your soul, your TRUE needs and self. True you'll have to let a lot of this go, but re-potting puts you in better soil, that's its job. So go with it. Change rifles through your family, your basement, your hidden boxes and your inner heart. Let it. Breathe it out and find a new nest more in tune with your new growing self.

Capricorn - With a mind buzzing, you're intent on change but don't know where, but you will. Some decision is imminent or most likely already made that changes everything but involves a decision to give something up, dissolve it or let it be. Can you go on mental cruise control? Dreaming up a new way is your only way now - as creative imagination takes you to new heights. If you can see it in your minds eye, you can, truly have it. If you let yourself.

Aquarius - It'd be easy to say that your cash flow changes now or is about to through a major shake-up but that's true for most of us. What is guaranteed is that it's more a question of what you're willing to do to get what you want now. Your priorities have shifted, dramatically. You simply don't value the same shit. Lets be honest, that's what it's become, right? What are you worth? And what is worth you? The rest is dragging you down and depleting your innermost resources.

Pisces - It's anyone's guess what changes are heading your way. Uranus does an about-turn in your sign. You're given carte-blanche to shift any and all of your life. Mostly you'll find it's about the freedom to be you. The space to be free to be a mess, the best, quiet, loud. Whatever. Somehow, you fell asleep lately and life is forcing you out of the bed, to pursue your spiritual path once more. Listen to the wake-up alarm.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finders, Seekers: The Sagittarius New Moon (Nov 27)

Okay where now?

In Sagittarius Season we go on a hunt - for more, better, further. Reminded that life is full of a bounty of one sort or another, life opens a door, clears a road or space and asks us, "Now where?". Didn't you forget you're in the driver's seat?

We can't all be millionaires at the same time, we can't all be happily married or dating at the same time, and we can't all be taking vacations at the same time. That's now how life is set up currently on Earth. But we CAN have it all, if we realize that life is infinite and that our Chart represents a moment of time - we are ambassadors of that Moment in Time. Everything we do affects that moment of time that we represent, and in changing our lives, in each choice we make, we change the very moment we are. The Moment of our birth. Yes, we change the past...all from the present moment.

One choice now could change everything for you. That's the power of a New Moon and nowhere is the possibility of great things more apparent than in Sagittarius, the signs of grand schemes, amazing dreams and mighty adventures. Shoot for the Moon and you may just land there. And never judge a story until it's final page - and even then, how do you know it's really truly over?

This unique New Moon brings in the fast-paced mental energy of Mercury we get to walk our talk. Listen to what you're saying about your "life story", and where you're in need of a new adventure. Have something to promote? get published. Think you can have something to offer? Start teaching. No one listening? Find a town where people will.

A lot of people are jabbering away, but is much getting done? Be one of the ones making use of your time instead of frittering it away on just good ideas.

Mercury offers us new connections further afield - through broadcast media radio, TV, Internet, magazines, newspapers, talk shows, billboards, cell phones, pagers, etc). Seek out new avenues to have your say. Explore ways of widening your world and connecting to more (and more open) people. Get out of your cultural comfort zone and see how others do this thing called "life".

With Mars also connected to this New Moon, it's a time of fires or fireworks, angry scenes, amped up folk and energetic responses to everything going on. So you're pissed off? Great - now put it to use for you. Act on it. Use it. Fuel yourself to getting something done. Get a ball rolling. And sex? Try outside, try on the road, in the road, by the road, anywhere but in bed. You know you want to.

Expect some bulls eye home truths now - people don't want to hold back. And why should they? It's time to clear the air, clear the decks and clear your chest. Hear the truth, speak the truth but don't ram it down every one's throats. Do you want to be understood? Good luck - the loudest voice isn't always 'right'.

If anything, break your chains now as we leave 2008 behind. Old ideas, nagging addictions that distract you from a place of inner peace. Let it all go. You don't need it. All stress now seems to come from some manifestation of a belief in being trapped somehow and somewhere. Breathe. Be mentally free before you seek to feel free and thus BE free.

You can't keep your TRUE self down any longer. Whoever you REALLY are and were meant to be is coming back to remind you. Will you fight it, or become this person you truly are, all masks aside?

What do you believe?

At the New Moon we get to look closely at our own version of 'Truth'. Does it fit our new life or are we clutching to old beliefs. A timely question as we approach a Holiday that many now celebrate merely for the twinkling lights and gifts. After all - how many really feel religiously connected to a dated story that spans many religions (same dates, different names)?

Belief rules the world as what we believe, we seem to get - we're living under a Self Fulfilling Prophesy and this New Moon we get to learn something new to help us make a leap into a new world, based on new energy and less on traditions and beliefs we have held just because it seemed like a good idea.

We're ready to open a door, throw open the window and explore the world at large. It's so vast yet we forget, as we move from one box (our bed) to another (our home) to another (our car) to another (the store) to another (the office cubicle) to another (the bus) to another (the coffin!).

No, in all seriousness, it's worth considering where your freedom is this week - and if you can venture past the city limits of your own Comfort Zone.

We're all students and teachers at the same time now - we receive messages and pass them on unknowingly.

This New Moon asks us to:

Get out on a trip somewhere
Pick up a new book, learn a new language, do something totally new
Expand space - clear up at home, move clutter, give yourself leg room and elbow space
Be the free spirit you truly are
Allow others their own space
Redefine your belief system and don't get caught up in holy wars
Stop preaching
Stand for something new - rework your 'message'
Ask yourself - am I being honest or bluffing?
Walk your talk!

Bridge Cultural Divides
Go Horse riding
Tell the truth no matter how painful or nervous it makes you
Find greener grass
Reach for a dream, star, better situation
Laugh - comedy is SO needed now!
Be optimistic, reconnect with your inner faith
Renew your religious or spiritual vows or connections
Ask the Big Questions of your life and Destiny

Publish a new book or get writing
Start a new course or take an exam
Live with integrity
Be an example, even if no one else is doing it
Have faith in the silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel
Kick up the dust and take off
Put up a map, or map out a new course or destination
Enjoy the journey for what it is
Keep moving!
Visit overseas or a new town, city - anywhere you've not been before!
Keep your mind active and your limbs moving

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign - think of the forest fires we've heard about so often on the news now. That's sag - spreading wildly, untamed and running free like the Centaur; the symbol of the sign.

See your Bigger Picture. Forget the small stuff and don't sweat the details. Stand back. Gain perspective. Climb a Hill, take a breather, look beyond the current time frame of circumstance and find the bigger meaning.

There's no reason to get bogged down in chilly feelings or emotional potholes now - the road of life is showing us a new horizon, a new exit, a detour to a new place. Are we "present" enough to see this?

Choices open up and once again we see just where our freedom and power lies - in choosing the best for ourselves. You cannot fool someone out of the truth -it's felt in our heart and guts and souls as a bell chiming inside. Truth seeks truth and finds it this week - so the question becomes:

Are you living the life you were born to live?
Anything else is a lie. Honesty isn't the best policy, then.
It's the only one. And assurance (and insurance)
of Bliss, guaranteed.


Your Adventurous Astrological Ally,

www. New World Astrology .com

Thank you for sharing the Journey!

On the verge of Thanksgiving here (always on a Thursday (Jeudi - Jupiter's Day, the planet ruling Sagittarius, in Sagittarius Season...the sign of abundance, big meals and generosity!) in the United States I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you - across the world - for sharing your life experiences, your pain, your joys, your queries, your wisdom, your wonderments, your worries, your new jobs, your crazy relationships, your insane U-turns, your fabulous short, your human-ness.

As an Astrologer, I get to open up doors, shine light and beat down a few extra pathways for you to follow, if your heart so chooses, but you're the ones out there living the life, making the choices, falling and getting back up again.

Pretty amazing stuff. I learn so much from you.

So thank you. Yes, YOU! If you're reading this I am honored and proud to share this Journey with you and I can only hope that I have shared as much to brighten your life as you have done with mine.

On to new journeys together as we head into a new era, a new year and a new cycle in all our lives.

Keep Choosing Love, and in the process you'll say Yes to Life, and you'll hear and see (perhaps suddenly) life saying yes-with-a big-thumbs-up, to You.

Your Grateful Guide,
www. New World Astrology .com

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn: Take II (Nov 26)

We had a taste of it on January 25 and now it's here for good. Pluto, the energy of total transformation, deep and dire destruction - all for the soul-purpose (pun intended) of clearing away the decks to reveal our bare bones essence - leaves behind Sagittarius (destroying our beliefs, shoving new possibilities under our noses, rebirthing the airline industry (Sag rules travel), bringing down international barriers (Sag rules foreign connections) and continuing to unearth deep seeds of destruction within religion and other belief-oriented institutions... enter Capricorn, the sign of Authority, Government, Structure and the 'System'. Where now?

I've said a lot on Pluto in Capricorn already, not least of all was the predicted bank closures I discussed in my earlier blog. Here is is again for you to digest so you know the likely manifestations (some of them) during this new major major astrological cycle.

Pluto in Capricorn: The Current Crumbling (written on Jan 25 2008)

I'll soon go into what it means for us all PERSONALLY but this is a beginners look at the anticipated collective experiences.

November 26 marks a watershed, a transition, a period of renewal. In all shapes, large or small, we're feeling the move into a new area, a testing of our newfound powers and a cleansing of our old traumas and dramas, painful at first, but from which comes deep, and LASTING healing.

Hurt to heal, and heal to help,

Your Life After Death Dealer,
www.New World

Friday, November 21, 2008

2009 Early Bird Special Reading!

I've had some messages from you about the 2009 Early Bird Special, because I didn't mention it on the Blog here, so some of you missed it. It was on the front page and Current Specials page (the place to check out often for specials) but I know some of you have been knee-deep in personal transformations of am extending this for one more week.

Voila - you can find out all about this special 2009 Reading and book in advance for the next week only. And then I'll be offering it at the usual rate in January 09. So you can still book your place in advance and save a bit in the process.

2009 Early Bird Special

Here's to the new adventures that await you in 2009 and I look forward to lookingahead for you and with you!


Get out and Find out! Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 21)

Yea yea, so it's been dark recently. Psychic garbage filled out lives and we've been "taking out the trash" so to speak. All that stuff we lugged around from the past - our childhood, our past life, whatever, wherever. How has your 'emotional cleansing' going?

Good news: the Sun just moved into the sign of Sagittarius - the sign of expanding horizons, silver linings, fresh opportunities. it's time to open our minds to a new possibility, to go in search of a new potential, to seek out a truth, to visit a new place, to sample a new philosophy, to try to incorporate a new belief into our life.

It's time to turn on your Inner Gypsy and hit the road on a quest for...whatever you want. Who cares if you find it, this month. The Journey is everything, and you never know who or what you'll meet along the way.

Expect a foreign influence, someone with an accent, someone whose belief clashes with yours. Welcome it. Expand your cultural reference. See what code of conduct others live by and re-work your own. if in doubt, get out on an adventure.

If you're bored, you're not using the bounty available to us all right now - be willing to take a risk, gamble on something, and go out and find out for yourself. A book gets you so far, so does a movie, so does gossip or rumor...but it's time to find out for yourself.

Happy Travels!

Your Adventurous Astrological Ally,
www. New World

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cutting Strings Attached: Full Moon in Taurus (Nov 12)

Here's a re post of what the Taurus Full Moon means for the next couple of weeks, along with some current themes on this particular one.

What do you value?

If you're not exactly sure, then look at what you:

* Spend money on
* Spend your time doing
* Get deeply involved in
* Do to earn money
* Surround yourself with
* Do with no compensation because you adore doing it
* Like having, enjoying, being

These things show us, (whether we agree with them or not) what we actually VALUE. And yes, they can be out of whack with what we 'claim' to value in life.

This Taurus Full Moon (Nov 12) opens a dialogue between our conscious and unconscious on what it is that we actually do value and if our values are aligned with our soul.

Where are you at materially? Is having little freeing you to pursue more "spiritual" goals? Is being "spiritual" going without financially? Is money "evil" or just another form of energy? Can you be rich spiritually and STILL have a comfy bank balance? What do you owe? Are you being honest or manipulating people out of their possessions?

Taurus is about money, but it goes deeper than that. It's about self-worth. The amount of comfort in your life RIGHT NOW is in direct proportion to how much comfort you feel able to handle. Maybe the things that bother you are in place (by you) to keep you from being too apathetic (if I have to struggle to survive, I can't be lazy..").
it's worth a thought.

Prosperity Consciousness: is happy with what it has, enjoys quality, knows that price tags don't mean a thing but will happily spend fully on what feels good. Knows that the Universe is limitless and that as fruit trees continue to shed apples, money going out will return, because they are using it to create and enjoy beauty and aren't withholding - from themselves OR others. Money is another form of energy - like hugs, or kisses. It's enjoyed, created to be enjoyed, allowed to come in and spent on continuing the cycle. It's not always about money though - it's just a sense of feeling rich no matter what, and money is a reflection of this. They are happy with whatever they have, they are full. They always are.

Poverty Consciousness: feels there is a limited supply so must hold on, save, scrimp and be "practical". Luxuries are a waste of money. Things have to be worked hard for. Others have more so in order to gain more, they have to withhold and protect what they have and give out little, in order to save it and make it grow. They worry it's all going to come to an end and they'll become homeless, or foodless so they live with the fear and therefore the need to safeguard and never FULLY enjoy what they have - as it may leave at any time. They feel lighter and cleaner having less, even though they may claim to want more.

Which one are you living in tune with most of the time? Since this forms the basis for most of your interaction with the material (Taurus) of this earth plane (and this lunar phase) it's time to get back in tune with what feels good to YOU.

At this Full Moon some good ideas:

Celebrate your soul's vehicle - your body
Eat well - cook a gourmet meal, bake bread, a cake, make muffins, make it a FEAST!
Save something - bargain hunt, sale shop, go for quality not quantity, but don't pay full price!
Count what you have - add up numbers, balance your checkbook, clear debts
Know what you have, and the decide what you want and need
HUG! Friends, family, strangers, anyone who'll let you! In return you'll be hugged. Give a massage or go get one.
Be sexual - enjoy everything about your body, and give up guilt
Value everything you do - after all it's an extension of you.
Do what makes you feel good
Sing - Taurus connects to the throat chakra and thyroid

Paint - Taurus is the sign of Art
Go Camping, hiking, for a walk in the park, to the beach, rock climbing, have a food or mud fight (Taurus is the sign of Nature)
Light scented candles, brew coffee, cuddle up under a blanket or with a teddy bear, burn incense, wear silk pajamas, listen to amazing music (Taurus is the sign of indulging the senses)

With this Full Moon opposing Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Scorpio we may find ourselves in power struggles with other peoples values, clashes borne of manipulation, insecurity, fear.
It's time to stop dwelling on destruction, but how can we with so many energies in the sign of Scorpio. A Transformation IS imminent in our lives - whether we have to carve out the "bad" bits, or whether we just have to withdraw into the safety of our OWN comfort zones for a time (our own values, our own sense of self-worth and self-esteem) in order for that process to resolve itself.

With each destruction comes the potential for a new birth and the renewal of nutrients and new fertile soil (like the aftermath of a volcano) in which to plant new seeds of comfort.

The Full Moon this month challenges Neptune, the Lord of Illusion, giving us access to answers if we can follow our intuition and not let escapism cloud our hearts - the desire to 'run away', 'opt out' or get further lost in the chaos, is enticing, seductive and very easy.

My advice - find solid grounding, know that emotions are temporary no matter how strong their apparent hold on you right now, and that we all BELONG here, on the Earth, at this time.

It's worth reminding ourselves of this simple fact. Say it to yourself a few times out loud now, and see how it feels:


You are. You deserve it. You're worth it.
And my last gem for you this week:

What you want, also wants you.

To some there will be a renewal (Scorpio) of priority and values (Taurus) as much that is material and financial (Taurus) is lost (Scorpio).

To others, we'll see the true meaning and value of those who leave our lives. Sometimes it takes a departure to truly show us what really matters.

Under this Full moon - things will end, release, resolve, you'll get the answer you've been waiting (whether it's what you want to hear, it's what you need to hear right now), things get thrown out, recycled, we make plans for new things, we allow space for new people, we move on from old habits, we get to clear out chests and clear the air.

Ahhh.....we finally get to wrap some stuff up. Ax my Scorpio friend reminded me just today, "You can't take it when you go". What you can take are the emotional imprints.

who would you be, and how would you be if you had all your possessions taken from you? And all the things you cling to for dear life. It's worth a thought. Who are you when you strip it all away and who/how do you want to be?

In Beauty and Comfort no matter what,

www.New World Astrology .com

Saturday, November 08, 2008

YOUR Destiny in a Paragraph...

In such changing times of instability, it's worth a quick look at eternal truths. I put this web-page together as a reminder for you of WHAT you're here working on, no matter what seems to be thrown at you under the current Astrological Climate.

Want a peak? Find out your Destiny Direction here.

There you'll discover which sign you're trying to become more like. This is your true path, to borrow attributes from the best they can be. Tough sometimes, but who said Destiny was a pushover? Once you're on track, however, it couldn't be smoother.

Bumpy ride? Chances are you're resisting what you came here to do!

If you know what HOUSE your North Node is in, look that up also.
Don't know? Ask me and I'll locate it for you.
Your Destiny Driver, Neil www. Neil World Astrology .com

Friday, November 07, 2008

Tension! Saturn opposes Uranus

Feel like you're on a seesaw, being squeezed in a vice and then being stretched beyond your limits? Welcome to the current theme: restrictive Saturn faces off against free-spirited Uranus for a true series of personal and collective rebellions, revolutions, rule-reversals and the overthrowing of tyrants and the bullying of those speaking out for freedom and equal rights.

Bam! the aspect hit on Election Day here in the States. People polarized heavily between two energies "Change Change Change" (Uranus to the T) or Stability, Preservation and Old Values (Saturn is all about controlling change).

Prop 8 here in California, bans same-sex marriage, barring a huge portion of the state from expressing their love in a legal and binding union. Saturn (the rule-maker) thumbed its nose at those seeking the freedom of equal rights (Uranus). The opposition was expressed by a major series of rallies and Uranus-outrage against the System (Saturn). This is sure to be the beginning of a long and bitter fight between those who want things to stay the same (Saturn) and those who want true freedom via change (Uranus).

Souls born at this time, of course, will be imprinted with this vibration of push-pull, but how does it play out for all of us personally, you ask?

We want to break free yet how can we ditch it all and quit when we'd lose our security? We feel a need to fight those who rebel against us, who provoke us with their wily ways. We find our work needs to change and our career focus needs fresh air. We start wondering if our friends are keeping us stuck or if we're just expecting too much. We fear that the things we've established will no longer prove stable (the biggie!)
In relationships, one wants to run free whilst the other wants to work on it. Saturn loves work, Uranus loves to roam wild and free. Both sides are pitted against each other.
In financial matters, we risk stagnating and investing in old ideas, or turning the other way and throwing everything into sudden schemes and ideas that may sound good in theory but have no real backing.

In SOME area of your life (detailed by the houses Saturn and Uranus are hashing it out in) is some dispute or conflict between two opposing viewpoints or energies. You can't win when you take sides. And you can't expect others to conform to your viewpoint.

So it may be lonely, but we have to ride this one out - by sitting on the fence if need be, or bouncing on both sides and expecting a bumpy ride.

Change is here - no matter who is elected President. Whoever is in office in the US, will be a big player in the breaking down further of the system and its codes of conduct that never HAVE been for the Uranus people it claims to represent (the US Moon representing the public, is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus).

We live in major times of unrest, but true change is never easy. Painful are the throes of birthing ourselves into a freer life. But with limitation comes liberation - we need rules to keep something in place.

See your life like this right now - a deadline or ultimatum may be thrust upon you, but it now gives you something to work with. A Timeline or a Plan. Whatever is happening is showing you were you NEED more structure or need to chill the hell out and where you NEED to breathe easier OR stop pushing against things.

Balance. It may be difficult since we're still in Scorpio Season, but it's coming. Not yet though. I'll let you know when the tides change but right now, right here, today we're in the most intense time, when the pendulum swings sharply, when we're booted off the seesaw, when what we held to so dearly suddenly has other plans. Are we free? Are we stuck? Really?

If it gets hard to breathe, you know where to find me.

In every great conflict and opposition lies the seeds of resolution. If you fight, if you resist, you fuel and feed the fires of pain. If you allow, and continue moving on a path that feels right to you, you can't help but change the scenery and thus, open up to new possibilities.

Embrace your life conflicts, they'll lead you to a better place. And that's really what we all want now.
Cracking the whip for your liberation, Neil www.New World Astrology .com