Monday, August 28, 2006

Pinches & Punches of Power: Mars/Pluto square (Aug 28)

Read up on my past post on the Mars/Pluto Square for a background to tomorrow's energies.

I wanted to add that tomorrow is about Desire - Pluto is our soul's hungering, our deepest need in this life, our soul's craving. Mars is the channel through which we find the energy to go after what we desire. Pluto = the need. Mars = the enabler.

Tomorrow, desire becomes a focal point. Suddenly many people find themselves at the mercy of insatiable needs. The more you've repressed, the more is likely to come up. Violence manifested tomorrow is a sign of desires that have reached fever pitch and must be satiated and experienced.

We have to let dramas play out - there's no stopping this energy from hitting its max, unless we spend today and the better part of tonight and tomorrow, going through our souls (how many of us do that?!) and seeing what has to go, and what is keeping us from a connection with ourselves and the Source of life itself (call it God, or the Universe or whatever).

We have two roads - one takes us towards ourselves and our Souls
The other believes we are disconnected and takes us further away (or so it seems)

Conflicts are a sign we're butting heads with these two paths. Egos get in the way. Pluto in Sagittarius (beliefs) clashes with Mars in Virgo (the 'right' way). Neither can win, but both will fight it out, and be reflected in situations on Earth which reflect this - from as simple as couples arguing over how something is cleaned or who should scrub the toilet to larger conflicts where religious groups enforce their belief (Sag) on others who aren't as 'pure' (Virgo).

Church is no sanctuary and neither are our halls of Education - knowledge cannot prepare us for the Initiation of the Soul. It will find its way to the light somehow - and tomorrow this is what it's all about, the darkness being brought into the light.
Sexual energy reaches fever pitch - manifested for some as rape, s&m games and the exploration of Taboos.
Occult energy is high - tarot readings reveal amazing insights for example. Psychics pick up a lot of unfinished 'stuff' in peoples energy fields
Aggression skyrockets - gyms should be packed to avoid people nuking each other
Therapy is needed - we can clearly see what we are desiring, wherever our resistance lies, or our obsession can be found

How do we go after (mars) what we crave (Pluto). Is it healthy? Why are we so angry? What can we do (mars) to transform (Pluto) the situation?

Recycle your life - stick it all in a pot and see what blends together. The oil of our old, karmic wounds will rise to the surface so we can chuck it in the garbage finally. If we're smart that is.

Pluto represents a culmination of what our Soul has been seeking through many lifetimes - Mars clashes tomorrow to edge us further on - to achieve what it is we want so we can be done with one phase of existence (or lifetime). Maybe the ones who leave the earth plane in the next few days are ones who completed their assignments - whilst the ones of us left below are still battling our egos and trying to find out way back to our centre?

In the end - desire is either thwarted or experienced, in order to teach us the necessary lessons of evolution.

When do we know when to stop? Perhaps we won't, but we'll find our way no matter what.

Tomorrow - look at your darkness, feel your passion, dictate your own direction, but allow others their own room too. It doesn't need to be so drastic! Take out the trash. Clear the deck. Have a fire ritual (Pluto is in Sag a fire sign, after all) and clean up the roughness of your life (Virgo loves a clear space).

With at least one clear room to sit in and contemplate we can all avoid a major clash.

Enjoy a spirited and soulful day, channel some energy (it needs to break free!) and prepare for a Soul initiation.


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Repressive Relations: Venus/Saturn conjunction

Whether what we love seems go to sour, or what is sour we suddenly seem to love (namely hard-work, being regimented and on-track, on-time and on-the-ball) this weekend we saw the Saturn-Venus conjunction - an aspect formely associated with relationship difficulties, but also associated with: a tightening of the purse (as well as heart) strings, sudden love affairs with bosses or people in positions of power, enjoyment of discipline (S&M folk or abusive relationship addicts loved this weekend), father issues reappearing in couples lives (along with rules, routines and issues pertaining to who does what).

If you felt the pinch in the pocket of in the chest then this weekend was all about tightening up. From budgets to bosom buddies - what we value underwent an evaluation - and we'll pass or 'fail' depending on whether we are placing value in things that are inherently helping us grow. If not, it maybe time to say bye bye to that once-was-a-luxury and now-is-a-pain-in-my-life thing you've been courting.

We usher in the Mars-Pluto square which I already wrote about, I'll remind you in a few days. It's an AMAZING time to deal with anger management - along with getting into major conflicts in the hopes (we hope) of resolving them. It's boiling point for many people.
SO in the next week, taking things easy is truly a worthwhile endeavor. Is it really worth losing your head/job/lover/comfort/sanity/energy over?

Back with you soon, for now, let your heart open up once more - the stabilizing effect of Saturn says 'Wisen up' to the things you so love and value, so that you don't turn them into Gods and don't start valuing things that aren't that good for you (like sticky toffee mmm!)

Once you get smart and get real on it all, the vice loosens and you're less in the grip and more in the mood for a grope. Not a bad gift, after such a serious weekend, eh?


Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Fast

I just completed a 1.5 day fast with water and fruit that ended this evening. I wanted to make use of this Virgo New Moon period to cleanse my body and mind.
It's amazing what 'comes up' physically and emotionally and mentally when you go through a fast. It's a great experience - letting your digestion catch up with you for one. Fruit is a cleanser, it doesn't feed you so much as clean out of you that which doesn't belong inside, for optimum health.

Of course, I did snack on some chocolate this evening but all good things deserve a reward, right?
With my vegetarian diet, I'm usually in tip-top condition thankfully. So this cleansing was a gentle one - although I did notice an outbreak on my face (minor) and some stomach discomfort (not so minor) as my body used the fruit to expel toxins.

How is your new health plan going?


Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto is Dead! (Get it?!)

I woke up to the news today that Pluto's officicial title of "Planet" (Plan-E.T - thats a meditation for another day...) has been transformed (Pluto = transformation) and it's former title is Dead (Pluto = death). Suddenly it's allowed to have its title as Planet. and suddenly it's taken away..

Siuch is the nature of Death - the energy that Pluto rules! Gotta love Astrology - the eternal last laugh to Astronomy. How embarrassing.

Astrologers of course get the cosmic joke, but Astronomers (who love the cause not the effect) are all scientifically clamouring for reasoning on something that really....doesn't matter one iota!

Pluto is the ruler of the Underworld, Death, Transformation, Nuclear Power, Mass Awakening, Soul Stuff and Intensity.

What a perfect time to be talking about him, and giving him so much press. He won't like it though - Pluto likes the shadows, but even the shadows need their time in the light.

On February 4: Pluto was at 26:00 Sagittarius and some Astrologers (including myself) reported him as being conjunct the Galactic Centre (see my posting here about it). However I have come to learn this was incorrect and that the Galactic Centre is at 26:55 Sagittarius (so sue me).

It was very close indeed.

For those of you wonder the Galactic Centre is the exact centre of the galaxy.

The Pluto conjunction with the Galactic Centre does not occur until later this year, December 28, 2006. It is very important at that time, although it is within one degree of the Galactic Centre all year, Pluto retrogrades on April 1, 2006 and misses an exact conjunction until December 28, 2006. We will feel the effect all year. This event occurs every 248 years so it is indeed significant.

So all this talk of Pluto and its upcoming meeting with the Centre of the galaxy, is all very Star Trek/Star Wars stuff. What will happen?

Guaranteed we are going through a reevaluation of all things Pluto - What is death? Isn't it pointless if we come back in another form? Is death really real? What about the underworld - if the government are perpetrating crime on a mass scale right in front of us all in broad daylight, then doesn't Pluto's rulership over underworld crime become 'above ground crime' also?

TRANSFORMATION - at a time when we talk about Child abuse and murder (Jon Benet Ramsey) at a time when countless people are being slaughtered for the issue of power, the very planet representing all of this is demoted - a move of Power from those who feel they can name. label and dissect our world.

How about looking to Earth, Astronomers, instead of peering so far out at the Galaxy you're missing the ridiculous events playing out in your own backyard!? Astrologers will have their time in the spotlight of course, but if we continue to move into conflict, we energize Pluto's old ways.

Side Note: At the same time we were told Ceres is now a dwarf planet and not a major body. Ceres relates to food, and also Demeter - the mother of Persephone who was dragged into the underworld (by Pluto!) and raped. How fitting that Ceres relates to child-rearing issues and mother-daighter connections. Jon benet's mother of course hit the headlines, who herself died only a month ago.

"Children of Men" is a film out soon whose plot involves humanity without the ability to produce children anymore. Ceres child-rearing, and Pluto birth/death.

Pluto digs things up - resurrects them - to prove that nothing ever dies.

It only changes form.

Pluto's status may have changed for but it won't effect its power on us all. We are changing our relation to the energy of transformation.

Is this a sign of an awakening or an attempt to control something outside of ourselves, because we are still missing the point that outside forces are mere mirrors to what we are, who we are, and what we think we are...inside. always...will tell.

Death, Death, Death. Rebirth. Rebirth. Rebirth.

Watch for more news of this stuff as 2006 rolls on, more extreme and at times, sadly ironic and funny.

Killing the Grim there's an idea for a new film. Who's going to copyright it first?


Monday, August 21, 2006

The Cosmic Clean-Up: New Moon in Virgo (Aug 23)

The New Moon on Aug 23 falls at the very beginning of Virgo - stamping the next two weeks with the purest energy of Virgo the VIrgin. Purity - how appropriate.

Does this lunar phase mean we all need to rediscover our virginity or abstain? Hardly - but it's not that far from the truth.

Cleaning up our acts is more like it. Along with our minds, bodies, houses, jobs, schedules, and dailty routines.

It's time to carve bad habits our of your life. How do we do that exactly?

By replacing them with beneficial ones. Often when we 'quit' we stop something, but there remains a void. Switching one thing (unhealthy) for something else (more productive) we can finally overcome.

This New Moon asks us to:

Clean the trash we've collected

Scrub the bath

Empty drawers

Start a new or better gym (or fitness plan)

Analyze our daily life - is it healthy and is it efficient

Streamline and Simply

Be of use - help someone out

Serve - give someone a neck rub, carry someones load.


Edit - from written work to what we say - is it useful, it is true and is it kind?

Find a new job or work lead

Give co-workers a hug or confront them about how to pull their weight (or both!)

Stop binging

Quit smoking or other habits we've picked up

Do 60 push ups a day

Drink more water

Start a detox program

Fast for one day

Clear your mind more

Have a checkup

Get some Bodywork done

Check out feng-shui

Clear a space in your life and home for contemplation and nothing else

Be minimalist

In short - it's a New Moon to launch anything that relates to the body and mind - and a harmony between the two. Written work takes off, and editors will find this a productive time. Waiters, hairdressers, vets, anyone who is helping, aiding, and providing a service to the public will find new work leads or revamp their current style of business.
Gyms will fill up with newbies passing through or those really looking to improve.

So will plastic surgeons be finding more clients working their way to them - as will the tweeth whiteners at the supermarket or the 'new' skin creme guaranteed to transform your face!

Health problems can be tackled now - take care of something that's not quite right or have that long-awaited health check up. Whats your doctor or dentist's name? Exactly. Maybe it's about time.

Try herbs or alternative healing methods, The Virgo New Moon will aid you along your path if you try new ways of healing old problems. maybe it's not the symptom that is the problem, but the method of treatment?

Shape up, clean up, tighten up and smarten up. The New Moon is a two week period of SELF-IMPROVEMENT.

Crack out the mop and bleach and start scrubbing!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What if...

...your only real reason for being on Earth right here right now was to Heal Yourself, not to fix anything or anyone else, not to save the Planet or save your friend, or save the environment but to focus on working with your own darkness?

A timely article by Pamila Kribbe.


Friday, August 11, 2006

More August Drama?

Two other aspects upcoming this month to watch:

Mars opposes Uranus (Aug 13) Mars is firepower, Uranus is shocks, surprises, rebellion. Mars is fists, guns, metal, sharp objects, anger, action, heat, fire!This combo is EXPLOSIVE - sudden events, surprises, u-turns.

Mars is in Virgo, Uranus is in Pisces. Possible manifestations: Explosions within churches or spiritual centres, water electrified or electrocutions/technology explosions. Cyberwar! Possible actual dynamite explosions - but probably involving oil, alcohol, pubs, bars, carriers of liquids - gas stations, oil fields, etc. Explosions or sudden events within gyms, hospitals, offices as possibilities. This one is so surprising though it's hard to predict at all!

California is a Virgo state (Florida is Pisces) so these are place to watch (where I currently am).
Virgos and Pisces are sure to feel quakings inside and they'll need to channel their energy - Sagittarius is also in the mix - make sure if you have strong planets in these signs, you don't play your hand in the drama of planets in these signs this month - Choose The Higher Path!

Of course this aspect would be the one to watch for stages terror attacks to push the agenda of control unfolding. Will the masses wake up? Chaos is sure to ensure. Hopefully enough people can come out and refuse to believe the lies for this to be thwarted.

Mars square Pluto (Aug 29)

A very violent and dangerous aspect. It's nuclear in nature (not necessarily literal). It is rape, fighting, destruction for the sake of it. Power issues! Bloodlust, ruthless and very very nasty.
Globally Mars will be in Virgo, Pluto in Sagittarius.

Pluto represents event affecting the masses. It relates to criminal activity, underground or secret goings-on (Pluto was Hades, the Governor of the Underworld). In Sagittarius, he is already showing his death and destruction within religious fields (holy wars etc). Religion has ALWAYS been a major controlling force on the planet - isn't it over yet? We're right in the thick of it - what people believe they are willing to die for. People are willing to believe anything they hear. However, people are waking up - the internet becomes a place where people can hear the other side of the story.

So this aspect is likely to coincide with major conflict...again. Can we escape August and September without a "terror attack" - again, as I have said and many join me, something created by people who want to blame others and use it for their own purposes.

Hospitals, doctors, gyms, health workers are Virgo. Offices are Virgo. Mars there could bring drama in these fields. Sagittarius is schools, education, universities, libraries, long distance travel companies, churches (religious centres). Could we see the destruction of a major religious symbol in the following weeks as a trigger for yet more global fighting based on religion, control and shady dealings of the people in power?

Knowledge is Power. Enlighten yourself with the full story - gives some ideas on more things behind the news as does and

It seems even some news reporters are waking up and questioning the official stories out there.
Exciting times!

These two planets are not light, not nice but they will manifest somehow. We can help the bigger picture by channeling them in this way:

Mars opposing Uranus - drink more water, get more exercise. Don't spend too much time in front of the computer or TV. Unplug electronics. DO something impulsive before you blow! Avoid being a short fuse, calm down, breathe, SLOW DOWN! Speed is dangerous now and likely to cause many of us accidents - cuts, bangs, bruises or speeding tickets.

Mars square Pluto - go to the gym, burn off calories and anger. Knock down walls. Get passionate on a project. Get rid of crap! Stop repeating old tapes and old conversations. GET OVER IT! Let go, let god. Breathe.

In short - both aspects say relax. Slow down. Let the drama play out. Some people will love to get caught up in it.

Choose Peace. Find a quiet place, light candles, and switch off the TV. Take it easy. Avoid chats with people about all the drama. Go within for news. Avoid Fear and Drama!

I'll post some stories on here, if we can get by without some major ones that most people will get to hear about.

I don't predict very often, but with aspects like these in one month, I had to mention them as preparation for the dramatic times we live in. Remember, it's not as you think it is, and it's not who you think for the reasons you think. The 'big boy hot shots' (Saturn in Leo) have their agendas and it's NOT for the people. Karma is playing out, so bear this in mind.

Drink more water. This month we need it, regardless of how many stories we hear about issues surrounding it!


Restrictions on Liquids?

A ban (Saturn red-tape) on liquids (Neptune rulership) on flights (Aquarius rulership, where Neptune currently resides) in the UK?

It sounds an awful lot like Saturn opposing Neptune - the aspect I already talk about in The Upcoming Reality Check.

Notice I mentioned liquids a couple of weeks ago? Good, you're paying attention! Saturn loves to limit and restrict, and Neptune, as the ruler of alcohol, water, streams, oceans, soda, and all other liquids is about to oppose him at the end of August. Neptune is tricky - he gets you to look one way while he does something else!

Water of course can turn to gas, and comes in many forms - ice, streams, soda, bottled water, alcohol, the human body (we're mostly water!) tides, ponds, polar ice caps, etc etc/

This is foreshadowing of an even greater story about to play out. Personally I feel this is all well-timed propaganda to fuel the War Machine, (a foiled plan to blow up UK planes) at a time when people are beginning to wake up to the Neptune lies and opposing the war.

Look at the FULL MOON Blog i just wrote and see how close it came to this - how it would be a trigger for this bigger story playing out? If not, read back a few articles.

As many have said, a 2nd 9/11 would be the excuse to declare Martial Law, and change laws dramatically. Scare tactics are nothing new in these times of war and money and power and dictatorship of course. The UK is a close ally of the US (Cancer = US and Capricorn = UK both buddy-buddy opposite signs). Bush was quick to step up and use this as his own reason for his personal actions.

I don't feel the Government (Saturn) can continue under the weight of such deceit (Neptune) but they will surely try.

Events as Aug ends and September begins will be an eye-opener. Nothing is as it seems - whose reality is this and who do you believe?

Trust yourself - all else right now has a bias. Period.

More stories of gas, liquids, water ahead - keep a look out and if you get a chance, share them here with our Readers.

What a bizarre Alice-in-wonderland kinda month this is. How about using the energy to feel inspired instead of being lost in confusion. Watch out for your addiction to drama on your TV - find something better to do. I never heard about this news story until a friend mentioned it!
However I will endeavor to be your roving reporter on the current planetary positions and what it all means.

Things can go many directions, but we can witness and report some of them.

Create your own reality and dismiss fear from your space!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Full Moon can affect Volcanoes but not people?

Scientists are claiming that the Full Moon (which we're currently under right now) may have a gravitational pull on the Mounta Mayon volcano and cause an eruption.

And to many, it's a stretch to think it effects mostly-water-based humans on the planet?


Monday, August 07, 2006

Better Life

I came across this video a couple of nights before the Aquarius Full Moon which carries the theme of this New Energy we're moving into, the freedom of this New Moon and how we're all connected, even via computer energy.


A cyber-hug to you,

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Freedom!! Full Moon in Aquarius - Aug 9

The Aquarius Full Moon on Aug 9 is a reminder to everyone currently living on Planet Earth of the Reason we are here, and the Reason we are witnessing the messes we currently are bombared with daily on the news and in the papers. And the way we can move through these times of Change.

This Age of Aquarius is about one thing above all else - The People: Humanity, the Human Race, Equality, Equal Rights, Individuality, Independence and the right to Live and Let Live.

Oh boy, do a lot of souls on the planet need to catch up. However every player on the globe is playing his or her part as only they know how, and in this free-will Universe all is allowed, even the darkest of the dark.

I caught a segment on the TV late whilst working, the other night. A show on Crime, by Public Access TV. A professor was talking about how the actions of criminals secure and safeguard society from 'unrest'. By witnessing an arrest the public gets to see the boundaries, how far they can go to test them and repurcussions of their actions.

I agreed with it halfway, because too much of that and you have the possibiltiies of a Police State, where the laws become so tight there is barely any freedom left. But I did resonate with the fact that everyone plays their part - even the criminal. After all, who wasn't touched by the news of Diana's murder? Hearts opened. The same with the events in New York. People stop,. look around, wake up and care. Sometimes it takes us being victims to care about one another.

The stories of the family's victim in New York, refusing to accept the bloodlust most had towards the people who were reported to have committed the crimes. Forgiveness and acceptance in the face of personal destruction and pain was the sign, for me, of the Compassion we'll need to move through the waves ahead.

The Aquarian Full Moon reminds us of our part in the Human Drama unfolding. We all have our say, just as we all represent one page of Earth's book - our every action and thought imprinted on its pages, leaving a trace. Every whisper, matching every scream. Every hug matching every punch.

History books are full of the loudest voice -the voice of the victor. But often, the ones who won weren't the ones who wanted to share the Truth.

This Full Moon we'll be reminded that:

We are all equal - no matter who we are, what we've done and how we feel
We deserve to be free to be who we are - despite, creed, race, heritage, sexuality, background, looks, class

Craziness is 'in' - that the ones we celebrate now show their true colors and we love them for it!

New Age principles are real - unlimited love, the freedom to live and let live

Humanity is in this together - global warming effecs everyone, so too does war

We are all one - one flag for one planet, yet connected to agreater cosmic family

It takes each individual to make the whole!

Friends are our guiding light, mirroring our souls and sharing the ride

There is Power in Groups!

Many Hands Make Light Work/Lightwork - the spiritual term for bringing more knowledge and truth to the planet

True Freedom is the power of Choice (not who wins American Idol, but how to live) and the freedom of knowledge.

Truth = Freedom

Our only duty is To Live & Let Live.

What a concept. As the Full Moon shines above us we'll start to see the beginnings of the Saturn-Neptune unfoldment. Let me explain more.

If you read back on past blogs of mine you'll read up on the planetary alignment that is coming that's a Big One (one of the more profound ones that effects generations, not just people living in far off places).

The Full Moon will fall in Aquarius, the sign of the People, and activate Neptune in Aquarius (cosmic consciousness) while opposing Saturn in Leo (the repressive leader).

In Health Astrology - each sign represents a part/function of the body. Aquarius = circulation, the shins, ankles. Pisces. Leo - the heart and spine.

This period - culminating in the Saturn/Neptune opposition near the end of August, could be summed up as a conflict between the "heart and circulation" of our global community. The 'Global Village' that Marshall McCluen talked about years ago is a reality - through technology, we are now all linked up. We get to see, witness, feel and experience what others experience - often Real Time.

The heart of society (Leo) is still closed to some degree, and is reflected in the hearts (and heart conditions...) of those 'in charge'. (Saturn = repressive energy and is currently in Leo). Maybe this is now manifested as Repressive Leaders once more, who care less about the people (Aqu) and more about their personal stakes and power (leo).

The backbone of unhealthy leadership continues to crumble (Saturn relates to bone, and Leo relates to the back) and as Neptune opposes Saturn later this month, (Neptune relates to liquids, blood, the pineal gland and secretions) there will be an outpouring of liquid (oceans, gases, tears?) to soothe the human spirit in the hopes our hearts will be opened once more (Leo).

What events will trigger this? Only time will tell. "As above, so below" - the events on earth reflect the planetary drama played out above.

On the personal level we can help and this is the exciting part!

This week - the Full Moon reminds us to stay alert to oportunities to celebrate our differences. Avoid cultural clashes. Afford others the same rights you want, desire and deserve. It sounds simple but it could just alleviate the problems in the bigger picture. It's worth a try anyway, right?

Celebrate who you are - apart from anyone else you know.
Then, celebrate the band of Merry Men or Woman who are your possee, your kin, your club or group. The ones who walk with you in this life. Celebrate their unique perspective.

I'm excited about the possibilities of this Full Moon - the PEOPLE are about to rise up stronger than ever before against repressive and restrictive regimes - which can only be faced by leaders as a threat. Which may lead to further confrontations - but as long as we remember that we are all connected and All One - what we witness is merely the playing out of two sides that are in actuality, ONE WHOLE.

If we fight on any level now we lose. If we refrain from indulding or accepting repression or mistreatment in our personal lives, the collective heals.
In reality we are one whole - many souls, a fragmented hologram of a whole.

How strange, eh?

Picture it - a soul, fragmenting itself out into two parts and playing the role of two both tennis players in a match.

Both end up winners and both end of losers. Is it a real fight? Yes and No. Both feel what they feel, and are correct to feel that. But imagine the view from above - witnessing both, feeling both, but siding with neither.

As the poles shift (symbolically represented by people taking sides) we'll have the choice to see the Bigger Picture of the story of Earth's inhabitants in one of the most dynamic, exciting Spiritual Wake-Up Calls of our times.

Everything is connected, and everyone. And how soon we'll see and be reminded once more.

May the waters flow, and the circulation of the planets energy (humanity) opens the hearts of Leaders who could truly help us unite, and cease the endless dramas of old from repeating.

Unplug from the global drama, and enjoy your own freakishness, your own craziness, the insanity of your own life, and live your never-to-be-repeated life story with the fullest glory you can muster.

It takes courage to live these days - and yet more, to risk rejection, and dare to be yourself - with no apologies.

Live Free!

POstscript: As I was finishing this piece, I stumbled across this article, by Universal Timing, which I think is fitting for these times and this particular Lunar Phase. Enjoy!


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mel Gibson's Mars Mouthful!

As I was adding a TRANSIT Report to the list of ones on offer at my site, I opened my Astrology program and glanced down the list of Famous People and glimpsed Mel Gibson so I thought I'd pull his out since he's in the news right now, and create his as a Sample so people know what they can order, and what it looks like.

It was no surprise and brought a smile to my face, to see how yet again, Astrology has something to say on current events. So I thought I'd share with you.

Personally, I feel Mel is being slighted due to his speaking out against the Government and their shenanigans. It happens with many stars who do so - a campaign is mounted against them.

However, Astrology doesn't deal in conspiracies (although so many turn out to be very factual from my research) but in actual events, precipipated by manipulation or the individuals' own actions and efforts.

Taking a look at old Mel's chart -

Mars is moving through his 3rd house. Mars is anger, irritation, aggression. The 3rd House is speech, communication. Mars is speed. Mars is traveling, commuting, driving.

What a perfect double whammy. Mel is pulled over for speeding and ends up in an argument!
I was born with Mars in the 3rd House so I know it's a classic combination for arguments and general irritability (and impatience...I don't drive, but I do walk pretty damn fast, even on a casual jaunt).

Now, it gets more interesting when we see that Mars is touching Jupiter in his third. Jupiter expands things, it's the planet of exagerration. It also relates to religious ideologies. So Mars triggered this planet, and Mel ended up giving a tirade (mars in 3rd) about his beliefs (Jupiter).

Jupiter is conjunct Pluto in his Natal Chart - Pluto shows where our biggest crisis lies, our transformations and our obsessions. Pluto with Jupiter would show intense religious beliefs and ideologies. Mars of course would anger these - in the 3rd house, they ended up being voiced!


I thought, hmm, let's take a look at his Midheaven - the part of our chart related to AUTHORITY. I thought there must be something there that would show his current issues.

Take a look at his 10th house (Midheaven) and it lies at 24Pisces22. And remember, that Pluto planet we talked about - our biggest crisis, our transformations and our obsessions? Pluto brings things to the surface, all things repressed etc. Where is he right now in Mel's chart?

At exactly 24Sagittarius22. That is an EXACT SQUARE aspect - the angle of tension in the Astrological Chart, a classic energy of friction, tension and stress.

So Pluto in his 6th house (work, health) is causing turbulence with the authority in his life.

I would hazard a guess Mel is unknowingly hiding or repressing (or perhaps doing so on purpose) some health issue or work stress. Perhaps Cancer, perhaps something eating away on the inside that he is misplacing his anger onto other areas of his life. Pluto in the 6th is a classic sign of being angry at what isn't working in ones life. It is easy to pick fault (6th house is our ability to correct mistakes).

It's guaranteed venting is what he needs, and whether his words are accurate or not, it's just a sign of what can happen when pressure builds and we don't make efforts to release them. Mel needs to put pen to paper, to clean house, work out, or get busy channeling his brainpower onto something useful or he'll risk ending up in a few more confrontations - Pluto squares to our midheaven really do make it obvious we're not happy with something, and we are spoiling for a fight.
Co-workers are also the 6th House so I am sure we'll hear of more of them turning against him in typical Pluto 'two faced' fashion. Let's not forget his Passion of Christ move - what a sign of a Pluto-Jupiter conjunction - this man and his beliefs hardly make friends with others.

Watch the New Moon on Aug 24 for a review of what happened and perhaps more news on the man and his words and beliefs - when the New Moon falls on the same spot Mars currently is - triggering that Pluto-Jupiter conjunction in his third house - his words on this Lunar Cycle will be very profound - and we're sure to hear him loud and clear.

Isn't Astrology neat?

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