Saturday, July 28, 2007

Forecasts for Venus Retrograde

Venus-ruled Taurus and Libra natives are likely to be particularly sensitive to the effects of Venus Retrograde. Also, people who have Taurus and/or Libra associated with love or financial areas of their chart tend to be more affected than others. This includes Aries Ascendant natives (because Libra is on the house of partnerships and, often, Taurus is on the cusp of their income house, the second) and Scorpio Ascendant natives (because Taurus is on the cusp of their house of partnerships). Taurus or Libra on the fifth house of romance is another indicator (more frequently occurring with Capricorn Ascendant and Gemini Ascendant natives), and those people who have Venus in Taurus or Libra are also quite sensitive to the cycle.

Aries and Aries Ascendant:
This Venus Retrograde cycle mostly affects your fifth house of romance, pleasure, speculation, and children. Because the cycle directly affects your sector of romance and speculation, you should be especially wary of jumping into arguments with a lover and taking a risk gambling. You may feel you are on shaky ground in the romance department. You don't need to share all your feelings with a lover right now, and you shouldn't jump to conclusions if your lover needs a little space. As well, Venus rules your partnership and income sectors, suggesting that this Venus retrograde cycle is likely to affect you more than most.

Taurus and Taurus Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle mostly affects your fourth house of home and family. From July 27th to August 8th, however, can be a challenging period for you in the romance department. Don't jump to conclusions if a lover is acting a little distant. Wait it out. From August 8th to September 8th, relations with your family may be a little strained. You might want to wait until Venus is direct before you express your frustrations with family members! What you say now may be costly. Furthermore, if you take the time to think about things, your approach to dealing with these issues later in September is likely to be much more productive. With Venus as your ruler, you are especially sensitive to all of the Venus Retrograde issues described above.

Gemini and Gemini Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your third house of communication, siblings, and neighbors. You are likely to withdraw from chit-chatting during this period, and this might alienate a few people, especially siblings and perhaps neighbors. You may be misreading body language as well. Because Libra rules your romance sector, don't jump to conclusions if a lover is acting a little distant. Wait it out.

Cancer and Cancer Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your second house of money and values. As such, in addition to the general cautions outlined above, hold on to your money. Take the time to re-think your sources of income and how you spend your cash during this period, and avoid making any big purchases until late September and October. Relationships with friends and family may be a little strained, as these are Venus-ruled areas of your chart.

Leo and Leo Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs mostly in your sign, affecting your first house of personal appearance and mannerisms. This retrograde cycle will affect the personal image you project to others. Others are likely to misunderstand what you do and say, and misread your body language. Try to keep things status quo with regards to your love life. Don't worry if a lover isn't quite "getting" you for the time being. Things will change once Venus turns direct. From July 27th to August 8th, use extra care with your finances and personal possessions. Venus-ruled areas of your chart are career, authority figures, and communications. Extra caution in these areas of life may be necessary now.

Virgo and Virgo Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your twelfth house of all that lies beneath the surface of things. From July 27th to August 8th, however, Venus is retrograde in your sign before it moves back into Leo, and you might find that others are misreading and misunderstanding you. Keep things status quo in your love life as much as possible. You are likely to be more withdrawn than usual, which can be a source of concern for your lover. People from the past may resurface either physically or simply coming to the forefront of your mind. You may be dealing with past karma now.

Libra and Libra Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs mostly in your eleventh house of friendships, groups, and aspirations. Your friendships or associations with groups may be a little strained during this period--a time when you may withdraw and others might misinterpret your intentions. Venus rules your sign, suggesting that you could be distancing yourself, questioning whether others are truly good for you.

Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle mostly occurs in your solar tenth house of career and reputation. For the time being, the social aspect of relationships on the job may be compromised somewhat. Be as non-judgmental as you can with co-workers during this cycle. your partnership sector is ruled by Venus, and you could find some challenges relating to a spouse or close partner. With Venus ruling your privacy sector, you could also be dealing with past actions or karma.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle mostly occurs in your ninth house of faith and adventure. An argument over personal philosophies of life can get you into hot water, or you could be reassessing your faith. Friendships and working relationships are Venus-ruled in your chart, and special care should be exercised in these areas of life.

Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation. Hold onto your money, work on a budget, and avoid arguments with loved ones that revolve around intimacy and sexuality. An argument over joint finances can also get you into hot water. Hold back. What you say now can have serious ramifications. Venus-ruled areas of your chart are also affected--career, as well as relationships with lovers and children.

Aquarius and Aquarius Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your seventh house of one-to-one partnerships. Misunderstandings with your partner now can do serious damage. If you need to talk through problems, do your best to be as non-judgmental as possible, and don't over-react to what your partner has to say either. A close partner could be distant emotionally. Things will look much better in late September and October. Watch also for less than warm relations with family members, and avoid purchases of new property.

Pisces and Pisces Ascendant: This Venus Retrograde cycle occurs for the most part in your sixth house of work, health, and habits. In addition to the general cautions outlined above, the social aspect of relationships on the job may be strained for the time being. Do your best not to let people get to you. Put off beautification processes during this cycle. From July 27th to August 8th, Venus is retrograde in your opposing sign, Virgo. This can put some strain on your close partnerships. A partner could be distant emotionally.

(Courtesy of Cafe Astrology.)

Friday, July 27, 2007

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Reappearing Romance?

Heard from your ex yet?

Venus Retrograde is often a time of old flames igniting, or at least reappearing to remind us of what we one loved, lost or longed for. Is it so we can reconnect? Chances are it's really to show us how far we've come and to get a handle on what we are now attracting. After all, we only attract ourselves to ourselves - and yes, that means the abuser in your life reflects the feeling that you yourself need that sort of treatment.

How many of us love ourselves FOR our flaws, and for the journey of healing issues and regaining a sense of completeness?

How many of us like to be alone - which really means "all one" of course. Being alone and happy means we like who we are - after all it's the company we keep 24/7.

How many of us enjoy where we are right now?

That's a big one. We can always improve our situation. Often by moving away from troubled times by looking the other way, or walking in the other direction, which takes courage. However, Venus Retrograde asks us to at least love our situation in a new way - loving it doesn't mean accepting it as a way of living permanently, but that we attracted it in the first place.

Then we can begin the step of changing it all in accordance with our new values and desires and needs.

So when faced with an old love, love feeling or longing:

don't ask yourself if they have changed,
but enjoy seeing how far you, yourself
have grown.

All of us will face at least one returned romance, to see if we have lost love for the object, or if we have found that love within, and no longer need a token of it on the outside.

Inner treasures discovered now, can only lead to outer treasure after Venus goes Direct.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Re-wiring Hearts: Venus goes Retrograde (jul 27 - Sep 8)


the planet relating to Love, Harmony, Peace, your Home Decor, makeovers, Beautiful Things and People, Equality, Soothing Troubled Waters, shopping for new styles, relationships, mergers, agreements, deals, legal matters, justice, value and aesthetics....

goes retrograde (backwards) on Jul 27 until Sep 8.

Take a look at the list above and if you find anything in there that you're going through, want, hope for or wondering about, chances are strong that it's likely to go through a major re-evaluation during this time.

Since Venus rules love - when she's retrograde, romance is odd (specially since Venus will be in Virgo the Analyzer). Dates aren't what we expect - relationships DON'T run smoothly now. Agreements are hard to reach or are delayed. Deals don't come off or we're shaking hands on something that later we're going to say "no thanks!' to. Do you want to sign, say Yes, agree during this time? probably not, unless you have a back-out plan or get-out clause, prenup or backup plan (or date, or color).

Peace isn't easy - but that's half the fun of Venus Retrograde. We need to strive and often fight now for what we value and love and adore and cherish and need to feel comfy and at peace. So of course, life throws us many things that make us say 'No! That's ugly! I don't want that!'.

The down side, is that everyone else is saying the same thing, and they could be saying it about YOUR involvement! Wedding planners beware - now isn't the time to choose your cake or floral design or dress. Even the simple shopper can expect to take back the dress or shirt when you realize it's not how it looked in the store.

We look in the mirror at this time and suddenly we don't see the same thing. Too fat, too thin? What about the wallpaper, too drab, too dark? Be careful - paint has a habit of being slopped on walls now and then again and again, until this period is over.

The good news: we can reevaluate if we're getting a fair deal. In Virgo, Venus Retro helps us get Real about what we care about. Does it pay the bills? Awesome. But does it make you unhappy? That's no good.

Is it fair? Yes, great! No, then why continue? Are YOU being fair? Are you going to draw a line or put up a boundary or fence or walk away?

Is it beautiful? That depends on your perspective, opinion and viewpoint...and mood. What was shiny yesterday may be dull today. Beauty is a moment thing during this period, based on how we feel at any given time.


Forget surface impressions, these change. Love is a feeling that is housed within at every minute of every waking day and while we sleep at night. We're either in tune and alignment with it, or we're out of it, which is usually about the time when we wage war on something or someone around us (if not with ourselves via illness, stress or irritation or attracting violence or 'accidents').

Venus retrogrades to ask us, 'Do you really love it? Are you loving the 'right things'. Is what you are loving loving you back? If not, why are you loving it? How much love/cash/fun/joy do you deserve? Are you worth it? Is the situation worth it?

Name your inner price - because things showing up now will be a direct reflection to this direction conflict with this, so that you get to test out or IMPRESS upon your world your own innate value. What will you do if no one else thinks you're worth the price you set for yourself on how you want to be treated, or how much you want to be paid?

Be patient - Venus is love and peace after all and these WILL win out. But maybe, when everyone else has exhausted all other possibilities and found none satisfying enough.

If you Love, you're in a high vibration.
If you're not loving it (and by it we mean ANYTHING...a home, a street, a car, a person, a thing, a desire, a habit...etc) you're dragging your entire life down, and attracting more of the same, or in danger of doing so.

Custom Build your unique brand of love.
Find new ways to Love what is hard to love, find new paths to wander down if you find it no longer possible to love the one you're on, and find out what....when you take it all REALLY, TRULY value. make that the basis for all your decisions, opinions, agreements, and actions during this time frame.

When it's over, what you are will remain - reflected in the respect, love, agreement and beauty of the things and people still left surrounding you.

Enjoy the journey of discovery. The hearts a big place, and retrograde asks us to get lost within it. Maybe then we can find (or remember) what we never truly lost. Our Love of Self, with all its broken dreams, age-worn crackles and other 'character forming' flaws that make us truly individual.

Love the Imperfections... find the Perfect Love.

Full of Flaws and Lovingly Yours,

Sunday, July 15, 2007

No place like Home? New Moon in Cancer!

We're currently in a new Lunar Cycle with the New Moon in Cancer yesterday that lasts for the next 30 days.

New Moons = New Beginnings.

This one asks you, 'Are you at home?'. What is home - a room with 4 walls, a castle, a fence to keep people out, an invitation to let people in, a garden, a library, a party? Is it a feeling you take with you anywhere, is it your aura space, your "bubble"? Is it your family, your country, even your body?

It's all of these.

But what particular brand of 'home' is right for you now, in this cycle?

Emotions play a major role now - and depending on your sign and chart you'll be facing different kinds - intense ones you'll need to clear out (if the Moon falls in your 8th House this month), practical ones to help you secure your life (if it falls in the 2nd House) and so forth.

Whatever the case, you have a chance to find a new place of comfort and security, a new "womb" to see you through the next leg of your life's journey.

Family matters pop up now - and your childhood 'roots' and conditioning are back in your life, so we get to see if they are useful patterns or we're merely 'reacting' to triggers of old energies.

Is it time to move?

I mean move on - from an old location, a job, a person, a situation, a habit?

Surely it is. We can't stay forever even in our childhood home. It changes. We change. Those around us change. There really IS no comfort zone, only repetition and habit. The New Moon enables us now (with the aid of a great aspect from Uranus the Awakener) to shake us out of our old habits and patterns and try new things.


Whatever it is, it's time to bail, jump ship, fly the nest - in search of a new place to call home.

Or its time to renovate and clean up where we currently are and make it more comfy too.

Our body is our ultimate home on Planet Earth, our "spacesuit" in 3-D. being "at home" with oneself is the greatest comfort one can possibly attain this side of the veil, and its a worthy cause. With unshakable self support, care and love, we can handle anything.

See this month as strengthening the bars on your car as you travel through life's safari. You don't want to get walled up inside forever, but you do want to keep yourself safe inside so you can enjoy the right. Right?

So this New Moon month:

Stay home - make it cushy and comfy

Move home - find a place better suited to your needs

Seek emotional guidance - ask your intuition

Find your Family - blood relatives or your chosen kin. Reconnect bonds

Be sensitive - open your heart and soothe troubled waters with a smile or sympathetic ear

Look at Mother issues - release your own, relish your own or become your own

Nurture - feed yourself and others, be gentle

Make yourself at Home no matter where you find yourself

Create a sacred space and respect the bubble of others

Why Mom? Cancer relates to the sign of our Mother, so you'll find she may pop up again or some issue relating to her. Are you being your own best Mom? Because that's really the point. If you're not happy, quit complaining. Change it yourself. Look after your own ass. Be good to you. Get it? Happiness is a choice, remember.

And the past...Cancer is Memory Lane of course. Is it time to create some new ones and let go of all thats happened to us so far?

Yes. Celebrate the season of your soul, the past success and failure. And embrace a new horizon.

Getting comfy has never been more important. War decreases the more our inner selves are at ease. Inner Comfort rarely ends in outer conflict.

Wherever you're NOT at peace,

you're NOT at Home.

With any trouble start there, and you'll soon be on the road back to a safer, comfier and more peaceful place.



Thursday, July 12, 2007

July Horoscopes in DOT

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mercury is Direct!

Yes, Mercury is Direct and I'm back.

Hopefully you enjoyed a time-out too during this past three week period, when Mercury spun backwards, so if you're wondering why the call never came in, the trafic or travel plan was delayed, the decision was reversed, or you're still in the dark about something, it's all because the flow of celestial traffic is getting untangled and we can decide if we REALLY want something, by being littered with false promises, lame starts, loose ends and a whole host of 'are you sure?' signposts.

The Full Moon we are now wel into was in Capricorn and relates to Career so you're no doubt noticing s shift in this direction - quitting a job, getting a raise or promotion, deciding to 'up' your determination and climb higher, and so forth. It' a great time to sniff around for something new, something better, something that asks more of you. in short - it's time to Master Yourself and choose at least one direction where you'll give it your all.

Ambition is high now - and we're just about at the New Moon (new start) this Saturday in Cancer so I'll be back with more on this soon.

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