Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Angels & Demons of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse (Nov 3)

The Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Scorpio, (4;49am PST) occurs at the North Node, thus opposes (challenges) the South Node - our place of comfort and our absolute stubborn resistance to letting it change, evolve, or die.

Thus the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is simply another "opportunity" to do some spiritual housekeeping - which inevitably means having our physical lives rearranged accordingly as we clean out the cobwebs, raise the dead spirits of our ancestral pain and pry open the locked trunks and blocked closets containing our secrets, shames or other assorted skeletons.

If you don't - someone else will.

Life invades and violates us sometimes during these Eclipses. Or so it would seem. But the true message of a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is to allow for the eclipsing of your sense of self, your confidence in yourself, or your acceptance of yourself, so that you may gain these very same things - your very sense of self, new confidence and a stronger acceptance of yourself, and the process called Life.
What is taken away is valued all the more.

That's how Eclipses work.

They change the light, the affect the interplay of light and dark on the planet. The Sun doesn't want to be eclipsed. it wants to share the honor of our Bright Light, our Ego, our Inner Child. But wait, when the light goes out is when we truly get to understand, acknowledge what it is when we're suddenly blinded by its brightness once again. We know the Light, through the Dark sometimes.

Since the Solar Eclipse is in Scorpio we can safely assume this means an Ego-Death of some form as the necessary step forward in our spiritual evolution. But we do have Angels on our sides  for the road ahead (we'll get to the demons).

We have a fixation on the Dark Side (notice the proliferation of Zombie and Vampire), or we're Fighting it every which way we can. Scorpio always takes sides. It's the nature of the Beast, excuse the pun. Angels often come disguised, but so too do the Demons.

Saturn, the steely one who reminds us that Time reveals all because nothing stands up to time. Saturn is his own Grim Reaper only he measures it, he doesn't rape us of it, like Pluto. Saturn Angels are the life experiences disguised as painful barriers and hurdles. They test you. They wear you down to see what you're made of. They feel like a hangover. They leave lasting impressions and you say I MADE IT and no one can take that from you. (Scorpios take note especially since Saturn's been in your Sign so you are earning your spiritual stripes right now). Saturn demons are the feelings of failure and quitting under the heavy load of the same painful barriers and hurdles. Either you push on or you give up. Sink or Swim. Saturn demons like to drag you under.

Mercury Retrograde honors up with his presence in Scorpio too so that we have no choice but to retrace our steps so that a new wiring can be created in our brains of a new way, a new possibility. A new way this can play out - finally? But thoughts are just thoughts so could we just simply be repeating mental programming and analysing it in a replay of the exact same energy? Loops of experience, loops of thought and further loops of experience. Can we break the spell? Yes with commitment and focus (Mercury/Saturn). It won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile is. It's a tough world and sometimes we see it's harsher, colder, more sober, starker and darker version. That's the Scorpio stellium. A feeling of unsafety, or things falling apart. Of forced change. Or plain and simple Trauma. Mercury Retrograde Angels however arrive in the form of conversations that get to the very bone when it comes to raw, honest feeling and the sharing of unimaginable passions and pains. Mercury Retrograde Angels are experiences designed to help us to review our pain so that we can find some buried (Scorpio) gold amongst the dirt of destruction. Some new ideas on healing or getting stronger or gaining more power. Sometimes you have to hurt to grow stronger.

Demons abound during these times. Psychic vampires, sexual demons, reptilian businessmen and who knows what other assorted hellish beings may be walking around. In our houses, in our personal spaces. Or is it all just in our heads? After all Mercury is retrograde and what we see outside is a physical representation of our spiritual current place in our evolution and experience. You get to see where your head is, or where it goes sometimes. You get to rewire it. Mercury Retrogrades I have come to understand as cosmic strokes - affecting our brains, giving them a chance to be rewired and reprogrammed with better material. Mercury Retrograde Demons (remember Scorpio is the true meeting of the Living with the Underworld Realm of Pluto) are those thoughts that plague us, for the simple pleasure they have in making us feel hooked on feeling lousy.  Are we being tested, could we be surrounded by snakes? Replaying pain is a form of post traumatic torture for all of us. Suspicion is our enemy, while in the past may have been our rescuer. You can never quite tell under this Eclipse. The light changes suddenly and what you thought was real, has changed. Mercury Retrograde Demons try to keep you trapped in a painful past but inevitably help you wise you up to where you burned your hand on the ring that way last time.

The meeting of the Sun and Moon heralds a potential deepening commitment to diving into your heart, into your mind and into your soul to find a purpose, passion and a power within you. Whatever that is. We're all called to walk through the Spiritual Metal Detector: anything that is unnecessary for the road ahead from this point on (a job, a relationship, an attachment, a person, a situation) could leave us, as the cosmos to come to remind you that leaves fall off trees each year to make way for the seedsthat will become next year's blossom.

 Change has a purpose. And you're ready for it. That's the Scorpio North Node Eclipse, in a nutshell. You just have to Act Powerful, thus evoking the natural magician within you (Scorpio) and facing life will a steely resilience - at least for now.

Anticipate some final farewells. Goodbyes are inevitable during true change. But also some re-connections with loved ones who have passed over with a message here, a signal there of their presence since Mercury is retrograde. Or in the form of getting ourselves out of Mental Hell due to injuries suffered on life's thorny path.  Mercury Retro in Scorpio leads us into the labyrinth of the mind but doesn't promise a way out unless we seek it in New Thinking (or the re-thinking of the old in new ways). What you focus on grows. That's the bummer sometimes. There are also re-connections though, old deaths rise up again - you think its gone then IT'S BACK! A recreating of things, sometimes in the image of of their past selves, but also of new ways, means and abilities. We get to try on a new hat and see how it feels.

People can change. People are changing. Because lives are changing. Daily.
And we change with our circumstances, as it should be.
"Accelerated change" always has the same feeling, but it quite simply means more
is happening in a shorter space of time.

When Death comes knocking, honor that which has passed,
and turn again to face Life, because deep down, as a wise
Scorpio once told me, "those who are yours 
never truly leave you". 

You have to say goodbye to one thing in order to roll out the welcome mat for something new. Old energies return in new packages, and new energies can spring from the roots of old energies. Anything is possible now. Passion, Purpose and Power are needed to face the fear and surrender control, if only for a Moment.

Welcome your Angels and Respect your Demons,
Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Season of Death

Let's face it - it's Scorpio Season and that means the month ahead will bring a Death. What is Death? Nothing but a transition from one state of being to another. [See Cycle 8 of my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles: A Lifetime Guide to Your]. While I continue my own Phoenix rebirth from the literal ashes of my former life, (yikes!) the population on Planet Earth are figuring out what must stay and what must go (by choice or by "fate"). Watch the process. See how people and situations morph into new forms. Things may look the same but aren't - the sort of phasing from one dimension into another. Ourselves included. The process involves a sacrifice of sorts. A literal/emotional/intellectual/physical/spiritual letting go, which means we will surely "hold on", a natural polar human reflex! But that's where Astrology reminds us that just as things CHANGE, DIE & LEAVE US...SOME THINGS ENDURE (Taurus, the sign opposite Scorpio). Like good old fashioned memories. And solid appreciation and enjoyment of what we currently have (Taurus). And that things can change for the better if you trust in the Current Unfolding of Change taking place within your own life now. Sometimes painful; always necessary. Expect in the next month period, to witness Death at play around you and co-operate with its process with a firm acceptance that there is no loss (Scorpio) without a gain (Taurus) and that by letting go of what is or once was (Scorpio) we allow for the arrival and unfolding of What We Truly Want (Taurus)..

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio: Weekly Scopes - each Monday!

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This week: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio for three weeks.

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cosmic Cupid's Arrow under a Libra New Moon (Oct 4)

The New Moon on Oct 4 falls at 11 Degrees Libra. Not only that but 11 degrees and 56 minutes (11-11) for those seeing this particular double number on Clocks, Digital Displays, Receipts and other random places on a regular basis, this could be a very interesting week.

The Libra New Moon tells a story. The Chart is attached if you want to follow along. A quincunx from the Taurus South Node reminds me that the world has the munchies. Not that everyone is stoned (although Neptune in Pisces means you're definitely finding one drug of choice and enjoying it - even if that's sleeping). We are all hungry right now. For security. Old physical desires, appetites are rife as are stubborn refusals to change or budge, old spending habits, self worth issues, over fixation or worry about physical realm stuff (food, sex, insatiable hungers, money).

There's the rub with the Libra New Moon - which seeks harmony and balance not an over-concern over anything so crass as the Physical Dimension. Libra seeks Balance and Shared Experiences. 

Chiron in Pisces hints at old hurts still plaguing us (in dreams or waking life), sorry & sad stories from ego-trauma, nightmares or unhealed skeletons in the closet, the need for medication or the addicted, feelings of powerlessness, idle hands make the devil's playground etc.

All these create a rub with this particular Libra New Moon because they could cause rifts in relationships or general malaise with other people you're dealing with. For each person you face this week, look behind their eyes and realize there are hurts/wounds there that remain, and there's more going on that meets the eye. Judgments don't help.

The best of this combo is compassionately respecting the fact that everyone's hurting somewhere and how they act could reflect and reveal this. Give some leeway.

The Cancer Jupiter doesn't help so much with overindulgent mega moods this week and the potential for over-inflating past emotional material. We want MORE-MORE-MORE of our creature comforts, favorite foods, familiar habits and safe lifestyle.  Who wouldn't right now? How do we handle such huge emotions based on past experiences in the context of getting along with each other in the Here and Now? There's an expansion of Feelings going on upon Planet Earth, I'm not sure if you feel it. Sensitive types do (those with strong water signs or Neptune in their Charts). There's an expansion of feelings and needs, but are they going towards building bridges or to sit and dwell on the past all the while missing the potential for Real Human Contact right here right now. Will you let your feelings guide you to connect? No text messages, no emails, just on the phone or in person real time dialogue.

Pluto in Capricorn of course is the ultimate inner parent - firm and final throwing us Rules, Regulations that can disrupt or tear apart relations right now. Control is a huge potential issue, with those you're dealing with.  Who is boss? Is it healthy leadership or a tyrant/bully? In partnerships should there even be a 'boss'? No one steers the ship alone. Its all "we" stuff right now. A Pluto Square is an opportunity to ditch the dark material by going through it as it comes up, without letting it pile up, without letting it fester. Exposing abuse where it exists. Don't forget, that some of the control/powerless feelings right now stem from things that went on in your past and childhood (the 10th/4th house axis is one of Parenting).  With two planets on this axis, parental patterns and problems are revisited to re-shape energy spent stuck in their curse but acceptance leading to our empowerment(Pluto/10th) and growth beyond them (Jupiter/4th).

Does your union need rules or structures? Are some of them archaic and outdated? Who is following whose lead or is there mutual respect and joint rule-making? Is power being handled fairly between both parties? The world picture continues to reflect the same game playing out in your home and mine. In businesses across the planet. And between countries or next door neighbors.

Notice the ARROW pointing to this Libra New Moon! True Synergy - the Sun and Moon in Libra. The male and female. The Parents. At the same time, Venus and Mars fight in their square aspect. While there is a chance for our Inner Parents to agree and come together, our inner boy and girl both need something - attention (Venus) and action (Mars). Sex and play. Depth and fun. Seething egos. Power plays. Passion and Joy. Explore between Mars and Venus here and see how you'd like this tension to play out for you and those you're currently 'dancing' or 'fighting' with?

Sun and Moon - we are both male and female, we need to learn when to PUSH and when to let things come (PULL) to you. As always with a square, you're damned if you do damned if you don't often, but at least you're trying. Dual Action soothes the friction of the "internal conflict" square. Sometimes you push, sometimes you pull. Sometimes the timing is off, sometime it just works. Either way, you're living and learning.

Uranus opposing this Libra New Moon is like the crazy relative who crashes the wedding late and whispers in the ear of the bride and groom (Sun and Moon) that by coming together they lose their individual freedoms or who comes bearing a banner 'Be Yourself!'. But how can you possibly retain your individual sense of self while sharing and compromising, swimming in a pool both contaminated and enhanced by the energy signature of another? What's often forgotten in a Uranus opposition is the potential for a period of space (or separation) in order to regain a sense of self that CAN be shared. Two true individuals can have true mutual respect, support, care, concern and the willingness to work through the rough times. Libra is the cement that glues us together in preparation for the Scorpio storm, when the honeymoon is officially over and the hard work of real human love begins (AKA the time when most people bail). Thankfully, with Saturn in Scorpio we are working on bonds already forged...or trying to loosen the shackles.

Sometimes, under a Libra New Moon all it takes is a new approach to Sharing, a new way to experience relationship, a coming together or separating on agreed upon mutual ground. The dance must be sacred. It must respect all signs, both parties.

The Libra New Moon is the time of legal agreements and arguments For or Against. And a time of new artistic expressions and appreciation for the natural symmetry, harmony and balance of Nature, which always finds a way to co-exist. It's about breathing new life into existing relationships and partnerships and alliances or separating to realize the unique core self (Uranus in Aries). So new relationships or renewed relations are possible now.

It's not so much  about the person you're dealing with this week, it's about Love itself, the energy of sharing - voicing insecurities, talking through ideas, finding a middle ground between two different styles/ideas/opinions/lifestyles. It's about the Fairness. The ability to be able to Agree to Disagree. To look at the Situation not the Person as our "issue". Can we allow LOVE to flow from ourselves to others and from others to ourselves without judging the person themselves and getting lost in the many triggers that could be used as opportunities to get closer in a world fast teaching people to get used to being apart.

A united world involves just that - uniting with others. Not just those who think like you, or look similar or like the same taste in music. With any other. Certainly with those who have crossed your path. Out of the billions of people in the world, you ended up with the specific people around you for a reason.

Maybe this week we can make more of an effort to truly relate to those around us?

We are all walking triggers for each other. So in that respect, sometimes people love you, sometimes they hate you. We love them and then hate them. We each hold up mirrors to each other. With each trigger, (seeing something in that person/mirror you don't like) you learn something new about yourself - what you're capable of, how potential power, your dark secrets or insecurities and your amazingly powerful abilities. It's not easy but then the path to self-knowledge never came from simply reading a book or taking a course.
On Planet Earth,  it's about living. Physically embodying energies.

This week's living message is this: what will The Other reveal to you about Yourself?

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Your Astrologer,

Monday, September 23, 2013

The eye of the needle: Saturn, Venus and the North Node in Scorpio

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and the reflections as seen and felt 'down here'...

As Saturn meets the North Node in soul-purging & passionately powerful Scorpio, it's like we're all moving through the eye of the needle as all that is excess baggage is pulled to the surface ready for its release, healing, acknowledgement, processing, refining and ultimate releasing. Time shifts (Pluto in Capricorn) slowing and speeding in various places of our perceived 'linear' time frame, giving us an opportunity to see the power inherent in decisions taken or decisions avoided and the destructive power of our desires/shadows and their creative power once harnessed. (Saturn in Scorpio). The Pisces Full Moon pulls up more of whatever is there - from the subconscious, unconscious, imagination and stored painful soul-memories (Neptune, Chiron in Pisces) but just know that whatever is unfolding, is just the physical breakdown of structures that no longer work to support the individual or the collective. Part of our current emotional states and life experiences relate to various degrees of dismantling old ways of being/behaving/feeling so that we can recreate our lives on a daily basis to represent ones of more contentment, balance, peace and harmony, and of course Love. Pluto in Capricorn Direct now reveals the areas where we still are powerfully able to participate in the crumbling of outdated methods, rules, structures and blockages...

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Is it worth fighting? Mars square the Lunar Nodes

Working on this week's horoscopes, I couldn't help but be struck the obvious current manifestations of this weeks' upcoming energy-signature above us: Mars in Leo square the South and North nodes (whick peaks by Thurday, September 12th - a day before Friday the 13th no less.

The question of whether to get involved in a war against Syria or not?

President Obama is going to give an address and push for the United States to Yes, Get Involved whilst it appears most of the country feels we should 'No, Stay Out of It'.

That's always the question when Mars is square the lunar nodes: 'do you or do you not?'
 We can evolve with the expression of the planet or devolve. Here our karma is based on our Actions and our levels of Aggression/Assertion - typical Mars territory.

Mars in Leo is great for bold actions but has one fatal flaw as it sits between the nodes: Pride. Coupled with the planet of testosterone, if you offend, upset or hurt my feelings, I'll attack.

The whole world is currently reflecting this tight balance: from the battles in your head and living room/bed room to what we see playing out before us on the global screen.

The North Node in Scorpio represents many deaths during our passage through it - but theoretically the death of that which is no longer needed. Whether we beg to differ with this or not, what is alive is alive and what is not alive is dead and gone. Or is it? Scorpio, after all is a deep and dark sign, where we can never quite tell where the bottom lies, if ever there is one. Think Loch Ness (fixed water). Perhaps life does go on, and sometimes things can come back again. And gain is so often found through the death transition.

Whether we choose it or not, death/loss is our path for a while longer. Throw in Mars and it's like a child with a grenade. In Leo, piss off our prideful inner boy or girl and you may get badly hurt.  And as the media is found of showing for maximum manipulative Neptune-in-Pisces fashion, the photos of the bodies of wounded children (Mars in Leo) seems sadly but celestially symbolic.

You have an inner child just like everyone else. It gets hurt sometimes. It often didn't get what it wanted. And it likes getting its own way. But it has to play fair with the other kids in the playground and your way is not the only way. Getting your way isn't always possible - or advised. And like fighting fire with fire, war creates only more war.

Once you use Mars, Mars often ends up using you.

A message to the world: 

Only the insecure feel offense 
or the need to defend themselves.

Get Creative. Go enjoy some attention from another human being. Preen yourself in the mirror. Sing in the shower. There are many uses for Mars in Leo. Having fun is one of them, not getting offended about what other people are doing or not doing. Egos are silly creatures. No one writes the rules. We're all writing them together.

Your cosmic-military messenger,

This week's scopes give you a lowdown on how Mars square the lunar nodes teams up with Chiron in Pisces this week and what this means for each sign.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mental Health, Trauma and the Virgo New Moon

Since the fire, I've been learning more about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

It can stick around, long past the actual trauma. Years even. We can store emotional material after shocking or traumatizing situations (abuse, brushes with death, sudden loss, accidents etc) and not even know it, resulting in erratic mood changes, or an out-of-proportion reaction to a perceived threat. Since we all go through traumatic experiences to one degree or another, it's worth a look at our Mental Health too under this Virgo Moon

Could storing past trauma be part of our present emotional nature? 

Our Moon signs would say YES. Memories are always stored somewhere. One line in an article I read stood out recently:

"Nightmares = imagery rehearsal therapy"

Neat, eh? We get to play with images and their subsequent emotional response(s) within us they trigger. Life serves the same purpose. We witness events and respond emotionally. Some events just echo for longer. 

With clients currently reporting of sleep disturbances, a need for more sleep or strange/busy/intense dreams remember that you could be doing most of your Soul Shadow-Work (Pluto of course) while you're asleep...

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

The Astrology behind Miley Cyrus' VMA performance

 Well, someone had to look up her chart!

Miley Cyrus' VMA (Vide Music Awards) performance on Aug 29 2013 caused quite a stir. 
But there's always an astrological answer when it comes to our personality. 
Looking at Miley's Cyrus' Astrology Chart, is there any real surprise?

12th house planets are always stuffed away inside of us. 
Our "closet" personalities.

Miley Cyrus is a Sagittarius Riser. 
We SEE Sagittarius in her - the fun, bubbly, chatty, humorous 
and sometimes tomboyish 
Hannah Montana (her Disney alter ego).

With the Sun conjunct her Ascendant (rising sign) 
we usually say that WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)....


just look at the Scorpio stellium in her 12th House, 
tucked behind the bright and breezy Sagittarius Rising.

Miley's own words in a  recent People magazine interview:

"During 'Hannah Montana' I think people knew I was acting.
I've never been able to hide anything...
Others who have been on kids' shows try to act like their characters -
but I'm not like that".

Scorpio is sexy, raunchy, dark, devious, powerful, passionate.
With the Moon (family, soul-memory, habit, needs):
Miley reportedly posed nude with her father for Vanity Fair a while back.
Pluto (genetic/soul trauma, death/rebirth, intensity, sex and shadow material)
Mercury [retrograde = redoing] (thoughts, messages, brain wiring, ideas)
and the Sun (4 minutes from the 1st House if the birth time of 6:37am is correct -
if not I'll update here)

all in the tucked-away-hidden-from-view-but-always-ready-to-burst-out 
12th House

is there any real shock or surprise that Miley would be karmically scheduled to
act-out the energies contained within her? 

Acting-out is a very 12th House theme -
Madonna also shares a packed 12th House, 
(remember her on-stage kiss with Britney Spears 
[who herself has a GIANT 12th house containing Mars)
- three stars who also seem to have followed distinctly similar paths .

The music industry certainly has its formula. 
But even those 'chosen' ones who make it to the top, 
have a karmic date with destiny, as shown in their Charts.

Just like the rest of us.

2013 was always scheduled to be an imporant year for her:
Her Progressed Sun (evolving self/ego) is exactly conjunct 
her North Node of Destiny 
giving her a huge PR boost 
(it's in Sagittarius the sign of publicity).

January 2014 kicks off a very powerful year for Miley -
transiting Saturn will hit her 12th house Scorpio stellium,
throwing up karmic challenge to throw off the shackles of a possibly abusive past
and digging deep into her soul, to heal, cleanse and hopefully transcend the
lower vibrational energies she may have dragged with her from the past
(including past life patterns that are still currently at play in her life).
It truly could be a case of hitting both the dizzying heights
and the inevitable despairing depths or dark nights of the soul
that only a passage through Scorpio
in the soul-cleansing 12th house can provide.

Either way, we may think Miley's shocked us
but shocks are surely in store for her (by choice or by force) too
 as the Big Transformation
has only just begun...

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Monday, September 02, 2013

Weekly Scopes: The Virgo New Moon (Sep 5)

You know those things you have to do and know you have to do but have been putting off? The perfect time to start them (or finish them off) is the New Moon in Virgo (Sep 5). The state of our HEALTH, the state of our DAILY SCHEDULES and our JOBS and WORK situation all come into a very narrow and detailed focus.

Read your Scopes here or check back each Monday to the main 
website and click the WEEKLY SCOPES button.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Scopes: FOLLOW YOUR BLISS - Mars enters Leo, Sun enters Virgo

Weekly Scopes now up! This week: Follow Your Bliss! Action Mars enters Dramatic Leo. If you're gonna do it, do it BIG. We all want to have fun - but where can it be found? The Sun moves into Virgo and it's Get Your Sh*t Together and Finish your To Do List in some area of your life. Business AND pleasure this week CAN be combined...if you so choose. :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

North Node & Saturn in Scorpio: Why things seem dark

Collectively, the North Node has been moving through Scorpio. Our karmic north is towards and through Scorpio Territory. For anyone who knows anything about Astrology, that alone explains why things seem dark.

Even in the happiest of places there still seems an underlying feeling of unease, of tightness.

Scoprio relates to the darkness, the dark nights of the soul, purging of the darkness,
hiding in the darkness. Skeletons yanked from closets. Scary monsters unveiled Scooby-Doo style.

Our Greatest Fears are being faced. That's why we hear news now of a girl falling from rollercoaster, planes crash landing, buses full of children tipping over, innocent people playing by a beach mowed down intentionally by a car, massive train wrecks, casualties in huge numbers (and all these examples within one whole week!). Corporate Corruption seems another Scorpionic Theme at play these days. Finding out we have been betrayed. Accepting Sex in all its forms (casual, committed, abusive). Accepting our Reptilian Side (the greedy ego). Facing our Inner Demons - our ancient wounds, ego addictions and separation consciousness.  Facing them how?

Usually by battling outer demons! 

Saturn in Scorpio makes sure the message sticks by having to go through long torturous experiences sometimes, (Saturn slows things down, draws them out or delays them) whilst at other times evolution comes with an instant ending and subsequent new beginnings. Either way, Scorpio Change is permanent.

The North Node in Scorpio says it's time to face the monster. The funny thing is those who have gone through traumatic "scorpio moments" are actually lighter and freer because they no longer fear the possibility. When you face your fear, it loses all control over you. That's what can happen during this time, if we don't get lost in the trauma and the fear of it all.

With my house fire fire of May 22, I am no stranger to this life lesson. The movie you see playing on your screen can so easily be playing right out before your very eyes. Change Happens. You can be swept up in its energy. And for everyone, inevitably loss is always part of Change.

The trick is to remember that our faces are being collectively 
shoved into the darkness so that we may turn a light on 
and get through to the other side of Hell, 
where life is much sweeter without the fear.

Fear is being squeezed out of everyone like a juice supplying a greedy monster who thrives on pain and chaos. Some call it the Satan principle, (Saturn relates to the Goat) playing out through the physical realm. A force that tests/reveals our Light through challenging (dark) experiences. Before us stands a grand opportunity. Once we face a fear, we can let it go.  We truly can be free. Whatever Pluto takes (the ruler of Scorpio), you can be sure it's number was up.

As we face our fears, we let them go on behalf of everyone. Groups of people and individuals alike are being swept up in this phase, astrologically allowing this energy to manifest through their lives. We keep letting go of pain, and powerlessness and abusing the power we do have. We go through Hell in various forms. At work. In relationships. In bed. On the street. We learn about living on through death and being the proof there is life after death because we are still standing.

It may be dark but it's meant to be. 
We're meant to be facing our fears which turns back on the Lights.

Your 'With You When The Lights Go Out' Astrologer, 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

1. Stand in front of the Mirror, close enough to see into your eyes.

2. Study your eyes. Feel yourself. 
Search for the person within. 
Do you feel your own sadness? Anxiety?

Hopefulness or calmness?  What is there?

Take a moment to Be With Yourself.

3. Remind yourself that A - you will always be there for yourself
and B - congratulate yourself on getting this far.  Being a human
 is a difficult thing these days! This is the Astrological Age we'll look
back on as the Age of Rearrangement, Revolution and the Rebuilding of The World.
That simply means things have to change and you may see, feel or hear 
the changes faster. Sound about right?

4. Salute yourself and, no matter how you are feeling,
tell yourself that no matter what, you'll love you, and then no 
one else will need to Love you. They'll just love being with you.

5. Smile. No matter what crap you're currently going through 
(Or spiritually speaking which stuff you have chosen to offload to 
help the lot of us) you owe it to yourself as a gift of love, to 
Smile To Yourself, even in sympathy for surviving hard times.

6. You will revisit yourself at least once every day for the next week. 
During this time you'll see an evolution of your being from sadness to happiness.


Ah, there's the magic.

You were being Loved.
Simply paying attention to yourself regularly,
listening to yourself, feeling yourself. That's Love,

your attention is the only attention that truly heals you and
restores you to Love.

Visit With Yourself Regularly :)

The ends the Leo New Moon "re-aligning with your True Self" transmission.

Friday, August 02, 2013

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Weekly Scopes every Monday!

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This week: Cancer New Moon and Saturn goes Direct!

Your Astrologer,

Sunday, July 07, 2013

New Moon in Cancer (July 8th) : How ya feeling?!

The Cancer New Moon:  Jul 8, 2013. 0:14am

See that large green triangle? It's a GRAND WATER TRINE. Connecting Neptune (5Pisces) to Saturn (4Scorpio) and Jupiter (2Cancer). Neptune/Saturn/Jupiter is about spiritual surrender/hard work/faith.

We all need these three attributes to get through the months ahead. Grand Water Trines offer an Escape Route Through Tears of Joy or Sorrow. 

The floodgates are opening, whether we like it or not. Too much pressure (Pluto opposing the Moon) inevitably leads to some form of breakdown or breakthrough, to make way for something better.

The New Moon in Cancer urges us all to Make Home. To realize that the past is gone and that there's no use picking at it. Where is home? A physical building? Or a feeling within?

CHIRON IN PISCES continually reminds is to Let It Go. Pray about it, Surrender it up to your God(s). Forgive. Soothe. Calm. Float. Exactly trine (13 degrees) the North Node of Karmic Evolution has the same message. To move forward we have to keep Feeling Our Feelings and Not Getting Stuck There,  And trine the Cancer New Moon, again another reminder that you have to find an oasis of calm security,  nest to withdrawn to, a safe space within, even amidst the most turbulent of times.
Even if you have to run to the bathroom to cry and regroup.

Real transformation comes now by going deeply, deeply, deeply into a feeling. Only then can it be relieved. RELIVE to RELIEVE, it's the mantra I offer in my Surfing Your Solar Cycles under Cycle 4 (the chapter relating to House 4 and the sign of Cancer - the theme we are collectively moving through).

This NEW MOON connects with RETROGRADE MERCURY  - asking us to look back and learn, to truly FEEL the emotional lessons and experiences of the past because so often while "in the moment" we miss things. Emotions take time to process. We need to go back over them to finally feel them fully so they have passed on their wisdom and can finally be freed up from our energy space.

We just lost our home this end to a fire as you already may have read, and so this rings doubly true, 'you can't go home again', 'home isn't a place it's an internal and unshakable feeling of security'. I'm still learning that one (I was born with a 4th House Pisces Sun and Mercury both squaring Neptune).

When you lose something externally, you have a chance
 to  build it and find it internally. 
Perhaps the external loss is a sign of your newly reclaimed inner gain?

Venus in Leo squaring the Lunar Nodes reminds us that we need to keep playing, to hold on to Joy. To find and feel Love no matter what because without it, we develop back into unhealthy stagnant and stuck materialistic and dense energy patterns (Taurus). With a childlike sense of glee, wonder and creative possibilities, we can evolve beyond the shadows of our painful pasts (North Node in Scorpio).

Things hurt. Especially right now. Many of us are crying, frustrated, blocked, trapped.
No way out? Nowhere to turn? No one to rely on?

The Cancer New Moon has one message loud and clear:

How you feel is totally justified. Understandable. You have to give it time (Saturn).
You have to wallow a bit (Neptune) and allow yourself to feel a little lost, sad, overwhelmed.
Seemingly 'off track'. To remember that where you are wounded (Chiron) lies a wisdom
that no one can take from you but that which you can offer others in their Time of Need.
That Faith and Hope and Optimism are always there close by, if you choose
to reach for them. As possibilities of a better tomorrow. And let's face it, during times
like these the only way is up. And yes of course, since Saturn in Scorpio won't allow
us to sugarcoat anything anymore, sometimes you have to hit rock bottom in order
to finally be able to bounce back.

Finally URANUS IN ARIES is a constant inner and outer urge to follow the dictates of what personal freedom means to you. You HAVE to figure yourself out now. What goes, what stays. Where You Need to Make Changes. And it starts from the ground up under this Cancer New Moon. If your emotional foundation is wobbly, anything you build is laced with insecurity.

Start with the basics. Eat. Drink Water. Find a comfy place to rest. Remember the safe and comfy and happy times. Feel them again in the present. Go easy. Give yourself time. Nap. Listen to soothing music (or sad stuff to let the tears finally roll). If you need to withdraw, do so. But not to hide long-term.

This period is a PIT STOP in a larger cycle that still asks that we get up and keep going and keep trying. Nothing lasts forever and behind every physical event, is a spiritual meaning and a Higher Purpose.

No we can't see it from this perspective but try this:  Picture another Yourself, a more highly evolved one, the one that knows the whys and hows behind what you are currently going through. You're somewhere else right now. Another dimension? Heaven? Whispering to you in moments of calm stillness (which can be hard to hear when you're consumed by feelings). Or simply standing watching you now, laughing at how seriously you are taking this all Down Here On Earth yet how proud too that you're getting through this Illusion (yet very real feeling) Classroom of Life.

When in doubt, give yourself a hug and know that EVERYONE - everyone EVERYWHERE is under the same planetary alignments in various degrees and going through a rough patch in some form.  Let that nurture you. Times may be tough but things ARE getting better. I said it years ago and I'll say it again now:

When things seem really dire, dark or destructive 
on the outside/surface,
amazing things are taking root and taking shape 
on the inside and in the depths.

Don't get lost watching the TV movie of the outside world.
Stay close to your heart, listen close to your instinct and calm yourself.

Be the Best Mom you can be to yourself. Guilt free.

Your Astrologer,

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Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (June 26–July 20)

With Mercury Retrograding in Cancer, the past pulls on us. The tides of what have gone before, lap once more at our shores. Will you allow the undercurrents of old memories to drag you back into old whirlpools and wash you up on the lonely island of Melancholic Nostalgia? Realize that you're no longer the same person and that how you feel about something (a person or situation) was never necessarily the Actual Truth but merely a bias written within your own heart (where possible protection and insecurity issues are always lurking). By all means let the past inform the present but know that for the weeks ahead, how you feel and how you think are connected. Remember that, and drop anchor with familiar comforts when the waters get too choppy...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Loss, Mourning & Transformation

Sitting on the sofa with my partner Jared, cuddled up to a movie, laughing together. Le Bang Bang the friendly Balinese cat lying curled up beside me, safe beneath the peaks of our mountaintop A-frame cabin.

It's a 'moment' I experienced so often, one of those times that you don't ever want to end and you can't ever see letting go of. One of the greatest times of my life so far.  The simple things really are the best, and all we really need, aren't they? Love. Safety. Comfort. Joy.

On the morning of May 22, 2013  an electrical fire ripped through our beautiful A-frame in under ten minutes. Jared and I narrowly escaped but Le Bang Bang did not. If the timing had veered by a matter of seconds, we could have ended up in front of the gas stove that exploded spewing a vast amount of burning gas into the house, turning it into a huge oven. We could have been trapped downstairs, unable to rescue the chihuahua we'd been looking after, who was crying at the top. Or, we were told by the fire crew, we could have merely slept through it all, the oxygen silently sucked out of the bedroom where we slept below.

That cherished Moment is now forever lost to memory. Just as all we experience in the Physical dimension will be lost some day to our own physical departure from this earth plane.

It's a strange time.  You can't look back because it's gone, or else it's too painful to recall at present. And you can't see ahead because all you have is what has gone before. It leaves me in a strange place that reminds me just how deeply a Scorpio Rising life must go - from the heights to the depths, from the depths to the heights.

They say that during difficult times, you know who your friends are. With Pluto in my 11th House of friendship (Jared shares this placement) there were unexpected surprise and yes, disappointments. My Solar Return this year has a packed 11th house (friends, connections, technology, groups), you may remember I posted it on Facebook in March. As it turns out, it was right on - my social network was a way for me to reach everyone, and in turn random people have helped out - even a woman who found my website only a week before the fire! And a girl who wrote me a letter saying she felt so guilty about being irritated  my site wasn't updated and who felt moved to send a little something to help.  More women (Venus in the 11th) came to my rescue than anyone else. I've been surprised (very Cycle 11) with the help received and also surprised with the help that didn't come.

I thanked my Personal Heroes on the Weekly Scope page last week before continuing the regular forecasts, because in today's world, no one needs to help. When we hear of a tragedy, we often look the other way. Why? Because we have enough to deal with in our own lives, perhaps. We don't know what to say so we remain silent? Some only want to look at the happy stuff in life. They forget that life contains light and darkness and that you can't have one without the other. The truth is, a lot is going on for everybody - I have been talking about it in my blog and scopes for quite some time now.

I guess it's my turn for a Major Transformation.

I find myself seeing a reason, a meaning behind this event. With a Sagittarius Moon it has always helped me on my Journey to see behind the physical condition to the heart or soul within the outer appearance. Standing outside a black shell of what was once a safe home, the torn and burned pages of my Astrology Library scattered across the street was indescribable. You're never truly prepared for trauma. Shock electrifies the system and shuts down the mind. Jared and I both described the event like a giant hand of fire that came reaching up from the earth and pulled everything down back into its fiery pits. Jared was stuck inside longer, trying to find Le Bang Bang. He witnessed the tank of his small snake Mata Hari, turn black as the stove spewed liquid flames up the inside of the high, high A-frame ceilings, then spread across the room. He grabbed onto the fur of our beloved cat, but the cathedral windows blew out, and our cat was gone, scared and shaking with the noises inside.

Outside, without contact lenses or a cell phone, I stood screaming for Jared to get out as the kitchen exploded outwards. And he did. Barely. I ran barefoot down the street, knocking at four houses before someone answered and dialed 911. And through this all, I felt it could be saved. But then we stood and watched as the fire consumed everything.

My partner Jared has been a hairstylist for over 20 years. As a 9th House Cancer Sun he shares my journey as a Seeker (my Moon is in Sag). So he's heard a lot over the years. He helped turn things around for me recently when he came home to tell me a woman who was sitting in his chair was describing her experiences of home fires and how three distinct things stick out: It happens much faster than you think, in a matter of minutes. That smoke inhalation kills most people who run back in, or were asleep in another room whose oxygen is sucked out silently, taking people in their sleep.

And that an experience like this changes you. 
But not in a bad way. 
Like the character lines on a person's face, written by age and experience, 
these times add a new layer to your personality. 
You lived through it. 
You survived. 
And you carry that with you always.

I do know we create our own realities on some level. Our astrology charts are a testament to that. Whether here or beforehand in another dimension, we do seem to lay out a plan before us.  
 The Law of Attraction does has a lot of bearing in our lives - what we put out we get back. But when disaster strikes, what then? Are we doing something wrong when something so intensely difficult happens? Hardly. To think so would be to listen to the voice of ego which thrives on utter control and power. And, ironically, on self-punishment. Our Astrology Charts have shown me over the years, a glimpse of a greater plan, a Grand Design. That we have individual paths, lessons and experiences to experience. Some we can map out, others are thrust upon us in surprising ways under the influence of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto). I'm only a mere translator of celestial activity and its reflection and relation to what happens 'down here' on Planet Earth. Perhaps events in another part of the cosmos find their ripples and reflections played out in the physical world, The "earthy" part of our multi-verse. Who knows.

The day it happened, Pluto (total transformation) and Uranus (sudden surprises) were exactly square in the sky. Our local fire crew were actually in a nearby town putting out a fire that was taking place at exactly the same time as ours. In the days that followed, a number of synchronicities made themselves known.

Revisiting what was left of the house, the first burned page I picked up talked about "Mars in the 4th house". Mars of course represents, amongst many other things, fire. The 4th house = Home. Jared was born with Mars conjunct his north node of the 4th House. My Progressed Mars was exactly conjunct my 4th House natal Sun. Pluto was exactly squaring the ruler of Jared's 4th House.
I am a few months away from my Progressed New Moon, and thus I am wrapping up a huge evolutionary cycle as the Progressed Moon wanes - a time of endings, loss, mourning, completion. And Jared just passed his Progressed Full Moon phase, a time of revelation and liberation - and his Progressed Moon has just entered his 4th House of Home/Family/Mom (he also ended up taking care of his mother whom you may remember had a stroke back in February and who is learning to walk and use her left side again.), and we both ended up moving in to his family's home after the fire.

Does that mean I should have been able (or could have been able) to predict this major event?
Not at all. We'd learn nothing if some events were beyond our grasp. There are countless ways an energy can manifest. It just so happens I'd been putting a lot of finishing touches to the home in the days just before the fire. I was re-potting plants. Getting the outside deck ready so I could once again sit outside under the trees while writing to you. I'd even scattered a bunch of new wildflower seeds out front, between the ones from the prior year that had just begun to poke their heads up through the soil.

And in the rafters of the exterior of the tallest point of the A-frame, were two bird's nests, that housed two families. Birds that had come the Springtime before to make once again make a home within the eaves of our own. 

What I can say for sure is that most wake-up calls come in traumatic moments that jar our systems and like any electrical machine, we suffer an 'outage' followed by a 'surge' of energy, much like the cosmic eclipses you've been following along with.   In those moments, we let in 'Light' - cosmic knowledge, that obliterates the darkness (unconsciousness) and en-"light" -ns us to a new level of awareness and existence. Trauma softens us, sensitizes us and if we let it, it opens our eyes to a new way of living and being.

On the physical level the loss was devastating. In a Scorpio Rising life marked inevitably with some intense moments and chapter shifts, this one truly marks a lowest point for me. Not because of our stuff (we both have Neptune in our 2nd Houses so we've never been particularly materialistic, although the extensive list of what was gone is heartbreaking - including photos from childhood, family heirlooms, our collection of books and the past 12 years of my life and astrology work during my time in the United States) but because of our pets and family and sense of safety, security and comfort.

And I lost that Moment, which is one of the happiest of my life.

On a spiritual level, we both know that Light is coming in through the cracks left behind by the suddenness and depth of our experience. Pluto-Uranus took us by surprise (as it does) but even a planetary energy cannot and will not take away our resolve, hope and love.

When life comes to take things away, 
what is left is cherished even more, 
and Love grows deeper in the gaps left by those people or things 
that leave us like the turning of a revolving door.
When Change comes knocking know two things above all else: You can make it.  
And you're not alone.

 Still Breathing...

Your Astrologer,

 P.S If you're interested in your personal Progressed Lunar Cycles, planetary transits and potentials or need help getting through a difficult period, I'm your guy. And I'm happy to help. Readings can be scheduled at the site above and I'm excited to share with you a whole host of new astrology reports soon.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I need your help!

In case you're not signed up at my Facebook Page  and missed the updates, my partner and I recently awoke to our house on fire. We were unable to save our beloved pets and we lost everything. We are rebuilding our lives and I am rebuilding my astrology practice and I need your help. 

If you can spare even just a dollar this would help enormously.   You can donate in any currency via Paypal to or our mailing address is P O Box 882, Cedar Glen CA 92321.

Thanks again for all your support at this difficult time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Angelina Jolie's Double-Mastectomy & Pluto Transit

Angelina Jolie just had a double mastectomy (both breasts removed) after discovering she has a faulty gene that gives her an 86% chance of breast cancer.

Angelina has Venus conjunct her Cancer Ascendant. Our rising sign and placements are reflected in our appearance and physical body, along with the 1st House. Her alignment suggests beauty, femininity, attractiveness, softness, a motherly appearance [did you know Cancer relates to the breasts/chest/stomach in medical astrology?]. Her large lips and breasts have been discussed on gossip sites for years. Venus rising in Cancer indeed.

Her current transits are significant. Pluto is the planet relating to the removal of something, usually forced upon us without option (because we humans find it hard to 'let go'). Pluto is present when we carve something out of the body, deal with toxins, cysts, growths, tumors and some of the heavy-hitting health topics such as HIV/AIDS & Cancer.

As you can see, Pluto is transiting Angelina's 6th House of Health and squaring (challenging) the ruler of 6th House (Jupiter) and square her Moon (connected to the breasts in medical astrology)  which also rules her 1st House of Physical Appearance and Bodily Health.

In these cases, Angelina tapped into her Pluto Initiation in her 6th Cycle (for more info on your Personal Cycles, see my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles) by deciding to completely remove both breasts. That's the key Plutonian signature: All or Nothing.
And since Pluto represents Cancer with a transit through her House of Health hitting all these key  personal planets, connected to her bodily condition and physical health (the 1st and 6th) the decision seems a very sensible one.

P.S Did you also spot transiting Chiron? The energy of wounds/healing squaring Angelina's Sun (the self) in Gemini (the Twins, doubles, pairs) at the end of the 8th house of endings/transformation/letting go/surgery.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Celebrity Karma: Lana Del Rey

View Lana's Chart here

Singer Lana Del Rey is a 29 Degree Gemini (the sabian symbol for which is "Bathing Beauties") born close to a Sagittarius Full Moon (creating an opposition between her Sun/Moon) reflecting a deep divide in her Nature, a 'split' revealing itself in a perpetual restlessness and an eternally seeking/questing/moving (Gemini/Sag) pull between asking questions (Gemini) and the unpredictable running off (Uranus conjunct Sag Moon) in search of answers, or just the rush, relief and release of Freedom. And a need to pass on what she knows.

I've always been intrigued by the 'karmic signature' in our chart and how it plays out again in our current lifetime, so here we'll explore Lana's life through its past-life patterns.

Lana's song's are heavily laced with the theme of karmic relationships (it's you, it's you it's all for you)  and love lost ("then they took you away, stole you out of my life"), which is so beautifully reflected in her chart's karmic back-story. Often we have no other outlet for voicing the unacknowledged parts of our psyche, than through symbols, through our artwork -

  a 12th house way of dealing with 
 (through fantasy, imagery, poetry, music) 
12th house issues 
(repressions, forgotten or buried memories, 
trapped energies, unresolved issues)

Her 12th House cusp (Cancer) represents old emotional wounds unresolved from prior lives. Its ruler (the Moon) is located in the 5th House of Love Affairs and Playful Games, in the sign of Sagittarius (freedom, adventure) conjunct Uranus (sudden splits, rebels). Just a glance at her videos and we spot one actor who tightly resembles someone from her past (in an interview she even said he reminded her of a special love in her life...). Lana's karmic signature seems to suggest a history of relationships that were either formed or lost on the road (Sag), that taught her a lot and opened up her experience of the world and was just plain fun (Sag/Uranus/5th) and that would end up forming the basis of her creative works (ruler of 12th in 5th). The Moon is also square Jupiter in the 8th in Pisces, a sign of her former loves inspired her to indulge heavily in reaching other states (Jupiter is overindulgence, the 8th is intense experiences like sex and Pisces notoriously connected with drugs/alcohol/escapism ("make me laugh let's go get high"). On the flip side this could have suggested an exploration of soul-bonding (Pisces), especially through difficult and intense times and transitions (8th).

Artists inevitably end up expressing unresolved parts of their Charts through their work, in this case Lana's choice of lyrics. her south node in Libra reflects a past life pattern of losing her personal identity in others: "Can you make it feel  like Home if I tell you you're Mine..."...."This is what makes us girls...we all look for heaven and we put our love first") putting relationship (Libra) before all else for the Other in our life ("Heaven is a place on earth where you, tell me all the things you want to do").

Even Saturn the Lord of karma is tightly conjunct Juno the asteroid of marriage revealing that part of her karmic this time around is to team up with those who are equally as invested in the union, not those who suddenly up and leave,  as it was in the past that left unresolved yearning and longing for security (Cancer on cusp of 12th house). The ruler of her karmic south node is Venus, found in the unresolved karmic 12th house, representing some issue still dragging over from the past: unrequited love? It is a Leo Venus, representing the grand love, the type you'd give everything for, that stirs up echoes of damsels in distress and passionate exchanges (let me kiss you hard in the pouring rain, you like your girls insane - rain/insane being two aspects of the Pisces-related 12th house.

"There has always been the melancholy in me called desire...
this feeling has been with me for a lifetime. 
But I do not suffer. 
I'd rather say I've learned to get used to my sadness"

The 12th house is also connected to places of rehabilitation, seclusion or imprisonment, where we're left to face and deal with our inner demons. Few know Lana "worked in a center for the homeless  and rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts since I was 18". And in February, she announced she was working on a "second spiritual album".

Squaring Pluto (the planet of core wounds, deep transformation and death: Lana said she thought death would be a paradise in a recent interview), her Venus truly is attracted to the dark side and relationships that will inevitably transform her idea and concept of love. Pain is all part of the package ("i know that love is mean and love hurts." Love lives on after death, she has no doubt about that: she's the living example of that ("I will love you til the end of time"..I'm scared that you won't be waiting on the other side"...But there also is that unrequited love again. Memories of former loves and the one that got away, serving as an inspiration to her work. With heavy-hitting Pluto in the deepest most personal part of her Chart (the 4th house of emotional foundations, home and family), there may have been karmic attractions within the family, secret or illicit love. Or family abuse of some kind ("Daddy" references are littered throughout her songs).  Deep, dark emotions are natural with such a dark planet dwelling in her foundational 4th and most of it will no doubt be kept secret. Lana's deepest private pains will likely remain private until she decides to do some soul-archaeology via that 4th House Pluto.

 Uranus, the unpredictable ruler of her 7th House of Relationship (found in erratic and rebellious Aquarius) is also tied up to the Moon (ruler of 12th) in her 5th house of Love Affairs, revealing her attraction to the outsider, the free-spirit and the rebel ("you were ahead of the trend get get it") is still alive and well in this lifetime.

Her North Node (karmic soul direction) in Aries suggests Lana will spend more periods of her lifetime on her own this time around, figuring out what her drives are as a unique individual, as a balance to pursuing relationship at the expense of her own personal development. When she is in a relationship, she'll be tested on whether it's fair - ie, whether she is putting more effort and energy in compared to her significant other (Saturn/Juno) and whether she is still pursuing her own interests outside the needs/demands of the partnership itself. Her Aries North Node is located in her 9th house of the Higher Mind, Belief Systems & Personal Philosophy (her south node in the 3rd reflected in her lyrics 'scared that I couldn't find all the answers, honey')The ruler of her north node is Mars and is found in her 6th house of Work/Health and in Capricorn (the business executive or manager) we see she has potential to channel her own ambitious drive and workaholic tendencies (and perfectionist ideals) into practical projects. In other words, this lifetime, Lana's mission is to channel all her love-angst and adventurous spirit into a committed focus on her work and health.

Coming from prior lives where love was exciting, full of adrenalin and dangerous, is addictive and our soul's continue to remember. So through her lyrics, we see the haunting love that remains from the shadows and debris of her past, now communicated (Gemini/Sagittarius) into her work as a form of personal identity reinforcement (North Node in Aries) as she carves her own path this time around.

It's you, it's you, it's all for you
Everything I do
I tell you all the time
Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you want to do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?
It's better than I ever even knew
They say that the world was built for two
Only worth living if somebody is loving you
Baby, now you do

(from Video Games)

"don't make me sad, don't make me cry
sometimes, love is not enough, and the road gets tough
I don't know why..."
(from Born to Die)
(Libra South Node, Venus in Leo in 12th square Pluto in Scorpio in 4th, 
North Node in Aries in 9th)

Neil D Paris