Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need Urgent Astro Advice: Find me on 12 Listen!

If you need to chat with me and don't want to wait to schedule, I am now available at 12Listen.

Just look for my picture to see if I'm available and click to chat to me one-on-one and live, instantly! Readings are charged on a per minute basis.

You can also schedule a Reading there also, and I'll get to you speedily. I am working between this site and my own currently.

Look for me in the weeks ahead also appearing on Souls Journey Radio (first solo show June 7, 7pm PDT, The Universal Field Trip.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Navigating the Unseen World Within: (Neptune Retrograde May 27)

Neptune (currently affecting most strongly those with Aquarius or Pisces strong in their charts, but still all of us in various ways turns retrograde on May 8 and asks us:

How do you break the addiction to run away from it all, take a pill, down a vodka or get sucked into TV land, on the trail of the next orgasm or some other self-destructive path that, though it doesn't bring peace, gives you a way to waste your time and avoid the ugly parts of life? Is being sensitive a crime? How can you feel connected to it all, when you're surrounded by so much that doesn't make sense?

Should you quit and jack it all in, or "go with the flow" (or are you headed for a waterfall? Can you really trust "the universe" or is it all a great way to say 'we're lost and couldn't be bothered to make a map'? Helping out is all well and good but how can you help anyone when you yourself are paddling in hot water? Is doing nothing more than enough or much too little?

For most of us, Neptune Retrograde is about navigating the blur. In your own life, Neptune is in a particular part of YOUR chart. Wherever it is, it'll be causing a few clouds of confusion - as you work out what's fact, what's fiction, and where the heck you're going. Also Neptune helps to dissolve anything that causes you to fall for the illusion that you're separate from the rest of us. We're not. Neptune softens you. Sensitizes you. We're all connected. Neptune now will help erode boundaries and barriers - great for the hard-hearted in the crowd, but not so good for those who have few limits, weakened immune systems, are easily swayed or who are 'away with the fairies' as they say.

Best enjoy charting a course, while letting things take their course. Don't push, but do back up your plans, and double check. Neptune loves to let things drift along with no protocol. You may find it useful to notate your dreams for spiritual messages too right now.

This period lasts until Nov 4 when Neptune goes Direct once more. Between now and then, enjoy dispelling clouds of confusion, alleviating stress by taking baths, walks by water or drinking more water, but also being wary of your emotional tides - so you don't get swept away by your own (or someone else's) emotional undercurrents. Security now lies in following intuition, and if in doubt, leaving well enough alone.

The voice of your spirit is calling you -

make sure you turn down the outer volume enough
to hear what your inner voice is saying.

June and July are shaping up to be busy months since a lot is going on Astrologically, so please schedule now to ensure a spot for your own personal Reading. Thanks!

Unconditional Love,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones You Love

Great news!

I am now affiliated with 12Listen, a group of specialized psychics & Astrologers who have been hand-picked and tested. You can now reach me via 12Listen and also tune in to Souls Journey where I'll be appearing on regular shows, giving free readings on-air.

Mark Husson, its Founder, is a brilliant Astrologer I've had the pleasure of working alongside on his Power Peek, a regular show you'd be bonkers to miss at Hay House Radio. You can find him also at 12Listen.

Today is a special day, if you order his new book (can't wait for mine!) you get $30 in free minutes to talk to me or any psychic you choose at the site!!

Don't miss out, order LOVESCOPES from Amazon today, and prepare to find out what Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones you Love.

Enjoy! And maybe we'll be chatting real soon!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress at Last: Saturn goes Direct (May 16)

Progress on our paths. Finally.

Saturn aids our career quests, our desire to 'get a handle on our lives', and in building a reality that truly suits us.

We've all been forced to go inside and write New Rules for living - changing the goalposts, and redrawing the invisible boundaries inside us since Saturn was retrograde pulling its focus within.

Saturn has now gone Direct which means it's time to bring OUT all we have done inside - to effect and enjoy change in our outer world. It's time to change the physical lines outside of us or we suddenly find new Laws of Living thrust upon us.

Expect 'stuff' to start manifesting in terms of your career path, new rules and regulations, a new life structure, a new discipline, a renewed dedication. Stay flexible, bend with the wind, and the climb to the summit is made all the easier now.

Those who have worked hard since Saturn went retrograde (Dec 31 2008) will find the rewards finally arriving. New directions and new respect are found outside, since we realigned ourselves with our inner purpose. Honors, leads, promotions, public approval - all of this and more. A sense of doing well and making a contribution, being a Master in your own special area of life. A job well done.

Those who have avoided working on what was before them, will feel a little left behind,the rewards withheld, and time forcing them to pick up the thread and deal with things, before any sense of progress can be felt. You can't escape what you came here to work on - life always finds you, just where you are. So why not relax and enjoy working through it all one event at a time?

Capricorns & Capricorn Risings will feel this as a major period. Ironing out the wrinkles serves you well. Life now opens up new possibilities, a new road, a new challenge. You can handle it, and now you get to prove that to yourself. Cancers get a chance to work on their relationship issues, strengthening some finally, whilst letting others fade away.

The rest of us feel the change wherever Capricorn is found in our Charts. If you need help, try the Astrology 101 Free Tools at my site to get your chart and decipher it.

Also, wherever Saturn is transiting now (whichever House he's found in) will outline where your specific changes will be.

What do you stand for?
What do you want to achieve next?
What fear are you ready to break through?

Keep your head held high - it may not be easy, but true success is boldly continuing on, in the face of unknown terror, questionable dirt roads, fallen trees and missing signposts.

If you're not happy with your current direction, life opens up a new side road.
If you are happy and seeking endorsement or a universal sign you're on the right road, stay tuned - it's closer than you think, if not already at your door right now.

Saluting your Saturn Soul Success!

PS Reading Schedule starts up again in June, so book your spot now.
Photo Courtesy of Google Images, if you'd like the credit, email me!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Buy One Get One Free: Update

I realize that many of you may no longer have Mom around on the physical plane, or not in contact with her, so I wanted to update this offer.

You can order any Report for ANYONE you feel is a great nurturer and you'll receive the same report for you and your own chart free. I can email them as a gift, or you can email the gift to them if you send me their birth info.


To nurturers worldwide,

Thanks For Caring!



Ends Mothers Day.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Buy any Report for Mom, get one FREE for you!

In honor of Mother's Day, you can order any Report at the Report Page, for your Mom and get the same Report for yourself absolutely free!

To nurturers everywhere, thanks for your eternal care.


Special lasts from now until Mother's Day, so order ahead, all reports are emailed out within 24-48 hours.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My Written Astrology Reports on You!

Since my Reading Schedule is around 3-4 weeks currently, to allow for health recovery time (thanks for your kind emails and messages) I wanted to let you know that I am still able to send out Written Reports within 24 hours, via email.

There's a NEW Report Page, that shows you:

Reports under $20
Reports under $50
Reports under $100

My favorites (you ask me a lot): The FULL NATAL (around 100 pages, chock full of info) the KARMIC INSIGHT (a look at what you're still carrying from your soul's past), the SOLAR RETURN REPORT PACKAGE (total coverage from birthday 2009-2010)

You'll find them all here!

Happy Reading!
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