Friday, June 30, 2006

Astrology on TV

A new show takes an Astrologer and a Designer to team up and cast charts to help couples find the ideal home space.

Although they could have used this to do more important or more useful things, it's a great start to see Astrology coming forward (the use of REAL charts) in the public eye - as opposed to mere entertainment and 'jokey' material.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mercury Goes Retrograde July 4!

Get the whole story by scrolling a couple of posting down!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Astrological Signs of the States

For US readers, these are lists of the signs of all States. Are you compatible? Does your state give you an idea of what is going on there?

California is a Virgo State, and it's always been labeled a health-conscious place - facelifts, improvements, health-freaks, detox drinks, and work-work-work as people are driven to prove themselves through what they do. And a lot of wannabe actors end up waiting tables (Virgo is the sign of the helper, servant!). I've met many healers here too - the quest for perfection here is obvious, but the healing that can be done on the road to that elusive 'perfect' place, is amazing.

California is sure to go through major shifts in the coming years - as nowhere escapes these, but since we now have a little more the jigsaw we can relate the chart to events and learn more in time.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News Behind the 'News'

With so many changes predicted in the end cycle we are living in (between now and 2012) a lot of old systems are crumbling, fading and falling. It's a difficult time for many, a time of transition - emotionally, materially - in fact on ALL levels.

There are sites I will pass on to you that I have found interesting, insightful regardless of your 'beliefs'. Some information may seem incredible, but Truth is only to be felt inside and not analzyed with logic. many of our beliefs will be turned on their heads in the years ahead. Exciting stuff.

Channeled material from Operation Terra the Three Volumes have some valid information on remaining in your centre while all around shifts.

May be hard to navigate at first, but many theories that were once seen as 'conspiracy' but which now are seen as fact when you look at the evidence and see whats really going on at
David Ickes site.

A Lively Forum for quirky news and again, mre information from behind the scenes.

I'll share more as I discover them.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Mercury Retrogrades in Leo/Virgo - July 4

There is so much material on Mercury Retrograde online I won't rehash the basics - Astrologers love to rant on and on about this period - and people all get to blame problems on this phase, so I'll cover some different topics and underline some relevant themes and dismiss some dubious rumors about it all!


Communciation goes weird if you push ahead too fast or far
Computers have issues - back-up disks
Travel gets tangled - back-up plans, check tickets
Paperwork has errors
Phonecalls are missed or incorrect
Written work needs checking
Signing things gives u a result that isn't what you expected when Mercury goes Direct again
People don't understand, mishear, don't listen are late or disaagreeable


You can go BACK on the past and reevaluate
Visiting old haunts is worthwhile
Reconnecting with people is needed
Resolving old matters works to our advantage and is easier
Clearing up space and our heads help
Revisiting ANYTHING for a second go is a great idea
Going backwards for a bit works out
Taking a time out helps you
Finding things lost is much easier

If you're a little unsure of what this all means you can type 'Mercury retrograde july 4 2006' into a search engine and see what you find (I like people to be their own Astrologers too!) and read up and see what you make of it all too. Experience brings wisdom.

These are my thoughts on it all so you're covered with the important points for this period.

Mercury is communication and when he goes "retrograde" these fields DO feel the effects. Too many examples to mention - but the Bush election says it all - things going missing in the mail (mercury) not being counted (mercury) news being announced that was turned back on itself (mercury) on and on. A mess. A perfect example of what happens when you push at a certain time (though I believe we'll look back and see it was a perfect time to be elected if you want to slip through between the cracks of true public policy..)

However, this period is interesting. Mercury goes backwards on July 4 but there's an entire window to look at. Heres the facts:

  • June 3rd Mercury moved into Cancer
  • June 18th Mercury hits 21 Cancer the point where it will cross repeatedly during this period
  • June 28th Mercury enters Leo
  • July 4th Mercury retrograde at 1 degree of Leo
  • July 10th FULL MOON and Mercury moves backwards into Cancer
  • July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer
  • August 10th Mercury moves back into Leo for the 2nd time this year
  • August 12th Mercury at 1 Leo where it began its backwards motion
So this window lasts really from June 18 to August 12 and events within this timeframe have the telltale signs of Mercury Retrograde.

I have already noticed communication issues already - problems with dialogue, computer issues, not hearing back from people and so forth. We'll go through this in detail now.

On June 28 Mercury enters the sign of LEO - and communication becomes direct, heated and focused on our egos - are we being fulfilled? Are we having our creative say? Leader have a LOT to talk about (Leo rules leadership, monarchies, presidents). Celebrities speak out or a lot of our mental energy is focused on them as we watch, wait, gossip and give them our individed attention.

Well...until July 10 when Mercury changes signs at the FULL MOON (in Capricorn).
He moves into Cancer, the Crab then - and truly softens the focus, cancer is water and relates to emotional energy. Our minds are suddenly taking things more personally, we go inside, we focus on our past (SO many images will pour forth for us all - memories of what have experienced and how we relate it all to now is a big issue).

The US is a Cancer Country (July 4 is its birthday) and I find it hugely symbolic that Mercury retrogrades on this day - it means the year ahead for the country will be a revisioning of al that has gone before.

America in the year ahead will face so many reevaluations - so many laws passed will change, be re-written. What we thought we knew for sure will come to be seen as gossip, lies. Home and family values will be turned on their heads again. Our history will be re-written out here with this placement - the travel industry will be effected again, and I'm sure the building of walls and roads will either help people connect or shut them off from each other.

We'll review things that have happened to us as a nation out here - and will we complain and point fingers of blame or realize it's time to look inside of our collective soul and realize we're wounding ourselves.

Old issues with water will reappear I am sure - talks of New Orleans and perhaps a replay of some older emotional wounds to help us realize we never heal if we keep poking at the sore parts and focus on the symptom (the wound) instead of the cause (our fear and separation).

We have a lot to review - colectively the States wil go through a sort of collective photo-album walk down memory lane - the news media (mercury) wil no doubt wheel out old images. I'm sure Patriotism will be given a new meaning and people will either not rally around the flag as much or it'll appear more than ever before.

Worldwide, however, Cancer Retrograde Mercury will be a similar theme - more about how we relate to our own roots, and our own past, and our families. Are we really in the right place for our soul? Is home feeding us or are we stuck?

Mercury is actually retrograde in the CHART of the U.S which is interesting - the country that is always looking back as well as looking ahead and why there is so much patriotism here - HISTORY (another Cancerian topic) is repeated here and reinforced as children as made to recite (Mercury) the allegiance to the flag. Cancer reinforces itself through its past as I mention at the Cancer Page on my main site - and the States, born with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, lives this out classically.

There are so many arguments for the 'real' US chart - but I happen to like the Scorpio Rising chart - and for good reason (which is shared by others) since the Rising sign shows how we appear to others, it suggests the Public Persona of the States, the symbolic images used - and the snake with the 'do not dread' warning is important - snakes are symbols of Scorpio but the greatest symbol is the EAGLE - another major symbol of Scorpio and it has become synonymous with this country. POWER is another Scorpio theme of course and this country is seen as a powerhouse and a bully. Nuclear power is Scorpionic and again, the threat of this has been used as a manipulation tactic.

(let me say - that I agree with other Astrologers that the other charts seem to work well with predictions but the charts share similar energy - often reversed axis etc. I enjoyed this article on this subject for those interested But for the course of this blog, right here right now it is unimportant.

With Pluto the planet ruling the US chart (pluto rules manipulation, power all those scorpio elements again) it is an important one to look at - and it opposes Mercury and of course the MEDIA is a major tool of propaganda.

SO back to Mercury - in the 9th House of this US chart - (overseas, legal policies, religion) we can be sure to see some major shifts when Mercury passes over the 21 Cancer mark - so close to the 24 Cancer of the natal Mercury.

Foreign relations are undergoing vast changes - are we headed for an agreement or more separation and more border and immigration shifts (9th house is foreigners too). News at this time is worth keeping an eye on and I will endeavor to do my best.

July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer

Everyone likes to assume all will be back as it was before Retrograde since Mercury does an about turn and carries no his usual path but that's not so. He stop and turns around on the same degree (21 Cancer) again on this day, reinforcing the energies of this placement,.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: "A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat".

Seems a nice enough symbol. Anticipation. Is the ship bringing aid or the return or something or someone? We can expect an arrival or something at this time, and as she is waiting, I assume it will be something we will be needing or desiring.

July 4th Mercury retrograde at 1 degree of Leo

Independence Day Travel is gonna be interesting in the States - with road closures, traffic problems or accidents, blocks, less or more people commuting than normal. Travel companies are gonna have a hell of a time - GET CAR INSURANCE OR TRAVEL INSURANCE! Back up plans and find alternate routes. Plan. Keep things in your car for an emergency. Plan for delays or unexpected events on the road, on the underground, on plane etc etc. Don't worry at this news just prepare for delays and issues. Relax. Switch off. Don't get involved in stress or drama, tune it out. Ahhh....

Leaders are going to be stewing since Leo is the Monarchy, Presidents, those in Power, and also the entertainment industry - Hollywood, actors, and those on stage. I am sure there will be UNION STRIKES on these fields when Mercury goes retrograde.

Since Mercury spends a lot of time retrograding in Cancer, we'll talk about that later but it is worth mentioning that this period BEGINS with Mercury retrograde in Leo - so Leo issues will be prevalent - how rigid are we being to maintain our position 'in command'. Is our ego defense spoiling the fun? Are we being controlled by our creations? Are we elaborating and getting into dramatic speeches and arguments for the pageantry of life or to cause problems? Are we really in charge of the news? And also - do those in positions of power have the right ideas or answers?

I can't help but smile. I really would not like to be in the shoes of world leaders right now - cock-ups are embarrasing and the public are tired of it. Be warned!

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: "Having arrived at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease, and procedures for containment" (from The Zodiac by Degrees)

How interesting. I, and many others, have seen the excuse of 'bio-terrorism' or some other issue that will warrant the need for mass immunization (in order to insert microchips into people if they dont accept them willing) as a possible path ahead. Sounds sci-fi and conspiracy theory but the way the tide is turning, you can research that one for yourself and decide.

However, the idea of quarantines and some sort of 'epidemic' could relate here to some news of something being released on people (by whom, the jury is out) or if not this literal then something being brought to mass attention so we can deal with it.

It doesn't need to be this dire of course. It could simple be an annoucement of ways to ease a situation that is causing stress.

Interesting enough, when Pluto was at this degree, Orson Welles launched his broadcast of the War of the Worlds - where caused a mass epidemic of fear when people thought aliens were invading.

Mercury goes retrograde this day, so medical news may be worth watching. The Patriot Act did state that people can be arrested if they refuse a government issues 'vaccination' but from what I heard, they contact such toxins that they realy are to be avoided. Who knows. I'll check for updates on this. Health is a personal issue and disease is just that - dis-ease - (lack of ease in our own skin and a weak protection of self-love) as giving the power of your health to someone else is not always a wise choice.

July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer

We are back to the symbol we mentioned earlier - the lady awaiting the sailboat. We are back to square one and many things that transpired are given new meaning in the light of Mercury turning Direct once more. Changes of mind, opinion, diagnosis and information. Did we keep our heads? Can we wait and be patient?

Before this date, Mercury going retrograde in Cancer will see an uprise in discontent on the home and family front - news relating to motherhood and problems there - birthing stories, new pills, procedures and new invasions of privacy and our home space are possible.

August 12th Mercury at 1 Leo where it began its backwards motion

August 12 is the day we can finally get back on track when Mercury leaves off where it started turning backwards. So mark this day as the 'all-clear' for the usual things - signing things, travel plans, and other communication related projects or proposals.

The 'epidemic' is either better or worse, and I'm sure more news will be announced relating to whatever this is. But is it now accurate since the news in this ENTIRE period is likely to be dubious, old, not accurate, misinformed and so forth.

So - during this time period - I would really advise just listening to yourself (mercury in Cancer is about psychic energy - intuition, listen to yourself!) I think if you FEEL something then give it credibility instead of putting your faith in the media (Mercury) outside of yourself LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INTERNAL NEWS, your feelings (Mercury retro inner information).

Instinct will be important now - when the facts are distorted and contradictory, are you going to pay attention to your GUT (Cancer also relates to the stomach coincidentally...or not).

As always - use this time period to relax, take a walk down Memory Lane - spend time with real family - the ones who make you feel 'at home' with yourself - and take away anything from your life that doesnt contribute to your sense of safety, wellbeing, comfort and protection.

We're vulnerable at this time - and our soft insides need a strong shell - so don't be afraid to build a defense, just don't wall yourself up. As the epidemic reminds us, symbolically, we all need an immune system to keep unwanted guests at bay. Review your own safety - at home, and in your own personal aura space. Know yourself and decide what you'll stand for and what you yourself do indeed stand for, and represent.

I think Patriotism is going to begin givnig way to our real Cancerian Home - Mother Earth, the Goddess energy and our place in the cosmic family. These are the real values and perhaps soon we'll start raising a flag for the Planet. Events ahead may propel us to band together once more, to celebrate our similar Cancerian roots - that we are all humans of the same family sharing the same home.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer reminds me of this simple and concise philosophy:

Why shit on your own doorstep?


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Happy New Moon!

For more information on the New Moon in Cancer please read the 'Turtles, Crabs and Snails' posting below.

Prepare for a new lunar cycle!


Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Sweet-Sour Sorrow of Endings...

Today, we stand at the Dark Hour - the day before a New Moon.

It is a time of endings, partings, sorrow and loss. The Moon - it's darkest phase before the light is reborn under its New Moon phase - reminds us that some things have to be released. Some things must die in order for something new to be born. Something has to let go. Or let us go.

Whatever emotional connection we are about to face tomorrow - or emotional disconnection - in the greater Story of Planet Earth, remember that the New Moon in Cancer, is only a marker of Energy - and that the PAST (Cancer) is to be looked upon with New Eyes.

Can we forgive, forget?
Can we refuse to look back no matter how crippling the feeling or how amazingly wonderful?
Can we bring the best of the worst forward with us?
Can we realize we aren't the same person we were yesterday?

Can we draw a line and say 'from today I'll be this, and provide this and accept and embrace this?'

Emotions are the driving force behind this entire game.

At the day before the New Moon - we're faced with the decision to let ourselves FEEL OUR DARKNESS - the aching loneliness, echoes of sadness, like a child who gets no visit from Santa, or discovers the possibility he may not be real, or the child who is ignored, overlooked, forgotten or abandoned.

It is our choice which emotions to take with us into the new cycle. Today - let go of all the ones that no longer serve you.

Cry, Dance, Shout, Sing, be rageful, be pissed off, be excited, be regretful, be aggressive, be final, be deliberating, be suicidal, be revengeful, be sad, be ecstatic.....

...but by tomorrow, Let it Sit, Let it Gather Dust, and then Sweep It Away.

A New Moon awaits us all. And with it new feelings are about to come in too. Just wait....


P.S As a gift to facilitate the passage of emotions - I am sharing with you my two favorite songs - in their live versions - Tori Amos' 1000 Oceans and A Sorta Fairytale. Enjoy.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Easier Web Surfing!

If you want to speed up your web surfing and have a smoother time generally online, I've found this service works much better than Internet Explore:

- after downloading, some sites (like my home web page may need you to download a plug-in to view certain things, but it let you know and u just click and away you go). Easy!

Hopefully you'll find it a much easier way to use the internet. Why are things so complicated these days?



Turtles, Crabs & Snails - The New Moon in Cancer (June 25)

Why the reference to Turtles, Crabs and Snails?

The New Moon on June 25 falls in the sign of Cancer and the theme becomes 'where is home?' to it a building, a room, a city, state, country, or is it a place you carry with you wherever you go (like our friends mentioned above)? Is your aura space home - wherever YOU are, you're home?

Questions regarding out living situations become prevalent at this time, so take a look around you on June 25 and ask yourself if you're comfortable INSIDE your own skin first and foremost, and if not find ways to change that.

Secondly, look to your outer home - is your landlord not getting back to you about certain things, chances are he will now or you'll be pushing for him to fix or finish something. perhaps you or someone close (Cancer relates to family and those nearest and dearest to us) is about to move IN or OUT - embrace the new emotions that this causes (cancer rules to emotional energy since it's water sign).

The New Moon is a sign of NEW BEGINNINGS but placed in Cancer (a sign of the PAST) you may have to look back with new eyes - flipping through old photographs, running into old friends. Seeing how things back then make sense in the present tense here-and-now. Back to the Home theme - if you're not comfortable, maybe this New Moon you'll be buying things to make your place more a Nest, and less a place to throw your clothes at the end of the day. Candles, comfy pillows, a new sofa (just don't dump your old one on the side of the road which people in Hollywood appear to love doing), a new bed comforter, a cupboard full of food, and so forth.

We need more hugs and cuddles this New Moon too - who cares if you're single, or even coupled, the power of a hug is amazing now, so spread them where you can - who cares if they are well received outwardly, everyone needs physical touch and this New Moon reminds us of this.

MOTHER figures in our lives - or at least parents and family members, or those who form our roots and heritage. For many, looking back on the Parenting and Nurturing we did or didnt receive is likely - and we get to again, look back with new eyes. What happened is now the past, we can forgive, forget and move on.

Can you mother yourself now and do a better job? If not, it's no one's fault but your own. Perhaps it's time to let your Mother be herself, and if you can't accept that, to at least afford her the space to be who she is, warts and all, and continuing your own life givng yourself the love you feel may be lacking.

Our aura space is also a home - who do you allow into your bubble? Building walls isn't always a bad thing - after all we don't need our neighbors watching us sunbathe naked. Some walls are prevention and protection - if people are invading your space, draw some lines this New Moon.

Some great ideas for this New Moon in Cancer are:

Rearrange your furniture and recreate a new home space
Get comfy - in whatever way you desire
Visit your old neighborhood or reconnect to family members
Let go of the past
Celebrate the people who have known you forever!
Throw a party at your place
Give someone, anyone a Hug
Play Mother, Caretaker, Healer, Helper
Ask for what you need
Let people feel how they feel
Honor your own feelings!
Walk down Memory Lane
Be nostalgic
Rekindle old flames, and old times

I think the most magical thing about this New Moon on Sunday is that it gives us the change to revisit the past and give it one more go - to salvage what ultimately was never lost - and to discover that eternal truth and things of beauty will remain always. Especially the emotional karmic links we forge in this lifetime that remain with us on our Soul's Journey.

By redisovering the strength of our past, we can only strengthen our positions in the future.

Love, Neil

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lunar Node moves into Pisces June 22

Please re-read '2006 Spiritual Shift' in the previous postings for more information on the passage of the Collective North Node of Human Destiny into the sign of Pisces.

Today the North Node lingers at 0Aries - the birth of the zodiac cycle. We stand at the beginning and ending of it all. Symbolic indeed.

The Sabian Symbol for 0Aries (we always round up in Sabian) is: (the first is the more modern the latter is the more traditional)

"Rebel commander leads a charge down the gangplank of a huge warship"

(BBC News: US warship built from 911 steel and Navy warship saves two fisherman - (pisces)

"A Woman Just Risen From The Sea; A Seal Is Embracing Her"

Since the South Node is directly opposite (showing Humanities Karmic Past and what is to be tied up and let go of, resolved) we read for 0Libra:

"A white butterfly being chased by a child with a butterfly net is suddenly transfixed by a beam of light"

"In A Collection Of Perfect Specimens Of Many Biological Forms, A Butterfly Displays The Beauty Of Its Wings, Its Body Impaled By A Fine Dart"

What can we make of these symbols - as we move out of the Aries/Libra (fire/air) polarity collectively.

Well we are clearly moving away from the focus on curtailing freedoms - the idea of a butterfly net and children smacks of innocence, and civil liberties have of course of late been hammered by ridiculous draconian laws put in place by the fueled fires of chaos and fear instilled in the collective in the wake of the unfolding (and in my opinion fabricated) ''war on terror'".

The North Node poised at the critical Zero Point - 0Aries today, we arrive at the conclusion of this period, back at the beginning so to speak so it'll be interesting to see what manifests itself today. I'll check over the news and report back.

We can see by the symbols of the North Node the idea of the 'warship' - so we really do have to stand and decide what we are fighting for/against and if it's worth all this fighting anyway. The idea of the seal embracing the woman seems to represent forgiveness - since seals were often reports in seal-clubbing stories, they represented the wounded innocent again, the child/butterfly/war victims reaching out and touching us. We emerge from the sea (emotional depths) and see with crystal clarity the impact of our actions.

Prisoners are now being released from government prisons since news came out they were being abused. And I heard today on the news that massacres in Iraq clearly point to the military intentionally killing countless innocent children and families. We cannot ignore this now, and the tide is surely turning.

So what can we expect now the in the next day the North Node will move into another degree of the zodiac and a totally different sign?

The symbols for 29Pisces (since the Nodes move backwards) of our Collective Destiny is to experience:

"A prisoner in a chain gang is driven down a cliff-side road by a guard with a gun. Realizing that his shackles are too lose to hold him, he escapes up a gully toward a little settlement on the mountainside."

"A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, And As He Grows Up, Begins To Look Like It."

Two very different ideas of our new focus. What could they mean? The first reminds me of the current Immigration debarcle - is the person scaling a border, boundary? Is this a victim of the war crimes being perpetrated by governments across the globe, finally escaping and finding freedom? Does it represent the collective's new freedom about to be experienced when we realize we no longer need to be "shackled" by the laws of the land that are not FOR us but are clearly a manipulated distortion of our true rights as humans? If the 'gang' in the symbol is those who represent true freedom-fighters on the planet, then the symbol could truly show the ensuing police state and the realization of what we have created and the subsequent breaking free by people. Guns won't stop us, is the symbol here, which is a fantastic sign after a year focused on Aries warlike energies.

As for the second symbol of our Collective Destiny - this reminds me of Mount Rushmore (faces carved in stones) and also Easter Island (stones with faces that no one knows much about, where they came from or how they got there). In some ways the symbol is like a boy growing up to be President, could this be the US president as a child? The 'ideal of greatness' seems to represent someone looking at the Founding Fathers ideals and finally making these a reality? This would be the more positive manifestation of this. Maybe the youth of these times will revert to the older traditions and meanings of 'Freedom'.

Easter Island would represent the more spiritual and magical forces at work in the world and this is our new collective focus. I anticipate a LOT of events that NO ONE will be able to explain away - was there a 'divine hand' in the course of events. Does Nature have a 'Plan'. We'll soon be baffled back into "believing" there is more to this life than we have been told.

And finally - our Collective Karmic Past - what we will be forced to resolve, tie up, let go of and understand. At 29Virgo the symbol is:

"A writer, unable to work because a group of hoodlums is blasting a radio on the street, pulls out a pistol and walks to the window. Thinking better of it, he puts the pistol away and sets off to find a quieter place"

"Totally Intent Upon Completing An Immediate Task, A Man Is Deaf To Any Allurement"

I love these symbols and represent a great opportunity for humanity. Firstly, the idea of walking away to find a quieter place and not resorting to violence is truly what we should be focusing on now, and the potential is there. MOVE AWAY FROM VIOLENCE as an answer this symbol is screaming. Of course, perhaps there'll be more violence before people understand this is not an acceptable answer. Let's hope not, but keep in mind this symbol and our moving headlong into it.

Being deaf to any allurement is, to me, kinda like not having our head so far in the sand (or up our own @$$) to be blinded by what is happening. So again, not being caught up in illusion, media or otherwise. We need to stop being so enticed, seduced and manipulated by what others want us to believe. As a collective this is our karma to tie up - to be deaf to anything but the truth we know inside - and refuse to stand for anything on the outside that represents the writer firing the gun.

Moving towards something more peaceful. I like that so why not end on that note.

The next day or so is an important time, but of course time is relative - and we are urged to look at the sign of PISCES as our messenger. Spirituality and Compassion - that we are all born of water and we are part of the seas and oceans of our current times and tides - and that just as pollution in one stream, affects the rivers and ponds, no continent is unaffected by what happens now - we are all ONE and we cannot escape this any longer.

What will we do with this knowledge? As WATER becomes a major focus, we'll see and be forced to act to stop pollution (in our emotional collective and our physical collective) - will water be our collective Tears of Joy or Pain?

As milk clouds a glass of water, and pollution effects the rain, water supplies, and blood viruses represent our disconnection and fear of each other and the vampire like effect of Fear, the turning tide will put us back in touch with our innate spirituality.

The Karmic Node Node moves into Pisces July 22nd - 23rd and begins its passage through the sign of the Fish - reminding us of the Piscean Age of sacrifice, martyrs, addicts, saviours, healers, magicians, saints and all the things that make up this sign.

Keep swimming and if the noise outside gets too loud, pick up your pen, put down your pistol and go find "a quieter place to be".


Weekly Forecasts are up! (June 20 - 26)

Forecasts for every sign for the period of June 20 - 26 are now available at

Summer Solstice - June 21 !

Welcome to the Summer Solstice.

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer today signally the start of Summer. May this be a hot, cool, fun, adventurous, exciting, peaceful, productive and inspiring Summer for you, wherever you may be.


Friday, June 16, 2006

New World Astrology's Birthday Part II

Now let's get back to that Sun-Pluto conjunction - as the Sun is the site itself in Sagittarius, Pluto represents an ego-death or a rebirth - and we mentioned earlier the site changed names. This Chart above represents the NEW name and site but there is a chart for the ORIGINAL site (formely and we'll take a look at that next as this really is the chart that began it all.

With the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury in Gemini this chart is heavily influenced by the Air sign - and its the polar opposite sign to Sagittarius - making this a 'twin' as it were of the final product New World Astrology! The two work hand in hand are complimentary - remember the Twins and their love of 'two' things - so a duplicate site was an easy progression and development.

With the Sun conjunct Jupiter in the original conception of the site, Jupiter is connected to Knowledge and overseas, truth, teaching etc and information and of course in Gemini the site was about collecting (Gemini) and disseminating (Sagittarius) information. The strong Gemini relates to writing - the forecasts are enjoying their third successful year online worldwide (Jupiter is overseas and also good fortune!).

Writing and speaking will always be lucky things to the site and its message and meaning. Mercury of course relates to writing and communication in all forms - and in its own sign Gemin and touching the sun and Jupiter word of this site has reached far across the planet (Spain is the most recent addition with a column now appearing in Life & Style Magazine).

Mars features in Gemini's opposite sign of Sagittarius which shows the sites pursuit (Mars) of further information (Sagittarius) and is something of a teacher - that has always and will always be the main aim of the site - a provider of knowledge. T

he Moon in Pisces would relate well with me since the site is like my home away from home (Moon = home) and as I'm a Pisces the site reflects (moon) my input (Sun). In the 9th House (travel, overseas, knowledge and information) again this is reinforced. Knowledge ande Freedom and truth become major messages!

Saturn in Gemini is the test of structure (how do we order so much information) and the need to keep up with the blog that is now offered. I am continually studying and relaying information and spend more of my time at the computer! The charts are like siblings - a 21 degree Sun on the original chart in Gemini and a 20 degree Sun in Sagittarius on the final product - both supporting the Sag/Gem mind connection.

Mars in the original chart here touches Chiron so again the message of teaching/relaying information and being a teacher is a theme of the site and a mission statement - healing through information, knowledge and for people to become their own teachers by Knowing Themselves.

That's just a brief look at the history of New World I like both charts but I tend now to look more at the chart for New World Astrology itself - I have a Sagittarius Moon and the site is a Sagittarius Sun. The original conception chart shows a Pisces Moon and I am a Pisces Sun.

There is a natural synergy between me and the sites which is to be expected - sun/moon links are very common between friends and partners. This site will always be friendly, fun, open, chatty, informative, knowledgeable, accurate, HONEST and geared towards FREEDOM OF INFORMATION for anyone wishing to learn.

That is the promise of the Sagittarius/Gemini theme.

Happy Birthday New World Astrology!

For everyone there's a 50% discount on ALL reports on the site til the end of July. Enjoy and thanks for being part of it all!

Love, Neil

New World Astrology's Birthday! Part I

June 12 marks the 5 yr birthday of my website - but there's an interesting story and a couple of charts we can look at which you may find interesting, as they tell the story of the sites conception and life.

Everything has a chart - a moment of conception is all we need to chart the 'life' of something - a chart contains everything the entitity (a person, restaurant etc) will face and the choices and paths therein - if we are smart enough to read them!

The chart above is for the domain New World Astrology - unfortunately I don't have the time but as we can see the site is a Sagittarius (the sign of higher knowledge, travel, overseas connections, knowledge and freedom). The site has a global reach, is concerned with higher information, and the freedom to become ourselves and know ourselves, Sagittarian principles all the way.

The Leo Moon gives the site a showbiz bit of glamor (radio appearances, fun forecasts and pictures etc) and yes I would guess a headshot on Page 1 would fall in this too - heck, this is Los Angeles, and everyone needs a little entertainment value, no?

Together the Sun and Moon are in fire signs - the site is dynamic, regularly updated, fun and concerned with helping people become more themselves -honesty, integrity and Fun are central themes in the chart.

The Sun conjunts Pluto the planet of death and rebirth which is interesting when we get deeper into the sites "rebirth" (the name was changed) but Pluto relates to breaking down things that are no longer any use and in Sagittarius, touching the Sun the site represents the seeking of Truth and Ultimate Freedom through knowledge. Seek the Truth and it shall set you Free!

Pluto is a planet of Power - and just look at the title of the site - New World Astrology (rebirth, Pluto phoenix) and also for 'personal and professional power' is the line beneath the title.
Pluto also relates to secrets (in Sag = secret knowledge) and the masses - this site is dedicated to passing on information to anyone, anywhere on things that were once kept secret.

Mercury is how we communicate and in Capricorn, the site stands for concrete and practical advice and touching Chiron (wounds, healing) the information is to help people with their weaker points - Chiron is the Teacher - and here the site is carrying a message of practical use (Cap).

Venus and Chiron represent a look at values and I have often found myself talking to people about failed relationships or love-pains which is symbolic of this pairing as people reaquaint themselves with what they truly value in life - and healing is the result.

Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius show the connection to Radio, and Television as possible outlets and of course Neptune relates to spirituality - these forums are a focus of the site and will continue to be so into the future.

Jupiter the teacher and student is at the top of the chart, relating to overseas, knowledge (again) and in Virgo is about Perfectionism (the site is always detailed, has plenty of information and a lot of pages to read through!)
People will come to see the site as a place of knowledge, accuracy and useful facts. Great!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2006's Striking Spiritual Shift

On June 22 we all face a major change of focus, direction and emphasis. Currently we've been living under a very Arian part of our history - as the Moon's Lunar North Node forced us to evlauate our aggressive side. In the past year you may have noticed:

More feelings of impatience, anger, irritation
A need to be on your own
Relationship disputes brewing more than ever before
Road Rage
People becoming much more selfish
More fighting
Aggression & Assertion

These are just some of the symptoms - notice the governments total concentration on 'war, war, war' - the epitome of the Aries energy.

This period is over.

Does that mean we'll see an end to war? I wish. But since war = money, the quest to confound and confuse with the ensuing chaos, public control is sure to still continue, but we can certainly see a major shift coming up and we have no choice but to roll with it.

The Lunar North Node (of public trends and our collective destiny as a planet) moves into PISCES, the sign of the fish. it's a much needed change and a welcome relief as we move from FIRE to WATER.

Shifts of this nature are felt globally, and people often find it difficult to adjust or adapt, but suddenly we have no choice but to COLLECTIVELY realign our focus and discipline. The Lunar Nodes are our focal points - our collective destiny. We HAD to face our Aries sides, our aggressive tendencies during the last period, but now we shift our priority and look at our connection to spirit.

So what can we expect during this new phase as the Moon's Lunar North Node moves through Pisces (as the Dragons Tail, or the Lunar South Node trails behind in the opposing sign of Virgo)?

A new look at Water - especially its pollution, state of purity etc
Water talking to us - rain, tsunamis, the ocean, rivers, streams, ponds, fish, ice
Emotions - the need to let go of old, dead-wood feelings
Spirituality - a new desire to connect with something larger than ourselves
A drive to tap into your psychci energies, follow our intuition
More collective experiences with the 'other realms'
New movies focusing on Pisces material - ghosts, spirits, psychic energy, magic
Some great works - amazing new ethereal artists, singers, poets
More Goddess respect
A new focus on the underdog in society - and a peek into hospitals, prisons, monataries, places of retreat
A collective hunger for yoga and other body-spirit connective disciplines

Karmically, with the South Node (past) in Virgo, we will as a collecrive have to face:

Old issues relating to bad health, what we shouldn't be eating and should be doing for our bodies
Problems with the medical field - doctors, drugs and the problems of treating symptoms not causes
Mass job losses or an exodus as people leave their meaningless work for something more fulfilling on a soul level
The need to help those who have helped us, or at least to pay back a debt by being of service
Cleaning up our collective act - new street cleaning campaigns, littering problems, and trash collective could become major issues
The FDA and other 'standards' may come under fire for not caring about our health

Pisces/Virgo is the axis of Healing - so this becomes probably our number one concern during this new Lunar Node period. It's a really significant shift this - on June 22 we are all pulled in one direction - that of being less aggressive and more 'allowing'. The danger lies in ESCAPISM - Pisces relates to drugs, alcohol, drifting, dreaming and opting out - so these are the inherent dangers - more TV, movies and mind-control to keep us all lulled int a false sense of comfort and security. Can we break away from odl habits (Virgo souh node) that no longer serve us and find a way to serve instead our spirit (Pisces).

Our souls are shouting now - aggression and war only cut us off from our true selves - Pisces knows everything is connected so COMPASSION Is about to become a big deal - will people walk away from war, drop their guns, cease testing on animals, stop whale hunting or seal clubbing, because as this Lunar Shift comes into effect, our heart chakras blow open and we fel the pain we are inflicting.

It's highly possible. After all, how can we really begin to break the endless karmic chain of suffering unless we ourselves have felt that very same pain. Once you know, you save yourself and everyone else from feeling it again.

This is the hope of Reincarnation - and as the node moves into the last sign, Pisces, we get to see how everyone is the same, that every human feels the same emotionss and that by hurting one, we pollute the collective 'pool' of humanity the way one droplet of food dye can pollute an entire glass of water.

We are all One. If we didn't believe it, or see it, this period will remind us, so that there is no doubt that what happens out there, is felt deeply in the souls we keep so private and often forget about.

The Children of the Law of One (a group from Atlantis) would see this as an amazing time of reconnecting, and remembering.

Surf the Spiritual Channels, listen to the inner voices - and if you get a hunch, follow it. the only real "news" these days, under these cosmic waves, is the news we get from our own inner teachers...our "in-tuition".


Monday, June 05, 2006

Belief, Bias and the Sagittarian Full Moon (June 11)

This is my second attempt to get this up after this ****ing site wiped it and said there was a site error (thanks guys!).

Haha, actually this Full Moon is all about complete honesty (so I'm sure most people won't be holding back after Sunday) I thought I'd get my feelings aired in advance..

So what's this Full Moon all about?

In Sagittarius, the Full Moon on June 11 asks us: how do you know it's fact? Truth comes only from Direct Experience, so you may have to rework your beliefs if it came from the TV, a book, a lecture or word of mouth. After all - how do we really know unless we have experience.

Faith plays a role - often we can never know for fact, we have to rely on our intuition. Religion takes a 'beating' this next two weeks or people find a spiritual connection through their own channel without the need of a 'middle man' as it were.

Pluto the rebirther is in Sagittarius with this Full Moon digging the dirt on anything that refuses to be totally open and upfront. So be careful liars this isn't the best Full Moon for you to be hiding your wares of double dealing. Things get put On the Table.

Of course PLuto is also propaganda and manipulation so Let The Buyer Beware and Let The COnsumer Wake Up!

This two weeks:

Hit the Horizon
Be the answer to any question you have
Find out the truth for yourself
Expand your Bubble
Stop Preaching and Start Being
Let go of the need to be Understood or Right
Find new options, ways, ideas and avenues
Go hiking, horseriding.
Question your assumptions
Be Honest or shut up

The last one is pretty much the entire symbol of this Full Moon - if you can't be honest, you can't attract honesty and life becomes anything but honest. It starts with us personally.

Remember, Personal Truth is subjective.
Eternal Truth is objective.