Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekly Scopes: FOLLOW YOUR BLISS - Mars enters Leo, Sun enters Virgo

Weekly Scopes now up! This week: Follow Your Bliss! Action Mars enters Dramatic Leo. If you're gonna do it, do it BIG. We all want to have fun - but where can it be found? The Sun moves into Virgo and it's Get Your Sh*t Together and Finish your To Do List in some area of your life. Business AND pleasure this week CAN be combined...if you so choose. :)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

North Node & Saturn in Scorpio: Why things seem dark

Collectively, the North Node has been moving through Scorpio. Our karmic north is towards and through Scorpio Territory. For anyone who knows anything about Astrology, that alone explains why things seem dark.

Even in the happiest of places there still seems an underlying feeling of unease, of tightness.

Scoprio relates to the darkness, the dark nights of the soul, purging of the darkness,
hiding in the darkness. Skeletons yanked from closets. Scary monsters unveiled Scooby-Doo style.

Our Greatest Fears are being faced. That's why we hear news now of a girl falling from rollercoaster, planes crash landing, buses full of children tipping over, innocent people playing by a beach mowed down intentionally by a car, massive train wrecks, casualties in huge numbers (and all these examples within one whole week!). Corporate Corruption seems another Scorpionic Theme at play these days. Finding out we have been betrayed. Accepting Sex in all its forms (casual, committed, abusive). Accepting our Reptilian Side (the greedy ego). Facing our Inner Demons - our ancient wounds, ego addictions and separation consciousness.  Facing them how?

Usually by battling outer demons! 

Saturn in Scorpio makes sure the message sticks by having to go through long torturous experiences sometimes, (Saturn slows things down, draws them out or delays them) whilst at other times evolution comes with an instant ending and subsequent new beginnings. Either way, Scorpio Change is permanent.

The North Node in Scorpio says it's time to face the monster. The funny thing is those who have gone through traumatic "scorpio moments" are actually lighter and freer because they no longer fear the possibility. When you face your fear, it loses all control over you. That's what can happen during this time, if we don't get lost in the trauma and the fear of it all.

With my house fire fire of May 22, I am no stranger to this life lesson. The movie you see playing on your screen can so easily be playing right out before your very eyes. Change Happens. You can be swept up in its energy. And for everyone, inevitably loss is always part of Change.

The trick is to remember that our faces are being collectively 
shoved into the darkness so that we may turn a light on 
and get through to the other side of Hell, 
where life is much sweeter without the fear.

Fear is being squeezed out of everyone like a juice supplying a greedy monster who thrives on pain and chaos. Some call it the Satan principle, (Saturn relates to the Goat) playing out through the physical realm. A force that tests/reveals our Light through challenging (dark) experiences. Before us stands a grand opportunity. Once we face a fear, we can let it go.  We truly can be free. Whatever Pluto takes (the ruler of Scorpio), you can be sure it's number was up.

As we face our fears, we let them go on behalf of everyone. Groups of people and individuals alike are being swept up in this phase, astrologically allowing this energy to manifest through their lives. We keep letting go of pain, and powerlessness and abusing the power we do have. We go through Hell in various forms. At work. In relationships. In bed. On the street. We learn about living on through death and being the proof there is life after death because we are still standing.

It may be dark but it's meant to be. 
We're meant to be facing our fears which turns back on the Lights.

Your 'With You When The Lights Go Out' Astrologer, 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

A 20-minute personalized Audio Reading from me
 where you'll stop into the "karmic classroom"
 where I'll lay it down in plain and simple terms 
what you came here to learn, what you forgot, your "karmic signature" - 
patterns from your past that may replay today. 

We'll explore your Karmic Lunar Nodes & their rulers, 
Saturn and Pluto alignments, 
your 12th House skeletons 
and your chart as seen from a karmic and past life perspective. 

Your soul remembers. 
Isn't it time you did?

(click on Karma/Past Lives)

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

Cosmic Transmission: Do This Under a Leo New Moon

1. Stand in front of the Mirror, close enough to see into your eyes.

2. Study your eyes. Feel yourself. 
Search for the person within. 
Do you feel your own sadness? Anxiety?

Hopefulness or calmness?  What is there?

Take a moment to Be With Yourself.

3. Remind yourself that A - you will always be there for yourself
and B - congratulate yourself on getting this far.  Being a human
 is a difficult thing these days! This is the Astrological Age we'll look
back on as the Age of Rearrangement, Revolution and the Rebuilding of The World.
That simply means things have to change and you may see, feel or hear 
the changes faster. Sound about right?

4. Salute yourself and, no matter how you are feeling,
tell yourself that no matter what, you'll love you, and then no 
one else will need to Love you. They'll just love being with you.

5. Smile. No matter what crap you're currently going through 
(Or spiritually speaking which stuff you have chosen to offload to 
help the lot of us) you owe it to yourself as a gift of love, to 
Smile To Yourself, even in sympathy for surviving hard times.

6. You will revisit yourself at least once every day for the next week. 
During this time you'll see an evolution of your being from sadness to happiness.


Ah, there's the magic.

You were being Loved.
Simply paying attention to yourself regularly,
listening to yourself, feeling yourself. That's Love,

your attention is the only attention that truly heals you and
restores you to Love.

Visit With Yourself Regularly :)

The ends the Leo New Moon "re-aligning with your True Self" transmission.

Friday, August 02, 2013

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Since the fire in May, I have been unable to keep up with the Star Notes newsletter, sent out to those of you who signed up for the 2013 subscription. The 10% discount promised you all year long I can no longer honor due to the store being redesigned also. But the prices for all the New Reports (arranged by category now!) are the Best Value Anywhere Online at a 300% discount now instead!

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Your Astrologer,