Friday, August 22, 2014

Keep Pushing Through: Virgo New Moon & Mars/Saturn in Scorpio

A New Moon in Virgo and Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio?

Hmm, I smell something in the air. It's beginning to reek? You've noticed too, of course.
Something needs to be fixed and something must change for good (or for evil, but we'll get to that...).

Virgo New Moon opens a window where any problem revealed can at least be tackled.
You either sit and groan about the errors and mistakes or you make a plan and set about trying to do something about it.

Under Virgo New Moons we all renew our dedication to our health, the welling being of plants, pets and our surroundings. Which means most people reading this will feel some amount of guilt at not taking care of themselves as well as they should. But even those who have lost touch with their inner healthy-mother, have another chance. The Virgo New Moon. Thank goodness. We also see what needs to be improved, and what new projects and plans we need to initiation (New Moon) and implement (Virgo).  We first see all of this through the lens of what is not is working. That's where we:

Throw in a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio of all signs!  Together with the Virgo Moon we have a team up between Cycle 6 (Virgo) and Cycle 8 (Scorpio). If you have my book (Page 303), you'll find in the back the list of cycle combos (if you don't you can check them out free!). These are the keywords to describe the flavor of Cycle 6/Cycle 8 and thus these current times to you:

                                                      SEXUAL HEALTH, 
          QUITTING BAD HABIT,                                        HEALTH OBSESSION

                                  CUT AND DRIED, 
                                                                                 THE BOTTOM LINE.

Doesn't sound fun but sounds "necessary". Yuk.

We can get to the bottom line or we may have to hit rock bottom to have any solid serious, sober and REAL ground (Saturn) to build on. Reality is a great awakener. When you get down to the roots, you can see what's there (Mars/Saturn). Enough Nutrition, or creepy crawlies or viruses feeding on you?

The New Moon in Virgo is the earth-builder helper who knows which seeds to plant and which weeds to pull. If, Trust your inner Technician, Farmer, Critic and Boss. But beware. And be aware of and wary of anger, fears and mental phantom testing you. Remember that 'evil' I told you about earlier? Some characters DO turn evil. Is this the great "pole divide" we've been hearing about since way back? A parting of the ways? In the movie of your life then, and for the next few weeks especially, simply be alert and aware to enemies posing as friends and people hiding a real ugly truth behind a truly alluring lie.

Be Smart (Virgo-style - in other words discriminating)

Fix, Change, Develop, Create, Let Go, Transform!
 At random moments. At any time. In any order.

Your Astrologer,

P.S HP got me back my laptop after 3 weeks AWOL for a 3 day repair. They messed up the warranty and now tell me I am stuck without one. Nothing I can do (Mars/Saturn). Even though there was nothing wrong with it, the Hard Drive was taken (Pluto at his best) so I am in the process of again rebuilding the store, reports etc so I can send out orders. I'm behind. As you know. Bear with me, I'm doing the best I can. I do believe in evil now. There are forces that threaten to thwart our plans. Sometimes those forces can be people. Companies. (Pluto is in Capricorn, after all). If you find it hard to trust, under this Virgo/Scorpio vibe, be trustworthy. That's one magic wand guaranteed to create some type of magic. It always does. 

I finally got the Scorpio Rising message this week (as Mars meets Saturn one degree from my Ascendant). That life can send its thunderbolts (I have Uranus Rising in Scorpio so take your best shot!) but rebirth is inevitable. It is unstoppable. It is the human spirit itself. Even after those moments of curling up in its closet and just crying.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sudden/Erratic and Speedy Emotional Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: The Aquarius Full Moon

I'm sitting under the Pisces Moon watching the clouds pass by,
and thought that, amidst the uploading programs onto the laptop
and trying to keep you all from chasing me with Impatience Pitchforks
 I'd take this moment to check in with you.
So much has happened recently. Inside and out. Are you feeling
this too? The Aquarius Full Moon surprised us all in some fashion.
Some people had toilets suddenly exploding, massive floods. Sudden tears.
Phone calls and texts from friends in need. Or words of comfort
just when we needed them.
I was so saddened by the sudden news of
Cancerian Robin William's passing.

He left us under the same Moon he was born under: Pisces.
Coincidentally, I, a Pisces was watching him with a fellow Cancerian
just two days ago.
So I felt his passing even more deeply and also the happiness that
we both got to reconnect with him before he left. I've only been watching
him and Joan Rivers (she shares my loud-mouth Sag Moon Sign) since
I had the laptop back. Robin will forever touch us as only a Cancer/Pisces
combo can.
Most will talk of his pronounced chart/life Neptunian addiction problems,
 (we love their murky waters, let's be honest)
but let us also whisper of his undeniable Cancer Care and Neptune-Pisces
 compassion and soul.
Our Sun & Moon combination alone leaves such a defining and unmistakable mark on us.
And all who come into contact with us.
We forget the basics so often.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will continue to surprise us in various ways.
But the most important revelations won't be found in the news, on TV
or through any social media outlet.
They will come through personal experiences that bring you into closer awareness of
Who You Are. Or at least, at times, What You'd Rather Not Be.
Emotions run high of course, it's still a Full Moon. 

But we just have to be willing
to be woken out of our emotional slumber if we are not to succumb
to the emotional toxicity of attaching too firmly to any structure in life: familial, friendship, career, or relationship currently in place. All is in flux. Should we be saddened or worried by this?
Not at all. We get to enjoy everything as it happens, in the Moment. If we allow ourselves.
Change happens faster, so we have to be ready to roll with it. As you're learning, right?

So, under this time of Aquarius-flavored Sudden/Erratic and Speedy Emotional Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, and under the current Pisces Moon remember that all
is transitory.

We're all purging toxins right now. Especially under the Full Moon.
The next two weeks then, enjoy the surprises when they come.
The nice ones and the annoying ones.
They are all helpful in waking up to a new level of reality-awareness,
while irritating the hell out of us.

We are electrical beings and we need shocks to the system to
fire our codes and awaken us up from within whoever s Dream
we have fallen into so that we make awaken within our Own.
I'll be back again soon. I'm still doing Readings but Reports are delayed
til everything is updated, And - I'm back to my Tarot studies again.
That's another field I've been studying for 20 years on and off.
Now I've had a chance to dive deeper so you can also order  
One Question by Tarot  for a mere $50 that I'll answer personally. 
I'll have fun seeing what the Tarot Cards
 say and interpreting what they are trying to tell you.

Always listening, always feeling, always learning and lots to be sharing,
Love you,
Your Astrologer,

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