Friday, October 31, 2008

Catch me for a Reading on All Soul's Day (nov 1)

For in-person Readings, I'll be available this evening in Los Angeles at the All Souls Day Experience, at Liberation Yoga.

When: Sat, Nov 1st, 8:00 p.m-12 a.m.
Where: Liberation Yoga, 124 S. La Brea Ave
Cost: $35 at the door

RSVP: To purchase your ticket, call or drop by
LIberation Yoga or just show up on the night (323)964.5222

Your ticket gains you entry to the following:
A mystical labyrinth
Sound immersion baths
Small group past life regressions
Meditation lounge
Guided meditation to meet your spirit guides
A magic show
Music and dancing!
Divine potions, teas, snacks, elixirs and more!

We will also be raffling off beautiful, mystical goodies!

Private Tarot, Astrologer (that's me) & Psychic readings also
available on first come first serve basis. ($1/minute)

What a deal - $15 gets you a look at some amazing facets of your Birth Chart. If you're in LA or plan on being here, stop by and introduce yourself!

See you there!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Helping your Healing: Chiron Direct (Oct 25)

Since May 25, Chiron has been moving retrograde, triggering our old patterns, issues, soft-spots and sensitive areas, tol remind us of where we perceive ourselves to be less than whole. it's an illusion of course, but one area where we DO keep ourselves back by not letting ourselves 'heal' from trauma, is located where Chiron is found in our Astrological Birth Chart.

Where is yours?  Look for this symbol above (get your free chart from me at the Free Tools link at the site). 

Today, Chiron moves Direct again, and we get to take all we have learned about our soft-spots and actively do something about it. We get to show ourselves and others just WHERE we have grown up, and grown away from our past stresses, traumas and pain.

Pain stays with us - it should, as it carves channels into our life, like lines on a palm, and helps us to be the compassionate creators we are. We can then help others in the very same areas.

Chiron collectively is in Aquarius, showing us where society is not working as a whole. To be a true humanitarian (human-itarian) is to now focus on how we can move BEYOND our own hurts, and begin showing others the way to doing it to - by being a walking, talking example.

If you hurt, have been hurting - you have a choice now. To walk with it and continue on, and in doing so let it go, as part of your history and not part of your present, or to harbor ill feeling towards yourself and others for it happening. 

One leads to freedom and healing, the other leads to further reflections of the pain, in order that we re-live it until we get bored and then choose the other path of moving on. 

You're already whole. You're already healed. You're fine. 
It's time to allow that...

Your Healing Helper,

P.S My Chiron is conjunct Venus (love, partnership) and South Node (past lives, inherited gifts or traps) so I know all about it, so feel free to ask for help from this end when you need it. Together we can embrace your abilities as a Healer and Teacher within your own Life Story.

Planning an Event? Use Astrology to Launch!

Everything has a Chart.

You can determine the best date to launch a project, get married, go on a date, make a presentation and more.

Timing is everything.

We can use Astrology together to Chart the best times for the specific intention you have in mind, outlining the time-frames that coincide with the themes you'd like to 'get the ball rolling' under.

Each time we "birth" something, we create a Chart for that Moment. And that Chart's Moment, reveals a lot about the life-force, life-line and potentials of the entire endeavor.

You can find out more, or order an Event Planning Reading here.

I've helped numerous couples choose the best dates for their relationship according to what energies they want to bring into their union (exciting, action-packed partnerships, or steady, structured ones, peaceful home-oriented or gypsy-traveling themes, the choices are limitless).

So whether it's a business plan, a personal project or secret hope or wish, we can set it off and give it a great start - the rest of course is up to you, and how you navigate the unfolding cycles.

Together we can map out the cycles of your Launch Date down the line.

Your Celestial Success-Stoker,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freeing ourselves:: Sun in Scorpio, Venus in Sagittarius

Two bulletins for you: we just entered Scorpio Season today (the Sun now shines in the sign of Scorpio for an entire month) (happy Birthday Scorpios, be sure to check out the Scorpio links) bringing our awareness to those places where we need a deep transformation and to recycle old energies in preparation for something fresh and new. Clear up your space and your life, by letting go of stuff you've accumulated - feelings and things. 

We go within, become a little more withdrawn, and "power-up" for winter, by storing energy, taking out the trash, and protecting what we have so that it can strengthen and grow - and the parts of our lives that no longer work, we get to heal, or cast aside. All or nothing.

Venus just moved into Sagittarius recently also - and the themes within our relationships switch gears. No longer are we swimming in such deep, dark, and potentially dangerous waters (for our egos anyway that want anything but to sink) as Venus was in Scorpio (hands up how many of us have touched the depths and soared to the heights lately, in relationships?)...but now in Sagittarius relationships become:

* more an adventure as we see Life as a Journey and our partner as a Traveling Companion
* road trips, quests for a new goal, to find the truth or just to see the sights
* all about Honesty - sharing our real feelings and not worrying about the consequences
* more space-oriented - we're good together, but we're equally good doing our own thing
* about sharing information, learning and growing together as we both play Teacher & Student
* changeable - nothing is set in stone, we can try and do anything. It's all about risk-taking.

Whoever you're with, or want to be with, keep it fun, keep it light, and don't be afraid of a little straight-to-the-bull's-eye honesty. We can all handle it now. Enjoy learning - take someone to a class or bookstore, read up on your Astrological Compatibility (the new Cosmic Couple Report has already begun helping many couples to understand their soul contracts). Listen to your free audio clips on your signs. See what the other needs and wants.

Remember, that space is just as important in any connection. So is Adventure. If you've stopped learning, discovering and growing together, you'll part so that these 3 key things continue.

hit the horizon and take someone special along, even if it's just yourself! And since we're now in Scorpio Season, don't be afraid to linger in the shadows, face a fear and bring it back into the Light of awareness, so you regain your power.  Venturing into your Soul's Past (forgiving past pain and moving on is essential now - the new Karmic Insight and Past Life Report Package can aid you in untangling from stuff that's happened to you on your Soul's Journey).

Your Astral Adventurer,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scorpio Season: Karmic Insight & Past Life Package $30

Welcome to Scorpio Season! Yes, the Sun just crept into the shady sign of secrets, darkness, phoenix-like transformation and the passing of what needs to leave our lives. Ready?!

In honor of this season (my favorite - but I do have Scorpio Rising!) I've put together this special package of two reports. Both Scorpionic in nature - to show your soul's past, what you're dragging, and what you've gained from times before. And what you're here to work on now, clear and possible scenarios you may see repeating in this lifetime. 

Curious? You can grab your own for just $30 while the special is on. Read on....

Past Life Report

Ever wondered what life you led before? 
Why did you return? What lessons can be gleaned 
from your chart. Discover your soul's karmic past,  
present and future in this unique, fun, easy to follow 
and insightful Report.

Karmic Insight Report

What are you here to work on?
What patterns keep repeating - what did you do well
and what are you having to do over?
Free yourself from past lives and collect the karmic gold stars 
and gifts you've already learned before!

Both Reports combined Scorpio Season Special Package $30.
Order yours here.

Your voyager into the secret shadowlands of your soul,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Poetry

For those of you interested, I added more poetry my other Blog, Poem From a Pisces.
Inspired by recent events, memories, thoughts, circumstances, people and places that all come together in my colorful mind, and spill out onto the paper in the stream of consciousness you'll find there.

I believe poetry is simply writing from the heart.

So you'll find a piece of my own there, and I hope it touches yours.
(I'm sure in such a relationship-oriented "theme" right now that we're all living under, everyone will relate in their own way). More to come as always...

Your Poetically-Partial Pisces,

Glasses or contact wearers: Using Pinholes Glasses instead!

Just a personal note for those of you who use contact lenses or prescription glasses.

As you may already know, I'm a firm believer in giving more 'natural' methods a shot.
I have been regularly getting more sun for my eyes, using some of the Bates method (you can research this) relaxing my vision, palming etc. And spending more time where I can without my contact lenses.

I currently have a pair of PINHOLE GLASSES which work really well. They immediately improve your vision, whether near of farsighted. I can now read the computer screen and far away without contacts. As well as the TV. it works the same in reverse. No prescription needed.

Pretty great stuff - as they allow you to wean yourself off your glasses and continually stronger prescriptions. Computer users: they soothe your eyes with prolonger computer use. Yay!

Give them a shot, you should be able to find a pair online for around $20 or less or at your local health store. They can help you to relax your eyes, strengthen those muscles again (the ones weakened by continued crutches like glasses or contacts) and see if you notice improvement also.
Armed with these and some regular eye exercises, it's worth the minor effort (15 mins a day!).

Just thought I'd pass it along to those who may want to try this approach to healing their eyes naturally. (plus its a major money saver).


Thursday, October 16, 2008

New! Cosmic Couple Relationship Report

Available October 2008!

I'm excited to now offer the Cosmic Couple Astrology Report, one you won't find anywhere else.

If you're in a relationship, contract, relationship, union or partnership with someone, anyone, this Report is for you. Read on!

Congratulations on taking one of the most important Journeys of your Life: Opening up to intimacy, and all that it offers, closeness, a shared connection. May this Friendship, Relationship or Partnership bring you close together and ultimately, to a greater sense of intimacy with your own Spirit.

Linda Goodman saw Synastry as a very exciting tool in helping others to understand their relationships. If you have what she termed 'Soul-mate' connections, these too shall be highlighted, using some of Linda's own ideas and themes that she passed on to us. Soul-mates come in different guises, not just the usual romantic ones we see in movies. Look around you, it's very likely that someone in your life right now, is someone you have shared countless lives with before. And perhaps, there is still friction between you. Strong connections (for good or bad) are hard to break. Magnetic attraction is powerful.

I have compiled this Report personally, these aspects were the ones discovered for You and the special person you requested a compatibility Report with. Linda herself had a hand in this, with her special thoughts and wishes too, that I hope you enjoy. Relationships are never 50-50. They involve two people living 100% as themselves, but allowing for a new and third energy, a bridge between worlds as it were, when the two unite.

Enjoy this new Report, I recently ran one for me and a special 'other' and was blown away by things we'd personally chatted about only weeks ago. I love being surprised, even 15+ years into my Astrological Adventures. I hope you are too!

Get yours here...


It's really about YOU: Aries Full Moon (Oct 15)

For the next two weeks it's all about You. And should be. The Aries Full Moon period affords us a chance to work out if WE are fulfilled, if we look how we want to look, if we're on track with ourselves, if we're acting as we want to. If the vision we have of ourselves, really what we're seeing playing out in our individual lives?


The Full Moon now ands in the sign of Aries - war, aggression, assertiveness, action, initiation, inspiring us to pioneer old ground or to walk away from old lives and creating new beginnings out of the tattered remains of yesterdays soul-cleansing fires.

As the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries is the starter, the Fire Starter I guess you could say (since that's its element) but under a Full Moon things reach a completion, a culmination and we receive word from the Universe in the form of a progress report.

Full Moons remind us to 'let go' in areas where we're overdoing, overstriving and otherwise resisting the flow of cosmic energy in our lives. A new beginning is hard, when we're caught up in yesterday's shadows. So this week we look both forward (Aries) and backwards (Full Moon) separating old paths with new trails yet to be blazed.

We can help this along by following a few of these suggestions, tailor made for this particular lunar phase this week:

Work on Anger Management Issues - should anger ever BE managed? If not - all hell can break loose, or we end up in all-out war. But repressing it does us no good. Work out a way to meet your needs head-on and confront obstacles with courage, confidence and total honesty.

Let go of the need to be first - people push, people shove, they cut you off on roads and they are impatient and self-centered. This weekend, let them be. Save yourself a headache!

Give up selfishness - sometimes your needs can't be met by anyone else but you. That's life so accept it.

Go kickboxing, play squash/tennis - anything that's high energy and aggressive or fast.
Pump Iron - Aries loves raw energy and a show of macho. Push your limits just know when to quit.

Chill out - is it worth getting so heated over?

Burn something - in a safe environment, but try a Full Moon Fire Ritual - on Friday, burn things that symbolize what you're trying to move away from or let go of. Works wonders.

Quit banging your head against a brick wall. Find another way.

DO something - Aries Full Moons ask for energy and drive, committed to achieving a task. Knock down a wall, build something, go for a jog, work out, wrestle, buy a punchbag, scream, sing a rock song at karaoke, start 18 new projects and alternate between them all.

Burn off calories, then you won't be so easy to trigger. A relaxed body/mind is harder to agitate!

Cut hair, do face treatments - Full Moons are good times to cut hair (to grow back slower). Aries relates to the Head so prune crazy hair, give yourself a facial. Legend has it that cutting hair can release stagnant energy some cultures say resided in hair. Look back and notice your haircuts after a breakup, or breakdown? It released old energy. perhaps it's time for another makeover?!

In short - stop thinking, feeling and analyzing and wondering. Just Do It!

Full Moons pull liquids on the planet and within our bodies, making us more emotional and touchy. It'd be easy to get into a fight under Aries energy this week but it's a waste of good raw energy. Remember energy is directed where our conscious will is focused. Save it or squander it, the choice is ours.

Raw energy is sexy - that's why Mars, the ruling planet associated with Aries is about Drive and Desire. Conquering something becomes a theme this weekend - we NEED a fight, we NEED a challenge, we NEED something to win over, we NEED something to put ourselves against. Moons show emotional needs. Aries energy is driven and goal oriented and won't be denied!

We all turn into Stone Age men and women - back in the primal days of the Universal Fire. Separating ourselves out from the fold, showing how brave we are. These days, fights are taken to sports arenas or worse, into the fields of cities, town and villages, or into the home and family, the originator of all future 'fight-plans' and 'fight patterns'.

Find your 'beef', uncover the roots of your anger and dispute, and resolve to resolve it by the only means possible - facing it. What you do when you confront it is up to you but in the handling the issue, lies the possible resolution.

Remember, inactivity is also an action. Anger has a time and a place - and we shouldn't shy from it. It's not un-spiritual to get mad, says the Aries Full Moon. It's emotional and human. But it is raw untapped and untamed power from within that bubbles out in such moments, a spark from a much greater fire. A passionate seething cauldron of emotional power we can use to further our lives and create something greater, from the friction caused by seeing something that reflects less than we could be. That after all, is the basis of every fight - both within and without - seeing ourselves or another, being less than we (or they, in our perception) could be.

Relationship-wise, it's a time to balance what we want with what others need and desire. It's a see-saw this next two weeks. But remember, if you're not happy, no one else can be, because you're a major part of every contract, union, partnership, relationship, friendship. And you have a right to be feeling well and good.

Start with YOU, then see what changes once you change
your own point of view.

Any troubles, check the main site and sign up for a Reading and we'll work through it together!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sale Reports end tomorrow...

Reminder: Two Sales at the site (the accidental one and the correct one - both are still up and running!) end tomorrow so be sure to stop by and order up anything you want, desire, need etc for yourself or any gifts for others right now.

The Solar Return & Year Ahead Report Package - two reports to help you track the tides for a whole new year of your life. Outlining the themes, challenges, people, possibilities open to you in your New Chapter. Order yours here! $60.

The Full In-Depth Natal Report - 80+ pages (the last sent out was 101 pages but you're guaranteed over 80 minimum, each varies!) is the most extensive Personal Report on YOU you'll come across. Enter $60 at checkout. Order here instead (at the site it's the full price).

By the way - HAPPY ARIES FULL MOON - as fires rage here in Los Angeles, where is the heat of action, passion, assertiveness and dynamic focus in Your life? Get fired up!
More on that soon! Neil

Friday, October 10, 2008

Retrograde Error - Wrong Report (but you can have it!)

And in true Mercury Retrograde fashion I made an error - the Full Natal Report is NOT the special currently, it was last month, but you can still have it, since it was my boo-boo!

The current special is the Solar Return and Year Ahead Report for $50 (ends Oct 15).

You can find out more about your year ahead with two full reports that cover your birthday this year until your birthday 2009 or beyond. Your choice. The Reports will help you dive into a full 12 months and all its possibilities. Stay focused!

You can see what the entire package offers you here.

And, since I made an error, you can STILL pick up the Full Natal Report at the special rate (and yes you can tell your friends if you're sneaky!) if you use this link and enter $60. But it's only available here, as the Report is the usual price of $75 at the site.

Full Natal Report at the error price:
Code: Full Natal.

Mercury Madness!

Your Full Natal Report: Just $60

Just a reminder for those who newly joined the Blog (and for those who haven't perused the site lately) that the Full 80+ page in-depth Natal Report is currently on special, at $60! (normally $75).

It's the most popular report, compiled by me personally and already many of you have found it a rich treasure-trove of info into your inner world, secret psyche and a sort of 'dishing the dirt' on yourself (along with a host of things to pat yourself on the back for!). Really glad you're enjoying it. I am proud of the Full Natal Report and very happy to be able to offer it to you as a special right now.

Offer ends Oct 15 so order now before you forget (mercury is still retrograde!) You can read up on ALL the info you'll receive at the link above.


Your Celestial Specialist,

Saturday, October 04, 2008

REPOST: Things get Shady: Mars enters Scorpio (Oct 3/4)

How about a re-trograde re-post? (since it seems the layout was unreadable!)> Here you all go:

Feel the season shift?

The cycles of soul experience have moved into darker territory. With the onset of Halloween, and the decay of Nature, we enter a down cycle where things wrap up, crumble, fall, ready to become rich fertile nutrients to feed new future hopes and dreams. What goes up, must come down. What is born, must die. And what dies, continues on, like the seeds and leaves that fall from trees now, to feed the earth and the seeds that will emerge by the Aries Springtime.

How does this affect you and I?

Things get shady. Literally. The days darken. Our moods darken. We enter the Underworld - either with a brush with "Death" (literal or symbolic) or we wind up visiting some personal "Hades" in order the transform ourselves and move beyond our fears and inhibitions. Shadows grow around us, reminding us of our inherent human fragility, 'thin-skin' and the need for some form of withdrawal and protection.

Halloween comes, but before then, we get to strip away our mask. Some of us may be ready to "kill off" parts of ourselves and our lives. A relationship that no longer serves both people as individuals, a job that confines creativity, a city that no longer feels like home. Something will go, and Mars (our energetic focal point) in Scorpio (destroy to rebuild and rebirth) will aid in our quest to recycle, regrow, let go and prepare for a new life.

Whatever it is that's manifesting for you now - we face our Dark Sides, our 'criminal content' (internally) and society's more taboo aspects (externally). Our Shadow - the part of us we deny being (hateful, jealous, clingy, selfish etc) rises up for one more reminder that we ARE these things, or rather that we SOMETIMES can express these things, but that we are not our emotions, and we cannot be defined by even behavior or feeling. To be whole, we need to accept all levels of ourselves and our potential. Within us all lies the biggest illusion of all - the 'monster' of love-less lack.

Venture within. Go down to the depths. Crack the code. Use pain to find the Light again. Move from what ails you to what enables you to glow brighter. Use the Darkness to rest and realign yourself with your quiet inner voice. Accept darker moods. Investigate. Recuperate. Recycle. Reinvent.

And if in doubt, as always during a Scorpio Passage, Let It Go (for now)....

Your Darker Depths Driver, Neil

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Your Year Ahead - a Personal Package

How's your Mercury Retro cycle going? Handling the glitches and the reversals? Finding a time out from it all? I hope so. Let me know how you're getting on!

Just wanted to check in and let you know you that now you can enjoy two of the greatest Reports together in this special Package, at any time of year, or at the start of your personal Birthday cycle.

Each Year at your Birthday you enter a new Solar Return cycle. This unique snapshot chart reveals the themes, events, people, situations and energies of the next 12 months until your next birthday.

I love this Package, I use mine each year to outline the energies for the road ahead. Since they begin at your birthday and end at your next birthday the following year, they stay with you and give you a detailed breakdown of your entire year.

When you order yours, you can choose your CURRENT one, to see where you're at since your birthday began. Or you can order ahead and save by getting one that starts at your NEXT birthday!

Solar Return & Year Ahead Report Package: Normally $60. Now $50.
Ends Oct 15. Order yours here and read more on what you'll get.