Saturday, May 22, 2010

Feel the pull? Jupiter opposes Saturn (May 22)

Jupiter opposes Saturn today (10.36pm Pacific) - two naturally diametrically 'opposed' energies:

Jupiter in Pisces - emotional growth, expansion through compassion, growth through feeling our way ahead, spiritual adventure and learning that everything is connected through the current of feeling. In short, Love all all. That is the Law.

Saturn in Virgo - healthy boundaries, practical structures, solid platforms, efficient enterprises, fixing the problems. In short - revealing the faults and working on improvement.

Where do these two planets fall in your Chart?

These are the two areas you'll feel this EXPANSION (Jupiter) and CONTRACTION (Saturn). Some may feel it as a need to grow, but feel weighed down with responsibility, obligation, work, duty, heaviness. Others may find they are rushing too fast, and need a more solid plan.

All of us will find the months ahead a time of planning the next chapter, the next adventure, of ascertaining where we want to expand, what we have outgrown, where we are willing to clean up, shape up, trim down and simplify, where we're willing to take a risk to evolve, even despite the fear of failure or life's tough questions - "how will I survive", "will it work out okay?" "can I handle this?" etc. We all feel them, and we've all come to learn with these eternal questions of insecurity gnawing in the back o our minds.

It's time to temper optimism with hard reality, and pessimism with a light hearted remembrance that Life is a Game if you can play by the rules and enjoy the trip.

Change IS here, whether your life seems to look the same on the outside this summer, on the inside seas are stormy, the tides are swelling and storms are brewing. People will take sides, people will fight for their corner of the ring, say they are right, push against obstacles, all the while missing the point that:

The Hard Times inspire in us a desire for what we truly want, and help us grow by showing us a new direction. And that all growth comes with a period of instability, tension and uncertainty

All that matters is that we Keep Calm and Carry On, as the poster my brother left me with today says, before I take off on my own adventure up north to a new home.

Feel the tension, feel the fear, and keep moving ahead. Nothing lasts forever here, so enjoy it while you can. We have every reason to keep Hope alive, and Optimism. Clouds come, but the sun is always....always...shining.

Need help? You can count on me to guide you through this time -schedule a Reading or order a Report and together we can map out the road ahead.
See Saw Salutes!
Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Venus Shifts Part III

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Appreciation) continues her second important alignment...

Part II - Venus Squares Uranus: May 18 (12:41pm Pacific)

Venus/Uranus times are shocks to the system if you enjoy sudden surprises, and refreshing your frame of reference. Let's face it, everything is in flux and these times remind us of this, in key area.

Uranus electrifies any planet it touches, speeding up its principles and motivations, thus our heartstrings are zapped - we re-awaken to the fact that Love is Everything. Or we find that suddenly we get to appreciate a little more freedom and a little more space and a little more uniqueness in our unions. We understand that Space is Love and Love is Space. That we don't always need to be together. And that being apart, leads the heart to feel its fondness again.

Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as sudden attractions, sudden meetings and sudden disconnections. Something is thrown in the works and we have to adapt and adjust.

We'll get to ask in the weeks ahead if were we can appreciate (Venus) the unique individual (Uranus) behind each person we encounter in any relationship (Venus). Can we bring back the freshness we felt when we first connected? If we're single, are we willing to revolutionize our concept of Love, how we Love and who we love? Sudden attractions to those we normally wouldn't 'go for' is common during these times.

Financial: Impulse Purchases. Electrical objects - computers, cables, wires, phones etc. Sudden windfalls and sudden losses. Spending on friends.

Relationship: Internet Attraction(s). Quirky partners. Non-traditional unions. Sudden space created - by choice or by force. Platonic love. Unusual Affections. Valuing authenticity.

This period is about enjoying (Venus) Freedom (Uranus) - whatever that means to us. Freedom to be ourselves. Freedom to let others be themselves. To love (Venus) our friends (Uranus). To free (Uranus) any unhealthy relationship patterns (Venus). To find the beauty Venus) in the eclectic.

To ultimately create relationships that honor who we are as unique beings, connecting in unique ways, to create uniquely intimate ties that both honor space to share and space to be.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Venus Shifts - Part II

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Appreciation) continues her second important alignment...

Part II - Venus Squares Saturn: May 18 (1:18am Pacific)

Venus/Saturn times are those 'wake up and get back to business' phases, we don't like, but which actually help us go a long way towards furthering something long-term that's built to last, strong, stable and reliable. And in shaky times, this is a blessing - but it does come with commitment, discipline and "work" (yuk, I know...)

Saturn throws a challenge and a test to any planet it's wrapped up with, so the karmic knots we have to untie relate to 'Venus Stuff' (see below). By refusing to bow down to the pressure, by keeping our chins up and by remembering that Saturn Offers a Reward if we Put the Work In, then this period can only strengthen ties, solidify bonds, and give us something we really need - much needed help and support just when we need it most (and our ability to offer help to those who need it to).

Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as feeling all fun and enjoyment is being tossed aside for hard work, serious, sobering times or we are faced with blocks to love - we have to try and maintain open hearts in the face of bleak, cold fronts and cold shoulders.

We'll get to ask in the weeks ahead if were willing to invest (Saturn) in our true values (Venus) and commit (Saturn) to Love (Venus) - in all its forms. Love of the inner (self) and love of the outer (other/the world).
Can you play your part and fulfill your duty (Saturn) to bringing more harmony/peace/equality to your life?

Financial: Quality not quantity. Scrimping and saving. Being frugal and sensible. Red Lights that say No or Have Patience. Financial errors that need dealing with. Lack of enjoyment with what is purchased. Money doesn't buy happiness.

Relationship: Low self esteem reflected in relationship stress. Duty over Affection. Parental patterns challenging spontaneous joy. Time to commit? Working at Love. Showing your serious side. Work versus play/pleasure. Scheduling more time to appreciate.Love's Lessons. Learning unconditional love.


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Venus aligns with Uranus the following day, so brace yourself for another booster shot, right where and when you need it the most. Surprises in store!

[Photo: Post It Note Art by Joe Sparks]

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Venus Shifts - Part I

Venus (the planet governing all things related to Love, Beauty, Relationship, Finance, Values, Aesthetics, Enjoyment, Apppreciation) is on the move, and about to encountering a few celestial 'partnerings' of her own,in the next few days. Stay tuned for the lowdown....

Part I - Venus Squares Jupiter: May 17 (6:57am Pacific)

Venus/Jupiter times are pretty darn nice - since they both represent the 'good feeling' stuff in Astrology, they really don't represent any major stress or challenge (despite it being a "square" aspect. Jupiter brings us MORE of things it touches, thus expanding our desire for the 'nice things' in life. Since the square aspect can be a challenge/test or sense of friction, we could experience this time as wanting too much too fast, overspending, over-promising, overindulging on the finer things of life (that goes for sweet foods, drinking, partying) or not doing enough and just idly letting the world drift by, being lazy etc). But who said that was bad?

Since so much is going on right now bringing a sense of tension to many of us, this alignment is one we should look forward to. Sometimes, excess can actually lead to wisdom, in that the more we experience something, the more we realize what our true values (Venus) are. Overdoing it, then, leads to learning (Jupiter). Once we're satiated, do we really feel full and fed and satisfied? Or is this just a quick fix and a distraction (like retail therapy)?

Do more of what you desire, by all means. If it feels good, it can't be that bad for you. Moderation is hardly the theme of this period, though, so where you can, go steady, pace yourself and take it easy.

Financial: Lucky for some (if you don't overdo it). Gamblers love this alignment. Scratch card sales increase. People spend BIG. Paying for travel, classes, adventures, 'the experience', books, magazines, road trips. Get rich quick plans. Lots of 'potential' without much planning. Lavish, luxurious exploits and pursuits.

Relationship: Lucky in love. People want more affection, show more affection, great time for throwing parties (but make sure you have enough food/drink!), spreading the (en)joy(ment), hitting the road with those you love, optimism breeds abundance.

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Venus aligns with Saturn the following day, so enjoy the Jupiter vibe as long as you can, before we're faced with the sobering work of untying some karmic knots and getting back to business....

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mercury is Direct...but....

Mercury, the planet people love to blame for their computer crashes, internet irritations, miscommunications and other assorted annoyances, is no longer Retrograde. It's what's called (in the biz) 'Direct' right now, meaning it's no longer likely to manifest as the Trickster and hound you with unfinished business and delays and frustrations.

Manifestations I saw during its retrograde period in Taurus (sign of earth, property, money, value, manifestation, practical matters): ATM machines all going down, Best Buy (a store that sells mostly Mercury artifacts) had a power outage, friends had to call the bank for charges that didn't make sense on their account, overdraft fees from nowhere, lost objects turning up once more (whilst some remain hidden), people revisiting old neighborhoods, moving back to places they have been before, old health issues flaring up again, repeated phone calls made and no messages back (the same goes for emails), things lost in the mail...and I am sure many more personal ones I'll remember after I hit "POST".

SO Mercury is no longer Retrograde. Many will be relieved. However....Mercury won't reach the point in the zodiac it was at before it turned Retro, until around May 28 -so you may have to wait until then to feel that you're totally out of the woods, in the clear, ready to storm ahead and able to pick up where you left off etc.

In the meantime, whatever reversal you may experience, embrace it as a gift. Wherever you change your mind, see it as a free-will blessing, and whatever you experienced in the past 3 weeks, see it as a lesson. so you'll be better equipped to handle anything similar down the line.

Mercury won't go retrograde again until August 20th. I'll help you navigate through that nearer the time.

As always, the Astrological Wind At your Back,

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