Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Longing, Loving & Lasting: Venus trines Pluto & Saturn

Continuing our theme from yesterday, Venus - the planet of beauty, harmony, love, affection, gifts, art and peace - is in beautiful aspect to two powerful planets today (May 1) making it a powerful week - Pluto (rebirth, awakening, transformation) and Saturn (structure, discipline, longevity).

Relationships can be taken to a new level - as we perform a clean-sweep, cutting away the crap that's clinging or outdated modes of sharing (quite simply there are things both of you no longer like or need) or just a physical clear out (how about going through the closet and tossing stuff out).

It's time to celebrate the old but trade it in for something new that you both enjoy. If you're single, what do you REALLY love about yourself? Enhance those aspects of your personality or 'look' this week and you'll be noticed, admired and appreciated. Venus is beauty and Pluto is depth passion and sizzling sexuality. Looks CAN kill this week, but not in a deadly way, this is after all a beautiful easy alignment (thankfully), but people may fall at your feet or be ready to give you exactly what you want, if you can allow yourself to be seduced (can you let go?).

Venus-Pluto contacts are times of soul-mate connections, intense sexual experiences, deep-deep meetings, seances and intimate moments. Secrets shared between those we truly feel bare, naked, vulnerable beside and before.

And in other news...

Venus also is in beautiful alignment with Saturn, helping us map out long-term what we want in terms of relationships and also in terms of finances. it's a great time to work out how to strip (Pluto) your budget (Venus) and make it a bit more sensible and serious (Saturn). Buy something major of lasting value or invest in something we truly value. It's not time to go wild, but time to place it safe and stick to what's tried and true, while revamping the old.

Don't throw out anything that you still hold dear. Allow it change form now. Allow death to give it a new face, a new feel, a new focus.

Venus is for everyone, a reflection of that part of everyone that beholds something as valuable, beautiful and desired.
Ask yourself this week: do I value it, do i want it to change, how can I enjoy it in a new way, how can i focus on lasting pleasure and beauty as opposed to the temporary or momentary, and how can I invest in the best to bring out even more of the same?

What we focus on grows, and this week becomes a testament to that. Focus on the darkness long enough to know what ISN'T fun, ISN'T enjoyable anymore, and ISN'T beautiful (in your eyes, not the eyes of the world/family/friends) and then switch your Venus-attraction-magnet (because that's all her energy is, our inner attraction-principle) into what you DO enjoy, find beautiful and want to attract.

The Law of Attraction comes back into our minds.

Question is - what do you want to attract next?

Love to charm a snake,

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Best Things are Free...Venus enters Taurus

April 30: Venus enters Taurus.

If Venus is what we love, what we enjoy, how we show and receive satisfaction and affection, and what we find beautiful - then as she moves into the sign of Taurus tomorrow, we can surely find these things by going Back to Eden, back to the simplicity of peaceful pastimes, simple pleasures and solid, lasting values.

A walk in the park maybe? A hike? Sitting in the garden or on the deck or porch, reading? How about sipping lemonade by the beach? A nightly stroll? A warm bubble bath? Your favorite meal? The most inspiring piece of music playing on your headphones? Planting tomatoes or baking bread?

A hug to someone who needs it? Making love for the sheer pleasure of it - indoors, or even better - outdoors, where it all began? A comfy shirt, soft pants, a scented candle, a spray of cologne? A new painting, or visit to a gallery?

When was the last time you saw the sunrise, or the sunset? Listened to the songs of birds in your street?

Of course some things need to be paid for, of course we're still concerned how much we're earning and what we'll need for the new car/house/apt/ring/watch/vacation/project. This is Taurus Season after all, and that means 'the stuff we need to get by in the real world'. But when Venus slips into comfy Taurus tomorrow, let's not forget the simple joys, the easy pleasure of just enjoying what we DO have and the beauty surrounding us every day.

The best things in life really are free - just 'being'. Grounding ourselves in the physical plane. Which is where all the action (in this realm) takes place. Don't miss being here, with your attention on all the things you could have, could be and could experience. How about now, how about today?

Nature is right outside the door. It always was, before your home was built, before you opened a bank account. And it will be there again. Nature will grow through the window if you desert your house long enough, and swallow up the long-ago closed bank with greenery. Nature consumes all when we allow it. And that's our job when Venus enters Taurus - to bring "Eden" back - to allow ourselves to be consumed, if only for a moment. Not in a religious sense, but more in a symbolic and spiritually rich way - let the Natural lead the way, because Nature just "works" - no down payment, no deposit, no guarantees and no rules. It just IS.

Let the physical world support you this week by getting back to Nature. Your own. And the rhythm, rhyme and reason of the season, outside your window.

Beauty and Blessings,

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The answer....every time

Whatever question you have this week, whatever "issue" you have, whatever problem that crops up, whatever roadblock, difficulty, upset, query or conflict you have.... there's one simple solution this week:

Realize that negativity is an illusion, that whatever is before you is MEANT to be there, and that be staying focused on the higher more "spiritual" aspects of your situation, things will work out the way they should with no need to force things the way you want them to be.


The North Node in Astrology is our spiritual signpost, it shows us where we're trying to get to, whether we know it or not. It's our soul direction, our 'true north'. And right now, the North Node is teaming up with NEPTUNE, the planet of spirituality, boundary dissolving, meditation, allowing, and transcendence.

You can't DO anything right now, to affect change. All you can do is allow, be, flow, accept. That is true compassion.

So accept whatever is happening, no matter what, and do one thing for yourself today: Give Thanks for it being here. it's aiding you in getting to a certain place. For on the physical journey, the greatest treasures are often the kinds we don't ever get to see. We get to feel them. So don't judge your current situations in terms of 'progress' 'success' or 'failure'. it's ALL helping, it's ALL perfect!

Happiness is a choice. So give up any energy directed at everything else, that'll be a big help this week.

Signs you're out of balance with what life is asking of you now:

Running away
Overdosing on anything
Playing the victim - whining, complaining, condemning

Ways to get back on track quickly:

Take a bath, go swimming
Have a shower
Drink some water
Sit and do NOTHING for ten minutes
Listen to music and drift away
Write a poem
Cry then get back to your life
Visit the Ocean


Let me know how it goes for you.

"Just Keep Swimming!"


A special story....

I heard this story today, that i thought you'd like to hear, and perhaps by way of cosmic synchronicity, it shall deliver its special message to YOU.



A hunter lived in India and every two years, he'd visit Africa and bring back animals and prizes and treasures he found on his travels. One year he went to the jungle and discovered a large secret place, filled with beautiful parrots, multicolored and they all talked. Amazed, he took out a net out and captured one and put it in a cage. He brought it back to be with him in India as his pet and fed the parrot sunflower seeds through the bars of the cage, and rice and all sorts of treats and took wonderful care of him.

Two years went by, the hunter talking to his beloved bird every day, when he was scheduled for his next trip back to Africa. 'Is there anything you'd like me to say to your friends?' he asked.

"Yes" replied the parrot. "Tell them I'm very happy in my cage, that i am joyful and that i love being in my cage with you.

The Hunter returned to Africa, back to the place he'd been two years before and told the story. "Your friend wants you to know he is happy in his cage, joyful with me and he has no regrets" he said.

At the instant of hearing this, a bird on one of branches keeled over and dropped dead, stiff as a board.

Assuming he was just filled with sorry at hearing what had happened to his friend, the Hunter returned to India and told his parrot what had happened.

"I did just as you said and at that moment, he was so upset that he had missed you, that your friend dropped dead".

At that instant his parrot in the cage keeled over dead. And went stiff.

How could this happen? The Hunter was bewildered. He took his dead parrot out of the cage and carried him outside, grieving to bury him in the yard, when suddenly, the parrot flapped its wings and flew up to a nearby tree.

The Hunter was shocked. 'You tricked me" he cried.

The Parrot peered down at him.

"My friend was sending me a message. He told me by his actions: in order for you to escape from your cage, you must die while you are alive."


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More, Faster, Better, Bigger - NOW!

April 24: Mars moves into opposition with Jupiter.

Mars: Action, Energy, Aggression, Confrontation, New Directions, Sexual Desire,
Jupiter: Expansion, Growth, New Horizons, Knowledge, Culture, Philosophy, Greener Grass

This week, we all want (Mars) one of the following: something bigger/better/faster/more comfortable/more expensive/classier/tastier/richer/more natural/reputable/wealthy.

And at the same time we're expanding our awareness (Jupiter) into: new experiences, fresh starts, more action, new projects, fun, sexual conquests, speed, desire, confronting things, directness.

Oppositions bring TWO energies into a confrontation - cooperation or conflict?

You'll play out one of the two options this week:

Mars-Jupiter Oppositional Conflict:

You want it all RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW that you push push push and end up rejected, or destroying the new idea or fresh start you wanted, because you come across as annoyingly pushy, aggressive and arrogant. You want to apply your knowledge NOW, and can't learn patience, thus people think your wisdom is actually self-righteousness. You force your way onto others and come across as a bulldozer. Your desires become more important than anyone elses.

You bite off more than you can chew, are late, over-promise and end up disappointing someone because you've overstretched. In your bid to expand and grow you end up starting a million things, and finishing none, and spreading yourself so thin because you're juggling, and the balls are about to drop.

Gambles, risks and actions that aren't well thought through land you in the deep end - the more you risk, the more you lose. Your inability to wait it out leads to more headaches later. Bigger and better doesn't necessarily save you stress. Are you ever satisfied with where you're at, or are you banging your head against a wall in your race for a "better' life?

Mars-Jupiter Oppositional Cooperation:

You save yourself aggravation in the short term by focusing on the possibility there's a bigger picture and something better for you out there if you're not having your needs met right now today. Your desires may NOT be the best thing for you, and the world will show you a new possibility this week. A new adventure awaits, but wait - have you packed everything you need? What do you desire now? What will you need to at least GET YOU STARTED? Why leave home on any journey without the essentials? At least SOME planning is better than none. What's your map? A checklist, a to do list, or are you blindly racing ahead with no plan and no REAL chance of sustained success. "Luck" only gets you so far, but if luck is being in the right place at the right time, don't you need to know what you want, to end up in the place that will ultimately fulfill that need?

Expand your possibilities, Want more and allow for more to make itself known. Open up your horizons. Put all your energy into making more room, finding out more information, seeking contact with those from different cultures, different backgrounds, in different fields. Stay OPEN to every piece of information/advice/wisdom that comes your way. Truth runs through everything. Realize anger is just misplaced desire and passion. Energy can be better applied to enjoying what you have while making things better by focusing on the silver lining, or the POTENTIAL for one.

With Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn, most issues will be worked out this week within the areas of our Home and Careers - are we spending so much time trying to develop our professional lives that our family/home/domestic situation is suffering? Are we ignoring our feelings and intuition because we're too busy trying to ' make something of ourselves'? Could we be missing an opportunity to get out of a funk by getting out of the house and giving something new a shot?

Are we ignoring our inner Mom by trying to control everything? Are we denying our inner father by hiding in a cocoon and refusing to extend our comfort zones?

In relationships this week, look to challenges relating to needs versus obligations, closeness versus freedom.

In the quest for more, can you get by with less?

Enjoy the race, the sparring, the game and the possibilities this week - real results may not be forthcoming yet but it'll be a hell of a lot of fun trying.

Have fun!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Addition: AstroJourney Timeline Report

There's a new Report on offer at the site. AstroJourney is written for adolescents and young adults -
but, personally, it's great reading for Anyone!

Today, more than ever before, we live in a world of choices. Your fate isn't set in stone.
From the looks of things, we don't have too much to say about who our parents are,
where we're born, how many siblings we get, whether our parents are rich or poor,
loving or mean, rigid or liberal.

Spiritual astrology teaches that you got the best deal you could get in terms of your karma.
Your karma is the picture of your past, your debts and credits from many lifetimes,
for better or for worse. Whether you believe in karma or not, you still have to work with
what you've got!

Using AstroJourney is easy!

* In your report you'll read the date on which a transit is exact on the left hand side.
This is when its influence is strongest.
* In parentheses you'll see the full duration of the influence, when it comes into play
and when it leaves.
* On the right hand side, you'll see the description of the transit which includes a
transiting planet in aspect to a natal planet. For example : :Merc Sxtil Ven means transiting
Mercury is sextile natal Venus.
* Beneath is the interpretation of the influence.

You can now check out the sample Report and order your own.

Or browse the entire selection available.



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Full Moon Ritual & Readings

The Full Moon is another lunar Power Period; a time of Completion, Resolution, Heightened Emotion and often, the fulfillment of seeds we planted at the New Moon. "Stuff" comes to light, under the light of the Full Moon - emotional material and events in life that trigger
an emotional need or response.

By working with the lunar tides, we begin to find understanding of our true inner selves, our emotional needs (and defensive addictions) and can begin to change the course of our lives and manifest things we desire around key lunar periods.

Simple, fun and highly effective!

I have a new series of Full Moon Readings available that can be found at the site only at the time of the Full Moon each month. You can learn more about these special and unique time periods and what each Reading involves by clicking here.

I look forward to working with you during these lunar cycle power-periods. It's amazing how fast major changes and spiritual shifts manifest in our lives around these key times (New & Full Moons) when we begin to embrace Nature's Natural Cycles.

Here's to getting back in tune with our own energy rhythms and Inner Natures.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Digging up your Dirt: Scorpio Full Moon (Apr 20)

On Sunday April 19, the Full Moon lands in one of the most intense signs in the zodiac: Scorpio, (at 0 Degrees 43).

I always tend to see this Full Moon as one that contributes to a lot more crime in the world at large. People try and get away with more during Scorpio Full Moons, but often they're caught or something gives them away. If you're psychically in-tune you can smell a rat at this time, if you're not you may fall victim to a scam, scheme, violence, danger or intrigue.

Underground activity is high this week, especially at Sunday's Full Moon watershed mark - when the shadows increase despite the fact there's a blazing silvery orb full and strong overhead. It's like Halloween all over again, which I happen to like but for most it's a weird time on the streets, which I'm sure you'll see by the end of the weekend.

So what can we expect at this time. Here goes:

Personally: Desire increases. Hormones rage - people are hungry for sex, love, money, power, satisfaction, and they won't rest til they find it. Prostitutes are out in force (sexual, financial or emotional), people gamble higher for bigger sums (at the card table or in their daily lives), people sneak about, and you may even catch some people with sunglasses on at midnight or later. We feel a need to focus on the serious stuff, the things that we want more than anything else. Our bad habits surface and we suddenly get an urge to kill something off - a way of life, or just throwing something away that has served its purpose.

We get out the scissors and cut stuff from our lives.

Globally: The intensification of power issues makes it a volatile time, so we're sure to see someone losing it and going postal somewhere, that's nothing new. But Hotshots like world leaders, bankers, greedy people (which already covers them both) and those dipping their fingers in the pot are sure to have some secrets publicly revealed. I love these times - we get to see, as the public, all the things other people are doing in a Full Moon dedicated to:

Airing Dirty Laundry for all to see.

If we don't air our own dank, dark, musty places, it seems the Universe has a way of doing it for us, under Scorpionic Full Moons. Gotta enjoy it - this week's Full Moon is better than any soap opera. Stay tuned to the news headlines for things that revolve around Scorpionic issues such as:

astral experiences
corporate calamities
drastic changes
matters relating to death
occult matters
outcome of lawsuits
partner's income
recycling - regeneration - reincarnation
resources, other people's
support from others

DEATH comes to us once more - something ends this week in the bigger picture, can we let it go? And can we not get too carried away with things that are ending? We don't need to stick the knife in any deeper, sometimes it's best to simply move on, and swim away.

Other Aspects

This Full Moon opposes MERCURY in TAURUS.

Our hearts and heads can be so divided we don't get a chance to sustain what we already have because we're heated up and want to jack it all in. Things are overblown, made into Life or Death matters when they're really not. Just more intense than usual. Something has to change but we're unsure what to keep.

Messages delivered now seem more like ultimatums or we read them as such. We need transformation yet our minds say STAY PUT! SAME = SANE!. But wait, are we being rational, are we using common sense or are we letting our emotions get the better of us? Are we fearing a loss of power or security? Can we "trust the process"?

The public may suddenly DEMAND an answer to something the press isn't talking about. We're all thinking of money issues, whether it's "worth" it or not, sexual stuff we're facing and whether to dig in, or dig it up or dig our way out. Stay or go? Cash in or callbankruptcy? Is it really this Black Or White?

This Full moon sextiles PLUTO in CAPRICORN.

Since Pluto is Scorpio's planet, we're aided now in any purging or detoxing we're doing. If we truly let go, we free ourselves. If we remember to recycle, we recreate and are reborn. Needless destruction is replaced with a more evolved overview - that fresh insight and new beginnings come from clean-true-honest-emotional-endings no matter how bittersweet or sour, and a definite divide from 'what went before'. Old emotions need tying up, releasing. Forgive and forget. Change your home space outside, to rearrange your inner furniture simultaneously.

This is without doubt SPRING CLEANING month on ALL levels. Start inside and work your way out, or start in your surroundings and then work your way within. Either way, find a way and a new way from there shall be shown.

The Full Moon sextiles SATURN in VIRGO.

Again , reinforcing the theme of cleaning up, take another look at what you're eating, how you're staying in shape and the 'clutter' in your life. Things that no longer work, will give you a nudge, a first reminder, before it becomes a warning, that something is wrong. Honor that. We're being offered a chance, to avoid further fireworks. Eliminate now before things are forcibly removed later on.


Our homes can be made safer (and less burglar friendly) and we can make our emotional defenses just as sturdy, by letting go (Scorpio) or emotional seeds of destruction.

Spiritually, letting out demons is harder than if we just keep them at bay by not playing host to people or energy that is destructive. Stay vigilant to where your own energy and where your emotions are being focused and expressed.

Above all - seek psychic answers, consult the Tarot, learn Astrology, find lost objects, have amazing sex, be open and have a heart-to-heart, resolve debt and financial issues and get ready to Rise Again Like The Phoenix!

Bigger and better than ever.

Exhale. It doesn't need to be so intense. Remember that the Sun is in Taurus, and we need grounding, nature, food, hugs and cozy cuddly comfort.

That'll get you back to centre in no time.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Coming Soon!: The Astrological Life Coach CD Toolkit

The Astrological Life Coach Personal Toolkit is a specially designed CD series offering a unique snapshot of every important piece of your Astrological Jigsaw (Your Birth Chart).

The series will kick off with a look at your personal Sun Sign and the specific HOUSE it falls in, within your Personal Astrology Chart.

Each CD is a personal Reading by me, and is specific to You!

This is a great way to explore yourself, your psyche, your life and your Chart in a deeply profound and personal way. And we get to share the Journey together.

So stay tuned, and get ready for a rollercoaster ride with me by your side (or in your ear) whispering things about yourself you thought you'd kept secret, you thought no one knew or ever could know, and things to trigger your unconscious into higher realms of awareness.

Are you ready to reveal your true self?

The first CD in the series is being release soon, so stay tuned, tell your friends and prepare to begin a whole new journey into a very strange and exciting land - Yourself!

Enjoy slumbering on for now in your usual Modus Operandus - and I'll give you an astro-nudge when we're ready to lift off.


P.S If you're not signed up for the alerts and updates yet (spam free), then do so now on the right hand side of this page under my photo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tool #1: House Rulerships: Your holographic life

If you haven't already, check out the new free tools at my website. By now, you should have a copy of your birth chart and have been able to figure at least SOME things out on your own. The House your Sun is in for example - and then listened to the free audio clip where I talk about what it means for you (and which house out of the 12, it dwells within).

Armed with your chart you can explore and expose various facets of your Nature. This is another method you can use to unravel and uncover new information about the various areas of your life called "House Rulerships".

As a recap: take a look at the picture above to see what the 12 houses mean.

With Tool # 1, we're going to work out a little more about our first house. Planets INSIDE the first House can show us more about HOW we look, HOW we act and WHAT we present to the world. WHAT others see when we are around. HOW others "label" us.

The planets energies you can see at my Astrology 101 Page. Just find the Planet in your 1st House. Simple.

Since each house is RULED by a particular planet, we need to find YOUR First House Ruler. Say you have Aries Rising. Find ARIES on the Astrology 101 Grid, and see which planet sits beside it. In this case - it's Mars.

Now find WHICH HOUSE *Mars* sits in, in your Chart.
This gives more information on what your first house energies are doing.

Still with me?

if so, great you can move on now to what it all means below. We'll just start with your first house.

1. Find out which sign is on the House Cusp. In this case, House 1 - what is your Rising Sign? Then find the planetary RULER in the grid.

2. See where your planetary ruler is.

3. Read what it means below.

Any questions, either post them here or email

Of course all of this and more is covered in a personal Reading with me to save you time and effort. That's where my 15+ years experience comes in - but these tools are offered complimentary for those who like to figure things out for themselves.

Your First House Rulerships

Ruler of the First House in the First House

You want to create a distinct first impression on other people and the image you project is very important to you. There may be a strong resemblance to one of your grandparents.

Ruler of the First House in the Second House

You have a strong desire to accumulate possessions and earning your own money is important to you. What you have, materially speaking, influences your outlook on life. Creating your own sense of liberty and freedom largely depends on how well you handle your financial security issues.

Ruler of the First House in the Third House

You're curious about life and learning is important to you. You want to get your ideas noticed and communication is important to you.
There is a strong need to feel well integrated into your immediate community and you may make many short local trips.
You tend to have a lot of interest in your siblings if you have them and you identify strongly with close relatives in general.

Ruler of the First House in the Fourth House

You may have a strong identification with your mother and/or your home and it's likely that your upbringing had a strong influence on you. You enjoy your privacy and the domestic scene in general. Inheritance in the form of real estate of some kind is a possibility, perhaps through a grandparent.

Ruler of the First House in the Fifth House

You enjoy most forms of play and recreation. Love, love affairs and other social activities help to enhance a healthy self image.
There may also be a strong identification with children in general, even your own children. You are creative and you have the ability to hold the attention of an audience. Remember, you can't go wrong when you follow the dictates of your own heart.

Ruler of the First House in the Sixth House

This chart factor indicates that you have a strong work ethic and you probably identify yourself by the work you are capable of doing. Health is important to you and very often your outlook on life affects your well-being. Avoid getting caught up in negative downward spirals. You are the type of person who can reap personal benefits from staying active and feeling useful. Your own cares and concerns will melt away when you find a way to become involved in helping others.

Ruler of the First House in the Seventh House

The relationships that you form with other people, such as your marriage partner or best friends, will represent a high priority for you. Even though you make a strong impression on other people whether you're aware of it or not you really care about their opinions and their acceptance of you. Where diplomacy is a plus, you can teach others something about the fine art of cooperation. You'd make a fine counselor because of your ability to relate to other people.

Ruler of the First House in the Eighth House

You may have a lot of curiosity about the so-called mysteries of life such as occult practices and other metaphysical studies. You can develop your psychic abilities or perhaps you are more drawn to the healing potential found in the eighth house.
You'll likely have an important experience that transforms your life approach in a major way. Whatever it is, you'll emerge more evolved at a very deep level of your being. Other people's resources, such as a spouse's money, or an inheritance, could play a significant role in your life somehow.

Ruler of the First House in the Ninth House

You have a strong interest in broadening your mental experiences, perhaps through higher education, exploring different philosophies of life, or even through developing your own ideas about what makes the universe tick. Be ready to do some long distance traveling during your life. It's in the stars.

Ruler of the First House in the Tenth House

Whatever career you end up in, it's one that you feel a strong sense of identity with. You may also have a strong identity with your father, or perhaps just authority figures in general. You have an enhanced sense of duty and responsibility, which accounts for your sometimes very serious outlook on life. People know this and they don't mind handing over the controls to you when the time comes.

Ruler of the First House in the Eleventh House

Your friends, acquaintances and other large groups of people will play important roles in your life overall. Humanitarian pursuits and organizations dedicated to some kind of wide-scale social change may become significant to you also. You may strongly identify with those things that are considered to be ahead of the times, or with anything that breaks with societal traditions.

Ruler of the First House in the Twelfth House

Your outlook on life can be brought into balance by spending some time alone to meditate and recharge your batteries.
Avoid becoming your own adversary by falling into the "woe is me" victim trap. Spiritual philosophies that go beyond traditional orthodox viewpoints can bring revealing insights into your life and the meaning of it all. You may identify somehow with large public institutions that provide a service to society, especially the helping professions.


Next time, we'll explore your 2nd House - your money, cash flow, what you do with what you earn, how you earn and everything else connected to what you value, enjoy, appreciate and want.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Our Dark Embrace... Venus squares Pluto

Venus is currently challenged by Pluto. In Astrological terms, Venus is SQUARE (a 90 degree angle of conflict, tension) Pluto.

Venus = Love, Relationships, Beauty, Harmony
Pluto = intensity, power, darkness, rebirth

So we're in a sort of 'Fatal Attraction' time - relationships intensify, we end up meeting people who drive us so crazy we enter The Dark Realm - we become jealous, envious, we feel suspicious, we go through peoples pockets, sniff out their secrets or just THINK they are out to get us. We feel with such intensity now, that we end up seeking out things perhaps better left alone. Yet every stone turned now can lead to healing.

Relationships of all kinds now become intense. We meet people who pull on us, who force us to transform or try and force us to change when we don't want to.

Since Venus is what we enjoy, we enjoy the darker aspects of life - the taboo, the evil, the shadow, the malevolent. Rental of horror movies is sure to skyrocket this week. And so are the number of stalkers out on the streets. Is your door locked?

No, I'm kidding (ish). But it's worth considering how obsessed you are becoming or are about a certain someone. Or a certain relationship or partnership. Or something you find attractive. Is it really good for you? Under this current alignment, the dark chocolate gateau may be laced with cyanide. Either that, or it'll give a seriously bad case of the runs the next day.

If anything, let what you love die. Let it fly free because you are secure. Let it change form (which is a death) and allow it to be itself without trying to corrupt or force it into a way YOU want.

The way we relate to each other and ourselves is going through a radical alteration now. It may not be easy, but the rewards are worth it.

In short, whichever relationships survive these storms, are made to last. Because they respect the need for change, for tearing down old ways of relating an sharing, and dealing with the ugly sides of love. And those that die, weren't strong enough.

Abuse is still abuse, so we must decide to walk away from unhealthy patterns. What we want, may not really truly be in line with our changing values.

Which is which in your life? Are you ready to let some relationship habits die so you can release old attachments? Or are you dying by refusing to change?

Love is Love.

Everything else is an illusion, or a lie masquerading as the truth.

Stalker-free (except for these email updates!) Love,


Friday, April 04, 2008

Apr 5: First New Moon of 2008: Are you ready?

The Aries New Moon - the first of the New Moons of this year (in the true Astrological Calendar) is always a special one. it's the STARTING point for us, where we get to truly enter the 'spirit of spring' no matter what weather you're currently experiencing in your corner of the cosmos.

The Ram, the Easter Bunny, the sap rising - the spirit of Aries is a fresh start, the pioneering and perennial childlike naive openness of which miracles are born.

Somehow, somewhere, life is offering you a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate.

When you woke up this morning (chances are you'll read this blog the day after if not the day lasts all month so don't worry) something inside has shifted. maybe it's just a new desire, a new bravery, the energy to get up, stand up and change something, look at something anew or else turn a page (and a corner) with new determination.

Aries is the sign of war and fighting
(also weapons of war - this time last year we were witness to one of the worst school shootings in US history. I am sure we'll bear witness somewhere of both facets of the Aries energy this year on cue). War will erupt now - but only in places and pockets of society (and our psyche) where we feel stuck, trapped, repressed.

Mars is the planetary ruler of this particular New Moon but he's currently in Cancer, a water sign in conflict with Aries, giving us wake up call to how insecure we may truly be, how our emotions are often the cause of much conflict in our lives and how domestic unrest (feeling ill at ease at home, without our own four walls or families or within our skin - our true spiritual home in this lifetime) is truly the cause of all conflicts worldwide.

You can do your part to ease the global conflict situation - by resolving your OWN conflict. Your own internal disputes and resolve your own domestic discord. That's a small point with major RAM-ifications, this Aries season.

In Cancer, Mars says 'I want to demonstrate how I feel', I want to repair my home defense system, I want to secure the door, and make sure the dragon in the moat is fed and happy and alert. The US of course is a Cancer country, and we've seen so much of Saturn's past transit through Cancer as a time of 'home-land security'. With Mars here, if we're not secure, we're over-defending our spaces and igniting wars where there truly is no need to. Are you passive aggressive or overly protecting yourself now?

There is no reason to let the Aries energy go to waste on such silly things (in the eyes of reincarnation and the philosophy that we are connected) as killing people, or even getting into a fight. This New Moon, channel your energy into a battle, yes. It's good for the soul. Conquer something. A project. The Gym. A new project. An old project that needs new life. Beat a wall down. Run a marathon. Sure, go to a shooting range. Shout, buy a punchbag and let it out. Have it out with someone who did you wrong - whether in person, or just in thought.

We don't need a physical presence before us to effect massive change. Aries is pure energy - the first of the fire signs. We need only think of someone, bring them to mind, and they are 'in our space'. So if you need to get pissed off at someone, do it in this safe and secure energy-space. It will create a change, guaranteed, if it comes from the heart. They too shall feel it. And some form of release will be afforded you.

Aries New Moons are all about choosing our battles.

Some battles lead to something created.
Some battles lead to something destroyed.

In the simple act of choosing creation, we choose destruction. But we end up with something to show at the end, that we can be proud of. The only thing we destroy is the void, the waiting, the nothingness that was there before. Our product has been birthed by the energies of spring - be it a poem, a new home, a relationship, a baby, a novel, a painting, a portfolio, a presentation, a driving test.

Conflicting Alignments

The New Moon is challenged by Mars in Cancer as we mentioned. As it's a separating aspect, can we MOVE ON from past emotional and domestic conflicts? Can we forgive, forget and wipe it from our memory or will the past be reflected in each new conflicted situation we move into now? It's time to use the past memory of conflict resolution or retribution release us from repeating past errors. Each old recurring emotion can lead us somewhere new.

The New Moon is challenged by Jupiter in Capricorn.
How can we be carefree if we're still trying to overdo our climb to the top? How can we be free children if we're carrying the baggage of status, reputation and the worry that we won't make it? What is success? Are we overextending ourselves? In Business or pleasure, make sure work and play are balanced. Don't overdo it - moderation is hard to come by now, if anything slow down on your bid for More, Higher, Better!

Helpful Alignments

The New Moon is aided by Chiron in Aquarius. The more universal we can be, the more healing we can find. Rally the group around. Continue starting new practices - here in Los Angeles, my partner helped the building receive the Blue Bins, a free recycling program you have to ASK to be included in. Finally our area can now continue to recycle and help the environment. Small starts go a long way. All you have to do is initiate and implement it now.

Chiron in Aries says help your friends out, help them start over and allow them to get YOU out of a rut. Stay alert to NEW ways of doing things. Try a radical approach. Chiron in Aries finds a way off the beaten track. Be Unique or Don't Bother!

START what you want, desire and dream of. This is WISH DAY in the Astrological Calendar. Wherever Aries falls in our charts is where new seeds will be planted. Doing so consciously is the way to go. To help you in this process, I have created a new series of New Moon Ritual Readings, each one dedicated to the unique New Moon possibilities and potentials each month.

If you sign up for one of these unique Readings now I'll let you know what it means for you personally based on your own Birth Chart (if you order the special 45 minute Past Life, Present Path Reading that I have brought back again this year I'll throw some info in at the end for you too on this, look under the SPECIALS tab at the main site and I'll give you pointers on how to best make use of this time.

For those of you who know Astrology, it falls at 16Aries.

This New Moon period:

Bang something - anything except someone else or your head on a wall
Avoid bruises, cuts, burns and fights by re-channeling energy and slowing down when necessary
Get the ball rolling
DO some sports or hit the gym
Do it NOW
Stop procrastinating
Find a new look - define yourself in new ways
Have a haircut, tweeze hairs, have cosmetic surgery
Launch a new product
Be courageous - no more pussyfooting around
Stand up and be counted
Be active and assertive, not passive/passive-aggressive and annoying
Be impulsive but don't run a red light
Give slow people lots of leg room
Save yourself a headache by moving AROUND obstacles fast

It's a very masculine time. "Men's" issues are major now, just watch the news. Aries is war remember, so fighters are well starred. The army will love this period. So will athletes, firemen, cops and anyone who has to show a test of courage and strength. Women too aren't immune to this - testosterone hits them, and we'll see the posse of aggressive women hit the screen again - Alias or Buffy style. The old 'kick ass women with a gun' routine. Don't laugh, just you watch.
Women get to test out their masculine sides. Yee-haa..

Spiritually this is a time to define the self. Since it all comes from you, and comes back to you - who are you?

Work out what makes you tick,
and your body clock will happily
keep on tocking.

Forward March, this April!


Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Mind Your Mouth: Mercury enters Aries (April 2)

The groggy, confusing, mystical mind-meanderings of Mercury the messenger in watery Pisces is coming to an end. Hopefully, though, we can all keep what we learned with us - that sometimes, we're not being very clear, that we may need to repeat or re-read, that we may not be getting enough 'switch off' head space to do nothing but dream or meditate and that there IS more to life than meets the eye.

We'll need to keep these in mind as our minds enter a new phase of development as Mercury moves into fiery Aries tomorrow.

Prepare for a sudden rush of energy - our mouths, our minds and our motors are whirring. Cars suddenly speed, emails whizz out faster, we have more to say, more ground to cover and we don't feel we have as much time as we did last month.

Stand your ground, have your say, be firm and forceful, but know when to back out. You know what they say about winning the battle but losing the war...

Better yet, why fight at all? Everyone has a say. Have yours and listen to someone else's. Right now, it's less about agreement and everyone being heard.

Get writing, get moving, get thinking and get sharing your ideas. Tis the season.

Remember, w-o-r-d-s are s-w-o-r-d-s.