Saturday, September 26, 2009

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12 is a magic number. 12 signs. 12 months. 12 hours on the clock.
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The offer ends Nov 22 so tell your friends now so you can get your minutes.

Hope to catch you very soon,
Your Astrologer,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sep 29: Mercury finally goes Direct

For all of you wondering when this strange phase ends - of re-visiting the past (dreaming of people you once knew, running into them again, trying to reconnect with them, covering old ground, losing your keys and wallet, having computer and phone issues, finding your car needs fixing, being stuck in traffic, misreading something, being entangled in conversations where meaning is lost and you're confused, waiting for people to call or email or get in touch)....

...well it irons itself out after Mercury goes Direct on Sep 29. You may have to wait until Mercury leaves its shadow period which is Oct 14, when you'll see real progress in these areas.

Remember, decisions made now may be reversed when Mercury goes direct so keep an open mind and remain as open and fluid as you can. Revisit the past, lay some things to rest, re-wire your head and then take a time out.

All is well, remember...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sep 18 New Moon meets Saturn/Uranus opposition

The New Moon falls this morning at 11.44am Pacific. In honor of this, for a 3 hour period I am available for discounted Readings (per minute to the length you choose) at

Time: 11.40am -2.40pm. Readings 3.99/min (usually 5.99)

The New Moon falls in Virgo and conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus.

What does this mean? There is no escape - you have to get your shit together. You have to clean up straighten up, tighten up, and deal with the reality you have created. No finger pointing. No Blame.

It's THE time to get things on track again, to launch amazing new ideas, work projects, health regimes, and to give your life a major and thorough cleansing.

We need it. What isn't working for you, makes itself OH SO CLEAR in this next two weeks. Do yourself a favor, stop slacking off. Improve it, or ditch it.

An amazing time!

See you tomorrow for the 3 hour discount special!

Friday, September 04, 2009

My New Website:

I'm proud to welcome you to the launch of my new website:

As some of you may already know, I was asked to work alongside 12Listen and it's family of companies, and am beginning a series of teleconference classes at the prestigious 12Academy, on all things Astrological.

Yes, your questions were answered and you can now finally study Astrology as I break down how to read your Chart, along with a host of specialized topics. All levels are welcome. Visit the new site for all the info (and to access the special link where you can talk to me live, when I am available).

There'll be more goodies soon, in the meantime enjoy the new site - along with the new monthly horoscopes and Neil-Scape Monthly Audio Forecasts too!

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

Release and Heal: Full Moon in Pisces (Sep 4)

Yes, it's full moon time. Feeling it?

This lunar phase, we're all faced, in our uniquely individual way, with an emotional ending.
A parting of the ways. A watershed reached. A feeling spotlighted. Something comes up. Something comes down. Something comes to a close. Are you ready to release and be released?

I've mentioned before how Earth, I have said before is the hEart (a lexigram of the word Earth itself) chakra of the Universal Body. Emotions are e-motions; energy in motion. Gaining an understanding of how emotional energy works is a way through this period. Where we direct our emotional energy will determine what we see play out on our perceptual TV-Screens, within the movies of our lives.

Being in a moment, accepting how we feel and then acting on improving our condition or seeking out healthy ways to increase of energy and feelings of well-being is our personal responsibility during this cycle. Don't go for logic - work on your right brain. Be psychic. Follow a hunch. Shuffle tarot cards, make a guess. What does your gut say? Do you know what a 'third eye' is or what color your 'fourth chakra' is? Research these things. Have a sip of your favorite drink, just don't go overboard. Remember that no one has the ultimate truth, that we're all in this together, and merge yourself with this feeling of connectedness.

Pisces, as the last sign represents the final stage of the soul's journey, a preparation to take flight in new realms. The desire to escape life, a sort of suicidal death wish, is ever-present (the number of Pisces with drink, drug and addiction issues is too numerous to mention - Liza Minnelli, Liz Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain for example).

During this Pisces Full Moon:

Let go of blocks, give up resistance, stop 'holding on'
Keep charting a course while letting things take their course
Release ego attachment with meditation or another spiritual discipline
Drink more water, bathe more, spend time round water
Listen to Classical music
Stop dwelling or playing victim
Remember your connection to something greater - be it God, the Universe etc
Forgive yourself and others for transgressions (forgiving doesn't mean letting people walk on you, but that you realize the situation manifested because you allowed it on some level, or were scheduled to move through it)
Practice a psychic or spiritual ritual - cleanse your space, perform some personal magick
Let down your guard but be careful not to let in depleting energies or people
Dissolve the need to be first, foremost, understood or in control
Be careful of addictions and ecapism on all levels - denial, delusion and defeatism run rampant
Refuse to get caught in emotional whirlpools
Be honest about your feelings thus breaking low-energy 'chains' and spirals
Be part of the whole, yet find space to be by yourself
Create a Dream Diary Have some therapy, but avoid clinging to the role/label of "Victim"
Go for non-traditional remedies
Drink more chamomile, sink into a warm bath
Paint, doodle, write (create a journal or blog), sing, go dancing
Get physical to keep 'emotional overload' at bay
Relax - we're human, with feelings and emotions are the key to everything.
Feel them. Then release them.

Finding a more spiritual way of finding this inner emotional peace, often comes from seeking some form of spiritual discipline. Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation, Prayer, Creative Visualization, Retreats, or some form of physical expression - dance, movement, massage, yoga (if you're in Los Angeles, contact me for a wonderfully inspiring yoga instructor who balances the physical with energy work). Or giving voice to creative powers - writing, acting, singing, dancing.

This Pisces Full Moon is where fact meets fiction and where the world of the real meets the world of the unreal - seek to lose yourself in something meaningful, instead of disappearing down the stream of Pisces second symbolic fish, into a wasteland of wasted opportunity and emotional black-holes.

What are you going to do about the very obvious needs you currently have?

Often, the answer comes purely by asking the question. Pisces energy manifests in unclear and unfocused ways, but it is a powerful elemental sign - water, that erodes away the toughest barriers, the ocean meeting the cliffs, the stream meeting the pebble. Wear away resistance in your life now, resitance to going with the flow, letting go, floating, allowing and by focusing on where your needs are, and what your emotions are saying.

If you feel it, it's valid.
But you're not your feelings
and even this shall pass.

* Need help handling this period?
Schedule a specially rated Full Moon Reading.