Saturday, July 30, 2016

Mars at 29 Scorpio

Mars at 29 Scorpio

Cliche as it may be, it really is "darkest before dawn". 
The fact we are guaranteed a sunrise each day, is evidence enough that
 the Light always returns. 
Fear made a comeback in all our lives under this transit job 
and we've had our work cut out kicking it in its @$$! 
New Beginnings are just a mindset away...but...often mixed up in the 
messy business of 'endings'. Can you have one without other? 
Something is undeniably over or gone, while in other areas, 
situations or people are simply (or not so simply) going through intense rebirths 
along altered paths forever changed. 
It's all Hard Work, but something great is about to come from what seemed so terrible. 
No one gets left out, no one is forgotten. 
Hang in there as we squeeze through the bottleneck 
into the greater freedom of Mars entering worldly Sagittarius 
on August 2nd...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Structured Reaching: Mercury in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius


Need some mental stability, a fresh optimistic attitude, 
a new broad stroke of color to your creative offerings?
 Mercury in Leo has us Thinking Of The Fun we're about to have, 
or the Joy That's Sorely Missing
Playful (and Playing) minds can now tap into the Saturn in Sagittarius anchor - 
downloading Wisdom and Honesty - and some much needed 
"structured reaching" 
 to temper overly dramatic communications and conversations 
(within and without)...
Narrow minds are offered an opening now, recklessness is given a word of caution 
(and any appropriate Saturn limitation) and we may just discover a few Set in Stone Beliefs -
 and Judgments - blocking a more joyous head space, at least right now.

Channel thought into Learning Something to overcome inertia, 
Going Someplace to gain perspective or 
Passing On something about your own story, in order to draw in Feedback or Support.
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Your Astrologer,

Friday, July 01, 2016

Love is helped by...Venus-trine-Jupiter:

The last post was heavy, because the planetary combo of Venus-opposing-Pluto isn't light.  Light comes, after the piercing blackness, with this alignment, ask anyone born with it.

The Good always there if you but look for it. Venus is aided now by Jupiter, a planet you always want on your side. This is the energetic principle of "good fortune" "being in the right place at the right time" "optimistic advances" "plenty of everything".

Love is helped by Optimism. Love is protected by Laughter.
 Love is healed with Adventure and Knowledge. 
Love is sustained with Honesty.

The downfall of this planetary team up is the "too much of the thing you love" which always sickens on some cellular level. This Venus-Jupiter isn't as indulgent (or is, within some sort of limit), unless it's on being OCD with the details and over-analysis, typical Virgo vibes (Jupiter is in Virgo still, remember). Venus in Cancer is a heat-seeking missile, defining what is Top Priority.

Finances can swing either way under this one: too much of a good thing could be "Credit, Debt, Greed". The upside is that we end up on the receiving end of some sort of blessing, perhaps financial perhaps in some other form.

Remaining loving and nurturing of ourselves and others, through the darker Pluto chapters, is the way ahead. Jupiter in Virgo is the light at the end of the tunnel, which promises that we WILL get there, to the other side, if we continue just taking one small step forward, one giant Jupiter leap of faith at a time.

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Live and Love Lively,

Your Astrologer,