Friday, August 31, 2007

Calling all Leo's & Virgos!


Saturn is about to move out of Leo (as the Lion's breathe a major sigh of relief after the past 2.5 years) and into Virgo (as the Virgins hide under their not-as-dust-free-as-it-could-be bed.

Everyone will be affected by the transition of Karmic Saturn into the new sign. I'll have more on this soon, but for now:

Virgos - get working on cleaning up your life, because soon you'll be faced with less choice in the matter. You feel it coming - a need to tighten things up and get back on track.

Leo - finish off what you've been working on for the past 2.5 years - Saturn will pay you handsomely for all your hard work, so don't give up yet, you're nearly there. And things will improve soon enough.

The rest of us - stay tuned for more. But in all aspects of life, this new phase will concern your Job Situation, your Health Picture, your relationship to your co-workers and your Daily Schedule. Yes, they're all set to change.

For now - enjoy the final days of Saturn in Leo - schedule in some playtime for goodness sake!


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time for Change...but where?

So you're feeling it.

The Eclipse has passed and something inside is changing. You know you need to. You feel strongly about it. Or maybe it already has. Maybe you had to kiss goodbye to something or someone, or a way of life.

A chapter is closing whether we like it or not, whether we're ready or not - we ARE ready and this is what this lunar phase is all about.

Where will change find us?

Wherever we are still attached to things that blind us to the reality behind the lie, where fog has smogged-out our vision. Where we are clinging to old worn out ways of living that do nothing to nourish our spirit.

To find this area - look to your Astrological Birth Chart - wherever 4Pisces is located is where the Full Moon is unearthing something that is about to resolve, where an ending is in sight, where emotions run high and where the tide will turn, where it must change, where you have to melt back into the Universal Pool of Cosmic Connection, instead of running round like an isolated
individual believing your problems are solely yours and no one shares them. It's where you need more 'connectedness' to your soul, and no longer believe your life is a physical problem. in short - wherever a block is in this area, the water of emotion and spirit are about to dissolve the walls.

We're all going through this right now - the more "spiritual" we become the easier the path ahead will be. Nourishing our spirits means different things to different people - signing up for a yoga class, going swimming, taking more alone time, reading under a tree, watching movies and not working so hard, taking up dance or singing, watching the sunset, helping out at the local hospital, diving into Tarot cards or learning about chakras (energy centers in the body), using intuition more, offering help to those who seek it from us, being more compassionate.

Bills, jobs, money - these are all shadows of the opposite sign of Pisces (Virgo) and since the Full Moon Eclipse is a pull between the two signs and areas of life you'll have to find a way to balance the necessities of life (Virgo) with a belief and a way of living that encompasses more (Pisces) - that there's more to life than the problems we encounter, that may, just maybe the problems are actually spiritual food on our hike to a summit we cannot see, but distinctly remember before we incarnated on this crazy planet.

Take out your chart, find where 4 Degrees Pisces is located - and ring the changes there. Let go. Dissolve. Find a new way. End a chapter. Realize that this area of life needs a spiritual injection - give it more time, more compassion, more understanding, more fluidity. problems here now need spiritual insight (and less physical complaining). In short - find the cause not the symptoms of suffering therein. Here is the path to healing.,

If you're unsure where this is, I can help you out with a Reading or you can email me ( with any questions if you already have some idea where these Eclipse changes are hitting you. We're all in this together. And of course you can always take a look at the Karmic Insight and Past Life Reports that both outline what you're STILL working on in this lifetime as a carryover from your soul's past.

Eclipses are emotional times - when Change is here. We feel lost often, but energized to let go of something and move in a new direction. Whatever it is you want to change know now that you can - the Universe is offering a new way, but first you must take your hands off the steering wheel and trust in the flow of a new cosmic current.

Can you let go?

In the cosmic pool, we are all spiritual swimmers.

The one who struggles to swim in the oceans and rivers of the physical realm,
often drowns by kicking and screaming,
in fear and panic.
Yet the same soul, upon drowning, floats to the surface once more,
when all effort has been relinquished.

Flow, allow, dissolve.

Where will your cosmic trust take you next?

t's time to find a new emotional shore. Just keep swimming.

Your fish-flotation device,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Emotions = Energy in Motion. Lunar Eclipse tomorrow!

The Full Moon tomorrow packs a punch. That's because it coincides with the Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon is blocked out temporarily from view when the Earth passes in front of the Sun, casting its shadow over the silvery orb.

I'll write more on this soon, but for now, take a look at the last time this occurred by reading up on the:

Last Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

Emotions reach an all time high - but if you stay connected to your core, you'll surf any tide that comes your way and avoid the driftwood and shipwrecks of confusing currents.

Water is about to become a big issue again since this one's in Pisces, so look to dreams about water, weather shifts involving water and other issues surrounding H2O and its glory, terror, beauty and mystery.


It's what makes us all human
and is the power behind every action
on Planet Earth.

More soon!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Virgo Season (achoo!)

Is it just me or did everyone start getting sick when the Sun slipped into Virgo yesterday (Aug 23) - the sign relates to health and work. The two are connected of course - for stress creates illness and work is so often a cause of much of our stress - along with bill-playing, moving home, finding or maintaining relationships and the many other factors of daily human existence.

Now we get to question the foundation of our day-to-day lives - are you getting up too early or too late? Sleeping enough or too much? Eating well or could you do without dairy/sugar/alcohol etc? Do you need a note pinned to the fridge every day to remind you to stretch, blink, breathe?

It's worth checking out some yoga, pilates or meditation practices now - we're likely to need it when we suddenly find a strong wind to get back to work or get back to business. And cleaning? oh yes, Virgo's do love to clean as a form of stress-relief so this Virgo season is a great time to work out what to sweep, dust, polish, throw away, replace.

If it's broken, go ahead and potter around with it. if it's not, try improving it, or leave it well enough alone. Who needs perfection when as good as you can get it, is more than enough?

Work, health, stress, disease, cleaning, germs, organization, scheduling, coworkers and job 'stuff' - yup it's all here this next month.

Stress is a choice reaction to things going on around you.
The Astro Doctor says take a Chill Pill to avoid further body and mind erosion.

And breathe!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Party while you can! (Sun enters Virgo Aug 23)

The Sun is about to leave the Lions behind and hunt out the Virgins to see how they're doing (before Saturn arrives in their sign). Stay tuned for more. In the meantime...enjoy the Sun's final passage through Leo this year - have fun, laugh often, rejoice in the pleasure of being alive, for the work and cleaning up does begin during Virgo Season coming up days from now.

The trash collectors are on the way - in the meantime, enjoy throwing confetti and food.

Play on!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Getting along with the USA...

How well do you and your country get along?

For those who live in the United States currently, as I am, and who are wondering how they fit into the bigger picture inside the four walls of this massive (yet surprisingly small) country, here's some fun to be had. In one of my many strange mental wanderings, I pulled up the chart of the USA (Solar Chart) and then laid mine alongside it.

My Mars in Aquarius sits atop the Moon of the States. In a country chart, the Moon signifies the People, the general ethos, the masses. And Mars is the warrior who riles everyone up.

In Aquarius it's all about liberation, freedom and bizarre energy - and as the one who passes along Astrological information to the general population here it seems fitting to find that in the comparison chart.

And in return the USA nurtures my need to act, to push ahead, to get this information out there. Though at times it's a stormy relationship (moon/mars isn't a soft combination) it's all about direct emotional confrontation, and this country has surely done that for me. And I comply gladly - after all, it's not everyone who wants to wake up, and its not often a Cancer who wants their cages rattled in the name of independence. Dependency, maybe..

In Aquarius though, it's all in the name of equality and freedom! And though this country was founded on these principles (born with an Aquarian Moon) it's hardly kept to them as it should have.

As Pluto (death and rebirth) moves into Capricorn in Feb 2008 (structure, government) to return in the USA chart to its birth position also in Capricorn, the country will undergo even greater changes - not least of all within the corridors of power - where power will become synonymous with darkness, for the ultimate purging of that which has been held in place for too long - "fear" and all its branches of control.

If you're interested in how you get along with the States as a whole, and know your chart take a look above and compare.

The States is Cancer (Apple pie, big appetites/portions/bellies, Mom, Home, Family, Tradition, Patriotism, the Past, Mother fixation - England of course being the "mother" country).

If you're a Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer you can find some solace here, preferably by the water somewhere or else buy a fish tank or go swimming often! The country moves you to feel great things or the depths of despair but at least you're alive (you do so love those big feelings).

Aries, Leo and Sag as fire signs could get rubbed the wrong way often as people are too moody for them or too stuck in their ways or whining a lot. Preferably live somewhere hot or desert like.

Aquarius, Gemini and Libra should find things going their way when the public is ready to move ahead and try new things but be irritated when we go through the usual repeating of the past and the mantra of patriotism. These signs want progress and real freedom, not feigned and fake. Best to live up high or somewhere where the wind blows strong. And finally, the earth signs

Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo should feel they can put roots down here or at least grow some of their long term plans, which is just what they're seeking. Of course there is such a thing as too much stability - and of course that appetite and waist line.

These are really basic to Sun signs, but it's a start. See what you come up with yourself. And by the way - the country was born with Mercury Retrograde - is that why we seem to keep repeating history here or at least talking over the same things on the news again and again and showing the same footage from God Knows When? And boy is it a nation of talkers - is anyone not on their cell phone while driving/shopping/pooping/eating?

And if you live outside the States, ever wondered how you and your country get along? Maybe it really is an Astrological thing....

Yours anything-but-patriotic because I have a Mars in Aquarius to get everyone off their bottoms here to uncover their TRUE freedom (know thyself!)
Neil (salutes)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Your own Personal Month Ahead - subscriptions now available!

Sick of feeling like you share your personal path with everyone else in your sign?

For a more personalized look at your months ahead (that no horoscope can ever provide - yep, I do my best detailing your cycles but nothing speaks louder than your Personal Chart) - I now am able to offer a subscription to the new Lunar Return series.

Each month on a specific day personal to only you, the Moon returns to exactly where it was when you were born. It's called your Lunar Return and a chart is drawn for this Exact Moment and it outlines what kinda month you're going to have - along with the bumps, potholes, glory, magic and opportunities that lie in wait for you to grab, ignore, fight over or laugh at - the choice, as always is yours.

It's your own personal weather forecasting Report, and packs a punch that helps you prepare like no horoscope can. Because it's written specifically for you. You can get your own now, that I'll compile personally and send to you via email on the exact day each month of YOUR own personal lunar month. Each month you'll receive your own personal lowdown on what's going on in YOUR world (for a change). The ultimate guilt-free gift to yourself!

If you sign up now you'll also get coverage of the two Eclipses that are fast approaching at the end of this month. Choose your subscription period to suit your needs or budget - 3 months, 6 months or a full year.

Be Prepared and enjoy the journey even more.

Enjoy them!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007

Meteor Shower - Aug 12/13!

If you're up on the nights of the 12/13 when the Moon has vanished from the sky due to the upcoming Leo New Moon, check out the Meteor Shower scheduled by cosmic coincidence at this time - just for your personal viewing pleasure. Hot Chocolate recommended.


Thursday, August 09, 2007

Forgotten Fun??! New Moon in Leo - Aug 12

New Moon Aug 12 7:02 pm 4:02 pm 19:51 Leo

The New Moon in Leo on Aug 12 is a timely reminder to Just Keep Loving It (All)!

Leo is usually the sign we can count on to show us how to let our hair down and have a good time. But how can you do that with Saturn the karmic debt-collector hanging over you and with Venus Retrograding in your sign. Leo's had a hard time and it's not over yet, so give them a hug when you see them, they're sure to need it.

Maybe we can help them out under this particular New Moon phase with a reminder to them of their own birthright.

For us all, the New Moon is an opportunity to remember the innocence of childhood, when we weren't yet burned by the hot flames of desire, pummeled by passion and ripped off emotionally by those who let us open up and then 'loved' us by bruising our sensitive hearts and trampling on our fragile egos.

Astrologer Linda Goodman once said that giving is effortless and it's our nature. The apple tree doesn't choose who it bestows its fruit to, it simply must. Without giving, the tree would die.

In our lives it becomes a scorecard game of 'give and withdraw' when we seek only to protect ourselves from hurt once inflicted or suffered (it's the same burn). However this New Moon asks of us to continue giving birth to ideas, games, projects that feel good no matter the consequences to our ego.

Playing is the act of creation - of getting up and doing it and having a go. Of major risk - the audience may boo, the lover may walk, the art be trashed by critics, the haircut receive laughs in the street, the gamble fail, the open heart be swallowed whole, the song flop, the movie script bomb, the idea crash and burn.

Whether you want to be the worlds greatest Lover, or the next Van Gogh, the next Oscar actor, or just loved without feeling like you'll be dumped the moment something goes wrong, we're all presented with a Stage this lunar phase and we're all given the choice to walk on, or hide in the wings watching more fearless souls take to the spotlight. (you're kidding yourself if you believe they're not nervous, they just have no other choice because it's Shine or Die under a Leo New Moon...)

Shining is the only way to to keep the darkness at bay. So if you're swamped by the shadows now, the only choice you have is to continue burning brightly, with no other power source but your own right to be respected, your own need to create and your own vision of how something could be.

Desire is our fuel now, and passion our road map. And while many cultures and religion see 'ego' as something to move beyond, to ignore, repress or destroy (Madonna Leo (whose sun shines in the 12th house of ego submission) sings just this in her song Die Another Day - "I'm gonna destroy my ego" since this is her own life path mission, but try telling that to most Leos whose Sun burns in the other 11 houses of the astrological wheel!) it is not.

Ego is the spark of spiritual light given a backbone and a reason for being (after all what is the point of being a soul unless you're incarnated into the physical world to effect change. It was Ego that led most people to their great works - even acts of compassion because they WANTED to make a difference, and couldn't not.

What in your life do you have NO choice in doing because you have to, must do it, because it IS you?

That's your Leo New Moon phase in action. And your spiritual purpose in action!
It's not about success or failure, it's about Playing the Game.

Help and Hindrances

As always other planets come into the picture to aid or thwart us in this endeavor to make the game more interesting. Mercury (conjunct the New Moon) throws in a lot of new ideas, information, phone calls, emails and conversations that provide you with plenty of opportunities to put yourself on the line and do something fun. Maybe you wind up working at a kids party or dressing up as a character at the local wal-mart. Maybe you get invited to 5 parties. Maybe an agent calls or someone calls you in for an audition and you have to perform. Someone asks you to dance (in front of others, gasp!).

Saturn and Venus have the potential to help us out as they sit alongside the New Moon too, both in Leo. We have the safety net of structure-Saturn that says if you plan and schedule in fun and frivolity, you can't lose. Open up your heart. Enjoy. Make it a pleasurable experience or don't bother doing it at all. Love it or leave it. Venus retrograde says love comes in many packages and you may have to get used to taking the one right now that seems the opposite of what you'd prefer. Appearances deceive now so don't run for the gold when the silver (or lead) may hold more promise in the long run. Real Beauty isn't self-conscious or loud. It's born of inner peace that radiates.

We'll be challenged by the Neptune opposition to this New Moon when we project onto other people the energy of the victim, the drifter, the squandered, the drunk or addicted. it's easy to call others a mess to save our own face. this is ego at its worst. In many ways we're needed now to shine our Leo Lights onto the plight of our friends (Aquarius) or the world at large (society's ills or issues, also Aquarius). Neptune in Aquarius could coincide at this New Moon with more water issues in the world, flooding, drowning, drought or heavy rainfall. Using celebrities (Leo) to aid the downtrodden (Neptune) would be a great use of the power of this period. Where you can, reach out to help, not condemn. How easy it is for the tides of fortune to change.

On the flip side, don't let con artists steal your light. Energy vampires abound now who steal your idea or your thunder, just for attention, to fill the void of their own lives and ego. Stay firm inside your own creative bubble and let friends or strangers lead you astray. They want what you have, but it's not worth sharing if it's only to be wasted on further escapism or victim-like behavior. Help those willing to help themselves and you're still helping.

Of course it would be easier to drift, and take up movie-gazing or drink-binging than it would be to use creative force to produce something. But artists who can stave off this hunger to run away from work, can truly tap into some psychic and spiritual inspiration at this time.

This New Moon reminds us of our inner wound, reflected to us through those around us. Mostly we'll find this to be a social issue, a wound of not quite fitting in with your peers, issues with friends, group problems, social dysfunction and the 'wrongs of society'. Our inner feeling of wanting to be different yet not fitting in, and the judgments we make of others who do not, are all pitfalls at this time. But healing comes now when we open our hearts to the differences that make up the whole.

Finally, we're aided by Pluto this New Moon period in clearing out the last of old worn out beliefs, philosophies. Truth truly is personal, but does your truth give you the power to create or are you suffering from religious or other persecutions based on sin or rules so hard to uphold. Pluto in Sagittarius is on its way out and with it, taking the beliefs from ages past. So let your life show you a new way - or create one for yourself.

And finally -


Leo New Moons are about finding a new way to express yourself, let your ego shine and Do What Only You Do Best.

If you're still wondering what that is, look to the House and Sign your Sun is placed in your Astrology Chart. Or check in for a Personal Reading with me - and I'll help you find your core - for if we shine in the House of our Charts where the Sun was placed at our birth, then only great things can happen, because we are fulfilling our purpose on the planet. Simple ways to achieve Big Things.

No one else can live your life - you're the Star of your own Story.
So is it a story worth telling to future generations?

Shine on!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Yee-Haa: Jupiter goes Direct (Aug 6)

Reading the last Blog entry you probably wonder if there's any hope of ever getting out of a certain situation, quandary or quagmire. Always, my friends!

Retro periods are 're-thinking, re-evaluating, re-feeling, and re-negotiating our plans and position and the people we're interacting with. Some good news for ya:

Jupiter ends his magnificent tour of Retrograde Land this coming week (Aug 6 to be exact) so in brief:

Aries folk can finally continue their travel plans, and do something with everything they've learned since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Clashes with other cultures can finally be over once you come to see that the tests were related to boundaries, and how much your 'knowing' nature has become arrogance. Keep an open mind and opportunities will flood in.

Taurus folk can finally figure out what their money is doing for them (and their partners). Joint accounts, financial entanglements, business deals with others, debt and other issues related to their financial security and personal power can be laid to rest once they realize that more is not necessarily a good thing. Clear the deck, and the slate, and turn over a new page. A transformation is possible now when you see the bigger picture and realize one problem you've been bombarded with since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) is depleting your power and simply demanding a resolution.

Gemini folk can finally feel free from relationship lessons they've been constantly undergoing since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Since some of you wriggled free of commitment you may find it's time now to set your sights higher with the knowledge you now have of what is needed to be above board and fair. Business and personal 'deals' (in love or work) can only happen when you maintain an open position and keep your defenses down. The grass may be greener but that's no reason to be green with envy if others seem to have the goods. You'll get your time.

Cancer folk can finally feel the freedom in their job situation they've been seeking since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). As many doors didn't open you may have thought would, it's easy to get jaded. But don't sell out or sell yourself short - freedom calls and a new opportunity to do more is offered soon enough. As far as your body goes, more isn't always good, unless it comes to exercise - but even then, don't overdo it. Get outside more, and your body will thank you.

Leo folk can finally feel the clamp around their heart released and not feel so overwhelmed by dramatic goings on since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) as their inner child feels buoyant and full of a hope and optimism you may have felt dampened of late. Romance blooms once more, and the risks you loved to take seem worth it again - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Life is a gamble and whether you win or lose, it's more about how many experiences you sampled and how much fun you had, not whether anyone loved what you did.

Virgo folk can finally decide on what to do with their home situation, whether they're staying or going or just trying to run away from what has become a stagnant situation that's been squeezing the fun out of your personal life since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Making space can be done in many ways now, whether it's emptying a room or closet of stuff you no longer need. Since your soul needs fresh air, you may need to take your home on the road, or at least open the windows and decide what will give you back your sense of the world being a much bigger place than just the same four walls and outlook.

Libra folk can finally make important decisions without feeling they'll make a blunder without the right information. Truth has been a complicated issue since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) because it all depends on your perspective. Tact may have gone out the window when you decided you'd say how you feel regardless of anyone else's feelings. But now, your mind comes unstuck in a good way and you can cast your mental nets even wider, using the mental Law of Attraction to attract to you things that your mind finds exciting instead of dwelling on past and present annoyances that have kept you chained to a depressing outlook. Oxygen = A clear head = Freedom.

Scorpio folk can finally use their new-found self-worth and self-value to full use since their financial and self-esteem trip through the netherlands since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) is finally over. Whether you still think you're being cheated out of what is rightfully yours or if you've stood firm on your bottom line, life now throws you many opportunities to put what you have to better use. Your resources are your gold mine, not the cash in the bank or your pocket (and you've come to learn what's necessary and what's luxury). Your confidence, optimism and intelligence are your magnets of abundance, all you need to is have the faith you can make it with only the shirt on your back, to bring to you situations and people that will allow you to do a whole lot more, and get a whole lot back.

Sagittarius folk can finally see why a trip backwards, slowing down and having to re-do a lot of things they thought they'd completed, was actually necessary. it's given you time to rediscover lost parts of yourself and also to keep in mind that although you have an open mind, it's become narrow of late and a little judgmental. You can't grow in all directions at once, so progress has been limited to stop you from spreading your energies too thin. Since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) you've learned the hard way that knowledge is nothing unless you put it to use, and that the only way to live is to live 100% as yourself, with 100% honesty to yourself. That is growth enough.

Capricorn folk can finally relieve tension in their souls by feeling the answer to some of the riddles that have plagued them since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began) when irrational fears were blown out of proportion. Cleaning out unconscious remnants of old dreams, old beliefs and old knowledge was the only way to emptying yourself to be refilled with new and more wondrous visions that give you true freedom not the illusion of it. Psychic powers are back at full power now, but only because you've been forced to spent more time going inside asking yourself questions and seeking answers from your own spirit, rather than adventure out into the world for a book, conversation, or piece of insight or advice that comes from somewhere else other than your own heart and soul. Now, the opportunity to feel more connected to everything around you, is the gift of true faith in a benevolent force.

Aquarius folk can finally focus on their future goals, quests and visions and not feel as overwhelmed with the bigger picture of their plans since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Now, society isn't as much a roadblock to freedom and fun but a tool you can use to gain greater insight and also share what you know to add to the pool of knowledge already out there. Where friends were once a pain in the butt, they now are opportunities for you - as each person holds a key to a greater wealth than you'd have found should you have continued on your path alone. You don't have all the pieces of the jigsaw, and even if you are close to it, you'll need help in putting it together. Now, a bold step, confidence and a way ahead that's totally you (without any advice or pointing fingers from others around you) is the way to go - you were born to break protocol and now's your chance.

Pisces folk can finally feel as though they're on top of things and in control again, especially when it comes to their career objective, which may have seemed to have been held up or not as big as your instincts told you they could be since April 7 (when retro Jupiter began). Now, the horizon opens and you can cast yourself as far and wide as you want, it's all a matter of personal choice, since you're the only one in charge now. Self confidence helps when you realize that all roadblocks to your dream have been held in place because, quite simply, it wasn't your Dream but someone elses rules you were living by. You have your own truth now, and it's a chance to live it, and show the world how to walk your walk and talk your talk and show what you know, all the while staying open to taking new pathways to the summit. It's all in the Adventure and the playing of the Game.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Five Planets Retrograde (and you wondered why you felt crazy)

Why do some things not seem to take off right now? How come people are acting weird? Why won't the deal go through NOW?! Why are you still waiting to hear back? When will your energy pick up so you'll feel able to conquer the world again? Why is Jack not understanding you and how come you see to be crossing wires with Jill? Is it really over? How come the new beginning you've been waiting for seems more of a myth than a reality in the making? Is the Law of Attraction a load of nonsense because clearly, CLEARLY nothing is happening?


We have 5 planets currently retrograde. Relax. Most of us right now are in some way wondering if we should check out or get beamed up. Retro planets pull us back to deal with things differently, our usual "methods" don't work - and in such an 'external' world oriented society, if we seek results now, we'll always feel we're falling short of the mark, or success as we like to call it.

Success, right now, could actually be the entire crumbling of your best laid plans. Escaping something that ends without your explicit consent could be the saving grace of your life right now. But would you know it?

If we stick with the Universal Law that all is as it should be at any given moment and that, yes, it can change if we want it to and if we choose to consciously make our next step towards a more improved version of life, then all will work out well. It always, the end.

So if it's not great right now, it's not the end. Got it?

let's have a tour of the retro planets and see if you recognize any (I'm sure you will):

Venus: (affecting most strongly those with Libra or Taurus strong in their charts but still all of us in various ways): Money matters are mixed up, we're spending more than we mean to, don't have enough, or suddenly the bottom seems to drop out of our world, bank account or investment schemes. What we value turns sour, or we don't even know what we love anymore. And let's not talk about relationships - how the hell can you rely on anyone right now to date, share with or even to show up on time. Is being fair enough when you feel you're getting a bum deal yourself?

Jupiter (affecting most strongly those with Sagittarius or Pisces strong in their charts but still all of us in various ways): Growth in any particular direction seems so slow, or not happening at all. Travel plans seem to take up even more time (can't people just FLOW these days?!) And all the red tape and laws, and regulations. Argh! You're either biting off more than you can chew or you're not being offered enough opportunity to feel free and energized. Life becomes more resitting an exam than it does an adventure. You're going too far left or too far right or the problems are exaggerated and you feel totally stifled. Do you take a risk and see or wait until you get a green light...if ever?

Uranus (affecting most strongly those with Aquarius or Pisces strong in their charts but still all of us in various ways): No solid ground. Things keep changing or NOT changing enough! You're so intent on being yourself than you wind up pushing the envelope too far and suddenly it's signed, sealed and delivered, to the wrong address. Erratic mood swings or just a sense that it all may change direction in the blink of an eye make it a period when the only thing that's certain is uncertainty. Have you lost your mind or is the world insane? or both? And friendship - how can you rely on anyone when they are going through the same shifts? Are you really free or just running in circles fighting all things that threaten to trap you or keep you tied to a life you didn't choose to live?

Neptune (affecting most strongly those with Aquarius or Pisces strong in their charts but still all of us in various ways): How do you break the addiction to run away from it all, take a pill, down a vodka or get sucked into TV land, on the trail of the next orgasm or some other self-destructive path that, though it doesn't bring peace, gives you a way to waste your time and avoid the ugly parts of life? Is being sensitive a crime? How can you feel connected to it all, when you're surrounded by so much that doesn't make sense? Should you quit and jack it all in, or "go with the flow" (or are you headed for a waterfall? Can you really trust "the universe" or is it all a great way to say 'we're lost and couldn't be bothered to make a map'? Helping out is all well and good but how can you help anyone when you yourself are paddling in hot water? Is doing nothing more than enough or much too little?

Pluto: (affecting most strongly those with Sagittarius or Scorpio strong in their charts but still all of us in various ways). How do you really kill of a part of your life? Don't monsters raise their heads at the end of each horror film again..and again? Is the night of your soul really over? Doesn't the light of morning only promise yet another nighttime? Can you trust anyone else when people are only out for themselves? Are you being destructive or is it time to end one chapter for good? Are you insecurities getting in the way of true intimacy or have you just, quite simply, had enough? How can you master your lower emotions when life constantly pulls you back to dealing with the same old garbage? Is Death even the final answer, when what was one complete and gone, is now here once more. Is this deja-vu or am I stuck in Hell?! Help!

Okay so these sound dire at times, but in many ways we may all feel we're on Repeat Mode. And so we are. The planetary energies right now are making it IMPOSSIBLE (or at least damned hard) in not dealing with the reality of who we are inside. The more pain we feel now is in proportion to how much we are fighting the tides we have set in motion. Sometimes we need to let life catch up to us, and that's what this period is all about.

Relax. Breathe. It's not life or death? We ARE making progress. It IS about self love first. We're still connected, even though the road ahead is foggy. We are freeing ourselves each time we say Yes to what we want and NO to what feels heavy. We are reclaiming our power whenever we question something, because we always have a choice in how to respond to life's events.

Life has no success barometer we can see - it's based inside. Even on bad days when we feel like life is pointless, we can be safe in the knowledge that those who make a single step in a direction more suited to what they want (I call it the constant-improvement path) are always supported by a benevolent force that wants us all to grow, unite, and evolve and expand. Nature "works". It needs no steering wheel, just the guiding hand of a cosmic cycle and the willingness of all things - birds, grass, trees and animals, to participate.

Cycles work when we work with them.

Wherever you are on yours, remember not to judge from what you see outside, but by what you feel within.

And if you need any help in uncovering just exactly where you are in your current cycles and how to handle them, you can schedule a Transit Reading with me, and I'll shine some light your way. It's amazing how funny it is when you see that the cycle you're in Astrologically is just where you need to be, and the simple things you can do to get out of your funk, in a matter of moments. Truly Magical. Here's the link to the Readings and to the Transit Report.