Thursday, December 31, 2009

What will YOURS be like?

Welcome to a new chapter!

Remember, the "New Year" doesn't astrologically begin until April, when we enter the springtime promise of the Aries Ram as the sap rises and the flowers burst forth once more into the bright light of a new season and a fresh start.

So those New years Resolutions are worth making but don't worry about the 'breaking' part. Just do your best (it's Capricorn season, a time of achievement or at least Goal Setting). And we can check on your Progress by Springtime.

For now, I want to remind you that as far as the numbers go, this a time of a parting of the ways, and a time to re-focus. Your time, your efforts, your energy, your awareness.

What do you desire now?

Give that your focus and let the rest fall by the wayside.
It's that simple.

I'll go into depth on what to expect in the year ahead but for now I want to leave you with a moment to decide what YOU want for YOUR year ahead. What will 2010 go down as in Your History?

You play a role in the shaping of your year. No matter what any "Expert" says. So decide now what you want in the months ahead.
And give it your best shot.

Hope. Optimism. Expectation. Excitement. And Gratitude.

These will get you there. Or at least to an amazing place by December next year.

Stay tuned for regular Video Blogs, a new Book, new techniques for Chart Intepretation from this year's studies, Horary Astrology ("Astrology of the Moment"), Draconic Astrology (to uncover our Soul's Essence) and Classes for Each Sign (along with a regular series to help you learn Astrology and follow your own Chart).

So much ahead!

Thanks for joining me on the Journey.

Happy New Year 2010!
Your Astrologer,

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Limited Spaces Left: Encore Telephone Class! Dec 15

The last class was SOLD OUT, and so I am running this special class once more before the end of the year. Get in early for this one, class is on Dec 15, you can call in ANYWHERE in the world over a dedicated number, and once your spot is secure, you get to ask questions during the class also.

Here's the link with all the info.

Sign up as soon as you can, to save your spot. I am so excited to be able to offer this
class again before end of of 2009.

See you there!
Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

YOUR 2010: Early Bird Report Special!

Find out what EACH MONTH of your 2010 has in store for you, with an advanced Lunar Return Report Subscription. Order yours before Dec 28, and receive a full Year Subscription for $175 (Normally $240!).

See what you'll get for each month - these Reports are specific to YOUR CHART, and each month reveals a new theme, installment, opportunity, challenge and what you can anticipate to truly design your Destiny throughout the year. I love these!

Happy Holidays!
Offer ends Dec 28.

Your Astrologer,

Sunday, December 06, 2009


This class was such a success that many of you were unable to sign up because it was full. So I am bringing this one back before the end of the year. I feel the information is pertinent for now, as we move into a new Saturn Cycle, and armed with this information you can blow through your fears, walls, and hang-ups and make 2010 a year of success and celebration - as you get to truly be yourself, no-holds-barred.

Sign up here (search: NEIL D PARIS)
Dec 15 4.30pm-5.30pm Pacific.
Teleconference Class, from anywhere!

See you there!

Last Class Reviews:

"...SO much info! Put so many things into place
for me. Thank you for doing what you do!..."

"Amazing class. You reinforced what
I know I have to work on, and surprised me into remembering
what I am already great at!
Thanks for the dedication to outstanding classes."

"....A Packed Hour. Can't wait for your next one!"

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Astrology Gift Certificates!

Give the Gift of Knowledge this year - for a Personal Astrology Reading or Personal Report. Any denomination.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009


TWO DAYS LEFT: Teleclass: Saturn Your Achilles Heel (Dec 1)

Only two days to go til my next Astrology Teleclass. To guarantee your space, sign up here. The class is fast filling up and space is limited.

I'm excited to share with you the secrets of your OWN Saturn Placement, your karmic residue, your roadblocks, fears and your greatest possible achievement lying in wait behind it all.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a free copy off your Birth Chart to use during the Class.

This is a teleconference class so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

See you there!

Your Astrologer,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buy an $80 Gift Certificate for only $50!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - wherever you are in the world!

Since it is a season of Thanks, I have a special offer for you all. When you spend $50 on a gift certificate at my website, you'll receive a gift certificate for $80 instead! No limit, use them on Readings with me and the Personalized Reports.

Just input your order here, using the code THANX and you'll be emailed your code to use for $80 of treats for yourself or anyone you know.


Enjoy! And thanks for all you share with me.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Radio Shows Tomorrow: Hay House @9am, CBS LIve @ 3pm

CBS Radio Live @ 3pm Pacific

Confidence and Self Esteem - Do you have a fear of commitment, taking responsibility, or authority issues? Learn powerful self esteem techniques and heal your symptoms of guilt on today's show. KG's guest, astrology coach Neil D. Paris, talks about Saturn's role in creating healthy self esteem, and the opportunities that await for each sun sign during Saturn's 2 1/2 year visit in Libra. Listeners are invited to call in for energy and astrology readings.

There'll be a class follow up for Saturn themes, so stay tuned to the website for more details coming coon!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Get out and Find out: Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 21)

Yea yea, so it's been dark recently. Psychic garbage filled out lives and we've been "taking out the trash" so to speak. All that stuff we lugged around from the past - our childhood, our past life, whatever, wherever. How has your 'emotional cleansing' going?

Good news: the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius 8:23pm Eastern, 11.23pm Pacific - the sign of expanding horizons, silver linings, fresh opportunities. it's time to open our minds to a new possibility, to go in search of a new potential, to seek out a truth, to visit a new place, to sample a new philosophy, to try to incorporate a new belief into our life.

It's time to turn on your Inner Gypsy and hit the road on a quest for...whatever you want. Who cares if you find it, this month. The Journey is everything, and you never know who or what you'll meet along the way.

Expect a foreign influence, someone with an accent, someone whose belief clashes with yours. Welcome it. Expand your cultural reference. See what code of conduct others live by and re-work your own. if in doubt, get out on an adventure.

If you're bored, you're not using the bounty available to us all right now - be willing to take a risk, gamble on something, and go out and find out for yourself. A book gets you so far, so does a movie, so does gossip or rumor...but it's time to find out for yourself.

How about some self-learning to step your life up to the next level with a Full In-Depth Natal Report (80-100 pages PACKAGED with info on YOU!)
Happy Travels!

Your Adventurous Astrological Ally,
www. New World

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DEMOLITION UNDER WAY: Saturn square Pluto

Saturn = any structure, possible limitations, red-tape rules & restriction, the status-quo, our lessons.

Pluto: transformation, death & rebirth, removal, completion, passion & obsession, the Shadow & darkness, investigation.

As Saturn squares Pluto this week (an angle of tension) it's played out on Earth in a variety of ways:

Established Structures are challenged to update or be overthrown, trashed, brought down or else severely compromised.

Security in our own lives suffers the same: some lose jobs, some lose a sense of security (or sanity) and what seemed safe, is shaken.

Depression is a common effect of these two planets connecting under trying times.

What can you let go of?
What can be changed to work better?
Where is your pessimism keeping you chained to the Darkness?

Yes things are changing. The order in our lives may have become a prison. It's time to root out anything (an attitude, situation, emotion, person, aspect of our body or being) that is not working for the good of the whole (or our personal peace) and to eradicate it by trying to first heal it, transform it, or destroy it.

Death is not always bad. Killing off diseased cells helps our bodies grow stronger.
Somewhere in our lives is a possible cancerous 'thing'. Can you spot it?

Locate it. Feel the discomfort and darkness surrounding it. Know it serves one purpose: to reveal to you where both your Power, and Fear of Loss is hidden. Bring those to light. Your Power lies in acceptance and the altering of that which no longer works for you.

bring down any control structures in place in your life. Any corruption, inner control, emotional manipulation, deep-seated fear and bleakness, and bring it to the light of Hope, Faith, Optimism.

The surgeon is in and he's ready to help you heal. It may cut, it will hurt no doubt, but then, the healing can begin in earnest.

Challenging times, but we're all ready to do this!

If you need any help as things crumble, check in for a PERSONAL READING.

There with you,
Your Astrologer,

NOV VLOG #2: Watch it now!

Check out the NEW MOON RITUAL READINGS here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Letting Go: Scorpio New Moon (Nov 16)

Our current lunar phase of new beginnings (the New Moon) is the sign of endings (Scorpio), and the sign of Transformation, moving from one state to another. Nothing is allowed to stagnate now at this New Moon, and how can we have a new beginning if we don't take care of the old stuff hanging around?

Something needs to die now, and the New Moon will bring about the energy to allow for a chapter change. Just as midwives help us birth something, we now need those who can aid us in letting go - who teaches us this? So now, look to play this role in others lives and for others to appear to help you with this process yourself.

Ah, there's an important word now: process. All is a process - don't expect to magically let go of everything that has to leave now. It's our nature to hold on, to dig our nails in to retain some sense of a status quo in our lives, but this new Moon shows it's tough to do that. Something has to go, something has to change, something has to die and be reborn. So accepting that something has to change, is the first step to embracing the theme of this current lunar cycle.

This New Moon:

Realize what's keeping you chained to pain, and give it up
Look at your addiction to the dark side
Begin some recycling scheme
Clear out things you no longer, use, value, need, like Be open to intimacy and going deeper
Seek support, give support, pool resources, talents
Face your shadow
Shed a skin and don't look back
Realize your power of choice
Watch horror movies, and notice the symbolism of facing your fear/demons Investigate, research, uncover, probe
Ask for a loan, extend credit, seek financial advice/support

Accept it's OVER
Use passion to move mountains
Take your anger, rage, jealousy, hatred and channel it into something positive in your life
Enjoy sex with a soul connection
Learn Tantra
Try Kundalini Yoga
Visit a sex shop, indulge in erotica, discover your hidden desires
Accept and embrace your Power - power 'is', it's what you do with it that matters most
Undergo hypnosis, surgery, counseling
Talk about taboos
Order the Karmic Insight or Past Life Report (see here) (to detail what you're carrying with you from other lives that maybe tripping you up still.
Cast a spell or perform a ritual to enhance your power and release negativity

Prepare for the death of one way, and the birth of a new path, a new possibility and a new power.

Schedule a Reading with me to detail what this means for you personally, in your own birth Chart.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm in this week's Power Peek Newsletter!

You can read my offerings in this weeks Power Peek Newsletter by clicking here.

I cover the entire week ahead and give a day by day breakdown on what to expect this week.



Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Hay House Radio Appearance with Mark Husson

You can listen to my October radio appearance with Mark Husson on Hay House Radio for the hour Power Peek, by clicking here.


Happy November,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scorpio Season!

We just entered the Season of Scorpio. To find out more about this deeply passionate & intense sign, you can read all about it here or listen to me chat to you about it.

Check it out!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Appearing on 'Conversations to Enlighten and Heal' with KG Stiles

Ive been asked to appear on KG Sile's prestigious show 'Conversations to Enlighten and Heal' tomorrow at 11am Pacific.

Stay tuned for the audio, we're covering Saturn's transition into Libra, with a look ahead to what this means for us all.


Neil's Hay House Radio Appearance Audio Link

If you missed my appearance on Hay House Radio you can listen to the show here
for a limited time.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2 Days Left! My Teleconference Class: "Secrets of Your Sexual Side and Dating Destiny"

Who's YOUR ideal lover? What kind of lover are YOU?
And what type of Relationship are you really, truly seeking?

The answers may surprise you.

Armed with your Astrology Chart (of which you'll receive a copy) this class (for men & women) will help you avoid the Romance Rocks and surf your Signs to a more fulfilling Dating Destiny.

Your Unique Partnership Profile reveals:

* Your Rising Sign & Personal Presentation Package (how others really see you!)
* Your Venus Sign: Specific Love Needs & Deepest Desires (avoid these and you're sunk)
* The "types" you should REALLY be looking for, (via your personal "Descending Sign")
* The way you make love & what satisfies you sexually and more (via your Mars Sign)

Size up any date, any lover, anyone! Finally, permission to be Yourself.
Only then can you truly find and be the Ultimate Lover.

** Just in time for the New Moon in Libra, the following day - 2009's Powerpoint in Relationship Manifestation!

Birth Time helpful, but not required.
Limited Space so Sign Up Here. See you there!

Your Astrologer,

Monday, October 12, 2009

Appearing on Hay House Radio tomorrow!

Tuesday Oct 13th, 9am. Tune in to Hay House Radio - I'll be appearing with Astrologer and 12Listen Creator Mark Husson. Two Astrologers for you, giving on-air Readings and talking about all the changes we're currently experiencing.

Don't miss it!

Listen Live here.

VLOG#2: The Law of Attraction during Libra Season

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Sweet-Speak: Mercury enters Libra (Oct 9)

Be polite. Be kind. Be nice. Words are beautiful. Enjoy them. Why? Because Mercury (the energy within us that seeks to communicate and connect to the world around us) moves into Libra, the midway sign of Peace, Harmony, Aesthetics, Beauty & Partnership.

Share your ideas. We'd love to hear them. Talk to others. Listen to them. Debate. Banter. Write poetry. Sing. Make things rhyme. Send a thank you card. Tell someone how you feel about them.

Mercury enjoys being in Libra, an air sign (the energy of thought). Two heads are better than one so on October 9th, share cerebrally and see what you come up with.

Words are weapons (remember that WORD-S can be used as a S-WORD) or they can be used to build bridges, and bridge divides between people, nations, heads and hearts.
Reach out. Open your mind and let us in.

DON'T FORGET!: Are you joining me for my first teleconference class on Oct 16th yet? There's some spaces left and I'd love to have you there! Sign up today - It's entitled 'Your Seret Sexual Side and Your Dating Destiny' and it's going to be a heck of a lot of fun - you'll get a copy of your chart and we'll cover what it reveals about YOUR personal life. Come and join in - Check it out here!.

Your poetic Pisces,

How about sending a gift to someone, a Report that details just how amazing they are. Okay..or gift yourself. You're worth it! Check out free samples here.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

VLOG1: Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon: Oct 3 (11.10pm Pacific)

For the next two weeks it's all about You. And should be. The Aries Full Moon period affords us a chance to work out if WE are fulfilled, if we look how we want to look, if we're on track with ourselves, if we're acting as we want to. If the vision we have of ourselves, really what we're seeing playing out in our individual lives?


The Full Moon now lands in the sign of Aries - war, aggression, assertiveness, action, initiation, inspiring us to pioneer old ground or to walk away from old lives and creating new beginnings out of the tattered remains of yesterdays soul-cleansing fires.

As the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries is the starter, the Fire Starter I guess you could say (since that's its element) but under a Full Moon things reach a completion, a culmination and we receive word from the Universe in the form of a progress report.

Full Moons remind us to 'let go' in areas where we're overdoing, over-striving and otherwise resisting the flow of cosmic energy in our lives. A new beginning is hard, when we're caught up in yesterday's shadows. So this week we look both forward (Aries) and backwards (Full Moon) separating old paths with new trails yet to be blazed.

We can help this along by following a few of these suggestions, tailor made for this particular lunar phase this week:

Work on Anger Management Issues - should anger ever BE managed? If not - all hell can break loose, or we end up in all-out war. But repressing it does us no good. Work out a way to meet your needs head-on and confront obstacles with courage, confidence and total honesty.

Let go of the need to be first - people push, people shove, they cut you off on roads and they are impatient and self-centered. This weekend, let them be. Save yourself a headache!

Give up too much selfishness - sometimes your needs can't be met by anyone else but you. That's life so accept it.

Go kickboxing, play squash/tennis - anything that's high energy and aggressive or fast.
Pump Iron - Aries loves raw energy and a show of macho. Push your limits just know when to quit.

Chill out - is it worth getting so heated over?

Burn something - in a safe environment, but try a Full Moon Fire Ritual (check in with me for a discounted special to see how this Full Moon affects you and your birth chart PERSONALLY), burn things that symbolize what you're trying to move away from or let go of. Works wonders.

Quit banging your head against a brick wall. Find another way.

DO something - Aries Full Moons ask for energy and drive, committed to achieving a task. Knock down a wall, build something, go for a jog, work out, wrestle, buy a punchbag, scream, sing a rock song at karaoke, start 18 new projects and alternate between them all.

Burn off calories, then you won't be so easy to trigger. A relaxed body/mind is harder to agitate!

Cut hair, do face treatments - Full Moons are good times to cut hair (to grow back slower). Aries relates to the Head so prune crazy hair, give yourself a facial. Legend has it that cutting hair can release stagnant energy some cultures say resided in hair. Look back and notice your haircuts after a breakup, or breakdown? It released old energy. perhaps it's time for another makeover?!

In short - stop thinking, feeling and analyzing and wondering. Just Do It!

Full Moons pull liquids on the planet
and within our bodies, making us more emotional and touchy. It'd be easy to get into a fight under Aries energy this week but it's a waste of good raw energy. Remember energy is directed where our conscious will is focused. Save it or squander it, the choice is ours.

Raw energy is sexy - that's why Mars, the ruling planet associated with Aries is about Drive and Desire. Conquering something becomes a theme this weekend - we NEED a fight, we NEED a challenge, we NEED something to win over, we NEED something to put ourselves against. Moons show emotional needs. Aries energy is driven and goal oriented and won't be denied!

We all turn into Stone Age men and women - back in the primal days of the Universal Fire. Separating ourselves out from the fold, showing how brave we are. These days, fights are taken to sports arenas or worse, into the fields of cities, town and villages, or into the home and family, the originator of all future 'fight-plans' and 'fight patterns'.

Find your 'beef', uncover the roots of your anger and dispute, and resolve to resolve it by the only means possible - facing it. What you do when you confront it is up to you but in the handling the issue, lies the possible resolution.

Remember, inactivity is also an action. Anger has a time and a place - and we shouldn't shy from it. It's not un-spiritual to get mad, says the Aries Full Moon. It's emotional and human. But it is raw untapped and untamed power from within that bubbles out in such moments, a spark from a much greater fire. A passionate seething cauldron of emotional power we can use to further our lives and create something greater, from the friction caused by seeing something that reflects less than we could be. That after all, is the basis of every fight - both within and without - seeing ourselves or another, being less than we (or they, in our perception) could be.

Relationship-wise, it's a time to balance what we want with what others need and desire. It's a see-saw this next two weeks. But remember, if you're not happy, no one else can be, because you're a major part of every contract, union, partnership, relationship, friendship. And you have a right to be feeling well and good.

Start with YOU, then see what changes once you change
your own point of view.

Any troubles, check the main site and sign up for a Reading and we'll work through it together!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Talk to me for FREE!

Why 12?

12 is a magic number. 12 signs. 12 months. 12 hours on the clock.
And my work with!

The new promotion is something I want to share with you.
If you refer someone who talks to me or another advisor there for 12 minutes,
YOU get 12 minutes free!

How's that for a nice gift to yourself?

Here's all the info.

I look forward to sharing my wisdom with you (I was born on the 12th of March by the way so there's another magical "12" for you!) soon.

The offer ends Nov 22 so tell your friends now so you can get your minutes.

Hope to catch you very soon,
Your Astrologer,

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sep 29: Mercury finally goes Direct

For all of you wondering when this strange phase ends - of re-visiting the past (dreaming of people you once knew, running into them again, trying to reconnect with them, covering old ground, losing your keys and wallet, having computer and phone issues, finding your car needs fixing, being stuck in traffic, misreading something, being entangled in conversations where meaning is lost and you're confused, waiting for people to call or email or get in touch)....

...well it irons itself out after Mercury goes Direct on Sep 29. You may have to wait until Mercury leaves its shadow period which is Oct 14, when you'll see real progress in these areas.

Remember, decisions made now may be reversed when Mercury goes direct so keep an open mind and remain as open and fluid as you can. Revisit the past, lay some things to rest, re-wire your head and then take a time out.

All is well, remember...


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sep 18 New Moon meets Saturn/Uranus opposition

The New Moon falls this morning at 11.44am Pacific. In honor of this, for a 3 hour period I am available for discounted Readings (per minute to the length you choose) at

Time: 11.40am -2.40pm. Readings 3.99/min (usually 5.99)

The New Moon falls in Virgo and conjuncts Saturn and opposes Uranus.

What does this mean? There is no escape - you have to get your shit together. You have to clean up straighten up, tighten up, and deal with the reality you have created. No finger pointing. No Blame.

It's THE time to get things on track again, to launch amazing new ideas, work projects, health regimes, and to give your life a major and thorough cleansing.

We need it. What isn't working for you, makes itself OH SO CLEAR in this next two weeks. Do yourself a favor, stop slacking off. Improve it, or ditch it.

An amazing time!

See you tomorrow for the 3 hour discount special!

Friday, September 04, 2009

My New Website:

I'm proud to welcome you to the launch of my new website:

As some of you may already know, I was asked to work alongside 12Listen and it's family of companies, and am beginning a series of teleconference classes at the prestigious 12Academy, on all things Astrological.

Yes, your questions were answered and you can now finally study Astrology as I break down how to read your Chart, along with a host of specialized topics. All levels are welcome. Visit the new site for all the info (and to access the special link where you can talk to me live, when I am available).

There'll be more goodies soon, in the meantime enjoy the new site - along with the new monthly horoscopes and Neil-Scape Monthly Audio Forecasts too!

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

Release and Heal: Full Moon in Pisces (Sep 4)

Yes, it's full moon time. Feeling it?

This lunar phase, we're all faced, in our uniquely individual way, with an emotional ending.
A parting of the ways. A watershed reached. A feeling spotlighted. Something comes up. Something comes down. Something comes to a close. Are you ready to release and be released?

I've mentioned before how Earth, I have said before is the hEart (a lexigram of the word Earth itself) chakra of the Universal Body. Emotions are e-motions; energy in motion. Gaining an understanding of how emotional energy works is a way through this period. Where we direct our emotional energy will determine what we see play out on our perceptual TV-Screens, within the movies of our lives.

Being in a moment, accepting how we feel and then acting on improving our condition or seeking out healthy ways to increase of energy and feelings of well-being is our personal responsibility during this cycle. Don't go for logic - work on your right brain. Be psychic. Follow a hunch. Shuffle tarot cards, make a guess. What does your gut say? Do you know what a 'third eye' is or what color your 'fourth chakra' is? Research these things. Have a sip of your favorite drink, just don't go overboard. Remember that no one has the ultimate truth, that we're all in this together, and merge yourself with this feeling of connectedness.

Pisces, as the last sign represents the final stage of the soul's journey, a preparation to take flight in new realms. The desire to escape life, a sort of suicidal death wish, is ever-present (the number of Pisces with drink, drug and addiction issues is too numerous to mention - Liza Minnelli, Liz Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain for example).

During this Pisces Full Moon:

Let go of blocks, give up resistance, stop 'holding on'
Keep charting a course while letting things take their course
Release ego attachment with meditation or another spiritual discipline
Drink more water, bathe more, spend time round water
Listen to Classical music
Stop dwelling or playing victim
Remember your connection to something greater - be it God, the Universe etc
Forgive yourself and others for transgressions (forgiving doesn't mean letting people walk on you, but that you realize the situation manifested because you allowed it on some level, or were scheduled to move through it)
Practice a psychic or spiritual ritual - cleanse your space, perform some personal magick
Let down your guard but be careful not to let in depleting energies or people
Dissolve the need to be first, foremost, understood or in control
Be careful of addictions and ecapism on all levels - denial, delusion and defeatism run rampant
Refuse to get caught in emotional whirlpools
Be honest about your feelings thus breaking low-energy 'chains' and spirals
Be part of the whole, yet find space to be by yourself
Create a Dream Diary Have some therapy, but avoid clinging to the role/label of "Victim"
Go for non-traditional remedies
Drink more chamomile, sink into a warm bath
Paint, doodle, write (create a journal or blog), sing, go dancing
Get physical to keep 'emotional overload' at bay
Relax - we're human, with feelings and emotions are the key to everything.
Feel them. Then release them.

Finding a more spiritual way of finding this inner emotional peace, often comes from seeking some form of spiritual discipline. Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation, Prayer, Creative Visualization, Retreats, or some form of physical expression - dance, movement, massage, yoga (if you're in Los Angeles, contact me for a wonderfully inspiring yoga instructor who balances the physical with energy work). Or giving voice to creative powers - writing, acting, singing, dancing.

This Pisces Full Moon is where fact meets fiction and where the world of the real meets the world of the unreal - seek to lose yourself in something meaningful, instead of disappearing down the stream of Pisces second symbolic fish, into a wasteland of wasted opportunity and emotional black-holes.

What are you going to do about the very obvious needs you currently have?

Often, the answer comes purely by asking the question. Pisces energy manifests in unclear and unfocused ways, but it is a powerful elemental sign - water, that erodes away the toughest barriers, the ocean meeting the cliffs, the stream meeting the pebble. Wear away resistance in your life now, resitance to going with the flow, letting go, floating, allowing and by focusing on where your needs are, and what your emotions are saying.

If you feel it, it's valid.
But you're not your feelings
and even this shall pass.

* Need help handling this period?
Schedule a specially rated Full Moon Reading.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time for Fun, right? New Moon in Leo (Aug 20)

Yea, you're right. We could do with lightening up, brightening up and having some fun.

Whatever gave me that impression? I'm an Astrologer. I know stuff. The patterns right now are a bit tricky to say the least so tomorrow, the LEO NEW MOON arrives to remind us that without fun, what do we have?!

More on this soon, for now remember this: we are all still children. Just our bodies grew. So don't "kid" yourself into thinking you're an adult. There's no such thing this side of the veil or the other.

Have fun tomorrow, Thursday Aug 20 (and why not tonight?)

HAPPY HOUR READING SPECIAL DISCOUNTS at 12Listen, just look for Neil in the list of advisors.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My New Website:

I'm proud to welcome you to the launch of my new website:

As some of you may already know, I was asked to work alongside 12Listen and it's family of companies, and am beginning a series of teleconference classes at the prestigious 12Academy, on all things Astrological.

Yes, your questions were answered and you can now finally study Astrology as I break down how to read your Chart, along with a host of specialized topics. All levels are welcome. Visit the new site for all the info (and to access the special link where you can talk to me live, when I am available).

There'll be more goodies soon, in the meantime enjoy the new site - along with the new monthly horoscopes and Neil-Scape Monthly Audio Forecasts too!

Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My August Neil-Scape Audio Forecast

You can now listen to my August Audio Forecast here!


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Today's Eclipse (Date Correction)

Correction to last posting: Today is the Lunar Eclipse (Aug 5).


Feelings of Freedom! Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (Aug 5)

Feeling antsy, excited, agitated, loopy, ready to blow, tense, alert, drowsy?

All of this and more - The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is here (Aug 5) pulling on our heartstrings and souls, to free us up from another backlog of unmet needs, frustrated needs, old emotions and dated habits that no longer serve us.

Feel it, and like a balloon, let it go.

Whatever happens in the next few months, we're inundated with chances to shed emotional baggage trapping us from a life of true inner (and thus outer) freedom. If it's old, it's out. If it's replaying, it's time to hit Stop. If you're feeling it's time for an ending, it is.

Whatever you wind up feeling now is worth looking at as it's likely to be part of your psychic circuitry - but is it helping you achieve a goal, or hindering you by pulling you back into old emotional tides? is it familiar crap? This is your chance to deal with YOUR pattern.

That's the question - ask yourself Is this needed? Do I want to continue feeling this? Feelings are our free-will choice. Feelings = how we process what happens to us.

Disappointment only follows expectation. So remove expectation.
Jealousy only follows the judgment of comparison. So remove judgments.
Guilt follows acting against our better natures. So take the road you know is right for You.
Anger follows frustrated desire. So remove the desire or find a new way to pursue it.
Hate follows loss of control. So quit trying to gain control.
Depression follows prolonged anger. So release the anger and question the desire.

They all loop together of course. And emotions are myriad. Take your pick. Right now, each have something to reveal about You, Your Story. Your perceptions and Your take on life.

What is your Emotional Default?

Since society comes under the sign of Aquarius (individuals making up a collective) this Eclipse is likely to see many shifts play out on the global screen. Groups of people under emotional stress, turmoil, excitement or unrest. Take your pick. Lunar Eclipses shake up feelings to facilitate change and growth, Aquarius is the electrical energy of Change, Social Growth, Unique Individuality and Humanitarianism.

This Age of Aquarius is about one thing above all else - The People: Humanity, the Human Race, Equality, Equal Rights, Individuality, Independence and the right to Live and Let Live.

The Aquarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reminds us of our part in the Human Drama unfolding. We all have our say, just as we all represent one page of Earth's book - our every action and thought imprinted on its pages, leaving a trace. Every whisper, matching every scream. Every hug matching every punch.

History books are full of the loudest voice -the voice of the victor. But often, the ones who won weren't the ones who wanted to share the Truth.

This Full Moon we'll be reminded that:

We are all equal - no matter who we are, what we've done and how we feel
We deserve to be free to be who we are - despite, creed, race, heritage, sexuality, background, looks, class

Craziness is 'in' - that the ones we celebrate now show their true colors and we love them for it!

New Age principles are real - unlimited love, the freedom to live and let live

Humanity is in this together - global warming effects everyone, so too does war

We are all one - one flag for one planet, yet connected to a greater cosmic family

It takes each individual to make the whole!

Friends are our guiding light, mirroring our souls and sharing the ride

There is Power in Groups!

Many Hands Make Light Work/Lightwork - the spiritual term for bringing more knowledge and truth to the planet

True Freedom is the power of Choice (not who wins American Idol, but how to live) and the freedom of knowledge.

Truth = Freedom

Our only duty is To Live & Let Live.

In Health Astrology - each sign represents a part/function of the body. Aquarius = circulation, the shins, ankles. Leo - the heart and spine.

This period could be summed up as a conflict between the "heart and circulation" of our global community. The 'Global Village' that Marshall McCluen talked about years ago is a reality - through technology, we are now all linked up. We get to see, witness, feel and experience what others experience - often Real Time.

The heart of society (Leo) is still closed to some degree, and is reflected in the hearts (and heart conditions...) of those 'in charge'. (Saturn's passage through Leo showed us this, and now in Virgo we get to continue the theme of ill health amongst leaders as a sign of wounded leadership). Maybe this is now manifested as Repressive Leaders once more, who care less about the people (Aqu) and more about their personal stakes and power (leo).

The backbone of unhealthy leadership crumbled with Saturn leaving Leo (Saturn relates to bone, and Leo relates to the back) and moving into Virgo and we've now been faced with all the glaring errors (Virgo rules precision) made in the name of the People they rule.

This Eclipse asks you:
are you hanging with the right crowd? Is there more power for you in numbers - is there a Group you can join to share your ideas and ideals with others of Like Mind? Are you being a good friend to have good friends? Is it time to cut free and fly solo from your social circle/spiral? Are you truly heading in the direction of your dreams or are you aimless with no goal and all the time in the world to repeat old emotional dramas?

The Lunar Eclipse brings in the power of Mars

Mars = the Doer, Fighter, Warrior. The energy of action, that propels us to act on our desires.
It's in Gemini, the air sign of mentality, thought processes and communication.

We are in a prime position now to verbalize what we want. To share those ideas with others. To no longer fear being ridiculed for concepts that may appear different. We MUST speak, we must share. It's time to act on what we've been thinking over for some time now. There are some great new ideas flying around – will you be one of the first to download them into your own life?

I'm excited about the possibilities of this Full Moon - the PEOPLE are about to rise up stronger than ever before against repressive and restrictive regimes - which can only be faced by leaders as a threat. Which may lead to further confrontations - but as long as we remember that we are all connected and All One - what we witness is merely the playing out of two sides that are in actuality, ONE WHOLE.

If we fight on any level now we lose. If we refrain from indulging or accepting repression or mistreatment in our personal lives, the collective heals.
In reality we are one whole - many souls, a fragmented hologram of a whole.

How strange, eh?

Picture it - a soul, fragmenting itself out into two parts and playing the role of two both tennis players in a match.

Both end up winners and both end of losers. Is it a real fight? Yes and No. Both feel what they feel, and are correct to feel that. But imagine the view from above - witnessing both, feeling both, but siding with neither.

As the poles shift (symbolically represented by people taking sides) we'll have the choice to see the Bigger Picture of the story of Earth's inhabitants in one of the most dynamic, exciting Spiritual Wake-Up Calls of our times.

Everything is connected, and everyone. And how soon we'll see and be reminded once more.

May the waters flow, and the circulation of the planets energy (humanity) opens the hearts of Leaders who could truly help us unite, and cease the endless dramas of old from repeating.

Unplug from the global drama, and enjoy your own freakishness, your own craziness, the insanity of your own life, and live your never-to-be-repeated life story with the fullest glory you can muster.

It takes courage to live these days - and yet more, to risk rejection, and dare to be yourself - with no apologies.

More on the Eclipse soon, if you would like to schedule a special reading during this time you can choose the specially rated Lunar Eclipse Reading ($75) available now.

FEEL your feeling, then free yourself from it. It's all just energy in motion, so why hog one particle/feeling?

Live Free!

Your Lunar Eclipse License to Let Loose,

Sunday, August 02, 2009

My August Scopes and Audio!

Check out August's Forecast, with my Neil-Scape Audio and the monthly scopes as usual.
We have another Eclipse this month. Yep, more change. You ready?

Read Your August Horoscope. Just hit SCOPES at the main menu!

And Listen to the August Neil-Scape for an overview of what we're all facing this month.


www. New World Astrology .com

Monday, July 20, 2009

Focus on Feeling: The Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 21)

(10.35pm Eastern, 7:35pm Pacific, 6.35pm GMT.)

Welcome to another big chapter change in your life. And you've already felt it, haven't you. Another opportunity to ring the changes and start anew. A fresh possibility. A new way to do things differently. Especially if you're a Cancer born near Jul 21 or a Capricorn born around Dec 21 (then you'll notice it's a mega time of personal change and growth). But it's a great time for us all.

Here's how to navigate it.

Jul 21 brings us into contact with yet another Cancer New Moon (and a Solar Eclipse) (normally we just get one a year) in the final degree (29 Degrees) of the first water sign of Cancer the Crab bringing us a strong emphasis, in the months ahead on: Our Feelings, Our Habits, Our Past, Where we Live and What's Going On At Home, Family interactions and our Self Comfort.

Solar Eclipses turn out the light in key areas of our lives - to help us to re-member & re-vitalize those parts of us in need of re-awakening.

How often we forget to live as well-rounded souls, experiencing various facets of human existence! Anywhere you're stuck in the past is up for review. Anywhere you're stuck in outdated feelings, is up for change. Anywhere you're in need of shaking out of a rut, is spotlighted. Anything you're ignoring that's truly what need, begins to shout for your attention.

And those lagging areas in your life you now get to re-discover and re-explore at the time of the Solar Eclipse. This one is the longest in the 21st Century, lasting 6 minutes 39 seconds, (there won't be another one longer than this until June 13, 2132!) and is drawing major interest. You can watch an animation of the Eclipse path here.

The Sun is our life force, our sense of self, our reason for being, our illumination and light in the world. During an Eclipse we find a renewal, after a moment when our light is 'cast out' and overshadowed. Then when our light returns, we see things differently. Things we never saw before. We make decisions that affect our entire lives, our central reason for being.

So look for that feeling, and for everyone else around you feeling it too - major decisions are made, major changes arrive. People get divorced. Marry. They move out of town. They suddenly switch jobs. They decide to Totally Alter the landscape of their lives, or find that life forces a shift upon them that does the very same thing.

CHANGE is here in your life, knocking at the door asking you to go. How will this Eclipse be affecting you for the rest of this year and into next year?

Stay tuned for more. But for now, as my personal yoga instructor mentioned today during his class, Solar Eclipses are times when our energy may not be at full capacity. So if your sleep patterns or off, or you feel a lull, then it's just the 're-setting and re-charging of your solar batteries. And soon enough you'll be powered and amped up to continue building yourself a new chapter.

Exciting times. Look for that, then in the months ahead. And maybe, as usual, some strong weather shifts to reflect the Earth's changes also as she shakes things up for herself and all of us aboard her spaceship!

Your Celestial Solar-Panel Astrologer,
www.New World

P.S Solar Eclipse Readings available!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

My July Audio Forecast!

Have you listened to my June Neil-Scape audio forecast yet?

You can hear my take each month at the link above or at my main website menu.

Also you can read my Monthly Horoscopes.



Wednesday, July 08, 2009

SPECIAL: Karmic Insight Report $15

Since the Lunar Eclipse is asking us to release things from our past and present that no longer serve us, it is a great time to have a look back at our soul's journey to reveal clues about what we already know, regarding karmic residue, issues you're still carrying, and a carry over from other lifetimes.

Your Karmic Insight Report is unique to you, based on your Chart. From now until Sunday, you can order your own for just $15.

I love this Report, I drew a few up for some friends recently, and it opened up a lot of doors, made me smile, raise my eyes, laugh, and learn a heck of a lot about them. Truly great stuff. I know you'll love your own.

Prepare to find out your gifts, strengths and some of those annoying traits you have that keep tripping you up. Here's how to release them.

Check out your own Karmic Insight Report! (You'll find the Report at the bottom of the page).

Enjoy - and let me know what you think!


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (Jul 7)

Lunar Eclipse Readings available now, based on your chart and expected changes in the next 6 months.

Lunar Eclipses bring emotional change. Astrologically, the Moon reigns over our emotional natures, home lives, family situations and our day to day feelings. During a Lunar Eclipse, these areas of our life are temporarily shaken - often by events in our physical lives that temporarily force our hands and force our attention in a certain direction.

Some experience an emotional 'high' as events reach a completion and success. At other times, we may experience a complete emotional overhaul, and feel insecure, nervous or just about any other disrupting and often worrying emotion.

Feeling raw and open?

You may find yourself amongst the majority who will experience an ENDING, A Chapter Closure, a relationship end, a job ending - one phase of life seems to hold no more promise.

If so, welcome to the Chess Pieces of Your Life moving things around to get you ahead. Believe it or not, that's what's happening.

Remember that every manifested event you come into contact with or experience or witness, holds a message for you regarding where you're at with yourself. Everything mirrors. And during the Lunar Eclipse - when the Moon mirrors perfectly back the light from the Sun, we get to really SEE where we're at, usually because our FEELINGS tell us something important. It's hard to disguise frustration, reluctance, fear, joy. Emotions are the fuel on our life's road.

However, during the Lunar Eclipse, the light we're normally we ready to see all by is obscured, momentarily blocked by the shadow of the Earth - and the shadow of our earthly obligations (obligation here means "those things we decided we'd be focusing upon when we arrived here but subsequently forgot and now complain about because we KNOW they are important and thats why we get ultra-stressed when we either don't focus on them as we should, but also because we feel that by missing them or missing out" (failure)

Change cannot be avoided during an Eclipse. We're not meant to stay the same or remain in the same place. Lunar Eclipses inspire great feeling, to reflect great progress on the path, or great potential to get back onto a path more to our liking, and our own personal needs, as opposed to what we think we need, or what others dictate for us. Follow the feeling.


This one falls in the sign of CAPRICORN so all goats have a chance to ring the changes in their lives. Some will fact an emotional overhaul, an event that catalyzes them to a shift, cutting free from old responses to life. Something is cast aside, they say goodbye to someone, some thing, some place or some mode of being.

Cancers born with their Sun close to 15 degrees will feel the effects of this shift played out within their relationships to others. Some things just have to change now and it's all for the best if you can ride the tides of your feelings and get real and serious about what it is you want.

Since this is an EARTH SIGN Eclipse, it's about setting new limits, boundaries and structure to our lives. If we don't feel our career path is right for us, it's time for change. If we are squandering our time, life forces us to change direction.

You're in control of you. You are your own Father.
This Eclipse (the first in a series so stay tuned) is about Taking Charge of where we want to go, and allowing Change to show us a better way.

Adapt, flow but maintain a structure that will help you reach your Goal.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Full Moon July 7 and Eclipses Ahead!

Stay tuned for news on the Jul 7 Full Moon in Capricorn. If you're a Goat or a Crab, you'll notice the pull, but we all get to experience it in some area of our lives.

And for the Eclipses set to shake up our worlds, on July 22 (especially if you were born around Jul 21/22 and Dec 21/22). These Eclipses are personal to you and will rock your world in powerful ways. Also make a note if you're born around March 21/22 and Sep 21/22 as these are important times in your life too.

Talk about Big Changes. You can feel it's time too, right?

It's a big time for us all, and I'll go into detail very soon.

There will also be some special Eclipse Readings available nearer the time too.
Also stay tuned for the New Site release, up ahead!

Your Astrologer,

Monday, June 29, 2009

July Scopes & Neil-Scape Audio

For those who were curious as to my surgery, I went in for a Fistulotomy. Not pleasant but it could have been worse. It is a very sensitive area of course, so I am sore but rest helps and meditation is also very beneficial. How symbolic of a Pluto opposition 'removal' during the New Moon. As with everything...right on track.

I'm out of commission for in-person Readings, but am able to continue my telephone schedules for those who wish to check-in. You can order at the site as usual.

In other news, my Neil-Scape audio forecast will be up at the main site for July, you can listen to me telling you about July's alignments, including the Cancer Eclipse on Jul 22. And also the written Monthly Scopes will be up also, just look for both links at the Main Menu at the site.

Thanks for your healing thoughts, and well wishes, it all helps - stay tuned for my full recovery and I'll be seeing in you person soon.

Love for your own Healing wherever you feel you need it,
Your Astrologer,
www.New World

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chiron Healing

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I am healing well, resting and meditating. My journey to the other side was interesting, I was given morphine and also put to sleep and when I woke I was surprised it was all complete and I was given a 2 hour recovery period, where I was smiling-happy relaxed (never felt like that before outside of meditation)and was looked after by a beautiful Sagittarian who was chatting to me about (surprise) her travels plans and plans to go back to school. Nice to see Astrology shining its light even in the most secluded of places.

I'll continue healing well, (I didn't need to take any Vicodin that was prescribed, I intended it this way beforehand) and resting and will be back on top form before long, ready for my new life, running schedule, rollerblading and 1001 other adventures planned for my body and earth vehicle.

Very thankful to Saturn opposing my Sun and Mercury which has enabled me to strengthen my body and focus on health (both physical and mental) and to the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on my Mars (ruler of my 6th house of health) for Mars precision surgery, Neptune dreamy relaxation, Jupiter blessings and Chiron healing.

It's been a very softening time for me, as Mars has to sink back into baths, sleep and yoga, but my book (3rd House Mars of writing) is coming along well and should be completed by the end of the year.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes, and I am excited to be sharing more with you again on the road ahead. Stay tuned for July's Neil-Scape audio forecast (check the main site menu) and more goodies ahead!

Much Love,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Moon Pluto Opposition: Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

As stated in the previous posting regarding 'Emotional Release: The New Moon opposing Pluto I mentioned on June 21 it was gearing up to be a very emotional time for many of us, a parting of the ways for some and death transitions, and this was clearly demonstrated today with the news of the passing of two icons.

The death of celebrities always gets greater press than the 'guy down the road' of course but these are sure to create a more global outpouring of emotion as reflected in the Pluto opposition at the New Moon which JUST passed.

In my humble opinion, Jackson (born with a private Pisces Moon) was no doubt a pawn in the media's game and misunderstood, a victim (as so many Pisces Moons so easily become) of deceit. He was cleared of all charges of sexual contact with youngsters but pop culture continued to dig at him. But he left a strong legacy of amazing talent, that no doubt many will relive (The Cancer New moon as mentioned is about reliving the past but seeing it with new eyes).

With so many planets in Virgo, Jackson was meticulous, his dance steps and costumes a testament to that. No doubt many will chip in Astrologically to pull him to pieces but I won't do that here, just to say a farewell to him as he merges back into the Source (a Pisces Moons dream!) and to review all he achieved. Not bad at all.

Farrah Fawcett departed also, it seems her ascendant was in Cancer placing the NEW MOON in the 'resolution' 12th house of connecting back to the Source. Her Moon was in Cancer too so no doubt she came full circle, and is now safe in the arms of the Mother Goddess of Source.

Since our BIRTH is so relative, I can only feel DEATH is perfect, the timing has to be. Since life and death are but a continuous cycle. And as we know...nothing really ends.

So under a New Moon, we look back to our Cancer past, those loving, nurturing, caring figures who represented the power of FEELING (it's no coincidence these figures would get so much press now (Farrah passed from Cancer, under a powerful New Moon of the same name). Watch as the United States (a Cancer Country) pours its heart out over these two, under a New Moon that will reflect the countries own emotional journey, loss and growth.

It's all about always was.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surgery on Friday 26th

Just a note to everyone, that I will be having some minor surgery on Friday, exiting this physical plane and being put under and waking up and finally having an unhealed skin abscess beautifully healed. Call it a mini vacation from consciousness (as my Progressed Moon passes through Pisces, how fitting). I'm so excited! Okay, that may be a bit much, but I am very thankful to be having this done.

So my Readings and Radio Appearances will be on hold until the following week, and I'll report back and let you know how it all went.

If you're around on Friday at 9.30am Pacific time, do something fun to balance out my lying in an operating theatre (although that could be classed as fun too, all a matter of perception eh?!)

I'll be back with you soon, enjoy your week and enjoy your body's health - it comes first in everything, specially now that Saturn is in Virgo.

Keep smilin',

Much Love,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emotional Release: Cancer New Moon opposing Pluto

It all comes back to how you feel.

The next two weeks host a dramatic, life-altering pattern of energy that will enable many of us to release ourselves from old stuff. Expect anything as intense as:

Relationship Break-ups
Relationship-Make-ups (dramatically altered)
Job Releasing (fired, laid off, quitting)
New Jobs (more in line with our true feelings)
Family showdowns
Resurrecting the Past
One Last Clear-out
The Blame Game
Bad Habit Removal
Toxic Waste Clearing
Emotional Showdowns
Death transitions
Power Games
Emotional Manipulation

Major decisions chosen or forced upon us
Finally being free to feel better

The key result is the same - releasing feelings in a tidal flood of emotion. We simply can't hold back any longer and we can NO LONGER GIVE THE POWER OF OUR FEELINGS AWAY TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Life now forces you to play your hand, by helping you go inside to dictate how you feel and how you want to feel.

Can you let go of the past?

Expect this next two weeks to be a major CLEARING OUT period as the New Moon in Cancer (feelings, the past, our safety) is opposed by Pluto (release, resurrection, rebirth).

How intense. How dramatic. But how necessary.

See the higher perspective. It was high time for change and this is it.
Go with your intuition, ignore fear, and find your safety, comfort and peace - which may mean rebuilding NEW COMFORT ZONES and letting the old ones die.

You're new. Be gentle. Go easy. Allow. Free yourself from the muck.

Let your feelings reflect this new you.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A reminder of your NOW!

Enjoy this video!

Cancer Season begins tomorrow, time to get comfy in our Now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking your Calls on Radio Sunday 7pm PDT!

Join me Sunday night at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern for the Universe's Field Trip on Souls Journey Radio.
I'll be taking calls, and discussing this week how the HOUSE our Sun is in when we are born holds a lot more information than just the Sun sign we know.

You're a Gemini, but are you a 12th House Gemini or a 3rd House Gemini? A 2nd House Libra or an 8th House Libra? Do you know?

The dial in number for the show is 724 444 7444 - ID number 24868 #

Let me decipher your Chart for you live on air, or join us in the Chat room and ask a question to be answered live on air!

If I haven't chatted to you before I look forward to it, and if I already have, then please join me for some on air fun tomorrow night!

See you then!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Monthly Scopes now online!

After some time away, I am back to contributing monthly horoscopes online, for those of you who wrote to me over the months asking where you can find them again.

Also, you can now listen to my monthly Neil-Scape audio outlook.

Thanks for all the support. Unlike many writers out there, I do use real Astrological techniques, and I think you trust me now to do the best in detailing the trends in operation.

Monthlies can only give an overview of course, for more in-depth for you personally, I point you to the Personal Readings I offer, as well as the LUNAR RETURN MONTHLY REPORTS - you get 12 months of monthly reports specific to YOUR chart, delivered to your email - highly personal and accurate for You and you alone.

Use them as your road map and emotional weather forecast.

And for other perspectives on where things are at and going for you, check out the SOLAR RETURN Reading and Report Package on offer, or the Transit Future Report.

Enjoy the Scopes and Neil-Scapes let me know how you're finding them!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Need Urgent Astro Advice: Find me on 12 Listen!

If you need to chat with me and don't want to wait to schedule, I am now available at 12Listen.

Just look for my picture to see if I'm available and click to chat to me one-on-one and live, instantly! Readings are charged on a per minute basis.

You can also schedule a Reading there also, and I'll get to you speedily. I am working between this site and my own currently.

Look for me in the weeks ahead also appearing on Souls Journey Radio (first solo show June 7, 7pm PDT, The Universal Field Trip.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Navigating the Unseen World Within: (Neptune Retrograde May 27)

Neptune (currently affecting most strongly those with Aquarius or Pisces strong in their charts, but still all of us in various ways turns retrograde on May 8 and asks us:

How do you break the addiction to run away from it all, take a pill, down a vodka or get sucked into TV land, on the trail of the next orgasm or some other self-destructive path that, though it doesn't bring peace, gives you a way to waste your time and avoid the ugly parts of life? Is being sensitive a crime? How can you feel connected to it all, when you're surrounded by so much that doesn't make sense?

Should you quit and jack it all in, or "go with the flow" (or are you headed for a waterfall? Can you really trust "the universe" or is it all a great way to say 'we're lost and couldn't be bothered to make a map'? Helping out is all well and good but how can you help anyone when you yourself are paddling in hot water? Is doing nothing more than enough or much too little?

For most of us, Neptune Retrograde is about navigating the blur. In your own life, Neptune is in a particular part of YOUR chart. Wherever it is, it'll be causing a few clouds of confusion - as you work out what's fact, what's fiction, and where the heck you're going. Also Neptune helps to dissolve anything that causes you to fall for the illusion that you're separate from the rest of us. We're not. Neptune softens you. Sensitizes you. We're all connected. Neptune now will help erode boundaries and barriers - great for the hard-hearted in the crowd, but not so good for those who have few limits, weakened immune systems, are easily swayed or who are 'away with the fairies' as they say.

Best enjoy charting a course, while letting things take their course. Don't push, but do back up your plans, and double check. Neptune loves to let things drift along with no protocol. You may find it useful to notate your dreams for spiritual messages too right now.

This period lasts until Nov 4 when Neptune goes Direct once more. Between now and then, enjoy dispelling clouds of confusion, alleviating stress by taking baths, walks by water or drinking more water, but also being wary of your emotional tides - so you don't get swept away by your own (or someone else's) emotional undercurrents. Security now lies in following intuition, and if in doubt, leaving well enough alone.

The voice of your spirit is calling you -

make sure you turn down the outer volume enough
to hear what your inner voice is saying.

June and July are shaping up to be busy months since a lot is going on Astrologically, so please schedule now to ensure a spot for your own personal Reading. Thanks!

Unconditional Love,

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones You Love

Great news!

I am now affiliated with 12Listen, a group of specialized psychics & Astrologers who have been hand-picked and tested. You can now reach me via 12Listen and also tune in to Souls Journey where I'll be appearing on regular shows, giving free readings on-air.

Mark Husson, its Founder, is a brilliant Astrologer I've had the pleasure of working alongside on his Power Peek, a regular show you'd be bonkers to miss at Hay House Radio. You can find him also at 12Listen.

Today is a special day, if you order his new book (can't wait for mine!) you get $30 in free minutes to talk to me or any psychic you choose at the site!!

Don't miss out, order LOVESCOPES from Amazon today, and prepare to find out what Astrology Already Knows about You and the Ones you Love.

Enjoy! And maybe we'll be chatting real soon!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Progress at Last: Saturn goes Direct (May 16)

Progress on our paths. Finally.

Saturn aids our career quests, our desire to 'get a handle on our lives', and in building a reality that truly suits us.

We've all been forced to go inside and write New Rules for living - changing the goalposts, and redrawing the invisible boundaries inside us since Saturn was retrograde pulling its focus within.

Saturn has now gone Direct which means it's time to bring OUT all we have done inside - to effect and enjoy change in our outer world. It's time to change the physical lines outside of us or we suddenly find new Laws of Living thrust upon us.

Expect 'stuff' to start manifesting in terms of your career path, new rules and regulations, a new life structure, a new discipline, a renewed dedication. Stay flexible, bend with the wind, and the climb to the summit is made all the easier now.

Those who have worked hard since Saturn went retrograde (Dec 31 2008) will find the rewards finally arriving. New directions and new respect are found outside, since we realigned ourselves with our inner purpose. Honors, leads, promotions, public approval - all of this and more. A sense of doing well and making a contribution, being a Master in your own special area of life. A job well done.

Those who have avoided working on what was before them, will feel a little left behind,the rewards withheld, and time forcing them to pick up the thread and deal with things, before any sense of progress can be felt. You can't escape what you came here to work on - life always finds you, just where you are. So why not relax and enjoy working through it all one event at a time?

Capricorns & Capricorn Risings will feel this as a major period. Ironing out the wrinkles serves you well. Life now opens up new possibilities, a new road, a new challenge. You can handle it, and now you get to prove that to yourself. Cancers get a chance to work on their relationship issues, strengthening some finally, whilst letting others fade away.

The rest of us feel the change wherever Capricorn is found in our Charts. If you need help, try the Astrology 101 Free Tools at my site to get your chart and decipher it.

Also, wherever Saturn is transiting now (whichever House he's found in) will outline where your specific changes will be.

What do you stand for?
What do you want to achieve next?
What fear are you ready to break through?

Keep your head held high - it may not be easy, but true success is boldly continuing on, in the face of unknown terror, questionable dirt roads, fallen trees and missing signposts.

If you're not happy with your current direction, life opens up a new side road.
If you are happy and seeking endorsement or a universal sign you're on the right road, stay tuned - it's closer than you think, if not already at your door right now.

Saluting your Saturn Soul Success!

PS Reading Schedule starts up again in June, so book your spot now.
Photo Courtesy of Google Images, if you'd like the credit, email me!

Friday, May 08, 2009

Buy One Get One Free: Update

I realize that many of you may no longer have Mom around on the physical plane, or not in contact with her, so I wanted to update this offer.

You can order any Report for ANYONE you feel is a great nurturer and you'll receive the same report for you and your own chart free. I can email them as a gift, or you can email the gift to them if you send me their birth info.


To nurturers worldwide,

Thanks For Caring!



Ends Mothers Day.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Buy any Report for Mom, get one FREE for you!

In honor of Mother's Day, you can order any Report at the Report Page, for your Mom and get the same Report for yourself absolutely free!

To nurturers everywhere, thanks for your eternal care.


Special lasts from now until Mother's Day, so order ahead, all reports are emailed out within 24-48 hours.

Friday, May 01, 2009

My Written Astrology Reports on You!

Since my Reading Schedule is around 3-4 weeks currently, to allow for health recovery time (thanks for your kind emails and messages) I wanted to let you know that I am still able to send out Written Reports within 24 hours, via email.

There's a NEW Report Page, that shows you:

Reports under $20
Reports under $50
Reports under $100

My favorites (you ask me a lot): The FULL NATAL (around 100 pages, chock full of info) the KARMIC INSIGHT (a look at what you're still carrying from your soul's past), the SOLAR RETURN REPORT PACKAGE (total coverage from birthday 2009-2010)

You'll find them all here!

Happy Reading!
www. New World

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Health Update

Hey Gang,

How ya keeping? Quite a time out there, re-evaluating our spending habits, working out if we're loiving ourselves enough, a few exes or relationship patterns rearing their heads and now we get to adjust to more comfort with the Taurus New Moon.

My Reading schedule has had to be put on hold, due to my new course of antibiotics that I was put on, since my body has been stubborn! And as many of you know, side effects are always an icky part of it. I have a 3 week course, and then some minor surgery. So this next few weeks is important for me to rest, recuperate, heal and get back to full strength.

Which means of course, I want to refuel so I can give you the best of me. You deserve nothing less. It's how I've always worked and will continue to work. So thanks for bearing with me.

Thanks for well wishes and understanding, we all go through various learning curves and this Pisces is learning about the body right now, the Earth-Suit we spirits wear in this plane of existence, and it's something crappy, but always a great thing.
Much Learning. Talk about being pulled back into your body from too much space-orbiting!

Health is also in the mind, and that's a reminder to you too, no matter where you're at, your mental outlook on it all does change the actual events themselves and your experience of them. That's a beautiful thing.

More soon, as I build strength.

And keep walking, swimming, ambling, cruising, stepping, running, surging, sailing, blindly-stumbling, edging, marching forward on your own Path.

I'll be with you again soon!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Transit Report: Your Current Situation & Cycles

Astrology is all about cycles.

Did you know:

If Saturn is in your 8th House
- you're more likely to get audited than at any other time?
If Mars is in your 4th House - you're probably going to end up arguing with those you live with
or doing home-improvement tasks (but avoid burns and bruises, another common issue!)
If Venus is in your 5th House - chances are you'll receive an invite to a party or meet someone special?
If Pluto is in your 1st house - a major makeover is predicted?
If Jupiter is in your 2nd House - you're like to overspend or suddenly earn more or win big!?

Which cycles are you in? There are 12 Houses and over 12 planets & asteroids- that's a LOT of possibilities! Each one is currently in a certain area of your Chart demanding your attention.

And that's not counting the relationship the planets have with each other (harmonious/challenging).

This report will show you where planets are NOW, where they are headed -
and how to make the most of it.

Avoid the potholes and cash in on the best times to do things!

Check out a Sample and order yours below!

Transit Future Report $35

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking calls on Souls Journey Radio (Thur April 16)

I'm appearing at Souls Journey Radio on The Oliver Show. With Oliver's psychic insight, coupled with my Astrological knowledge, it should be a great show as we take calls and answer questions.

You can listen in free and also try and call in, by visiting the site. You can find out more there. I look forward to catching up with you!

Looking forward to it! Also stay tuned for more appearances on The Power Peek Hour, Tuesdays at Hay House Radio with Mark Husson.

More soon...!