Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer

Our egos are always on the line during Leo Season - that's why what we create is something that brings up insecurity in us. Leo energy is about living from the heart - 100% investing in something (be it a relationship, hobby, career direction). Under the Leo Sun, everything is bigger, there can be more Joy but also more Drama or Darkness (when we're blocking our natural Light).

Under the Cancer Moon, emotions are bigger also. We need to feel safe and secure and yet our egos are still being spotlighted. The worst of this combo is childish tantrums, replaying childhood dramas or traumas and being needy - expecting others to shower us with the love we haven't yet given ourselves.

The best of this combo is an immense heart and capacity to care and nurture. We truly care. We can pour ourselves into our home (decorating, making it our Palace), those close to us (blood-family, or our chosen circle) and even in fulfilling our own needs so that we can better be there for others.

We need to feel under the Cancer Moon, and in Leo Season this can bring up sensitive issues that may be secret hurts but also a chance to nurture ourselves in an adult way.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. So when these two come together, they are in their rightful place. Ego and Unconscious. Male and Female. We get to balance out both sides of our nature, by seeing where it's out of harmony.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini

Under the Leo Sun, everything is seen through the filter of love and creativity. We're either bright and beaming or a black hole - everything is more dramatic. Under the Gemini Moon we need to find new thoughts that enhance our love and creativity. We can use beautiful words, express how we feel, and choose thoughts that empower us, strengthening our ability to shine and thereby enhancing how bright our light is.

We need to be able to explore new ways to create - like writers seeking the right words, we now get to try out new possibilities, trying on new ideas and feeling (Moon) our way to new thought (Gemini) that will lift our hearts (Leo).

The best of this combo, is finding and expressing our power through the words we use inside (self-speak) and outside (communication with the world around us). We can add to life's Joy through our words and thoughts, or we can add to potential drama. The choice is ours.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus

The Sun in Leo brings a month of Finding our Joy in various ways. Leo relates to creativity, that life force that moves through us that creates the desire for children (creating extensions of ourselves) or the desire to further ourselves in some way with something that is OF us - a creative project for example. Or romantically expressing our feelings.

Putting our egos on the line is essential - we may fail, but we'll have fun just Trying. This month, risk your happiness by trying to be more, create more.

Under the Taurus Moon, we always need comfort, we crave the riches of the world (from a hug, to great sex or dessert, from money in the bank to the feel of nice fabric on our bodies). Leo is quality of course - 5-star all the way (it's the sign of Royalty and Celebrity) so add Taurus energy and you have the makings of gourmet treats, luxurious pampering, egotistical unyielding attitudes or dramas (if we're going too far) and enjoying all that life has to offer (from spectacular sunsets to quiet nights by the fire).

Seek beauty and you'll find the riches you desire.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

We need a release, after all the emotions of the month (during Cancer Season) come to a head and we're too 'full'. Something has to give.

We're urged to find emotional compassion for other's pain (let's face it, who ISN'T going through a trying time right now?) as well as our own human-suffering. be sensitive now, be a caring healer, transmuting negativity where you can, by ending it in your own life.

We're also urged to explore emotional release (crying for example). Often times under this combo, we have to simply accept or let go of major emotional 'stuff'.

Cancer Season is about our domestic situation, our past and our feelings. Under the Pisces Moon, we may try and run from how we feel (or any emotional situation that feels 'too much'). We're not meant to deny, avoid or repress our feelings now. We're ultimately seeking for redemption, completion, closure.

A bath, time to meditate, a nap, some creative daydreaming, more sleep and some nurturing soothing energy is what we really crave now. Go gentle. Let yourself feel - and follow each feeling to its ultimate destination, when it dissolves back into the Whole. Thank it for its lesson, its gift and let it go.

Emotions remember aren't meant to be held onto. They are in motion. So don't hold on. Feel them, let them go and you'll find they let YOU go in return...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

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Astrology also details gifts you brought in with you, whether through ancestral and genetic patterning, or through your own efforts previously. Nothing is forgotten.
The Soul Remembers.

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Keep on Truckin! Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is the energy of discipline, commitment, hard work and the quest to achieve or overcome. We achieve mastery when we give it enough practice. We need elbow grease, effort. We can't quit.

The Capricorn Full Moon is a time of resetting your boundaries, re-designing your goals and re-committing to gaining mastery over something. Ruled by Saturn, planet of "karma" (the tests and challenges we must face living a physical life, along with the rules and restrictions we must all play within) we may find that during this time, our personal "Karma" comes to the fore - what we MUST work with in this lifetime.

Any fear is up for review - can you face it and let it go? Full Moons are cleansing, clearing times, remember?

Can you let go of a goal you no longer desire? Maybe it's not your goal but a parents? Is it your goal and are you truly committed?

Are you disciplining yourself to overcome? Or are you programming yourself with "failure"?

Review all of this and come out with a new found sense of dedication to Getting Through Your Life. Why let anything or anyone get you down?

You owe it to yourself to give it your best shot. Only then will you be able to relax and say 'Well, at least I tried'.

Keep trying, and remember - some blocks are not meant to be overcome, they are challenges to see how we'll proceed when faced with a brick wall, a dead end, a red light or a rejection. Some things weren't meant to be transcended but worked with (or around).

As the limits of the physical body are helpful to us as souls, some limits and restrictions serve us well.

Keep on truckin!

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius

Our emotions now turn to creating space and distance in order to breathe and gain perspective, under the airy Aquarius Moon. Cancer Season is anything but detached - we're attached to the outcome, to how we feel, to our past, protecting our past and safeguarding our security.

Something has to give under this combo - we need to stand apart from even our own history - we need to be different (non-reactionary for example) than those who have gone before us.

Since Cancer Season shines the spotlight on our home situation, family matters, stuff from our past and our feelings, the Aquarius Moon helps us break free from old patterns, detach from drama, and look at things in a whole new light. We may even be able to find a radically new approach to old matters. But first we must pull back from repeating patterns, instead breathing new life into our lives. Then, our pasts become storehouses of valuable material and information, and no longer traps containing old ways of being, reacting and feeling.

Freedom comes when we find a new way to feel, and a new way to respond.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stalemate or Stale Mate? Venus Opposes Pluto

July 7/8 play host to the planetary alignment Venus opposing Pluto. You can read up on what it means in the article below (it's a biggie!).

Stalemate or Stale Mate?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

When the Moon shifts in Libra, we need to restore some sense of calm, after the nitpicking clear-up order-inducing Virgo Moon. Under the Cancer Sun, the Libra Moon seeks domestic calm - a spot of interior decorating perhaps. Candle, music, ambiance. Whatever that means to you.

Emotionally, we want to build bridges between the self and others. Cancer Season is always a sensitive time, because we're all dealing with some of the core issues and needs in our lives - namely, things from our past (yesterday, last year, childhood). So when the Moon moves into Libra, we want to smooth ruffled feathers, restore a sense of calm, find a common ground and - perhaps most importantly - creating a beautiful space in which to unfold these feelings.

Since Libra is the 4th sign from Cancer (ruling the domestic and family scene as well as our past and emotional foundations), the Moon here bodes well for creating a port in a storm. When in doubt, restore balance through beauty, calm through cooperation, comfort through compromise and love through reciprocity.

We all have needs, under this combo we have to give and take to make sure everyones are met.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo

Since Virgo Moons give us a craving for some sort of order, we often find ourselves cleaning (Virgo) our homes (Cancer) at this time. Virgo can be critical and nitpicking, and with Cancer connected to emotions, it could be a trying time if we're not kind (as we begin finding fault with how we feel or how another feels). Still, this may be good if there are past issues (or buried emotions) that need digging and cleaning up also.

Seeking simple (Virgo) comforts (Cancer) may be the best way to go. Or helping another (Virgo) who needs nurturing (Cancer) or helping another to find comfort.

Virgo needs a routine, a structure, to improve upon something so life isn't acceptable 'as-is'. Cancer is a traditional sign that deals with the basic feeling function within us humans, without judgment or discernment. But we can have the best of both worlds if we analyze (Virgo) how we feel (Cancer) or look for a way to heal or mend hurt hearts and to ultimately find a way to feel (Cancer) better (Virgo).

The best use of this combination is to bring everything back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo

Things always get more dramatic under Leo Moons. Which bodes well for parties, celebrations and creative pursuits (and less well but still equally as potent for causing scenes!

Emotions (Cancer) now become bigger (Leo). We take things more personally, which again is great when we're investing our feelings into creative self-expression and having fun, but more problematic when we begin letting our ego (Leo) get in the way.

The best we can achieve now is a certain pride in caring (opening our hearts wide), enjoying ourselves while being sure to nurture others.

Emotions are contagious, this we realize under this combo. When you're happy, it spreads like wildfire (Leo is a fire sign, after all). When we're down, we suck the life out of the room.

So be aware of the size of your feeling and its appropriate expression. Live big, celebrate your human existence. Boost another up (with a compliment even), and in return you'll feel amazing.

It's in how we make others feel, that is the true gift of this combo.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 1)

The Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer today heralds a potential new beginning. When the Sun’s light temporarily goes out, it invokes a symbolic time when we can ring the changes in our lives and ‘start over’. In Cancer, we all have a chance to establish new habits.

Wherever the Eclipse falls in your own Birth Chart, you have an opportunity to see if you can let go of old emotional ‘pulls’ and establish a new foundation, a new secure place on which to build.

For example: in your 2nd house, new self esteem practices will provide a solid foundation for new earning potential. In your 9th house, new comfort zones help create a new sense of faith in life. In your 8th House, you get to embrace the intensity of your feelings and do away with any unhealthy attachments you still have sticking to you.

Get it?

For all of us, the Cancer Eclipse will rock our emotional world – our intimate connection to others. Expect shifts within your family for better or worse. Try and get comfy where you are and “make home” in all areas of your life. The more secure and comfortable you are, the more this period opens up and you can create some new, healthier, emotional habits for yourself.

With the Eclipse slap bang between Uranus in Aries (personal freedom issues) and Saturn in Libra (relationship legalities and commitment/rules of engagement issues), the Eclipse in Cancer brings us back to what we really need and where our hearts REALLY are.

Follow them to a new, healthier place. Don’t follow old feelings if they don’t feel good. It’s that simple. You can always reframe your present based on how you’re feeling right now. Opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the Eclipse says offload your baggage as you only have yourself to blame, if you’re suffering from something that happened to you in the past.

Use the next week period to begin something that “feeds” you. Anything else you’re hungering for that doesn’t ultimately satisfy you, try and release your attachment. You’ll leave energy for other things – things you truly need now.

If you feel a little emotionally shaky, unsure, confused, lost or unhappy - or you just want a check in to see how best to navigate the road ahead – you can always check in with me for a Personal Reading (or order a Report specific to you).

Enjoy your human feelings, but don’t take any of it too seriously – and don’t, I repeat, don’t, cling to your feelings (or any life situation) as though it WAS you. You’re bigger than this, and it’s all an illusion.

Choose the best feelings and proceed!