Sunday, November 29, 2009


TWO DAYS LEFT: Teleclass: Saturn Your Achilles Heel (Dec 1)

Only two days to go til my next Astrology Teleclass. To guarantee your space, sign up here. The class is fast filling up and space is limited.

I'm excited to share with you the secrets of your OWN Saturn Placement, your karmic residue, your roadblocks, fears and your greatest possible achievement lying in wait behind it all.

Once you sign up, you'll receive a free copy off your Birth Chart to use during the Class.

This is a teleconference class so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

See you there!

Your Astrologer,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buy an $80 Gift Certificate for only $50!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all - wherever you are in the world!

Since it is a season of Thanks, I have a special offer for you all. When you spend $50 on a gift certificate at my website, you'll receive a gift certificate for $80 instead! No limit, use them on Readings with me and the Personalized Reports.

Just input your order here, using the code THANX and you'll be emailed your code to use for $80 of treats for yourself or anyone you know.


Enjoy! And thanks for all you share with me.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Radio Shows Tomorrow: Hay House @9am, CBS LIve @ 3pm

CBS Radio Live @ 3pm Pacific

Confidence and Self Esteem - Do you have a fear of commitment, taking responsibility, or authority issues? Learn powerful self esteem techniques and heal your symptoms of guilt on today's show. KG's guest, astrology coach Neil D. Paris, talks about Saturn's role in creating healthy self esteem, and the opportunities that await for each sun sign during Saturn's 2 1/2 year visit in Libra. Listeners are invited to call in for energy and astrology readings.

There'll be a class follow up for Saturn themes, so stay tuned to the website for more details coming coon!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Get out and Find out: Sun enters Sagittarius (Nov 21)

Yea yea, so it's been dark recently. Psychic garbage filled out lives and we've been "taking out the trash" so to speak. All that stuff we lugged around from the past - our childhood, our past life, whatever, wherever. How has your 'emotional cleansing' going?

Good news: the Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius 8:23pm Eastern, 11.23pm Pacific - the sign of expanding horizons, silver linings, fresh opportunities. it's time to open our minds to a new possibility, to go in search of a new potential, to seek out a truth, to visit a new place, to sample a new philosophy, to try to incorporate a new belief into our life.

It's time to turn on your Inner Gypsy and hit the road on a quest for...whatever you want. Who cares if you find it, this month. The Journey is everything, and you never know who or what you'll meet along the way.

Expect a foreign influence, someone with an accent, someone whose belief clashes with yours. Welcome it. Expand your cultural reference. See what code of conduct others live by and re-work your own. if in doubt, get out on an adventure.

If you're bored, you're not using the bounty available to us all right now - be willing to take a risk, gamble on something, and go out and find out for yourself. A book gets you so far, so does a movie, so does gossip or rumor...but it's time to find out for yourself.

How about some self-learning to step your life up to the next level with a Full In-Depth Natal Report (80-100 pages PACKAGED with info on YOU!)
Happy Travels!

Your Adventurous Astrological Ally,
www. New World

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DEMOLITION UNDER WAY: Saturn square Pluto

Saturn = any structure, possible limitations, red-tape rules & restriction, the status-quo, our lessons.

Pluto: transformation, death & rebirth, removal, completion, passion & obsession, the Shadow & darkness, investigation.

As Saturn squares Pluto this week (an angle of tension) it's played out on Earth in a variety of ways:

Established Structures are challenged to update or be overthrown, trashed, brought down or else severely compromised.

Security in our own lives suffers the same: some lose jobs, some lose a sense of security (or sanity) and what seemed safe, is shaken.

Depression is a common effect of these two planets connecting under trying times.

What can you let go of?
What can be changed to work better?
Where is your pessimism keeping you chained to the Darkness?

Yes things are changing. The order in our lives may have become a prison. It's time to root out anything (an attitude, situation, emotion, person, aspect of our body or being) that is not working for the good of the whole (or our personal peace) and to eradicate it by trying to first heal it, transform it, or destroy it.

Death is not always bad. Killing off diseased cells helps our bodies grow stronger.
Somewhere in our lives is a possible cancerous 'thing'. Can you spot it?

Locate it. Feel the discomfort and darkness surrounding it. Know it serves one purpose: to reveal to you where both your Power, and Fear of Loss is hidden. Bring those to light. Your Power lies in acceptance and the altering of that which no longer works for you.

bring down any control structures in place in your life. Any corruption, inner control, emotional manipulation, deep-seated fear and bleakness, and bring it to the light of Hope, Faith, Optimism.

The surgeon is in and he's ready to help you heal. It may cut, it will hurt no doubt, but then, the healing can begin in earnest.

Challenging times, but we're all ready to do this!

If you need any help as things crumble, check in for a PERSONAL READING.

There with you,
Your Astrologer,

NOV VLOG #2: Watch it now!

Check out the NEW MOON RITUAL READINGS here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Letting Go: Scorpio New Moon (Nov 16)

Our current lunar phase of new beginnings (the New Moon) is the sign of endings (Scorpio), and the sign of Transformation, moving from one state to another. Nothing is allowed to stagnate now at this New Moon, and how can we have a new beginning if we don't take care of the old stuff hanging around?

Something needs to die now, and the New Moon will bring about the energy to allow for a chapter change. Just as midwives help us birth something, we now need those who can aid us in letting go - who teaches us this? So now, look to play this role in others lives and for others to appear to help you with this process yourself.

Ah, there's an important word now: process. All is a process - don't expect to magically let go of everything that has to leave now. It's our nature to hold on, to dig our nails in to retain some sense of a status quo in our lives, but this new Moon shows it's tough to do that. Something has to go, something has to change, something has to die and be reborn. So accepting that something has to change, is the first step to embracing the theme of this current lunar cycle.

This New Moon:

Realize what's keeping you chained to pain, and give it up
Look at your addiction to the dark side
Begin some recycling scheme
Clear out things you no longer, use, value, need, like Be open to intimacy and going deeper
Seek support, give support, pool resources, talents
Face your shadow
Shed a skin and don't look back
Realize your power of choice
Watch horror movies, and notice the symbolism of facing your fear/demons Investigate, research, uncover, probe
Ask for a loan, extend credit, seek financial advice/support

Accept it's OVER
Use passion to move mountains
Take your anger, rage, jealousy, hatred and channel it into something positive in your life
Enjoy sex with a soul connection
Learn Tantra
Try Kundalini Yoga
Visit a sex shop, indulge in erotica, discover your hidden desires
Accept and embrace your Power - power 'is', it's what you do with it that matters most
Undergo hypnosis, surgery, counseling
Talk about taboos
Order the Karmic Insight or Past Life Report (see here) (to detail what you're carrying with you from other lives that maybe tripping you up still.
Cast a spell or perform a ritual to enhance your power and release negativity

Prepare for the death of one way, and the birth of a new path, a new possibility and a new power.

Schedule a Reading with me to detail what this means for you personally, in your own birth Chart.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I'm in this week's Power Peek Newsletter!

You can read my offerings in this weeks Power Peek Newsletter by clicking here.

I cover the entire week ahead and give a day by day breakdown on what to expect this week.



Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My Hay House Radio Appearance with Mark Husson

You can listen to my October radio appearance with Mark Husson on Hay House Radio for the hour Power Peek, by clicking here.


Happy November,