Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mercury goes Direct Feb 1

Give it another week for this wacky period to phase itself out and you'll no longer feel that you're waiting, having to go back over your past to sort of what stays and goes, wondering why people don't call you back on time or why there are so many changes of mind or plans.

Mercury ends this retrograde phase in February, so hang tight.

I upgraded my software here and wished I hadn't bothered, since I had some tech issues under Retrograde. Though I DID buy a cell phone (prepaid) finally. I had one in the past but yes, I've been amongst one of the few who don't particularly like cell phones. It's been fine so far so I'm thankful.

For those waiting on their CD from the last Reading Cycle, I am looking at getting a new CD burner since my current one is ill. So thanks for your patience, you should have received your audio by email but you can expect your CD in February, within the first week or two.

Just a quick check-in. Hope you're all doing well!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Neil's Video Blog - Aquarius Solar Eclipse

You can watch me chatting about the Eclipse if you click here
Any tech wizards who can help me with the time/delay, I'm all ears!


Got Change? Aquarius Solar Eclipse (25/26th)

Tonight at 11.59pm PST 2:59 am (EST) we'll pay homage to the Aquarius Solar Eclipse.
And not a moment too soon. All this talk of political "Change". We've only just begun...

The LA Times truly was in tune with the Aquarian Eclipse that fell last year, on the first day of their new issue, the headline summed up everything about this particular celestial event: "Breaking Free".

Eclipses shake up the psychic, spiritual, physical and emotional dust inside and around us.

Soon we'll be, once again, under the influence of the Aquarius Solar Eclipse, so if you're wondering why you're suddenly questioning something or feeling an urge for a major makeover somewhere, life has thrown you a curveball, or you're at a crossroads and suddenly have to take a sudden turn into a totally new area of life, this is why.

Change cannot be avoided during an Eclipse. We're not meant to stay the same or remain in the same place. Solar Eclipses are specific to certain types of growth, as are Lunar (more on that kind in 2 weeks). Under a Solar Eclipse, our light is eclipsed, our perspective, our ego focus, our sense of self is shaken, albeit momentarily so that we may glimpse a new way, a new path, and something new inside ourselves.

So,firstly,welcome the unknown, the question mark, the feeling you don't quite know what you should be doing, or where you should be going. In Aquarius, this particular Eclipse is teaching you to access the independent side of yourself,the part that loves surprises and the part that breaks free from anything limiting or defining.

How can you define yourself during a time when the Universe is helping you to break free of definition?

You can't. All you can do is explore new facets of yourself, your nature, your desires and your ego. Try on a new hat. Notice the new people you're suddenly around right now - they're a sign of the new you emerging. Access a new part of yourself and the Universe will always mirror it with new folk outside - new friends, new strangers offering new perspectives, new groups working to the same purpose.

Suddenly you're a team-member of another group, or you're going your own sweet way now, perhaps in a direction totally off the beaten track, or off the plan you nebulously created for yourself one foggy day way back when.

Be new. Be unique.

Just Be You.

That's the message of the Aquarius Eclipse. And perhaps, you'll find out who that really is, by first experiencing who that isn't.


P.S Stay tuned for special Eclipse Readings to detail this particular event for you and what you can anticipate in your own life. Big Changes Ahead!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Move to Pasadena, California

Just an update for those who are asking what I'm up to personally...

During Uranus's transit through my 4th House of Home I had about 4 transitions in December, while finding a new nest. Progressed Mars hit my Sun also at the same time in the 4th. So change change change - here I am, now in beautiful Pasadena, California.

When multiple factors come together in our chart, we're ripe for a shift, a manifestation of something in relation to the planetary energy and the house (area of life) it shows up in. Always. In some form or another.

Maybe you're ripe for change now too?

New places bring out new facets of ourselves, new scenery creates new thoughts which changes out past and brings us fresh emotional insights...which I can bring to you, during our Readings together.

My personal work is always passed on through my Astrological work and I look forward to sharing my new energy with you when we connect next.

To your own new insights about yourself!

www. New World

Sunday, January 11, 2009

A message from You to You...

During a heightened emotional Cancer Full Moon time, here is a beautiful reminder, that you told me to pass on to you, in a quiet moment this evening.

You are Brilliant...

Love...another fragment of YOU,

Watch the Video Now.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Missing Mommy? Full Moon in Cancer (Jan 10)

Under tonight's Cancer Full Moon, It's time to remind ourselves that the theme of this current phase truly can be boiled down to one thing:

Are we projecting our Mother issues onto others around us?

As the sign of Cancer, along with the Moon, relate to that watery bond between mother and child (since Cancer and the Moon relate to the womb, stomach, breasts, milk and water) this Full Moon is a time when we project those needs onto others in our lives.

If Mother fed us with unconditional love,
we continue to feed ourselves with the same emotional diet and can provide for others.

If Mother fed us conditional love,
was unavailable, let us down by not meeting our needs, then we continue to seek to fulfill ourselves (or fill ourselves full) of what we are missing. We continue feeding ourselves a diet of lack or abuse ourselves in reflection (or others in retaliation) of this beginning.

We comfort eat
We cling to people or things that appear solid, stable, secure
We stay in bad relationships
We have domestic issues since we never had a secure home
We fear abandonment, starvation, lack, inconsistency, unreliability - or become known for doing this to others. (self fulfilling prophecies of our own making).
We blame others for the way we feel
We don't know the way we feel, and seek to heal others when we ourselves are wounded
We make others NEED us, since we need to be needed to fill a void
We harm others by not listening to their needs as we're too busy focusing on our own tangled emotions
We don't know what we 'need' or confuse a desire for a need and thus end up not getting what we want or need

Being out of touch with your own heart, and child energy is tough. Especially in what can appear a dog-eat-dog world these days, it's all too easy to miss the fact that we could still well be expecting others to Play Mother to our inner child.

This Full Moon asks us to re-examine our Emotional Selves - and see where we are looking after ourselves (as a Good Mom) would, and where we're abandoning or punishing ourselves (as a Bad Mom). You may be surprised at your findings.

If you're uncomfortable, you're in charge of correcting the situation. It's just good Parenting. Even if you're 52 years old and single. Self-Parenting is a must.

Emotions are very real things. Displacing them onto another in a passive aggressive manner has to end if we're to relate to each other as open, mature and honest human beings.

How do you FEEL?

Ask yourself this, time and time again, over the course of these next 2 weeks - and each time you find your response - work out if it's a comfortable feeling or uncomfortable.

Then you face a choice:

1. Make it better yourself.
2. Seek someone else to make it better
3. Complain and stay stuck.

It truly is that simple. Reach out if need be, but realize that no one else owes us peace of mind, true comfort, or a helping hand.

Those who have been well parented and feel fully secure radiate. We meet them and we just 'know'.

But perhaps the greater Lights out there are those people, who, in seeing what they experienced as a child, in the Light of adulthood, see the lack for what it is - a chance to spend the rest of their lives, filling that space inside with self-love - becoming their own Mom and Dad, by making choices that reflect the desire for a better, more comfortable, happier existence.

Happiness is a choice. And we need not spend one minute being uncomfortable emotionally, if we honestly know how we feel and we aren't afraid to show that emotion - no matter how ugly it may seem.

Honor your feelings; you honor yourself - and you're the best parent (to your own inner child, and your own flesh and blood kids, and to everyone else around you) that could ever exist.

The Comfort Zone is an interesting thing.

At the end of the day it provides us with little else but constancy - a place to feel 'safe'. It keeps us confined to a life of the 'same' because we keep within its narrow corridors and passageways.

When the Full Moon falls in Cancer (the sign of the nest, emotional safety, comfort, home and our roots) we get to do what we're never encouraged to do by society at large - leave the nest.

How will this manifest for us? That's entirely up to us of course.

You decide (or are forced)to move home to a better nest, better soil.
You leave family
You uproot and give up a place, relationship, life path you've been staying with for no good reason.
You have it out with your source of emotional support (your Mom, your family, your friends, your lover) in order to free yourself from dependency on any external sense of safety, support or comfort.

Comfort Zones are fine for protecting ourselves - but when does a home because a trap? When do we begin furnishing a rut? Are emotions causing your life to spiral out of control? Are you so needy you expect others to cater to your every desire? Are you happy and 'safe' inside your own skin?

That is the ultimate meaning of this Full Moon - let go of anything that is either defining your sense of safety and comfort, and anything that is providing too much of it. Cut free and sail off into the oceanic abyss, and let Nature take care of you.

Emotions explode now - tears, laughter, anger - if you've repressed throughout last year, it blows the lid off now. Water becomes important - look for messages in spills, bursts, flooding (there's sure to be major news story on this too as the weather reflects our emotional temperament).

It's never easy to fly the nest. After all isn't our nest a sign of what we've chosen to keep close, sustain and strengthen, provide and protect? Yes - but we're changing, and thus the nest (or our concept of it) must change too.

Any area showing a lack of comfort comes to the forefront now - if you're not comfy, change it. If your past is keeping you stuck on 'replay' mode, release it. Forgiveness becomes a bit part - don't dance with the drama source, but do forgive it and forgive yourself for any involvement.

Our Homes are interesting places. What goes on behind closed doors. Often the most together and business-like people are the ones who go home and turn into needy children, and a partner to cater to their inner child's needs (which reminds me of those businessmen you hear who like wearing diapers and being bottle-fed, paying for a form of emotional prostitution).

Who's Mothering you? Are you looking after yourself?
Is your home reflecting who you truly are or could you throw stuff away?
Do you use your past as a reference point still for what happens now?
Do you need to let go of or resolve family tension?
Can you give up security and risk growth?

And finally - look at what you claim you "need" - and see that it quite possibly may not be a need after all, but a want or a desire. Needs involve, food, water and shelter. basic requirements.

The rest is a desire. I "need" sex. I "need" a cigarette. I "need" a hug.

By all means indulge, and seek to satiate your pleasure centres, but remember that under a Cancer Full Moon, we're cut free of any apron strings we incorrectly believe we need.

Self-mother, self-love, rejoice in every emotion, and Love it All. And you'll sail through this Full Moon. The tides pull strong now - after all the Moon is Cancer's ruling planet - and a Full Moon in this sign - phew! It brings out the lunatics (lunar-tics). Observing Cancers currently around me (or those affected strongly by the lunar cycles) finds some being locked out of their home, some throwing up or throwing things away (purging full moon), some emotionally having meltdowns or Mother issues.

Howl, scream, cry, laugh, sing - FEEL your feelings, and then move through them. We are not how we feel, we are not where we live, we are not what our hearts yearn for. We are complete, whole and rediscovering ourselves again through the jigsaw pieces we encounter day by day.

Feel! That's the whole point on Earth (an anagram of Heart, remember).
Where are your e-motions (energy in motion) driving you? In circles or to a better place?

If you "need" or desire help or nurturing, I'm here for you. And I have 4th (Cancer) House Sun and Mercury in Pisces, so trust me, I'll understand.

Your Moon-Mom Maestro,
www. New World Astrology .com

P.S FULL MOON READINGS are available to help you through this period and are priced at a special rate.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spread the Wealth! (Jupiter enters Aquarius Jan 5)

Need some good news? Of course you do. Astrology doesn't always just out the potential planetary pitfalls (remember nothing happens TO us Astrologically, it's just that certain times are ripe for certain manifestations/events).

We always look to Jupiter to give us more of the good stuff. More of anything. And yes that does include the crappy stuff too but first off, let's focus on where our growth us now. We just entered a new 1 year Jupiter Cycle, the planet that shows us where our opportunity, new horizon and good fortunes lie.

Jupiter is now in Aquarius, somewhere in our birth charts, and will show up in the same location in our lives. Stay alert. What to watch for?

Fortune through Friends and Fortunate Friends

Someone you know has a stroke of good luck, and it rubs off on you, or they give you a gift/handout/opportunity. And remember, you're someone else's friend! So you get to do the same to them, whether you know it or not. They are your teachers and you're theirs. Trips with friends are lucky. Road Trip anyone? Go! If you don't have any or many, maybe now's the time when the local social scene turns in your favor. You simply can't miss out on the good fortune in social networking. Try it, you'll see. Be warned, Jupiter can represent overindulgence, gluttony and arrogance. Avoid playing Lord over those you know and they'll be nice back.

Good-luck Groups

From group lotto-wins (yep, it's one of those years where you may just want to keep your numbers in the pot at the company lotto-sweepstakes), to companies and organizations, it's good to be in a gang (if that gang is trying to further the world with its ideas, aims and motives. Be careful, Jupiter does show too much of a good thing sometimes, so choose your associates wisely.

Weird is Winning
Going out on a limb and doing it differently, gets you ahead now. Don't do what's been done. Stop copying. Find a new style, sense, lesson, teaching, idea, product, offering. See what new things you can conjure up. Society thanks/awards/backs the most unusual, unique and liberated souls right now. Don't be afraid to turn off the crowd, by being a little more unusual, brighter, bolder, bigger. Be Badass (just not a Jackass...)

New Goals are Gold
Stop getting sucked into present problems. They're done. Old. Ongoing? Who cares, it's all on it's way out anyway. Whatever has manifested or is manifesting is already old or on it's way out. take fashion. To stay on track now, tap into what's next for you. Focus on that! What's new, ahead, progressive, futuristic? That's where the pot of gold is right now. Not here, today. But in the visions and roads ahead. Keep walking forward. Create your new future.

Socially, it's an amazing time. Society begins banding together and bonding together with more group events and activities. neighborhood potlucks, with people overseas! Gifts given to people across the world (perhaps charity starts far away from home this year). As a collective we celebrate (Jupiter) our Differences.

BE GLAD NO ONE ELSE IS LIKE YOU. It would be like seeing everyone wearing the same pants. Boring. No one likes a carbon copy. So if you're used to being embarrassed by your walk, the way you look,how you act...this is your year to Be Totally You.

Somewhere along the line in 2009, the more you can be you, and let others live the way they desire, we'll all get along better and Jupiter's abundance will be showered on us.

Society is ready for a handout, but is it ready to reach its hands out, in unity, to claim it?

Enjoy the good vibes, and better yet Share Them, to make them multiply!

By the way, I extended the $50 Reading special so you can chat to me for a 20-minute recorded Reading about anything you like, your life, current situation, what's up ahead for you, you choose. My gift to ya and I look forward to chatting with YOU soon!

Your Joyful Jupiter Jiver,
www. New World Astrology .com


Monday, January 05, 2009

YOUR Personalized Monthly Lunar Return Report!

Every month the Moon above comes back to exactly where it was when you were born. Called the Lunar Return, the chart cast for this instant tells the tale of your next 27-and-a-half days to come. It paints your emotional landscape day by day and reveals the tides that wash over your life as the Moon drives her daily course.

In this report, long-time astrological innovator John Townley gives you the keys to the heart and the pulse of each and every month.

1. How and why the Lunar Return works, charging your batteries for the month
2. The Five Factors that make monthly analysis direct and simple
3. Complete planetary overview of the month by sign, house, and aspect
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6. Sabian Symbols for every important aspect and house change the Moon makes throughout the month
7. Critical keywords that clue you in to the style of daily events
8. The Void-of-Course Moon periods and how to use them – when to tune in, when to lay out
9. The Personal Void-of-Course Moon, an astrological first that gives you the edge when others don't have it

Get the full lowdown on what you'll get every month (just $7 a month!)

Especially if you are already into astrology, this will open up a new world of personal interpretation, beyond the natal chart, transits, progressions, and solar return – it will unlock the mysteries of your moment-to-moment response to everyday events, your reflective and reactive side, your emotional take on the here and now.

If you don't want a personal Reading with me, this is a great tool to use each month to watch your cycles and your shift in focus. I use mine every month to get a handle on the current "theme" I'm working with, so I can ride with the tide.

Will next month come on like a juggernaut, sneak up like a cat, or stride in like a hero? With your Lunar Return, you'll be the first to know.

Elsewhere you'd pay up to $50 for this type of Report but you can buy it here for just $7 a month, with an annual subscription.

Order your Personalized Lunar Return Subscription for 2009

Enjoy! And Happy 2009 to you,

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