Monday, February 28, 2011

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March is upon us (did you realize Feb only had 28 days this year?) And with it comes my Birthday Cycle. Since you can't be here to have cake with me this March, here's a gift for you:

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Your Astrologer,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Relationships and Finances become intense. Venus is our desire to connect to others. When we reach out now, we meet PLUTO the Darth Vader planet. We can't help but zero in on some of our dirty dark secrets and shadows. The things hidden away that fester. So there may be a purging in relationships. Whatever happens, you get to go deeper. Are you ready and willing to take your values to the bottom line? What is it ultimately worth?

Some may decide that they've had enough. And call it quits. But can you see through this 'Hell' passage and see what's beyond? Chances are you're facing a karmic wound or trauma. Something in your soul's history that hurt. That remains a Dark Part of your Nature.

We're attracted (Venus) now to things that are mysterious, dangerous, deep, sexy, smouldering, that promise a cathartic experience. Is it a fatal attraction? We'll soon see. Are you seeking a soul connection or just a mind blowing orgasm? Are you totally in or not even gonna bother?

Artists find this a time to focus, commit and churn all their emotions into some pretty amazing pieces. In Capricorn, Venus/Pluto manifests something pretty dazzling.

It's all about the subtle approach. The black dress that HINTS at sexuality, not the pornographic centerfold. Understate power is hotter than outright control (and thus insecurity).

In all your unions, face your fear of Loss, Betrayal and even your fear or Greater Intimacy and your own Innate Power.

Ditch superficial attachments and go for the soul.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, February 07, 2011

Your Valentine Gift: $10 Gift Certificate!

Some of us are in the throes of amazing relationships. Some aren't. Some are struggling with legal battles, others with the sort that rage under behind closed doors. We're all doing the Saturn in Libra dance. Negotiating. Working out sides. Trying to find moderation. Peace.

Whether you're with someone or single, this Season of Love, I have a gift for you: a $10 gift certificate to get yourself something, or something for someone who's been there for you.

There are reports on Love (Relationship Compatibility Report, Cosmic Couple), and ones on yourself (Natal, Indra, Centaur, past Life) and ones on your road ahead (Solar Return, Transit, AstroJourney). Reports for children and adults. Something for everyone.

Just enter this code at checkout and you'll get $10 off. Since most Reports are just $20, that's like getting a 50% discount.

Keep Loving, no matter where you currently stand, and things can only keep getting better and better.

Your Astrologer,

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fresh Air of Freedom: Aquarius New Moon

Freedom Calls!

Just look at the News. We want Freedom, scream the people! That's the vibe of this Aquarius New Moon. (The United States was born with the Moon in Aquarius and its icons of 'freedom' such as the Statue of Liberty still stand as testaments to its promise...however much it has since strayed and will go through its own revolutions in the years ahead).

You can find the forecasts for each sign for this New Moon if you click here.

Briefly here, this is your time to explore your own brand of uniqueness. To celebrate the weird being that you are. The one off, never to be repeated. If you left the planet, no one could replicate what you did or who you were. Not exactly.

Play with freedom, space, perspective, detachment. Connect with like-minds. Reach out with those you 'get' or who 'get you'. See which groups around sound like something you'd like to dive into. Break the rules of restriction you've imposed on yourself of late.

Be kinky, different, rebellious, odd, unusual, queer, bizarre, laid back and Just Yourself. Guaranteed, it'll shift things in a really cool, new way.

Your Astrologer,