Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Report Offer: International Astrology Day (Mar 20/21)

March 20th is International Astrology Day - to honor the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring and that Astrology is the world's oldest symbolic language.

If you've never jumped in yet, then today is the day for it. Your Chart is YOURS, it's information your soul laid out FOR you, (sort of a roadmap from you to yourself!)

Our job as Astrologers is to take all our years of study and research, to read this map and let you know what you set up for yourself this lifetime. Call it a nudge in the right direction. A reminder. A whisper from your soul ia a third party.

Unlike psychic work, which has its place, Astrology relies on scientific principles and accurate rules that always work. Anyone can study it. That's its beauty.

All Day on March 20th & March 21st you can order your Full Natal Report (80-100 PACKED pages on YOU) and receive a $19.95 Report absolutely free, as a gift. Or you can put the $19.95 to another Report if you choose.

So order your Full Natal here, then browse the Reports and choose one at $19.95 or under and you'll have that sent to you at no extra charge.

Enjoy the day, set a Springtime Intention, and I wish you the Aries Springtime Promise of a Miracle...

New Seasonal Soul-Love,
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mar 19: Appearing on Hay House Radio with Mark Husson

Lot of great changes here that I am excited to tell you about in due time.

I will be appearing on Hay House Radio for Mark's Power Peek.

I also will share the new developments with you at this end, so stay tuned.
Spring is a-coming and with it, the fresh, fun inspiring sign of Aries.

But we're not there just yet. We have one more day of Piscean energy. Enjoy the wrap up, the goodbye, the rest and recuperation, and get plenty of sleep in preparation for a new season of your soul.

Check the link out tomorrow, listen in live, we'll be taking calls, or you can listen to the show when it's archived. It'll be a blast!

www. New World Astrology .com

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Part 2: Venus Retrograde: Rewiring Hearts

You can read the posting from 2007 on Venus Retrograde and what it means on a deeper level here.

Where it mentions Venus in Virgo, this is now changed to Retrograde Venus in ARIES. That's where it is right now.

The main themes are 'redesigning independence in your close relationships, finding out who YOU are in any union you're involved in, refusing to compromise your SELF when it comes to sharing, reworking how you express your ANGER when faced with a disagreement and how to handle boundaries and honoring others while not abandoning the self.

Relationships right now are frisky, feisty, and fiery. But we're only coming into contact with more of ourselves, our own nature, as Retrograde Venus takes us on an inner journey of love, to spotlight places inside ourselves we may not (as of yet) feel entitled to be loved unconditionally.

Do it yourself and someone is sure to show up to offer help also, when you may not need it, but when it comes to mirror back to you that you're doing a grand job.

Be YOU, in all encounters with others!


Friday, March 06, 2009

Part 1: Venus goes Retrograde (Mar 6-Apr 17)

Heard from your ex yet?

Venus Retrograde is often a time of old flames igniting, or at least reappearing to remind us of what we one loved, lost or longed for. Is it so we can reconnect? Chances are it's really to show us how far we've come and to get a handle on what we are now attracting. After all, we only attract ourselves to ourselves - and yes, that means the abuser in your life reflects the feeling that you yourself need that sort of treatment.

How many of us love ourselves FOR our flaws, and for the journey of healing issues and regaining a sense of completeness?

How many of us like to be alone - which really means "all one" of course. Being alone and happy means we like who we are - after all it's the company we keep 24/7.

How many of us enjoy where we are right now?

That's a big one. We can always improve our situation. Often by moving away from troubled times by looking the other way, or walking in the other direction, which takes courage. However, Venus Retrograde asks us to at least love our situation in a new way - loving it doesn't mean accepting it as a way of living permanently, but that we attracted it in the first place.

Then we can begin the step of changing it all in accordance with our new values and desires and needs.

So when faced with an old love, love feeling or longing:

don't ask yourself if they have changed,
but enjoy seeing how far you, yourself
have grown.

All of us will face at least one returned romance, to see if we have lost love for the object, or if we have found that love within, and no longer need a token of it on the outside.

Inner treasures discovered now, can only lead to outer treasure after Venus goes Direct.

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Happy Pisces Season!