Thursday, June 26, 2008

U-Turn, Shocks & Sudden Surprises! (Uranus goes Retrograde June 26 - Nov 27)

Prepare for an imminent u-turn, sudden surprise, or some other 'veering off the direction you thought you were heading in'.

Maybe the change has been planned for a long time (nothing 'sudden' is every truly a surprise when you peer behind the's been building from somewhere), or maybe it bubbles up in a short space of time. Uranus, the energy of innovation, liberation and freedom is retrograding soon, and the Changes we THOUGHT we wanted, we no longer desire. The Changes we THOUGHT we'd made, may no longer work or need tweaking. And the Changes we HAVEN'T made in our own best interests (i.e to aid our self-understanding and freedom as unique individuals) may be made seemingly made for us.

Life, events, circumstances - all conspire now to bring you to a closer awareness of YOU. And the You you want to be, rather than the tangles of 'stuff and situations' you find yourself in, that you somehow, laughingly believe IS you. Imagine!

We all have a true north and many side-streets to get there, and many to squander our talents, resources and life-force. Neon signs now MAY be forcing our hand in turning a better corner that's right for US, not what is logically right for anyone else.

Don't identify with what is before you now.

I was reminded of this advice recently from a very astute Aries - the sign of self-identity. Just observe, witness and see where the change, or option or possibility of Change lies in each situation that now unfolds.

Stability? Forget it! Don't actively seek it out right now because somewhere, lurking in your Astrology Chart (and life) is this Uranus energy - the troublemaker to all those who want eternal safety and security. And it's moving backwards to rock the boat a little for the sake of freshness.

It's affecting a SPECIFIC area of your life, and often a number of areas (the HOUSE its moving through in your Chart, the House ruled by Aquarius and any planets in OTHER houses its affecting).

Needless to say it's more complicated than meets the eye, but that's where my job comes in. If you need some pointers, schedule a Reading and I'll help you (along with Uranus) to get you OUT of a bad situation, UNSTUCK from a rut, and well on your way again to being - well, the Free Spirit you were born to be, and are right now, even though life may not seen to be dealing you the Freedom Hand.

(The Reports are a great thing to turn to now, to aid you in re-discovering your TRUE nature, not the layers of muck you've picked up from thinking you know what life is asking of you! See them here).

Is it only a U-turn, a sudden surprise or shock, a reversal of action or direction? Or is it a subtly, clever, trickster disguise to get you to reevaluate your social awareness, your social position, your friendships, your "network", your ability to think on your feet and your true nature and ability to 'wing it'.

We'll all find more of ourselves this week, but it won't come from things we nail down or have set in stone. Growth now comes in sudden spurts when we think we're going crazy or life is mad. An electric shock to the system to ensure than we simply can't carry on living boring lives of sameness when we came here to destroy or test out or comfort zones so that we continually are propelled forwards to learn new things, feel new things and experience new things that help us feel new things!

When the prison bars break apart, will you really know you're free to go, or will you sit and complain the safety and security of your usual "view" has been ruined.

See you on the flip side!

Your Erratically-Energized Astrologer of Liberation,.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Foggy Road Ahead!: Mars opposes Neptune

This week, Mars is opposing Neptune - an angle 180 aparts, creating a polarity between two forces, that can either work together or fight.

It's a sluggish time, since Mars relates to the principle of Energy and Outward Drive. Neptune throws up fog banks out of nowhere, making us want to sleep in an extra five hours, or daydream. Not the best thing when you work with knives or you're signaling to switch lanes on the freeway.

You know that feeling in a dream when you simply can't run or walk? It's not the best week for firm, decisive action. The theme of this week is less "gym-oriented" aggressive plans and methods, and more fluid "yoga/swimming" type enterprises.

If you get angry, it's likely there are few ways to express it appropriately, if at all. The best way to make use of this aspect (as they all have SOME benefit) is to channel your drive and focus into letting things slide a little more, in taking the pressure off, in maybe having just ONE more moment of quiet before you get up and carry on.

Find your escapism or it'll find you - by sideswiping you in that lane switch on the freeway, or by throwing a blanket of thick fog over the most well-laid out plans.

And if you do work with knives, heat, tools or things that move fast - pay attention or go have a cigartette/chocolate break and return refreshed.

Switch off by all means, just make sure you do switch BACK ON before going about your "usual business". The message life is trying to get across to you in moments of fuzziness, is that you DON'T have all the answers or power/control and you DON'T NEED IT. The "spirit world" and other dimensions of energy and existence are seeping into our reality - so stay alert for intuitions, hunches and follow them.

Not everything is at it seems...

Voila! Some short but sound advice from above the clouds, during this nebulous week.
If you get stuck, just holler!

Your Safe Passage through the Confusion Astrologer,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Sun Moves into Cancer! June 20

How do you feel? That's the bottom line question now that the Sun has moved into watery Cancer, sign of the home, comfy dwellings, nests and wombs. You're either feeling fed and full or you're hungry and empty.

It's the month to nurture yourself and then spend time feeding others - invite them over for food, buy them a meal, go over and make one at theirs. Share some hugs, emotional currency is as much a necessity as financial. Get your home in order - new pillows? How about donating stuff you don't use? Enough food in the kitchen or are you scratching and snacking?

You have a month to be your own Mother - that means, securing your defenses, seeing that your Inner Kid is happy and fed and watered and making your environment as conducive to being comfortable as possible.

And don't forget the most important part of Cancer Country - your feelings, emotions, intuitions, gut churning moments. They all mean something, so don't avoid them, ignore them or worst yet - suppress them.

Feel them. Then let them move through you. Don't get stuck on any one feeling - this is the season of emotional variety. But, if one does come home to roost, and sticks around a bit, explore it. Chances are high it's some of "your" material - stuff from way back when, you ignored way back THEN. That needs digging up and letting out. And the only way to do that is REVISIT YOUR PAST IN THE HIGHEST EMOTIONAL MOMENTS IN THE PRESENT - because that's just what it is.

Let the past pull, while anchoring yourself in how it can aid you NOW. In being happy, comfy and content HERE - in your present place in life.

Your feel-good Astrologer,

Friday, June 20, 2008

Featured Report: Your Karmic Insight

The Karmic Insight Report (just $19.95) is one of my personal favorites (I know I shouldn't HAVE favorites because they are all superbly useful for different things but this one is popular for good reason, and it's a great read).

It covers what it says, your "karma" which I always find a weird word, but basically it draws on patterns in your Birth Chart that come from the past - your past lives, or your family line, your ancestry or heritage. You'll be surprised how many patterns we repeat in this lifetime!

People ask me, 'what was going on in past lives?" and i often tell them, 'Take a look around because it's likely to be some form of replay!'.

This Report can help you get out of cosmic 'loops' and find the loophole that lets you resolve and complete "old stuff" and let go of patterns that you've been repeating, that keep tripping you up.

It shows you the Darker Side to yourself as well as the GIFTS you brought in (for all your hard work last time round!).

So sit back, and enjoy a tour of your Chart through the lens of Karma & The Past.

To order, visit the link below and scroll down the page. Emailed within 24 hours of your order. Just send your birth time, date and place after your order to and I'll take care of it for you, personally.

Karmic Insight Report $19.95 - See a sample and Order Yours!


Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lighten your Load or Lose it! Full Moon in Sagittarius (June 18)

Are you feeling FREE? Chances are, you're not. But don't sweat it - that's the beauty of this Full Moon in Sagittarius period. We get to highlight areas of our lives where we DO and DO not feel fulfilled.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut, in habits that repeat and don't really do anything new for us except drive us in circles under the illusion of getting somewhere (when we're just spinning our wheels claiming we're doing our "spiritual work". It's not like we're encouraged at school to stretch/grow/expand out of our comfort zones (why on earth would we do that?!)

But that's just what we're asked to do now - are you making use of what you know? Are you sharing the wisdom, passing on the info? Are you sculpting your life to be an example of someone who 'walks their talk'? Living an example?

Is it time to bust out of one mental prison cell and explore the greater world?

Some of you may feel a deep desire to travel, get the hell out of dodge, run away, jump in the car (after grumbling about the cost of gas), or run screaming from a relationship or life situation where you feel trapped.

Others amongst you may feel a need to hit the books, finish up studies or decide what to do with what you've been working no all this time. Teaching? Or more studies? Will you head a class or sign up for one?

Our minds are buzzing with small insignificant data right now, and under the Full Moon we're asked, 'is it useful, and can you make sense of things by viewing them from a higher perspective? Can you take your learning to a new level? Broadcast a new message to others?

Climb a hill, get a new perspective on your problems. If you stay still, you'll be stuck with a limited viewpoint, and feel "stuck". Viewed from up high, you'll see it's just a moment, a stretch of road on your life's journey. A patch in your soul's quilt.

PLUTO, the Destroyer & Rebuilder is so tightly tied in to this particular Full Moon, it could be a rather intense one for many of us as something or someone is seemingly RIPPED from us, from beneath us or from beside us. Wow, talk about a loss of control.

Will you fight to retain the old connection
with this special thing/person/feeling?
Or can you loosen your grip and say 'For now, this is as it should be.'?

Pluto retrograded back into Sag recently, as one FINAL TEST to see if we've learned, truly learned the lessons we set out to learn this past year.

You KNOW now that some things you used to think were true, are not. Or at least the truth has changed. Some modes of living simply don't work. You have to give them up - and give up attachment to your little belief that used to mean so much. It's like discovering God, as an atheist. Or finding out there isn't one, as a Christian.

Major or minor, it's happening to us all. In various areas of our lives. We simply can't live by the same truths we used to. We need to find a new code of conduct, a new level of integrity, a new MEANING.

What do YOU mean?
What does your life mean?

If we took your life off the planet, and out of the current Earth Game, what would be lost? Another honest soul? A bright beam of optimism? An adventurous ability to keep trying and seeking? A sad-sack complainer? An impatient, rude selfish energy-sucker?

There's no right or wrong, no better or worse! How do YOU peg yourself, and what you have to offer. What's your Life Philosophy?

Right or Wrong - that's a big issue now. The only right or wrong are the kinds you yourself feel are important, but don't expect others to march to the same standards!

You're free now - whether you choose to see it or not. And that means free to chain yourself for another go-around, to pain, misery, or any other ugly bedfellow.
You're free to not be free!

Pluto now asks us to throw anything we're unsure on into the cauldron of life.
You may lose it, it may burn up, you may NEVER EVER see it or them again. Imagine it. But imagine if you will that anything gone, was a mere moment, a mere fabrication, an illusion on your life's voyage, to arrive to make you FEEL something. That's it. To feel it, be done with it, and let it go on, to someone else, who needs it.

Life isn't about the people. or the places. or the "stuff".
it's about the FEELINGS it all engenders within us.

So start there under this particular Full Moon - do you feel your world is wide and free? Are you in fear of expanding, growing, traveling? Are you culturally stuck on your side of the fence? Get a life - and live it, as far from your "usual" haunts, and usual faces.

If you stop learning now, you wither and die. Fill your mind with new vistas. Not just the upgraded one from Windows XP.

Bon Voyage - whether your trip takes you down to Hell, or up to Heaven, who cares - go along for the ride and soak up the new sites. And if you get 'bored' or burned, turn right around and head off in another direction.

Travel Light, it's time to unpack your "baggage" and travel lighter. Life will force it, if you cling. Some things are past their USE by Date. They've reached their ABUSED by date instead. Oops! You've been trucking around old thoughts, old truths, old things you NEEDED TO PROVE, but who cares anymore? Life is a moment by moment thing, carrying anything else is foolish!

Your Astrological Map-Navigator,

PS Don't forget the specially designed Full Moon Readings I offer at each lunar cycle, to help you figure out what this phase means for YOU, personally (based on your chart, your life experience, and your perspective!).

Full Moon Today! June 18

The Full Moon is today - feelin' it? It's in Sagittarius but of course affecting us all in various ways. Stay tuned for the next update!

If you need something faster, you can sign up for a Full Moon Reading or reserve your place.

Stay tuned!

Get Comfy! Venus enters Cancer (June 18)

Venus just moved into Cancer, throwing us a million and one reasons to enjoy our creature comforts, home space, deep emotional bonds with those we class as our true "family".

Some of you are no doubt painting or decorating, or renovating your House, Apt, Palace, Trailer. Whatever that place is you call "home", you're spending money on making it better, upgrading it or hosting others inside of it with a budget for a major or mini banquet. Maybe you're moving or looking at how much to spend on your rental budget. Or are you looking to buy a place, or plot of land?

Enjoying what we've always loved is on the cards also. It's different for everyone, but you have your "own thing" that makes you feel safe and secure. Again it's that feeling of going 'back home' to a place, thing, person - something to trigger the FEELING - of a time and place in life that just felt gooooood.

Crack out the photo album and cherish old memories.
Check in with old flames or friends from the past, or family members who've been left out in your race to make a future.
Fill the cupboards (and your belly or the bellies of others) with good, comfort food.
Cook, Bake!
Do some housework - you'll be amazed how good it makes you feel. Guaranteed.
Spend some private time alone - turn off the phone or TV.
Relive some great moments, if possible share the stories with another who was there.
Find old schoolmates, friends, lovers online, go in search of those you spent so many years with.

Relationships now take a more emotional turn - we remember issues from our pasts that may be in the way of a real, authentic PRESENT connection.
We need more hugs, to give them and get them, and we need to know we're SAFE to proceed. Are you creating an atmosphere of safety for another to share their feelings, and are you welcome to do the same...?
The way we love now, is to find a place to settle for a time. A partnership pit stop, to refresh our souls.

Some relationships will end now, because this is a time when we withdraw to see if we're being 'fed' in the way we need to be. It's important - are you stuffing yourself with an old emotional diet? What do you NEED now? Share that with others - give them a chance to offer it to you, or at least let you know they aren't able to give what you need.

Get comfy, stay home if need be, visit childhood haunts or people from the past, share what feeds you (after you've fed yourself) and let others close enough to actually love the Real You!

Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stalemate or Stale Mate? Venus opposes Pluto

June 17 and June 18 play host to an intense planetary alignment so I thought I'd give you a few pointers to the WHAT, WHY and HOW of it all, and throw a few choices your way on how to dance with it, and let it dance with you.

Venus is all things lovely, the stuff we adore, the things we WANT WANT WANT! The people we find HOT, the items we MUST buy. It's how we enjoy life, and what we seek to lure our way, like a spider in a web.

Pluto is the spider in the web. Or maybe the web itself. Its the energy that holds us in a vice until we either breakthrough or breakdown and die. It's the part of ourselves that wants it ALL, or none at all, thanks.

So love meets obsession. Enjoyment meets intensity. Beauty meets a crisis point.
Relationships meet ultimatums.

We're attracted to people/things/situations that are shady, in the shadows, sexy, saucing, steaming, but perhaps not altogether legal. An underworld connection? Deceit and mistrust? Naughty, naughty...but oh, so nice eh?

Will Love die this week? Of course not. Love is Love. It is. It was. It always will be. Pluto will uncover certain things you hate about people (your lover, friend, business parter). And of course, yourself. Why else would this "issue" be on your dirty doorstep? Wake up. And many relationships enter the Minefield on these days, but it's all to Dig Up the Dirt and Darkness so that we can Love More Fairly: in other words to LEARN TO LOVE, unconditionally.

So the shit is about to hit the fan with a certain someone. Or a certain way you've been loving. Even yourself. Can you let some parts fall, and allow love to continue leading you down the path, without the crap you've been hauling with you in the name of Safety, Security or Pure-Compulsion? Or will you seek to obliterate the ones you're hungering for love FROM?!

Artists: Revamp your style. Throw out your old ways and try a new energy on for size - new sounds, colors, forms, feelings, textures, tastes.

Lovers: Take the games to the bedroom. Explore new domination/submission themes to release pent up pressure. Find new ways to have an orgasm. Explore your DARK SIDE and love every minute of it.

That's the key now - can you LOVE (Venus) the Dark Side (Pluto). His Dark Side. Her Dark Side. It's Dark side. and YOUR OWN Dark Side?

Well, can you?

Coz it's staring at you right in the face on these days. Point the finger of blame, and you've lost the plot.

Intrigue, suspicion, jealousy, rage, hatred. In the field of Finance & Relationships.

All emotions that should trigger you into a higher state of awareness that "this is where the treasure is. Something means too much to me here, and needs addressing."

Intense emotion on any scale shows an attachment. To a belief, a thing, a person, a feeling. And attachments breed pain, because we're siding with something outside of ourselves, feeling its EVERYTHING to us. And that it IS us. Wrong.

Pluto will take from you, that which you hold on to, too tightly.
Love it, but let it fly free and Pluto will show you new vistas, new depths.

You can't avoid the crap, but you don't need to bathe in it. Muck feeds your garden, and roses CAN grow knee deep in shit.
But it stinks, and you lose the beautiful scent of the rose, when you pile up too much at your door.

Ask yourself this: Would you DIE for this?

If so, great, hold on tight and get it over with.
if not, then find a compromise, or let it go and move on.


Love...the rest is just a Game. And it's always tipped in favor of the House (Universe).

Your Astrologer,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Buy One Get One Free Report offer: ends midnight!

If you missed the sale notice, forgot to check your email or had a mercury retrograde brain-glitch, you still have until midnight tonight (June 15 PDT) to take advantage of the Order 1 Get 1 free Report offer.

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Your Astrologer,

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Temper Tantrums: Mars/South Node in Leo

With Mars the warrior marching hand in hand with the South Node in the next few days, it'd be all too easy to let old issues flare up again.

Feeling frisky? Impatient? Not special enough? In Leo, Mars demands attention or a creative focus/ego stroke, and if we're not getting it, if we don't feel our egos are being treated like royalty, we could "get into it" with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Mars is pure energy, pure aggression, pure confidence, pure DO IT NOW-ness. The South Node is our past, our ancestry, heritage, our 'default'.

Angry people have even more reasons to continue exploding.
Passive people either end up attracting every greater foes (who'll do it for them) blowing off steam indirectly or doing internal damage by suppressing.

Ask yourself in the next few days: What are you angry about? What are you doing about your anger? Are you blaming, projecting, ignoring, denying? And what can you do instead of wasting time on complaining about your situation...?

It was only the other night as this energy was brewing, that I was coming home to witness a group of 4 or 5 guys standing outside the building next door to mine. One man threw a punch at another, who fell to the ground. It seemed like a joke, it was so loud. The man didn't get up.

As they all left him and drove off, I came inside the building with my friend and we went up to one of the balconies. The man was still lying there, a crumpled heap on the sidewalk. He called the police and we went downstairs. He was still lying there, two new people standing over him now.

In a few minutes, a fire engine pulled up with an ambulance. The man had blood welling up out of his throat. They tore open his shirt and began punching down on his ribcage. They stuck plastic pipes in his throat, and continued administering CPR.

It was a site I have never seen before. Residents were gathering around, watching. Waiting and wondering if this man was about to die on the sidewalk before them, or if he already had passed away.

It was a surreal moment. Everyone connected by one common thread. The police arrived and my friend gave his account. The man who had called the police before him, had seen everything. He knew the man who had done it. The security guard in the building next door! The man who had been hit, had supposedly strangled a woman in the building in a domestic dispute earlier. And was outside drinking when the security guard came out and threw the punch.

Who's the victim? Everyone involved. Even the bystanders covering their mouths or watching intently as for 15 minutes, a man's ribcage is compressed to try and reactivate his heart.

It got me thinking about Anger. Mars stuff. About how it's so easy to find someone, to attract someone, and to stumble upon someone, who is ready to throw that final, fatal punch. Is it worth it?

I don't know if the man made it. They used an artificial lung to keep him breathing and carried him away, but we wondered if this was just to get him inside the ambulance. I don't know if they tried in vein for 15 minutes to revive him.

I sent healing energy to the man as he lay on the street. My friend had something valuable to say after the incident. We can only choose how WE receive the message, what WE can give or get from a situation. He did all he could, called the police, gave an account. I did all I could - save a safe energy space, and project Love to the man who was down, also to shield him from the onlookers who were projecting fear, anxiety, or the hunger for a drama show on the street, their own personal television.

Now, with Mars in Leo on the South Node - we get to grieve, to feel our own pains. And to decide on new ways to heal them, express them and let them go.

To aid us in this quest now, CHIRON is on the North Node - the Master of Healing Tonics and Potions and New Fangled Ways to make things better or bearable.

Many are currently checking in for spa treatments this week, my friend tells me. That's Chiron. Therapy, and other psychological healing methods are also great tools now.

Right now - energy, as it always is (but more noticeable now) is either FLOWING or BLOCKED.

That's it. The easiest way to see where you are in relation to any given moment.

Are you letting energy flow naturally. or are you forcing it?
Are you blocking energy, and thus affecting the flow of Nature?

As in the human body, things break down pretty fast in life once we block, impede, control or divert.


Be angry by all means, but know that it's not the event, the person, the THING that is the cause of the anger.

Anger is an emotion triggered from WITHIN. From YOU. From your past, your history, your beliefs.

It's all You.

Choose your battles this week - and if you have to fight, work on what's going on inside and why it bothers you so much. You'll save yourself a world of trouble on the outside.

And for goodness sake - LIGHTEN UP! This is one moment in your life, and nothing lasts forever.

If you need help with the Mars stuff, you know where to come (I have an Aries South Node so I'm your over-qualified Anger/Mars expert!)

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Astrologers Tip: Follow the Node (your Soul Signpost)

Want a fast, easy, quick and profound way to find out what you're here to work on this lifetime, and those behavior patterns you're trying to avoid, that may have served you in the past, but which only annoy you (and others) and mess things up this time around the wheel?

Take a look at my Node Page to discover your own and read up on what it means for you personally.

If you enjoy it, you can follow the links there for more personal and specific info to YOU. And you can schedule a Past Life Reading, and we'll cover what the Nodes mean also.

I want to Find my True North!

Have Fun!

Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Retrograde Rebels: Rethinking your Replay

Has your past come back for a visit? Someone from yesterday appearing today? Heard from someone you used to know, via email, phone, mail or a surprise run-in in the street?

If issues are replaying out in your life, be happy. You're one of the lucky ones elected - during this Mercury Retrograde cycle - for a second chance at setting things straight. Every issue, every button pressed, every problem, every reaction, every situation that smacks of something that's happened before, gives you a chance to do what you DIDN'T do before, say what you didn't SAY before, and react (or RESPOND which is better) how you didn't last time. Call it a second chance (or 10th).

Think of it as Changing the Script. So take a look again at that old flame, old friend, old obstruction, old worry, old problem, old replay...this could be your chance to free yourself from a karmic chain stretching back as far as only your Soul remembers.

Be a Retro Rebel - and rethink your replay.

It's the fast forward key to enlightenment, in this cycle anyway....

Your Astrologer,

P.S If you're still finding Mercury Retrograde hard to digest, the Mercury Retro Readings are specifically tailored to your chart, your life, your experiences. You can still order them here.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Report Special: Get one get one Free!

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All the Reports are awesome, but there are some of my favorites. And most run at around $20!

Enjoy this special. Since it's a steal, it's only on until June 15, so be sure to order sooner rather than later, and I look forward to sharing more of YOU with you!

Check out the Reports and choose your 2nd Free

Your Astrologer,

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Open Minds, Open Doors: Gemini New Moon (June 3)

Talk about an open mind....

With the new potentials streaming through your life right now, how could you keep the floodgates closed, be bored or wonder if life will change?

Open your eyes and ears!

From a notice in a magazine, an ad in a window in a local store, a meeting at a bus stop or train station, people are out there and they have what you need, what you want, what you need to hear and what you need to listen to, to move to the new level your life is asking of you.

No one's a stranger during a Gemini New Moon, they're a messenger.

And that goes for you - what gem of wisdom, what cosmic piece of someone else's jigsaw puzzle will you hand someone else, with just a few well-chosen words, or perhaps just thoughtless disregard. Either way, a message is delivered; right on time.

Things are said this week, letters are issued, mail is received, and stuff starts moving.

Remember though, we're under a Retrograde Mercury, and Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so listen but don't expect concrete results or definitive deals to be struck. We're talking IDEAS. You need them. We all need them. New vistas. Fresh air. New Focuses.

New cars, new computers, new cell phones, new plans, new carriers, new adventures, new books, new magazines, new languages, new names, new neighbors, new contacts, new conversations.

All of the above are starred for immediate deliverance into your life. A new desire for a new way, a new method, a new experience.

How you get from A to B is set to change.
What you talk about and how you talk about stuff is up for review.
Your writing is starred for a major overhaul or prominent reception.
Your voice changes - somehow you sound different or you change your broken records.
New neighborhoods call - who says you need to get stuck on your own street. Haunt a new 'hood!

Your life changes are only a thought away. What if....Just what if....

INFORMATION is Power. If you have a question, an answer is not far away
(who knows what form it may show up in).

So ask questions.
Share your findings.
Keep the information flowing.
Keep talking! Even if you disagree, keep the lines open. You never know who else wants to pass something along.

LIFE IS A BUFFET this week. What you don't like, let someone else have. Focus on something else, and someone may pass their plate on to you, with just what you ordered sitting waiting on it.

The Gemini New Moon is aided by MARS in LEO.
Thinking tied with ACTION creates results. Don't just think about it, TRY IT. Put your own stamp on it. OWN your process, by saying this is my Personal Touch. Be proud of your choices, because in every decision made, a piece of your life force glows brighter. If you're gonna do it this week, make it big, loud, proud and bold.

Tech Tip: The New Moon each month coincides with the Sun (yellow circle) and Moon (blue crescent) meeting up together in our Charts. Check the photo at the top to locate the New Moon in the sign of Gemini (3rd slice of the pie).

Stay tuned for special New Moon Readings!

Your Astrologer,

Exploding the Mercury Retrograde Myth

By now I'm sure you've heard about it. "Mercury is Retrograde! Arghh!".

Everyone comes out the woodwork during Mercury Retrograde - Astrologers and non-Astrologers alike - to give the dire, doom-and-gloom prophecies of everything and anything that can go wrong.

But what's the reality behind the event. What's the cause and what are the symptoms to watch out for? If life is about balance, how do you know if you're IN or OUT of balance with this particular phase?

Mercury Retrograde is quite simply a 'reversal of thought energy'. Just think how much 'thought energy' is whirling around you right now - not only from you, in your field of energy, but everyone else on the planet.

Memories of yesterday, worries of tomorrow, anxieties of today, what Sarah said, what you'll say to Frank, what Bill didn't tell you, why Lisa isn't calling you, what project you need to finish, the list of things to cook for tonight's meal, the meeting you need to schedule, the bill you haven't yet paid.

Forget the physical realm, we're talking all POSSIBILITIES that exist on the purely mental level.


Mercury retrograde pulls all that mental energy back in on itself, to stop itself from going into overdrive.

So what happens if you're out of balance as Mercury Retrograde kicks in:

1. Your mental energy starts becoming your worst energy. Everything forces you in some way, big or small, to SLOW DOWN. That's when you get the infamous COMPUTER CRASH, plane/train/bus/car delay or breakdown. Your cell phone cuts out.

And notice what you do - you keep calling, you keep pushing, you become frantic and your mind continues to buzz. Who knows - it's possible your own mental electricity causes the malfunctions to begin with - computers are very sensitive to their regular users.

More breakdowns ensue forcing the necessary reflection that you didn't NEED to get there on time, you don't NEED to send that email, that it is best to wait, and that you need to chill the *&%! out and breathe.

2. You've become overextended and lost the plot. The past returns to take your attention away from your repeating-repetitive brain. The trouble becomes that you become wired into old dramas and re-play old stories and the pattern replicates. The trick is to relive the past long enough to resolve (relive is to relieve under Retro) and then get back to the present, where you'll have enjoyed a brief respite from your current mental minefields - hopefully with new, fresh insight to get you unglued.

Can you avoid 'retro crap'? Yes if you're not overextended and you use the time as a Time-Out. Don't push ahead starting new things that will end up overextending you or others. That's a guaranteed set-up from the start. Ideas are great - that's Mercury. Chewing on them is great, that's Retrograde. Working on your INNER thoughts is wonderful, Retrograde is about your interior world. Who cares what others are thinking or doing right now - everyone's overextended anyway, no doubt.

Just don't rely on outside sources
- the media, your friend, your boss, your casting agent, your director, your lead singer, your band member, your partner. EVERYONE else is going through the same thing - working on their INNER thoughts, or so they should be. How can someone deliver if they themselves are over-extended?

If you look outside, you'll only get crossed wires now (from the majority).

Can you buy a new computer or car during Retrograde? I'm beginning to think it's not only possible, it's encouraged, if you're VERY clear about what you want, you've thought it through a lot, and aren't seeking a quick fix, or a distraction from your own head.

If it makes life easier, great. If you spot a sign slowing you down, heed it and don't push. Maybe a better deal is around the corner. All communication clues are important to follow. ignore them at your peril - that's when you'll wind up a Retro Victim, complaining you were duped, ripped off, let down or wasting your time.

So isn't time to become one of the few and much needed CLEAR CHANNELS OF COMMUNICATION during this time? And the only way to do that is to clear your own head, mind, brain, thoughts first.

What can you do to ensure retro-success?

1. Stop. Think. Wait. Listen.
2. Clean up the house, desk, hard drive.
3. Back up important stuff, duplicate documents, cut keys.
4. Relive less successful parts of your past - forgive, forget, clean up, move on.
5. Relive to Relieve.
6. Change your mind, change your course, try the Third option when trapped between 2 difficult ones. Or choose not to choose.
7. Observe instead of reacting.
8. Be patient, in 3 weeks, the view will be different.
9. Use the time to go over stuff you've started - finish it, toss it,revamp it or let it go.
10. Realize 90% of stuff in your head right now probably won't pan out in the physical realm. Focus on the positive potentials of the 10% - give yourself something AWESOME to look forward to.


Mercury Retrograde doesn't happen TO us. It happens BECAUSE of us and WITH us.
It's a gift to slow down, let your life catch up with you, let all the WHAT IFS and MAYBEs and POTENTIALS and POSSIBILITIES and UNANSWERED QUESTIONS and UNQUESTIONED ANSWERED swirl around us, until they find a target, a nest, host or a home.


What's your mind doing 24/7? Working with you or against you?
Where's your focus?

Follow that, and you'll be 10 steps ahead of the rest of the gang, who are running around in Glitch City, in a whirlpool of mental madness.

Welcome to the New Mercury Retrograde!