Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Solar Sign Symbolism

I thought I'd share a little sign symbolism for how my own day mapped out, as far as the Aries Solar Eclipse went today, as an example of how planetary energies play out collectively as well as individually.

Today, here in Los Angeles, i went to the photo lab to proof my Headshots. As I waited for the Number 2 bus that would take me down Sunset Blvd (next to a woman wearing a bright RED (red is Aries color) cardigan sucking on a lollipop (Aries childlike nature) that of all the days it was the perfect one to pick up the photos - headshots - Aries rules the Head and the word 'shots' seems so fittingly Arian - Aries relates to gunshots, firepower. Speaking of FIRE (Aries element) a Fire Engine blared past moments after my mind was thinking along these lines.

I'm sure there were a lot of other symbols that I somehow ignored or walked straight past, but it's hard with so many errands to run to keep track of them all. Later in the evening I met up for friends and went to eat Thai food. My buddy ordered some seafood soup that was served in a metal platform with its own bunsen burner - the flames were pretty high and he couldn't blow them out (my eyebrows were narrowly missed). A fitting end to a day of springtime sun, heat and Aries Eclipse energy.

I'll post more on the incomings news related to this period. I hope you enjoyed a day focused solely on yourself!


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

RAM symbolism: Solar Eclipse in Aries today!

I find it fitting to stumble across news of the RAM - which is set to impress itself upon the collective consciousness with the oncoming Solar Eclipse In Aries - the sign of the Ram, today.

This news story ran today too, moments away from the time of the Eclipse.

Two reclusive rams found in NZ
March 29, 2006 - 5:35PM

Two years ago, Shrek the sheep wowed the world with his massive growth of wool.
Now two reclusive rams have been discovered near Shrek's stamping ground in New Zealand with fleece lengths to rival that of the famous wether.
Named Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the pair of merino-english leicester sheep are about eight years old and have never been shorn, the Otago Daily Times reported.
Locals in the South Island town of Tarras say the rams are at least as woolly as Shrek before the celebrity sheep was shorn.
Photos of Shrek and his full-body afro were published around the globe in 2004 when he was captured on nearby Bendigo Station after six years without facing the clippers.
His wool was shorn and sold at exorbitant prices for charity and Shrek toured New Zealand, including a trip to the capital Wellington to meet Prime Minister Helen Clark.
Farmer Michael Hayman told the paper that Tweedledum and Tweedledee had lived on a river island and may have been lured out of seclusion by the recent arrival 600 ewes.
He discovered them two weeks ago after long hearing rumours of phantom sheep on the island.
But the woolly pair may not enjoy as much fame as Shrek as Hayman said he soon planned to "defrock" them.

Astrological Wisdom Unearthed!

I'm excited, looking at the aspects for the years ahead as we continue zooming towards the end of the Mayan Calendar - in 2012 (the so-called End of Time...the end of the way we measure time).

I'll be writing more on the 13 Lunar Calendar and how time is being controlled on Planet Earth currently to keep us all focused on a linear reality and time-frame that is actually going against natural law and energy flow (another reason we feel more and more 'squeezed' as "time" goes by...

For now, though, I wanted to share this magic.

During the time of Pisces, the time of true magick this piece of the jigsaw puzzle fell into place. Of course no one would dare in the mainstream media even to this day (yes, it's hard to believe it's 2006 and we're still in the dark, yet it's true) that this has deep ASTROLOGICAL connotations...but as though of us in the know, understand that Astronomy sprung from Astrology (the EFFECT analysis of Astrology (right brain) gave way to the CAUSE of Astronomy (left brain).

The picture above shows the latest archaeological discovery - the mysterious "sky disc of Nebra" now claimed to be an "advanced astronomical clock". (in other words an Astrological Timing Device, very similar to these strange things called Astrology Charts, but of course that's way too ethereal for a newsporter to grasp!)

The 3600-year-old bronze disc shows a gold-leaf sun, moon and stars which Researchers now claim is a complex astronomical clock of solar and lunar calendars. While the solar calendar indicates the position of the earth as it revolves around the sun, the lunar calendar is based on moon phases. The lunar year is shorter than the solar year because 12 synodic months, or 12 returns of the moon to the new phase, take only 354 days.

The sky disc of Nebra was used to determine if and when a 13th month should be added to a lunar year to keep the calendar in sync with the seasons.

Aha - the 13th Moon. Something not so talked about in Astrological circles, but it has deep relevance, which we'll get into at a later date, as always, when the time is right.

13 cycles will connect us to our soul roots. Websites such as and if I recall (I'll check and get back to you) have already explained a lot about this, but natural cycles on Earth will help us all realign ourselves if we would only follow them.

The unearthing of this device during Pisces season (remember uranus the planet of Astrology, surprises, technology and sudden startling revelations is IN pisces right now). BOOM - more knowledge that comes to the surface. I expect more unearthings, particularly from the ocean.

This news fills me with that wonderous feeling when you know that a tide is rolling in that cannot be held back. The knowledge we Astrologers of today know, is ancient, and was once ridiculed and stolen by the powers that be, who wanted to stay that way 'the powers that be'.

Freedom is coming to everyone who has 'ears to listen' and for those open to learning these ancient practices. True knowledge comes from open information. You cannot hold back the Truth, the eternal, undying and unchanging Laws of the Universe.

Exciting stuff - and what better time to unearth more jigsaw pieces and clues than during Pisces season, when the planet Uranus transits the mystical sign. As always, everything is on time if only we would trust.

Here's to the next unfolding of the cosmic story,



Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dynamite at the Door: Solar Eclipse in Aries March 29

The Aries New Moon on March 29 is a special one. Not only is it a springboard into Spring itself, (Aries is the sign of initiation, a new cycle) but it coincides with a Solar Eclipse.

The last time there was a solar eclipse at this degree was March 29, 1987 (it's worth going back in time to see what relevance this date carries for you).

This is a north nodal eclipse, suggesting that we are being called to develop new skills and talents through independent effort.

Sabian Symbol: 9 Aries"A Crystal Gazer"
The symbolic degree interpretation of this particular eclipse suggests concentrating attention to see the whole picture. We'll see how this image imprints itself upon the collective unconscious - but it does suggest we'll be asked to look beyond surface impressions for the deeper meaning in forthcoming events.

The map above (find out more at the website for an animated look at the Eclipse Path) shows where the Eclipse can be witnessed. Astrological Lore states that areas that get to see a total eclipse are areas that may fall under the 'spell' of the eclipse's effect - causing dramatic events and the unfolding of what would appear as 'karmic' energies to those without astrological understanding.

And so it is karmic in some ways - this Solar Eclipse creates a purging of Ego energy, with a burst of fire and dynamite power that is sure to give us a wake-up call of sorts.

Since ARIES is FIRE we may actually witness explosions, firearms, volcanoes or dramatic fires on the news itself. In the US chart, the Eclipse could bring fire in governmental offices, or society gets to see the impact of yet more aggression.

SInce CHIRON plays its maverick hand in this eclipse, at 8Aquarius, we get a welcome relief in the knowledge that the eclipse events are a healing on a collective level, to bring us closer together. We're a collective, and we can't escape this fact. No amount of Aries ego can ever burn out the Aquarian ideal for equality. Selfishness WON'T win out in this round, but it will try its hand in a number of ways.

The 'male' energy of this eclipse will be evident in a number of movies, films, tv shows and stories concerning either Arian folk or those with Aries traits - fighters (fire/police etc), athletes, military folk or those with a brawl mentality. MALENESS is shoved into the spotlight in all its glory (or ungodliness).

With a trine to SATURN, we'll get to USE the energies of this eclipse well - what's the point in Astrology unless you A - Learn and B - Implement your knowledge. This Eclipse motivates us to DO something - after all Aries energy needs an outlet.

In short - the Aries Solar Eclipse gives us all an edge and an understanding of what we need to do, to get what we want. Selfishness should become selfhood - whereby a deep underatanding of our wants and needs, leads us to furthering actions that lead to the satiation of these desires.
Of course, Aries energy rarely burns out - so we'll get to see what can happen if you push-puhs-push too far.

Expressing Aries NOW NOW NOW CRASH BOOM BANG energy in a healthy and constructive way is tough - build a wall, run a marathon, hit the gym twice a day, take up squash. Champion something - fight FOR something not against something.

What fires are you ready to fuel?

As for anger - it's so easy, why even bother! Irritabiloility, road-rage - if you're operating under the lower dimension of Aries, you'll have a whole host of annoyances about to appear. If you're taking the higher path you don't have enough time to complain or fight, you are busying yourself and using every ounce of your strength, making something better.

And that's where Chiron in Aquarius comes in - better your own world (Aries) you heal the whole (Aquarius). Is there anything more practical (Saturn)?

So many possibilities - but one thing can certainly be said - tectonic plates will move, we will see red, and we will be fueled up for something - but is it our OWN agenda, or are we being pushed to take our Aries repressed anger out on something else (media manipulation?).

As always, there's a choice - to be lambs of peace or Rams of Wrath.

I'll have more for you as it comes in. Weather shifts, earthquakes - the potentials for dramatic turnarounds and the initiation of a whole new "saga" on the world front, seems so simply easy now, there's a high chance the months ahead will lead us into a new chapter.

As always, the timing is dependent on so many factors - Solar Eclipses seem to last a year - or until the point is triggered by transiting planets.

Find 8/9 Degrees Aries in your own chart and see what's about to rumble. Give it a spring clean and START something in that area. You'll be amazed where it'll be a year from now.

This Eclipse reminds me of a cheerleader chant I hear today on the set of the new pilot I'm shooting - one of my co-stars suddenly shouted, 'BE AGGRESSIVE! BE - E - AGGRESSIVE!'

Just make sure you know when to quit, huh...


Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Week of Mercury Retrograde

'Wrapping Up The Past' week.

That's how I like to call the last week of our beloved Mercury Retrograde phases.

What does it truly mean to have the planet of the MIND go retrograde on us all? To me, it's a chance to have a Change of Mind, which I have had to experience, and noticed many of you also experiencing.

Changes are mind are really healthy - despite the general uproar it causes when Mercury spins backwards in Pisces, the most nebulous sign of the entire astrological circle. Is your change of mind just the sign of wooly-mindedness? Are you unreliable, drifting and just causing trouble?

Perhaps. I like to see this final week, of this particular retro phase, as a one designed to eliminate outworn addictions. Let's face it - your pattern doesn't work. As you've notived recently. Addictions right now, can be seen for what they are - a good solid chunk of time spent doing something that always gives the same results - and thus you return back to it.

Unhealthy patterns are common now, and they're the energy loops we're being asked to refrain from restablishing (the typical 're's of 're-trograde). How are you doing on that front?

Pisces energy lacks boundaries, it seems all and feels all and sees it all has its place and all connects. However certain areas of life DO need walls, boundaries. Who wants to live in their neighbors bathroom?

And so on that note, Mercury spends his last week retrograding to help us find where our auras have grown thin, and where we're in danger of overstepping the mark or having someone step on our toes.

Establishing your boundaries now, in this phase, isn't easy, but the feeling when Mercury goes direct will be like the satisfaction you get when you repair your bike tire - remember when you were a kid and you inflated it, stuck it in a bucket of water and tried to locate where the bubbles are coming from? Then you sealed up the hole and bingo - magic.

I like to see this week as just that - finding the holes of escaping energy. Sealing them up and continuing on. We need soul-support, a cushion of something to protect us. Otherwise we'd mush together.

Like continental drift, separation isn't always bad, it keeps us unique and in a special place. Though from afar we're all connected, it's kinda cool to find a border now and again, so you know you're about to experience something new.

Respect your walls, and respect the rights of others and their own boundaries. Your own way, their own time.

Pisces Mercury Retrogrades until Friday.

Drift on, respectfully.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

Mercury Retrograde News

Mercury Retrograde, as you know, is synonymous with technological issues, delays, problems and other troubles. Here's a few major boo-boos this week:

PlayStation 3 Release date moved to November after "technical hitches" The comapny shares have dropped by 5% because of this (

Computer viruses set to leap to barcodes? (Of course, I eye this story with dubious eyes as they try and promote the use of the "chip" in the years ahead as a tool of tracking, and control).

Mercury rules the Post Office, mail and message delivery. It was no surprise to come acoss these latest newsbytes:

A postman from Derbyshire, UK has been sacked after almost 5,000 items of mail were found at his home.

Royal Mail staff have refused to deliver to Victoria Close in Barnet, north London, since a colleague needed eight stitches for a bite on his leg.

Email 'tax' criticised (more ridiculous control - but Mercury retrograde continues to unearth stupidity)

6-hour postal 'walkout' in UK

Mercury is Travel, Transportation, and we hear news of:

US space agency (Nasa) postponing its next space shuttle mission until July at the earliest because of a faulty fuel tank sensor.

But Retrograde Mercury can actually aid things that have been on hold for some time. We get to RE-introduce things related to Mercury at the RE-trograde period too. Don't forget there's always a positive manifestation for these planetary powers:

A £27m traffic scheme in the UK that has been delayed for several years is back on track.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Water Week

As mentioned in previous posts...the retrograde action of Mercury in the sign of Pisces (water, liquids, oil, alcohol and so forth) is bringing news to the surface strongly linked to these areas.

I actually rented a movie called Waterbourne without realizing it, and it sat around until tonight when I finally popped it in. It's an indie film based on the premise that the water supply here in Los Angeles was infiltrated by a bio-terrorist attack. The characters were without water, reviewing (Mercury retrograde) their lack of concern with it previous to the drought that ensued and so forth.

The BBC somehow decided to take it upon themselves to make this "water week" at their website:

And news was also reported of a pretty major oil spill in Alaska:

And who'd even think you could argue over owning a piece of the ocean floor? Mercury retrograde ('the "diver") shows us just how that's possible:

They're talking about a possible ocean on Saturn. Surprise, surprise...

Stranded dolphins were released back (retrograde) into the sea

And finally, for today, how about burying carbon monoxide UNDER the sea bed??

Friday, March 10, 2006

Feel Me Fix Me: Virgo Lunar Eclipse March 14

The Lunar Eclipse on March 14 falls at 24Virgo.

I always look to Eclipses to shake up weather patterns. So the next 6 months (a typical manifestation period it seems for Lunar Eclipses, though they can continue longer) should create a few tectonic plate shifts - first on the emotional level (as Lunar Eclipses do, the Moon being our emotional source) and thus finally, manifested on the physical level. Perhaps we'll see nothing until after this period is over, but the ripples begin and sensitive souls will surely feel them.

Note: Solar Eclipses create more weather patterns as far as tectonic plates go - the Sun having a direct impact on more physical aspects of our lives - egos in particular. Stay tuned for the March 29 Aries Eclipse, article to be posted soon.

Back to the Lunar Eclipse for now:

In Virgo, this Eclipse highlights obvious places in our lives that no longer 'work'. Energy is blocked. Emotions cause a dam to build. Things break down - and so it begins. Health deteriorates, jobs cave in, bodies crumble and things begin to get messy.

Virgo detests mess, but this period helps us deal with it - you can't sweep a room (Virgo) until you look at what's hidden beneath the rug (Pisces). Since the Sun is in Pisces opposing the Virgo Moon at this Eclipse, we need both sides of the seesaw to navigate ahead. But somehow, in some way, the chaos in our lives is about to be picked up for what it is - clutter that we no longer need.

This Lunar Eclipse is like a major Full Moon cleansing - which is a great thing to, in the sign of Virgo which relates to health and healing on many levels. I notice some people with an abundance of 6th House planets are healers in many areas of life. Caretakers who know how to nurture and truly heal at a deep level - they know dis-ease is a sign that comfort levels have been breached (pisces) and some sort of system needs to be brought back, so that a physical order (virgo) can be maintained.

Our jobs and what we feel useful doing come into question - I expect a lot of people to be truly unhappy at this point, as the news will begin to tell us - unemployment or other job related issues. Are people feeling useful, helpful (or helped)? Service jobs are sure to feel the effects - from a waiter who 'goes postal' to a hairdresser who just about scalps someone because they can't stand the petty and mindless day to day 'stuff'.

The fabric of our daily lives will change - perhaps a new calendar is hung or an old one torn down. perhaps a new clock is set at a new time, or else an old pattern of waking/sleeping is experienced.

There's never been a better time to work on our health - expect some new radical breakthroughs that are actually very simple. Virgo isn't all flashy lights and bells, it just is simple and it works. There's no way round it - clear health comes from the 6th house of our chart - which is ruled by Mercury. Health comes first from the MIND. We can think ourselves back to full health. We need Virgo order though. We need exercise and fruit and vegetables. We need fresh things and fresh energy. We need to change our schedules, our rituals, our habits.

This Full Moon Eclipse changes what you do, how you do it, and why.

Big stuff. But awesome in that if it isn't working, you'll soon see. Your choice - to fix it, fine-tune it, or decide it no longer can be repaired or it's had its time.

Keep it SIMPLE.

As one Virgo told me, all you need is LOVE and SERVICE.

Remember that, when emotions run high and you wonder why you're getting so worked up over something so small, so insignificant and truly something so unimportant.

If it bothers you, fix it, or stop complaining!

I'll catch you on the other side, when the dust settles - have your hoover ready...


Monday, March 06, 2006

March Skywatch

Sky Signs of Spring

When evening arrives, find Mars high in the southern sky, while Saturn hangs high in the east. Mars is in the constellation Taurus and the ringed Saturn in the constellation Cancer.

Right now Jupiter (negative second magnitude, bright) rises just before midnight; by the end of the month, it will rise in the east at about 9:30 p.m.

Venus arrives about two hours before sunrise. At about 4:30 a.m., look for it in the east. By sunrise, you'll find the effervescent Venus shining bright in the southeast.

And the astronomical start of spring occurs at 1:26 p.m. Eastern time, March 20: the Vernal equinox, when the sun crosses the equator from the southern hemisphere into the northern hemisphere.

Whose Truth is it? Jupiter Retrograde Mar 4 - Jul 6 2006

People love peddling the Truth when Jupiter goes Retrograde.

Jupiter, the planet of Knowledge & Wisdom goes inward asking us to question our own inner Truths. Are you sure what you believe in, is accurate? Do you have First Hand experience of what you're talking about, or is it something of the 'teaching-preaching' type - ie, you heard it, read it or were told about it?

Whose truth is it?

The months ahead will try and sell us many varied versions of the same story. Every one is accurate and truthful of course, from their own perspective and that's just it: Perspective is Everything.

If you haven't directly experienced something, how do you know it's true?

FAITH comes into question now - from Jupiter Retrograde issues with Religion (expect a questioning of validity, "we need proof" and the search for something intangible - will we find it?) Jupiter relates to LAW so there'll be a lot of people going back to court (retrograde). Jupiter is EDUCATION - school strikes, or old laws being reintroduced, education reform - these are areas to look to in the coming months as people begin to grumble about the laws holding things together.

Sometimes we HAVE no proof and no book, teacher or newspaper holds the knowledge we seek. And therein lies the beauty between now and July 6 - we have ourselves, and our direct experience. We also have that magical thing called Faith, Optimism, and a belief in a higher power, "good luck", providence or 'serendipity'. The Jewish faith calls it 'B'shert - meant to be.

Finding what you believe in, and then questioning it, is a tall order. After all, reality is created by a set of agreed upon 'beliefs'. Change your belief, change your perception, which changes your reality. Pretty big stuff - but what else do you expect from the biggest planet?

Jupiter brings up old teachings, old information and old beliefs that are ready to fall by the wayside. Archaic ritual will be replaced with new and fresh insights of what is REALLY happening. Can you stay present and OPEN to the new information ready to pour in?

Our intuition (inner tuition) is remarkable, and with so much energy in Pisces along with Mercury going retrograde now, all we seek is inside - our outer world will continue to mirror the conflicts or peace we have on the inside.

Keep your inner ear open and your eyes glues to the TV inside yourself, where news comes 24/7 by way of intuition and direct experience. Everything you need is there - with no monthly fee..


Friday, March 03, 2006

What Lies Beneath?

As mentioned, news related to WATER are cropping up as things are being uncovered or re-covered (retrograde "re") under or, in or around the water (Pisces). I'll add them as they appear.

Mar 3
A 14th-century ship was found in the mud of a canal in Stockholm.

A new U.S. Geological Survey finds pesticides in most streams in urban and agricultural areas

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Mercury Retro Sign-Synopsis

If you read the article below, for an overview of this Retro period, you can continue with the forecast for every sign:

: Aries and Aries Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your twelfth house of all that lies beneath the surface of things. Keep an eye out for deceptiveness and falseness in others. Clear karma - old 'stuff' returns. Let go, for god's sake. Learn to use your psychic senses. Spend mental time outs 'finding yourself'. Be alone. Create something ethereal. Chill.

Taurus and Taurus Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your eleventh house of friendships, groups, and aspirations. Miscommunications with friends - very likely. Decisions surrounding finances, romantic partners and creative endeavors may not be that strong - be careful when signing or agreeing unless you know the bottom line. Risks? A-No!

Gemini and Gemini Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your tenth house of career and reputation. Mercury being your ruling sign take into account all we said earlier about the ramifications of the Retro cycle. Slow down, finish what you start. Backtrack. Edit. Polish. Don't push!

Cancer and Cancer Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your your ninth house of faith and adventure. Seeing the bigger picture, the whole story?? I don't think so. Careful - religious wars of trying to be right land you in hot, hot water! Travel plans could change on you.

Leo and Leo Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation. Money or any shared/joint resources, filing taxes, and loved ones throw you tests and challenges - don't bite the hand that feeds you. Be honest and above-board and you got nothing to worry about.

Virgo and Virgo Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your seventh house of one-to-one partnerships. Misunderstandings with your partner? Guaranteed if you don't learn to LISTEN! Talk through issues but wait, did you truly understand? And are you telling them where YOU stand?

Libra and Libra Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your sixth house of work, health, and habits. Details fly out the window - oops, you just 'forgot' or you lose your keys or important documents. CHange your schedule by doing something different, if it's not working don't fix it, try another way.

Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your fifth house of romance, speculation, entertainment, and children. Invites don't work out, the party's canceled. Children act up. Dates don't show or they lied about themselves. FInish creative projects though, and work on that ego of yours! Humility goes a LONG way, Scorp!

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your fourth house of home and family. Home improvement could lead to a change that leads to a change - but remember, change is good. Moving or settling? Don't expect the usual. The past returns again for one last kiss goodbye. Let it go, please...

Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your third house of communication, siblings, and neighbors. People don't listen or hear. You don't. Miscommunications, car troubles, travel stress, losing things - problems with everything we mentioned in the first paragraphs of the blog - phew, slow down Goats. Check details and if you're unsure, Don't Do a Thing for now.

Aquarius and Aquarius Ascendant: This Mercury Retrograde cycle affects your second house of money and values. Hold off on decision-making regarding your personal finances. Filing your taxes or apply for a loans isn't wise - are you sure it's all correct? . Rethink your sources of income and how you spend your cash! Keep an eye on your wallet and statements.

Pisces and Pisces Ascendant: Mercury is retrograde in your sign. Others might misunderstand what you have to say. Go inside and get to know yourself better - a pit stop, a reality check. A change of appearance is worth a go but you may not keep it. Find your voice. Tap into what YOU want, forget others for a period. Alone time is good, soothe your soul just don't get lost!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Psychic Scuba: Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces (Mar 2 - 25)

Mercury the Messenger Planet goes Retro in Pisces - and you've all heard the numerous stories of how disasterous that is, blah blah - half of it's true and half of it is old Astrological hoo-hah, so let's get it all straightened out.

1. Mercury relates to cars, computers, phones, messages, mailmen/boxes, the Post Office, paperwork, pens, documents, folders, watches, highways, freeways, roads, wheels, engines, conversations, whispers, shouting, walkmans, cellphones, pagers - get the picture?

These areas can begin to glitch, twitch and malfunction if we're not using them properly - as a message to stop forcing things in the OUTER world so much. It slows us down to deal with things - are we using these Mercury tools in the best possible way? If we experience problems, probably not. (This is where the car trouble computer issues, mail annoyances, conversation miscommunications come in - along with traffic and travel slow down and have a Plan B).

2. When Mercury goes Retrograde its energy turns INWARD. Do we start listening to ourselves? Talking to ourselves? Replying to ourselves?

3. Not usually. It's frowned upon in today's world (if you talk to God you're religious, if you talk to yourself you're mad etc...) Well if we DID, we'd have a hell of a better time - especially in the next few weeks.

So what can we expect?

4. In Pisces, Mercury is anything but logical. Forget trying to even LOCATE the logic in life right now. The joke is on you if you try to. Some things cannot be held in the mind - but they can be beheld in the Mind's Eye - and that's the beauty of this cycle - creative visualization now can lead to physical manifestation later.

5. If everything is energy and things are build first in the mind, then using Mercurys inward focused energy path (in Pisces one of the most inner-directed signs there is), then we should be careful what we dwell on now. If you want it, build it within.

6. Dreams become really cool - we get messages and hints at where to go and what to do next.

7. Our intuition (tuition from within, ie: inner knowledge) picks up. We get amazing hunches. We just somehow KNOW.

8. Escapism is sold globally - take a pill, overdrink, watch more TV - just do ANYTHING but listen to your soul. We want your attention, we want your minds we want your money - in short, you lose your connection to your mind and therefore your freedom of choice if you succumb to the pre-packaged confusion that is sure to reign at this time.

9. What confusion? Stay tuned. The news is sure to kick up some HUGE QUESTIONS - some 'whoops we did WHAT' type news. Things get lost. Lost things reappear. Someone's huge lie is seen by the entire globe. Sleight of hand is also in the air (Pisces is a good smokescreen sign). Is it truth? Trust no one but yourself (Fox Mulder would love this cycle).

10. Water features in our lives and in symbols, in the news and so forth. Are we about to discover something in the ocean? Atlantis? That'd be cool, if it weren't for the fact I think we're already re-living Atlantis in the US with its current symbolism and blatant current direction (Research The Sons of Belial and The Law of One for more on Atlantis and todays reflections).

Strange things happen around, on, or in water - the seas, oceans, ponds, rivers - even in our own drinking supply. Hmm, odd things indeed. Is that Uranus and the Sun highlighting some watery issues - water being a sign of our collective unconscious. Demons ready to surface? or perhaps some gem of wisdom we sorely need to rediscover. Perhaps both.

Keep swimming and stay tuned.

To get back to what is likely to manifest....Pisces Mercurial energy is creative - it's amazing to tap into old works - the old novel you didn't finish, the screenplay, the song lyrics, poem or perhaps the painting that's nearly done.

RE - it's a 're' time - 'reinvent' re-discover' 'recycle' re-do' re-address - etc etc. The PAST comes back (especially for Pisceans) and it's time to draw some lines on what you want to take with you and what needs to stay in the past. Decipher why it happened, why it's happening again and choose to do something about it.

Inner swimming - learning to GO WITH THE FLOW and also to follow the dictates of WHAT FEEL RIGHT NO MATTER WHAT OUTER VOICE CONTRADICTS US.

Can you trust yourself?

We'll find out in the next two weeks. get creative, avoid the liars, cheats, thieves - within yourself first, because that's where it all begins, and then get back to using your PISCES DOLPHIN SONAR that we all have inside - trust it, sense and feel your way ahead and forget logic, sometimes you'll never know, unless you trust and go.


FORECASTS FOR THOSE CURIOUS, check the next post!

Neil D Paris

Electric Ether - Sun/Uranus in Pisces!

Spotlight (Sun) a hair drier (Uranus) in a fish tank (Pisces). Witness (Sun) a snapped electric cable (Uranus) on a wet road (Pisces).


As the Sun conjuncts Uranus in the sign of Pisces this week, it's a high-voltage time, in the most ethereal way - we don't see sparks but boy do we feel them.

Feeling energized? Sleep patterns (Pisces) all askew (Uranus)? Sudden psychic hunches that are spot-on? That's the power of the planet of shocks, surprises and telepathy (Uranus) in the sign of psychic connections and ether (Pisces). What is invisible soon is made visible - to those who know how to read the clues and spot the signs.

The Fish are feeling this effect in a dramatic way - whether they realize it or not. They're becoming global citizens, breaking out, breaking free - and connecting, to new and like minded souls. Or the impetus is there to do so. No more being trapped in draining energy circles.

For Virgo, they're witness to the making and breaking of relationship patterns or are hosting the changes themselves in their own lives. Where is the space and freedom within a shared energy bubble? Leveling the playing field becomes a priority now.

Who's getting it rough now? Sagittarius has to face past issues and finally find a space of independence, away from family ties and those who are holding them back (themselves?) Gemini are facing career shifts - moving up the ladder or sideways and onto something different. Fresh fields ahead?

The Fire signs are making enormous adjustments to internal pressure to change SOMETHING - but what? Answers lie ahead - but for everyone it involves a BREAKTHROUGH, BREAKOUT or BREAKDOWN.

That goes for everyone. Freedom is calling and the winds of Change blow strong - if you're stuck, this week will help unpick you from the hooks holding you back - excuses, the past, society - whatever it is you claim is the reason for your unhappiness.

Progress comes in the blink of an eye when you can say "this is not making me happy, and that is not contributing to my growth as an individual".

Tough call - but Uranus holds no hostages - he has only the time to show you something new, something different, something CRAZY, if only to make you open your eyes and see that maybe...

....just maybe...

.....there is another way ahead for you.

There always is.

That's the Magic of Choice.

Electrify your life this week with some spontaneous leaps of faith, some innovate ways of using your emotional energy and tap into your intuition - everyone's psychic, so get using yours.

Neil xxx