Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sedna and Eris Interpretations!

Thanks to 'Anonymous' who wrote in, the error was fixed - I was discussing SEDNA and ERIS (not Eric!) so for those confused, hope that clears things up. And if your name is Eric, well maybe that's a sign you really need a Report? Hey, you never know... :)

Thanks Gang for being my eyes and ears,
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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (June 26)

Hide under a table, pack your bags and leave town or better yet leave the planet - the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn tomorrow connects to Pluto and a Grand Cross! Gasp!

Okay, hold your horses...

I'm no doomsday prophet - that suggests we have no power in anything, no free will and no ability to shape events to our liking. And we do. Why else incarnate onto Planet Earth unless it's to effect Change?

I've been asked a lot about this particular Eclipse so these are my feelings on the subject. I've added the Eclipse chart above for those interested and this blog will be an in-depth look at this Eclipse, since the EMOTIONAL ISSUES it brings up, we'll be challenged to deal with for at least the next 6 months-1 year, depending on how well we work through what comes up. Free will, right?

You'll find a heck of a lot of material (via links) below that I personally have written, since last year, on these topics. For those who want to probe further. And you can also schedule a special and unique Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Personal Reading, to detail how this one is likely to play out in your life, and the choices you have, to surf to a better shore.

Let's break it down.

1. The Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn.

* Lunar Eclipses represent Major Changes that effect our Emotional Picture - events around us force us to react or Change. Perhaps we are fired. Someone leaves us. It doesn't have to be dramatic. All that matters is that the Eclipse brings about an Emotional Realization. And if you're not sitting up paying attention, life will arrange itself to really drive the message home.

So this Eclipse is ruled by SATURN, since it's in Capricorn. The major emotional issues about to come up are Capricorn-like and thus:

* How in control or how powerless we appear to be (since we are being controlled)
* How the Powers that be - Government, Parents, anyone setting the rules for us - are handling Authority (Practical Guide v Abusive Tyrant?).
* Whether our Goals are worthwhile anymore

So these areas are imbued with this EMOTIONAL vibe - Lawmakers, Society's Rules and Regulations, Control Issues, Power, Authority, Our Careers, Achievement, Those in the public spotlight, pillars of society.

Where is Saturn in this Eclipse Mix? Saturn squares the Full Moon. Squares are angles of friction/tension. Not so easy, then. We'll be challenged as as a society (The Moon) to re-evaluate the Rules, and whether those in Charge (Saturn) are really do their duties properly.
Personally, we get to ask the same questions - am I in control (Saturn) of my feelings (Moon) or repressing (Saturn) feelings (Moon). Are we giving our power away, or trying to emotionally control others?

The Moon normally is happier in Cancer, since this is the sign that rules it. In this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of its Fall. The theme then becomes about Emotional Control, The Repression of Feeling or Steering/Controlling of Feeling, emotions surrounding what Those in Power (Capricorn) are doing, along with (as we'll see) some darkness rising (Pluto) - and possible emotional manipulation (-) or emotional purging and healing (+).

So far so good.

2. Now, notice how at the top of the Chart where the Moon lies, in the picture above, is also found Pluto. The Full Moon (purging, endings, resolution, emotional information coming to light, partings) is conjunct Pluto - joining forces.

Pluto = regeneration through destruction/purging/death. Control & Power. Events affecting the Masses. The Moon also relates to the Public, as well as our Feeling Centers. How does this translate?

* Emotional issues affecting large groups of people (society, culture, the public) that are seemingly pulled out, for a mass outpouring. Is this grief? Excitement? Are we celebrating the fall of something unhealthy and controlling that no longer works? Stay tuned.

Across the board (and the Chart), Pluto (power/purging/manipulation/control/transformation) opposes Mercury (communication, news, our minds, information). Oppositions are energies working either AGAINST each other or WITH each other. A juggling act. We have a choice then:

+ Direct and confrontational conversations about things that have to be dealt with. Digging up the dirt. Revealing the lies and deceit and corruption, and the fears, all things previously kept in the dark. Tackling the heavy hitting subjects. Discussing taboo subjects - death, sex, money, tax etc. [The investigations into further sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and talk of Michael Jackson being murdered for his music catalogue being symbolic of these times).

- Mass deceit and media manipulation, steering public opinion toward an agenda of control. Conspiracy theorists will sit back and say 'I told you so', under this theme. Are we all being hoodwinked? Confusion and Fear spread through tall tails. Avenues of communication cut off (power outages, Internet tightening etc, freedom of speech curtailed, rallying blocked). A sort of Martial Law unveiled.

The choice is ours. In our personal lives we'll be faced with the same issues. If we can't handle them individually, we'll get to play it out collectively. You play a key role in how things unravel on the Big Stage. So - are you lying? Distorting info? manipulating? Playing power games? Trying to instill fear in others? Facing your darker issues?

3. Uranus joins the mix at 00Aries - the Aries Point, which symbolizes events affecting the Public (again). Uranus - inventions, revolutions, major change, sudden surprises. In Aries - firepower, explosions, initiations, new beginnings. How can this play out?

+ Technology suddenly used to help us all out. Electrical energy is phased out with cheaper alternatives. We're helped to become more independent. We all celebrate everyones uniqueness and no longer repress those 'different' to the crowd.

- Military strikes (again). Electrical outages. Sudden fires. Explosions affecting large groups. Large social revolts - massive uprising, looting, rallying, picketing, strikes etc. The Public shouting 'No More!' (which could go down on the Plus side).

4. Pluto squares Saturn - for more info on this, you can watch my YouTube Video on the subject and the article I wrote "Demolition Under Way" on how this can all play out for us. Saturn is square Pluto but the aspect isn't exact until

Control/Power issues reach a peak - or can no longer be ignored or simply brushed under the carpet (good luck to those trying). Look at the Oil Spill issue and how it's being dealt with for more info on this theme.

5. Saturn opposes Uranus -not exact by sign (Saturn is in Virgo currently) so this is another one of those 'taster aspects' - where we'll get to see a foreshadowing of issues sure to pop up again in the years ahead. For more info on this, read my article, "Tension!".


This period is about facing dramatic emotional material that comes up - since it's usually only when our heartstrings are pulled on a bigger scale, that we really sit and pay attention to life on Earth. It brings us back to the Present. What happens when we're faced with news/information/events that rip the rug out from underneath us? How do we react when our security is threatened? Do we believe all we hear? What is the media reflecting back to you from your own life (the larger events mirror smaller events that YOU are playing a part in).

Do we give our power away (to those pushing an agenda to "fix everything" their way) or tap back into our Source - the divine spark within that knows this is all an illusion, and that we create our reality based on how we respond to the events we face. others can only control us by convincing us we HAVE no power, instilling fear into our hearts. We'll be faced with loss almost certainly - some will be given the ability to choose for others (a boss gets to fire someone etc) and others will be faced with the other side of the coin - having change thrust upon us.

Resistance is futile now - we'[re facing the first spurt of a larger cycle, leading to 2011 and beyond. This is our first taste and how we handle this, will determine where we go, individually and thus, collectively. How do you handle the darkness - seek out the Light, or panic and cling to whatever is offered to us, in the shadows?

It's certainly time for another Change. Weather patterns suggest it as the Earth shifts (more fires, explosions, earthquakes, oh my!) We all feel it - a chapter shift is upon us. We need another Wake Up Call, right? We're all connected to each other - and greater still, we're still all connected to the Source of Everything. Call it what you will - God, Higher Power, Higher Self, Love, Nature, Inner Guide, Angelic Wisdom. Finding that stillness within, will give you the information you need to proceed through these years ahead.

I am personally excited - there is so much no longer working in the collective system. That's about to Change - and no one said Change was easy, when those benefiting from the current control won't change willingly.

It's a choice we all face now - turn to the Light, or sit in the Shadows?

I have special Lunar Eclipse Readings available to see how this one is likely to bring Change to YOUR life and how best to steer ahead.

Raising the Flag of Freedom!
Your Astrological Ally,

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NEW: Your Sedna & Eris Interpretations!


I now have included the placements of Your Sedna & Eris - including interpretations on both.
Discover what Sedna and Eris mean now they are added to Your Astrological Birth Chart.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

How do YOU feel? Sun enters Cancer (June 21)

This year, the Sun, our celestial spotlight, leaves behind the air sign of Gemini and enters the water realm of Cancer, the Crab on June 21 @ 4.28am Pacific (7:28am Eastern, 12.28pm GMT).

Our focus shifts from what we're thinking to how we are Feeling so start there - how comfortable are you feeling? What do you NEED. (Cancer relates to childhood needs carried into our adult world). What can you do to be more at ease in your body? (Cancer relates to comfort zones). Are you stuck in a rut (Cancer relates to comfort zones we've become trapped in)? Can we try new things to see how that affects our emotional state?

Two key areas to look at now are:

Our home - a good clear out is good for the soul now, "making home", fluffing up the pillows, buying a new bedspread (or something else no matter how small, for our nests. Do what you can to Enjoy Your Home Space.
Our Family/Close Emotional Connections - have you checked in with someone you care about? How about giving someone a hug?

Feeding yourself and nurturing others - try cooking at home, making sure you eat properly. if you're feeling 'off', you may find that the simple act of eating, grounds you. A glass of water helps alleviate erratic spiraling mood-swings. Go out to eat - invite a friend or someone close to you, to 'break bread'.

At this time of year, we all get to see whether we are Self-Parenting well, or seeking external validation or others to come and look after us, in areas we're not doing such a good job for ourselves.

So, GET COMFY! Notice what happens when you get Back to Basics. Look after yourself, have some down-time, and you'll see a marked improvement in your affairs.

If you're a Cancer, schedule a Solar Return Birthday Reading, (click READINGS) to cover all of this year and well into Summer 2011! Map out the road ahead. Comes with a 360-day calendar personal to you!

Also, check out the Solar Return Report Package for written Reports for your year ahead.

If you need any help navigating the emotional material surfacing now, let's take a look together at what your Chart says abut:

* Your Childhood Training
* The emotional diet you feasted on that still feeds you today
* What patterns your parents passed on to you to clear & heal
* The Home you need
* What to do to Charge up/Feel Secure Again

And more! Your Chart is your holographic model for your entire psyche. Get aligned with your true self once more with an In-Depth Reading.

Don't forget to read ALL ABOUT CANCER.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Astro*Highlights #1

Welcome the first Astro*Highlights. Join KG Stiles and myself for a look at the upcoming planetary alignments and how we can best work with the current energy patterns imprinting themselves on the Planet.


Your Astrologer,

P.S Don't forget to order your 2010 & Your Sign CD for a rundown on all the important events affecting YOUR sign (and rising sign) this year - covers eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn karmic patterns, Uranus shifts, Jupiter's multiple areas of abundance and growth and more!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sudden Bursts: Jupiter/Uranus in Aries

Jupiter: expansion, growth, education, knowledge, legal matters, philosophy - it makes things bigger! Jupiter teaches us by shoveling more of something our way so we UNDERSTAND what it means. When things are good, Jupiter makes them seem better. When times are tough, Jupiter makes them seem harder. See it as the ENLARGER of life experience.

Uranus: social shifts, sudden surprises, inventions, electricity, freedom - it causes disruptions with a view to breaking us out of a rut! Anywhere we need a jolt to awaken us, is where Uranus is alike and kicking, and will move us along, possibly kicking too.

Aries: new beginnings, confrontation, war, assertiveness, pioneering, military, newness. The first sign of the zodiac relates to the Initial Thrust of anything, the spark, the push ahead, the surge of sap rising during the Spring.

So...when Jupiter and Uranus both meet at 00Aries (the very first degree of the entire zodiac, also known as the Aries Point) what can we expect? Events that are BIG, SUDDEN, FAST and NEW! To teach us to free ourselves by making areas we're trapped or stuck, a bigger deal. 00Aries is the most public part of the cycle, so we're likely to see these two planets merging in headline news. Stay tuned for those. Here are some possible predictions from this end:


Look to early Cardinal Degrees (00Aries. 00 Libra, 00 Cancer, 00 Capricorn) in your Chart to determine which aspect of your life (any personal planets you find there) will be triggered into this need for 'sudden new energy'. Expect the unexpected in these areas but one thing is certain - you'll be urged to do it Your Way. No Ifs Ands or Buts.
For all of us, we get to ask ourselves:

Where can we inject a new thrust of energy into our life - is it time for a New Beginning?
Why wait? What rut are we stuck in and are we open to a ruthless revolution? Are you ready for a new horizon once more?

Collectively: (the issues manifesting here depend on us as individuals handling this volatile energy but we may see:)

Big electrical issues (new technology, breakthroughs in this field, huge outages)
Sudden eruptions of anger and fighting
New Laws in the Military
New inventions unveiled
Radical shifts in the teaching professions
New studies in Anger/Aggression/Anger Management
Stories of sudden gunfire and explosions
A new burst of Entrepreneurial Business Ventures
Cultural Clashes or Connections - borders go up, borders come down
Jupiter and Uranian figures coming to the public spotlight - stories of Gurus, Teachers, Sages, Secret Santas, Gluttons and Preachers (Jupiter) and Troublemakers, Mad Inventors, Rebels and Radicals (Uranus).

This is Phase 1 of a much bigger alignment...stay tuned for that!

Prepare for a New Way of Life, right here, right now, today.
Schedule a Reading to see what lies ahead for you this Summer or Order the 2010 and Your Sign CD - which covers this important information. Just $50!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My New Home!

Well, we're all facing new chapters or the possibility of one, this Summer.

Where is yours?

Mine was a relocation to the beautiful town of Boulder Creek, Northern California. The Astrology of this time? Too much to mention, but for those budding Astrologers amongst you:

Jupiter conjunct my Sun in the 4th House of Home - expansion within the home, travel in connection to home, new comfort zones
Progressed Mars conjunct Mercury in 4th - Activating activity and movement in relation to domestic matters- researching new nests.
Progressed Moon conjunct Moon/Sun in 4th - An evolving need (PR Moon) to find a new dwelling (in 4th) to soothe the soul (Pisces).
Uranus/Jupiter transiting Sun in 4th - Growth (Jup) and freedom (Ura) when it comes to home matters. I felt I'd outgrown my last location.
Saturn in 10th opposing Sun/Mercury in 4th - Upgrading (Sat/10) which came with challenges from a difficult landlord (Sat/10) who blocked one location due to a lack of repairs and follow through, which led to a period of insecurity which ended in a new home and inner strength (Sun/Mer 4). Saturn oppositions are...from a physical standpoint, a bitch (to coin a professional term).
Solar Return Sun in 8th - signifying Major Life Change, possible relocation.
Solar Return Scorpio on 4th House Cusp - 'death' of one home.
Natal Ascendant conjunct Solar Return 4th House Cusp - a new (Ascendant) home (4th), investing in a home (4th) which truly reflects the self (Asc).

For domestic/home matters we look to the 4th House, any planets therein, the ruler of this House and also the Moon, which naturally rules all home and property matters. In my Chart:

Saturn square Moon - challenges to comfort, setting up shop, real estate difficulties etc. I thought I'd gotten away without experiencing this one, but the issues with the landlord, and the problems with securing the first location, revealed itself to be THE challenge that led to a new inner security (you find your emotional resources during Saturn/Moon times when you have to deal with Reality and Figure Things Out as practically as possible). Imagine driving across country, anticipating life in your new beautiful home you've been so excited about (although you were rushed to arrive early to start the lease, no matter), expecting your new home to be ready, getting there and being faced with an ant invasion, the place filthy (including a toilet that had never seen a brush), things in disrepair that were meant to be fixed, black widow spiders sitting waiting to eat you and a landlord who lied-lied-lied and then the next morning (after a night spent in a hotel because the house wasn't fit for move-in), throws your deposit and rent back at you saying 'This Won't Work', while a rental truck with all your belongings sits in the driveway....yep that was what I faced on this trip.

Jupiter Square Moon
- challenges to expanding into a new comfort zone, whilst maintaining the best of the past and inner needs (you can't let go of everything that brings you comfort, without losing your sanity. Jupiter inspired me to pick up and travel, to find a bigger, better and more expensive location, with a view to 'upgrading'. I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

My current home is better than the original one I worked so hard to secure (Jupiter always holds a blessing). My partner and I went through hell when we arrived here, had to stay in hotels with a Budget Rental Truck full of our belongings, whilst we searched for a new home - all because of a mean, deceitful landlord who promised one thing and delivered quite another. We prevailed, and life couldn't be better.

During Serious Saturn Times, hang in there. The hard work always pays off.
I'm taking new Readings now, so get in early for this next round, this Summer will prove to be a huge one - change is knocking at your door. How will you respond?

Your Astrological Adventurer,