Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Year: Specials end Jan 31!

As a reminder, the two Specials currently on offer end in two days (Jan 31) :

You can check out your 2007 year ahead, with a look at your Life Path, your soul's journey, and an overview of your entire Chart (along with a free Transit Report) for $150 (normally $210) Order here

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These Readings and Reports give you everything you need to get on track, work out where you're trying to get to and how to move towards what you truly want, as opposed to repeating old patterns. This year is about breaking free, and these will help you rediscover your true Life Path.

Hope you're all enjoying 2007 so far - already we're all being urged to make some pretty significant leaps.

Here's to your own amazing changes!


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The last service I used had glitches so before Mercury goes Retrograde I wanted to find a new service to use. You should receive these by email faster and more reliably than before.

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Forecasts are up!

The weekly Forecasts are now up - for those of you who didn't notice, they now run from Monday - Sunday. You can find the link at the menu on my front page (scroll down) under Horoscopes.

Enjoy = It's quite a quirky week!


Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Secret...

At the recent grand opening of Darshana Books in Los Angeles, I was blessed to watch The Secret (thanks so much Molly) and wanted to mention it here as a recommendation to all who read this blog or who stumble across these words.

The Secret outlines the principle of creating our reality by using the mind and the Law of Attraction. It's a must see, in my opinion. It brings together all metaphysical works including my own work through Astrology that we bring to us who we are. Change your vibration and you change that which you attract. Desire something? Become it. And you'll have it.

See it, enjoy it, feel it, be it. And stop by Darshana Books and tell Molly you heard about her splendid store from this Blog. You can pick a copy of the film up there or if you can't wait, grab a copy from a friend, rent it, or view it at their website.
Money well spent, I'd say.

Enjoying creating the reality you choose instead of reacting to those things you'd rather not experience any longer. That's the old way and the New Way is already here. Get with the program!


As predicted: Jupiter/Uranus in the News

Already we're seeing some manifestations of the Jupiter/Uranus alignment:

In the last post I mentioned the possibility of strikes and shakeups within the religious or educational and travel fields - British Airways (Jupiter travel) and the Transport & General Workers Union are to meet in a bid to avert next week's two-day strike (Uranus revolt) by cabin crew.

And right on time, English schools must now teach "britishness" The Education Secretary, Alan Johnson says , urging pupils in England to learn about British values.

Churches unite over the adoption row as The Church of England backs the Catholic Church in its bid to be exempt from laws on adoption by gay couples. Uranus (homosexuality and other 'minorities' and rebellion of course). We're sure to see more arguments (since this is a square aspect of tension) between the Church/Education (Jupiter) and those deemed as outcasts or deviant in society (Uranus).

And, just as I mentioned the theme of Innovations, the BBC is running this website to mark the 150th anniversary of The Patent Office, asking people to nominate the best and worst inventions.

In other travel news, the LA Times Reports that Americans are driving less for the first time since 1980 due to higher oil prices - could this be the lead into new technologies (Uranus) that reduce our over-consumption (Jupiter) on natural resources?

Back to education news:
Government and opposition supporters clashed at a Beirut university campus (Jupiter) Thursday (Thursday is actually Jupiter's Day - from the French "jeudi", each day of the week has classically been attributed to the planets that were first discovered - Sunday the Sun Day, Monday the Moon Day and so on) - battering each other with sticks, stones and even furniture in new violence spilling over from Lebanon's political crisis (Uranus).

Just a few snapshots of the world picture - to show how these planetary patterns find their manifestation on the planet. Expect more shocks (Uranus) in the fields of education, religion, belief, legal matters (Jupiter) and some amazing new gadgets and gizmos and new procedures that will astound, amaze and possibly outrage you.

Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius and Uranus as the ruler of Aquarius brings these two sign-energies together (fire and air) to whip up a storm of frenzied energy and activity intent o:

improving our social conditions by first poking the things
that repress, trap, confine and limit
our focus, horizon, scope and vision.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Eureka! - Jupiter squares Uranus

Today, we witness a major Astrological Alignment.

Expansive, over-the-top and greener-pastures Jupiter squares off against freedom-fighter, rebellious and status-quo-shifting Uranus.

Feeling a pull to break free? Congratulations, you're feeling the almighty showdown between these two boisterous and big planets. Jupiter wants better things, Uranus wants to do it differently. Jupiter wants to better the world, so does Uranus, but both have different opinions. More is better, screams Jupiter. Out with the old in with the New, hollers Uranus.

Socially, it's a time of unrest and upheaval - intensified under this alignment. Culture (Jupiter) clashes (Uranus) are inevitable. We're trying to free ourselves (Uranus) from the clutches of repressive religion (Jupiter) uneducated education (Jupiter rules knowledge) and intellectual arrogance (Jupiter likes to claim it owns the Truth).

Some possible manifestations:

Religious exile - people abandon their previous beliefs, members of the church quit, resign or are fired, or change faiths altogether, or else abandon their faith entirely!

Educational exile - teachers do the same thing as the priests as mentioned above. Strikes or at least a shakeup in how the educational system works. Could there be the introduction of shocking new ways to teach people or more spiritual and metaphysical instruction (quantum physics, psychic information, Astrology etc?)

Racism - we're already hearing breaking news stories of this on mainstream media (Uranus rules television, radio and the broadcast media in general) on shows like Big Brother in England where contestants got into a name-calling racist brawl. Our prejudice (Jupiter) is exposed as being anything but humanitarian (Uranus).

New Gay Laws - Uranus relates to the 'deviant' and the things most of society feels go against what it 'stands for'. Anything that goes against the grain and is 'different'. So homosexuality would fit the bill here, and since Jupiter relates to Law, we could see more challenges (since this is a square aspect of tension) and a greater push for more social equality and liberation. Uranus/Jupiter could see overseas (Jupiter) marriage or at least civil partnerships (Jupiter).
Could immigration laws be ready to be revamped to allow for more fairness and social acceptance? Here's hoping.

Travel Innovation: new ways to travel - and more technology within travel (biometrics, eye scanners, fingerprints etc). Faster and speedier ways to get from A to B. Could this be the beginning of those 2 hour planes from LA to Australia? Or how about teleportation? Travel gets a little crazier so look out for diversions, new routes and perhaps more efficiency - but don't hold your breathe, it always comes with a cost. Hopefully it's not one of freedom or privacy?

Electrifying Inventions - some larger than life ideas, ideals and philosophies. Listen up for some big words, hotshot ideas and some 'here's the solution' remarks from people who big mouths who love to spout hot air. Big words, bright ideas.

Illuminated Thought - the Eureka! Aha! moments of life. Some amazing intuitions that channel their way into our heads, downloaded from the great beyond. There are truly some tripped out ideas floating around now. Will you be the one with the next multi-billion dollar idea or a solution to a major world issue?

Both Jupiter and Uranus are unruly energies so things are very unstable right now. Cultural ideologies can bring us together or tear us further apart now. The Truth in one area of life can separate us and divide us if it claims other ideas aren't truth. Let's face it - Truth is subjective and depends on your point of view. Everyone sees things differently.

What law are you standing for and is it accepting of everyone as a whole or selective?
Are you beliefs purely rebellious with no real purpose?
Are you seeking to better your life or merely rock the boat?

The world has to answer these questions now. Things get larger than life, and pretty crazy at times now. Social issues get blown out of proportion but we do get one benefit now: to see where we're become so enamored of our version of the truth we've forgotten we're connected.

So this next few weeks, take a look around and within your own life.

Are we playing or playing witness to the Separatist Idiot of the Global Village?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jan 18: Decoding your Direction: New Moon in Capricorn

On Thursday Jan 18, the New Moon Falls at 28 Degrees Capricorn.

On top of things? In the driving seat of your own life?
Have a direction, goal and a plan to get there?

No matter where we are, there's always further to go, on the path. This New Moon brings in a new burst of energy to wisen up, mature and decide where we want to move next.

Immaturity is swept aside when we realize that it's up to us to get us where we want to be. The driver on Life's highway, the author of our own story.

Capricorn as a sign of Achievement, brings a newfound urge to DO something, BE something, STAND for something and succeed with something, someone, some avenue, some quest, some goal.

Are you ready to climb?

Progress is relative of course, and dependent upon where you're at and where you want to be. But we're constantly moving forward. To me, Progress is moving somewhere better. Take for example my current physical shift to a new home space. My life has continually been a process of moving away from low vibration energy into higher and higher worlds and frequencies, bettering my own life and thus the lives of those I work alongside. I see this as progress, but for each and every one of you, it may be something different.

This New Moon look for:

New paths - new job leads and a desire to upgrade
A promotion, trophy, or major slap on the back for a job well done
New Ideas from Bosses and the implementation of new Rules and Regulations
The elderly coming to the forefront (for a second burst of youth?)
A way to enhance your CV/Resume - polish, perfect and be proud!
New Business cards, clothes and confidence
New relationships with authority figures
Parental Developments - releasing yourself from unhealthy discipline
Ways to Plan more - and become more disciplined
A desire to stretch more - to ease joint stress (along with shoulder rubs)
New ways of managing your life
A green light to GO for it!
Helps up the career ladder

Under Capricorn, the ruler of Time, our concept of time is set to change once more. Noticed time goes really fast, or suddenly it's at a crawl? Need to keep asking what day it is? Was two days ago what seems like two years ago?

Each day we're covering a whole lot more ground now than ever before, as the Earth continues to undergo a major transition. Clocks won't show this - it's a feeling we have inside. Time seems to shift, we miss time, we feel as though we're in two places at the same time.

No you're not going crazy.

The New Moon is an open door allowing us to take charge of our own use of energy - how we use time (are you 'killing time', 'wasting time' - how are you "spending" time (after all it's a currency of sorts)?

Our career comes into focus now - what we truly want to do with our lives. Our Mission. Our Destiny. Our Direction. Our Destination. It's time to redefine this, and put at least one foot on the path we desire to be on.

Forget getting there. All we're asked now is to take ONE step towards it. Want to start yoga? Search for a class, grab a book. Need better management/organization? Same thing. Want a raise or promotion? Ask for it! Tired of your job? Seek a new one. Forget achievement - the achieving now is in the doing, allowing and being open to change.

We climb the ladder this week - and we can allow the process to unfold or fight against it, but life wants something better for us and fully supports all actions now invested in this intention: to better our lives.

Not bad, eh? Yes it involves work, but we truly can't afford to remain where we are, permanently.

Everything is a work in progress now. Help your own work of art along by giving it structure, a plan, and solid support. Don't skimp, don't quit. Plug away.

Under a Capricorn New Moon, success is guaranteed if we invest in ourselves and our true desires, backed by unshakable determination. And again, all we need is the desire to better ourselves and our lot in life.

Avoid the snakes of doubt,
and continue climbing the ladder!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jan 13: Walking through the Fire: Martial Mars meets Powerful Pluto!


Today, Mars (planet of anger, aggression, assertion, ammunition) meets Pluto (planet of the underworld, secrets, passion, sex, what lies beneath). It's an intense day of which we're already seeing manifestations.

Remember the planets don't make anything happen on Earth, they merely find their own dance reflected in events below.

We've already heard of the serious earthquake that has called for Tsunami warnings in Alaska and Hawaii, after a quake of 8.2 magnitude under the pacific Ocean. Rumblings beneath the surface indeed.

Mars relates to many things including: fire, gunshot, violence, explosions, weapons, war, aggression, testosterone, anger, impatient, impulsiveness.

Pluto relates to many things including: subways, tunnels, underground, shadows, conspiracies, spies, shady goings on, crime, nuclear activities, night, death, transformation, rebirth, taxes

A quick tour of the news stories this morning show the darker side of these manifestations (since the news loves a good 'horror' story)

I like the story of the huge crowds at Vegas' Porn Convention. Mars is desire and sexual conquest and Pluto is the urge or merge. Both together on this day bring boiling passions to the surface. Anger and violence witnessed now are surely a corruption of the pleasure principle. Sexual frustration leads to mass trauma!

A subway station in Brazil collapses after an explosion.

Two men met their death by a train in an underground tunnel in England.

Airport taxes on England increase causing outrage. (Mars is anger and Pluto is taxes, and in Sagittarius the sign of overseas culture and long distance travel, the ramifications were obvious.

I have no doubt the idea of travel at this time still conjures up more images of death - and with Mars and Pluto connected to the sign of Travel (Sag) it's possible we'll see more trauma in this field.

Scientists have decoded the genes of a sex bug - whilst syphilis rates rise in China.
The cold virus is being used now to try and fight cancer (Pluto relates to virus eating illnesses and with Mars now energy is being invested in exploring new ways (sagittarius) of attacking these (mars the ruler of war)

A game called WarCraft (mars) is being expanded (Pluto in Sagittarius)

The Polish Church is stepping up its spy probe. (very plutonian, and of course Sagittarius is the sign of Religion while in other news Polish ex-spies face punishment.

I found it interesting but not surprising to see the themes coming out of the winning films at the 112th Annual US Critic's Choice Awards, with Mars focusing so much energy (intensified by Pluto the planet of our "obsessions":

Martin Scorsese's gangster film The Departed has taken top honours (the departed theme so common to mars/Pluto death & endings.

Offbeat comedy Little Miss Sunshine , about a dysfunctional family on a road trip across the US, (Sagittarius relates to road trips, travel) took the awards for best acting ensemble.

Pixar's Cars won the award for best animated feature film (again the travel theme)

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp may produce and star in a film about the death of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko.


In Short, PLuto and Mars together INTENSIFY EVERYTHING. Our anger, our passion, our rage, our jealousy, or desire, and our focus becomes a lazer - an X ray vision, a B-s Detector. We may become swayed by picking sides on any debate. Extremes are common. And that's fine - this is a time to decide just where you stand and whether you're IN or OUT. But remember, everything is on a cycle, and this is just a very intense part of a cycle that will in time, be over.

Whether things go pop, explode, die, vanish or are destroyed in the wake of this particular planetary vibration, we should not be worried nor concerned. Pluto aspects are always a time of letting things go that should be gone, and that have outstayed their welcome. Death is never really a very welcome part of life on Earth, but for life to exist and continue we must all face a death of sorts.

Nature unleashes her wrath, rage or just an enormous sigh now, and we feel it. Those living in fear will fight back and those who in the know, will look upon these events now and realize that in order to see the Light, we must forge through the darkness. And to heal, we must feel the pain and to continue to Love.

We're in a period of rebirthing, but not before we burn off a few excess and unhealthy ego issues and urges.
We get to see how amazingly strong we are - and what is left after this period, is what we need, as we have become free of things weighing us down, spiritually.

In the fire sign of Sagittarius, these planets combined now truly are an initiation - as we are left to walk through the fires and come out cleaner and clearer. The heat is truly turned up!

Relax, enjoy some intensity, some great sex (it's a great time to truly focus on what you need now and on gaining true freedom from your own darker side! - or at least pour your passion and purpose into something worthwhile today and lastly:

Choose your battles!


Friday, January 05, 2007

Missing Mommy? Cancer Full Moon

I was thinking tonight, under the waning Cancer Full Moon, that the theme of this week's Full Moon truly can be boiled down to one thing:

Are we projecting our Mother issues onto others around us?

As the sign of Cancer, along with the Moon, relate to that watery bond between mother and child (since Cancer and the Moon relate to the womb, stomach, breasts, milk and water) this Full Moon is a time when we project those needs onto others in our lives.

If Mother fed us with unconditional love, we continue to feed ourselves with the same emotional diet and can provide for others.

If Mother fed us conditional love, was unavailable, let us down by not meeting our needs, then we continue to seek to fulfill ourselves (or fill ourselves full) of what we are missing. We continue feeding ourselves a diet of lack or abuse ourselves in reflection (or others in retaliation) of this beginning.

We comfort eat
We cling to people or things that appear solid, stable, secure
We stay in bad relationships
We have domestic issues since we never had a secure home
We fear abandonment, starvation, lack, inconsistency, unreliability - or become known for doing this to others. (self fulfilling prophecies of our own making).
We blame others for the way we feel
We don't know the way we feel, and seek to heal others when we ourselves are wounded
We make others NEED us, since we need to be needed to fill a void
We harm others by not listening to their needs as we're too busy focusing on our own tangled emotions
We don't know what we 'need' or confuse a desire for a need and thus end up not getting what we want or need

Being out of touch with your own heart, and child energy is tough. Especially in what can appear a dog-eat-dog world these days, it's all too easy to miss the fact that we could still well be expecting others to Play Mother to our inner child.

This Full Moon asks us to re-examine our Emotional Selves - and see where we are looking after ourselves (as a Good Mom) would, and where we're abandoning or punishing ourselves (as a Bad Mom). You may be surprised at your findings.

If you're uncomfortable, you're in charge of correcting the situation. It's just good Parenting. Even if you're 52 years old and single. Self-Parenting is a must.

Emotions are very real things. Displacing them onto another in a passive aggressive manner has to end if we're to relate to each other as open, mature and honest human beings.

How do you FEEL?

Ask yourself this, time and time again, over the course of these next 2 weeks - and each time you find your response - work out if it's a comfortable feeling or uncomfortable.

Then you face a choice:

1. Make it better yourself.
2. Seek someone else to make it better
3. Complain and stay stuck.

It truly is that simple. Reach out if need be, but realize that no one else owes us peace of mind, true comfort, or a helping hand.

Those who have been well parented and feel fully secure radiate. We meet them and we just 'know'.

But perhaps the greater Lights out there are those people, who, in seeing what they experienced as a child, in the Light of adulthood, see the lack for what it is - a chance to spend the rest of their lives, filling that space inside with self-love - becoming their own Mom and Dad, by making choices that reflect the desire for a better, more comfortable, happier existence.

Happiness is a choice. And we need not spend one minute being uncomfortable emotionally, if we honestly know how we feel and we aren't afraid to show that emotion - no matter how ugly it may seem.

Honor your feelings; you honor yourself - and you're the best parent (to your own inner child, and your own flesh and blood kids, and to everyone else around you) that could ever exist.

Neil xxx

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy Nu-merological Year 9!

Well, welcome to 2007.

it's not the real new year, this begins in Spring with the first sign Aries (lambs, sap rising, and birth!). But we are in a new numerological vibration. A 9 Year - the Year of Closure as I like to call it.

Of course we're all at various stages of our own personal cycles. I have a new Tarot Column for a 2007 Overview at Rainbow Network you may enjoy (see which card I drew for you for the year ahead). Up this week only after which I'll try and get it onto my website (email me if you click the link and it's just the usual forecasts which means you missed it, and I'll get it to you!)

Also, I have some offerings for Personal Readings and some 2007 Reports at my website - which itself has birthed itself into a new form to flow with the changes.

Wherever you go, whatever you may do, may the wind be behind you, or if in front, gusty enough to blow your hair like a slo-mo movie star.

And I look forward as always to sharing more with you individually and collectively this new numerological year!

Much Love,

Shell-Shedding: Full Moon at 13 Degree Cancer ( Jan 3)

The Comfort Zone is an interesting thing.

At the end of the day it provides us with little else but constancy - a place to feel 'safe'. It keeps us confined to a life of the 'same' because we keep within its narrow corridors and passageways.

When the Full Moon falls in Cancer tomorrow (the sign of the nest, emotional safety, comfort, home and our roots) we get to do what we're never encouraged to do by society at large - leave the nest.

How will this manifest for us? That's entirely up to us of course.

You decide to move home to a better nest, better soil.
You leave family
You uproot and give up a place, relationship, life path you've been staying with for no good reason.
You have it out with your source of emotional support (your Mom, your family, your friends, your lover) in order to free yourself from dependency on any external sense of safety, support or comfort.

Comfort Zones are fine for protecting ourselves - but when does a home because a trap? When do we begin furnishing a rut? Are emotions causing your life to spiral out of control? Are you so needy you expect others to cater to your every desire? Are you happy and 'safe' inside your own skin?

That is the ultimate meaning of this Full Moon - let go of anything that is either defining your sense of safety and comfort, and anything that is providing too much of it. Cut free and sail off into the oceanic abyss, and let Nature take care of you.

Emotions explode now - tears, laughter, anger - if you've repressed throughout last year, it blows the lid off now. Water becomes important - look for messages in spills, bursts, flooding (there's sure to be major news story on this too as the weather reflects our emotional temperament).

It's never easy to fly the nest. After all isn't our nest a sign of what we've chosen to keep close, sustain and strengthen, provide and protect? Yes - but we're changing, and thus the nest (or our concept of it) must change too.

Any area showing a lack of comfort comes to the forefront now - if you're not comfy, change it. If your past is keeping you stuck on 'replay' mode, release it. Forgiveness becomes a bit part - don't dance with the drama source, but do forgive it and forgive yourself for any involvement.

Our Homes are interesting places. What goes on behind closed doors. Often the most together and business-like people are the ones who go home and turn into needy children, and a partner to cater to their inner child's needs (which reminds me of those businessmen you hear who like wearing diapers and being bottle-fed, paying for a form of emotional prostitution).

Who's Mothering you? Are you looking after yourself?
Is your home reflecting who you truly are or could you throw stuff away?
Do you use your past as a reference point still for what happens now?
Do you need to let go of or resolve family tension?
Can you give up security and risk growth?

And finally - look at what you claim you "need" - and see that it quite possibly may not be a need after all, but a want or a desire. Needs involve, food, water and shelter. basic requirements.

The rest is a desire. I "need" sex. I "need" a cigarette. I "need" a hug.

By all means indulge, and seek to satiate your pleasure centres, but remember that under a Cancer Full Moon, we're cut free of any apron strings we incorrectly believe we need.

Self-mother, self-love, rejoice in every emotion, and Love it All. And you'll sail through this Full Moon. The tides pull strong now - after all the Moon is Cancer's ruling planet - and a Full Moon in this sign - phew! It brings out the lunatics (lunar-tics) and I've even noticed Mitri, the Cancer cat that I live with, going a little nutty.

Howl, scream, cry, laugh, sing - FEEL your feelings, and then move through them. We are not how we feel, we are not where we live, we are not what our hearts yearn for. We are complete, whole and rediscovering ourselves again through the jigsaw pieces we encounter day by day.

Feel! That's the whole point on Earth (an anagram of Heart, remember).
Where are your e-motions (energy in motion) driving you? In circles or to a better place?