Saturday, September 30, 2006

Eclipse Heroes

Did you notice the week of the Eclipse that NBC released its new Neptune in Aquarius (Neptune = tv/film, Aquarius - quirky individuality) Uranus in Pisces (Uranus - technology/freedom, Pisces magic, mystery) series Heroes.

Days following the Solar Eclipse in Virgo, the movie follows a group of ordinary folk (Aquarius/Uranus) who discover they have superpowers (Pisces/Neptune) all during a Solar Eclipse. It makes me wonder if TV programmers employ Astrologers or if we're just always right on the planetary pulse. After all, everything is a manifestation of a myth, a symbol and collectively, we're always connected and tapped into each other. With Aquarius and Pisces energies so interconnected right now, the "average Joe" (aquarius) is imbued withmagical powers (pisces).

The Solar archetype is the Hero's Journey, so the fact it all takes place under a Solar Eclipse seems especially fitting, and not least of all because we all collectively are living under the shadow of one.

If you spot the shows poster or ads, you'll see the Eclipse easily. In one scene, a character paints a picture of it, but has no memory of ever creating it.

Astrology is coming back into collective consciousness and we'll see more and more of it during these times of 'consciousness expansion.'

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beauty and the Feast

Venus, planet of love, luxury, peace, harmony, aesthetics, relationships and symmetry moves into its home sign of Libra this September 30 reinforcing her power and offering us all the gifts she brings:

An urge to beautify - indulge in feelings of wanting to enhance your surroundings, appearance. Everyone's an artist - who cares if you're a crayon carrying paint-by-numbers nerd, or a professional picasso, color is Venus, so forget Fall Fashion and weave your own wonder. Paint, decorate - bring out your own inner style!

An urge to unite - sharing becomes the ulimate gift offered to you or by you. Relationship are a prime source of pleasure now. Be it friends or lovers, time spent with company refreshes the spirit and gives us the much needed comfort we need, which leads nicely to:

A desire for more comfort - what is this to you? A heavy meal, candlelight cuddles, dirtbike rides, a stroll through a park, a fight (yes some people may find comfort in that, and so be it - as long as it;s to clear the air with a view to reconnecting and not to cause a separation), a day of nothing planned, a day of everything planned, a debate, discussion, a massage. You name it - Venus in Libra says you'll want to experience more luxury and enjoyment in life. Again - this ties in with partnership - you'll enjoy it more with someone else, so remain open to invites or ask someone along.

A hungering for Harmony - a great time to resolve conflicts, contradictions and confrontations. True, peace can often come after a fight or aggression, but it involves building a bridge or waving a white flag. Either way - a truce is within reach if you're willing and open to find common ground.

An opening to unite - contracts, agreements, unions, mergers are all starred now. Move ahead with plans to join forces. We win when we unite now.

A feeling for financial affairs - we're either buying 'nice' things, pleasant objects, beauty supplies, or things that look/smell/feel/sound/taste great. Or we're overindulging and overspending on luxury items. Or we're doing both, or buying things for our sweeties or giving or getting gifts (venus) of love (libra).

Venus in Libra's main message is to enjoy all of our relationships - there is no such thing as a 'single' person. No one's an island etc. Everyone is sharing with someone. Enhance your own connections by being open with your affection. Create or share or bring in more beauty in your life.

Everyone's an artist now - and our lives are the canvas upon which to paint our true colors!


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Welcome to Autumn

How did you spend the Solar Eclipse/the first day of Autumn, Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year?

What a combination. By way of universal synchronicity, my partner arranged a 'spa day' for us both. No television, no radio, just music and each others company, along with a day of body treatments: a mud mask, facial, foot baths, showers, massages, cuddles, good food, company, conversation, relaxation time, reading, and creative work. Absolutely amazing.

Little did he know (nor I) that the Solar Eclipse landed on Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year and the first day of the autumnal equinox - a time when, in the Jewish Faith, there should be no work. No outside distractions. Our 'media free' day was by dint of 'universal coincidence' since we had no prior knowledge of what rituals others perform at this time of year. I'd like to research more of these and perhaps work more in tune with this, to continue getting back to Nature, a hungering I have of late. So that was a pleasant surprise. I'm noticing a greater flow of cosmic energy these days.

Today was much needed - work continues now but I do find spending so many hours at the computer, where I need to, is detrimental to continuing to stay grounded within my body. Sop that will change in the days, weeks and months ahead.

The Virgo Eclipse was just what we both needed to get grounded, back in our bodies and more sensual, as well as healthier. I have a rosy glow.

It brings back memories of our old life in Seattle, which apparantely is still very much alive in our blood. My partner made a great point at the gym over the weekend - the first day of Autumn where there was a noticeable quietness. Even the staff mentioned this and my partner enlightened me to something I never thought about before now. There's a sort of switcharound when we reach this time of year - people want to stay home more in the evening, since it's autumn. That busy periods often switch around to become quiet periods. Libra, the middle sign, seems to be not only about balance, but about pendulum swings and catapulting people towards the opposite place...perhaps then to find more depth in that opposite by the time we reach Scorpio days.

I have continued with my pastel drawing, and it's coming along nicely. Also I made more progress on my Halloween mask. All shall be unveiled in the months ahead. With Saturn Returning in Leo I have been continually reminded about this, as a soothing way to channel Saturn's serious, disciplined side. Which leads nicely into what happened this very morning.

As I am up early continuing my work and doing laundry and the last of my Virgo errands as it were, I stopped downstairs and came across a book that caught my eye. It was left outside for the trash sitting in an old dresser: The Artist's Way - a book recommended on the reading list in 'Surviving Saturn's Return' for those with Saturn in Leo!

I am thankful it made its way into my life, I think since I opened up much needed creative doors once more, I am tapping into greater levels of peace, joy, love and creativity - the very bedrock of Leo energy.

I feel like a shining star tonight, yet as grounded as the strongest Oak tree.

Whatever you did for the first day of Autumn, the Solar Eclipse and the first day of the Jewish New Year, whether consciously or unconsciously, I hope it brought you a greater sense of comfort, satisfaction and groundedness within this physical life.


Friday, September 22, 2006

A reminder...

You can check out the general Solar Eclipse forecasts here or listen to the more extended recorded scopes for your Sun and Rising Sign here.

See where the action is taking place and what seeds to plant now for this new period opening up. What is begun now will find its resolution during one of the Full Moons ahead. And keep a check every 3 months for signs of progress on projects initated today.


Forget the High Road, ignore the Low Road...

Today we enter the Autumnal Equinox. I already feel it in the air. Starbucks has launched its pumpkin drinks. I'm excited about Halloween although here in Los Angeles I won't get to see as many leaves fall, as I did in Seattle, or kick them on the sidewalk or hear their crisp sounds.
I do miss that in the Pacific North West. However there is a slight feeling of mystery in the air, which will only intensify as we move towards Scorpio.

Today the equinox is Balance. Equality. We are halfway through the annual cycle. Libra represents the Scales, where day and night are equal and everything hangs in a delicate balance.

Polarity meets its middle point now - a place most of us are not so used to being. Forgo the extremes now and find the middle road. And Just Be.


Some brief news stories as we enter the Virgo Eclipse:

Wal Mart decides it's going green (Virgo = purity). As we enter a Solar Eclipse, Japan launches a Sun Probe.

Virgin train (Virgo = the Virgin) breaks speed record (Solar Eclipse - launches and new beginnings) and now has plans for renewable energy.

England's National Health Service (Virgo = health) goes on strike

HIV tests for 13 yr olds?! (Virgo = hypocondria)

Government oversight of prescrption drugs (Virgo = health) needs overhaul

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sweating the Details...

Here we are a day before the Virgo Solar Eclipse.

On the way to the store today I caught myself daydreaming (when is a Pisces not daydreaming..) and snapped to when I realized my eyes were lingering on the back of a black car, at the blazing name and make of the car itself - the ECLIPSE.

When I got back from the store I realized my shopping trip consisted of mostly health items - my partner is still a little under the weather, and we're considering doing a 'nasal irrigation' since he's stuffed up and having sinus problems. Have you heard of this? The practice is ancient, and has many benefits. Tap it into a search engine and check it out for yourself - it's like a cleansing detox for your nose, but affects your entire well-being.

Also I happened up a small pocket sized first aid kit. I'm not one to dwell on the 'what if's' really (at all) but I did pick one up, and only now come to see this as a most fitting lead in to tomorrows theme under the sign of Virgo.

Are we prepared for minor health issues - cuts in the kitchen, scrapes, bangs? I actually never gave it much thought. not that I'm planning on causing myself any injuries in order to get use out of my practical gift. But it was an unconscious 'why not' at the time.

Virgo is all about details. Opposing Pisces, the sign of the mystic, we are in many ways urged to see the Divine and Universal in the small and mundane. Every practice is spiritual or can be, because it is all connected. So injecting our physical world with this energy is a very appropriate use of this Eclipse energy. Even washing the dishes can be a meditation - and how many artists claim they have their most inspiring moments when doing mundane (and virgo!) things - washing in the shower, pottering around in the kitchen, when fixing something, doing dishes, cleaning up.

When the Sun and Moon both conjunct in the sign of Virgo tomorrow, we get to sweat the details - not in a stressful sweat, but in the "perspiration of inspiration". Details count. It's the urge and striving for something better, that we evolve and grow on the path. In movies it's the 'character arc of development'.

Sweat the details tomorrow, and celebrate the imperfections - they give us all our individual edge. And, after all, without them, what would Virgos have left to do? :)

Virgo Eclipses bring much needed order to our chaos. Oh there'll be plenty of time for more chaos, and Pisces nebulousness, but for now, for tomorrow, and for the year ahead this Eclipse is pointing us to focus on the things we can improve, cleanse, and most importantly of all - simplify.

Keep it real, but keep it simple!


Virgo Eclipse Foreshadowed...

Interesting article that caught my eye - the State of California here is suing car firms because of their part in polluting the atmosphere and "the damage which it says their emissions are doing to health, economy and environment."

California in a legal dispute? How interesting - with Mars and Mercury in Libra (legal matters, arbitration). But wait - California is a Virgo State. Health. Work. Oh boy - a sign of things to come as Virgos find themselves under the gun and under the spotlight to ring changes in their lives.

You go, California!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Keeping it Simple: Solar Eclipse in Virgo: Sep 22

The Solar Eclipse on September 22 falls at 29Virgo - the very last degree of the sign, also known as the 'this is your final chance and final warning to "get" it done, learn the lessons of the entire sign before making room for a new energy in your life, to enter a new phase.

This New Moon on Sep 22 is also a BLUE MOON - the name given when a New Moon falls for the second time in a sign within the year. Last Month the New Moon fell in Virgo, and on September 22 the New Moon falls again in Virgo, this time coinciding with a Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses usually reflect major changes here on Earth. Just as things pull at our heart strings at the lunar Eclipse (moon = collective unconscious, emotions) we lost Steve Irwin, causing global grief. With the Eclipse in Pisces, Steve's death was water related as we have already discussed, affecting the emotional tides on the earth.

The Solar Eclipse then will affect Sun affairs (our egos, our bosses, our authority figures in general - leaders, presidents, popes and all heads of state etc.)

The Sun is our life force, and during an Eclipse we find a renewal, after a moment when our light is 'cast out' and overshadowed. Then when our light returns, we see things differently. Things we never saw before. We make decisions that affect our entire lives, our central reason for being.

Already the Sun and Moon are both in Virgo now - notice how many people are cleaning, organizing their lives, making lists, getting 'on top' of it all, worried about their health and bodies or just feeling an irritating sense of 'I need to make things better, improve myself'. Who the heck knows how just yet - but the answer will come around this Eclipse.

If you haven't already read it, digest the last posting on this Virgo new Moon - this time round it is intensified and you are urged to 'crack its code'. Here it is again for you.

Whichever house the Eclipse falls in will see massive changes and new directions over the course of this next 12 months (you can find out through the posts previously written or listen to the recorded forecasts and read the extended ones at my website this week!)

Ring the changes in your own life. Get cleaned up in the House your Eclipse falls in. Learn the lessons - a clear mind and a clear space shows you're ready to bring in something new. That you're capable and willing to accept a new direction. Virgo is a mutable sign - flow, bend to the changes, and adapt to the fluctuations.

Virgo wants purity somewhere - purity of purpose (10th house) purity of creation (5th House) purity of outlook (1st house) purity of body (6th house) purity of consciousness (12th house) and so forth. Purity doesn't mean being clean, non-sexual and an angel. It means having a strong sense of who you are, and fulfilling a needed service on the planet and in your own life. Avoiding excess and avoiding feeling a victim of any life circumstance.

Cracks may show now, faults may appear and you may be criticized - but its time to stand strong in the house your Eclipse falls in and realize you can improve your lot in life instead of bemoaning your 'fate'.

Roll up your sleeves, see what's not working and fix it. If it can't be fixed then perhaps it's meant to be imperfect. If so, let it be and continue on ahead.

Solar Eclipses are times to do something totally new. Break out. Go a new way. try a new approach, perfect old approaches. Push yourself forward. Please only the voice inside, and your own internal parent and authority figure (and you'll experience less pressure from the ones outside of you).

We'll discuss the Eclipse through events on the planet as they manifest. For now - plan on a major clean out, and clean up. Virgo relates to our bodies and our jobs on this planet - true health is borne of knowing your mission, providing a service, doing a good job and caring about UPKEEP - a Virgo once told me that "all life is upkeep".

This Eclipse, make sure you're on top of 'upkeep'. Just as our bodies need regular focus, just as we constantly need to stir soup in case it burns on the stove, so too do our lives need a constant checkup - mess happens, dust happens, things slide, fall apart, need repairing or improving.

This period, we become more OCD - but that's fine. Stand back and see how you can make it better. Get involved. It's an exciting time. How good does it feel when we make something better? Like a nurse happy her patient is finally well, a waiter tipped handsomely for being of service, a mother who patches up her kids grazed knee (and the kid who is happy he's been soothed), and the satisfaction we have when we can actually step on our floors without tripping over old newspapers, magazine or dirty laundry - this Eclipse we'll see a widespread need for ORDER, amidst times of changing chaos, fluctuating feelings. Sometimes to be grounded and at peace, we just need a clean space to start from.

After a period of hard work, pull back, slow down and see that it really is more simply than you realize. Just as life is made of simple building blocks, our journey is made of stepping stones. Each solid step forward leads to greater security and peace of mind. Just one single step.
Having a quiet, comfortable and empty space (or at least a clean one) is a first step in the direction of keeping 'on top' of things.

A place of 'inactivity' is necessary now. Find yours or create it. Keep it simple. We don't really need much, though we bog our lives down with stuff - mostly anxiety. All we need is a create sacred space where there's just us and our purpose. If we can't find our purpose yet, just us and our next step. Live by a list if you have to now, but what really needs doing and what does your soul need, and what do others around need from you now? No clutter, no outside distractions or negative thoughts holding you back. Purity of mind, body and soul.

Work should never be work. It should be a reflection of your soul's reason for being. It should be a service you provide not only to yourself through satisfaction, but outwardly to others as a service to them. Most people are out of synch with their inner jobs, instead leading the life of someone else.

Astrology can help us along the way here - in finding our mission, our reason for being, and the many possibilities we have. If you haven't had a chart reading or ventured into your own Blueprint, now is a great time to schedule a Reading, check out a Report, and find out more about what you NEED as opposed to what you think you want. We're not here to coop ourselves up in work just to pay bills, but to find things that are, in essence, a reflection of our Soul.

We are what we do. Who are you, and what are you doing?


Monday, September 18, 2006

Discover your Rising Sign!

Do you know your Rising Sign?

It's your Path, the energy you follow for your journey on Earth. It shows what you look like, how you act, your social 'mask' - and you should always read it in conjunction with your Sun Sign (the one you already know and read each week, for more insight and accuracy!).

Nothing takes the place of a Professional Reading, but you can have a go at working your own Rising Sign out right here! Descriptions follow to see if you think you have it right. How do you act to others, and how do others perceive you? What's your mode of self-expression? This is all dictated by the Rising Sign - and you'll need your birth time to discover it.

For example, I'm a Pisces Fish (sensitive and flowing) but I come across as intense, focused and mysterious. Why? Because I have Scorpio Rising (which is why nearly every movie role I've ever been asked to play was dark, dangerous and ends up being involved in murder, intrigue or secrets of one kind of another. All Scorpio themes. It goes deeper than that, but you get the picture! How are you portraying yourself on the outside - do you even know how others view you?

Click here to find out!

After you find yours, use that sign with your sun sign each week when you read the forecasts.
You may slightly out by one sign, so a chart reading (or a simple Report from my site) will tell you if you're on the money or not. Or see if it works for you!

And while you're waiting for the next blog - listen to your full and extended SOLAR ECLIPSE FORECASTS recorded just for you - just find your sign, click and discover what this Eclipse is asking of you.

For more information specific to your Life Path, consider a birth reading, or order an email question at the website. All questions answered using your birth chart, without the need for a phone consultation.


Learning Love's Lessons: Mercury/Mars in Libra

Whilst at the gym this weekend it was fun to watch the news pass before my eyes (though I try to avoid the barrage of propaganda most people chug down along with the protein shakes and energy drinks there).

The media always has a habit of expressing and voicing the theme of 'flavor' of our current Astrological Mode. For example, this weekend Mercury (planet of news, communication, conversation, ideas) moved into Libra (sign of Partnership). There were numerous segments on BEING SINGLE. People were interviewed about how it is to be single in 'today's world, how it is more "acceptable" to be single now and how many Americans will never get married because they choose not to. I couldn't help but notice a sort of 'brave-faced' vibe, as though the single lifestyle is seen as something incomplete, that we're really meant to be with someone. The fact we even have a segment on this shows we are in some ways compensating or not truly happy. We were meant to be 'coupled'? Is there a stigma still being single (as though we're 'not good enough'?)

Libra is opposite Aries - the single sign of the Self - and is concerned with everything 'us' related. One woman interviewed said that 'when you spend your entire life making decisions for yourself by yourself (Aries) the idea of compromising (Libra) is scary."

I think the fact that the number of singles is on the rise is mostly because in this Age of Aquarius (independence, free-spiritedness) people don't 'need' to be together under formal ties such as marriage. Civil Partnerships are arriving in the UK now, along with some US states (same sex commitments) but the best and most lasting relationships seem to be between people who remain free and themselves whilst sharing space with another. Are these any less real than the relationships of yesteryear?

The ideal relationship respects and honors not only the self (Aries) but also the non-self, or the 'other' (Libra) expecting no one to fill in our gaps and never treading on someone else's right to choose their own life path.

With the North Node of Karmic Destiny recently completing its sojourn through Aries, it's no wonder we're left with so many people single, doing their own thing, and 'finding themselves' but I do wonder if now we're faced with many people unable or unwilling to explore their depth through interaction with another. Are we selfish when single? Are we codependent when with another?

With Mercury moving into Libra this weekend and then conjoining Mars (the Aries planet of aggression, assertion and self-focus) it is no wonder we're all talking about these things. More people probably joined a dating service or went on a date or at least THOUGHT about their relationships (or lack thereof) this weekend.

Remember - we're never truly 'single' - we are always in a relationship with someone, somewhere. And they all act as mirrors to our own needs, evolving desires and our soul expression. We're all connected. Even a connection to our unconscious is a relationship.

By connecting with another (Libra) we move on into diving deeper, for a soul union, to merge with that which we desire (Scorpio, the following sign, coming up next month) in the hopes that by spending time close to something, we can become it. Those seeking power, spend time with powerful people. If you seek self-comfort, find people at ease in their skins. Psychic Osmosis.

And as we wing our way towards the Solar Eclipse in Virgo on Sep 22, we're already talking about cleaning - in fact a local radio show here in LA, my partner tells me, had so many people calling in whilst they were cleaning, they ended up devoting the entire show to it.

The media, as everything else, reflects our focus, and astrologically themes are found everywhere as we all play out the Cosmic Drama here on Earth.

Enjoy your own relationships, celebrate your ability to share, let another in, give and join forces, whilst maintaining and retaining your own connection to yourself. They often say those in love look alike, or resemble each other in some way. This is often true, but you'll find that beneath this, lies two very different people who joined forces through their similarities to bridge the gap between their own individual expression of Soul and someone elses.

Relationship is how we grow, as soon as we forget ourselves, we find ourselves there in front of us, in the eyes of our beloved, be it a cat, tree, flower, painting, partner or movie character. We cannot escape ourselves and as MSNBC had an article just yesterday, it's Never Too Late To Fall in Love.


Sunday, September 17, 2006

Listen to your Solar Eclipse Forecasts!

These are the Forecasts I recorded for Windy City Queercast. Listen here!

The Eclipse lands on Sep 22 and lasts well into 2007 focusing on the areas outlined here.

More on this Virgo Solar Eclipse soon.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

I love you - now let me go!

Venus, planet of Partnership, Harmony, Love and Values is opposed by Uranus, planet of Freedom, Rebellion, Alternative lifestyles, and deviance.

A great weekend for getting off the couch and doing something crazy if you're normally a stay-at-home couple.
A great time to cuddle up and spend some time together, if you're a couple who is always spending time apart with work demands or kids, or other projects.

A great time to do something crazy together - like redecorate, tear down a wall, or turn the bedroom into a boudoir, or rearrange furniture.

If you're single and looking, it's a great time to get out and do something wacky - go dancing if you don't normally, or sit in a coffee shop if you're normally running around. In short, do something you never normally do, and you're likely to meet someone.

however, don't expect it to last in a way you desire, this aspect is all about finding something FRESH, FUN and FREE to enjoy, but not to tame or to own.

Put your leash and dog collar away - even S&M folk won't want to be tied down under this planetary weather this weekend.

For most of us, it's a time of balancing the needs of a relationship (and our own human desire for sharing) with total freedom to be our own selves. Remember we come into this life alone and go out alone. We do have our individual paths away from lovers, partners, business colleagues and others we are 'married' to - our jobs, our status, our vanity, our anything!

Take a vacation - then spend a night stuck to each other. Be totally together this weekend and then totally apart. Respect boundaries. Give Space.

Couples are advised to be crazy once in a while otherwise you could attract a break, split or separation.

Aha - my candle here just went out, the last one lit for the night. An appropriate place to tie this up. Endings are often brought about because something was becoming stale or normal or a habit.

Argh - this aspect Venus opposing Uranus is about FRESH LOVE, being radical, trying something different. Impulse buying. Impulse trying.

Love needs room to breathe. Do your need your partnership or just desire it?

reestablish yourself away from your lover. Remember who you are, and who you were before you met. Then reinvent your togetherness.

Try a SYNASTRY Report from my site - to find out why you're together or sign up for a Reading to discover your soul connections and the challenges you face since you connected.
Or order an Email Question for something burning on your mind.

Don't be stuck without this weekend if you're feeling frazzled and wonder why people are a bit schizo right now!

Retain your rights as a free spirit, and afford others theirs. Don't be too cold, but don't be too cloying. Celebrate the desire to connect and share with some wild adventures of your own.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Sun/Uranus Rebellion!

This week as the Sun and Uranus (planet of shocks, rebellion and individuality) lie in opposition, this article caught my eye: an artist smuggled in a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee into Disneyland.

In 2005, he embarrassed the British Museum by planting a hoax cave painting of a man pushing a supermarket trolley, which he said went unnoticed for three days.

Artistic Rebellion - a perfect signature in a week where Uranus energy is high. If you get a chance, check out the forecasts I wrote for the week at for the week of ( - Sep 5 - 11. (Scopes chance each Tuesday!).



Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

We're currently under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse phase, in the sign of Pisces (15 degrees).

Lunar Eclipses packs a more powerful emotional punch than normal Full Moons, magnifying emotional issues, domestic situations, and bring forth the things that dwell in our unconscious so we have a chance to deal with them. We're reminded under a Lunar Eclipse that our INNER world truly creates out OUTER world - what we feel, leads us to choices and reactions that create our Path.

Under Pisces, the Eclipse takes on even more strikingly emotional over and undertones. As the last sign, things becomes nebulous, foggy, yet somehow it all ties together. We're ready to sleep more, take a breather, give up, quit, opt out or just let things coast a while. That's if we don't suffer an emotional meltdown in equal measure to our previous emotional repression.

If it doesn't connect, we move forward for now and leave it behind or else get sidetracked trying to make sense of something that truly escapes us. Under the last sign, the Lunar Eclipse asks for some sort of completion and dissolution of barriers, borders & ego.

I smiled when I read about the little "Mermaid Girl" who had her legs separated under the Pisces Lunar Eclipse (the sign of the fish). A full BBC page was dedicated to sexual addiction (Pisces relates to addictions of all kinds, especially sexually - since sex equals a loss of the ego and Piscean energy seeks to lose itself and merge with something greater than itself). The first cannabis-based medication for MS has been approved in the UK (Pisces relates to drugs). Meanwhile, a new study shows Crystal Meth taken during pregnancy can lead to underweight babies.

During this Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

Let go of blocks, give up resistance, stop 'holding on'
Keep charting a course while letting things take their course
Release ego attachment with meditation or another spiritual discipline
Drink more water, bathe more, spend time round water
Listen to Classical music
Stop dwelling or playing victim
Remember your connection to something greater - be it God, the Universe etc
Forgive yourself and others for transgressions (forgiving doesn't mean letting people walk on you, but that you realize the situation manifested because you allowed it on some level, or were meant to experience it)
Practice a psychic or spiritual ritual - cleanse your space, perform some personal magick
Let down your guard but be careful not to let in unwanted energies or people
Dissolve the need to be first, foremost, understood or in control
Be careful of addictions and ecapism on all levels - denial, delusion and defeatism run rampant
Refuse to get caught in emotional whirlpools
Be honest about how you feel - first step in breaking low-energy 'chains'
Be part of the whole, yet find space to be by yourself
Create a Dream Diary
Have some therapy
Go for non-traditional remedies
Drink more chamomile, sink into a warm bath
Paint, doodle, write (create a journal or blog), sing, go dancing
Get physical to keep 'emotional overload' at bay
Relax - we're human, with feelings and emotions are the key to everything. Feel them. Then release them.

Earth, I have said before is the hEart (a lexigram of the word Earth itself) chakra of the Universal Body. Emotions are e-motions; energy in motion. Gaining an understanding of how emotional energy works is a way through this period. Where we direct our emotional energy will determine what we see play out on our perceptual TV-Screens, within the movies of our lives.

Being in a moment, accepting how we feel and then acting on improving our condition or seeking out healthy ways to increase of energy and feelings of wellbeing is our personal responsibility during this cycle. Don't go for logic - work on your right brain. Be psychic. Follow a hunch. Shuffle tarot cards, make a guess. What does your gut say? Do you know what a 'third eye' is or what color your'fourth chakra' is? Research these things. Have a sip of your favorite drink, just don't go overboard. Remember that no one has the ulimate truth, that we're all in this together, and merge yourself with this feeling of connectedness.

Pisces, as the last sign represents the final stage of the soul's journey, a preparation to take flight in new realms. The desire to escape life, a sort of suicidal death wish, is ever-present (the number of Pisces with drink, drug and addiction issues is too numerous to mention - Liza Minnelli, Liz Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain for example).

Finding a more spiritual way of finding this inner emotional peace, often comes from seeking some form of spiritual discipline. Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation, Prayer, Creative Visualization, Retreats, or some form of physical expression - dance, movement, massage. Or giving voice to creative powers - writing, acting.

This Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is where fact meets fiction and where the world of the real meets the world of the unreal - seek to lose yourself in something meaningful, instead of disappearing down the stream of Pisces second symbolic fish, into a wasteland of wasted opportunity and emotional black-holes.

Lunar Eclipses are powerful - some wound, problem, aching need, and unfilled void often appears as a reminder of what is left incomplete in your life. Since the Moon represents our habits, childhood, mothering (or lack of it) past lives and deepest soul needs in this lifetime, then the Lunar Eclipse (as the lunar light is overshadows temporarily, become confused and then very clear. The question becomes:

What are you going to do about the very obvious needs you currently have?

Often, the answer comes purely by asking the question. Pisces energy manifests in unclear and unfocused ways, but it is a powerful elemental sign - water, that erodes away the toughest barriers, the ocean meeting the cliffs, the stream meeting the pebble. Wear away resistance in your life now, by focusing on where your needs are, and what your emotions are saying.

If you feel it, it's valid.
But you're not your feelings
and even this shall pass.


Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Neptune/Saturn news

Saturn is currently in Leo - Tony Blair insists that the Government (Saturn) must act early to prevent children(Leo) from dysfunctional families "going off the rails"

Neptune is the Lord of the Ocean and also relates to poisoning. We heard news that the 'Crocodile Hunter' was killed after he was stung by a stingray. In Aquarius (electricity, nervous system) this was an unfortunate turn of events for the celebrity (Saturn in Leo). More possible poisoning, drowning and other stories relating to celebrities are possible during this time.
I think the guy was great and I'll miss him - he seemed one of the few guys who actually came across as genuine. Of course it was all caught on tape (Neptune is images and in Aquarius, technology).

New ways of relating to the Ocean or water in general (Neptune) are likely as laws change and people experience a new fear (Saturn). Maybe we'll see more 'Jaws' type movies as water becomes a danger ground (or so we think).

Music (Neptune) can now be bought off community website MySpace (Aquarius - space, and friends!) Saturn in Leo of course shows new laws (Leo is the entertainment industry) and in opposition to Neptune in Aquarius, this new law is unveiled. Aquarius relates to technology and with Neptune (music) within this sign, it seems only natural that we see more ringtones on cell phones and now mass music marketing on the Internet.

As I wrote in the Reality Check posting, we bear witness to more Neptune flooding.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Smoke & MIrrors: Reality meets Fantasy....

So we're here - living under the umbrella of the Saturn-Neptune opposition.
Saturn is in Leo and Neptune is in Aquarius, remember.

Already we've been notified that the Jon Beney Ramsey murder confession was untruthful (Neptune) so no sentences were passed (Saturn). Media addiction (neptune in Aquarius) kept it in the public eye for weeks. Was the public and media hoodwinked?

A new movie showing the Assassination of President Bush is causing controversy since it uses real images (Saturn) to project the illusion (Neptune) in shocking reality. Is this a foreshadowing of things to come or just a manifestation of the current energies at play?

More heads of State (Saturn in Leo) are under the magnifying glass with a new movie (Neptune) depicting the Queen (Saturn), played by Helen Mirren.

California has introduced new laws (Saturn) to stop pollution (neptune).

The entire Hollywood film industry (represented by not only Leo, where Saturn (restrictions) is currently found but also Neptune, the ruler of illusions and imagery) was slammed as 'worshipping war' with its new productions, by director Oliver Stone (who put together the World Trade Center movie so go figure...)

And finally, movies released under specific aspects often carry the theme itself, which can be seen so clearly in the release of The Illusionist - the story of a famed illusionist and their clandestine romance with a royal figure. (Saturn in Leo = royalty, nobility) and of course Neptune is the Lord of Illusion. A beautiful manifestation of this aspect.

More to come I am sure, as Saturn continues to oppose Neptune.