Sunday, September 28, 2008

YOUR Full Natal Report...

The 80+ page personalized Birth Chart Report is your passport to one of the most extensive Report ever offered on you:

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....the list goes on.

It's all wrapped up in a package of over 80 FULL pages (some people reach over 100 depending on the planetary alignments in their natal Chart).

It covers the 12 houses of your chart and what's going on the 12 corresponding areas of your life. Includes Lunar Phase, and other info you won't get anywhere else (see the link for the full lowdown on what you get).

It outlines the energies you're spending this entire lifetime playing with - giving you material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual methods and motivation in order to transform problem areas into actual potential, in order to re-create your life more along your lines.

We each have a specific Life Purpose, and this Report will help you explore just what yours is.

Normally $75, only $40 until Sep 30. Two days left, so put in your order before you forget.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Broken Record? Mercury Retrograde Myth-busting!

Has your CD player gone gimpy, your DVD machine dead, our cell glitchy and your computer frozen?

Chances are somewhere your electrically operated machinery are being a bit funky. It seems inevitable during Mercury Retrograde for many of us, but don't worry, you're not doomed to be plagued with it forever. it's all a way to get you to Slow The Hell Down, remember?

I'm a firm believer that Merc Retro is a gift, for a fast-paced world rushing nowhere. Let things catch up. If something doesn't work, it's a sign to try a new approach. Re-vision.

Here's a link to an older posting on Retrograde Rebels: Rethinking your Replay

And to wrap up, please check out my true thoughts on Merc Retro. It's called Mythbusting and I wrote it to destroy old rumors about this amazing period of time.

Slow'll miss nothing important.

Special Mercury Retrograde Readings
to help you work out what the heck is going on!

Your mental mapper, Neil

Friday, September 26, 2008

Change your Mind, Views, Behavior: Mercury is Retrograde!

Changed your mind yet?

How about re-writing your usual reactions? Someone from the past suddenly made a re-appearance? What about something you've had to re-schedule? Or re-try? Haven't you been here/done this before? 

Yes, you have.

And yes you're back, it's back, s/he's back to show you 1 - how far you've come since last time, 2 - that you may not fully be done with something and 3 - that you have a choice in how to change it this time.

Mercury Retro is an awesome time to rethink your life, let things catch up with you, to coast a little, to research and review before making a giant leap. 

In short, you get to do stuff over right now. If at first you don't succeed....

I'll have more on this soon, and some special readings also. For now, enjoy a 2nd shot, a final resolution. In the sign of Libra, it's likely you'll have to compromise, but that takes work.

REACH A MIDDLE GROUND. Give in. Share. Hash it out. 
Compromise and cooperate.
Give it a shot.

Your perpetual peacemaker,

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last 2 Days: Full Moon Reading & Ritual

Just a reminder: if you want a sign up for the Full Moon Ritual & Reading, to help you through this specific lunar cycle (it's been a biggie emotionally I know) then it's available until Sep 22.
40 minutes, $75. A great deal of ground covered and you can read up on it here.

Hope you're still breathing through each and every feeling that comes up right now. It's all about Dissolving Blocks - yee haa!


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mercury Retrogrades Soon...

To give you a heads-up we have another slowing down, reviewing period, in order to let life catch up with us. Mercury retrogrades on Sep 24 at 22 Degrees Libra.

We're already in the shadow of retrograde which means you may be feeling some of the usual shifts - forgetfulness, appointments changed or canceled, plans re-drawn, finding lost objects, coming across old friends/flames, and generally a feeling of having to retrace steps or go back over old ground.

Stay tuned for more on this, for now - wrap up as much as you can under this Full Moon phase, and prepare to slow down and backtrack to double check your progress soon.

Your Mercurial Messenger,

Monday, September 15, 2008

Reading Special: Ends midnight tonight

Just a last reminder that the Hour Reading Special ($100 for an hour Reading) ends midnight tonight (Pacific Time). You can sign up anytime between now and then and use the Reading any time in the last couple of of weeks of September or in October if you choose.

Great for gifts for friends in need, or anyone you feel may benefit or find this work fun, interesting or are just curious. And a gift for yourself!

Happy Full Moon - stop taking it all so seriously! There's a deeper meaning behind it all. Together we can crack the codes and watch it all melt away to reveal a new layer.

Keep Swimming,

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sweet Soul Surrender: Pisces Full Moon (Sep 15)

The Full Moon falls on Sep 15 at 22 Degrees Pisces.
(Which House does that degree fall in, inside Your Chart?)

This lunar phase, we're all faced, in our uniquely individual way, with an emotional ending.
A parting of the ways. A watershed reached. A feeling spotlighted. Something comes up. Something comes down. Something comes to a close. Are you ready to release and be released?

I've mentioned before how Earth, I have said before is the hEart (a lexigram of the word Earth itself) chakra of the Universal Body. Emotions are e-motions; energy in motion. Gaining an understanding of how emotional energy works is a way through this period. Where we direct our emotional energy will determine what we see play out on our perceptual TV-Screens, within the movies of our lives.

Being in a moment, accepting how we feel and then acting on improving our condition or seeking out healthy ways to increase of energy and feelings of well-being is our personal responsibility during this cycle. Don't go for logic - work on your right brain. Be psychic. Follow a hunch. Shuffle tarot cards, make a guess. What does your gut say? Do you know what a 'third eye' is or what color your 'fourth chakra' is? Research these things. Have a sip of your favorite drink, just don't go overboard. Remember that no one has the ultimate truth, that we're all in this together, and merge yourself with this feeling of connectedness.

Pisces, as the last sign represents the final stage of the soul's journey, a preparation to take flight in new realms. The desire to escape life, a sort of suicidal death wish, is ever-present (the number of Pisces with drink, drug and addiction issues is too numerous to mention - Liza Minnelli, Liz Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain for example).

During this Pisces Full Moon:

Let go of blocks, give up resistance, stop 'holding on'
Keep charting a course while letting things take their course
Release ego attachment with meditation or another spiritual discipline
Drink more water, bathe more, spend time round water
Listen to Classical music
Stop dwelling or playing victim
Remember your connection to something greater - be it God, the Universe etc
Forgive yourself and others for transgressions (forgiving doesn't mean letting people walk on you, but that you realize the situation manifested because you allowed it on some level, or were scheduled to move through it)
Practice a psychic or spiritual ritual - cleanse your space, perform some personal magick
Let down your guard but be careful not to let in depleting energies or people
Dissolve the need to be first, foremost, understood or in control
Be careful of addictions and ecapism on all levels - denial, delusion and defeatism run rampant
Refuse to get caught in emotional whirlpools
Be honest about your feelings thus breaking low-energy 'chains' and spirals
Be part of the whole, yet find space to be by yourself
Create a Dream Diary Have some therapy, but avoid clinging to the role/label of "Victim"
Go for non-traditional remedies
Drink more chamomile, sink into a warm bath
Paint, doodle, write (create a journal or blog), sing, go dancing
Get physical to keep 'emotional overload' at bay
Relax - we're human, with feelings and emotions are the key to everything.
Feel them.
Then release them.

Finding a more spiritual way of finding this inner emotional peace, often comes from seeking some form of spiritual discipline. Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation, Prayer, Creative Visualization, Retreats, or some form of physical expression - dance, movement, massage, yoga (if you're in Los Angeles, contact me for a wonderfully inspiring yoga instructor who balances the physical with energy work). Or giving voice to creative powers - writing, acting, singing, dancing.

This Pisces Full Moon is where fact meets fiction and where the world of the real meets the world of the unreal - seek to lose yourself in something meaningful, instead of disappearing down the stream of Pisces second symbolic fish, into a wasteland of wasted opportunity and emotional black-holes.

What are you going to do about the very obvious needs you currently have?

Often, the answer comes purely by asking the question. Pisces energy manifests in unclear and unfocused ways, but it is a powerful elemental sign - water, that erodes away the toughest barriers, the ocean meeting the cliffs, the stream meeting the pebble. Wear away resistance in your life now, resitance to going with the flow, letting go, floating, allowing and by focusing on where your needs are, and what your emotions are saying.

If you feel it, it's valid.
But you're not your feelings
and even this shall pass.

* Need help handling this period?
Schedule a specially rated Full Moon Reading.

Your Soul-Swimmer, Neil

Friday, September 12, 2008

Why this week has been Big - Pluto/Jupiter Direct

Two major planets are no longer moving retrograde (backwards) and you're sure to have felt it.

Pluto Direct -  slaying inner demons brings outer angels
Jupiter Direct - inner quests bring outer adventures

Pluto Direct -  slaying inner demons brings outer angels
Pluto has been moving retrograde since April 2, 2008 giving us ample time to re-visit the dark places inside ourselves. To fully face the Shadows we carry within. To make friends with our own obsessions, cravings, yearning-burning-churning places.  And then to free ourselves from identifying fully with any of them. 

Now, fighting these inner battles and facing these inner demons and slaying them (or at least cutting the ties that bind us to them compulsively), brings contact with people, situations and places (our angels) that help us enjoy a greater sense of Light. Our time in the dark now aids our journey into a brighter space. We've cleared a space to now enjoy being free of emotional cling-ons.

Now, the process of transformation seems to bear fruit. We see parts of our lives finally changing, after we have done the work first within. We can't change anyone or anything but ourselves or our relationship to the things we witness. Our Power now is reflected back - what we've moved through, we can now aid others through. Our reward is clarity, strength and strong soul-connections with other who are also transforming their own consciousness.

Jupiter Direct - inner quests bring outer adventures
Jupiter has been retrograde since May 9, affording us the opportunity to journey inside to decide what we know, what we think we know, what Truth means to us, and where we need to grow. Areas we were stuck in, became very obvious. Along with our own misguided beliefs that no longer work. We've learned new truths about ourselves - and what we need and want and who we really are.

Now that Jupiter is Direct, we'll find the desire for inner quests now leads to people and situations that appear outside as traveling companions offering adventure to make use of all the knowledge we've gained from staring at our hearts and souls. Looking inside, now creates new vistas and horizons outside. We'll see and meet those who reflect to us, our own rich tapestry of knowledge, seeking and striving to grow and expand and evolve.


With Venus and Mars now in Libra, getting along with others has never been more important and also more difficult. Are you being fair? Are you sharing enough? Are you fighting your own battle through another? Is anyone listening?

Stay tuned for more, if you have any relationship or personal questions relating to the current cycles, you can contact me at or schedule a Reading (current special ends on Sep 15 so make use of that while you can).

Personal Reading Special : ends in 3 days!

The extended Special (an Hour full in-depth Reading of your Birth Chart & current cycles for $100) ends in 3 days (Sep 15).

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And a final note for now - yes, a lot is going on right now, and most of you are feeling it. Relationship dynamic changes, how we are getting along with others and how we're handling conflict.

Wow - a lot to handle, but we're all equipped with what we need. Our Charts show our own version of reality and what works for us. So don't feel stuck or trapped - we can work together on flying through the cycles you're in and the ones up ahead, with a greater sense of fun and adventure.

Keep shining!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two September Specials!

Special #1: $100 Reading extension!

Since I had a wisdom tooth out last month (healing well, thanks!) I am extending this until Sep 15. All Hour Readings (for new and old clients) only $100.  Talk about anything you like!
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See how much this Report covers at the Full Natal Report Page.

Great gift idea for those who cannot afford a Reading or those who enjoy having something to read and refer back to. Each page is packed with information, unlike many thin Reports that cover only the basics. I know you can handle it.

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