Sunday, April 30, 2006

Vesica Pisces - The Meeting of Two Worlds

Interesting article about the intersection of the dimensions - the middle section is symbolized by the fish, (Pisces) and was often depicted in religious artwork.

In my current Tarot studies, it's interesting to see that the WORLD card uses this symbol too.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Missing Article

Everything is Illusion - and you don't really exist:


The New Adams & Eves

This is an article I posted on my website, and I am linking to it here for you all to enjoy.

We live in a time of unprecedented Change - and between now and 2012, at the end of the Mayan Calendar, we have some amazing opportunities to break free from restrictions and connect once more with our Souls.

Here it is:


Thursday, April 27, 2006

Everything is an Illusion...

Writers such as David Icke ( and many, many others have claimed for a long time that Everything is Illusion. That just as our bodies are just a jumble of molecules, tables are solid, and time is relative, that we really don't "exist" at all.

This article, which slipped through my consciousness-net during PISCES TIME (how perfect, since Pisces is ruled by elusive Neptune, who likes to hide things, right before our eyes no less) is something you may find interesting - and it should resolve your anxiety about how you're going to pay your next bill, what to eat, and what to do about that frustrating person/situation in front of least temporarily.

As David Icke has pointed out, "Infinite Love is the only truth, everything else is Illusion".

For your interest, you can find out more about the 'news behind the news', the upcoming 'new World management team" agenda, the politics of control and manipulation from 4th dimension entities at his website - under Latest Headlines, or you can browse his database.

For further interest in metaphysical realms, try whose Volumes are an interesting read.

Love (the only non-illusion in existence!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Moon in Taurus April 27 2006

We reach the New Moon once more - this one landing in the sign of the Bull. If you've been keeping track of the blog, you'll know what Taurus represents - its the physical sign of the zodiac, earthy reality, the senses and all things relating to matter you can touch, mould, sculpt - from gardens, to haircuts, to massaging muscles to cooking to counting money.

Since the New Moon is an open door, we're invited for the next two weeks to ENJOY EDEN - whatever that is for you - a comfy fire, nice food, an expensive restaurant, a new pair of shoes, a walk in the park, a visit back to the ocean you haven't seen for years, a hug (are you being touched enough - if you can't get, Give!) satisfying sex, and so forth.

Where is your Eden?

We're not talking religion, we're talking being comfy in your own skin, where all true peace begins.

However, (isn't there always a 'but'...?!) this New Moon is a little trickier than usual.

For a start, Saturn isn't on good terms with this Moon. In Leo, we're feeling our egos being squeezed tight - government is pissing us off (saturn represents authority), red tape litters our path (Saturn is rules and regulation) we're not as high up the ladder as we'd like (Saturn is hierachy) and we have to use the proper means to get anything done - but the proper means is slow and doesn't seem to be working (Saturn is tradition). We're ready to tear our hair out when we're rather be having fun (Leo). In short - many things are getting in the way of us leading healthy, creative and childlike lives.

So, this New Moon we'd like to abandon ourselves to the pleasure principle but there are rules we need to follow, we sense. We can't just sink back and relax.

Now, throw in this aspect: the New Moon lies in opposition to Jupiter - the planet quite unlike Saturn. Jupiter is all about having more, doing more, being more. So we have a pull to indulge our senses, spend more, have more sex, go overboard in all areas of our life - Jupiter is in Scorpio remember, so more can get us in trouble.

Hitting the gym this week? Good luck if you're trying to LOSE weight! If anything, do more cardio and cut down on stuffing your face! Addicts be warned, it's easy to go to extremes now - and financially this New Moon seems to be a test on HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY NEED?

Credit cards may get maxed out now, or people are in for some rude awakenings with credit card companies. Only spend what you HAVE and NEED TO. I'm sure I'll be posted some financial twists in the articles of the week ahead....

The New Moon also squares CHIRON, the asteroid of Healing. New information and new ways of doing things are at hand, but we may be so busy caught up in the physical PROBLEMS of our current life situation, we fail to see that if we just stand back and detach (Aquarius) we'll get an overview that shows it's really not that bad.

In short - details seem to be holding us down as we continue to listen TOO MUCH to the "voice of authority" - the news, the government, our parents, and anyone who claims to be above us.

It's time to start asking what WE need, what makes US feel comfortable and moving towards it. Without regret, without worry and most of all without FEAR - a difficult test as the Sun and Moon square Saturn.

Things may seem heavy now, but it's all an illusion, a test to see if you can keep moving towards Yourself - your own core, and what you yourself value.

What do you value?

Whatever you focus on, grows. This New Moon invest in things that make you feel comfy and cared for. Seeds grow in the strangest of places - plant some new ones this Thursday and for the next two weeks, keep it simple, keep it real and give your time and energy to only things you think are worthwhile. Leave the rest and move on...


Sunday, April 23, 2006


We just entered Taurus Season - the sign connected to Earth, Nature, Money, the Senses, the Land, Farming, Gardening, Cooking, Seasons, Banking and so forth.

In short, Taurus is PHYSICALITY - things that we can touch, taste, see, smell and hear.
As expected news begins to appear covering these realms:

Zimbabwe says it is prepared to provide land to white farmers (

Brad Pitt backs Global Green USA plans for New Orleans.

Why are we so secretive about salaries?

Just a brief snapshot - I'm sure we'll hear too many news stories to mention as far as Finance goes - Taurus' delight! From soaring oil costs to the slash of playstation 2 retail costs - bargains galore and rip-offs run rampant.

This is Taurus Season.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

Our Celestial DNA - proof at last?

An interesting discovery for you all:

Astronomers using the Spitzer Space Telescope have observed an astonishing double helix shaped nebula near the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

Astrology reports: "as above, so within, so without".

This would stand as apretty amazing message to us celestial travelers - we are looking outside for what is already within us - coded celestial star-dust. Are we getting the message??

The Galactic Center - at 26Sag where this double-helix was discovered (take a look at the photo or read more here

is a very important point in space and 'time'. We really get a kick in the pants as PLUTO sits here right now - digging up things we thought we'd forgotten or perhaps never really remembered, or then again placed somewhere to remind us at the allotted time?

This news article is a secret wink to all who know, and an even stronger nudge to those who pretend.

We are all one. We are connected. Our inner DNA is now being found outside of us - we are wat we see and we all become the experiment we are witnessing.

Amazing. But then, we already knew that...
.... re - Member?


Earth Day 2006

How about every day is Earth Day (little do the citizens of our world, a lot of them anyway, realize that each day truly is Earth day, as we wing our way through what will be one of the most dramatic, exciting, earth-changing periods of time - weather wise, people wise and event wise. Yee haa!)

I don't think we should only have one day devoted to this sort of thing, but in the spirit of Humanity, by way of the Aquarian Age, I share this in the hope that you can find your own unique way to aid the planet on this day. Planting a tree is a great way of course but also so is:

1. Giving up negativity
2. Letting go of what's been, done, and gone
3. Smiling to strangers
4. Being nice, instead of grouchy
5. Visualizing healing light surrounding the globe
6. At 11:11 wherever you are, bring Peace to the planet through you
7. Not littering
8. Recycling or if it's difficult to, re-using things at home
9. Forgiving
10. Treating other people with the respect you desire

List goes on, really but these are simple ways we can help the planet. By vibrating to a HIGHER energy we help the whole. We don't need to argue, march, rally, scream and shout to believe this planet into a new place.

Happy Earth Day, celestial travelers!

Trouble over Oiled Waters...

Astrological Associations and mythology can pay out in numerous ways, which we explore here from time to time, and it's no surprise to find yet another spin on the current ones.

Pisces is the sign of the Oceans and relates to many things including LIQUIDS on the planet (including our bloodstream, oceans, rivers, alcohol and OIL. With URANUS (planet of broadcast media - TV, radio etc) in Pisces it's no surprise that some of the most "surprising or sudden news broadcasts" have been based around Piscean principles.

Not only are we seeing a proliferation of "psychic" shows out here in the States (Pisces rules spirituality, magic and so forth - (Harry Potter stars as a symbol of this Uranus in Pisces time) but we are seeing numerous surprising news reports of Water Inundation (New Orleans, West Coast of the US and many others).

Now, we hear this week that OIL prices are skyrocketing (though I hardly see the surprise there personally). This news comes as VENUS (planet of value, cost, money) slides past Uranus in Pisces - and so the "cost of Oil" becomes an essential topic of concern.

Is it long before we hear of so-called water contamination (blamed on "terrorists") or the cost of water increasing due to issues surrounding its use, conservation or pollution?

Water levels are rising, due to global warming, earth shifts or other manmade problems, and we're sure to see more on this. I was watching a series called The Triangle the other day, (The Bermuda Triangle) and of course the whole thing is set in and around water. I noticed the show 'Invasion' pushing the alien agenda, has peoples bodies being taken over by the aliens, and the noticeable trait they all begin to share is they crave Water. How perfectly Piscean, and how fitting for a time when the earth's liquids are being pushed into the spotlight.

I'm sure we'll hear some startling discoveries on the blood0related illnesses soon - herpes and of course the much publicised 'HIV' virus - which I still find has many technical holes and issues surrounding it. Call it a hunch, but many secrets are to be revealed during this slice of time.

I can't believe looking at the 'clock' that we're only 6 years away from 2012 and a whole new dimensional energy paradigm. Seems like it's only tomorrow, or has it already been and gone? With time bending all over the place now, who's to say.

I noticed a poster the other day the read "6 - 6 - 06: The Signs Are All Around You". I'm not sure what it's related to, some movie perhaps, but I'll keep you posted. I found it interesting that someone is tying in the biblications 'predictions' at this point in time. So we do have 6/6/6 coming up - I'm sure we'll see more news on the microchip which seems to tie into this whole scenario. Cats, Dogs and Missing Kids - anyone next in line?!


Friday, April 07, 2006

Capricorn and Aquarius Connections

News proving the connection between Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) and Aquarius (ruled by Uranus yet ALSO Saturn).

Uranus apparantely has another outer ring...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Cold Front: Saturn Goes Direct

Saturn, planet of structure, rules, regulation & red-tape has finally turned Direct again.

If you have Capricorn Rising pr planets in the sign of the water-goat, you'll be feeling the lurch forward. A new rule appears, or a new restriction or you're forced to work a little harder, work on your time-issues or get back on track.

If you're a Leo, you have to be careful you don't forget what you've learned to date. Some more lessons are on the way, and you may have been sidetracked lately, well now it's time to snap out of it and get working on improving yourself and your corner of the world.

If you're an Aquarius, Scorpio you will also feel some major ripples, as you try and maintain your current situation but improve it, without causing too many unncessary changes.

Whatever House Saturn rules in your own chart, expect a push (or shove) to take care of matters there. You simply can't ignore them. Wherever Saturn is natally, gets a burst of energy too - if you're 28 - 30 years old, your Saturn Return may have been prolonged of late, so expect to make headway - and a second chance to 'grow up' and 'step up' to the plate.

The gifts await you if you buckle down and do what you know you need to do, or have always wanted to. Saturn will reward you handsomely.

What does Saturn Direct mean for us all? More Governmental crap I'm sure - Saturn will set some new boundaries, and since Government IS Saturn, (heirachy and powers that be) you can expect lawmakers to suddenly raise their voices to amend or continue some older ideas that fell by the wayside.

Personally, Saturn Direct is a cold bucket of water on the head - a wake up call that you may hear as a deafening noise, or a gentle nudge, depending on how on-track you are. You're not above the law, but you're above your OWN law - but wait, if you don't have rules in place, how can you set about correcting other people.

So fasten your seatbelts, and prepare to dot your Is and cross your Ts. Some things need strengthening, and some lives out there (yours?) could need reinforcing with some substance and sensibility.

Get practical. Make it work. Wake up and smell the coffee. Get a plan. Make baby steps towards that giant leap.

One moment spent doing something truly valuable, offsets the many people out there who seem to be drifting, at the mercy of the media, and other peoples opinions, who still in 2006, insist on complaining to other people about what THEY are doing.

Mind your own business and tend to your own garden!

There, in true Saturn style, I've laid down the law for this particular blog.

Class dismissed.

(But still of course, with Love..,)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

War of the Words! Mars meets Pluto (Peaks April 7/8)

Thankfully it's raining here in Los Angeles at present. Perhaps it's a much needed emotional clenase for a period that focuses so much on aggresssion.

Checking my ephemeris, I notice the Mars-Pluto opposition at work now. Mars, the ruler of the Aries Eclipse, is working in polarity to Pluto (Aries old co-ruler) the planet of Destruction and Detox.

With around 5 fire engines speeding past me today, sirens blaring, a host of angry people at the post office (Mars is currently in Gemini, which rules mail delivery). A series of angry drivers (Gemini transportation) were honking at a Cab Driver (Gemini job) who refused to budge (Mars opposite Pluto demands it YOUR way). About 20 mins later, a girl outside my building was screaming at her boyfriend who claimed she stole his clothes (he was shirtless). Apparantely I missed the next saga, when firemen (aries occupation) showed up as she'd been sprayed in the face with something and needed medical attention. The police showed up and finally, through their intervention the couple parted ways, 'peacefully'.

Anger and aggression are on the menu, but more than that, deeply rooted problems that we hide beneath the rug are being exposed. If you're peeved, you can't hide it. If you're angry about something (mars) then you have to deal with it, dig it out in order for it to be exposed to the light and understood and finally released (pluto).

I expect the weather to continue trying to cleanse or reveal our deat seated Rage (repressed no doubt) with heavy rains reflecting and dousing our heated emotions, or else some possible explosions and earthquakes or volanic activity ahead. Mars & Pluto when they face off remind me of one word: KABOOM!

With Mars in Gemini and Pluto in Sagittarius, the arena of Religion, Law, Communication (free speech etc) media and overseas will figure in these dramas unfolding. We refuse to bite our tongue any longer - BUT - sometimes it's best to say little. A lot of angry people floating around these days are playing in a pinball machine, bouncing off other people who have a chip on their shoulder.

Should you find yourself faced with a situation of stress, you can choose to extricate yourself from it. Mars-Pluto oppositions are about clearing the way - detonating mines and making sure the air is clear (Gemini) for deeper discussions to pave the way for more freedom and space (Sagittarius).

So, find your voice, work out what's bugging you, and face it head on. Try and change the record now and this week, the healing will go pretty deep.

Aries energy is still in effect - find a worthwhile project, and take your heat out on it, or perhaps through sports, the gym, DIY or something physically or mentaly challenging.

Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions find stress mostly through what is THOUGHT or PERCEIVED or COMMUNICATED. You have free-will in how you handle what you hear, or what you think.

Rise Above.

That's the current theme.

The Mars-Pluto energy peaks around April 7/8. I'm sure I'll be posting news of further fighting, explosions and fire energy, and more people speaking out against injustice. It's all a healing and purging, remember.

Let's not forget to Breathe ;) Often we hold our breathe during intense karmic encounters and then our cells store this intensity. Each time we're faced with a similar scene we go into that old space and forget to breathe. With Mars in Gemini, we can de-stress with oxygen so no matter where you are or how hot it gets....don't forget to BREATHE!


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Aries Eclipse Notes

The word eclipse comes from the Greek verb: ecleipo meaning 'cease to exist'.

When the light ceased to exist during the latest Solar Eclipse on March 29, the greatest totality was experienced at the border of Chad and Libya where the light ceased to exist for 4 minutes and 6.7 seconds totally blocked by the Moon’s shadow.

Sources claim this will be the longest total solar eclipse that occurs between June 2001 and July 2009. Some people claim the timing of the Eclipse shows how long the Eclipse effects will be experienced, but I don't follow that so mechanically. During these heightened times of accelerated karma, we can often shift a possible event by conscious change, as opposed to being 'forced' to by outside events that arrive as 'fate'.

Solar and lunar eclipses have always been given a bad press - portents of negative world events, deaths and drama. To a degree this has been true, but these days things don't need to be so negative - we have choice, that comes with Light - and this is what the Eclipse is all about - we get to see where we may have forgotten ourselves (sun), or allowed ourselves to be eclipsed by something that is unconsciously holding us back (moon).,

During Wednesdays’ event, parts of Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine experienced 80 percent coverage. History shows that areas with strongest coverage (where the light is blocked the most dramatically) will be Focal Points in the year ahead.

In Turkey, people are camping out in tents, due to rumors or feelings of possibly a mega-thrust earthquake . History there shows that their last major earthquake happened in the brief wake of a major Eclipse highlighting the area. We'll see in the months ahead whether of any of these areas of the globe will become major focuses of our attention.

In Aries, the urge to push ahead comes out in widespread aggression, but also a pioneering spirit that seeks the NEW in all things.

Fresh avenues are ready to be pioneered - but like anything worthwhile, it takes someone to blaze a trail, to carve a new path, and not everyone likes to hear the bulldozers outside. Change is here, and we better get used to it -it's time for a New Energy.