Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clean-up in Aisle 6 - New Moon in Virgo (Aug 30)

The Universe issues us a new assignment this week -  a new job lead, a new chore, a new plan and a new Improvement Program in a certain area of your life.

This is THE week this year to get things cleaned up. You know you have to - to get things organized, ship-shape, and running smoother. Look around at the crap that's build in in certain corners of your life, and there's no way you can disagree that a clear-out would be good.

We're talking an interior clean - old thoughts, feelings, ideas (a physical or emotional colonic/enema would be a great idea now)  and an exterior clean - dusting, sweeping, wiping, clearing, tossing, arranging.

Life is upkeep. There's heaps of things that need continual fixing, repairing, replacing, adjusting - from your body to your shower curtain. This is the New Moon to kick-start that process one thing at a time. Everyone should have at least one list stuck up somewhere this week with a string of things that need tackling, repairing or trying.

Get healthy - 10 sit ups is better than sitting doing zip. Schedule check-ups
Get clean - have an extra shower or bath to cleanse your energy field. 
Get tidy - a clean outside helps you keep a clean inside.
Plan - a simple routine or schedule made now can have a profound impact on your life.
Help out - grant favors with no expectation of return
Look at your job - want a new one, a side one or upgrade within your current one? Ask now.
Keep busy - start a number of projects. Plant seeds. The best will sprout.

And above all - keep it simple now. Re-read that - Keep...It...Simple.

Your cosmic cleaner,

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A wisdom tooth out and Mars enters Libra (Aug 19)

My Solar Return chart houses Capricorn on the Ascendant for the entire year - and what do you know, Capricorn rules bones, joints and teeth and I broke a wisdom tooth. Surely there's some irony there, but as of a few days ago I am less wise and a little sore, but healing well.

Mars, the punchy testosterone-driven planet is marching through Libra, since Aug 19, the sign of Peace, Harmony, Equilibrium and Partnership. Good luck with that!  How Mars can ever assert himself in a way that pleases EVERYONE is a great idea in theory but the planet and sign are poles apart.

Finding yourself on the see-saw lately? I have. Move too far in the direction of 'we' and you get burned for not being independent enough. Move too far in the direction of 'me' and you're classed as selfish. How can you create a win-win situation? Often you can't. Or you can - in turn. Sometimes thinking of what works for the team, detracts from what works for us as individuals. 

Sometimes, the best you can do for others, is to do for yourself.

Fireworks, heat, aggression, anger, drive and directness are available in every encounter, every relationship, every union and every merger right now. It's unavoidable. Mars allows us to DEAL with something head-on.  In Libra, however we have to take into account the other side, the mirror, the shadow, the one across the table from us. What do they want, need, desire? And how the hell can we know?

My theory in this phase is that the only way forward is to assert what YOU want in the clearest way possible without trying to be a pain in anyone's butt. And then to listen, wait, be open to a reply, a response, some sonar wave from those around you, to see what feedback you get.

Some people won't accept what you want, but it doesn't matter.

Mars (energy) desires to be funnelled into some form of "we" - but since every 'we' is made of two (or more) "me's", it could be back a back to the drawing board on what each 'me' wants.


That is the battle cry of Mars right now in all our lives.
Can you hear it? And how will you respond?

And best of luck to you. If in doubt, listen to music, pursue beauty, and seek out calm settings. Mars in Libra likes nothing more than to be surrounded by tranquility and a sense of blissful harmony - so seek it where ye may.

Your militant mediator,

Monday, August 18, 2008

Changing your Emotional Habits: The Lunar Eclipse aftermath

So the Lunar Eclipse is complete. But the reverberations will continue with us throughout the rest of this year and into 2009.

The simple message of the Lunar Eclipse is: You know you have some emotional patterns to change, so are you going to give it a shot? From reactions to things that have always bothered you, to relationship repetitions to any number of things manifesting in our lives - the question to ask now is:

How can I do this completely differently?

Remember the old saying, 'If you do the same thing over and over, how can you expect it to go differently?' How much can YOU change your broken record in the weeks ahead by RESPONDING to events rather than merely REACTING.

Remember also - reacting means to RE-ACT. To act Again. To do the same thing, say the same thing, feel the same thing.

Lunar Eclipses bring up feelings remember (In Astrology, the Moon relates to emotional energies, the changing tide of our human heart) so if you're feeling it again, chances are it has some juice, some magic, some Gold waiting for you if you can work on it by doing what: changing the habit of a lifetime. All it takes is one effort.

I can see it now - the angry people out there suddenly start giving the benefit of the doubt.
The homebodies start breaking out of their box and exploring.
The detached get involved. The irritable find more patience.

Prepare to be amazed.

Not by any outside event (unless your own life and chart need to thrust you into a change because you are TOO stuck, but that's beyond the power of an Astrologer, we can tell you what patterns need playing out and your choices but HOW you do it is up to you), but by a personal choice to outlive outdated operating systems (namely the way you've been doing things till now that bring stress/pain/frustration etc).

In Aquarius, the sign of sudden surprises, the Eclipse allows us to RADICALLY ALTER our old emotional records. To play a new tune.

Where will you shock yourself (and others) out of your "usual" behavior?

Go for it. Shock us by breaking out of even your own scripts.

Your soul's safe-but-shocking short-circuit specialist,

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Feel Free & Free the Feeling!: Aquarius Lunar Eclipse (Aug 16)

Feeling antsy, excited, agitated, loopy, ready to blow, tense, alert, drowsy?

All of this and more - The Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
is here (Aug 16) pulling on our heartstrings and souls, to free us up from another backlog of unmet needs, frustrated needs, old emotions and dated habits that no longer serve us.

Feel it, and like a balloon, let it go.

Whatever happens in the next few months, we're inundated with chances to shed emotional baggage trapping us from a life of true inner (and thus outer) freedom. If it's old, it's out. If it's replaying, it's time to hit Stop. If you're feeling it's time for an ending, it is.

Whatever you wind up feeling now is worth looking at as it's likely to be part of your psychic circuitry - but is it helping you achieve a goal, or hindering you by pulling you back into old emotional tides? is it familiar crap? This is your chance to deal with YOUR pattern.

That's the question - ask yourself Is this needed? Do I want to continue feeling this? Feelings are our free-will choice. Feelings = how we process what happens to us.

Disappointment only follows expectation. So remove expectation.
Jealousy only follows the judgment of comparison. So remove judgments.
Guilt follows acting against our better natures. So take the road you know is right for You.
Anger follows frustrated desire. So remove the desire or find a new way to pursue it.
Hate follows loss of control. So quit trying to gain control.
Depression follows prolonger anger. So release the anger and question the desire.

They all loop together of course. And emotions are myriad. Take your pick. Right now, each have something to reveal about You, Your Story. Your perceptions and Your take on life.

What is your Emotional Default?

Since society comes under the sign of Aquarius (individuals making up a collective) this Eclipse is likely to see many shifts play out on the global screen. Groups of people under emotional stress, turmoil, excitement or unrest. Take your pick. Lunar Eclipses shake up feelings to faciliate change and growth, Aquarius is the electrical energy of Change, Social Growth, Unique Individuality and Humanitarianism.

This Age of Aquarius is about one thing above all else - The People: Humanity, the Human Race, Equality, Equal Rights, Individuality, Independence and the right to Live and Let Live.

The Aquarian Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reminds us of our part in the Human Drama unfolding. We all have our say, just as we all represent one page of Earth's book - our every action and thought imprinted on its pages, leaving a trace. Every whisper, matching every scream. Every hug matching every punch.

History books are full of the loudest voice -the voice of the victor. But often, the ones who won weren't the ones who wanted to share the Truth.

This Full Moon we'll be reminded that:

We are all equal - no matter who we are, what we've done and how we feel
We deserve to be free to be who we are - despite, creed, race, heritage, sexuality, background, looks, class

Craziness is 'in' - that the ones we celebrate now show their true colors and we love them for it!

New Age principles are real - unlimited love, the freedom to live and let live

Humanity is in this together - global warming effecs everyone, so too does war

We are all one - one flag for one planet, yet connected to agreater cosmic family

It takes each individual to make the whole!

Friends are our guiding light, mirroring our souls and sharing the ride

There is Power in Groups!

Many Hands Make Light Work/Lightwork - the spiritual term for bringing more knowledge and truth to the planet

True Freedom is the power of Choice (not who wins American Idol, but how to live) and the freedom of knowledge.

Truth = Freedom

Our only duty is To Live & Let Live.

What a concept. As the Full Moon shines above us we'll start to see the beginnings of the Saturn-Neptune unfoldment. Let me explain more.

If you read back on past blogs of mine you'll read up on the planetary alignment that is coming that's a Big One (one of the more profound ones that effects generations, not just people living in far off places).

The Full Moon will fall in Aquarius, the sign of the People, and activate Neptune in Aquarius (cosmic consciousness).

In Health Astrology - each sign represents a part/function of the body. Aquarius = circulation, the shins, ankles. Leo - the heart and spine.

This period could be summed up as a conflict between the "heart and circulation" of our global community. The 'Global Village' that Marshall McCluen talked about years ago is a reality - through technology, we are now all linked up. We get to see, witness, feel and experience what others experience - often Real Time.

The heart of society (Leo) is still closed to some degree, and is reflected in the hearts (and heart conditions...) of those 'in charge'. (Saturn's passage through Leo showed us this, and now in Virgo we get to continue the theme of ill health amongst leaders as a sign of wounded leadership). Maybe this is now manifested as Repressive Leaders once more, who care less about the people (Aqu) and more about their personal stakes and power (leo).

The backbone of unhealthy leadership continued to crumble with Saturn leaving Leo (Saturn relates to bone, and Leo relates to the back) and moving into Virgo and we get to see all the glaring errors (Virgo rules precision) made in the name of the People they rule.

This Eclipse asks you: are you hanging with the right crowd? Is there more power for you in numbers - is there a Group you can join to share your ideas and ideals with others of Like Mind? Are you being a good friend to have good friends? Is it time to cut free and fly solo from your social circle/spiral? Are you truly heading in the direction of your dreams or are you aimless with no goal and all the time in the world to repeat old emotional dramas?

The Lunar Eclipse brings in the power of Neptune

Neptune = the Dissolver, Deceiver, the Smokescreen, the Subtle Signal, the Dream, the Illusion, the energy to fog up our road and remind us of our spirit and the 'other realm'.

On the base level - social deceit, lies amongst friends, monumental revelations of untruths. Smokescreens and mirrors, whitewashes and false trails, wild goose chases. Blame Games. A field day for modern politics.

On the personal level - the choice to disregard surface appearances and use our gut feelings to see what FEELS right. Intuition is the way to go, not what we're told or even shown. What is unseen holds more of a key to the real situation. A loosening of control or the need to know or the need to be or do anything. Allowing. Being receptive to change (Aquarius) but not personal ego change but what is best for us in the Bigger Picture (Neptune). What helps the whole instead of what serves only ourselves?

Compassion comes from direct experience and thus emotional understanding.

On the Higher Level: Neptune dissolves ego. We melt back into the pot we came from - the Collective Consciousness. A global "One". We're all connected. If we believe we are separate, pain increases to slowly and insidiously loosen our grip on things that bind us to that illusion. We begin to let go, and let live.

This week - the Full Moon reminds us to stay alert to oportunities to celebrate our differences. Avoid cultural clashes. Afford others the same rights you want, desire and deserve. It sounds simple but it could just alleviate the problems in the bigger picture. It's worth a try anyway, right?

Celebrate who you are - apart from anyone else you know.
Then, celebrate the band of Merry Men or Woman who are your possee, your kin, your club or group. The ones who walk with you in this life. Celebrate their unique perspective.

I'm excited about the possibilities of this Full Moon - the PEOPLE are about to rise up stronger than ever before against repressive and restrictive regimes - which can only be faced by leaders as a threat. Which may lead to further confrontations - but as long as we remember that we are all connected and All One - what we witness is merely the playing out of two sides that are in actuality, ONE WHOLE.

If we fight on any level now we lose. If we refrain from indulding or accepting repression or mistreatment in our personal lives, the collective heals.
In reality we are one whole - many souls, a fragmented hologram of a whole.

How strange, eh?

Picture it - a soul, fragmenting itself out into two parts and playing the role of two both tennis players in a match.

Both end up winners and both end of losers. Is it a real fight? Yes and No. Both feel what they feel, and are correct to feel that. But imagine the view from above - witnessing both, feeling both, but siding with neither.

As the poles shift (symbolically represented by people taking sides) we'll have the choice to see the Bigger Picture of the story of Earth's inhabitants in one of the most dynamic, exciting Spiritual Wake-Up Calls of our times.

Everything is connected, and everyone. And how soon we'll see and be reminded once more.

May the waters flow, and the circulation of the planets energy (humanity) opens the hearts of Leaders who could truly help us unite, and cease the endless dramas of old from repeating.

Unplug from the global drama, and enjoy your own freakishness, your own craziness, the insanity of your own life, and live your never-to-be-repeated life story with the fullest glory you can muster.

It takes courage to live these days - and yet more, to risk rejection, and dare to be yourself - with no apologies.

More on the Eclipse soon, if you would like to schedule a special reading during this time you can choose between the Lunar Eclipse Reading ($75) or the discounted for August only $100 Hour Readings, unique to you and your chart.

FEEL your feeling, then free yourself from it. It's all just energy in motion, so why hog one particle/feeling?

Live Free!

Your Lunar Eclipse License to Let Loose,

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You can now Listen to this Blog!

If you check the right hand menu on this blog, you'll see the Audio button. You can now listen (or subscribe) to the Audio version. You'll hear the entries READ to you, so you can get on and do other things while you hear the New World Astrology Blog updates.

So you can get back to your zillion and other things you have to do without having to sit and read it all. But the text is there if (like me) you like something to chew on mentally (I love a good book). Check out the Odiogo link at the right hand side menu bar.

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Your now audio-capable cosmic commentator,

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What to expect after the Eclipse....

So the Leo Solar Eclipse just passed. What now?

Don't worry if something hasn't clicked into place right away - in fact, around Eclipse points, the energy is so wily, things usually get knocked out of place before they find a new structure - don't worry!

We can expect results, though, on things we start THIS WEEK, in the next month to three months. Solar Eclipses bring longer-term changes from simple short term decisions, choices and actions. So don't be surprised if 6 months from now, what you were working on at this time, bears rich fruit, out of nowhere, when you figured nothing would change. Keep on keeping on.

For Pisces such as myself, re-aligning the body and daily routine is likely (and encouraged) - I re-kindled my yoga practice and began a push-up, sit-up and arm work out regime. (For Pisces the Solar Eclipse brings 6th House energy shifts - the house of health and work).

I'll give some pointers soon on which areas to look for change and encourage change for the signs.

But for now - get moving on bringing something into your life that you desire by moving towards it This Week. Any small step helps. Find someone to team up with to keep each other on track. Write it down. Pin up a sticky note on the mirror.

And remember - it's play time. The Leo Eclipse is here to usher in a period of more leisure, no matter what you're going through.

So stop looking for an instant shift - it may come - but you're better off doing something NOW with a view to seeing some results a month to three months from now.

Your Intuitive Instructor,

P.S Enjoy these pictures of the Eclipse from some of the hot-spots around the world, courtesy of Russell.

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Your Astrologer,

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