Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emotional Messages: Gemini Lunar Eclipse (Dec 21)

This may be a longer post, but stick with it. Some hard stuff ahead, but some amazing opportunities with this Eclipses.

On Dec 21, we have a Lunar Eclipse at the last degree of Gemini, the sign concerned with Communication on All Levels. As a final degree, we have an important message being understood, acknowledged and delivered TO us or BY us.

Wherever 29 Gemini falls in our Chart is an area of REVELATION - we'll face important information here. An ultimatum, a major announcement, a sudden insight, a radical message. The news will be emotional in nature and it will either be delivered by you or to you (from your own unconscious, from your own lips, in your email in box or presented on your TV or in a newspaper article.

What are the details of this important message? Well, the Eclipse is Conjunct HADES the Astrological Asteroid of Dark Matter: psychic garbage, taboo material, "Hell" and all that other yucky stuff. Lunar Eclipses are Full Moons, remember so this is a Major Purge and in Gemini, a lot of stuff is coming up that will be TALKED ABOUT, DISCUSSED, SHARED and THOUGHT ABOUT.

Here are some examples:

You suddenly have a memory (Full Moon) about something someone said to you (Gemini) way back when that really hurt you (Hades) and you realize you never had an apology or really let it go (Full Moon).

You go into therapy to discuss (Gemini) how your Father abused you, your Mother neglected you, purging a backlog of emotions (Hades/Full Moon) you tucked away (Hades), or rationalized (Mercury), didn't discuss (Hades/Mercury) or simply forgot (Full Moon).

You realize (Full Moon/Gemini) that you never voiced the fact you feel sad/hurt/rejected/unloved/abused by something, someone or some incident that you've physically moved through but not mentally or emotionally processed yet (even though everyone thinks you should have "gotten over it").

Something is about to surface. A feeling that needs to find its voice. An emotion that was never felt, or understood but which now can be - through the simple act of Talking About It.

Prepare then, to Emote. To Say How You Feel (or at least understand that you feel it, admitting it even just to yourself for example!). Maybe you won't get a chance to tell someone who has since died, or maybe you'll have a face-off with someone still alive, maybe you'll just hear yourself voicing certain feelings. One thing is certain, at 29 Gemini, it's time to get clear on what you need to offload in the way of things you feel that you're still thinking about.

Can you let the past go? Can you find a certain peace? Can you accept how you feel? Can you revisit it one last time to truly see it and say it? Can you put words to your pain?

If you can, you'll be one of the lucky ones who use this period in the way it was intended: as a Mental Purging of Toxic Emotions that are polluting your field of experience: personal, familial, social and finally global. What you purge, affects the whole.

You can run, you can hide, but you can't get away from what's going on right now. Your part is essential. Be part of the Process, to be Part of the Solution, or wind up Part of the Problem.

There may be news of a Death, an ending, you may be faced with a Communication Blackout, being cut off or cutting off from something or someone, you may find yourself turning into a Communication Monster, attacking/fighting/screaming and purging things you never knew you felt, and never knew you had it in you to say. The news may be filled with stories, images and people full of angst/pain/hurt. Everyone and everything is purging. And this is good.

Endings are here. Death leads to Birth. Acknowledgment leads to Understanding o at least acceptance. But first we'll all face a personal and collective "Why?!".

Why, indeed?

Questions will be asked. And that's good. If we ask the right ones and not get lost in the propaganda, twisted and distorted messages (Hades/Gemini) of the times.

As we leave 2010 and realize that Your Power to Respond far outweighs your Tendency to React.

To find out how this Eclipse is likely to affect you and what Changes it may bring in its wake, try a PERSONAL ECLIPSE READING.

Your Astrological Reminder that You Have a Right To Say How You Feel,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday, December 05, 2010

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Happy Holidays to you from your Astro-Ally,
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank YOU! (20% off for Thanksgiving)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my spiritual family in the United States and throughout the world - and that includes you, dear readers. Thanks for sharing the ride with me.

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Thank you for being YOU!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to Sagittarius Season!

Belief rules the world.

What's a belief? A thought you keep thinking.

In Sagittarius Season we get to look at What We Believe.
Is it helping or hindering you?

For example:
If Sagittarius falls in your 2nd house (of Finance and Self Worth) - do you believe you're worth it, and thus your income levels shows so?

If Sagittarius falls in your 7th House (of Relationships), do you believe you can have a fair partnership with someone as adventurous, open and honest as you?

If Sagittarius is in your 3rd House (of Mind Magic), are you holding images of negativity that are keeping you stuck in difficult life situations?

Where is your Sagittarius energy operating? Everyone has SAG in one particular House of their Astrology Chart. If you don't yet know your Chart, order a Natal Report from me or schedule a Reading.

What do you believe?!
And why?

Habit. Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking.
Sagittarius Season says: Change your Thoughts, Change your Beliefs. Change your World.

Do you believe more is possible?
Can things get better?
Are you hopeful, optimistic?

If you answer No, you're creating a negative future right here in the Present.
I'll help you refocus your vibration, to change the results. Let's look at where Sagittarius is in your chart and what Cycles you're currently facing - and how to navigate them!

Keep Believing in the Best,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Taurus Full Moon - Patient Perseverance

The Full Moon fell yesterday (Sunday) - you no doubt felt it. It's triggering an important theme for all of us on Planet Earth - material stuff. In Taurus, this Full Moon rules Money (one of our top priority it seems), along with Nature, Sensuality, Physicality and our Physical Appetites.

This one is fascinating since it's conjunct the asteroid Admetus - (stay tuned for more asteroid info in 2011), which relates to Endurance. This Full Moon therefore is the illumination of how much Perserverence and Patience we have, when faced with seemingly immovable situations, objects, people or energies.

Maybe you're just trying to cover rent?
Maybe you're working your socks off trying to scratch together some cash?
Maybe you're struggling to overcome a health issue?
Maybe you're battling a relentless Cancer?
Maybe you just lost your wallet and are rushing home to call the bank to cancel your cards?

Maybe it's big, maybe it's small (there's no Judgment, only an illumination of an idea, in your life right now) but you'll find you're faced with the age old question of 'Can you keep on keeping on?" in a certain area of your life?

Appreciate the struggle. It hones your skills and character. Are you grumbling your way through the next two weeks or using each obstacle and test as a reason to hone a new skill, try a new part of your personality on and continue to forge ahead?

In short, will you be a quitter? Or a hero, who tries no matter what.

This next two weeks is less about results and more about the effort you put into things. Don't trust that effort = outcome. It doesn't always, so why battle on and on expecting a result? Expectations crush us under their weight.

The only reason to keep on keeping on right now, is for the prime satisfaction that comes from saying 'I did it. At least i tried'.

So the world will be divided into Triers and Criers. Which one will you be?

Keep going, no matter what.

Your Astrologer,

P.S Don't forget to enjoy the bounty in front of you, in the way of food, comfort, hugs, fabrics, scents, music. Even if you have little, you can still appreciate the gift of Nature. We have much to be thankful for, so let's use this next two weeks appreciating the little we have, what do you say?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good News: Jupiter & Venus Go Direct!

Two Planets go Direct today (which means they stop that backwards retrograde waltz).

Jupiter: so suddenly we can be more optimistic with a reason, horizons open up and we know have a lot more knowledge (based on the intuition [inner-tuition] we've received when it was Retro. What's YOUR truth? Yes, we all know what's going on "in the news", but what's YOUR headline? What's YOUR daily bulletin? What's YOUR angle, bias, focus?

What you focus on, grows. You'll see where your focus has been, when Jupiter Direct starts blowing it up even bigger in front of your face. Stay positive!

Venus: relationships have been dredging up a lot of old material. Old loves returned, we pined for those lost, the 'one that got away'. We remember the great times, and despise the times we felt betrayed, hurt, rejected, abused. We vow never again, but as the heart does, we keep on ever hopeful that this time, just this time, we may find something more lasting, more real, more honest.

Venus Direct reminds us to love in the way only we can. Our unique brand of affection. Shower the world with it. You get to see what you really want when Venus goes Retro, and now, Venus Direct will deliver her promise, by bringing you ample reasons to revel in delight, at the gifts that were borne from the simple act of Creating New Desires.

You're allowed to have what you want. Venus Direct will see to it. Just not always in the form you expect. Stay open.

That's it. Old Astrologers call these two planets the 'Benefics - probably because they brought something 'beneficial' in their wake. but all planets are Gifters, Saturn gives us with long term success and wisdom, Uranus gifts us with Freedom. Even Pluto, gifts us with real, raw Power. As much as people like to gripe about their transits.

So enjoy this period. Today is a watershed - things OPEN UP.

Relationships can move ahead
. Leave the past behind. If it's not fair, why dance? Find another partner. You can now see clearer. In the present. Financially (another Venus domain) you can see where to spend for maximum return and where you may have squandered in the past. if you've been saving, along comes just the bargain you desire.

And finally, Hope, Faith, Optimism. Back on the scene.

Cash in on the good feelings that are abounding, and you'll become a Jupiter-Venus magnet for even greater riches - inner and outer.

Check in for a Reading to see WHERE these two planets are doing their dance in YOUR Chart to see where you can expect GIFTS (Venus), Financial Bonuses (Venus), Good Luck (Jupiter) and Plenty (of opportunity - Jupiter!).

Your Abundant Astro-Aristocrat,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

20% off All Reports!

It's the Holiday Season once more.

Oh no! I'm sure most of you are recoiling in dread. Yep, it's been a tough year for all of us. No one has been immune to those pesky critters of Doubt, Fear, Lack, Worry, Stress in virtually all areas of life. Somewhere, your birth chart has been impacted this year, by things happening on a global scale.

But wait, the good stuff comes now too - meals with family, twinkling fairy lights, that magical feeling we all remember as a child.

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Your Astrologer,

Monday, November 08, 2010

Think Big: Mercury enters Sagittarius

Having heavy thoughts recently? Dwelling on darkness (and in darkness)? Everyone has, with Mental Mercury creeping through the shadows of Scorpio. Tonight, Mercury moves into Sagittarius helping us to once again (and finally) See The Bigger Picture.

Optimistic Thinking is within reach again. We can Think Big, conceiving of possibilities that seemed closed to us before. And remember, Mind Magic is the first step to creating anything in the physical world.

Notice your thinking pattern shifting from tonight, as you begin to take things less seriously, to laugh often, to see the joke and laugh at ourselves (and how we take it all so seriously!) and to connect to new people, places, possibilities.

Look to foreign connections, people from different cultures, new websites/magazines/publications, new playgrounds, new places to broadcast your knowledge and teach, or new places to continue your education.

If you look,you'll find it. So be sure you're looking for/at the stuff you want.

Think it, See it...and you're giant leaps closer to having it.

Order your own Astro*Journey or Transit Future Report for a look at the New Cycles you're heading towards!

Your Astrological Adventurer,

Saturday, November 06, 2010


Our current lunar phase of new beginnings (the New Moon) is the sign of endings (Scorpio), and the sign of Transformation, moving from one state to another. Nothing is allowed to stagnate now at this New Moon, and how can we have a new beginning if we don't take care of the old stuff hanging around?

Something needs to die now, and the New Moon will bring about the energy to allow for a chapter change. Just as midwives help us birth something, we now need those who can aid us in letting go - who teaches us this? So now, look to play this role in others lives and for others to appear to help you with this process yourself.

Ah, there's an important word now: process. All is a process - don't expect to magically let go of everything that has to leave now. It's our nature to hold on, to dig our nails in to retain some sense of a status quo in our lives, but this new Moon shows it's tough to do that. Something has to go, something has to change, something has to die and be reborn. So accepting that something has to change, is the first step to embracing the theme of this current lunar cycle.

This New Moon:

Realize what's keeping you chained to pain, and give it up
Look at your addiction to the dark side
Begin some recycling scheme
Clear out things you no longer, use, value, need, like Be open to intimacy and going deeper
Seek support, give support, pool resources, talents
Face your shadow
Shed a skin and don't look back
Realize your power of choice
Watch horror movies, and notice the symbolism of facing your fear/demons Investigate, research, uncover, probe
Ask for a loan, extend credit, seek financial advice/support
Accept it's OVER
Use passion to move mountains
Take your anger, rage, jealousy, hatred and channel it into something positive in your life
Enjoy sex with a soul connection
Learn Tantra
Try Kundalini Yoga
Visit a sex shop, indulge in erotica, discover your hidden desires
Accept and embrace your Power - power 'is', it's what you do with it that matters most
Undergo hypnosis, surgery, counseling
Talk about taboos
Order the Karmic Insight or Past Life Report (see here) (to detail what you're carrying with you from other lives that maybe tripping you up still.
Cast a spell or perform a ritual to enhance your power and release negativity

Prepare for the death of one way, and the birth of a new path, a new possibility and a new power.

Schedule a Reading with me to detail what this means for you personally, in your own birth Chart.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Early Bird Discount! 2011 & Your Sign CD

A New Year is upon us. A new Chapter, full of new promises, new cycles, new possibilities. Ready to leave 2010 behind and prepare for even greater horizons?

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Mercury Retrograde heads-up (so you can fly while others are dragging) We'll cover where you'll be affected, how to bypass the stress common at this time and how to make it work in your favor.

The Solar Eclipses (to show you where to Prepare for Great New Beginnings and your areas of Major Developments!

The Lunar Eclipses (to prepare for Closing Doors and Chapter Endings) so you can discover WHERE your Pay-Off will be, complete old stuff, shed baggage and move on to greener pastures!

Saturn's Karmic Lessons that lie in wait (know these and you'll be ten-steps ahead). Work with Saturn and you'll receive long-term rewards, so don't leave home without this info.

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Your Guide for a Whole New World,

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Now's your chance to see what your Full Astrological Chart says about YOU:

your worst habits, your past life tendencies,
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Your Astrologer,

Friday, October 22, 2010

Aries Full Moon (Oct 22)

Read the full story on the Full Moon in Aries.

With Saturn (karmic responsibility, discipline, structure, limitation) still in Aries opposite sign of Libra, there's a theme of Growing Up, facing up to your obligations to not only others (Libra) but also to yourself (Aries) now. A push pull always exists at the time of the Full Moon when the Sun and Moon are in opposing signs.

In Aries/Libra, the swing between self/others continues. Karmic material may surface (Saturn in Libra) but we need to decide what our part in every situation truly is (Moon in Aries).

Are you happy with your side of the deal?

At 29 Degrees (A "Critial Degree" and the last degree of the sign) issues reach a peak, the lesson is just about learned, complete. In Aries, the lesson is simple: Aggression has a place. Anger has its role. Asserting your rights is key. But war for the sake of war, has no place.

The true warrior defeats only the ego.

Career shifts now represent a move towards something better for us. Delays, frustrations, kinks in the works, are all temporary annoyances on the road to longer term fulfilmment.

Hang in there!

Get back on track with who YOU really are, YOUR path and what YOU truly desire with a look at the selection of Personal Natal Reports (Full In-Depth Natal, Indra Natal, Naughty Natal and more).

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Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

: One Tarot Question (by email)

Tarot has always been a fascination of mine. Back in my early Astrological days, I was given a deck by my older brother, when I was 16. And for another 17 years I have been exploring all metaphysical offshoots of this Ancient Art.

Tarot cards are an amazing tool to gain insight on ANY subject. Just ask a direct and clear question and the cards will give you a direct and clear answer - and may even point out something more important to be aware of than your actual question!

Since so many of you are busy, and yet still have questions about where things are going, options lying before you at a crossroads, an outside perspective on your situation and so forth, I wanted to offer something simple and effective, and affordable, for those questions burning on your mind.

As always, I'll say it as I see it. Just simple, straightforward insight, into any question of your choice.

I'm continually surprised by how much the Tarot picks up on certain events (even those I have no knowledge of). As always, if you seek with an honest and open heart, you'll find an honest and open answer.

Ask a Question

Each question is $50, and answers are sent over email. I'll answer each question personally, so allow a few days to receive your answer.

I look forward to helping you in a new way!

Your Psychic SideKick,

Friday, October 15, 2010

CLEARANCE: 2010 & Your Sign CDs: $15!

There's still heaps of information left to enjoy on the 2010 & Your sign 45-minute Audio, specific to your sign. With so many patterns shifting this year, this CD Audio will give you a heads-up on how things map out to the end of the year.

12 CD Audios for 12 signs, packed with specific information on your sign in 2010.

Each Audio lasts 45 minutes and you'll be sent a link to where you can listen instantly so there's no waiting on the mail.

Order your specific SIGN AUDIO now!

Your Astro-Guide,

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Venus Retrograde Forecasts!

Venus Retrograde helps us re-examine our relationship - to ourselves, to others and to Money! Whether you have it or you don't, your self-esteem is in-tact or in tatters, this period helps you re-align with your true values, and offload the superficial sugar-coated superfluous you've potentially been sucking up, or being sucked dry by.

The Free Audio Forecasts for all the signs, are below. But before you listen in, I just want to say:

Embrace this period, it lasts from Oct 8 to November 18 so you have plenty of time to try new things, and see if you REALLY enjoy it anymore. Let your feelings lead the way. And feel free to change your mind and your taste.

Loving life starts with the most simplest thing (and yet often the most challenging)....Loving Yourself As You Are.

Love where you're at, then make some alterations to make it even more beautiful.

Listen to the forecast for your Sun and Rising Signs below:




Love ya,
Your Astrologer,

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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Secrets of Your Sexual Side & Dating Destiny!

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Size up any date, any lover, anyone! Finally, permission to be Yourself.
Only then can you truly find and be the Ultimate Lover.

** Just in time for the New Moon in Libra, 2010's Powerpoint in Relationship Manifestation!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Soul Mate or Sour Date?

It's all about Relationships this October. Just listen in to the latest Astro*Highlights and you'll see why!

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In honor of this time: for those in love, seeking love, chasing an ex down, running from an ex, wondering why they are with the one they find themselves with right now or those single and wondering how to hook a real catch, I have a treat for you!

My awesome and popular COSMIC COUPLE Report is currently on sale, along with the RELATIONSHIP REPORT and the NAUGHTY NATAL (this one is for everyone, singles included for a fun look at your Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars placements!). The first two cover your Relationship in DETAIL, down to the issues that annoy you both and the soul agreements you both have.

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Is it a Soul Mate, Sour Date or Karmic Mate?

Special ends Oct 8!

Your Astrologer,

P.S And if you're still stuck or want more info on YOU (as opposed to focusing so much on others (and your potential love issues and blocks and gifts 9as we all as career, finance and all that other good stuff) check out the FULL IN DEPTH NATAL.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Full Moon in Aries (Sep 23)

For the next two weeks it's all about You. And should be. The Aries Full Moon period affords us a chance to work out if WE are fulfilled, if we look how we want to look, if we're on track with ourselves, if we're acting as we want to. If the vision we have of ourselves, really what we're seeing playing out in our individual lives?


The Full Moon now lands in the sign of Aries
- war, aggression, assertiveness, action, initiation, inspiring us to pioneer old ground or to walk away from old lives and creating new beginnings out of the tattered remains of yesterdays soul-cleansing fires.

As the first sign of the zodiac wheel, Aries is the starter, the Fire Starter I guess you could say (since that's its element) but under a Full Moon things reach a completion, a culmination and we receive word from the Universe in the form of a progress report.

Full Moons remind us to 'let go' in areas where we're overdoing, over-striving and otherwise resisting the flow of cosmic energy in our lives. A new beginning is hard, when we're caught up in yesterday's shadows. So this week we look both forward (Aries) and backwards (Full Moon) separating old paths with new trails yet to be blazed.

We can help this along by following a few of these suggestions, tailor made for this particular lunar phase this week:

Work on Anger Management Issues
- should anger ever BE managed? If not - all hell can break loose, or we end up in all-out war. But repressing it does us no good. Work out a way to meet your needs head-on and confront obstacles with courage, confidence and total honesty.

Let go of the need to be first
- people push, people shove, they cut you off on roads and they are impatient and self-centered. This weekend, let them be. Save yourself a headache!

Give up too much selfishness
- sometimes your needs can't be met by anyone else but you. That's life so accept it.

Go kickboxing, play squash/tennis
- anything that's high energy and aggressive or fast.
Pump Iron - Aries loves raw energy and a show of macho. Push your limits just know when to quit.

Chill out - is it worth getting so heated over?

Burn something - in a safe environment, but try a Full Moon Fire Ritual (check in with me for a discounted special to see how this Full Moon affects you and your birth chart PERSONALLY), burn things that symbolize what you're trying to move away from or let go of. Works wonders.

Quit banging your head against a brick wall. Find another way.

DO something - Aries Full Moons ask for energy and drive, committed to achieving a task. Knock down a wall, build something, go for a jog, work out, wrestle, buy a punchbag, scream, sing a rock song at karaoke, start 18 new projects and alternate between them all.

Burn off calories, then you won't be so easy to trigger. A relaxed body/mind is harder to agitate!

Cut hair, do face treatments - Full Moons are good times to cut hair (to grow back slower). Aries relates to the Head so prune crazy hair, give yourself a facial. Legend has it that cutting hair can release stagnant energy some cultures say resided in hair. Look back and notice your haircuts after a breakup, or breakdown? It released old energy. perhaps it's time for another makeover?!

In short - stop thinking, feeling and analyzing and wondering. Just Do It!

Full Moons pull liquids on the planet and within our bodies, making us more emotional and touchy. It'd be easy to get into a fight under Aries energy this week but it's a waste of good raw energy. Remember energy is directed where our conscious will is focused. Save it or squander it, the choice is ours.

Raw energy is sexy - that's why Mars, the ruling planet associated with Aries is about Drive and Desire. Conquering something becomes a theme this weekend - we NEED a fight, we NEED a challenge, we NEED something to win over, we NEED something to put ourselves against. Moons show emotional needs. Aries energy is driven and goal oriented and won't be denied!

We all turn into Stone Age men and women
- back in the primal days of the Universal Fire. Separating ourselves out from the fold, showing how brave we are. These days, fights are taken to sports arenas or worse, into the fields of cities, town and villages, or into the home and family, the originator of all future 'fight-plans' and 'fight patterns'.

Find your 'beef', uncover the roots of your anger and dispute, and resolve to resolve it by the only means possible - facing it. What you do when you confront it is up to you but in the handling the issue, lies the possible resolution.

Remember, inactivity is also an action. Anger has a time and a place - and we shouldn't shy from it. It's not un-spiritual to get mad, says the Aries Full Moon. It's emotional and human. But it is raw untapped and untamed power from within that bubbles out in such moments, a spark from a much greater fire. A passionate seething cauldron of emotional power we can use to further our lives and create something greater, from the friction caused by seeing something that reflects less than we could be. That after all, is the basis of every fight - both within and without - seeing ourselves or another, being less than we (or they, in our perception) could be.

Relationship-wise, it's a time to balance what we want with what others need and desire. It's a see-saw this next two weeks. But remember, if you're not happy, no one else can be, because you're a major part of every contract, union, partnership, relationship, friendship. And you have a right to be feeling well and good.

Start with YOU, then see what changes once you change your own point of view.

Any troubles, check the main site and sign up for a Reading and we'll work through it together!


Monday, September 20, 2010

Book a Personal Reading!

Need more clarity on the immense changes surrounding you under the current cosmic climate? Schedule a Personal Reading for insightful guidance, and a look at the bigger picture of your life. Email for remaining availability in September; or book October now.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Taking out the Trash: Pluto Direct (Sep 14)

Pluto Direct - slaying inner demons brings outer angels

Since April 6, Pluto the planet of death, rebirth, regeneration and transformation has been moving retrograde (backwards) and went direct (back to normal) on September 13. This period has given us ample time to re-visit the dark places inside ourselves. To fully face the Shadows we carry within. To make friends with our own obsessions, cravings, yearning-burning-churning places. And then to free ourselves from identifying fully with any of them.

Now, fighting these inner battles and facing these inner demons and slaying them (or at least cutting the ties that bind us to them compulsively), brings contact with people, situations and places (our angels) that help us enjoy a greater sense of Light. Our time in the dark now aids our journey into a brighter space. We've cleared a space to now enjoy being free of emotional cling-ons.

Now, the process of transformation seems to bear fruit. We see parts of our lives finally changing, after we have done the work first within. We can't change anyone or anything but ourselves or our relationship to the things we witness. Our Power now is reflected back - what we've moved through, we can now aid others through. Our reward is clarity, strength and strong soul-connections with other who are also transforming their own consciousness.

In Capricorn, who hasn't had their life structure shaken? Who hasn't had to deal with some of the heavier issues of Power? From job losses, to personal power players in relationships, to coming to grips with our own personal demons - addictions, patterns, energy-drains and other distractions? Who hasn't found that what was built on a flimsy foundation must crumble? Who hasn't had to adjust to Major Change and Really Grow Up?

This phase of inner resurrection comes to a form of completion during this next Pluto cycle. It does mean that some chapters will inevitably close with a finality we may pull against, but which ultimately serves us. Remember when you could be done and really mean it? Remember when endings meant you could pick up the pieces and carry on? Recent days and months have seen old issues haunt us still ("but i thought I had learned that!") or else fragments from a half-forgotten (or repressed) past came back to poke and prod us into dealing with them once again.

Darkness hasn't waned around us, it just went into hiding. Now, when Pluto turns direct again we get a surge of power, collectively, to deal with the dark, and turn out the old so that we can celebrate a renewed sense of self, spirit and soul.

On the simple level, Pluto will allow for a parting of the ways in some area of your life (look to the House Pluto is currently passing through). Very briefly though (contact me for more depth as always):

Aries can stand strong knowing that power is being given to them as a reward for following Universal Law and using, not abusing, the responsibilities issued to them of late.
Taurus can destroy all others codes of conduct and finally follow their own custom-made belief system.
Gemini can realize that power often comes from what we choose not to do than what we actually manifest.
Cancer can find their own strength or manipulation mirrored back to them through other people who come or go now.
Leo can clean up the mess by seeing once and for all which parts no longer work in the whole of their life picture.
Virgo can find the power of play acting instead of playing games in order to feel truly loved and appreciated.
Libra can find safety and security on changing ground knowing that home is a sense of self, not a physical thing or place.
Scorpio can tune their mind into only things they desire and no longer give power to shadows of possibilities.
Sagittarius can ground their new-found self belief and self worth into projects of power that further their financial and personal wealth.
Capricorn can be proud of the spiritual weight lost of late and how aloneness was needed to accomplish the cleanse.
Aquarius can release the toxins accumulated to date and complete a cycle of collecting all things that block us from our true spiritual core.
Pisces can free themselves from old dreams that haunt but no longer satisfy and mix with those who have a purpose and a power to reform instead of rebel for its own sake.

Pluto asks us to give up siding with things, people, places, energies, attitudes, beliefs, opinions, lifestyles or relationships that no longer give us a sense of healthy power, deep passion, intense and loyal vibrations and that sink us further into haunted and dark places.

Release the many energy in your own life under what can be a major detox period if you allow what's rotting, rotten, falling or fallen to fade and phase out of your life.

How can you be reborn to a new life
if you too scared to let your old self die?

Pull the plug!

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Friday, September 10, 2010


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Your Astrologer,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Truth About Mercury Retrograde

Yes, it's that time again - for three weeks, Mercury is Retrograde. Learn the Real Truth about what this period means.

During this time, I highly recommend my Audio CD on The Truth about Mercury Retrograde - an hour long class, that comes complete with a copy of your Chart with exact details on where Merc Retro falls, and information on what this period will mean to you. Grab yours today (click under CDs and CLASS CD).

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Neil D Paris

Friday, August 20, 2010

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dark Love & Loving the Darkness: Venus Square Pluto

Venus (love, relationship, our values) is square (challenge) Pluto (the darkness, death, rebirth, transformations, intensity).

For a full run down on what this means for us, read my post Our Dark Embrace, from the last time these planetary energies did this dance together, to see how it may reflect goings-on in your own life.

I'll add to the above article the following:

Venus relates to our values, what we hold dear to us. Pluto relates to the transformation and burning off of whatever shadows are holding us back (ultimately fear [disconnection from Source energy]. If Venus relates to our possessions also, Pluto could suggest the losing or letting go (by choice or by force) or to redevelop a new appreciation of the things we have and the people close to us.

Whatever comes up for transformation and transmutation in the weeks ahead, remember that

Love is Love. Everything else is illusion.

Let this bring you back to your true Self once more.

Your Astrologer,

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Forgotten Fun? The Leo New Moon

The New Moon in Leo is a timely reminder to Just Keep Loving It (All)!

Leo is usually the sign we can count on to show us how to let our hair down and have a good time. But how can you do that with Saturn the karmic debt-collector hanging over you and with Venus Retrograding in your sign. Leo's had a hard time and it's not over yet, so give them a hug when you see them, they're sure to need it.

Maybe we can help them out under this particular New Moon phase with a reminder to them of their own birthright.

For us all, the New Moon is an opportunity to remember the innocence of childhood, when we weren't yet burned by the hot flames of desire, pummeled by passion and ripped off emotionally by those who let us open up and then 'loved' us by bruising our sensitive hearts and trampling on our fragile egos.

Astrologer Linda Goodman once said that giving is effortless and it's our nature. The apple tree doesn't choose who it bestows its fruit to, it simply must. Without giving, the tree would die.

In our lives it becomes a scorecard game of 'give and withdraw' when we seek only to protect ourselves from hurt once inflicted or suffered (it's the same burn). However this New Moon asks of us to continue giving birth to ideas, games, projects that feel good no matter the consequences to our ego.

Playing is the act of creation - of getting up and doing it and having a go. Of major risk - the audience may boo, the lover may walk, the art be trashed by critics, the haircut receive laughs in the street, the gamble fail, the open heart be swallowed whole, the song flop, the movie script bomb, the idea crash and burn.

Whether you want to be the worlds greatest Lover, or the next Van Gogh, the next Oscar actor, or just loved without feeling like you'll be dumped the moment something goes wrong, we're all presented with a Stage this lunar phase and we're all given the choice to walk on, or hide in the wings watching more fearless souls take to the spotlight. (you're kidding yourself if you believe they're not nervous, they just have no other choice because it's Shine or Die under a Leo New Moon...)

Shining is the only way to to keep the darkness at bay. So if you're swamped by the shadows now, the only choice you have is to continue burning brightly, with no other power source but your own right to be respected, your own need to create and your own vision of how something could be.

Desire is our fuel now, and passion our road map. And while many cultures and religion see 'ego' as something to move beyond, to ignore, repress or destroy (Madonna Leo (whose sun shines in the 12th house of ego submission) sings just this in her song Die Another Day - "I'm gonna destroy my ego" since this is her own life path mission, but try telling that to most Leos whose Sun burns in the other 11 houses of the astrological wheel!) it is not.

Ego is the spark of spiritual light given a backbone and a reason for being (after all what is the point of being a soul unless you're incarnated into the physical world to effect change. It was Ego that led most people to their great works - even acts of compassion because they WANTED to make a difference, and couldn't not.

What in your life do you have NO choice in doing because you have to, must do it, because it IS you?

That's your Leo New Moon phase in action. And your spiritual purpose in action!
It's not about success or failure, it's about Playing the Game.

Help and Hindrances

As always other planets come into the picture to aid or thwart us in this endeavor to make the game more interesting. Leo New Moons are about finding a new way to express yourself, let your ego shine and Do What Only You Do Best.

If you're still wondering what that is, look to the House and Sign your Sun is placed in your Astrology Chart. For more on how this New Moon affects your personal Birth Chart, schedule a special New Moon Ritual Reading with me - and I'll help you navigate this period, and reveal what it means to you as well as helping you to find your core - for if we shine in the House of our Charts where the Sun was placed at our birth, then only great things can happen, because we are fulfilling our purpose on the planet. Simple ways to achieve Big Things.

No one else can live your life - you're the Star of your own Story.
So is it a story worth telling to future generations?

Shine on!

Friday, August 06, 2010


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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Saturn in Libra: How will it affect you?

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sedna and Eris Interpretations!

Thanks to 'Anonymous' who wrote in, the error was fixed - I was discussing SEDNA and ERIS (not Eric!) so for those confused, hope that clears things up. And if your name is Eric, well maybe that's a sign you really need a Report? Hey, you never know... :)

Thanks Gang for being my eyes and ears,
Your Astrologer,

Friday, June 25, 2010

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (June 26)

Hide under a table, pack your bags and leave town or better yet leave the planet - the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn tomorrow connects to Pluto and a Grand Cross! Gasp!

Okay, hold your horses...

I'm no doomsday prophet - that suggests we have no power in anything, no free will and no ability to shape events to our liking. And we do. Why else incarnate onto Planet Earth unless it's to effect Change?

I've been asked a lot about this particular Eclipse so these are my feelings on the subject. I've added the Eclipse chart above for those interested and this blog will be an in-depth look at this Eclipse, since the EMOTIONAL ISSUES it brings up, we'll be challenged to deal with for at least the next 6 months-1 year, depending on how well we work through what comes up. Free will, right?

You'll find a heck of a lot of material (via links) below that I personally have written, since last year, on these topics. For those who want to probe further. And you can also schedule a special and unique Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Personal Reading, to detail how this one is likely to play out in your life, and the choices you have, to surf to a better shore.

Let's break it down.

1. The Lunar Eclipse is in Capricorn.

* Lunar Eclipses represent Major Changes that effect our Emotional Picture - events around us force us to react or Change. Perhaps we are fired. Someone leaves us. It doesn't have to be dramatic. All that matters is that the Eclipse brings about an Emotional Realization. And if you're not sitting up paying attention, life will arrange itself to really drive the message home.

So this Eclipse is ruled by SATURN, since it's in Capricorn. The major emotional issues about to come up are Capricorn-like and thus:

* How in control or how powerless we appear to be (since we are being controlled)
* How the Powers that be - Government, Parents, anyone setting the rules for us - are handling Authority (Practical Guide v Abusive Tyrant?).
* Whether our Goals are worthwhile anymore

So these areas are imbued with this EMOTIONAL vibe - Lawmakers, Society's Rules and Regulations, Control Issues, Power, Authority, Our Careers, Achievement, Those in the public spotlight, pillars of society.

Where is Saturn in this Eclipse Mix? Saturn squares the Full Moon. Squares are angles of friction/tension. Not so easy, then. We'll be challenged as as a society (The Moon) to re-evaluate the Rules, and whether those in Charge (Saturn) are really do their duties properly.
Personally, we get to ask the same questions - am I in control (Saturn) of my feelings (Moon) or repressing (Saturn) feelings (Moon). Are we giving our power away, or trying to emotionally control others?

The Moon normally is happier in Cancer, since this is the sign that rules it. In this Lunar Eclipse, the Moon is in Capricorn, the sign of its Fall. The theme then becomes about Emotional Control, The Repression of Feeling or Steering/Controlling of Feeling, emotions surrounding what Those in Power (Capricorn) are doing, along with (as we'll see) some darkness rising (Pluto) - and possible emotional manipulation (-) or emotional purging and healing (+).

So far so good.

2. Now, notice how at the top of the Chart where the Moon lies, in the picture above, is also found Pluto. The Full Moon (purging, endings, resolution, emotional information coming to light, partings) is conjunct Pluto - joining forces.

Pluto = regeneration through destruction/purging/death. Control & Power. Events affecting the Masses. The Moon also relates to the Public, as well as our Feeling Centers. How does this translate?

* Emotional issues affecting large groups of people (society, culture, the public) that are seemingly pulled out, for a mass outpouring. Is this grief? Excitement? Are we celebrating the fall of something unhealthy and controlling that no longer works? Stay tuned.

Across the board (and the Chart), Pluto (power/purging/manipulation/control/transformation) opposes Mercury (communication, news, our minds, information). Oppositions are energies working either AGAINST each other or WITH each other. A juggling act. We have a choice then:

+ Direct and confrontational conversations about things that have to be dealt with. Digging up the dirt. Revealing the lies and deceit and corruption, and the fears, all things previously kept in the dark. Tackling the heavy hitting subjects. Discussing taboo subjects - death, sex, money, tax etc. [The investigations into further sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, and talk of Michael Jackson being murdered for his music catalogue being symbolic of these times).

- Mass deceit and media manipulation, steering public opinion toward an agenda of control. Conspiracy theorists will sit back and say 'I told you so', under this theme. Are we all being hoodwinked? Confusion and Fear spread through tall tails. Avenues of communication cut off (power outages, Internet tightening etc, freedom of speech curtailed, rallying blocked). A sort of Martial Law unveiled.

The choice is ours. In our personal lives we'll be faced with the same issues. If we can't handle them individually, we'll get to play it out collectively. You play a key role in how things unravel on the Big Stage. So - are you lying? Distorting info? manipulating? Playing power games? Trying to instill fear in others? Facing your darker issues?

3. Uranus joins the mix at 00Aries - the Aries Point, which symbolizes events affecting the Public (again). Uranus - inventions, revolutions, major change, sudden surprises. In Aries - firepower, explosions, initiations, new beginnings. How can this play out?

+ Technology suddenly used to help us all out. Electrical energy is phased out with cheaper alternatives. We're helped to become more independent. We all celebrate everyones uniqueness and no longer repress those 'different' to the crowd.

- Military strikes (again). Electrical outages. Sudden fires. Explosions affecting large groups. Large social revolts - massive uprising, looting, rallying, picketing, strikes etc. The Public shouting 'No More!' (which could go down on the Plus side).

4. Pluto squares Saturn - for more info on this, you can watch my YouTube Video on the subject and the article I wrote "Demolition Under Way" on how this can all play out for us. Saturn is square Pluto but the aspect isn't exact until

Control/Power issues reach a peak - or can no longer be ignored or simply brushed under the carpet (good luck to those trying). Look at the Oil Spill issue and how it's being dealt with for more info on this theme.

5. Saturn opposes Uranus -not exact by sign (Saturn is in Virgo currently) so this is another one of those 'taster aspects' - where we'll get to see a foreshadowing of issues sure to pop up again in the years ahead. For more info on this, read my article, "Tension!".


This period is about facing dramatic emotional material that comes up - since it's usually only when our heartstrings are pulled on a bigger scale, that we really sit and pay attention to life on Earth. It brings us back to the Present. What happens when we're faced with news/information/events that rip the rug out from underneath us? How do we react when our security is threatened? Do we believe all we hear? What is the media reflecting back to you from your own life (the larger events mirror smaller events that YOU are playing a part in).

Do we give our power away (to those pushing an agenda to "fix everything" their way) or tap back into our Source - the divine spark within that knows this is all an illusion, and that we create our reality based on how we respond to the events we face. others can only control us by convincing us we HAVE no power, instilling fear into our hearts. We'll be faced with loss almost certainly - some will be given the ability to choose for others (a boss gets to fire someone etc) and others will be faced with the other side of the coin - having change thrust upon us.

Resistance is futile now - we'[re facing the first spurt of a larger cycle, leading to 2011 and beyond. This is our first taste and how we handle this, will determine where we go, individually and thus, collectively. How do you handle the darkness - seek out the Light, or panic and cling to whatever is offered to us, in the shadows?

It's certainly time for another Change. Weather patterns suggest it as the Earth shifts (more fires, explosions, earthquakes, oh my!) We all feel it - a chapter shift is upon us. We need another Wake Up Call, right? We're all connected to each other - and greater still, we're still all connected to the Source of Everything. Call it what you will - God, Higher Power, Higher Self, Love, Nature, Inner Guide, Angelic Wisdom. Finding that stillness within, will give you the information you need to proceed through these years ahead.

I am personally excited - there is so much no longer working in the collective system. That's about to Change - and no one said Change was easy, when those benefiting from the current control won't change willingly.

It's a choice we all face now - turn to the Light, or sit in the Shadows?

I have special Lunar Eclipse Readings available to see how this one is likely to bring Change to YOUR life and how best to steer ahead.

Raising the Flag of Freedom!
Your Astrological Ally,

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NEW: Your Sedna & Eris Interpretations!


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Sunday, June 20, 2010

How do YOU feel? Sun enters Cancer (June 21)

This year, the Sun, our celestial spotlight, leaves behind the air sign of Gemini and enters the water realm of Cancer, the Crab on June 21 @ 4.28am Pacific (7:28am Eastern, 12.28pm GMT).

Our focus shifts from what we're thinking to how we are Feeling so start there - how comfortable are you feeling? What do you NEED. (Cancer relates to childhood needs carried into our adult world). What can you do to be more at ease in your body? (Cancer relates to comfort zones). Are you stuck in a rut (Cancer relates to comfort zones we've become trapped in)? Can we try new things to see how that affects our emotional state?

Two key areas to look at now are:

Our home - a good clear out is good for the soul now, "making home", fluffing up the pillows, buying a new bedspread (or something else no matter how small, for our nests. Do what you can to Enjoy Your Home Space.
Our Family/Close Emotional Connections - have you checked in with someone you care about? How about giving someone a hug?

Feeding yourself and nurturing others - try cooking at home, making sure you eat properly. if you're feeling 'off', you may find that the simple act of eating, grounds you. A glass of water helps alleviate erratic spiraling mood-swings. Go out to eat - invite a friend or someone close to you, to 'break bread'.

At this time of year, we all get to see whether we are Self-Parenting well, or seeking external validation or others to come and look after us, in areas we're not doing such a good job for ourselves.

So, GET COMFY! Notice what happens when you get Back to Basics. Look after yourself, have some down-time, and you'll see a marked improvement in your affairs.

If you're a Cancer, schedule a Solar Return Birthday Reading, (click READINGS) to cover all of this year and well into Summer 2011! Map out the road ahead. Comes with a 360-day calendar personal to you!

Also, check out the Solar Return Report Package for written Reports for your year ahead.

If you need any help navigating the emotional material surfacing now, let's take a look together at what your Chart says abut:

* Your Childhood Training
* The emotional diet you feasted on that still feeds you today
* What patterns your parents passed on to you to clear & heal
* The Home you need
* What to do to Charge up/Feel Secure Again

And more! Your Chart is your holographic model for your entire psyche. Get aligned with your true self once more with an In-Depth Reading.

Don't forget to read ALL ABOUT CANCER.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Astro*Highlights #1

Welcome the first Astro*Highlights. Join KG Stiles and myself for a look at the upcoming planetary alignments and how we can best work with the current energy patterns imprinting themselves on the Planet.


Your Astrologer,

P.S Don't forget to order your 2010 & Your Sign CD for a rundown on all the important events affecting YOUR sign (and rising sign) this year - covers eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn karmic patterns, Uranus shifts, Jupiter's multiple areas of abundance and growth and more!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Sudden Bursts: Jupiter/Uranus in Aries

Jupiter: expansion, growth, education, knowledge, legal matters, philosophy - it makes things bigger! Jupiter teaches us by shoveling more of something our way so we UNDERSTAND what it means. When things are good, Jupiter makes them seem better. When times are tough, Jupiter makes them seem harder. See it as the ENLARGER of life experience.

Uranus: social shifts, sudden surprises, inventions, electricity, freedom - it causes disruptions with a view to breaking us out of a rut! Anywhere we need a jolt to awaken us, is where Uranus is alike and kicking, and will move us along, possibly kicking too.

Aries: new beginnings, confrontation, war, assertiveness, pioneering, military, newness. The first sign of the zodiac relates to the Initial Thrust of anything, the spark, the push ahead, the surge of sap rising during the Spring.

So...when Jupiter and Uranus both meet at 00Aries (the very first degree of the entire zodiac, also known as the Aries Point) what can we expect? Events that are BIG, SUDDEN, FAST and NEW! To teach us to free ourselves by making areas we're trapped or stuck, a bigger deal. 00Aries is the most public part of the cycle, so we're likely to see these two planets merging in headline news. Stay tuned for those. Here are some possible predictions from this end:


Look to early Cardinal Degrees (00Aries. 00 Libra, 00 Cancer, 00 Capricorn) in your Chart to determine which aspect of your life (any personal planets you find there) will be triggered into this need for 'sudden new energy'. Expect the unexpected in these areas but one thing is certain - you'll be urged to do it Your Way. No Ifs Ands or Buts.
For all of us, we get to ask ourselves:

Where can we inject a new thrust of energy into our life - is it time for a New Beginning?
Why wait? What rut are we stuck in and are we open to a ruthless revolution? Are you ready for a new horizon once more?

Collectively: (the issues manifesting here depend on us as individuals handling this volatile energy but we may see:)

Big electrical issues (new technology, breakthroughs in this field, huge outages)
Sudden eruptions of anger and fighting
New Laws in the Military
New inventions unveiled
Radical shifts in the teaching professions
New studies in Anger/Aggression/Anger Management
Stories of sudden gunfire and explosions
A new burst of Entrepreneurial Business Ventures
Cultural Clashes or Connections - borders go up, borders come down
Jupiter and Uranian figures coming to the public spotlight - stories of Gurus, Teachers, Sages, Secret Santas, Gluttons and Preachers (Jupiter) and Troublemakers, Mad Inventors, Rebels and Radicals (Uranus).

This is Phase 1 of a much bigger alignment...stay tuned for that!

Prepare for a New Way of Life, right here, right now, today.
Schedule a Reading to see what lies ahead for you this Summer or Order the 2010 and Your Sign CD - which covers this important information. Just $50!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

My New Home!

Well, we're all facing new chapters or the possibility of one, this Summer.

Where is yours?

Mine was a relocation to the beautiful town of Boulder Creek, Northern California. The Astrology of this time? Too much to mention, but for those budding Astrologers amongst you:

Jupiter conjunct my Sun in the 4th House of Home - expansion within the home, travel in connection to home, new comfort zones
Progressed Mars conjunct Mercury in 4th - Activating activity and movement in relation to domestic matters- researching new nests.
Progressed Moon conjunct Moon/Sun in 4th - An evolving need (PR Moon) to find a new dwelling (in 4th) to soothe the soul (Pisces).
Uranus/Jupiter transiting Sun in 4th - Growth (Jup) and freedom (Ura) when it comes to home matters. I felt I'd outgrown my last location.
Saturn in 10th opposing Sun/Mercury in 4th - Upgrading (Sat/10) which came with challenges from a difficult landlord (Sat/10) who blocked one location due to a lack of repairs and follow through, which led to a period of insecurity which ended in a new home and inner strength (Sun/Mer 4). Saturn oppositions are...from a physical standpoint, a bitch (to coin a professional term).
Solar Return Sun in 8th - signifying Major Life Change, possible relocation.
Solar Return Scorpio on 4th House Cusp - 'death' of one home.
Natal Ascendant conjunct Solar Return 4th House Cusp - a new (Ascendant) home (4th), investing in a home (4th) which truly reflects the self (Asc).

For domestic/home matters we look to the 4th House, any planets therein, the ruler of this House and also the Moon, which naturally rules all home and property matters. In my Chart:

Saturn square Moon - challenges to comfort, setting up shop, real estate difficulties etc. I thought I'd gotten away without experiencing this one, but the issues with the landlord, and the problems with securing the first location, revealed itself to be THE challenge that led to a new inner security (you find your emotional resources during Saturn/Moon times when you have to deal with Reality and Figure Things Out as practically as possible). Imagine driving across country, anticipating life in your new beautiful home you've been so excited about (although you were rushed to arrive early to start the lease, no matter), expecting your new home to be ready, getting there and being faced with an ant invasion, the place filthy (including a toilet that had never seen a brush), things in disrepair that were meant to be fixed, black widow spiders sitting waiting to eat you and a landlord who lied-lied-lied and then the next morning (after a night spent in a hotel because the house wasn't fit for move-in), throws your deposit and rent back at you saying 'This Won't Work', while a rental truck with all your belongings sits in the driveway....yep that was what I faced on this trip.

Jupiter Square Moon
- challenges to expanding into a new comfort zone, whilst maintaining the best of the past and inner needs (you can't let go of everything that brings you comfort, without losing your sanity. Jupiter inspired me to pick up and travel, to find a bigger, better and more expensive location, with a view to 'upgrading'. I'm glad things worked out the way they did.

My current home is better than the original one I worked so hard to secure (Jupiter always holds a blessing). My partner and I went through hell when we arrived here, had to stay in hotels with a Budget Rental Truck full of our belongings, whilst we searched for a new home - all because of a mean, deceitful landlord who promised one thing and delivered quite another. We prevailed, and life couldn't be better.

During Serious Saturn Times, hang in there. The hard work always pays off.
I'm taking new Readings now, so get in early for this next round, this Summer will prove to be a huge one - change is knocking at your door. How will you respond?

Your Astrological Adventurer,