Sunday, December 25, 2005

A Magical Holiday to you!

No matter what your belief, may you find yourself open to the flow of the Universe this Holiday Season and surrounded by people to Love and be Loved by.

Santa Claus is a planetary form in disguise; felt by those who are 'nice' not naughty - Jupiter protects those who trust and have faith in the good in life - good luck comes to those who walk secure in the knowledge that things work out.

So I hope Santa Claus has found you wherever you are today - the true gifts are the ones without wrapping that last throughout the year in those sneaky situations where you are saved, protected, made to laugh or think 'wow i can't believe my luck!'.

Santa Claus does exist - Astrologers know him as "Jupiter" - the ruler of Gifts, Good Fortune and Good Times. Attract him to you today, with a smile, and some holly-jolly belief that good things happen to people who truly 'believe' - that's Santa's secret, and it's not just for kids....

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays to you all!
From your Astrological Santa,
Neil xxx

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Push 'n' Shove : Jupiter square Saturn Dec 17

Today, two biggies begin fighting it out for their say over which path to take.

Jupiter in Scorpio wants us to grow, transform ourselves, to ditch something that no longer works and to take on a new, deeper more meaningful challenge. "Let it go, and grow" shouts Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion in Scorpio the sign of transformation.

Saturn in Leo wants us to stand back a little and not be so gung-ho. Is this really transformation or just plain ego? Fun is all well and good, but why expand unless you know where to shine your light?

Saturn in Leo = Should
Jupiter in Scorpio = Could

Should you? Could you? Can you? Will you?

When it all comes down to it, the planet of expansion squares off (90 degrees) with the planet of constriction/restriction forcing us into a push-pull playoff where it's two steps forward and three back, or no steps forward or backwards at all.

Current events will show the desire of Authority to repress the playfulness of life, the fun and frolics. Saturn in Leo makes it a bitch being a boss these days - more responsibility weighs on you. If as the Top Dog you can't have any fun, then why the hell should your charges?

Jupiter in Scorpio says Death is good for all of us, so let's just jack this in and try something diferent. Saturn in Leo has manners and protocol. Jupiter in Scorpio wants it done yesterday. Saturn in Leo is fearful of how it comes across to the public. Jupiter in Scorpio cares about nothing less than 'what needs to be done to find a new way ahead'.

The two don't necessarily clash when you see that all they want to do is find the BEST POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO MOVE AHEAD WITH GREATER POWER (Scorpio) AND PURPOSE (Leo).

So situations will arise to help us battles with these sides of the same coin. It all comes down to POWER - after all Leo and Scorpio desire nothing less. Self-control versus the control of others. Can you control your own will or enforce your way onto everyone else?

Politically this is a minefield aspect - blame is around every corner. Arrogance is high, and conceit is full-blown. People complain but what is being DONE about things?

Self respect and the respect of everyone whose life you touch, is the order of this astrological season and cycle. Saturn in Leo is the Dictator. Jupiter in Scorpio is the stick of dynamite that brings down the whole building instead of rebuilding the interior. We lose the pretty facade (but when was Scorpio every about that) but perhaps also the traditional core and value. Progress becomes a pain in the ass because we lose the best of what we had.

So... to combine the two, we'll see many BIG events play out. Saturn wants us to slow down and find out WHO is leading and WHERE we're going. More importantly WHY? Like the actor, Leo can no longer Lord over others and steal the show. There are rules - scenes, and pages of a script. Is it working?

Jupiter can no longer pull us to greater heights by cutting off everything that's been before. Scorpio likes to end chapters. Scorpio wants to dig beneath. If we cut too deep, we bleed and healing slows down progress. How can the Leo star shine on stage if Scorpio is poking holes through the floor? We must tread carefully. Are we gaving up and ahead or are we looking back into the past with a sense of blame or fault?

Saturn says 'wait, slow down, polish and perfect your Leo skills'
Jupiter says 'get going, give it up, move on, grow and find your passion for more'

Neither wins, but both can compromise. Stay tuned for big news stories that sum up this planetary aspect. Push and Pull energies get things moving, once we know which ends to lead with (Leo will try very hard for this) and which side can allow a little lee-way in the name of the bigger picture (let's hope Scorpio can here, self control and willpower).

And for god's sake, let's just BREATHE... why are we in such a hurry?


And in other news...

The Sun-Pluto news continues as Unionists in Northern Ireland call for a public inquiry after an expelled Sinn Fein official admitted he was a British agent. More Pluto political intrigue.


Classic Sun-Pluto Conjunction: Political Espionage

Not only has the Senate now blocked some clauses of the Patriot Act that give the US government more powers of control (Pluto) but President Bush is now under fire, the same day the SUN CONJUNCTS PLUTO in the sign of honesty - Sagittarius.

Policy, Law and Integrity are Sagittarian. Lies, underworld activity, espionage and shadows are Pluto. When the SUN met Pluto as mentioned in my last post, it highlighted negative issues of Sagittarius and upheld the more positive.

Sagittarius demands honesty not only in its typical international reach but also on home soil. After all, honesty is honesty, truth is truth. The Sun helped Pluto dig up some deceit and it all surfaced in a grand dramatic Sagittarian fashion - witness the lawmakers on TV shouting and screaming and demanding Justice.

How perfect.

Bush is to give a speech on Sunday which will no doubt detail how he is doing 'everything for the good of the country' when in actual fact he allowed domestic spying (pluto) without our consent (

Of course, the very same lawmakers who passed the Patriot Act never even read the damn thing, but Sun-Pluto conjunctions always bring a showdown.

I wonder if we'll see an 'attack' somewhere which Bush will use as his launchpad to his little 'chat' with everyone this Sunday. Why does he need a few days to prepare his words? Waiting for some 'chance' encounter with Fate to help his hand?

Pluto relates to conspiracies but also on underhand action. So public figures are not above behind shady in their actions and motivations. Things get whitewashed, scapegoats made and manipulation reigns supreme.

Believe only your own personal experience right now - with the Sun and Pluto in Sagittarius - we truly can't trust anything we're told without knowing it fully for ourselves.

So over this weekend and to the end of the year, watch what your believe (Sagittarius). As a sign of freedom don't forget, the price to pay is as we have been told many times over, 'eternal vigilance' (pluto).

Keep a watchful eye. Honesty will always win out no matter what. And thats the beauty of this planetary aspect.


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Spit it out! Full Moon at 23Gem - Dec 14 2005

The Full Moon in Gemini falls this Thursday, December 15, 2005 8:15am PST 23ยบ 48' opposing Pluto in Sagittarius. The day after, the Sun conjuncts Pluto at 25Sag.

When the Moon enters Gemini, we all have something to say. At the Full Moon, we want to the world to know. If we've been learning (Sag) we get to put our knowledge to use (Gem). If we've been asking questions (Sag) we suddenly get the answer (Gem). The question is - will we listen, and more importantly will we HEAR?

This Full Moon, lasting two weeks but always stronger in the first few days, will put a lot on our tongue which we can choose to swallow our words, or divert into Mars, the planet of energy, currently residing in Taurus, a sign connected to the throat.

Gemini loves information and Full Moons highlight new information. Emails increase and the volume of traffic and transportation of goods, peoples, ideas and information increases accordingly. It could mean big traffic jams, it could mean all your holiday gifts arrive at once.

Lines at post-offices will probably increase this week since everyone will feel the need to get it out on time. Cell phone use is sure to be intense - look for people arguing on their phones, or those cell-addicts who sit and talk really loudly on the bus, at the supermarket, or on the street.

People buzz around a lot more under a Gemini Full Moon. Expect greater activity or messages to or from siblings. People seem in two minds (The Twins) so they need to talk it out with someone.

It's a great time for letter-writing and communication in general - have that special 'talk', send the memo, how about a telegram to someone out of the country. Catch family up on your news with a long letter. Go through your emails and write to people you forgot about in all your daily busy-ness.

Full Moons as you know, increase emotional energies so be careful on the roads - Gemini rules cars, trains, planes and travel so you may find people get a little high-strung, the phenomena of 'road rage' was probably coined under a Gemini Moon, and this is compounded by a Full Moon in the sign.

Use the week of the Full Moon to get busy with writing, public speaking engagements, message-delivery and paperwork that's mounting. Clear out old newspapers, and old bills and paperwork you no longer need. Get rid of (Full Moons are perfect for this) old phone numbers of people you truly won't be calling anymore.

Keep an eye on where your mind goes - are you looping? Are you repeating old thought patterns that keep you stuck? If so, move on. Let it go, forgive and if that's not possible yet, then try and forget. Your mind is your greatest reality-shaping tool so train it to focus on what you WANT and not on being so reactionary.

Parties, social events and hang-out time should be fun. People get chatty now - some people you can't shut up. If you're a hermit, then be prepared to hear a LOT when you're out of the house - wear a walkman if you need to - but for the curious amongst you, keep an ear open to passing conversations, there's probably something symbolic you need to hear that may help you on YOUR path. You'd be surprised if you keep your ears open.

Geminis are set to become excited, irritable, tense or bouncy, it all depends on their charts but they're all going to be touched by a little bit more sentimentality. Emotions are obvious - so they're fired up to deal with stuff. Good times roll in for Twins who are open in their feelings and communicate where they're at.

Sagittarians are likely to be emotional drained if not ready to do battle with people. Since it's an opposing sign to Gemini, Sagittarians face themselves through other people, so life becomes a mirror at this full moon to show them how well they're dealing with THEIR stuff as opposed to pointing the finger of blame. Relationships are strained but they can fuel their passion into honest and open connections and finally let go of people and situations that are causing harm or pain. Compromise is essential or no one wins, Sag!

Pisces can get to work on sorting out their personal lives and cleaning up their homes (yes, that mess is getting too much, Fishies) and Virgos can finalize work projects and decide where to go now professionally. Watch out for an over-sensitive boss, fuel your stress into getting on top of things. Pisces & Virgos need to let go of family stress from Mom (Pisces) and Dad (Virgo) or whatever they represent in their lives - perhaps they're going through intense times. Something ends, in preparation for a new phase. Is your past or present causing you trouble? Face it, and move on this week.

The Sun conjuncts Pluto in Sagittarius the day after the Full Moon and Death arrives, to swipe away all that is no longer any use to us. Will you let it go or wil you be forced to give it up? Beliefs cause trouble - this we know from Pluto's fueling of Sagittarian 'holy-wars'. Does it really matter if someone 'doesn't get it'? Believe in something new - re-write your script. If someone becomes arrogant or preachy (which they will) step back into your own space and choose a new way.

The best of Sagittarius shines - optimism, adventurous spirits, freedom and the quest and search for Knowledge and 'truth'. But Pluto will strip away all the negatives now - arrogant, preachiness, a holier-than-thou attitude.

This goes for everyone!

Whatever is not truth, not honest and not free is set up for some major problems ahead. Pluto touches the Sun and some Sagittarius element of life dies. Just as the Archers are all asked to clean up their individual acts now, the world is asked to let go of the old belief system and to embrace a new truth - the truth that we are all brothers and sisters (Gemini).

This then, becomes the theme. How are you treating your neighbors (Gemini). Forget religion (sun,pluto,Sag) and treat they neighbor as you would want to be treated. It's a sound karmic principle that WILL be upheld matter how well placed we may think we are.

Talk, talk, talk. Listen to me!? It must be the Gemini Full Moon about to beam full overhead. I expect to hear from you, by phone or email. I know I will be. Very soon.

Enjoy this Full Moon - watch what you say. Truly mean it. Mental magic is underway!



Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hitting the fan: Mars Direct Dec 10

Bickering about money? Fights about materialism? is 'stuff' bogging you down? Itchy, tickly or sore throat? What about the bank? Short of cash? Scratching for change? Stuck in a rut?

Angry? Irritable? Stressed beyond belief? Ready to kill someone? Getting into arguments?
Ready to head for the countryside and retire? Ready to sue, stomp, destroy? Refusing to budge?

Welcome to Mars Direct. The planet of anger, aggression and sexual energy just stopped its retrograde motion and suddenly, in the sign of taurus, it's full speed ahead (which is next to impossible).

A sudden surge of energy is sure to cause some financial shifts - watch the news for bankruptcy, or issues with banks or people fighting over their 'goods'. Values become clear - we fight for what we hold dear to us. Perhaps we'll go too far, but Mars suddenly reminds us what we VALUE and DESIRE in the sign of Taurus.

Get close to the Earth. hug a tree. go barefoot. feel grass. sit and relax. Listen to Nature. Right now, not much else will make sense. This week, anger, assertiveness and energy is high - things are coming back into balance.

Where do your desires and values lie now?

This past month has been a reorientation on WHERE and HOW we use our energies. Wasted your time? Mucking around with the wrong stuff, people, priorities?

Material matters either matter greatly now or don't matter at all. Make sure whichever side of the coin you fall on, you're dedicated to spiritual matters above all else. When all changes (which it will) they remain.

in taurus, Mars wants what lasts forever. Values often do. What is 'reality' to you? It's what you invest your energy (Mars) into, Financial, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Feed only the fires you want to keep you warm this winter. The rest are embers of an old way, an old life. The best things in life truly are free, and that stuff is the stuff that refuses to change because it's tied to Universal Truth.

Enjoy the energy, just don't get caught up in all the 'stuff' that truly doesn't matter. Increase your spiritual sense of abundance and the physical delights are sure to follow!


Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bigger is Better?

Epics are always Sagittarian by Nature. One need only look at the men behind the movies - Spielberg and Lucas both share Sagittarian Planets. Though I haven't yet peeked (let me know if you do before me) that Peter Jackson shares some strong Jupiter/Sag themes in his own chart. Why? Because he was the director behind The Lord of the Rings (for those who are interested, the 'Two Towers' installment came not long after the Twin Towers fell in New York (A Gemini city, during the time Saturn the planet of karma was moving through Gemini, opposing Pluto in Sagittarius, sign of religion and overseas).

Jackson is now directing King Kong - with Sag size always becomes a consideration. it's no wonder it's seen as the most Over The Top sign (Jupiter was all about big parties and lots of food - and partners).

So is it any surprise that Peter Jackson's new film King Kong has gone $32m (£18m) over budget but the studio remains happy, as the BBC reports? (

Not really.

Keep an eye out for more size issues. Sagittarius expands, pushing back the boundaries - but where do we draw the line?!


One for Freedom - Sagittarian Laws allow Gay Marriages

Under the spectacular and wide-reaching Sagittarian New Moon the UK finally decided to make gay Marriages legal. Legal proceedings of course are wholly Sagittarian in Nature. Under this particular New Moon (Sagittarius relates to overseas) more countries will begin to follow suit. After all, who wants to be left standing behind 'archaic old England'.

This is good news for all of us - and a point on the side of Freedom. Sagittarian principles of fairness, honesty and integrity are upheld. Of course Sagittarian Religion comes into play - and as Pluto the planet of Death and Rebirth continues his karmic cleansing of this sphere of life (since he's sneaking through Sagittarius while we speak) this new laws comes as a blow to 'traditional and outdated religious thinking that people should be separated from each other due to sexuality.

Three cheers to Sagittarius and even more to Pluto's insistence on honesty, fair dealings and justice.