Monday, January 28, 2008

Special Mercury Retrograde Readings

A Special Reading designed to help you navigate
each unique Mercury Retrograde period
in your own Birth Chart & Life Experience.

Mercury Retrograde is perhaps one of the most widely known Astrological Cycles,
even amongst those with no further knowledge of Astrology. Each period is unique but all share something in common.

It's a time of repeating, reviewing and re-negotiating the past, which always, without fail, returns to us in some form or another.

These Readings will cover this special period from Your Perspective - Your chart, Your life, Your options and how You can harness the potential inherent in this special period.

Mercury Retrograde Reading
30 minutes

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inventive, Insane or Insightful?: Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (Jan 28 - Feb 18)

At 1.31pm PST on Monday Jan 28, Mercury goes retrograde officially at 23 Aquarius.

Are you ideas unique enough? Is your thinking a little TOO crazy? What is crazy and how do you know? Is sanity a good thing? Is it time to rethink your rebellious strategies or possibly time to break free further and stop towing the party line?

Are your friends really your friends?
Are YOU a decent friend? What IS a friend? Is your social circle smothering you or championing your cause - and is your cause something that champions everyone else? Are you being a team player or a team hater?

Is society backwards,
or should you be moving backwards to make sense of and contribute to where society currently is?

Is it time to reevaluate your goals? Where did you want to be this year? Where do you want to be now? Are your goals in line with who you REALLY are, or are you questing after something you no longer want?

Are you free of your own mental loops or are you victim to your own incessant "monkey-chatter"? Can you calm your mind and still be open to 'downloading' some amazing ideas?

Is logic helping or is it time to leave yourself open for a flash of insight, an intuition and a lightening bolt from the blue?

In Aquarius, Mercury is on hyper-speed, and overdrive, and it's a great thing we're moving into Retrograde before we suffer burn-out. Technology can only do so much and we can only expect so much of technology before we crash and burn, or drive ourselves mad. Does speeding up help, or does it make us even more impatient when we don't receive the email, don't get the returned call or don't hear the news NOW NOW NOW.

Mercury Retrograde is ALWAYS about slowing down,
backtracking, having a mental time out and letting ourselves catch up with ourselves. We all get inundated with ideas, media, stories, news, possibilities, thoughts, conversations, text messages, emails, letters, snail mail, paperwork, computer files, technology issues. On and On.

Retrograde Mercury helps us to let it all catch up with itself - everything you have said, thought and dwelt upon, is still out there, flying through the air, thoughts with wings, lingering around, still finding their targets. We can do nothing right now but let it all unravel, unfold and settle.

The Great News:

Mercury Retrograde begins in harmony with the Moon - to help us to decide if something is what we really NEED right now. Rearranging our home spaces seems inevitable as we seek more comfort, and a place to rest our heads. Play with Feng-Shui. Family talks and heart-to-heart chats with anyone near and dear to you run smoothly now if you allow yourself to go BACK and talk over unresolved issues as they reappear now.

Mercury Retrograde begins in harmony with Mars -
to help us work out if we're really acting in accordance with what we're thinking about. Actions speak louder, and there's no need to shout to be heard. Are you walking your talk? Acting on what you keep mentioning? Moving towards what you keep thinking and chatting about? Getting your head in gear with your feet and moving forward, comes when we take a look back and decide what should continue on with us, and what we can leave behind. A parting of the ways is imminent.

The GOOD OR BAD NEWS (depending on how you see it, how you act on it and your general personality type)

Mercury Retrograde is tied to Neptune, the planet that dissolves things, blurs and blends, confuses and creates chaos so we can forget, and lose our place, so that we an find our place in the bigger scheme of things.

Mercury loves logic, yet with Neptune,
all thoughts risk becoming tangled up in fantasy, illusion, lies and deceit. Fantastic for poets, writers, advertising campaigns, politicians and anyone who wants to use beautiful words to move us, inspire us, make us feel something or generally pull the wool over our eyes.

Losing keys (Mercury rules), forgetting where we parked the car (Mercury ruled), losing our map or bus schedule or paperwork (all Mercury ruled) all seem distinct possibilities when your mind is full of fluff and you lose track of the details.

Create a spare key, back up computer files (as always under retrograde) and realize you may be more SPACEY than usual. Allow for this - time outs, when you sit and stare at the sky, light candles, drift to your favorite music, doodle/draw/paint/sing, take extra baths/showers or go swimming, eat chocolate or ice cream or sip your favorite drink and disappear off into another realm. Creativity runs high, so does psychic intuition, but keep a trail of breadcrumbs scattered so you can find your way back to 'reality'.

Mercury Retrograde is also tied to Chiron
- the soft spot. Is no one listening? Are you not being heard? Why do you have to repeat yourself? Why do you need to re-write it, or re-sign or re-evaluate or re-discuss what was already completed?

You may have to go over old ground - and you may NOT be speaking as clearly as you think. Double check. Speak slower. Especially over the computer, lines get crossed, people mistake what was said. Clarify. Be logical, but don't think you have all your bases covered. Don't expect to be told the truth automatically, truth is relative to the teller right now. Listen. Ask questions if need be. And clarify with a follow up.

But each one is different - this one relates to the questions I asked at the top of this post. It's worth answering each one. Get perspective. Gain clarity. Then slow down and let things take their natural course. There'll be changes again once Mercury goes Direct and back on track.

In the meantime, watch for clues, spot the signs and yes - expect a REVISIT WITH THE PAST - the things you've said, the things you wrote, the things you didn't say and didn't write, old flames and old connections that aren't finished or which ARE finished on one end but not on the other.

DO we repeat the past or write ourselves a new script?

Seek completion, and resolution, INSIDE first before tackling the issues on the outside.

And remember...

It all comes back to HOW YOU THINK about the subject or issue at hand. It's how you see it, view it, talk about it (to yourself and others).


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Friday, January 25, 2008

The Current and Coming Crumbling: Pluto enters Capricorn (Jan 25)

Today marks the end of an era - or at least the first official whisperings of what is to come, now that Pluto - the manipulator of matter to create the loss of what is no longer needed, the rebirther who takes without mercy that which blocks us from our true natures, the destroyer - who brings death and destruction to annihilate outworn methods and modes of operation in order that a better way may be found (a healthier, saner, more productive and spiritual orientation is found) is changing signs.

Pluto, not long ago demoted in a ridiculous bid to control a name (yet of course finding ourselves unable to control an essence or energy) is a marker of society in a specific generation, and outlines where the biggest Changes, the most intense shifts, and the most final endings are experienced.

Pluto just moved out of Sagittarius (since January 1995) clearing, cleansing, destroying, rebuilding and digging up dirt in the fields of Education, Religion, Foreign Connections and Policies, Law, The Travel Industry amongst other Sagittarian fields.

What can we expect during this new era as Pluto marches into Capricorn TODAY?
Pluto takes 284 years to travel around the zodiac, bringing slow change, but definite change - simmering beneath the surface, ready to reveal itself in a moment when EVERYTHING shifts and nothing remains the same, no one escapes the feeling that something has ended, a new chapter has begun.

Pluto in Capricorn "Predictions":

Will desire further control, exercised as more borders and border patrol possibly, or the tearing down of barriers and borders to shepherd and police a greater area with ease. The move to centralize power - a central bank, a central technology branch, micro chipping, quarantines. Capricorn relates to structures such as laws and walls - these will become immense or fall - possibly both.

Pluto type people will be elected (Hilary Clinton is a Scorpio so she's the likely candidate for President 2009 (When Neptune (the actor planet) was in Capricorn, Ronald Reagan (the actor) was elected. In other countries, Scorpionic or Plutonian people will be elected to bring massive change and shocking shifts to the world and the countries they 'rule' over.

Assassinations within governmental bodies - more intrigue, secrets, yet shadows revealed and the shock of the public and the desire to 'bring down' (Pluto) those who have had too much control.


Capricorn rules time - watches, clocks, time-travel, calendars. A change in the way we measure time - transportation that gets you there 'in under 5 minutes' where it once took 12 hours. More talk on time travel. The speeding up or slowing down of time. A calendar or time zone shift or solar storms that create a new system of time (due to changing light on the planet).

The history of child abuse within families and governmental and other bodies of power may surface showing a web of intrigue that spans the globe and has been kept secret for quite some time. Abusive families are brought to task. The "Father" figure is a focus - in movies, in the media, in talk shows.

What works, what doesn't? A lot of talk on new policies and the wiping out of old ones that seemed to make sense.


The biggest mergers we have seen to date - and the biggest crashes and bankruptcies we've ever heard of. Bank closures, foreclosures and a LOT of talk on debt - as countless people suffer the backlash of living outside of their means.

Those who have long talked about the corruption and conspiracies at work will be given a greater voice as we begin to see the unraveling and revealing of long-held plans to control, dominate. As society begins to purify itself - a lot of crap hits the fan and a lot of puss oozes from our collective wounds. The darkest point before the dawn that we need before we can see the way ahead clearly.


No more excuses - we begin to see the "reality" behind how we've been living and major recycling campaigns continue or step up - as people are asked to re-use and not waste - or face heavy fines. Everyone begins to step up to the plate and realize their big part to play in the world's collective need to clean up the mess. Heavy policing is balancing by people policing themselves and holding THEMSELVES accountable.


More military presence, more uniforms and more bullying tactics out of a fear of loss of control. People in power fear they are losing their hold and so step up their own campaigns to keep people in the dark, or under control or in fear. If they're smart, citizens of the world will see through the ongoing scam and realize all control stems from fear, and that fear must be resolved inside each person, for the control on the outside to subside.

People who own their own company, are bosses or in positions of power and control -
will face tests of power - if they abuse their position they will be stripped of their title, or fall from grace. Pluto takes without mercy. People will lose their reputation, respect in the eyes of the world, their social standing, and everything they have spent time building to date if they abuse their position and responsibility and trust, entrusted to them.

Faces an overhaul - no more polluting of peoples minds (via media), no more brain control, fear tactics or rules that keep people disenfranchised.


Some outstanding and astounding people "getting to the top" (either physically with mountain climbers or those who scale to great heights in the physical world or those who do so by making a comeback or rags to riches stories from people who appear from nowhere). As Capricorn is achievement, Pluto could bring some surprising and profound people to the top.

Institutions may reveal new logos or symbols of their new desire to conquer or climb. New 'power clothes' or 'power names' to dominate the field.

Fashion moves into a more conservative phase - covering up, blacks, browns, more chaste, more serious or sever. Work clothes. Clean, plain and simple.

On April 2 Pluto goes Retrograde, slowing change down and asking us to back track and work out if things need to be re-worked before we bring int he 'big guns' to annihilate something that may still be useful. Is something unresolved? Do we need more information before we plunge into something?

On June 13 Pluto moves BACK into Sagittarius (reigniting old questions and issues regarding religious institutions, belief systems, truth versus untruths, education systems, the travel industry and other Sag fields.)

On Sep 9 Pluto goes Direct again and we experience a move forward again and a release from reliving the same old nightmares. Progress at last. Watch for final decisions and resolutions of legal matters at this time.

Pluto enters Capricorn on Nov 26 again for its long term run in this sign and the issues we talked about earlier, kick off and up into a new level. We truly have entered a new era!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Souls at Center Stage: Leo Full Moon (Jan 22)

January 22nd 6.34am, PST: Full Moon at 1 Leo


In Leo, the King or Queen energy of the zodiac family, and within each of us - remember we have ALL the signs within us in various areas of our life, as shown in our Birth Chart - emotions are always pretty obvious. They're either out there in the open, or else we're polluting rooms by withdrawing our Light (Leo rules the Sun) and we're known for the dark clouds we bring in our wake. Either way, our Light is felt by its very presence or it's lack.

Leo is pure Joy, pure self-expression, creativity and PLAY - the need to pour your heart out into something, Anything as long as you can put your personal stamp on it.

During the Leo Full Moon, we're reminded of both this - the measure of our "Light" and the "darkness", or lack of light. And that there never is truly ever complete darkness in the world, as the Sun is always shining somewhere. Just as we cannot forever remain shrouded in cloud, when within us is a burning, creative center, or urge to live.

Maybe that's what we should bear in mind at the Leo Full Moon when we're bursting at the seems with Leo vitality that screams to be heard. If we don't receive the applause and respect our Leo side needs (where is Leo in your chart?) then we risk sulking, withdrawing and sitting on it, becoming the cold, calculated Aquarius (Leo's opposite sign).

At the Full Moon we always face a conflict to resolve - on the one hand the Sun shines in the opposing sign, this time, Aquarius saying BE AQUARIAN! Detach. Support a good cause. Help Society. Be a great friend.

The Moon shines in the opposite sign of Leo saying I NEED RECOGNITION. Can you be a creative and lovable politician? Can you use your stage presence star-status for the greater good? Are you just as good off stage in the supportive audience as you are lapping up the attention from your adoring fans? If you're ignored, what then? If someone heckles you, do you despise humanity? Is your audience limited and are you seeking the wrong people for the recognition you feel you deserve and desire?

We're ALL prima-donnas. We each want a bit of the Leo Sun. Watch American Idol to see how big 'anyone can be a star' ideologies have become. Though, these have had their day, I feel. When we all feel special (Leo) in our own unique way (Aquarius) we won't seek to become 'generic' factory-produced stars with a pre-packaged label of success from the media machines.

No matter what, no matter where, no matter how we MUST release our Leo sides now - it's a NEED, a primal urge asking us to:

Get on Stage and Scream our Emotions
Let it rip! Dance your socks off, dress up, show off
Bring color back into your life!
Get artistic - paint a wall, a mural, make a birdhouse, stare at your reflection
Go to Vegas - live it up, go 5 Star to the best restaurant
Give up your childish ways but still remain childlike
Be generous NO MATTER who accepts it or who you think "doesn't deserve it"
Be proud of what you've done. You'll shine for it.
Stop seeking an audience. Be your own number one fan.
Finish up a painting, song, poem or some creative project you've been working on
Release your babies into the world (sell your work, find an agent, put on your show)

In Short - give your gift of your Leo side to the world. Your job. Your humor. Your ability to have a good time. Your smile. Your wink. Your flattery. Your musical/artistic/leadership talents. You're brimming full, under the Full Moon and trust me, there are few things worse than a Leo who has (temporarily) lost (or forgotten more like) their Light. That's Leo's job. To shine. That's it.

Where's your Leo? Find the symbol above in your own chart and find which House it begins in (counterclockwise). If you need help, leave a message after this posting, and I'll show you how to do it.

In my own Chart, Leo shines in the 9th House, the house of Knowledge, Adventure, Teaching, Philosophy, The Bigger Picture. And my work, (sharing this information with you) is where I shine, and love to pour out my own creative energies. What about you?

And the final point is this: to shine, to truly be a beacon and a Sun, sometimes our only job is to be ourselves, and not to try. Isn't one of the sun's main job to brighten dark skies?

So whatever shadows appear now, dispel them by turning up your own Pride, your own Self Respect, your own Self Love. Have you learned yet to remain Loving no matter what, to remain Giving no matter what, to retain our Life Force - and not to get depleted or drained by life's vampiric nature? Because this is the gift to yourself.

Give back.
Empty your creative genius.
It's the only way to keep refilling.


Trouble Talk:? Mars is still Retrograde

We have until January 30th for Mars to end its Retrograde Rumblings and move direct and business-as-usual.

He's currently stomping backwards through the sign of Gemini. How is it manifesting for you?

Angry words, irritable emails, arguments, nasty conversations, and old issues dragged up to be thrown at you, seemingly out of nowhere?

Impatient drivers, car accidents or issues with the car/computer/telephone that forces you to take it in AGAIN (it's not the best time for buying a new car, computer, telephone etc) to be fixed or fiddled with?

Re-running errands and re-contacting people who won't return your call or who seem to vanish or say they'll do something and who end up not doing it?

Re-viewing old writing, journals etc, and going back over old ideas and re-working them? The Writer's Strike here in Los Angeles continues under Mars Retrograde in the sign of Writing.

Clearing the air by going back to talk over old grievances, or just dwelling on them by replaying old thoughts over and over and over and over?

There are many ways Mars Retrograding in Gemini can manifest in your life and the greatest ones to encourage are the fine-tuning of your thoughts, the getting off your chest of things you've wanted to say, to work on better communication between people (and yourself) and finding better, more efficient ways to connect with people around you.

Life is communication and without it, everything breaks down. What you say now is less important than HOW you're saying it.

Use this Retrograde period to lessen the negatives where possible, and work on establishing a better space for YOURSELF by allowing an open door, an open mind and a sign over your head that says 'You can connect with me, but only if you are respectful enough to be honest, say what you want, and then to listen while I do the same'.

Gemini is a sign not only of speaking but also of listening. How well are you hearing others?

Keep it clean and keep it clear.

Most of the time we forget, that in reality, there's no one "out there", and we're really talking/arguing/fighting with ourselves.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aquarius Season!

Finally, we transition out of the Winter Sign of Capricorn - and the hard slog and wear and tear on our bodies, of hard work, of saving for the cold season, of hibernation and dark mornings and early nights...into the fresh air of Aquarius, the final Air sign of the zodiac wheel.

Now we get to focus once more on the energy of our current Age - the Aquarian attributes within us all of uniqueness, innovation, zany and wild wackiness, total individuality, humanity/brother/sisterhood, equality and the breaking of the rules and regulations (capricorn) that have passed before us and have passed from use.

Each day, each week, each minute, our life calls for something NEW from us. Why do we spend each day reacting the same, doing the same things in the same ways?

You are a totally new being right here, right now, reading this. There ARE no rules on how to live, except the ones you give for yourself. And chances are, you're living by some pretty hard and fast written-in-capricorn-stone ones.

Ditch 'em.


Now, you get to join the paradigm-busters, who are dispersed across the globe, breaking the rules in order for a new way of life to burst forth - a way that incorporated all of life, does not exclude and champions Freedom, Liberation, and Equality for all. We are One, shouts Aquarius.

Wherever Aquarius falls in your own chart
(Grab your free copy here NOW if you don't have one!) - whichever HOUSE it falls in, shows where these attributes are ready to shine within you and your life.

If you have planets in Aquarius,
you're a key player in shaping a new society in these current years of unrest and tribal transition. Stop hiding in the shadows.

All of us could do with tapping into the current pulse of rebelliousness, recklessness (we all need a dash of this to offset becoming boring, rundown and listless).

Change is a way of life, and it's time to let some fresh air into your own life. It's the season. When all else are going East, take a look West. If everyone says No, try raising your hand with a Yes. Progress happens when you risk leaving the safety of the familiar behind.



P.S The symbol above this blog is the Aquarius glyph, to help you find it in your own Chart. Leave comments if you need any help. Or if you'd like to show off just how Aquarian you are in a specific area of your own life: To start you off, I have Mars (how I act) in Aquarius, and Aquarius lies within my Third House of Writing, Speaking. I'm a spokesperson for this Age, and technology (Aquarius) is one of my tools. Voila!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I've been slimed

Where have I been for the past week and a half you ask?

It's been quite a ride. What started out as the mere symptoms of a usual cleansing cold (my once a year (max) experience of detoxing naturally), deteriorated into what I discovered was something doing the rounds here in Los Angeles (and elsewhere) that consisted of violent and unstoppable coughing up of Ghostbuster ectoplasm (otherwise known as mucus), feeling absolutely wiped out, sleepless nights, pounding headaches, and more unbelievable coughing and obscene amounts of Ghostbuster goop.

For someone who prides himself on ordinarily being as fit as a fiddle it's been trying to say the least. I have been unable to sit at the computer for the entire duration, making it here briefly to notify those who are expecting readings soon, of the situation. After things worsened I have had to lay low with a steady diet of amazing TLC from my partner (who has made homemade soup, shopped for groceries, tucked me in, got some Emergen-C fizzy vitamin drinks which were awesome, and otherwise been an absolute Angel (truly) each step of the way, all the while working his way through his own demanding First House Sun Cycle Rebirth period in his own life.

I am a firm believer in the human body healing itself, without the heavy use of chemicals and medicines, so I did make it through the hellish point without any help, but broke down nearer the end and took some liquid syrup to break up mucus, alleviate headaches and coughing. It helped to a point, along with a few ibuprofens to take the edge of headaches and enabled me to sleep a little easier.

A very gentle session of Restorative Yoga (lying in set positions for 10 minutes at a time) taught to me by my partner the other night has helped me strengthen, and although my cough is still lingering, and the Ghostbusters are still on duty I have made a wonderful recovery.

From an Astrological point of view, and for your possibly interest, Mars rules my 6th House of health and was Retrograde at the onset of the virus (retrograde slows healing and often, when going stationary direct again, it's usual direction, reactivates symptoms one last time) and in the sign of Gemini (the lungs).
In my Natal Chart currently, Neptune (liquids) is transiting my third house (lungs) which would add to the theme of fluid issues here. I haven't explored any further as I don't need to, but these points, came to mind that often, we will manifest and play out certain patterns at certain points in time.

What did this do for me?

I had the rest I needed (in 15 years doing this work I have never had to go AWOL for a week and a half - not bad!). I was able to regroup and not spend so much time wired into the static electricity of the cyberworld - something I cannot completely avoid with my occupation.

I have downloaded a few inspirational new ideas as well as healed my body and cleansed other toxins from my system that ordinarily would not have had such a prime chance to exit. The turbulent conditions of certain viruses proves a marketable opportunity for our bodies to purge on every level.

So I have also (Saturn is in Virgo at the Midheaven - the very top - of my Chart right now) cleaned up my health act (minimal dairy and less sugary food and a LOT more water) and more rest between work assignments. More fresh air and walks and more sunlight.

So I am thankful for the horrendous virus I had to contend with this past week and a half, and I look forward to being back up to full speed soon to talk to you. With my work being entirely governed by my ability to SPEAK, an unstoppable coughing fit isn't a very aesthetically pleasing thing to listen too during a Reading or subsequent listenings on your audio copy. Even with an accent, trust me...

It's great to be enjoying being back in a workable body. If you or anyone close to you is experiencing any of the same symptoms I recommend:

Breathing in over a bowl or saucepan of steaming water
Regular baths (rub towel dry afterwards to boost immune) or showers to clean off sweated out toxins
LOTS of water or water with lemon juice (electrolytes and cleansing)
Fruit (cleansing, feeding)
Lots of rest, even if you're just lying down
Propped up pillows to ease congestion
Vicks vapor rub (or other type) on chest to ease breathing
Echinacea (at the ONSET if possible if not still use) A Great Immune Booster!
Natural Homeopathic.
Scrape your tongue to remove toxins daily.
Gargle with salt water.
Rub/massage feet daily - helps all parts of the body.
Eat soup and other liquid foods - natural as possible.
Drink Fruit Juices.

Vitamin C or Emergen-C packet fizzy drinks

Hope this helps. I'll be scheduling by the end of this week, (for the next couple of weeks) as the last of my cough subsides.

It's good to be back. Here's to sharing the next leg of the adventure with you in 2008 - with a new pair of lungs and a lot of fresh air!


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Must See Meteor Shower - Friday morning

If you're up late on Friday night or until the wee hours of Friday morning, see if you can catch the Quadrantid Meteor Shower, claimed to be possibly the best of 2008. Let me know if you catch it!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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