Friday, August 22, 2014

Keep Pushing Through: Virgo New Moon & Mars/Saturn in Scorpio

A New Moon in Virgo and Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio?

Hmm, I smell something in the air. It's beginning to reek? You've noticed too, of course.
Something needs to be fixed and something must change for good (or for evil, but we'll get to that...).

Virgo New Moon opens a window where any problem revealed can at least be tackled.
You either sit and groan about the errors and mistakes or you make a plan and set about trying to do something about it.

Under Virgo New Moons we all renew our dedication to our health, the welling being of plants, pets and our surroundings. Which means most people reading this will feel some amount of guilt at not taking care of themselves as well as they should. But even those who have lost touch with their inner healthy-mother, have another chance. The Virgo New Moon. Thank goodness. We also see what needs to be improved, and what new projects and plans we need to initiation (New Moon) and implement (Virgo).  We first see all of this through the lens of what is not is working. That's where we:

Throw in a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio of all signs!  Together with the Virgo Moon we have a team up between Cycle 6 (Virgo) and Cycle 8 (Scorpio). If you have my book (Page 303), you'll find in the back the list of cycle combos (if you don't you can check them out free!). These are the keywords to describe the flavor of Cycle 6/Cycle 8 and thus these current times to you:

                                                      SEXUAL HEALTH, 
          QUITTING BAD HABIT,                                        HEALTH OBSESSION

                                  CUT AND DRIED, 
                                                                                 THE BOTTOM LINE.

Doesn't sound fun but sounds "necessary". Yuk.

We can get to the bottom line or we may have to hit rock bottom to have any solid serious, sober and REAL ground (Saturn) to build on. Reality is a great awakener. When you get down to the roots, you can see what's there (Mars/Saturn). Enough Nutrition, or creepy crawlies or viruses feeding on you?

The New Moon in Virgo is the earth-builder helper who knows which seeds to plant and which weeds to pull. If, Trust your inner Technician, Farmer, Critic and Boss. But beware. And be aware of and wary of anger, fears and mental phantom testing you. Remember that 'evil' I told you about earlier? Some characters DO turn evil. Is this the great "pole divide" we've been hearing about since way back? A parting of the ways? In the movie of your life then, and for the next few weeks especially, simply be alert and aware to enemies posing as friends and people hiding a real ugly truth behind a truly alluring lie.

Be Smart (Virgo-style - in other words discriminating)

Fix, Change, Develop, Create, Let Go, Transform!
 At random moments. At any time. In any order.

Your Astrologer,

P.S HP got me back my laptop after 3 weeks AWOL for a 3 day repair. They messed up the warranty and now tell me I am stuck without one. Nothing I can do (Mars/Saturn). Even though there was nothing wrong with it, the Hard Drive was taken (Pluto at his best) so I am in the process of again rebuilding the store, reports etc so I can send out orders. I'm behind. As you know. Bear with me, I'm doing the best I can. I do believe in evil now. There are forces that threaten to thwart our plans. Sometimes those forces can be people. Companies. (Pluto is in Capricorn, after all). If you find it hard to trust, under this Virgo/Scorpio vibe, be trustworthy. That's one magic wand guaranteed to create some type of magic. It always does. 

I finally got the Scorpio Rising message this week (as Mars meets Saturn one degree from my Ascendant). That life can send its thunderbolts (I have Uranus Rising in Scorpio so take your best shot!) but rebirth is inevitable. It is unstoppable. It is the human spirit itself. Even after those moments of curling up in its closet and just crying.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sudden/Erratic and Speedy Emotional Breakdowns and Breakthroughs: The Aquarius Full Moon

I'm sitting under the Pisces Moon watching the clouds pass by,
and thought that, amidst the uploading programs onto the laptop
and trying to keep you all from chasing me with Impatience Pitchforks
 I'd take this moment to check in with you.
So much has happened recently. Inside and out. Are you feeling
this too? The Aquarius Full Moon surprised us all in some fashion.
Some people had toilets suddenly exploding, massive floods. Sudden tears.
Phone calls and texts from friends in need. Or words of comfort
just when we needed them.
I was so saddened by the sudden news of
Cancerian Robin William's passing.

He left us under the same Moon he was born under: Pisces.
Coincidentally, I, a Pisces was watching him with a fellow Cancerian
just two days ago.
So I felt his passing even more deeply and also the happiness that
we both got to reconnect with him before he left. I've only been watching
him and Joan Rivers (she shares my loud-mouth Sag Moon Sign) since
I had the laptop back. Robin will forever touch us as only a Cancer/Pisces
combo can.
Most will talk of his pronounced chart/life Neptunian addiction problems,
 (we love their murky waters, let's be honest)
but let us also whisper of his undeniable Cancer Care and Neptune-Pisces
 compassion and soul.
Our Sun & Moon combination alone leaves such a defining and unmistakable mark on us.
And all who come into contact with us.
We forget the basics so often.

The Full Moon in Aquarius will continue to surprise us in various ways.
But the most important revelations won't be found in the news, on TV
or through any social media outlet.
They will come through personal experiences that bring you into closer awareness of
Who You Are. Or at least, at times, What You'd Rather Not Be.
Emotions run high of course, it's still a Full Moon. 

But we just have to be willing
to be woken out of our emotional slumber if we are not to succumb
to the emotional toxicity of attaching too firmly to any structure in life: familial, friendship, career, or relationship currently in place. All is in flux. Should we be saddened or worried by this?
Not at all. We get to enjoy everything as it happens, in the Moment. If we allow ourselves.
Change happens faster, so we have to be ready to roll with it. As you're learning, right?

So, under this time of Aquarius-flavored Sudden/Erratic and Speedy Emotional Breakdowns and Breakthroughs, and under the current Pisces Moon remember that all
is transitory.

We're all purging toxins right now. Especially under the Full Moon.
The next two weeks then, enjoy the surprises when they come.
The nice ones and the annoying ones.
They are all helpful in waking up to a new level of reality-awareness,
while irritating the hell out of us.

We are electrical beings and we need shocks to the system to
fire our codes and awaken us up from within whoever s Dream
we have fallen into so that we make awaken within our Own.
I'll be back again soon. I'm still doing Readings but Reports are delayed
til everything is updated, And - I'm back to my Tarot studies again.
That's another field I've been studying for 20 years on and off.
Now I've had a chance to dive deeper so you can also order  
One Question by Tarot  for a mere $50 that I'll answer personally. 
I'll have fun seeing what the Tarot Cards
 say and interpreting what they are trying to tell you.

Always listening, always feeling, always learning and lots to be sharing,
Love you,
Your Astrologer,

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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Moving under Mercury Retrograde in Cancer...

Mercury is Retrograde in Cancer (the 'Home' sign) and Neptune is visiting my Home - just entering my 4th House (the House of the Home). Already the tide is dissolving the foundations. What foundations? They were already taken by the fire of May 2013! Born with a Pisces Sun and Mercury in the 4th, square Neptune you'd think my home would be swallowed up by the ocean, not burned to the ground. But the theme remains the same - intangible outer security creates the necessity for tangible inner security. And that's a tough one.

Nice in theory, rough as hell in practice.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, and Neptune/Pisces energy teaches us one thing above all - sometimes you can fight the tide (like those fish that swim upstream) or you can let it carry you.

As "fate" steps in once more, I have to relocate again. I went back and calculated it (Mercury Retrograde in Cancer is THE "Memory Lane" phase) and in my going-on-13 years in the USA, I've moved 24 times! Maybe I'll write a book on the many reasons why (the genre will be mixed - adventure/horror/comedy).

Now, as the Neptune tide turns (about to go retrograde in my 4th, ruling my 4th), a marijuana grower and her son moved in (not that I had a complaint about that) and I'm having to move out. I like to see it as another Upgrade, a sign that my wings are ready again to take another flight.

I have to move by July 1 so Weekly Scopes are on hold - but the ones up are still relevant as Mercury Retrograde lasts until then.

My natal 4th House Sun in Pisces with Mercury, squared by Neptune in Sagittarius has always been a curious alignment to be born under. The way I describe it: picture a man standing on an island of his own, formed after a giant earthquake has cracked away at the land. He's floating away but he's reaching, reaching for what looks like security and safety of the gang of people across the other side, physical land, or physical connection, of family and a sense of belonging, of safety. Continental Drift of the Emotional Kind.

Safety, Security, Roots - these concepts are very personal to me and yet foreign in many areas (I live in the emotional waters of Pisces in the watery 4th House of human emotions and our Soul). They often elude me in all areas but my work. In the uncertainty and in the unknown, in the emotional and in the soul, I find the safety, security and roots more earthy signs find just by being here, on Planet Earth. My clients allow themselves to drown with me, only to discover those little forgotten pearls and reminders from the bottom of their own inner world.

 Sometimes  - a lot of times, when you're born under the alignments I myself were - you have nothing left but to stand (or lie down) and surrender. Because the Universe can take what it wants from you, at any moment, on the way to giving you what you truly want. If you can let it go. Hard to believe, huh? But then my Neptune in Sagittarius is a spiritual call to Faith and to the Journey, after all.

There's always the other side to Neptune and Pisces energy. The part of me that wants to 'check out'. Beam up up! (If I'm taken by aliens - no doubt my real family - you'll know why). But that's the same part that enables me to 'tune in' to other realms of energy.We all carry a curse and a blessing, two sides of the same coin. The astrological hand we were dealt. I continue to do my Best, as I hope you are, in trying to Stay in your Light, Stand in your Strength, Be Proud of your Effort and Salute your Soul's Balls (whether you're male or female in this incarnation) in deciding to come here

I'll check in when I can, between finding a new place to call "home" and when there's something going on we should all know about.

Swim on!

Your Astrologer,

Please continue to order your Astrology Reports and Readings with me - all of them will be answered and sent in the order they are received. Readings will take place from July onwards, possibly August for a re-adjustment period. Karma Classes will be completed by then also so hang in there, it'll be worth the wait! But I will endeavor to email your Astrology Reports out to you as quick as I possibly can.

P.S My laptop needs to be sent in for repair at the same time as everything else is happening. So if your life looks a little 'crazy' - take heart, it's just the cosmic climate. Things will look different soon enough. And we can be ever-thankful for the fact that our lives are built on Cycles and Nothing Stays the Same. Therein lies our comfort and hope.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Did you feel the shift as MARS moved Direct this past couple days? Frustration, Anger, Irritability, Impatience, Pushiness, Pissy Moods, Physical Accidents, (Passive?) way to....Decisive Action, Efforts to Compromise, Relationship Boundaries and Mutual Respect. Well...Give it time. The energy is back to BRING BEAUTY, HARMONY AND PEACE to your corner of the world by DOING something about it, yet (paradoxically and perhaps quite rightly so) getting ANGRY (Mars) when things aren't FAIR (Libra)...

for daily messages like this one!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Buffers and Fluffers: Venus meets Uranus in Aries

Venus meets Uranus in Aries ♈: Intimacy/Freedom, Love/Friendship, Enjoyment/Weirdness. Get the picture? 

In Aries ♈, Love At First Sight really is true. But just as you're suddenly HOT things could just as likely turn COLD if you expect everything to stay the same. Some people are "Buffers", some are "Fluffers" (see my book Surfing Your Solar Cycles, to find out who is who in your life).

Nothing is set in stone and we'd be bored if it was, right now.

In honor of this weird and wacky time in Relationships (as well as Finance, another Venus area) check out the smorgasbord of RELATIONSHIP Reports, and read some Samples.
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Monday, May 12, 2014

Rise Like a Phoenix: Conchita Wurst

The "Bearded Lady" wins the Eurovision.

That's the headline so many are shooting for. Ms Conchita Wurst - who describes herself as being midway 'between a boy and a girl' - was born with Venus in Libra and Mars in Aries (at the 0 degrees Aries point of Public Attention) - both planets where they belong in their respective "genders". Only they are in opposition in her Birth Chart - two energies blending together or pulling apart.

And guess what - right now, Mars is visiting her Venus and Venus is visiting her Mars. Talk about gender switching and role reversal.

If that's not enough, Saturn just crossed her SUN-PLUTO conjunction in SCORPIO. Her winning song: "Rise Like a Phoenix" is a true testament to someone born under such strong scorpionic energies. Every one under a harsh Saturn transit take heart.

Pluto shows our core wound, our hidden darkness and secret power. In Scorpio, with the Sun (ego) Conchita spells it out in the lyrics to her winning song:

"Rise like a phoenix
Out of the ashes
Seeking rather than vengeance
You were warned
Once I’m transformed
Once I’m reborn
You know I will rise like a phoenix
But you’re my flame"

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Venus/Mars opposition in Mutual Reception: Kisses with a Hickie

Venus and Mars in Mutual Reception (in the sign ruled by the other) - Venus in Aries and Mars in Libra AND lying in opposition reflects a current theme of figuring out where YOU are in relation to OTHERS.

Venus/Mars in opposition in their partner signs, is a beautiful symbol that in the other we find ourselves. Through assertion we stand (or find) our ground. Through self-love we fortify ourselves to them be able to share it.

Mars in Libra is retrograde suggests karmic patterns need repeating. Which ones?

Conflict Resolution.

Whether internal or external, the pull between Venus and Mars is the "battle of the sexes" on the surface, but below that we're all playing our part in the dance between Assertion & Attraction. Of pushing and pulling. Of forcing and allowing. Of patience and action.

Conflict Resolution means two simple things: there WILL be conflict but there IS a chance for resolution - even if it's the agreement to disagree and the equal rights (Libra) for everyone to have their own viewpoint (Aries) or way of Being. Mars turns Direct May 19, so you may find the wrinkles iron out and decisions are easier after mid-month.

Lovers beware - it's easy to fight against each other instead of working together on attacking a common and shared goal. 

Conflict, Cooperation or Compromise?

In mutual reception, Venus feeds Mars and Mars feeds Venus each with just what they need. Venus could use a little Aries push now. It's a season of New Beginnings! Pushing through the Dirt! And Mars could use more manners, civility and politeness to get what it wants.

When Assertion meets Etiquette, there's the Magic Touch.
When Independence meets Interdependence, there's the Harmony.

Venus Kisses with a Mars Hickie,
Your Astrologer,

Astro Tip: You may want to check out the Relationship Reports (to check yourself out against your partner, pal, date, boss, parent or frenemy) for extra insight on what and who you're dancing with.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Sun in Taurus opposed by Saturn in Scorpio: Controlling your Desires?

Realize you're karmically trapped/stuck FOR A REASON.

Sometimes you have to see it through till "The End". Harnessing the Power to Create and Destroy  transforms our insecure ego into a higher state of security and 'worth' (in the eyes of the ego itself (Sun in Taurus) or keep us chained to the pain of the physical world and its karmic tests and challenges by refusing to go through the very challenges and blocks we NEED for our soul's upcoming Graduation Ceremony. It's hard. There are brick walls. There will be results, though. Every effort pays off. And Surrender also has a pay off.

Whether you turn green and shred your clothes in despair and deep dark desire, or somehow control and calm your inner Big Green Giant, is a choice you get to make, judgment-free...simply another personal answer/echo/manifestation to a Cosmic Question posed by the planets above...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Centre of the Wheel is Best: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

Here's the simple breakdown (even though this particular Time-Period is anything but simple as seen from Planet Earth):

Picture a magician proclaiming this enchantment


What would the manifestations be?

Picture him again:


How would the end results look?

And once again:


How things manifest are always subject to choice/change/flux and laws, within human free will but beyond our human comprehension. But...we Astrologers know that this Planetary Period and Astrological Alignment is sort of like the puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies. A major piece moves. And it causes quit a stir. The entire planet feels it, and responds or reacts.

Perhaps as "One", perhaps as "Billions" - perhaps as Both.

How will this Cardinal Grand Square affect you, personally?

Only your Chart can truly reveal this. Schedule a Reading or Order a Transit or Progressions Report (under TRANSIT here,  less then $10! Knowledge is Power, so see what life is re-arranging for you).

We can say that the CHANGES and CHOICES  will profoundly affect YOU, Your Living Situation or Family/Domestic life, Your Life Ambitions or Actual Life Direction....and...Your Relationship with Everyone Else!

The Cardinal Gross hangs in the signs of the seasons, the very bedrock and foundation of Human Lives (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn). At 13 Degrees (cue Jaws music) it should be interesting to see the manifestations in the United States whose very IDENTITY and sense of self (The Sun) lies at 13 Degrees Cancer.

As another piece of the cosmic puzzle clicks into place, remember the golden rule when faced with any and every transit, progression, aspect or alignment in your chart:

                                        THE CENTRE OF THE WHEEL IS BEST.

Out of the 12 is always born the 13th (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Jesus and his 12 Disciples etc)- not a Sign, but You. 

Be the Center of the Storm, be Nothing and Everything. Go within.

And remember - each time you leave the centre of the wheel, you wind up taking sides
(be it rebel, destroyer, warrior, controller etc) and thus will be met with SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS - forces which will come at you from the side or head-on. 

Go forth and only make choices you're happy to live with. And be ready to embrace those thrust upon you. There IS a meaning behind current events, and nothing is simple. The box opens, and we enter another dimension, cross through another threshold and open another door.

When faced with a grand cross, there's no way out of the box 
until the puzzle clicks again and a new picture emerges.

It's all an Illusion, but it feel so real!
That's the point.

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross & Libra Lunar Eclipse 
April 2014

There was a time when people made little connection between their personal lives and celestial forces. But that time is over.

Astrology may not be able to always tell you precisely how something will manifest (since your participation is always one half of the equation) - but it always answers the "Why".

Because the pressure to evolve 
has become too great for anything to stay the same.

Right now, everyone is banding together energetically (even in areas where conflict continues to divide us physically) through a Neptune in Pisces ability to 'pick up' energies in the ether (think shark's smelling blood or dolphin sonar). It's as if everyone suddenly became more psychic, whether they choose to open up to it, or not.

Everyone on Planet Earth knows that we live in a New Time. Uncertain. Ever Changing. Surprising. As the Old World goes through its death throes (complete with loud noises, struggles, refusals and resistances) the New World remains unformed, created by the both the acceptance of what no longer works or is no longer available to us...and ...the new energetic pathways we create in our individual minds (and Cosmic Mind) through the simple act of living more consciously.

                                         Are you where you thought you'd be by now?

The answer will always be NO, because whether you're doing better or worse than you feel you should be, life has other plans, there are always surprises. Our lives are stories. Movies. Just as the Universe affects us, we affect it. The Universe grows as we change our reactions to events. Sometimes you can surprise the Universe as much as it surprises you.  We're living in one of those periods. When we take new pathways, when we stand up and face a fear and keep moving, when we fall apart and begin the process of putting ourselves back together again, when we continue to keep a light on through dark times.

These days, simply admitting you have a problem, takes enormous guts.

We weren't all meant to be born as Astrologers, but we all become one when we see the correlation between how we feel, what is playing out and what the larger cosmic forces are reflecting back to us.

Right now - as we move into April and May 2014, things continue to change, on an ever-faster acceleration.


     Awakenings.                                                                          Whoa!

Karma comes flying around, whether we can trace its roots or not. When life seems unfair, remember that. Don't, however, assume you are being punished for every crummy thing that unfolds before you (and do your damnedest to avoid getting sucked into battles that aren't your own), and if you are a target for karmic payback your only job is to not to pollute your world further, ultimately freeing yourself.   At the same:

open to the possibility that a nice, normal, quiet day
 is actually IS good karma, being paid in kind.

Nothing is as it seems down here on Planet Earth. The simple is often complex. The most honest can be fraught with the most deceit. Things are unstable. And everyone is waking up to that. While some continue to slumber, it's up to the awake to move forward as consciously as possible.

Whether through turmoil or celebration, we WILL all come together. It's inevitable.
Maybe not through beliefs, maybe not through laws. Maybe not even through agreement.

But through Human Empathy.

Protect yourself this April and May. Psychic Shields up. Appearances are more deceiving that ever before. Life throws you challenges but never without a blessing. Accept both with an equal and open heart. 

April and May will Bring It.
May your Response from here on in be "Bring It ON!"

Your Astrologer,

 * More astro-details on the Grand Cross coming soon. In the meantime, you can read up on past articles about the Libra Full Moon here (the Libra Total Lunar Eclipse is April 15)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014



This April, join my KARMA CLASS 

A 20-minute personal audio emailed direct to you where you'll stop into the "karmic classroom". I'll lay it down for you in plain and simple terms what you came here to learn, what you forgot, your "karmic signature" - patterns from your past that may replay today. We'll explore your Karmic Lunar Nodes & their rulers, Saturn and Pluto alignments, your 12th House skeletons and your chart as seen from a karmic and past life perspective. 

Your soul remembers. Isn't it time you did?

Under the KARMA category...\

Friday, January 10, 2014

Letting things fall apart so they can regroup stronger : Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Scorpio

With Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Scorpio, we're given a cosmic gift - the magic of Neptune can easily help us on the our True Path now. And, as always there's a positive potential and a possible pitfall.

The Potential

To allow whatever is going/fading/phasing out/dissolving/saddening/disappointing/hurt/lost to disappear like the smoke from a snuffed candle, knowing in your Soul that life is prodding you on to your chosen destination.

That's one giant part Faith and a huge dollop of Trust, and some type of Inner Knowing.

 Can you allow yourself to believe that
 through everything that's unfolding, 
you're going to be okay?

The cosmic conditions call for us to Let Go because Death IS the destination - at least while the North Node travels through Scorpio. Parts of your life are MEANT to die off now. That was always part of the plan as we entered 2014 and this chapter of Life on Earth.  Everything and everyone on the planet, is in the throes of a major metamorphosis. Everyone feels it on some level. Some days it feels easier. Other days we feel under the weight of something unseen and dreary. This transit activates a Soul Suicide - a mission seeded within every human, to allow for a dying off, of various levels of our selves. Especially the Fear-Based parts of our psyche.

Look at your own life and determine now where Going With the Flow may be your best bet because any resistance shown now, could simply be delaying the movement from where you are, to where you need to be. If the Universe is guiding you through your own life, and knows just what it is that you want and need (there's that Trust/Faith/Belief clause), then you have to actively demonstrate that trust, to see it reflected back from the watery Neptune realms of imagination, into the stodgy, heavy, physical dimension of Saturn.

You are always evolving, when you resist, the Scorpionic energies of the North Node either rip things away from us or we find things become too problematic. Things continue to break down, to make way for that Better Option. The parallel Universe, always open to us, when we Choose Differently.

You're better off being in the receptive Neptune-in-Pisces space of allowance. Then, you'll notice that pieces (an anagram of Pisces) line up and fall into place. But that you have to accept the loss of whatever illusion you may still be clinging to, to arrive at a deeper place of actual (not imaged) soul-satisfaction.

Behind the wall of the room you're currently inside of (if you're indoors) is a vast sky, and lots of stars. The ceiling is not the whole story. Even if it's all you have to stare at sometimes.

The Potential

Going with the flow is great when you're in the best flow for yourself. Not the flow of the mainstream but your own flow. Are you letting yourself devolve, or evolve? How can you tell? Neptune is after all, also sextile (an opportunity) the Taurus South Node, so old temptations and paths of least resistance become lures that rob our Light and sap our Cosmic Chi.

Don't rigidly push, but don't flimsily just get swept away by your feelings, be they fantasies or the echoes of divine discontent buried deep within every human being.

If you're tuned-in you're more sensitive now yourself, softening or learning compassion for those in your life. Tears flow - relief or grief. But something inside of us knows that by letting things fall apart, they can regroup stronger.

Families, friendships, career plans, health objectives - all of it.

Can you handle not being in control as a path to getting your life on a better track? Sounds counter-productive. Type A personalities won't want to give up control in areas where they still experience fear, but there is little choice. When you combine Pisces and Scorpio, change is always powerful and it always moves you. I'm a Pisces Sun, with Scorpio Rising, so take it from me.

Addictions? Always a Neptune possibility. But even the alcoholic soon comes to realize that something needs to change, that something no longer works. So too, the drug addict. So too, the over-achiever just as much as the under-achiever.

The great thing about Neptune currently trine the North Node is that lying is no longer an option. Our souls are revealing themselves more each day, as we become more and more the energy signature that we choose to allow ourselves, to predominately vibrate to. We're like soft paper being etched with the lines of the prose we chose to write. It really is written all over our faces these days, or at least in our eyes to our Neptunian-soul. That is of course, unless the ego has hijacked you and the lights appear to be off, But the writing is still revealing itself through us.

Broadcast your own signal, and watch the Universe respond to it in kind.

Sometimes, it's all you have. 

Thank Neptune, it's all we need.

Your Neptunian Navigator,

Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014: The Gift of Grit

Capricorn Season - and each New Year - is a time of hardship. We all come out of last year with a sense of 'what we achieved' and 'where we failed' no matter how skewed these perceptions are through our humanly distorted lenses. Some year you look back and you say "ahhhh.." with satisfaction. Other years, it's ARGH!

Your discomfort is a Gift.

It's mine too. And how we choose to act during it, will shape all our Destinies, individually and collectively. For discomfort is the grit that creates pearls. It helps you focus utterly and completely (Pluto style) on your Desired Destination. 

Things that no longer work, can no longer continue unless they change at the deepest more conceptual level. Problems can't be avoided any longer. Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio are seeing to that. We see the work that must be done and we do what we can.

Your discomfort is a Gift.

It helps you shape the direction of your dream and thus your action. It shows you where you need to grit your teeth and continue scaling the endless flights of steps to the top. Capricorn demands a challenge and a karmic payment and so we'll all be issued one at some point, this New Year.

At the end of the day, you're the one directing your own Story. That often frightens us, because we don't know what we "should" be doing, or what we really need, as the Me, Us, I, Ourselves that we Are.

What you consider success is no doubt different to your next door neighbor. For some people, taking one step again after a stroke is success, as is the case with my mother-in-law. For others it's having the courage to travel across the world to meet with a love (my friend), for you it could be securing a job or completing a project, while for me in 2014 it's going to be the new directions my life can take (and the post-traumatic fall out to clear up) after the cleansing fire of last year.

A problem is simply a solution waiting to be found.

And Your discomfort is a Gift.

Continue the climb!

Your Astrologer,

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