Sunday, July 30, 2006

The upcoming Reality Check: Saturn Opposes Neptune - Aug 31 253am PST

We have a biggie Astrological aspect coming up that is sure to have a profound effect on the masses currently living on Planet Earth.

Here's the scoop:

Saturn represents Reality, the Government, the purveyor of Rules and Regulation and Red-Tape, he governs tradition, status, structures, hierachy, order, borders, boundaries

Neptune represents the opposite - dissolving of borders, mystery, deceipt, alcohol/drugs/fantasy (anything that hazes reality), the ocean, water, magic, spiritual consciousness.

The two are about to lock into an Opposition aspect - and begin to pull against each other before finally accepting the other exists. How will this play out?

Well we could bear witness to:

A major event concerning a structure indunated with water (which isn't surprising considering the past pattern of this)

A major media whitewash or lie wrapped up in 'facts' - are we being hoodwinked?

Major deceit in the government or the revealing of a major lie with someone in a position of power (surprise, surprise)

A worldwide questioning of 'reality' as we know it

A possible outbreak of a virus/infection/bioterrorism (but who released it?)

A sudden clamp-down on drugs, alcohol, film, dance, actors strikes etc

More 'border; issues including the possibility of erasing some borders, by choice or by force

Walls coming down or being brought down - more tidal waves or sinkings?

Stories of gases, the infiltration of something - poisoned water, blood-carried viruses, liquid poisoning, things released in places of power etc

New alcohol laws, new laws or tests against psychic phenomena

Does all of this smell of "terrorism". Possibly - although I happen to fall with those who believe there's more to it all than meets the eye. Neptune is about deceit and I think the propaganda hits an all-time high as August ends.

Let's look at the signs involved: Saturn is in Leo (leaders are having an awful time - the last story is Fidel Castro stepping down due to health issues passing the power on to his brother. Saturn is testing those with their power - abuse it, you lose it. And Neptune in Aquarius (universal consciousness, spiritual connnectedness) is in opposition to Saturn in Leo as August ends - the LEADERS face off against the PEOPLE.

I think leaders now abusing their power in the name of 'freedom' are losing their battle for power. The masses are waking up - becoming more compassionate and sensitive (Neptune in Aquarius) due to the suffering happening now worldwide, needlessly.

When Saturn in Leo faces off with Neptune in Aquarius, we get to question if those in leadership roles are really helping the bigger picture.

Big stuff.

When Saturn in Gemini (the twins) was opposed by Pluto - (destruction) we saw the Twin Towers (Gemini twins) fall. Neptune in opposition to Saturn now is more insidious, less stable and subtle. Smokescreens. Clouds. Confusion. The crumbling, dissolving and loosening of reality's grip.

Something is about to become unstuck.

Personally though it's a great time to manifest (Saturn) artwork (Neptune). To structure your own ability to tap into the Muse. To take up yoga, meditation - "spirituality with structure". And it's also time to have leadership with a spiritual consciousness.

The aspect nears, and we'll soon see the effects. I'll write more soon on how this affected everyone in years gone by when Neptune was opposing Saturn. History is very revealing and al is cyclic.

AS I say to many people - what is happening now is the cleansing of karmic residue. Earth needs a clean-up and the shadows are our healing out there for everyone to see. The squeezing of the boil on our face. Nasty stuff outside, but the relief that comes after is worth all the pain.


Friday, July 28, 2006

Having fun yet?

Mercury goes Direct this evening, and communications, schedules, computers, phones, meetings, ideas and thoughts are back on track - although give it a week for things to switch around and give us some sort of feeling of progress. Expect that call to come in or message or agreement or decision that you've been waiting on...

Now - getting back to the issue at hand: Are you having fun?

Come on - what are you waiting for?

This is the time to let loose. Children don't need a reason to play - it comes natural. I've set about re-arranging my home space, and now have a collection of cuttings to events that sound like fun. Do you have a Play Pot? A Be Silly Box? A Fun file? You get it. We need something to look forward to - and it's up to us to create it.

This lunar phase is one of those ones that really isn't about 'spiritual growth' or 'cleansing karma'. It's actually purely a window on Having A great Time! This in itself is the most healing thing we can do right now.

if it doesn't uplift you, inspire you and make you feel on top of the world, then keep moving.

The work can be left until the New Moon later in August but for now, it's about getting back to our Source - our inner sense of self-esteem, self-worth, self-value and the CREATOR in us all.

Take a look around - how about taking in a movie tonight, hitting a new band at a local club, having a cocktail downtown, dragging a friend to the gym with you (to make the cardio less dull), hanging out with your kids or hanging their artwork, hitting a theme park, buying a karaoke system (or finding the nearest), throwing a party of going to one.

Whatever is fun to you, is IN right now. Leo energy just wants to shine. So I'm playing messenger today, as Mercury prepared to go Direct, reminding you that the heavy stuff can wait (any may even right itself with your lack of attention and involvement) and that FUN should be top of the list.

Play away!


Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mercury Stationary Direct - July 28 - Aug 12

You know, I'm actually going to miss Mercury Retrograde. This year, at this time, I truly got to see, feel and understand what it is all about and the best ways to use the period instead of feeling used by it.

This past few weeks here's a recap on events in my own life:

Disney rejected a truckload of voice-over auditions for a new DVD of theirs coming out. I was then called by a company who wanted me to audition. I was subsequently given the job, but the turned it down when the contract wasn't what I thought it should be.

My calendar I noticed a few days ago was misprinted, throwing the last week of July into chaos - I had to marker the dates with the actual ones so I didn't go stir-crazy. The rest of the calendar was fine - but somehow, the printers seemed to know when Mercury was retrograde well before the fact.

My partner's Mercury Retro fell in their 7th House (Partner) and I ended up losing my keys which were later found, and we ended up in a few confrontations on old, rehashed issues. Finally, this week we found a resolution as the New Moon then fell in their 7th. I notice it's comon to plan a role in someone else's karmic lessons with transits to their 7th houses.

My partner was on a bus which took a wrong turn and ended up going the completely wrong direction. The bus driver somehow knew he made an error but tried to cover it over, as passengers were pulling the bell to get off, confused.

And finally, on my partner's side, their headshots are still not mailed out since the Post Office lines were crazy long. Perhaps tomorrow when Mercury finally goes Direct I think.

I received emails and tried to connect with several friends from the past. One chose not to call me to change a plan we had for 8pm one evening which frustrated me, then I rememeber which period we were in. As Mercury retro'd through my 8th house (sexual energy, transformation, joint finance) my partner and I discussed shared money, bills, and also I have reevaluated my sexual energy looking into meditation more which I began this week.

I have re-read numerous books and studied some old techniques to refresh my memory in my Astrological studies (as Mercury was transiting my 9th house of knowledge).

I have actually given myself a time-out. My partner told me someone locked the keys in the bathroom at Starbucks the other day, and someone else had their laptop stolen.

The mental time out I chose has given me a chance to step back from social events, from scheduling work and generally I have caught up on editing my writings, spellchecking etc. I have re-arranged the furniture at home to make things more comfy, efficient and cooler.

All in all I have begun to enjoy mercury retrograde a lot more than I used to. it was much needed.

Now.....back to the order of the day. Mercury is about to switch direction. Tomorrow, Jul 8 he goes Stationary Direct about to turn back, and then he does so but doesn't get out of the Retro Zone (the place it was before it turned retro) until Aug 12, so give it some time to get things back on track. Catch up on the loose ends and make a plan on what you'll do when he continues his trek after Aug 12.

I hope you enjoyed this Retrograde period. We're back for another one on Oct 28 (my partner's birthday!) so I'll be embracing this one with more gratitude than ever before.

As it happens, my Solar Return this year (mar 12) contained Mercury Retrograde in the Solar Return Chart for the entire year in the 7th House. I have re-evaluated my relationship (7th) to numerous things - my work, my friends, my partner (the give/take and the contracts we have together) my space, even to Mercury Retro itself!

I'll let you all know how it'll affect my partner's chart later this year. But for now, enjoy Mercury's final stage of his retrograde journey.

Look back, smile and then continue onwards.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekly Forecasts - Jul 25 - Aug 1

The weekly forecasts are up - just visit my website for a look at each sign.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Ready to release?

New Moons are always times of new beginnings. As you've read in the previous post - the Leo New Moon is about shining from our creative centre and being who we are.

This New Moon has an important theme I wanted to leave for a separate post - the Sun and Moon in Leo on July 25 are opposed by Chiron in Aquarius.

Chiron in legend was the 'wounded healer' and represents the BUTTONS we still carry, from old tapes we play over, broken records from this and other lifetimes. The touchy comment about our weight sets us off. The mention we're like our mothers drives us up the wall. We react violently when told what to do.

The possibilities are as endless as humans walking this Earth, but the theme this week remains the same:

If you're apportioning blame anywhere, you're in denial, and your wounds cannot heal.

PROJECTION is big this week - planets in opposition to the Sun and Moon suggest traits we like to thrust onto someone else, we don't want to deal with them.

Leaders, Monarchy and those in positions of governance will no doubt continue their need to find an enemy. Woe-betide anyone looking at themselves and realizing they are slaughtering countless innocents. Isn't it best to maintain our jewels and thrones instead of helping to correct injustices?

Actually - at this point in the drama on Earth, there's not much anyone can do except purifying themselves on the personal level - because THIS is what is helping the bigger picture day by day.

This week, with Chiron activated, we're going to see those things about other people we cannot BEAR - but are we going to see it's us, being reflected back. Everywhere we go this week it's a MIRROR - we'll see ourselves in our fullest glory.

We can either hate the 'bad' parts and then blame others for having the same traits, or we can stop and realize it's who we are, and we can choose not to feed the fires of that personality trait again.

Leo is a fire sign - and Chiron in Aquarius (an air sign) shows us that our wounds now are mostly mental - we're mentally sick, and it's what's in our heads that is causing our hearts (Leo) so much pain.

No one is really doing anything bad anymore - it's our reactions to it that counts now. We're playing out old dramas again and again in hopes we can finally get rid of them.

Look around yourself this week and see what conflicts are being created, experienced, attracted and played out in your own life and in the lives of those you know.

You have a choice to step in and fight, or you can stand on the outside and offer a safe haven, if people choose to stop pointing the finger of blame and can put down their weapons.
Some dramas will have to play out - there's no other way for them to be healed other than by being exhausted. So we'll see a lot of tired people.

Leo is meant to shine so it's a sad part of this New Moon to see the clouds, but in reality, we can then dispel that which stands in the way of our truest light - our own inability and disgust with ourselves.

In many ways, I'd say this new moon is about Befriending Ourselves again.

Forgiveness plays a big part now - can you forgive yourself for the things you have done, said, heard, experienced, ignored?

Healing is much needed now - indulging people in their wounds and repetitive dramas does nothing for anyone. Standing your ground and maintaining your centre (Leo) is essential during these turbulent times. And remember - loess nature is to SHINE, to have fun, to create.

If you get too serious, heavy or depressed - make something. Draw something. Wear something fun. Dress up. Be silly. Watch a comedy. Hang out with children. Find someone who always reminds you of being innocent and childlike. Smile.

We have two choices this week: to nurse our wounds and hold others hostage for hurting us. Or...We can realize we're in the cosmic throes of Planetary Detox - and keep moving through the things that are released.

It's a pretty clear-cut solution. We don't need to stand for being abused, but we do need to remember to allow a play of shadow across our reality-screens now, and know we - somewhere - had a part in creating that pain - and then to focus MORE of our energy and attention on healing it - by allowing, then moving in the direction we would rather be headed in.

Energy at the new Moon awaits our direction - are we going to use it to make others feel shamed or are we going to create a new possibility, and a much more exciting avenue.

We are Gods in Amnesia, someone once said. And we're waking up, with an almighty frigging headache.

Instead of grumbling, concoct your own healing solution...and drink up!

Neil :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fun in the Sun! New Moon in Leo: Jul 24 9.30pm PST

The New Moon in Leo on Jul 24 (9.30pm PST) falls in glorious Leo the Lion - and we're urged to open up our heart centers, throw some paint on the canvas, spill words from our heart onto paper or into the ears of those around us, dare to live to the fullest and Be Ourselves.

Wow - doesn't that sound like a lot?

I mean, what about the bills, the mess that needs cleaning up, the fact we have to grow up, the debt we have mounting, the issue we have we our neighbor/lover/parent and the stress in the world?

True - not many of us are feeling like Artists in a world that seems constantly on the brink of destruction. And with Saturn, the taskmasker in Leo right now, it's hard to step outside of the box and just let ourselves let go and have fun.

This New Moon asks us: When was the last time you laughed til you wept?

You know the feeling - when all is right with the world, when something is SO funny, you just lose it and your stomach bounces and your lungs ache and you can do nothing but weep. How can such a joyful feeling elicit a physical response so similar to grief?

Emotions are all connected, and oh-so similar. The release we have with tears of happiness are the same as tears of joy, just the energy behind it is different. This New Moon is about CREATING - not sitting in front of our TVs, not listening to someone elses ideas, concepts or work. It's about being an actor in our own lives, and the director and the scriptwriter. It's about being the Star of our own show.

What are you consuming and what are you creating? What are you going to make? What are you going to draw/paint/sing?

When was the last time you did something for the SHEER PLEASURE of it?

This New Moon encourages us to:

Go Dancing
Tell someone we absolutely adore them
Be seen and be heard
Show off
Get colorful - in behavior and wardrobe
Paint, sing, write, act
Be bold
Shine with all our might
Go on a Date or take ourselves on one
Visit the movies or see a real theatre show for once
Find for a film audition
Google your own name
Be vain and proud!
Be in Love with everyone for an entire day
Be generous with what we have
Tell others have frickin amazing/cool/hot/nice/helpful/funny they are
Make someone laugh
Make someone smile
Put someone on a pedestal
Enjoy being hoisted up yourself

What makes you really happy? And why aren't you doing it? At this New Moon there is absolutely no excuse - no matter WHAT is happening in your life - to salavage the moment and turn it into something you want it to be. Even in a war-torn corner of the globe (and let's face it, which corner ISN'T war-torn if humans are currently living there..?) we can look up to the skies and realize there's a bigger world out there and we can bond with those around us, and find a space and a reason see the insanity behind it all. Life's too short to succomb to the madness...

Someday this will all be over - and that fact should alone make us, no matter what, find a place to enjoy this moment with all its apparant pain, chaos, insanity, injustice and ridiculousness.

Humans have been programmed by those above them (seemingly 'above' but no more evolved) to think life is about struggle - but it was never intended for that. It was a jewel - an opportunity to harvest riches of exprience, in a 3-d world where we get to savor all we create. Somehow we have forgotten this, in the race to blame others or ransack lands for gold, oil and other reserves.

We can take this back - and remember our purpose. To laugh, to have fun, to enjoy every waking moment of this human life we lead.

At the New Moon we are urged to become Artists and Co-creators of our live experience.
And to remember that matter what....and no matter where :

Happiness is a Choice.


Why so much turmoil in the world?

Taking a look around you'd think the Earth has lost the plot and that its inhabitants have gone completely crazy. The weather is haywire, wars are rife, the news shows nothing but negativity.

Is anyone waking up to the reality behind this picture of chaos?

Quite simply, the answer is Yes. But we're not told about this - the new energy sweeping the globe. but it is a truth - that the cleansing occuring right now is to make way for a profound healing.

I am reposting this article by Nick Anthony Fiorenze from Lunar Planner
I think his comments are worthy and give more insight into the current shifts transpiring on Planet Earth at this time.

What are you being challenged to let go of - what dramas and personal annoyances are you asked to release. Feelings of inner anger, frustration, hatred and things that seem to pull at your stomach or weigh on your chest (heart chakra) are things you need to look at and cleanse.

Enjoy the article.


Why such Conflict in the World?
The Healing Crisis & Unconditional Love

If this magnificent transition is occurring and the world is evolving spiritually, why is our world in such turmoil - it looks as if we are going backward? This is a natural occurrence. Why? In advanced healing work we learn about a process called a "Healing Crisis" (Dr B. Jensen; Dr. JW Ray; et. al.). As we increase the vibrational resonance of the body, that is, cleanse it and supply its required nutrients (as one step), we create a refined vibrational environment within self, basically cleaning up and harmonizing our "biological terrain."

In doing so, a more functional neurological resonance occurs. At this time, that which is of a lesser resonance surfaces to consciousness as our organs of weakness begin to throw off lower-order patterns (the mental, emotional, and physical patterns stored in our cellular makeup). During this healing process, our organs of weakness become acute as if in major turmoil before relaxing into their new and more refined state of vibrational function. It can appear as if something is very wrong if we are not aware of this natural phenomena. Often time, people are taught to suppress this natural healing process (something synthetic drugs do) which creates more chronic degenerative conditions. Knowing how to induce and support a healing crisis allows us to move through it harmoniously and arrive to the other side, at a refined state of health, function and vitality. This very same intensification of conflict , a "healing crisis," is occurring in our world.

Unfortunately, most people do not know how to embrace and harmoniously move through a healing crisis and make the personal metamorphosis. Instead many become lost in it, only to make the drama worse.

As we begin to experience the dissolution of separateness and estrangement between personality-egoic-level self and our Divine (undivided) soul-level-Godself, so too does the mental, emotional and physical patterning, that we, as incarnating souls, as a world, have incurred throughout the entire 12,000-year temporal period, surface within our consciousness in an intensified and even dramatic "healing crisis." This provides each of us with the challenge to heal and clear all that we have carried for lifetimes from having been on one side of the fence or the other. As this shift dislodges and dissolves the conflicts of consciousness crystallized within self, we are forced through many contortions and paradoxes that often leave us consumed in our inner turmoil and its surface turbulence.

In this process, some will willingly relinquish the inner conflicts of the past surfacing from cellular memory and embrace a new awareness, while others will become tormentingly lost in the dramatics of the healing crisis, playing out their inner conflicts to the bitter end, but ultimately we are on the same road Home.

The easiest way to facilitate this process is to unconditionally accept, without judgment, all that we experience in our lives and all that we feel surfacing within ourselves moment-by-moment. Simply speaking, this is the principle of Unconditional Love--the acceptance of all conditions. Easier said than done? There are many tools to aid us in this process. Daily meditation and other techniques of clearing the emotional body on a regular basis can aid us tremendously. Ultimately, these tools teach us how to surrender into the Zero-Point of LOVE.

We either remain entrapped in FEAR--dramatizing in our lives the mental-emotional monsters within ourselves, and the resultant "need to control" the world around us, or we surrender into LOVE by choosing unconditional acceptance of all that we have been and of all that we currently experience no matter how dramatic it is. Ultimately, unconditional LOVE is a moment-by-moment CHOICE.

Embracing the barrage of emotions surging during the healing crisis in unconditional acceptance is the easiest way to release the crystallized patterns carried in the cellular structure and to have the resultant revelations in consciousness that the impouring light is offering.

Wholistic ways of living can facilitate this transition as well, from the types of food we eat to the environments we live in. Staying centered, grounded, and connected to the Earth is essential to harmoniously integrate the phenomenal influx of cosmic energy that is catalyzing the spiritual awakening of human consciousness. By attuning ourselves to Earth's natural resonances and cycles, we attune ourselves to our durative, everlasting selves--to that which transcends the surface turbulence of our rapidly changing lives.

Remember, synthetic drugs, clothes, and environments constructed of non-organic materials and diss-proportunate geometries have a negative spin that suppress our emotions and our ablity to breath with the unfolding cycles of life and which maintains the crystallized patterns we hold in our cellular makeup. When we are not willing to experience, we feel physical pain (which is an emotion). When we suppress pain (or any other emotion)--in any variety of ways--we push ourselves down-scale vibrationally--down the emotional scale (from enthusiasm, into pain, anger, fear, grief, apathy, unconsciousness, and degenerative death). When we are willing to embrace emotion in unconditional acceptance, we move upward through the emotional scale (unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain, to enthusiasm).

When we are willing to feel (unconditionally embrace) one emotion, we move up to the next until the underlying pain (resistance to past experience) that we hold surfaces. When we are willing to embrace the pain, the pattern releases, the pain dissolves, and cellular and molecular recoding occurs. This is how to move through a Healing Crisis. When this recoding occurs we can draw (create) new experience based on the new subtle-energy patterns we radiate from our cellular makeup. If we do not clear the pattern by moving through the entire healing crisis, by getting to the suppressed pain, we continue to draw experience reflecting the pattern we are holding. Once we learn this process of unconditional self-love, we can live it moment-by-moment, thus integrating experience from a place of personal empowerment rather than continuing to building a psychic battery of suppressed trauma.

As stated, many people have been taught to suppress emotion or to project it outward (in blame) on others or on life's experience rather than to embrace it and own it as their own. Once the body learns the reverse process, the way to move through a healing crisis properly, it becomes a natural way of life. The healing crisis can occur rapidly or over a longer period depending on our personal cycles. Antiquated patterns overlaid upon patterns are emerging at an increasing rate during this phenomenal evolutionary transition. Learning to allow the movement of energy within self through the process of unconditional acceptance (Love) is the way to the place within the heart that most of us seek. To go to a place of Love is to choose Love. To choose Love is to tip the scales so our dreams become real.

E-motion (pain) is the resistance to the motion (the movement) of experience through our bodies. To become a light body is to release our resistance to the experience of life. When we have no more resistance, we super-conduct consciousness and illuminate. To illuminate is to embrace the totality that we already are.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Mercury Madness!

A power blackout here in LA has delayed hundreds of flights, after a vehicle reportedly hit a nearby power pole, possibly causing the facility to lose power.

Though a backup generator eventually kicked in, the mishap grounded virtually all flights in and out of Southern California's airports. Some flights were diverted to other airports, while passengers at Los Angeles International, John Wayne, Bob Hope and Ontario International airports spent the evening waiting for flights to be rescheduled.

Pilots in the air lost radar contact because of the blackout and relied on radio communications with outlying airports to stay on course. Officials said that all airplanes have preset flight paths that they follow in the event of a radar malfunction and that there was no sign of problems.

Sally O'Neal, 32, of Salt Lake City was reported in a LA Times interviewing giving what most Astrologers would have told her (and everyone else) is sane Mercury Retrograde advice:

"I've learned my lesson: Be prepared, no matter what."

Since Mercury rules communication and travel - this article highlights yet again having a Plan B, re-reouting and the problems caused by our heavy reliable on technology.

The Mutual Reception of Uranus-Neptune

"Mutual Reception" occurs when two planets “trade signs”; the planetary rulers of two zodiac signs are in each other’s signs.

It's like the landlord of your house coming to my house, and my landlord managing your house.
It's a joint alliance, a co-operation and a sharing of energies - as the two borrow new tools to take back to their home base.

Right now we have two planets in Mutual Reception:

Neptune rules Pisces

Uranus rules Aquarius

So what happens when, as it is now, Neptune is in Aquarius instead and Uranus is in Pisces instead?

The two link up. Here's a very current example of what this mean - a friend back home in England (Sunderland, Washington) sent me news that Washington, DC is linking up with its sister city - the original 'Washington' in England. This is how Mutual Reception works - both borrow something from each other. Each planetary ruler (landlord) switches signs (homes).

Look at the prolifieration of tv shows (TV relates to Uranus, Neptune relates to fiction, escapism) that deal with this now. We have the Wife Swap, Mother Swap, where families get to have a different mother/wife from another family staying with them, changing the rules and seeing 'how the other side lives'.

Uranus is the Wake Up Call and Neptune lulls us to sleep - which is interesting since one of the most popular drinks around right now is taking Red Bull (uranus wake up) with alcohol (Neptune take-down). Some say it's a stress on the heart (I'm sure it is) but the effects are the same as the Mutual Reception - two energies wrapped up, inserparable and working through each other.

Uranus the electrifier is like a snaped pilon cable falling into the ocean. Electricity moves through Pisces fields. We'll get to this in a bit.

And likewise, Neptune the mystic is like a shapeshifter and psychic moving through Aquarian fields - broadcast media, technology and humanity at large.

Some of the results are:

More online communities (Uranus humanity) where people can share music, style, ideas and psychic energy (MySpace, Friendster etc)
A worldwide desire to take up Yoga and more spiritual disciplines (Kabbalah made popular by Madonna and co)
More computerized Astrology information, Reports, Readings (technology/spirituality link)
Movies (Neptune) becoming laden with newe special-effects (Neptune)
News that addiction could be a chemical issue in the brain.
Addiction (neptune) to the internet (Uranus) computer games (Uranus) cell phones (Uranus)
News on the effects of radiation (Uranus) on our body chemistry (Neptune)
Using the media (Uranus) to deceive (Neptune)
Crazy new footwear on sale (Neptune rules pisces, the sign connected to the feet and Uranus is invention, eccentricity)
Comic books turned into films (neptune inspired fantasy and new forms of media)
Music and new Ring tones (Neptune) now on cell phones (Uranus)
New movies (Uranus) about Neptune magic, energy, powers (Harry Potter, X-Men)

The Uranus-Neptune mutual reception is a current phenomenon which will last until 2011. Uranus is in Neptune's sign of Pisces and Neptune is in Uranus's sign of Aquarius. A mutual reception is an easy exchange of energies, intensifying each planet's influences.

Uranus the sky god is freedom, sudden change, invention, and rebellion. Neptune the sea god is illusion, expansion of consciousness, merging, and spirituality. The mutual reception of these two outer planets helps them to combine and focus these energies.

Earlier we said Uranus in Pisces is electricity in water. Look at the sudden (Uranus) news stories involving Water. And with Neptune (spirituality) in Aquarius (TV) look at the number of shows now dealing with ghosts, spirituality, seances, tarot and so forth.

On a global level we're taking the freedom of Uranus and placing it in the sign of cosmic connectiveness - so computers are beginning to link us up for a purpose. Could there have been a major agenda behind technology to held us all unite for a common goal? And as we take the spiritual understanding of Neptune and place it in Aquarius, there is a growing energy now and people are beginning to wake up.

The two energies of Neptune and Uranus in Mutual Reception is finally bringing home the ultimate truth that as the family of humans on the planet, we are all connected and what happens to "them", ultimately befalls "us" - as each link in the chain is affected.

What are you broadcasting? Messages through your behavior, that suggest you're plugged in and connected - or are we using technology to disconnect from each other?


I couldn't help but smile (and then feel guilty and sympathetic for the company and the loss they must have suffered) when I saw a news report today on the Cruise Liner that had issues at it set off on its voyage, and is subsequently having to refund all of its passengers. Ouch.

Mercury of course relates to travel and in Cancer (water) it seems too good to chance such a trip. I'm sure travelers may heed the advice of this period in the future - it's not the best time to be scheduling major trips.

For reference, the Titanic set sail when Mercury was retrograde.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Be Careful What you Say...

Cancerian George W Bush had to feature in his own Mercury Retrograde boo-boo when Mercury moved into his sign and as a public figure it's all the more embarrassing of course.

His lunch chat was picked up when he forgot to turn off his microphone.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cancer returns, reappearances

Cancerian Princess Di has reappeared during Mercury's backtracking through the sign of Cancer - as media digs up old pictures of her, this time causing a public outrage at the medias distaste in using shots of such a nature.

I've heard from two Gemini's (ruled by Mercury) who have had to go back and do many things over, losing paperwork, having to return phone calls again and again, cell phone breakdowns and so forth.

In my own life, I was asked to read for a Disney DVD (voice over - an industry ruled by Mercury). It turns out all the tapes they sent to Disney were returned because they were seeking something different. How typical.

COnversations about family seem to be everywhere now - as are talks about our home spaces and comfort zones. Are you feeling sensitive, more homester/nesty? If so, it's just Mercury reminding you of your own interior, a place that should always be comfortable because it's the home we carry with us our entire lifes.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

"Remember when...?" Mercury backtracks into Cancer

Mercury is now moving out of Leo and into Cancer, still retrograding backwards pulling us on a journey to backtrack with it. We're encouraged by choice of course, or events will inevitably lead us to look back, no matter how painful it may be.

Cancer is a sign so strongly connected to the past, so for Mercury to retrograde in this sign holds a special promise and a special pain - and when was the past not bittersweet?

Cancer is our roots, our womb, the place we came from and the place we hope to go back to - at the end of a long, hard day or the end of our lives. It's our resting place, our home, and also our final resting place.

It's childhood days, it's the old apt we rented, the photos we took and the tears we wept when we knew we had to say goodbye. It's the fire engine we got for Christmas, and the pet we had to bury one cold November eve.

Cancer is emotional recall - ( I know so many photographers with Cancer planets, it seems the process of capturing a mood, a moment is Cancerian). We reflect (Cancer is a water sign) on who we are based on where we have been and what has transpired. We are after all, the sum total of all we have experienced.

Globally, we enter a period now where we Remember.

I find the word 'remember' an interesting one. Linda Goodman was the first to introduce the concept of Lexigrams - hidden meaning contained within words.

Remember suggests we are doing something again - re-membering. To become a member again. But of what?

As a whole, we'll be urged now to re-view and re-flect on Cancerian things:

We'll review our living situation, or find we need to re-pair and re-negotiate at home with families, roomies, or live-in friends/lovers. We may need to fix a phone, repair a sink, deal with water spills and leaks, or else we change the way our home life works.

We'll review our past - our old friends and flames, our old possessions - most of us will or already have, emptied out a few drawers or boxes sifting through to either find something we need from the past (even if it's just from last week) or because we want to clean stuff out. We'll want to hold on to some of it - but is it time to let go? We may even end up finding things we never knew we had.

People from the past will reappear to remind us of who were WERE and who we ARE. Using Lexigrams again - how did we get from THERE to HERE (and isn't it often the same place we find ourselves in...since the word 'here' appears in 'there'...?)

We'll see now what has changed and what will never change. Eternal and transitory emotions and experienced that make up the fabric of our fragile lives.

In the news:

The French are remembering this week...

Letters just released tell us stories of Einsteins past...

Retirement gift was 'lost treasure'...(A chinese vase given to a London cleaning woman as a retirement present was "a lost treasure of the Qing dynasty")

Men who cry...(Cancer rules emotions)

Women no longer need men for conception (can produce their own sperm!?)

I think the last one is my favorite article in the news - Cancer relates to motherhood and conception and the fact we are answering the question and reevaluating how we have babies is a pretty hilarious manifestation of just how far we'll go to review the basic foundations of our lives during Cancer Mercury's retrograde review.

I'd like to copy and paste an email I received from a reader (someone who actually replies to the postings here...tsk tsk to all you people who sneak in and read without givng your thoughts, or

Demeter says:
My two cents about Mercury retrograde in Cancer. Cancer rules memory and in today's Chicago Tribune, a column by Mary Schmich titled "Memory Lane full of stories for retelling (another delightful retrograde word)."

One of her sources says the our brains have to forget things, that if we remembered everything we ever did, we would all be in psych wards.

So perhaps another activity for Mercury retro in Cancer would be to review and release memories we no longer need.

One way might be to start a memoir or a family history scrapbook, families also being ruled by Cancer.

I like to re-read favorite books and re-watch favorite films during Mercury retrograde periods. Currently I am reviewing for my national certification exam in massage therapy.

Just some thoughts.

Demeter (a Cancerian - check out her blog here)


You may have read this reply in the last posting, but it was worth repeating here. Thanks, Demeter.

I think you summed this period up well when you said we arebeing urged now to review and release memories we no longer need.

Think back, enjoy the memory and change your mental perception of the past experience. In this way we can change our past and ultimately change our present and change the posibilities we can envision and manifest in the future.

This is time-displacement and it is possible under Mercury Retrograde now in Cancer, because our connection, perception and the meaning we instill on the events of the past, condition of enjoyment and experience of our emotional present.

Some food for thought for all...during Mercury's continued backwards procession.

Enjoy your own walk down Memory Lane. And re-member....if you live today fully, it will become some time ahead, another one of those deep and enjoyable memories you can indulge in.


Planes Trains and Mercury Retro Madness

Transporation - cars, trains, bikes, planes - even walking, jogging, blading, skateboarding - all come under the heading of Mercury, the winged messenger of the planetary family.

So it comes as no surprise these fields are adversely effected by the Retrograde Motion. Remember the news is not always bad, often it's just about reversals, but it's wise to remember that fields of Mercury DO get affected during these periods.

So, without being depressing (since a lot of reversals this week have been less than joyful) these are the top stories:


In Pakistan, a plane crash killed all 45 people on board.

Hundred of rush-hour commutors were evacuated in Chicago when a train was derailed the news today reports whilst Indian reports a series of train bombings.
In Bangladesh a train collided with a crowded bus at an unmanned railway crossing.


Friendly parking rules are sought for car users in the UK.


Microsoft to face 'huge EU fine'.


The European Commission is preparing to unveil controversial proposals to regulate the charges mobile phone users pay to make calls when they are abroad

The BBC website also gives an article about todays technology, the problem witrh cell phones, airlines and cell phones, email and more. Perfect timing for a RE-view of how it all connects.

And finally...

The Good Stuff!

Mercury began retrograding in Leo (the sign of joyful happiness) and this article reports that 'happiness doesn't cost the earth'.

Let's all slow down, folk. There really is no rush during Mercury Retrograde. Breathe. Relax.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Your Place in this Vibrational Universe

I wanted to share this article I came across, on the principle of the Law of Attraction and how we play a part in the creating of our reality with the simple act of focusing attention on things.


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Monday, July 10, 2006

More Retrograde Turnarounds...

Remember RE-trograde Mercurey periods are often about the returning of something back into our lives, but it also can manifest as something leaving our lives too. I heard from a friend today that the Father's Day card they mailed out was returned to them twice by the Post Office. Of course this manifested on the day of the Capricorn Full Moon (Father) which was appropriate and I have ended up having conversations about authority and father figures and parenting in the space of 24 hours. Have you?

Anyway back to the news...

The J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles has agreed to REturn a pair of disputed ancient sculptures to Greece following REnewed calls for their REstitution.

Thats what the BBC website reports - how many 're's can Mercury retrograde produce!

Remember I reported last week we can expect some possible strikes in the entertainment field. The reason for this is Leo represents the stage, screen, TV, theatre and showbix and with Mercury Retrograde here for a while, it seems inevitable.

Here we go - news that
10,000 BBC employees are to vote on whether to strike in a dispute about wages and pensions.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

LIfe: A Work in Progress: Capricorn Full Moon July 10

The Full Moon on July 10 falls at 18 Degrees Capricorn.

This Full Moon is a serious one, but all Great Works are serious - from the creation of a painting, the writing of the greatest love song, commitment, dedication and discipline are called for.

Capricorn is the sign of Great Works, of Climbing to the Summit, of achievement.

What we focus on with this great discipline ultimately becomes our Great Work - the work that becomes our 'destiny', after all most of us would like to turn our grand passions into our life career, or vocation. In Astrology our 'job' relates to Virgo and the 6th House but our Career relates to Capricorn and the 10th House - it is the pinnacle, the place we want to reach, the ulimtate crowing glory.

This Full Moon focuses on our Great Work, that one thing we want to achieve above all else. Perhaps it's as simple as a promotion, or as complex as eradicating anger from our energy field and finding inner peace.

Full Moons highlight something - they bring 'something to light' as the Moon is at its brightest. She is our unconscious, our emotions and their eternal ebb and flow, and each Full Moon we discover a new layer of feeling.

This one is more serious than the others - we get to see just where we are in our own hierachy - our place in the spiritual chain of command - at the mercy of others and their feelings, or in control of what we focus on and how we give our emotional reactions.

So what is about to be revealed in your life?

Wherever the Full Moon falls (whichever House in your personal Chart) is where you'll find a revelation, an outpouring of emotion. Something will complete itself or ask for resolution, someting will arise and make you conscious of your unconscious motivations and REAL feelings on a matter.

In your 5th House, you may realize you don't LOVE (5th house of pleasure) something or someone anymore. In your 8th House you may realize you need more sexual chemistry (8th house is sexual energies). It's not as clear cut and black or white but this is how Astrology principles are built up. For each sign it's a different focus and on Tuesday of this week you'll get to read more on what is ending on your life and what is being revealed (if you didn't already know) at the Forecasts on the website so I'll post these on the blog on Tuesday...stay tuned.

On a global scale - parents and governments and the 'powers that be' will reveal something and we'll see the emotional holes in their own armour. Here are some ideas on how to handle this energy:

Use this Capricorn Full Moon to:

  • Change your relationship to authority - are you rebeling and fighting against an outside authority or is your 'inner parent' judging you too sternly?
  • See if there is karma to work out with your father or a dictator-mother?
  • Ask yourself if work is eating away at your personal life?
  • Give up pursuing life choices that are leading you nowhere.
  • Let go of old traditions that no longer serve your new mature self.
  • Release attachment to being in control, on time and in the driving seat.
  • Work on depression issues - why are you so heavy?
  • Realize life is too short to get stuck in the muck for too long.
  • Climb the ladder instead of moaning about your current place.
  • Go hiking
  • Take on a tough project
  • Discipline yourself (or less if you're overdoing it),
  • Give yourself credit where its due,
  • Be a better boss
  • Be nicer/more honest to your Boss
  • Release workaholic tendencies!

With so much heavy energy around already - we must remember that although we are meant to mature, we are still needy children at heart but that we can and must fend for ourselves while looking after others too. First comes our needs and then we can take care of others.

This Full Moon: Give from your excesses not your reserves.

If you don't follow this, you'll be depleted. Are you helping the planet and discontinuing polluted thoughts and energies or are you succombing to the war-mongering, sadness and Fear that is prevalent in these times.

So - under such a strict Full Moon that may get us heavy at times, we can actually LAUGH IT OFF when we remember that Capricorn is also related to PAN, the God of Good Times, the purveyor of humor, enjoyment and merriment.


War, death, famine, disease, work-stress, job-hatred, disconnection, separation - it's all an ilusion and these are the symptoms of buying into this whole Earth Plane Reality.

Wake up!

This Full Moon look at your obstacle and source of pain and realize this -it's only as serious as you give it weight. It's only as difficult as you allow it to be.

Persepctive is everything. Can we finally give up the old age energies of distorted truth, sadness pain, mistery all borne of FEAR - managed chaos and manipulated crises are ahead of us in many forms - but will we see through them and continue building our own realities where we see everything connected and realize we have a choice?

I have faith that our next Great Work will be to see just how stupid we've been fighting each other - because in a world where we are all connected, and all One, we are ultimately only fighting ourselves and ultimately we are our obstacles.

What an ironic joke, eh?


Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Mercury Madness

In what has been called the 'Mexican Bush-Gore fiasco' Mexican Presidential Candidate Lopez is asking for a complete RE-count of votes.

As you may recall, the Bush-Gore election fell under Mercury Retrograde and was the biggest cock-up on record (of course I feel it was purposefully created as this one is likely to be too).

In other news, A jail is spending £250,000 on RE-placing all its locks after a major boo-boo.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Early Mercury Retrograde News

And the reversals and problems begin....

Mexican Presidential Candidate demands recount
North Korea missile test launch fails
National computer learning grid scrapped
Microsoft program problems
Cell phone network meltdowns
Actors (leo) join hunger strike ( retrograde)

Monday, July 03, 2006

NASA and their love of Mercury Retrograde

Nasa do so loves to launch shuttles under Mercury Retrograde.

Tthe launch of the ill-fated Columbia, two and a half years ago is one to remember. Shuttle Discovery launched on July 26, 2005 @ 10:39AM EDT, Cape Canaveral, FL - a similar malfunction occurred -- a piece of foam broke off. Fortunately, it appears the spacecraft was not damaged and the shuttle kept its appointment.

Now Jul 1 we were told to expect a launch of Discovery but it was delayed and rescheduled (perfectly Mercury Retrograde) until...July 4 - the day Mercury officially does an about-turn.

Since Mercury rules travel, retrograde periods arent that great for launching things - however if this is a re-discovery phase, going back to visit something, then this should go off without a hitch.

However, it's too tricky to predict the outcome - a major disaster on Jul 4 with the shuttle would destroy the national image further, shattering the already fragile energy here and on Jul 4 such a smack in the face of freedom and american values. Perhaps the launch will be delayed again and again, aborted indefinitely, gets lost, or doesn't find what it was seeking. Glitches are sure to litter its path - do we have all the facts?

It's funny how when we start things under retrograde it usually continues or faces major shifts at subsequent Retrogrades - as the Bush presidential election was won under Mer Retro i'm sure again there'll be more political ripples as old stuff comes back to hit the fan.

As we wing our way towards a 3 week period of reversals, questions and quandries - remember to take that time out and catch up on being with yourself and letting your own life catch up with you.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back on track: Jupiter Direct July 6

Mercurey is retrograde - not so great.

Jupiter goes Direct July 6 - awesome!

This is the great news the Universe sends along with the mercury retrograde problems which should ease things for many of us.

Jupiter has been moving backwards through the sexual sign of Scorpio since March causing problems with credit, loans, debt, sexual satisfaction, and intimacy between partners (business and pleasure) and between nations. Intensity has been brewing - but you know what, it's better out in the open - so this is a cosmic orgasm of sorts when jovial Jupe finally moves back on his usual merry way.

What can we expect?

Well Scorpios will feel the effect strongly (and anyone with Scorpio planets from 4 - 12 degrees Scorpio.) Life is in forward motion again (and you can even be the lucky ones to counteract some of the Mercury madness going on now!). Surge ahead with what you desire (just remember, don't push too hard with career matters or with authority as Mercury will still snap at you!)
Do cash in on contacts and get ready to grow! If you've been waiting to reach again - then yuor hesitation has been for a reason - Jupiter direct is all about taking flight.

Some of you may take off literally, or you'll start noticing weight gain, or you want to read more, study, learn, expand your space or else take on more. The impossible is your mission and you'll dare to dream big.

For all of us, Jupiter Direct means marked changes for these fields - religion, law, education, publishing, overseas, travel, journalism. So we can see progress being made here despite the backwards energy of Mercury - we can get back to old projects and really push them ahead now.

So it's not al bad news with Mercury - it's a mental time out - but an optimism increase - why wait to launch yourself? Scatter seeds widely and SOME are bound to take root, even in retrograde soil. And if the bloom is different to what you expected, congratulations, you've discovered a new species of You.