Thursday, July 31, 2008

Solar Eclipse & August Special for everyone

The Solar Eclipse in Leo tomorrow (Aug 1 ) EDT PDT
09:32 Leo 6:22 am 3:22 am
heralds another Chapter Change for us all - if we choose to ride with the changing tide, of course. Even if we try to pull against it, we automatically create a chapter-change for ourselves anyway - so this is something we can all expect.

What's this 'chapter change' all about you ask? Well, how big or small your change is, is really up to you - how much you want what you're truly in tune with, and how much you want what isn't right for you, (not in this lifetime anyway). Every choice we make around an Eclipse time sets us us for certain successes or failures in relation to our ego-desires (symbolized by the Sun).

We DO all have free-will of course, but we do set ourselves certain targets and time-zones in this lifetime at specific years and specific ages, to evolve and try our hands at something new - and this is what Astrology charts so beautifully - the potentials and possibilities and the ways to achieve those, and the things to sidestep.

So - the LEO SOLAR ECLIPSE is a time when we get to SHINE OUR LIGHT - or, if we've been hiding it, stuffing it away from prying eyes or a hungry public, or if we're neglecting to work on the creative parts of ourselves (the parts of Joy, Play, Childlike pleasure, Fun, Romance, Creative Juices) then the Solar Eclipse is THE time to work on it.

As the "Light" goes out - we get to see where it's missing in our lives, even for a moment. And then, when it comes back on, we get to re-new that area of our lives (represented by the HOUSE the Eclipse falls in, in your Birth Chart).

Solar Eclipses turn out the light
in key areas of our lives - to help us to
re-member & re-vitalize those parts
of us in need of re-awakening.

My specially dedicated Solar Eclipse Page explains more on this, and also lets you read a little on what it means for the Houses of the Chart (if you know yours or find out via my free tools).
Also I have specially rated Solar Eclipse Readings to help you get a handle on what this means for you specially. And where you can create dynamic changes for yourself (and expect them).

The main message is: Start Acting as though your life were rich in meaning and relevance and find a creative project to pour yourself into.


In August, readings are discounted for everyone!

Hour Readings are just $100 for everyone (normally $175 for newbies; $140 for clients on file). Readings must be scheduled in August. Ends Aug 31.

Reserve your Hour Reading here.

All I can say is - Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy! - En-ergize Joy in your Life.
Whether it's painting, singing, dancing, acting, playing an instrument, tickling, giggling, running, eating, washing the car, listening to music - find your joy and do it. And do it again. Find yourself in the moments when you're 100% alive.
Celebrating the relevance of YOUR life, Your Astrologer, Neil

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Leo Solar Eclipse - Aug 1!

You may be feeling 'something' is in the air, and you'd be right.

Today, 20 minutes before a Reading, (thank you Kay for bearing with me!) my computer monitor began shaking, followed by everything else in the room. As you probably heard, we were experiencing an earthquake here in Los Angeles. Yee-Haa!

 These are common around Eclipse points, so keep an eye out for further reports. Things shake and shift around Eclipses - and we can roll with it or fight against it.

We're moving towards another 'Chapter Change' as I like to call them, or the possibility of one, if you let the energy of the Solar Eclipse do its stuff, and move with the shaken molecules these Eclipses seem to inspire towards events on earth.

Remember, Astrologically, nothing truly 'causes' anything, but everything reflects everything else. If you're born at a time of chaos, you reflect the chaos within your own energy imprints (simplistically speaking). The next two weeks reflect a time of social shifting and the choice to carve and create a new pathway ahead as the Heavens play host to a changing of the guard.

The next Solar Eclipse here on Planet Earth falls on Aug 1, so I wanted to drop you a quick line to remind you, that you'll get to experience your own possibilities of starting a new chapter in specific areas of your own life experience. I'll be back with more soon, stay tuned.

In Leo, this Eclipse affects the Lions strongly, but also keep an eye out for big changes in the fields of Presidents, Royalty, and those in the public eye (officials, Popes, celebrities etc). Traditionally Solar Eclipses bring the birth of something or someone important - but just as often portend the death of something or someone important - often a man (Solar Eclipses are traditionally more 'male' oriented), but I don't know where I stand on that, I guess we'll see!

The Chart for the Eclipse falls over Asia - China seems the likeliest places for Big Dramatic Developments along with parts of Russia. Again, only time will tell but the Eclipse is seen fully over there - and Astrology dictates these are areas mostly affected. I know China plays host to the Olympics, so the spotlight is already firmly on that area, this Eclipse can only bring even more floodlights to its shores.

If you want a launch something with power, the Eclipse is a mighty great day to do so. It gives everything you begin a POW! boost of energy. Like a shot of Cosmic Red Bull (or Red Lion would be more appropriate with the Leo Eclipse).

For now - look around and get ready for a few rumbles in your world as your creative forces begin to break through and unleash themselves - whether you repress them or express them (let's hope the latter!). Egos will explode, drama will reign and cosmic creativity will burst forth. 

And let's face it - we're all on the planet for a "good show" so stop pretending you don't like the shifts and shakes - you love it!

Enjoying the rumblings from the other side of your screen,
Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Smile! The Sun just moved into Leo (Jul 22)

Just a reminder, a cosmic nudge to ya, that we just entered Leo Season. The Sun just moved into the sign it rules - Leo, the Lion.

We all have a month for a bit more fun, joy, drama and laughter. You're still a kid. So celebrate that. Lighten up! Find new ways to Play & Create!

It's time to smile. Leo is the sign of creative self-expression. Time to do it YOUR way. And celebrate a spotlight purely for you. No one else can live your life, so you are the Ambassador of your Moment of Birth. Wear it with Leo Pride.

You can hear my audio clip on Leo and read up on what they're all about. Plus some gift ideas for your Leo allies.

Saluting the Kings & Queens of the Zodiac!
Your Astrologer,

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Your Soul Safety Net: Full Moon Ritual Readings

Feeling a little heavy under the Capricorn Full Moon?

It's natural. Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're a little more sombre. Capricorn rules the structure of things - in our bodies (skeleton, skin, bones, teeth, joints) and our lives (our job, security, status, reputation). We get to re-align with a better structure, or start seeing the cracks.  I cracked a tooth today!  

If you're having a hard time, depressed or just stuck in some area, then have no fear (easier said than done sometimes, eh?)  - my Full Moon Readings can help you focus your energies. They are rituals (simple and effective focusers) - to help you clear away what is no longer needed - and what your Chart says is needed right now.  Together we can navigate a clearer way forward.

The Full Moon Ritual & Reading is specially rated at $75. 

You can read up on what they involve at the following link.

You're not in this alone. Everything is on a cycle, even the crappier things we go through. From my tooth, to your loneliness, or cruddy job problem, or issue with someone close to you. WHATEVER it is, it's not going to last forever. The question becomes, WHAT should we be focusing on now and how best to move energy once more. These Readings will help, and I'll help you understand YOUR picture a little better.

Your Soul Safety Net,

Friday, July 18, 2008

You serious? Capricorn Full Moon (Jul 18)

Today the Full Moon shines triumphant in Capricorn, the sign of the Achiever, the Climber, the Hard Worker & the Master.

Are you fulfilled in your career path? Are you working hard and satisfied with your results? What's the relationship like with the Boss? If you're your own boss, are you balancing out time at home (personal) with your practical path ahead (professional)?

We all face these questions - what's going on inside of us and is it showing on the outside (possible skin issues now could represent an "irritation" of being in your skin, or a dietary issue due to stress at home/work.) Our inner parent comes to the forefront of our minds, pointing our what we have or have not done, what still needs to be done and whether we're making anything of ourselves. Sheesh!

Are we having enough "me" time away from outside considerations (having to take care of someone, having to pay bills, having to get up to go to work, having to eat, having to exercise etc).

Is your "having to" becoming the bane of your existence?

If so, you need a new structure to your life. A simple shift, helped along by this two-week Full Moon window: grab a calendar, diary or piece of paper to note down what you WANT to achieve this next two weeks and what you HAVE to achieve in this time.

That's it - the next two weeks. Keep only THIS in mind, and it all gets a whole lot easier.

Here are some ideas to balance the Full Moon energies (The Sun is in Cancer & the Moon is in Capricorn right now):
Clean up your home space, hang a calendar then sit down and write out your schedule. Where's your free time? Where's your 'nose down' time? Take the foundation of your resume and revamp it. Any new credits, jobs, titles, achievements? Frame your accomplishments, however small, on the wall at home. Bring your home to your work space, where possible. Memories, photos. Make your work space comfy, you spend a lot of time there. Work on making things at home run smoother - a chore list? Scheduled days for certain tasks? Who's getting groceries this week? Who's cleaning the tub? Congratulate yourself for small successes to date. Paying the rent. Dressing today. Hugging your friend. Paying for gas!

Realize you've become way too serious and it's time to laugh off the heavy feeling you have wrapped around your shoulders. Capricorn Full Moons are notorious for showing you how LITTLE you've accomplished (or so it seems) and how the NEXT person has a better job/cell phone/computer/partner than you do.

Get over yourself! We're all equal - regardless of what we possess or what we've done. We're all "just trying to get by". Some of you may find a promotion is on the cards (if so, congrats!). The Universe is handing you an opportunity to climb higher, to prove yourself to yourself, to stretch for more, for better, for greater than you have. This is YOUR time to shine, to achieve, to bask in the glory of your own respect. And then, that of others who admire you.

For some, it's a time when others seem to block you for some reason - when authorities say NO, and hand out a RED Flag, instead of a Green Card. When you have to jump through hoops to get a reply, or an acceptance. Bosses seem to have it in for you, or you're lost, without a job or an authority figure. You're left with yourself - to find your own purpose, your own plan, and your own determination to make it.

What is success to you?

That's the biggie. If you can answer that, you're well on your way. Maybe it's NOT what you've been led to believe? Maybe you don't care about the trinkets of success - cars, computers, clothes etc. Maybe it's having free time? Maybe it's seeing others smile. Maybe it's walking in a pain-free body or a painful one, but still being able to continue on.
Have a plan. Have a goal. Have a small plan on moving towards it. Success isn't whether you get there. Achievement is. Success is the process of even bothering, of even trying.

If you woke up today and somehow stumbled across this message - WELL DONE! You're living in crazy times on a crazy planet, with crazy energies bombarding us, working against us, working alongside us -all to work WITH us in experiencing a new part of ourselves.

I think that's a pretty great achievement. So smile. In whatever chapter of life you find yourself right now, you made it this far. And you're still here.

A pretty great job if you ask me...
Your Astrological Authority (in casual clothes), Neil

Last Day: Transit Report special

Happy Full Moon!

Yes, today is the Capricornian Full Moon, (more on that soon, stay tuned). A two-week window of completion, resolution and the highlighting of specific areas of life we each need further insight on, individually. What's coming up for you? What will you discover?

Today also completes the offered special for the Transit Future Report. You can still order your own but not forever - the offer ends today at midnight PDT!

The Report will reveal what's going on right now for YOU and what you can do about it all, and which cycles you're moving into (to be prepared and cash in on open doors and opportunities and sidestep the potholes). 12 houses of our charts, 12 planetary energies, many possibilities.

And for those of you who ask, I DO keep track of my own transits, but I do fall victim sometimes to learning more in hindsight when I'm not looking (!), but the Reports always seem to touch on something essential to my current path, picture and future growth.

Enjoy yours!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Temporary New Email Address

While my site undergoes further upgrading and Uranus 're-wiring', the email is if you're having difficulties reaching me elsewhere.

Thanks for your patience!

Signed up yet?

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Cosmic coincidence? Or soul-synchronicity. Chances are you're already a free member receiving this email in your Inbox (which could use some tidying up by the way! I'm no better...)

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Great to have ya on board!

Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Special: Transit Future Report: Now $25!

Astrology is all about cycles.

Did you know:

If Saturn is in your 8th House - you're more likely to get audited than at any other time?
If Mars is in your 4th House - you're probably going to end up arguing with those you live with
or doing home-improvement tasks (but avoid burns and bruises, another common issue!)
If Venus is in your 5th House - chances are you'll receive an invite to a party or meet someone special?
If Pluto is in your 1st house - a major makeover is predicted?
If Jupiter is in your 2nd House - you're like to overspend or suddenly earn more or win big!?

Which cycles are you in? There are 12 Houses and over 12 planets & asteroids- that's a LOT of possibilities! Each one is currently in a certain area of your Chart demanding your attention.

And that's not counting the relationship the planets have with each other (harmonious/challenging).

This report will show you where planets are NOW, where they are headed -
and how to make the most of it.

Avoid the potholes and cash in on the best times to do things!

Normally $35, Now $25. Offer ends Fri Jul 18.

See a sample and order your own personalized Report here.

Your Sidekick in Celestial Surfing, Neil

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Over the top? Sun opposes Jupiter (Jul 9)

Watch it.

In the bid for growth, for more, for better, for adventure, for experience, for wisdom, for knowledge (the drive known as "Jupiter" in Astrology) - we have a tendency to want too much too fast under this current alignment and rush in and miss important details, or overspend, or overshoot the mark, promising more than we can deliver, or overdoing leading to overkill.

It's an over-the-top week. But the beauty is that you don't know until you try, you can't say you enjoy it if you don't indulge. However, do you know when to draw the line? When is "enough, enough?" Do you have enough energy/patience/money/ for your project/goal/plan? Again, you don't know unless you try. All you have to lose is your ego...

This is the 'try your wings' week, then- by all means seek out greener pastures, explore new possibilities, put it to the test, give it a gamble (without blowing it all). Wisdom is reached through direct experience (not preaching and claiming ownership over the "truth), and you'll never know if you don't go.  Just be sure to wear your belt, and take a spirit-level to keep track of the straight and narrow so you don't end up in a ditch from not paying attention to the markings on the road.  

Moderation is everything; it's just not as likely to find itself on the Buffet Of Life menu this week.

Enjoy!  With excess comes eventual insight into what limitations may actually work for you.

Your ever-expanding (on the mental plane only) Astrologer,

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Read your own Astrology Chart!

In case you haven't found your way there yet, visit the Astrology 101 page to get a free copy of your birth chart - the blueprint of your entire life, with all its complexities, possibilities, options, avenues and a few surprises up its own sleeve just to make it all that much more exciting.

Then you can use the page to navigate through some Free Readings from Neil (audio) specific to you and Your Chart and some links to others facets of your Chart via the Free Tools link at the main menu.

It's my pleasure to put this all together for you, to make life easier, and for you to have some fun being your own Astrologer. That way, we can venture through the Chart together.

And as always, I'll be here to help ya when you need it! We have an upcoming pair of Eclipses in August, so stay tuned for more on those, and the Big Changes (yes there's more!) you can anticipate and expect and work with (not against) during these times. Exciting stuff.

I'm back to my Reading Schedule now after the move, so I look forward to checking in with you and seeing how you're moving through your own soul-cycles right now.

Your Tool-Touting Astrologer,

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Feel-feel-feel: Cancer New Moon (Jul 2)

In the garden of life, we can only bloom and blossom bright when our soil is rich. When our roots become strangled with weeds of tangled emotions, things begin to wither and die.

Under the current Cancer New Moon we get to take a look at our 'soil' (our setting, or scene, our roots, our Home, our living situation and our emotional foundation) and decide if all is well, if we need to do some pruning/weeding and if it's time to Repot or Replant ourselves in richer earth.

This month features:

Family. As usual, the States celebrates the 4th of July - a funny time when you consider it's a celebration of independence, and Cancer (the sign of the country) relates to a more dependent vibe - close emotional ties, family, apple pie, property and Mommy Dearest.
Whatever the case, you get to review your past in your present - do you laugh like your Mom, scowl like your Dad? Treat people like crap like your brother or offer a helping hand without complaining like your sister? How do you want to be now? Whatever is going on in the family chain seems to locate you to remind you that you DO have a past...and it may be affecting your present condition or outlook - it's your choice of how.

Your Feelings. Current people and situations aren't the problem or the issue - it's how you FEEL about it all that matters. How can something or someone affect you so deeply? is it a trigger for one of your "issues"? Did this happen before? Root out your feelings on your own or with the help of an impartial observer. At the end of the day, no one can make you feel anything. Feelings are feelings - feel them, then move on to experience something else. Stop feeling-hogging!

Your Living Situation: comfy or cold? Squishy or squashed-in? Breathable or Breakable? Fix up the place (I bought a pillow today, and just realized how symbolic it is). Make food at home, house-sit, visit family, visit a close friend, invite someone over - if you are moving or just moved, arrange things to feed the 'new you' the new space will bring out. Wherever you live - you owe it to yourself to Live Like Royalty, right? It's not about $, it's about feeling what you WANT to feel, in the safe space of your own domain. Make home Home!

Your Place in the World. Where do you belong? A question you get to ask now. In this country? In this street? Do you belong in your body or are you fighting to get out of it, (by getting into your head or out of your mind?) Why can't you be okay Right Here Right Now? What are you running from? And what can you find where you are right now.
You Belong Here. Or you'd not be here at all. Simple.

Ask yourself periodically: How do I FEEL?
How do i want to feel?
Awesome - feel how you feel FIRST then do something, anything, to try on a new feeling. In time, feelings always shift, and instead of expecting life to shift in an instant to make us feel 'better', focusing on new scenery aids us in finding a new emotional 'space' in which to breathe and experience a new angle to our original problem.

It can truly be that simple. Baby steps. Momentary emotions.

Emotions = e + motions - energy in motion.
You get to decide where they go.

It's not something or someone we truly want, but the feelings they engender in us, or inspires us to ALLOW ourselves to feel, as we access their vibration. We CAN feel anything we choose, at any time, if we re-connected to our ability to move ourselves. Instead of waiting for or expecting something or someone outside of ourselves, to bring us the feeling we desire.
Your Feel-good/bad/indifferent/sad/joyous/depressed/ecstatic (they're all the same and all just as valid) Astrologer,

If you're having a hard time emotionally or moving past a certain situation, let me help you navigate this touch-feely time with the specially discounted New Moon Reading, offered each month at the New Moon! You can find out more here.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Moon in Cancer - Today!

Stay tuned for more on today's New Moon in Cancer.

Hint: it has to do with your living situation, and your current feelings about a certain situation. You know what I'm talking about.... stay tuned!