Monday, June 29, 2009

July Scopes & Neil-Scape Audio

For those who were curious as to my surgery, I went in for a Fistulotomy. Not pleasant but it could have been worse. It is a very sensitive area of course, so I am sore but rest helps and meditation is also very beneficial. How symbolic of a Pluto opposition 'removal' during the New Moon. As with everything...right on track.

I'm out of commission for in-person Readings, but am able to continue my telephone schedules for those who wish to check-in. You can order at the site as usual.

In other news, my Neil-Scape audio forecast will be up at the main site for July, you can listen to me telling you about July's alignments, including the Cancer Eclipse on Jul 22. And also the written Monthly Scopes will be up also, just look for both links at the Main Menu at the site.

Thanks for your healing thoughts, and well wishes, it all helps - stay tuned for my full recovery and I'll be seeing in you person soon.

Love for your own Healing wherever you feel you need it,
Your Astrologer,
www.New World

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Chiron Healing

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know that I am healing well, resting and meditating. My journey to the other side was interesting, I was given morphine and also put to sleep and when I woke I was surprised it was all complete and I was given a 2 hour recovery period, where I was smiling-happy relaxed (never felt like that before outside of meditation)and was looked after by a beautiful Sagittarian who was chatting to me about (surprise) her travels plans and plans to go back to school. Nice to see Astrology shining its light even in the most secluded of places.

I'll continue healing well, (I didn't need to take any Vicodin that was prescribed, I intended it this way beforehand) and resting and will be back on top form before long, ready for my new life, running schedule, rollerblading and 1001 other adventures planned for my body and earth vehicle.

Very thankful to Saturn opposing my Sun and Mercury which has enabled me to strengthen my body and focus on health (both physical and mental) and to the Chiron/Neptune/Jupiter conjunction on my Mars (ruler of my 6th house of health) for Mars precision surgery, Neptune dreamy relaxation, Jupiter blessings and Chiron healing.

It's been a very softening time for me, as Mars has to sink back into baths, sleep and yoga, but my book (3rd House Mars of writing) is coming along well and should be completed by the end of the year.

Thanks to all who have sent well wishes, and I am excited to be sharing more with you again on the road ahead. Stay tuned for July's Neil-Scape audio forecast (check the main site menu) and more goodies ahead!

Much Love,

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Moon Pluto Opposition: Michael Jackson & Farrah Fawcett

As stated in the previous posting regarding 'Emotional Release: The New Moon opposing Pluto I mentioned on June 21 it was gearing up to be a very emotional time for many of us, a parting of the ways for some and death transitions, and this was clearly demonstrated today with the news of the passing of two icons.

The death of celebrities always gets greater press than the 'guy down the road' of course but these are sure to create a more global outpouring of emotion as reflected in the Pluto opposition at the New Moon which JUST passed.

In my humble opinion, Jackson (born with a private Pisces Moon) was no doubt a pawn in the media's game and misunderstood, a victim (as so many Pisces Moons so easily become) of deceit. He was cleared of all charges of sexual contact with youngsters but pop culture continued to dig at him. But he left a strong legacy of amazing talent, that no doubt many will relive (The Cancer New moon as mentioned is about reliving the past but seeing it with new eyes).

With so many planets in Virgo, Jackson was meticulous, his dance steps and costumes a testament to that. No doubt many will chip in Astrologically to pull him to pieces but I won't do that here, just to say a farewell to him as he merges back into the Source (a Pisces Moons dream!) and to review all he achieved. Not bad at all.

Farrah Fawcett departed also, it seems her ascendant was in Cancer placing the NEW MOON in the 'resolution' 12th house of connecting back to the Source. Her Moon was in Cancer too so no doubt she came full circle, and is now safe in the arms of the Mother Goddess of Source.

Since our BIRTH is so relative, I can only feel DEATH is perfect, the timing has to be. Since life and death are but a continuous cycle. And as we know...nothing really ends.

So under a New Moon, we look back to our Cancer past, those loving, nurturing, caring figures who represented the power of FEELING (it's no coincidence these figures would get so much press now (Farrah passed from Cancer, under a powerful New Moon of the same name). Watch as the United States (a Cancer Country) pours its heart out over these two, under a New Moon that will reflect the countries own emotional journey, loss and growth.

It's all about always was.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Surgery on Friday 26th

Just a note to everyone, that I will be having some minor surgery on Friday, exiting this physical plane and being put under and waking up and finally having an unhealed skin abscess beautifully healed. Call it a mini vacation from consciousness (as my Progressed Moon passes through Pisces, how fitting). I'm so excited! Okay, that may be a bit much, but I am very thankful to be having this done.

So my Readings and Radio Appearances will be on hold until the following week, and I'll report back and let you know how it all went.

If you're around on Friday at 9.30am Pacific time, do something fun to balance out my lying in an operating theatre (although that could be classed as fun too, all a matter of perception eh?!)

I'll be back with you soon, enjoy your week and enjoy your body's health - it comes first in everything, specially now that Saturn is in Virgo.

Keep smilin',

Much Love,

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Emotional Release: Cancer New Moon opposing Pluto

It all comes back to how you feel.

The next two weeks host a dramatic, life-altering pattern of energy that will enable many of us to release ourselves from old stuff. Expect anything as intense as:

Relationship Break-ups
Relationship-Make-ups (dramatically altered)
Job Releasing (fired, laid off, quitting)
New Jobs (more in line with our true feelings)
Family showdowns
Resurrecting the Past
One Last Clear-out
The Blame Game
Bad Habit Removal
Toxic Waste Clearing
Emotional Showdowns
Death transitions
Power Games
Emotional Manipulation

Major decisions chosen or forced upon us
Finally being free to feel better

The key result is the same - releasing feelings in a tidal flood of emotion. We simply can't hold back any longer and we can NO LONGER GIVE THE POWER OF OUR FEELINGS AWAY TO OTHER PEOPLE.

Life now forces you to play your hand, by helping you go inside to dictate how you feel and how you want to feel.

Can you let go of the past?

Expect this next two weeks to be a major CLEARING OUT period as the New Moon in Cancer (feelings, the past, our safety) is opposed by Pluto (release, resurrection, rebirth).

How intense. How dramatic. But how necessary.

See the higher perspective. It was high time for change and this is it.
Go with your intuition, ignore fear, and find your safety, comfort and peace - which may mean rebuilding NEW COMFORT ZONES and letting the old ones die.

You're new. Be gentle. Go easy. Allow. Free yourself from the muck.

Let your feelings reflect this new you.

Much Love,

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A reminder of your NOW!

Enjoy this video!

Cancer Season begins tomorrow, time to get comfy in our Now.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking your Calls on Radio Sunday 7pm PDT!

Join me Sunday night at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern for the Universe's Field Trip on Souls Journey Radio.
I'll be taking calls, and discussing this week how the HOUSE our Sun is in when we are born holds a lot more information than just the Sun sign we know.

You're a Gemini, but are you a 12th House Gemini or a 3rd House Gemini? A 2nd House Libra or an 8th House Libra? Do you know?

The dial in number for the show is 724 444 7444 - ID number 24868 #

Let me decipher your Chart for you live on air, or join us in the Chat room and ask a question to be answered live on air!

If I haven't chatted to you before I look forward to it, and if I already have, then please join me for some on air fun tomorrow night!

See you then!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Monthly Scopes now online!

After some time away, I am back to contributing monthly horoscopes online, for those of you who wrote to me over the months asking where you can find them again.

Also, you can now listen to my monthly Neil-Scape audio outlook.

Thanks for all the support. Unlike many writers out there, I do use real Astrological techniques, and I think you trust me now to do the best in detailing the trends in operation.

Monthlies can only give an overview of course, for more in-depth for you personally, I point you to the Personal Readings I offer, as well as the LUNAR RETURN MONTHLY REPORTS - you get 12 months of monthly reports specific to YOUR chart, delivered to your email - highly personal and accurate for You and you alone.

Use them as your road map and emotional weather forecast.

And for other perspectives on where things are at and going for you, check out the SOLAR RETURN Reading and Report Package on offer, or the Transit Future Report.

Enjoy the Scopes and Neil-Scapes let me know how you're finding them!