Thursday, July 16, 2015

Healing The Heart: Venus Retrograde (Jul 26 - Sep 6)

In 8 days, Venus will turn retrograde (Jul 26 - Sep 6), coinciding with a major influx of Relationship Ripples - from old haunts, to current ghouls, the ones that got away to the ones you ran away from. Love (Venus) must now confront her own shadow-self  - narcissism, manipulation, selfishness and criticism /the need for Perfection - since she begins her retro in detail-driven-Virgo.

Look up and you've no doubt seen her shining BRIGHTLY above us, as she paired with Jupiter. Financial matters (also Venus) are re-examined - from spending habits, to credit cards, bank accounts and the possible pursuit of luxury and 'things' to fill a void in our sense of self-worth (another Venus attribute). Are we living beyond our means Or way under our full potential?

Venus is currently at the final degree of Leo - the pursuit of personal pleasure is necessary. So does creativity in all it's forms: music, art, theatre, dance, childhood freedom. Find a way to express what is in your Heart now, while you still can.

For without the strong self-pride we learn while Venus passes through Leo, we pass insecurely and uncertainly under Venus' Virgo critical eye.

 Enjoy yourself right now.That in itself is an Act of Love. And then prepare to Work on Yourself as Love moves us from high drama to a low, calmer tide of self-examination and the exploration of what is not working as it could or should in our pockets and in our hearts...

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Love Thyself!

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Cancer New Moon: Bonds, Belonging and Busting Beyond the Discomfort Zone

Cancer New Moon tonight. Lots of watery energy about as you've read in the Weekly Scopes (scroll down my page to see them). The New Moon falls at:

6.24pm LA
9.24pm NY
2.24am Thursday UK,
5.24am Thursday Dubai,
9.24am Thursday Hong Kong,
11.24am Thursday Sydney

This one is all about the PAST, our FEELINGS, our NEEDS, our EATING HABITS, our LIVING SITUATION, our FAMILY, our sense of BELONGING.

A square from Uranus in Aries adds a sudden urge for freedom from past restrictions, past feelings/triggers/reactions - in short, old worn-out emotional material. There's an urge at times to throw everything out from our past, but the square shows it's really an internal friction playing out externally between the habits that have become comfortable even in their discomfort, and the striving Valiantly, Nobly and Bravely and Suddenly (Uranus/Aries) towards something fresh and new.

We have no choice but to Update Our Lives now. Helpful Trines from Chiron (healing) and Saturn (structuring) are welcome signposts that beyond the yearning, burning, churning feelings in the pit of our stomachs, lies is a New Comfort Zone waiting to be tried out. All it takes is listening to that still voice within and taking one foot forward...
Send some good vibes my way, will you? Still trying to secure a new home and it's been one challenge after another. Saturn back in Scorpio is a real Test. Don't give up.

Your Astrologer,