Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A look back at Your 2008

Honor 2008. The crappy things that went amiss. The people you thought would stay forever but who had to go. The ones you never dreamed you'd meet (and the ones you wished you hadn't). The shitty people who crossed your path. The idiotic things that happened that threw you for a loop. The people who arrived to make you smile and laugh and the ones who ran away. As we stand on the verge of another calendar year, I invite you to take a look back at the lessons, challenges, triumphs, people, places, loves, losses, miracles and nightmares that made up YOUR own story.

Did you make the most of planetary transits? Have a look at the following checklist:

1. Did you defeat prejudice inside
(Pluto in Sagittarius) and open yourself up to learning through each person you met? Did you allow others their opinions without cutting them off or destroying them? Did you finally change something you believed for so long that wasn't altogether true for YOU?

2. Did you clean up a major portion of your life (or attempt to) or did you sink back further into addictive/escapist behavior and drift with the tide? (The Pisces/Virgo eclipses). Did you direct drama into creating something, to further the collective, or sink into petty ego fights demanding attention when you could have supported social causes? (The Leo/Aquarius eclipses).

3. Did you forgive, forget or otherwise move on with your full being from situations that crashed and burned and died a death around you? Did you truly move on or did you kid yourself into believing you'd made a clean slate?

4. Did you expand your business horizons,
seek new work with optimism, spread your business wings and use the Universal Laws to manifest or at least draw up a blueprint of what you want to build? (Jupiter in Capricorn)

5. Did you clean up your act when it came to your daily schedule, your health picture and your job situation? Were you practical, essential and did you simplify your life and find a way to be of service to those around you? (Saturn in Virgo)

6. Did you get back up when your 'plan' failed
and continued on regardless, and did you learn to soften and 'accept' when faced with resistance? (Saturn opposite Neptune).

8. Did you get a sniff of where you're abusing Power or feeling powerless
, with a view to stepping back into your personal power without taking away others' right to theirs? (Pluto in Capricorn).

No matter. Every step of every road is a marker for our own choices. And here we stand on the threshold of another calendar year, full of new promise, new obstacles to test your mettle, new people to aid you (or attempt to thwart you) on your new path, new horizons to see, new opportunities, new ways to spread or try your wings.
New reasons to get out of bed, and new reasons to experience the freshness of each moment.

Whatever 2008 brought, it's time to turn a page, turn a cheek and turn our sights now on new fields in which to play. Stay tuned for a look ahead to what 2009 MAY hold (if you so choose) and some of the things likely to face us all as a collective, as we move into this new phase of the journey.

2008 was a '1' year - a year of new people, new challenges, having to "start over" and finding new parts of ourselves (or reigniting old parts we'd nearly forgotten about). This is all part of the story of 2008. Setting the stage for events to follow in the coming year.

More on 2009's promise soon.

In the meantime, a Happy OLD year to you, and an even greater New Year - if you can keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goal.

A quotation I have carried for some time now in my wallet and now beside me at the computer as I type is appropriate to pass on to you now, on the verge of a new era:

Be happy for this moment....
...for this moment is Your Life.

See you on the flip side!

And thank you ALL who read this, for sharing with me in 2008. I'll do my best s always to help navigate you ahead, offer choices, possible solutions and support on your road ahead.

Your Spiritual Sidekick, Astro-Ally & Neptunian Navigator,
Neil xxx
www. New World Astrology .com


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Monday, December 29, 2008

Your final reality-check of 2008: Saturn turns Retrograde (Dec 31)

How much fine-tuning have you been doing? Jeez. If it wasn't your health acting up, it was your job situation, (loss, change, instability, annoyances), and if it wasn't your relationships (nitpicking problems that wouldn't go away and details you had to iron out over and over) it was personal stuff you've been trying to perfect and polish. In short, it's been tight, and you've been through the juicer.

Life is about editing, and maintenance for us all right now with Karmic Saturn in Clean-It-Up Virgo. You simply can't escape the Glaring Problems in your life. However Saturn now slips backwards for ONE FINAL GO AT AN AREA YOU'VE BEEN TRYING TO GET RIGHT FOR SOME TIME NOW.

Your new Deadline (yep, it's not over) is JUNE 2009. By then you'll have been given ample time to get it in working order, better shape, smoother and more efficient, and more helpful to you and your life (and other people!).

So, that's great news right? The bad news is some troubles may flare up again to help you get on the right page. So if they do, you know where to come. Right back here to see what's going on, or check in with me personally. But you have your warning right now on the last day of 08!

It's all for a great reason. By June 2009, you WILL be in a place to move ahead, and by August 2009, you'll be finally FREE of these lessons. For at least another 29 years, which can't be bad. By then you'll have more wisdom and maturity and experience under your belt. But...will your life be in a better place by then? That takes effort now before at least one ship passes you by. Life is about Choice.

Not bad, eh?

Can you withstand the stress now, for a long-term solution? If so, DO it. Do the work. Take the pressure. Commit. Withstand the stress. Don't quit. Sharpen your skills and resolve. Improve the situation, however slight.

If you've been lazy and skimping, life is sure to have kicked you in the butt recently. You weren't developing yourself and life to your full potential. Your harvest failed. Your success, not forthcoming.

Now's your chance to get back in the game!

That's it, we're not talking major change with this, just a slow, steady and sure step-by-step plan of action to improve that problem area of your life.

Breathe! it's all unfolding to a Higher Plan. After this, you'll see your own mastery in the face of a problem that seemed insurmountable. Now is your chance to GO BACK OVER IT to see if you missed a SIMPLER SOLUTION.

There is a better way. It's just a case now, of trying it.

To your new life, and the current irritations that'll get you to it.

Your Siding-with-Saturn Showcaser,

www. New World Astrology .com

Friday, December 26, 2008

Night Fight or Fighting the Night: Mars meets Pluto (Dec 27)

It's violent, it's ruthless, its INTENSE - and you can't escape it. This week you either get to experience it or witness it. Military Mars meets All Or Nothing Pluto creating the scenario for ultimate Change, whether we like it or not.

From divorces to death, from firings at work to firings in the streets, to cutting out the rotten parts of your life to entering therapy to try and transform them that way.

We ask ourselves Do I try and maintain things, resist temptation, stay out of trouble and work on my personal "stuff", or do I seek an external situation or scenario which will help me to either implode or explode, thus creating the necessary (and sweeping) change.

What may happen now? Well you could end up in a violent setting. You could unleash. Or be unleashed on. Either way you're no victim, this has been building a while. Wake up.

You could take it instead into building instead of pure destruction. Use your energy now don't let it use you. You may find yourself faced with some truly ugly situations and have to relinquish control and walk. You may find something ends or dies and you lose control anyway. You may find others trying to control you or abuse you, in which case you draw a line. And yet you may find that by facing the Darkness you transform yourself and step into the Light.

Sexual energy is high - we either feast or go celibate. We find problems playing out in how and who we seek sexual expression with. And if you're single, maybe it's how you process your dark side. We push to the death when it comes to what we want. We say YES YES YES or NO, NEVER. Intense, seething, powerful and probing. Great to take to the bedroom, not so great outside,unless you're a cutthroat business dealer or a criminal (plenty of those around to help aid us in furthering our own growth, so be aware!).

Spiritually, it's time to take out further trash (yes, again). It's time to face the stuff we swept under the carpet (symbolically) or stuffed in the closet (symbolically AND literally). What's in your psychic storage? What deep seated fear or issue is festering still? It's time to let it out. Forget fighting, it no longer works. It's time to let it go, stop feeding the fire and time to focus on HOW TO TRANSFORM ANY DARK SITUATION YOU FIND YOURSELF IN.

How do we do that? Perhaps by leaving. Perhaps by giving it one last shot. Perhaps by finding the ROOT CAUSE. Perhaps by taking a radically different approach. Perhaps by bowing and bending, perhaps by accepting forgiveness or failure.

We each play a role now in our collective transforming. But as humans we don't often like change. We try and hold on, attracting situations that FORCE us to change. And it hurts. This is one of those weeks when change finds us. When the things we have avoided are suddenly knocking at the door. We face the shadow - either in someone else and what they "do to us" or in the form of our own Shadows - fear, anger, jealousy, hurt, resentment, pain.

What is your fuel? What powers your battery? The Dark Stuff, or the struggle to take the dark stuff to a higher level, transmuting pain into understanding. To Breakdown to break through?

it's not an easy week. but it's worth the crap we go through to free ourselves from our own games, manipulations and belief that we have no power. We do. The Power to Respond in a way that is no longer "reaction". To Change Our Script.

Check your fuel tank, if you're low, perhaps it's time to refuel at a new station...

Be Intense, but Do Something Useful with it.

Your Pluto Power Pumper and Primer,

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Solstice of Death: Sun enters Capricorn (Dec 21)

Keep an eye out on events tomorrow that hint at what you're trying to destroy, what you're trying to rebirth and transform in your life, what Must Change in your life story and how this may all play out for you - offering options, choices, and hints at avenues you'd rather not take, to give you a choice to change before you're forced to.

Just as Scrooge faced the death of everything he had built (that which was built on "bad vibes"" shall we say) and forced to change his ways), this Solstice has a very similar message for those who don't heed its tidings.

During this winter solstice, the sun teams up with Pluto at 0 degrees Capricorn. Some part of our life story is in for a crash and burn and rise again scenario (if you haven't noticed it happening already that is). If you're already lightening your load, simplifying your life and bringing LOVE to all you do, encounter, witness and want, you'll be fine. It's the ones who are controlling, domineering, manipulating and causing pain intentionally that will suffer the most, I have no doubt (don't they always anyway?)

So keep your senses ON, during Dec 21 as the world witnesses a continuing collapse and destruction of what no longer works, and new systems implemented that take into account all the smaller cogs in the machinery. However, are the new systems a new form of control? Are you kidding yourself or are you truly committed to freedom within yourself from old haunting obsessions and pains?

Whatever in your life isn't taking into account the WHOLE, will continue to glitch. Stay alert and make the necessary changes and be ready to LET GO where need be. We're all in this together, and this Winter, we get to shed our own baggage as the trees shed leaves.

Shake off the old, it's already gone but you're hanging tight to yesterday.

P.S winter continues the theme of big business running into big trouble, and the fall of empires built on the illusion of separation. We're in this together and we're about to truly see this. Keep your spirits up and witness the demise of further institutions in society that aren't helping us out! Yay! Bring on the new!

Spiraling onwards and upwards,

Your Plutonian Promoter,
www.New World Astrology .com

Friday, December 19, 2008

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Monday, December 15, 2008

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Friday, December 12, 2008

Empty your Head! Full Moon in Gemini (Dec 12)

Lot on your mind?

With the current Gemini-flavored Full Moon we're all playing mental pinball. Either your thoughts are on what's going wrong/not working/problematic....on what you want/need/desire to see manifest in your life....or on the many possible paths playing out of what "could" go wrong if you never get what you want and are stuck on what's going wrong...etc etc and etc.

Talk about mental overload!

The way I see it under a Gemini Full Moon is that any tension in your life is showing you where you have resistance. The pictures you carry in your head this next two weeks shape what's to come next in your life, or at least play a huge role in determining possible outcomes, or the scenery on your road.

Major decisions are inevitable now - watch what your mind does when faced with options. Some decisions are out of our hands, while others put us in a quandary. Either way you have to get clear now on what you want, and whether you're spending enough time in the day to at least focusing on THAT possibility.

So...check in with yourself periodically, this week and next. Catch yourself dwelling, stewing, suffering, complaining and SNAP OUT OF IT. Re-orient your brainpower into picturing a new possibility. Minds love options so give it something fun to work on, instead of feeding it your usual negative worst-case-scenarios.

This Full Moon opposes Mars - your gut says one thing but you're pushing for another. Someone plays the sensitive one, while the other plays the angry one. Are you staying in or going out? Are you caring or daring? Can you be both? Give yourself room to breathe and roam, and you'll have no trouble. Work at home, on the home and making things comfier, then get out on a road trip or to a bookstore and feed your brain with new things (again) to avoid tension. IMPORTANT: People will disagree with your way, your beliefs and practices. Let them. Steer clear of ideological arrogance. Act on feeling, and feed/fuel your creative fires instead of lighting someone's hair.

Careful when out driving, people speed under these conditions so don't let emotions land you in an impulsive accident. Or a fight. Or a ticket. If you're crabby, withdraw and work on your feelings. If you're angry, chances are you're not meeting one of your Top 5 "needs". Feed yourself!

This Full moon is challenged by Saturn - feelings clash with what HAS to be done. You KNOW you need to go to the gym, pick up bread, fix the car, lend a hand to your friend in need. You WANT to watch mindless TV, waste time chatting online, write your journal or just sit and think. Obligation battles with frustration. You'd rather read but have to do laundry. The weight of what MUST be taken care of, hampers your need for lightness and fresh air. Best advice: tick off your chores by doing two things at once or bounce between them till they are complete. Details count but you also need room to make mistakes.

Note: Keep an open mind, maybe your way isn't as perfect as you think. Being anal gets you nowhere this cycle. If anything, focus on Mental Health first and foremost, and everything else will run smoother. (Also, re-work your schedule, it's probably worn out by now).

This Full Moon is soothed by Neptune - inspiration is there if we want it. Friends have a magical way of passing on messages without knowing it. Don't get stuck in LOGIC when a right brain dreamed up solution works better. Write down your dreams this week. Do it! Better yet, lie down while awake, and see what comes to you horizontally. Ideas are weird, unique, bizarre and pretty damn great so write them down or they'll be lost in the next brainstorming cloud.

This Full Moon is championed by Chiron - making it an easier time to heal on all levels. From small boo boos and scrapes, to emotional hurts. All it takes is a change of mind now to activate your true healing. A different approach just somehow works now. Forget tradition or what others say works. You're already healed or at least healing....and it's not half as bad as you think if you're still here and reading this, (but egos do love the drama).

This Full Moon is zapped by Uranus -
boy do we feel bored. We want to get the hell out but we're unsure what change to make! Our dreams inspire us to jump out of tall buildings but reality is another story. Be wild and wily at least to offset stuffiness. But realize boredom is your enemy now, and you'll dream up or actually encounter plenty of resistance and barriers and blockers, if you're seeking to rebel against something. Don't squander your freedom,

GRAND MUTABLE CROSS: This Full Moon is particularly challenging because it joins a large pattern of tension, in basic terms it means BE FLEXIBLE but don't use that as an excuse to drift, be lazy and be unreliable. Go with the flow and know that feelings, no matter HOW dire, come and go, ebb and flow, and aren't meant to linger, unless we elect to keep them around by choosing to replay thoughts that inspire those feelings. Very important words, this cycle.

THIS WEEK'S MAJOR ADVICE - fresh air is a must now. Air out your brain. Open up your head. Let out old words and breathe new possibilities in. Clear mental obstructions. Speak your mind. Get it off your chest. Write it, sing it, shout it, mail it. Tell them. Then forget it. Better yet - CHANGE YOUR MIND! Re-focus. Change how you're going to perceive and see something. Re-frame it. Change the story surrounding it. You only saw ONE side of it, right?
What you see (inside) is what you'll get (outside) more often than not.

And finally...look around your local environment for messages and clues for you. Overheard conversations (wow people are really gossiping have you noticed?) Gems of wisdom pour from mouths, books, the radio etc. Just be careful, a lot is SAID now, but is it truth or just a really good story.

Stop replaying the same stories yourself, start telling the world (and yourself) new tales. It's time to stop living in the past or at least change how you view it, and how you allow others to view your history. Turn your past into a conspiracy to help you and...somehow, will.

More soon!

Free and freshen your mind!

Your Mental Mapper,
www.New World Astrology .com

This Full Moon

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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Monday, December 08, 2008

When faced with options...

"pick the path that honors you".
Sandra Anne Taylor

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Special Chart /Situation Reading for $50.

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Wherever you are, and whatever you're doing - enjoy the scenery as nothing stays the same.

Your Spiritual Santa,
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