Thursday, October 25, 2007

Following your Financial Flow: Taurus Full Moon

What do you value?

If you're not exactly sure, then look at what you:

* Spend money on
* Spend your time doing
* Get deeply involved in
* Do to earn money
* Surround yourself with
* Do with no compensation because you adore doing it
* Like having, enjoying, being

These things show us, (whether we agree with them or not) what we actually VALUE. And yes, they can be out of whack with what we 'claim' to value in life.

The Taurus Full Moon (Oct 25/26) opens a dialogue between our conscious and unconscious on what it is that we actually do value and if our values are aligned with our soul.

Where are you at materially? Is having little freeing you to pursue more "spiritual" goals? Is being "spiritual" going without financially? Is money "evil" or just another form of energy? Can you be rich spiritually and STILL have a comfy bank balance? What do you owe? Are you being honest or manipulating people out of their possessions?

Taurus is about money, but it goes deeper than that. It's about self-worth. The amont of comfort in your life RIGHT NOW is in direct proportion to how much comfort you feel able to handle. Maybe the things that bother you are in place (by you) to keep you from being too apathetic (if I have to struggle to survive, I can't be lazy..".
it's worth a thought.

Prosperity Consciousness: is happy with what it has, enjoys quality, knows that price tags don't mean a thing but will happily spend fully on what feels good. Knows that the Universe is limitless and that as fruit trees continue to shed apples, money going out will return, because they are using it to create and enjoy beauty and aren't withholding - from themselves OR others. Money is another form of energy - like hugs, or kisses. It's enjoyed, created to be enjoyed, allowed to come in and spent on continuing the cycle. It's not always about money though - it's just a sense of feeling rich no matter what, and money is a reflection of this. They are happy with whatever they have, they are full. They always are.

Poverity COnsciousnes: feels there is a limited supply so must hold on, save, scrimp and be "practical". Luxuries are a waste of money. Things have to be worked hard for. Others have more so in order to gain more, they have to withhold and protect what they have and give out little, in order to save it and make it grow. They worry it's all going to come to an end and they'll become homeless, or foodless so they live with the fear and therefore the need to safeguard and never FULLY enjoy what they have - as it may leave at any time. They feel lighter and cleaner having less, even though they may claim to want more.

Which one are you living in tune with most of the time? Since this forms the basis for most of your interaction with the materialisty (taurus) of this earth plane (and this lunar phase) it's time to get back in tune with what feels good to you.

At this Full Moon some good ideas:

Celebrate your soul's vehicle - your body
Eat well - cook a gourmet meal, bake bread, a cake, make muffins, make it a FEAST!
Save something - bargain hunt, sale shop, go for quality not quantity, but don't pay full price!
Count what you have - add up numbers, balance your checkbook, clear debts
Know what you have, and the decide what you want and need
HUG! Friends, family, strangers, anyone who'll let you! In return you'll be hugged. Give a massage or go get one.
Be sexual - enjoy everything about your body, and give up guilt
Value everything you do - after all it's an extension of you.
Do what makes you feel good
Sing - Taurus connects to the throat chakra and thyroid
Paint - Taurus is the sign of Art
Go Camping, hiking, for a walk in the park, to the beach, rock climbing, have a food or mud fight (Taurus is the sign of Nature)
Light scented candles, brew coffee, cuddle up under a blanket or with a teddy bear, burn incense, wear silk pajamas, listen to amazing music (taurus is the sign of indulging the senses)

With this Full Moon opposing Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio - it's time to stop dwelling on destruction, and to focus on the renewal of nutrients and new fertile soil (like the aftermath of a volcano) in which to plant new seeds of comfort.

As fires continue to rage on here in Los Angeles, a cleansing and a clearing is taking place. In Taurus, though, most of this will be a renewal (Scorpio) of priority and values (Taurus) as much that is material and financial (Taurus) is lost (Scorpio).

Under this Full moon - who would you be, and how would you be if you had all your possessions taken from you? It's worth a thought. Who are you when you strip it all away and who/how do you want to be?

In Beauty and Comfort no matter what,

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Here we go - Stern Saturn affecting our Virgo Healthcare

As predicted previously in this blog, Saturn's passage into Virgo means strict and harder laws in the healthcare systems. The BBC reported today seriously tougher new laws to be imposed in England that include:

* Smokers having to buy permits to smoke and showing them when buying tobacco.

* Companies with more than 500 employees would be required to designate an hour in the working day as the "exercise hour" and to provide facilities to enable workers to take exercise.

* Food manufacturers would be banned from adding salt to processed foods
Handing out free fruit to primary school children each day

* Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, is considering sending parents details of their children's weight measurements at the ages of 5 and 10. This is so that parents can make an assessment as to whether their kids are becoming obese.

SATURN is Authority, the Lawmaker and in Virgo, he's coming in the form of a health-inspector in various areas of your life (if he's in your 10th house of your personal chart he'll inspect how well you're taking care of business, if in your 4th House how well you're situated at home, your 2nd house how well you're balancing your checkbook and so forth.

I'll keep you posted on this one. I gotta get to my 50 crunches. More soon.

Love and heavy panting (from work...Saturn in Virgo is no picnic!)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mercury Retrograde and your Computer....

If your computer HASN'T frozen, crashed, wiped something, or decided to stop working, and if you've been lucky to avoid shipping errors in things you ordered online, and if you haven't spent part of this week screaming into your computer at someone or something, then you're one of the lucky ones who somehow is Mercury Retrograde-proof (or so it would seem).

For the rest of us, who aren't quite so lucky, enjoy this video from comedian Eddie Izzard which I stumbled across today, during the period when this is more fitting than ever.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Your Personal Cycles - and why your life is on repeat?

Since it's Mercury Retrograde, you may be wondering where you're actually 'at' in your Personal Cycles. Is Mars (the planet of aggression) in your 7th House of Relationships causing you to want to lunge at anyone in passing distance? Is Mercury actually Retrograding back through your 2nd House of Finance causing you to forget to pay a bill (or wind up landing a second job you'd almost given up on)? With around 12 planetary placements and 12 houses there's a lot of combinations and possibilities.

To help you during Retrograde, I'm offering the awesome Transit Report to help you work out where you're at in the story of your life - including smaller short-term transits and bigger picture ones too. You'll find out what you should, could and will be focusing on. A personal weather map of sorts.

And I'm also adding the Karmic Insight Report if you haven't yet seen yours - which details situations and energies you've been dealing with from other lifetimes. Could your 'repeat mode' situation actually be karmic in nature. Most likely.

Enjoy these two Reports - they're on offer at the site for $40 together. Grab them, read them, absorb them and free yourself from sticky situations that are old, pointless, boring yet somehow addictive.

Check them out here.

Mercury Retrograde will help free you from a past of your own choosing if we use its time period well. May this be one step towards that goal.

Any questions, comments or stories as always drop me a line and let me know how you're getting on at

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Listen in to my Chicago radio appearance

Here's the audio on my Windy City podcast appearance in Chicago - covering a little of Mercury Retrograde, Saturn's sign shift, and taking some of your caller questions.

Enjoy the show!

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's that time again: Mercury Retrograde (in Scorpio)

The Basics on Mercury Retrograde for those who aren't "in the know" astrologically. Don't worry, you soon will be. Welcome to the 'we now know about Mercury Retrograde Camp!


Communciation goes weird if you push ahead too fast or far
Computers have issues - back-up disks
Travel gets tangled - back-up plans, check tickets
Paperwork has errors
Phonecalls are missed or incorrect
Written work needs checking
Signing things gives u a result that isn't what you expected when Mercury goes Direct again
People don't understand, mishear, don't listen are late or disaagreeable


You can go BACK on the past and reevaluate
Visiting old haunts is worthwhile
Reconnecting with people is needed
Resolving old matters works to our advantage and is easier
Clearing up space and our heads help
Revisiting ANYTHING for a second go is a great idea
Going backwards for a bit works out
Taking a time out helps you
Finding things lost is much easier

In Scorpio, Mercury Retrograde asks us to root around in our basements (literal or metaphorical) to see what's no longer of any use, and also what strengths we may have forgotten about. It's a time to put debts to rest by paying them back or forgiving them and writing them off.

We need a mental clean sweep as it were, dusting the Halloween cobwebs out of our heads, mouths and eyes.

How you perceive things is a reflection of your innermost beliefs and thoughts about yourself. We get to work on these now in the next 3 weeks.

Sexual questions, issues arise, along with investment queries - is our money using us or are we stuck in the fear of not having enough? Is the shadow of debt hanging over us? Are we being shady and secretive and manipulating out of insecurity?

Our ONLY power now is in how we choose to perceive things. And in how we react to events. Redefining our relation to our pasts is inevitable during Mercury Retrograde periods.

Mercury is retrograde, appearing to move backward, 2-3 times a year. Mercury retrograde times call for you to recheck everything, anticipate and plan ahead, and to relearn lessons unlearned since the last Mercury retrograde cycle. It is a good time for review and completing ongoing projects. It is NOT a time to start something new. Mercury energies involve the mind, mental processes, communication, travel, speaking, and writing. The Retrograde symbol is "Rx", the same symbol on all medical prescriptions! Physicians until the 15th century had to also be astrologers before they could practice medicine. Plan ahead for these times. So you can do preventive maintenance and schedule, here are the common things that occur, the things Mercury retrograde times are notorious for:


Communications go awry - phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, conversations are delayed, misinterpreted, blocked. Recheck everything like appointment times, spelling, wording, the words you say.

Anticipate detours - memory lapses, confusion, failing to listen, failing to confirm, negotiation failures, changing of plans.

Avoid signing documents, contracts if possible. You can wait 3 weeks, hopefully.

Expect travel delays, car trouble, delayed plane schedules, reservations that suddenly becoming "missing", transportation difficulties of all kinds.

Expect problems with messages, books, letters, magazines, documents, neighbors and the near environment.

BACK up your computer files! This is the time the screen goes blank and there is nothing there!

Expect the phone lines, cable lines, power lines to have problems.

Steven Forrest, author of The Inner Sky, describes Mercury retrograde well: “Mercury retrograde…isn’t ‘bad’, - it just takes some planning to cooperate with the energies. It’s meant to be spent assimilating experiences, reviewing the past, and redoing, in general. Matter of fact, if you really want to get the most out of a Mercury retrograde, confine your activities as much as possible to those that have “re” attached to the beginning of the word. Re-schedule appointments, repair vehicles, return to the past, re-write documents and agreements, etc.

So that's the skinny on this period. It lasts 3 weeks. Slow down. Catch up. And let me know here how it's all shaping up for you.



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mercury's about to go retrograde..... 9pm on Oct 11. More on that tomorrow. For now - please don't be like me and buy an MP3 player (or other technology goods) that was incomplete and will have to be returned. You've been warned!

Resolution or Retribution? New Moon in Libra (Oct 10)

Libra New Moons put the emphasis on our people skills. How harmonious are your relationships? Is the peace and quiet really the calm before the storm; would a face-to-face clear the air. Storms create the freshest air afterwards, and the magic we're seeking could be found at the tail end of conflict. It seems that with peace-loving Libra, it always, somehow, somewhere, comes down to conflict. Peace-War. War-Peace. And in today's world, the themes are likely to be clear, obvious and ridiculously predictable.

The New Moon in Libra says Play Fair. Without that the game is lopsided it's over before it's begun. No one wins any karmic points by cheating (and I don't mean in the relationship sense). Politeness and civility are necessary tools to 'getting by' on Earth. We're all animals looking for food if we don't follow one simple Law - treat people as you treat yourself.

Hmm...but hang on, could this be why we have relationship problems still? If we don't respect or even like ourselves how can we like someone else? What we see in others this new moon is a clear indication of ourselves - as partners (business and personal) reflect issues we ourselves are tackling. Remember - it's not"why are they doing this or not doing that", that is the problem, it's 'why have I brought this into my life and why am I fighting this battle?'

It's a fantastic time to work out what you need to balance out in yourself. Calm, quiet and stable? Throw some crazy energy into your life. Reverse it. Turn it on its head. Extroverts spend more time analyzing your own feelings and asking for opinions and guidance. Introverts, get out and connect with more people, or just be around them. Balance out depression with a daily dose of humor. Balance out time-wasting superficiality with some serious study.

Time to renew vows, or celebrate your togetherness by seeing how far you have come, and planting new seeds for new directions to grow together. What new bonds can you create? Any projects, plans, ideas you can work on as a team? Stop fighting against each other and work together. Is it time to let others into your world or keep them at bay and salvage some alone-time together.
Relationship questions abound at this New Moon - is so-and-so staying with Mike. Is Sheila breaking up with Matt? How do Tom and Tyler remain so committed after all these years? Weddings, divorces, engagements, mergers, deal-makes-and-breaks are all headline news this weekend and for the couple of weeks following. Celebrity land I am sure will be abuzz as always at this time.

New rules in your current connections are also likely to pop up - what are your relationship terms, your business working partnership contract terms? Who does what, gets what and wants what? It's time to negotiate.

The deeper questions are: are you seeking someone to fulfil something in your life that's "missing". If so, you'll keep on chasing your tail - or bring someone in who seems to fulfill your every need, until you discover they are only playing a role in your life that you cast them in "strong, supportive savior" or "fun and feel-good firecracker". Roles are roles - and unauthentic.

This Libra New Moon:

Reach an agreement
Charm your way ahead with sincere smiles and genuine flattery
Don't underestimate the Power of Appearances
Enjoy a dash of vanity
Bring more beauty in - whatever that means to you
Calm down - peace begins when you let go of conflict (inner and outer)
Agree to disagree
Find common ground, build bridges
Team up with people you resonate with instead of forcing others into boxes of your creation
Weigh up the pros and cons
Mediate - when faced with two options, create or choose a third
Refuse to take sides For or Against.
Fence Sit for a while
Start a new relationship - go on a date, agree to a business deal, handshake, merger, joint effort
Remember it takes two to tango - so dance or sit it out
Find a partner - to go to the gym with, go dancing/shopping/sitting/thinking with
Enjoy company anywhere, anytime
Flirt - everyone loves a Lover
Beautify at least one part of your life - your kitchen, bedroom, your office desk, a wall, your closet, yourself ( can we say 'makeover'?).
Use symmetry, balance, harmony in all your work and in all you do
Refuse to bow to others pressure, anger or aggression
Watch out for unnecessary people-pleasing - if need be, smile and draw a line

This New Moon is aided by the planets Jupiter and Neptune which bring many new relationships and chances to create/enjoy/share/experience beauty in our lives and in the world at large -if you're open to it. And more 'soul' whatever this means to you - that part of yourself that knows there's more to life than the basics.

Notice a hungering for more romance, music, luxury, harmony. That shows you're in the swing of things here on Planet Earth. This is your marker of progress right now too - and a sign to get back on track if you're experiencing the opposite sign of Aries with its aggression and war.

Ahhh. Relax!


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Thanks Team! Happy New Moon by the way - look out for more on this soon!

Much Love from LA,

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Luxury, Love, Beauty and Balance: New Moon in Libra (Oct 10)

Stay tuned!

Busting out !- Jupiter squares Uranus

Today, we witness a major Astrological Alignment. The last time Jupiter squared Uranus was on Jan 23 2007 and it's back. it's a biggie so here again is the lowdown:

Expansive, over-the-top and greener-pastures Jupiter squares off against freedom-fighter, rebellious and status-quo-shifting Uranus.

Feeling a pull to break free? Congratulations, you're feeling the almighty showdown between these two boisterous and big planets. Jupiter wants better things, Uranus wants to do it differently. Jupiter wants to better the world, so does Uranus, but both have different opinions. More is better, screams Jupiter. Out with the old in with the New, hollers Uranus.

Socially, it's a time of unrest and upheaval - intensified under this alignment. Culture (Jupiter) clashes (Uranus) are inevitable. We're trying to free ourselves (Uranus) from the clutches of repressive religion (Jupiter) uneducated education (Jupiter rules knowledge) and intellectual arrogance (Jupiter likes to claim it owns the Truth).

Some possible manifestations:

Religious exile - people abandon their previous beliefs, members of the church quit, resign or are fired, or change faiths altogether, or else abandon their faith entirely!

Educational exile - teachers do the same thing as the priests as mentioned above. Strikes or at least a shakeup in how the educational system works. Could there be the introduction of shocking new ways to teach people or more spiritual and metaphysical instruction (quantum physics, psychic information, Astrology etc?)

Racism - earlier in January when this aspect broke last we heard breaking news stories of this on mainstream media (Uranus rules television, radio and the broadcast media in general) on shows like Big Brother in England where contestants got into a name-calling racist brawl. Our prejudice (Jupiter) is exposed as being anything but humanitarian (Uranus).

New Gay Laws - Uranus relates to the 'deviant' and the things most of society feels go against what it 'stands for'. Anything that goes against the grain and is 'different'. So homosexuality would fit the bill here, and since Jupiter relates to Law, we could see more challenges (since this is a square aspect of tension) and a greater push for more social equality and liberation. Uranus/Jupiter could see overseas (Jupiter) marriage or at least civil partnerships (Jupiter).
Could immigration laws be ready to be revamped to allow for more fairness and social acceptance? Here's hoping.

Travel Innovation: new ways to travel - and more technology within travel (biometrics, eye scanners, fingerprints etc). Faster and speedier ways to get from A to B. Could this be the beginning of those 2 hour planes from LA to Australia? Or how about teleportation? Travel gets a little crazier so look out for diversions, new routes and perhaps more efficiency - but don't hold your breathe, it always comes with a cost. Hopefully it's not one of freedom or privacy?

Electrifying Inventions - some larger than life ideas, ideals and philosophies. Listen up for some big words, hotshot ideas and some 'here's the solution' remarks from people who big mouths who love to spout hot air. Big words, bright ideas.

Illuminated Thought - the Eureka! Aha! moments of life. Some amazing intuitions that channel their way into our heads, downloaded from the great beyond. There are truly some tripped out ideas floating around now. Will you be the one with the next multi-billion dollar idea or a solution to a major world issue?

Both Jupiter and Uranus are unruly energies so things are very unstable right now. Cultural ideologies can bring us together or tear us further apart now. The Truth in one area of life can separate us and divide us if it claims other ideas aren't truth. Let's face it - Truth is subjective and depends on your point of view. Everyone sees things differently.

What law are you standing for and is it accepting of everyone as a whole or selective?
Are you beliefs purely rebellious with no real purpose?
Are you seeking to better your life or merely rock the boat?

The world has to answer these questions now. Things get larger than life, and pretty crazy at times now. Social issues get blown out of proportion but we do get one benefit now: to see where we're become so enamored of our version of the truth we've forgotten we're connected.

So this next few weeks, take a look around and within your own life.

Are we playing or playing witness to the Separatist Idiot of the Global Village?

Monday, October 08, 2007

Horary Astrology Predictions: Britney, her kids and career

Far be it for me to nose into others businesses (I have Scorpio Rising so i value privacy) I have recently been studying Horary Astrology and it's a great tool to use for prediction. Technical, but worthy of some study. I am giving one a shot here for those who asked me to dive a little deeper.
Personally I do not know Britney Spears, and if you stop here Brit, I just wanna say the best to you on your current spiritual transformations. Being in the spotlight does put a lot of extra weight on already weary shoulders.

So the horary question is to see how things will shape up for her, her kid situation and her career. This is what i got:

Britney is represented by the 7th House (the person being asked about) ruled by traditional Jupiter, who is found in Sag (very strong placement) in the 9th House (double whammy, this is where it belongs). I truly believe seeing this, that she's just pushing pushing pushing for something new. She's BORED! She wants to try new things, be a new person, she's destroying the image everyone has of her. They are WRONG. An example of an Aquarius Moon rebelling against even her own image. Fun stuff. No one sees the cosmic joke here I guess, but maybe Britney is having the last laugh when it comes to her career choices.

Since she's represented by Pisces
in the Chart though, there is a little bit of spacy, driftiness, which could account for the escapism, drugs, drink etc. And with her ruler in the 9th House she is more inclined to take off and travel the world than want to stay put and deal with drama and details.

The flip side is that she'll wage a major legal war soon if she's not brewing one already. 9th House, jupiter and Sag relates to legal cases. Also she may wheel out a book as it's publishing. Her story? Or is she going to sue her company, managers or K Fed?

Jupiter is soon to square to the Moon (another major factor in a Horary chart to analyze the situation) in her 6th House (employees) so it's possible it's a management company legal issue that is brewing already. Either that or a doctor or health practitioner (6th house rules health). And after this, the Moon will apply to an opposition with Uranus - there is a dramatic face off upcoming it seems. Overthrowing the status quo again, is her health or work about to take a major new direction?

Her Children would be represented by the 5th House (kids) from her house which would be Cancer, (ruled by the Moon). Since the Moon is about to square Jupiter and oppose Uranus, there is likely to be some form of fight or legal dispute over this. And a decision could be overturned - perhaps she'll be given custody again sooner than we think. Since the aspect between the planets representing her (Jupiter) and her kids (Moon) is applying (coming together) this does show them being brought back together. However, it's a square aspect so there is likely to be tension in the process. SO i wonder what deal they'll work out. She won't be kept from her kids.

Now her career would be the 4th House of this chart. And there is Pluto. Death and Rebirth. More raunchy? Is she about to do a Madonna and bring out the sexual vibes? It's dark and brooding, political too. Or is she going to jack it all in? Is it Pluto crash and burn? All possibilities. Pluto separating from an opposition to Mars in her 4th House shows a setback due to family conflicts that just passed (we know all about this) and she's just passed a Puto trine to her 6th house Saturn in her 6th which is a turnout in her health and work focus. Detox, purification.

I do wonder about the Libra Sun in her 7th. Surely this is a relationship issue that underlies all of this? The Sun about to apply to her Jupiter and Neptune could show a major relationship development. This woman is not staying single for long I don't think. Is it a Leo or Libra guy? Strong possibilities, I don't know everyone's sign so let me know if you do. I don't know enough Horary Astrology to describe the 'other' guy. he's Virgo in appearance (clean cut but yet his ruler is in Scorpio so there's a dark edge to him -is this K Fed again or someone else?) He's a charmer with a great smile but keeps a lot of his personality behind his mask.

We'll see. I'll leave it here and feel free to post comments or your own opinions. This is my first Horary Analysis, maybe the future ones will be more detailed!

POST-SCRIPT: After completing this analysis, I saw on the news her new album was entitled Blackout. Highly symbolic when you think of Pluto in her Career House.

In answer to your questions - Britney's Analysis

Progressed Chart

Britney's progressed chart saw Pluto (death, rebirth, transformation) cross her Libra Ascendant (beauty). I don't recall when she shaved her head but a total transformation in appearance (1st House) and a darker slant on how she is seen by others (1st House) in the media. Libra is all about looks, Pluto however, is all about extremes and often, the loss of something.

Transit Rundown

Taking a look at her current cycles we see Saturn leaving her 11th House of social interaction to wade into the deeper waters of the 12th House. Often this is a period of aloneness, vanishing from the radar. Perhaps she'll decide to vanish for a little while ready for her resurrection when Saturn hits her 1st House again at the end of 2009. Saturn rules her 4th house of family and foundation so its passage through the 12th house (resolution) is sure to be a time when she'll have to check herself into some form of spiritual rehab, in order to cleanse away psychic 'stuff' she's amassed that block her from her soul.

Between now and December, Saturn will be squaring her Sun (as one of you mentioned) which happens to all of us twice a year and is a test of progress, of our resolve and strength. Energy is depleted and we feel up against a brick wall. With Saturn in her 12th by then, it's sure to be a troubling spiritual issue. The 12th house is escapism, addictions, self-undoing as many older Astrologers used to say, so she'll be tested to see if she can work through troubling inner issues without giving up, quitting, opting out or checking out. Release is what her soul seeks and Saturn will make sure she gives something ip. the 12th house is a form of sacrifice. What will she renounce?

As the year ends Saturn retrogrades back out of her 12th into her 11th which may give the illusion of a rebirth but there is still more work to be done. So I suspect we'll hear more news and Dec and Jan roll around on her continued progress (or lack thereof as judgmental souls would have it).

By March 2008, Pluto moves to her IC (the 4th House cusp) and the lowest part of her chart relating to again her home, family and foundations. A death of one way of life, old habits, possibly a death within the family, would be a major psychic shift for her, an give her a reason to change her life from the ground up. So yes, she's about to transform but in April Pluto goes retrograde so she'll have a lot of 'going over the past' to face in order to allow herself to move on.

Some of you asked about her reputation. Cancer rules her Midheaven (our career status, how the world views us) and that's ruled by the Moon (the most changeable force in Astrology). Cancer is the sign of the USA so it's no wonder she was so well received here (bush is a Cancer too in case you wondered) but as the Moon shows its emotional fickleness, the public's opinion (ruled by the Moon also) changes from day to day. We love you, we condemn you. Bush and Britney both.

Interestingly enough, Cancer relates to parenting, mothering, nurturing. Since Cancer is on her Midheaven, this is how everyone will remember Britney - for how good of a Mom she was or how bad. Again, the public does love to talk, but no wonder she was help us as a sign of parenting, and publicly discussed as to her role as a Mom.

Chiron, the wounded healer, as been trampling over her birth Moon (in her 5th house of children) so it's no surprise the wounds she's received were the loss of her kids. But this was no real loss, since it her healing of her own wounded inner child (which I suspect is more the issue here) proves to be the biggest gift of all in order for her to reconnect with her kids once more.

Aquarius Moon's Moms (again, the USA has an Aquarius Moon so we have here a singer and a country both making headlines news for the way it's treating the innocent...interesting eh?) And again, her 'strange parenting' is very Aquarius Moon. So be it. She's a free spirit and of course, liberated, 'new age' parenting is the way to go here. Britney is just being Britney when it comes to her kids.

By October, Chiron stops retrograding over her Moon, easing up the tension on her heart and soul and the stress of the entire children custody situation. You may find it of interest that Neptune (drugs, alcohol) has been moving through her 5th House also, underlining the reason for her custody loss - her drug use and testing and so forth.

I'll post a HORARY Chart which is a predictive tool many Astrologers use. I'll attempt my own interpretation although this a technical science I myself haven't spent that long mastering. For those interested there are many Horary Astrologers out there, and it's worth a look. Maybe I'll post more of these if you're interested.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

LIsten what I have to say about your sign

Listen to what I have to say about your sign at these older audio clips.

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Now Available: The Centaur Report

I'm proud to unveil a new Report on offer now: The Centaur Report.

It's a pretty nifty little Report if I say so myself. I was interested in reading what it said about myself (always a good test) and found it quite refreshing. A lot of fun and something new and unique for seasoned Astrologers and something fascinating and insightful for those of us who have no knowledge of the subject.

Check out the sample at the site and order your own. It's just $15 so you won't break the bank as you break the boundaries of your knowledge of yourself.

Enjoy this new one!


Britney and her 8th House Loss

Solar Charts are useful tools though many Astrologers don't use them.

The theory is simple. 12 signs. 12 houses. 12 months.
Which House are you finding friction and focus right now?
It all depends on your birth sign.

Find your sign below and count it as 1, then keep counting forward and back to the beginning until you reach Cancer. Thta's your current Mars initiation House. It measn "mars is in this house". Mars - aggression, focus, effort, energy, heat, impatience, and what you HAVE to focus on now, without any choice but to get to grips with this House.

Cancer - Leo - Virgo - Libra - Scorpio - Sagittarius - Capricorn - Aquarius - Pisces - Aries - Taurus - Gemini

More on your own House Initiation here courtesy of Cafe Astrology.

Mars just stomped into Cancer so:

if you're a Libra, if you follow the order you're now in House 10 (friction forcing career storms)
if you're a Scorpio you're finding friction in House 9 (which is why you have an insane desire to learn and do new things)
Sagittarians are in House 8 (a house of endings and chapter changes).

Britney Spears I noticed (A Sagittarius) is not only experiencing the last of her Pluto cycle (death, rebirth, loss, transformation - can we say husband and hair?) but she is currently in her 8th House Mars Initiation.

Aggression, Anger, Energy directed to: 8th House = death, loss, transition, transformation.

And the top news story today on her is that she has lost custody of her kids.

Each House has an initiation and if we can't 'pass' the test by choice, we'll pass it by life forcing us into situations where we'll experience it. In the 8th House, Britney had to kill off parts of her life path that were not fueling her soul growth. Perhaps the loss of her children is a major part now in her continual soul transformation.

More on the Solar Houses soon.