Saturday, March 31, 2007

Past Lives, Present Path

This April, I have a Special Reading on offer: the Past Lives Present Path Reading. This is a unique Reading that details your soul's journey using your Astrological Chart, which outlines where you've been and where you're going.

This Reading covers:

* Your Soul's Path using the Lunar Nodes
* Moon aspects and patterns showing habits formed through the past, childhood and family
* Where you're used to placing your focus and where your new focus should be now
* Saturn's karmic promise, and your Life's Work
* Planetary Aspects showing tests and allies along the way
* Your area of greatest weakness and greatest strength
* What to avoid and where you keep tripping yourself up
* Possible past life scenarios (which you may have recreated this time around
* Your "soul-habits" and how to break them
* What to do for maximum success
* Relationship Patterns and how to change them
* Personal Questions based on your Chart

The Reading is $80 and lasts 45 minutes, and comes with a CD copy.
You can order yours here.

April is a time of new beginnings, and often it helps to know where we've come from, in order to choose the new direction our soul is hungering to explore in this lifetime.

Enjoy these Readings and I look forward to exploring your past with you!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

We're Dying

I had an interesting conversation with a dear Scorpio Soulmate of mine tonight that brought up a lot of symbolic material that I'd like to share with you.

Pluto about to turn retrograde isn't easy stuff. it's not light and fluffy. It's where we really get to grips with spirituality. I remember telling someone once that spirituality isn't about chanting, burning incense and singing mantras. It's about pulling back your sleeves and wiping the shit off the wall when the toilet explodes one day. It's dirty, grimy and you risk losing your body in the process.

Right now - it's all about Death.

If you're standing in a 'safe space' and nothing is changing, don't be so sure. it's all changing, in each and every moment. As Pluto turns backwards from our point of view we're forced to accept that we're in a period of letting go, release and purging.

Everything now is a practice run for the ultimate transition of all. The passage out of here. And how do we achieve this? By getting into here first.

Going inside and rooting around in our symbolic cellar is never a pretty thing. There's cobwebs down there. Possibly a boogieman, and maybe even a live cockroach that flies. And it's dark. Bulbs don't work and who knows if even our flashlight batteries or our resolve will hold long enough til we find what we came down here for.

And what was that again?

Some glimmer that we're more than this, that our life means more than this, that we can handle this and still survive, that we must have some power here and we're not at the mercy of a sort of cosmic pinball machine bouncing us around with no free-will.

We're shedding skin so fast during Pluto Retrograde. All those inner blocks are about to give way, the dam is about to burst, the volcano about to blow. Are you ready?! I know I am.

Scorpios are our light bearers now - they can show us the way ahead because Pluto is their planet. They understand about the darkness within and about the true power we have (and how the stuff that goes wrong, the stuff we lose, the stuff we cling to that vanishes, are all fake things that block us from who we truly are, exposed, bare and vulnerable yet amazingly powerful because it's REAL).

Sagittarians can tell us how to do this - since they've spent the better part of the past few years clearing the decks over and over. Just when you thought you knew who your Sag buddy was, another phase of detoxing cleaned out even more 'stuff' they no longer need. They've lost so much spiritual weight, they can help us now in this period, to understand the process of "letting go".

So everything is a practice of Death now - hold a funeral for everything leaving, everyone you're saying goodbye to, and every path that seems to be closing itself off to you. If something breaks and you have to toss it, if some feeling you've held onto no longer seems appropriate, celebrate its passage and its part of the old world as you continue ahead into your New World.

Horror abounds now and we face the Monster.

And we'll come to see that the true horror lies inside - and its name is CONTROL. For once we operate with a need or a desire to control anything - ourselves or anyone outside of ourselves, we are no longer in the "flow" of life's cosmic current. And flowing is the only way to manifesting true health. All the rest causes dis-ease.

I love horror, I love Scorpios. I love Death.
It's all connected. It's all One.

This week, look around at your own life and see the part of the equation die that no longer 'adds up' to your ultimate happiness.

In that frame of mind, there can be no loss, for we cannot lose what we are, and who we are. We can only, finally, see clearly with no distractions obstructing the view of ourselves.


Photo by Ben,

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Waking up Together

"When enough of us remember enough of
what we already know enough of the time,
we will all be unable
to keep our eyes closed.
And, according to the ancient legend,
we'll all wake up together".

Paul Williams

Forecasts are up!

Check out this weeks forecasts by clicking here and see what's going on in your corner of the world!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Power Check: March 31

(Photo: Sculpture, Ana Maria Pacheco, 'Dark Night of the Soul', 1999. London, National Gallery.)

Pluto, the planet of hidden things, underground and underworld activity, secrets, manipulation, sexual intensity, passion and purpose, and transformation is about to turn retrograde on March 31.

Are you powerful or powerless right now?

You're always powerful. it's just in how you choose to exercise your right to choose, your right to act, your right to not react, your right to turn away, your right to stand firm. Your right is your power and power is your right.

As the energy of Power goes retrograde it is inverted, moving back in on itself. We feel this as a questioning of our own power, bubbling away as a sort of intensity of frustration or else an intensity of excitement. one is liberating one is destroying.

Reclaiming our inner power is the mission we're all facing now. The Dark Underworld stands before us, not outside in the form of the next enemy (though it may) but most importantly inside our very psyche, in the form of fear - fear of losing power, fear of being annihilated not by someone else, but by our own dark sides - our angry, our passion, our repressed frustration, our inner and secretive crazy sides and the wild animal we all house in our souls.

Scorpio, as the sign ruled by Pluto, will be the sign feeling this shift - as they venture inside, further away from prying eyes, to work on releasing blocks inside, and realizing, remembering and restoring their natural and powerful lives as healers, alchemists and magicians - transforming their own darkness into Light.

Sagittarians (with Pluto in their sign now) will feel this as a need to go back over old ground and see if the monster is really down. Is it sleeping? The horror movie scenario could play out where there's one last fright, one last resurgence of an old shadow force coming back to life for one more attempt to hook itself into their lives, but knowing this, Sag can refuse to feed the fires of the past and to truly walk away. Darkness is an absence of light, and all they need do is turn it on.

How about the rest of the signs?

Keep an eye on the forecasts for next week. Each sign has a way of reacting to this new shift, but it's all a common theme - inner power expressed and enjoyed or else inner power left unrealized causing pain.

Whatever situation we find ourselves in, we have a choice to feel at the mercy of someone else (who is no doubt manipulating based on their own fear of being controlled) or we get to take a Higher Road. Any conflict you get into now is based on the attempt to exert authority so that we stay in control and safe.

Pluto doesn't like safety - safety traps up, confines us and eventually can define us. Pluto destroys things that we cling to to hide behind. Inside of us is a deep, deep well of primal power. Feel it. it's there. It wells up during the moments before an orgasm, it powers up as we know we're about to sneeze. When the mother lifts the car off her injured child, Pluto's force of cosmic power is behind it. Life and Death situations (or those we just FEEL to be) cause a welling up of Pluto power.

Pluto retrograde is here to help us sniff out the deepest parts of our souls. The things we haven't forgiven, the things we won't let go of. The parts of our pasts, and ourselves, that we cling to, to define who we are (by telling the same stories over and over again).

There IS no power abuse, only ourselves not trusting we're okay in each and every moment. Letting out pain is letting out power. Some will turn to Art, some will turn to Horror Movies, some will turn to violence and actual murder, some will destroy themselves in a final act of release (and unforgiving), some will go for therapy, some will fight old battles, some will decide enough is enough and blow up one area of their life, some will manifest illness in the body as a sign of the inner fight they are denying, some will have a showdown with their 'enemy' manifested finally in front of them in the form of a physical person, situation or issue.

All are valid, all are accepted and acceptable. Some are more joyous than others but all involve the act of DESTRUCTION. The seeds of change. Endings. "Death".

It's Choose Your Own Adventure Time.

Power is Power. It's neither "good" nor "bad" it's not "evil" or "angelic", it's an energy. As it pulls us inside, we get to witness just how powerful we forgot we are. Watch your dreams, watch your mind, your thoughts, watch your feelings.

As April begins and March ends, we face the dark side of our soul with an invitation to accept us as we are, all sides. Light and Dark combined.

You are an intense, sexy, powerful magician. What spells are you casting by the focus of your emotional energy??

Harry Potter, eat your heart out...


P.S Ana Maria Pacheco (see photo) is a painter, sculptor and printmaker who was born in Brazil in 1943 and has lived in England since 1973. Her work deals with issues of control and the exercise of power, drawing upon the tensions between the old world of Europe and the new world of her Brazilian birth.

Full Report Special - ends March 31!

Just a reminder that the full Birth Chart Natal Report is currently on special and ends March 31. This is the 80+ page extensive Report on your personal chart, personally compiled and one of the most in-depth Reports available online.

Chapters include the 12 houses of your chart, planets within, your karmic lunar nodes (past lifetimes and present destiny pointers), relationship patterns, evolutionary Astrology outlining your souls choices to experience certain things in this lifetime, personality profiling, descriptive passages outlining why you do the things you do. Things that trip you up and ways to channel your energy. Each Report is a different length depending on what your Chart says, but all are a guaranteed 80+ pages long. All About You (always a good thing, right?)

Normally $75, currently $50.
Offer ends March 31.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Video Reminder.... remember that though our Moon emotions seem overwhelming at times, they are always before the backdrop of the Light of our inner Suns.

This video shows the passage of the Moon in front of the Sun. From Earth they appear the same size, but this shows the reality of the event: Check it out here!

Emotions are our driving force, but our eternal never-changing inner Light and personality shines brighter - and actually is the light that GIVES the Moon its own light, since without the Sun our moon (and emotions) would have no chance to shine.

We create our emotions and can choose to enjoy them, change them by shining light on each feeling we suddenly find ourselves holding.

Shine Shine Shine!


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Keep Swimming....

Mars (planet of energy, action, assertion, desire and drive) is currently "conjunct" (dancing alongside, hand in hand, mingling with and otherwise aligning 'vibes' with) Neptune (planet of drifty, dreamy spiritual release, escape, magic, mystery, fog, illusion, surrender etc).

Here on Planet Earth if we're not experiencing foggy conditions externally, we're feeling it inside - as Mars energy seeks to express itself through evasive, non-confrontational means. How can you fight (mars) what isn't seen (Neptune). Fighting only gets you so far until you realize that all you are in conflict with outside, is a mere manifestation of some basic internal struggle you have, and that often by letting it be as it is, situations can resolve themselves much faster, because you no longer feed the fire of conflict, which ultimately ends in its resolution.

That's our current dilemma - to battle or let it slide. Can we do what Dorey says in the Piscean tale 'Finding Nemo' Just Keep Swimming?

The answer to all questions now is spiritual in Nature. We can run away from connecting to our core, or we can champion activities and projects that feed our souls. Art, music, dance, meditation, swimming, surfing, channeling, writing, communing, daydreaming, watching movies and so forth.

What does your soul urge you to do now? If you're experiencing escapism tendencies it's a sure sign your soul is calling, asking you to give up control in some area, and now it's manifesting as an intense need to give it up in areas that may not be feeding your soul but are feeding the hunger to escape even further.

Tune-out from the outside, and tune on in to the Inside - as Spirit calls this week asking you to pick up the phone and find something to do to remember your divinity.

Happy Celestial Surfing!

Friday, March 23, 2007

March 23: On this day...

On this day in 1989, a mountain-sized asteroid passed within 500,000 miles of Earth. According to NASA, this was a very close call. It would have hit with the strength of 40,000 hydrogen bombs, created a crater the size of the District of Columbia, and destroyed everything within 100 miles in all directions.

Thanks to my good friend Russell for this news. Puts my day in perspective!


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Haven't you heard?

...Today is the first day of Spring!

Astrologically, we just entered the first sign of the zodiac. The Spring Equinox.

You know all those things you were battling yesterday, all those emotions you were being swamped by, the hurts, the confusion, the questions, the escapism...?

Forget them.

We just entered ARIES. It's a fresh start, so give yourself permission to wake up to a new dawn today and start over.



Eclipse Forecasts are up!

Read this week's extensive forecasts for more information on what your sign is learning during this Eclipse period. if you know your rising sign read that too and if you don't, you can find it at the article link at the top.



You can read the horoscopes here, under the HOROSCOPE menu at the bottom of the page as always, updated each Monday.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sweet Surrender: Pisces Solar Eclipse March 18

Sunday March 18 (around 6.42pm PDT) is the Solar Eclipse in Pisces.

This is a Major Manifestation period, when we get to plan 'wish seeds' for what we desire. It's a focal point of energy when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in the final sign of Pisces.

New Moons are about new beginnings, especially under a Solar Eclipse, but this is the final sign of the zodiac, and related to endings. What does all this mean?

Let's break it down - it's emotional. Even though this is a Solar Eclipse (related to our solar side, or ego and identity) it's an emotional one. It's an emotional time when we get to see ourselves in our true light (not as we appear to be to others or ourselves nor how we want to be, or how we used to be. It's how we are right here right now reading these words and living this moment.

Who are you now?

As the Sun is covered by the shadow of the Moon, emotions (moon) cloud our very being momentarily. Suddenly we're irrational creatures, operating entirely through our unconscious motivations (namely all those reactions that have been repeated so often as to become part of our 'auto-pilot survival system'.) So expect some old patterns to play out which will force you to stop and say 'Whoa - this again?'.

This time we get to do it differently, by choosing to DELIBERATELY REACT DIFFERENTLY.

Pisces is the most sensitive sign because it involves a surrender of sorts - a cosmic orgasm, a sigh of "reality-relief" when we exhale, let go, release and give it up. Give what up? The emotion, the desire, the game, the fight, the trying, the maintaining, the working, the stress, the frustration, the elation, the hope, the anxiety, the excitement, the possibility.

We just are.

Everyone on Earth is participating in this grand Letting Go. Some people will choose to exit their bodies at this time (which is a regular daily occurrence but which may become significantly higher at this time, whether in the public eye or the person on the street) because death is a form of letting go. There are many manifestations:

Suddenly you don't want to keep pushing and you stop all activity and just breathe.
You decide to go swimming instead of sitting around stressing about what to do next.
You sleep in an extra 12 hours with no alarm clock.
You cry - at a memory, a movie, something happens to dissolve your inner walls and helps you feel again
You drink like a fish and stagger home chuckling
You drink like a fish and wind up in hospital
You're high on drugs and repeat the first two steps
You tap into some Spiritual Power than enables you to paint THE most amazing picture, writ e a blockbuster novel or wind up helping someone out just when they were going to give up

There's a big difference between giving up now, and surrendering it up. One is quitting, the other is quitting pushing/blocking/forcing/manipulating energy and becoming stressed out because things aren't working "the way you want them to work".

This Solar Eclipse is wonderful for taking a break from reality - for getting "high" in a way that brings us closer together with our real selves (the stripped down sensitive soul we all have hidden not far beneath the surface) instead of further away from that core, through playing victim to life's tumultuous tides.

So - Make Your Wish. Choose your Reality. Design your Destiny.
Focus. Give it full emotional power - how much do you want it.
Finally - breathe out and let it go.

Life teaches us one thing, no matter what else is happening - to take it in, but then let it out.
Like breathing. No matter what is happening, we can't forget to exhale. To let go of what we've taken in.

The Great Karmic Completion is here, but the new dawn begins when we can release the night and not hold on, by keeping our own Suns down - our sun sign in Astrology is the gift given, the life path chosen, the energy we're here to shine into the world.

This Eclipse:

Aries shines by letting go of inner demons and tapping into their Dreams
Taurus shines by letting go of confusing directions and friends and daring to drift and dream
Gemini shines by letting go of the illusion of control and flowing into work that feels the spirit
Cancer shines by letting go of beliefs that separate them from others and take a spiritual pilgrimage into new realms
Leo shines by letting go of all lower energy feelings and letting themselves off the hook
Virgo shines by letting go of confusion and painful partnership patterns and swimming with sensitive souls
Libra shines by letting go of unhealthy habits and dedicating more time to just Being
Scorpio shines by letting go of their unfed need for approval and sharing their spirit of creativity
Sagittarius shines by letting go of their pasts and feelings of victimhood and being in the feeling of the Moment only
Capricorn shines by letting go of nebulous thinking and clouded vision and communicating their intuitive feelings
Aquarius shines by letting go of insecurity and financial avoidance and using their emotions as a tool to use to bring greater abundance
Pisces shines by letting go of old scripts of how they need/should be and allowing a new sense of worth and strength and sense of Rights in Being Here.

We're all diving in the ocean - whether land snaps off and we're left coasting along without a surfboard, or whether we're intuitively prepared to swim, sail or snorkel our way into deeper waters and the possibility of being shipwrecked onto a new island.

The depths of these current Pisces waters leads to either the pearl in the oyster, a shipwreck, or shark infested waters. It all depends on whether we fear, whether we trust, whether we have faith or whether we avoid diving in.

Spring awaits us, with an Aries promise of a new miracle. But first, we must get off the diving board. Sure it may seem a long way off (your dream or desire) but you never know, if you don't let go.

You never know,
if you don't let go.

Let go...


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Solar Eclipse on its way - March 18.

Stay tuned for more on the Solar Eclipse coming up on March 18.

We're between two key points in time (Lunar and Solar Eclipse) when Major Change is in the air - and we're usually poised between two worlds. Anything can happen, as we all sit and ponder - Where Now?

Stick around - the Journey gets even more interesting!


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My first Saturn Return it is.

The infamous Saturn Return.

Anyone with any knowledge of Astrology, and anyone with absolutely no knowledge of Astrology knows what it means when you "turn 30". No one escapes it (unless you decide to leave the planet before the 30 candles are installed on your cake), and no one escapes the necessary shifts that accompany it.

I wonder...where and who were you at 30?

Marriages, divorces, new jobs, losing old jobs, gaining wisdom, applying knowledge, realizing the mistakes you're making, seeing the Light yet surrounded by Darkness, realizing you ARE the Light and yet knowing you are the darkness too, having hope for the future and courage to face everything - including your past, and certainly your future - yet all the while allowing and embracing your Present - however poised between two worlds you are?


This is my very first Solar Return (in this lifetime at least) and thought I owed it to myself and my public (the cool readers that you are) to note some of my own experiences of this time.

My Saturn lies in Leo in the 9th House (for those who care to know).

It's funny how the day before mine was one of the most profound of my life in so many ways.
It arrived with a feeling of mourning, of sadness, when Birthdays are often a time of Joy and magic for me. So many amazing things are manifesting in my existence now, yet so many things pulled so many emotions out of me.

Letting feelings be there seems key to moving though any of them. Not trying to shift them, deny them or ignore them but just to feel how you feel - however elated, however rotten.

This Saturn Return time is called Hell by some and Heaven by others - Hell, as the structures of safety and security (we perceive them to be anyway) crumble...and Heaven to those who want releasing from the very same structures. In many ways we experience both - two sides of the same coin.

We are strong. And Saturn comes to show us that, strangely enough, by enabling us to feel (or be, momentarily) "weak".

We are spiritual beings here not to try and become spiritual, like we're told by so many. Because we cannot ever NOT be spiritual.

We are here to be Human, and I think for the longest time it's easy to use knowledge in a way to disengage from the true humanity of our hearts. Information isn't experience.

And since my natal Saturn lies in the 9th house (of the Sage, the Teacher, the Seeker) I too now face the momentous task of putting together all I have "learned" and being able to live that learning. Walking your talk is what some would call it.

I know the path ahead asks that of me, and of us all - and I will endeavor to do my best to share the Truth of my own Journey and light the way for others on theirs. Whether we actually get to walk side by side on each others paths, that's a beautiful thing, but we all share the same journey anyway - whether we leave graffiti on the walls, or leave a pile of rocks at the side of the road for others to add a rock to, we all walk the same path, at different times. Only the scenery changes, but we don't.

I'm reading a book (surprise surprise that I'm reading more with Saturn in my 9th House of Wisdom) entitled Waking Up Together' by Paul Williams and enjoying it immensely. It reminded me of the simple things in life, the life I have always been drawn to, but often forget about.

So this Saturn Return in Leo reminds me to love myself, open up to Joy, open up to sharing the simple wisdom of life. I just looked at the cover picture and didn't see its significance the first time - a sun blazing through the clouds.

To realize our Sun, and the power of our inner Light, we need to march through the Night. Only then can we see how truly bright we are.

I think that sums up my Saturn Return. You may experience, or have experienced, another kind of Return. Saturn shows the way by helping us master our fear. Then we discover our true power.

Since Saturn has looped around our charts fully at least once now, we are free of the 'karma of our former selves'.

I like that. So I'll take it.

Here's to all souls everywhere who are yet to experience their Saturn Return or are now, or will soon. It is a time of profound depth - sometimes quiet, sometimes sad, sometimes celebratory, sometimes concerned with outer achievement, at other times inner solitude. But we come face to face with the mortality of some areas of our lives, and with that comes a humbling sense of safety and comfort.

That, in all actuality, living as a human is like standing on the Titanic in its closing chapters, and continuing to play the violin, to sing, and dance, because in the end we all know will end up in the waters of the abyss once more, whether we feel able to swim or not.

And it is our choice, as the ship continues to sink, to rise up in that moment of realization, to stand and dance and sing and play and laugh while watching the stars, or as the ship continues to sink, sink into a depression of knowing that soon it will all be over.

Does life begin at 30? No, it started when you started this sentence. And just has again. And again. And the only choice and power we have is how to use the minute we find ourselves in, 60 seconds stretched out into an eternity of its own.

This first 30 years of my own journey has been...un-friggin-believable.

How can one use words to describe and how many adventures (9th house!) I ended up on that I never planned or thought possible? The Universe is truly the greatest tour guide I've ever met.

As Chapter One closes and Chapter Two opens, I can only be filled with the wonder of the stars (inner and outer) and wonder where the path leads next and how I can share with that path what the path has shared with me.

Here's to not knowing in the next 30 years! That way, more will become known and shared and the journey continues and (shh, don't tell Saturn) never truly ends.


Sunday, March 11, 2007

Moon Magic or Mayhem

March 12 (which is my Solar Return by the way) is an interesting day and afford us all the opportunity for some emotional pressure relief. The Moon teams up with Pluto on March 12, a profound event that happens once every month.

The Moon represents our emotions, our habits, our homes, our families, our Mothers, our needs, our childhood patterns, our past lives if you follow that school of thought.

Pluto represents the cosmic function of obliteration - destroying things around us to show us we're survivors, death - killing things off to show we don't need them, enforced removal and loss - to remind us we're not what we own, who we date or even how we feel, rebirth - to help us move though tough times and come out fresh and new and more ourselves, passion - to show us what we truly desire above and beyond all else.

Put the two together and it's a good time for:

Therapy - as old emotions hit the fan and old buttons are pressed. Why? How? What's the point of it all and what's the root cause? Can you 'get over it' and kill of a childhood issue you're still experiencing. Is the past trapping you?

Emotional Intensity - channeling your feelings into amazing sex or work. Using emotions as a source of renewal and power inside, like a magician, transforming things you touch with the sheer force of your feelings.

Endings - letting go of old chapters so they can be burned up and reborn from their own ashes. Situations resolve often when we stop resisting and start assisting the process of Change.

Sniffing out the Hidden - finding things lost, fragments of ourselves, pieces missing or forgotten about. Great time to enjoy some intrigue, mystery, magic, detective work. Will you be suspicious and skeptical, or will you use your intuition to help heal an old wound or else assist in finding new meaning to old situations.

Past Life Recall - whether you call it childhood, your genetic ancestry or an actual time you lived in Egypt, the past can be transformed before our very eyes by interacting with past events differently in the present. Can you change yesterday? Actually yes you can - by changing the feeling of what happened right here in the present.

Explosive Emotions - a pressure relief ending in fireworks, fury, murder, revenge, excitement, intensity or just a deeply satisfying time. All depends on WHAT YOU DO WITH HOW YOU FEEL?

So today, emotions are energy-in-motion - we may not be in control, as much as Pluto likes to be, we're at the mercy of our hearts, but this is the human drama and on EART-H it's all about the H-EART.

Lose yourself in how you feel, just come up for air
and realize that any emotion, if held onto long
enough to define us, is an addiction.

Moon/Pluto days are about relinquishing reliance on anything but the honoring of how we feel in a moment and, perhaps, choosing a better emotion and one we're rather feel with intensity than the icky ones we may be feeling.

All feelings are valid - but some lead to that 'party feeling' and others lead to physical degeneration. It's, as always, up to us to choose.

Explode in all good ways!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Forecasts up

In case you missed them, the forecasts for the week are still up, and change every Monday now. So this is your last chance this week to take a peek.

Get the full scoop here: click the Banner at the bottom of the page for Horoscopes.

Daylight Saving Time - March 11!

Don't forget - this year, Daylight Savings Time begins March 11 at 2:00am, a day before my Solar Return, so I'm conned out of an hour of my old annual cycle!

Not to worry, it just means I'll be racing into my new solar cycle sooner than expected, and what a fantastic year I'm expecting.

Be sure to set your clocks, and enjoy more daylight hours doing whatever makes ya smile.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Current Books I'm Reading...

...that you may find of use now that Mercury is Direct once more...

(you may need to activate images in this message if you're reading this blog through your email service to see the images of the books).

Ask And It Is Given, by Ester and Jerry Hicks.

An explanation of the Law of Attraction and how create our reality whether we know it or not.

The Vibrational Universe by Kenneth James Michael MacLean, for an outline of the manifestation process and how it works. Includes scientific info to help explain it in easier terms.

The Secret, DVD. Widely mentioned now, but a well presented explanation of the Law of Attraction and how to manifest what you desire. You can rent this now.

I came across this website which you may find of interest, I haven't yet read the book but will be taking a look.

Hope you enjoy these as I have,


Walkin your Talk: Mercury Direct

Okay, so you've mulled it over, rethought it, looked at it from 50 different sides, asked 80 people their opinion of it, wrote it down, scribbled it out, re-drew it, re-designed it, re-vamped it, had a further re-think...and then had to re-schedule it....

...and here you are.

Mercury is no longer retrograde. He's what we call "Direct" which means just that - he's on course again and directly sending messages right to their target. Or otherwise, lef to his own devices, spinning you in mental circles. For all the extra information that flew your way the past 3 weeks, it's now time to do something with it all.

1. Decide what to do with what you now know.
2. Decide where to direct your mental energies with a view to actually Creating something you want instead of dwelling or mentally-doodling over it.
3. Make up your mind on something finally.
4. Let go of all other thoughts that distract you from your main objective.
5. Quieten your mind and file away all info, so you can sift through it again at the next retrograde.

It's been an interesting 3 weeks. But at this point it doesn't matter what has been and gone. It's done. It's over. What IS is important now is what you DO with what you know, how you ACT now that you have extra insight.

Decisions, decisions.

There are truly only two paths open to us all now:

Path A - towards who we are and what we desire.
Path B - away from who we are and towards what others desire or what we do not desire.

Desire creates action, and Mercury asks us now to throw our mental powers behind ourselves, on whichever path we choose. It's our free-will.

One final thought for Mercury Direct:

It's said that what we think about, we become...
at least vibrationally.

Since all is vibration,
you truly do become
that which you think about.

Mind your mind!


Sunday, March 04, 2007

Full Natal Report Special!

For those of you who have not yet seen a copy of your Full Natal Report, it is now being offered at a special discounted rate of $50 (normally $75).

(Order here for a limited time.)

This is one of the most extensive Reports on offer, 80+ pages personally compiled for you, based on your own Birth Chart. It covers your Houses, Planets, Aspects, Karmic Nodes, past Life Patterns, Soul Path. For those who desire something more in-depth than most reports, this one is the one to go for.

Obviously, it's the Astrologer's job to put it all together for you, and that's why you truly can't beat a Personal Reading, but these Reports are my way of putting together something for those who want a tool to refer to time and again, in order to gain more insight on who they are, why things are happening and what patterns they carry with them in their vibrational signature (their energy field) in this lifetime.

During this Eclipse time, this information can help unstick us and help us see that what we are experiencing in our reality is a reflection of us, called forth from within us, and a holographic reflection OF us. This Report will give you a bigger picture of what you're working on, and with in this lifetime, and how a lot of it can stem from your soul's past.

Enjoy the Special, and I look forward to helping you untangle it even further with you during a Personal Reading. You can order the Special Report now for a limited time here.

For now - enjoy the emotional ripples of the Eclipse, as we find new horizons to sail towards, even during the most turbulent tides.

Much Love,

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Path of the Eclipse

Here's the map of the Eclipse - so you can locate where you are. Areas of max visibility are areas traditionally connected to where events are more extreme or strongly affected. Weather patterns, major events and so forth.

If you're in one of those areas - it's a mega Eclipse, and you can use the Power of the Full Moon to truly shed a skin and release yourself from old patterns.

In other places it's still strong, but the feelings may creep over you gradually, and it may take a little more work to outgrow the past, but the effort is worth it.

Today, emotions are high - scream, dance, laugh, cry or howl your way out of one mode/mood and into an even greater one.

The only way is up - here's to the high!


Friday, March 02, 2007

HEAL-th or dis-ease: March 3: Lunar Eclipse in Virgo

The Lunar Eclipse on March 3 falls at 13 Degrees Virgo.

The symbol for this degree is quoted as :

Finely lettered names and mysterious lines are seen;
it is a family tree.

Lunar Eclipses are very powerful markers of time. Ancient Astrologers freaked everyone out with doom and gloom predictions. And true, often a major figure dies, often a female (the Moon is feminine). What is certain is that as the Lunar Light is Eclipsed (blocked out by the shadow of the Earth) we temporarily are emotionally lost and confused.

Suddenly, we're alone. Our deepest fears well up. Will we feel abandoned? Are we afraid of the dark? Do we even know what we need?

How was our relationship to our family, our mother? Are we nurturing ourselves or abusing ourselves by denying our needs? Emotional poverty could arise now - to show us where out self-parenting is off-track. Look at the symbol of this degree - we can't escape a look back to chart a new path now. Is our childhood pattern of emotions blocking our present enjoyment, trust and peace within the present?

But this is also a time when the Lunar Energy helps us let go, release, give up and finally free ourselves of OLD emotional patterns.

If you're tired of reacting like this or that, this is your time. If you have a bad habit you want to let go of - now's your time.

Look around your life this week and notice your EMOTIONAL VIBRATION. Are you generally focusing on what you want, feeling good and honoring how you feel (ie, if you don't want to do it you won't). Or are you falling into the clutches of irrational fears and phobias and over-reacting to what others are doing. After all, we can't control others lives, but we DO have control over how we feel.

Happiness is a choice. This week we get to see situations that help us decide what must go, including old feelings, and what we want to create now.

Embrace the feeling, allow it to flow, but don't hold on.

A parting of the ways is upon us - whether it's from feelings, people, situations, events, places, jobs, cities, mind-sets.

One involves moving back into the past, with an eye to finally freeing ourselves of it

The other involves moving back into the past, and trapping ourselves into re-playing old emotional wounds, games, lack.

The Lunar Eclipse in Virgo asks us:

If we're fulfilled in our Health, Body
If our jobs are up to par - are we actually enjoying what we're doing
To re-design our Schedule to make it work for us, instead of the other way around
To have our emotions serving us, and not the other way around
To clean up our surroundings - mess is a reflection of our inner chaos
To truly take care of ourselves
If we are perfecting and improving ourselves or remaining static
Strip away our emotional cling-ons

On the bigger scale, the Planet gets to question its health care system - as we focus on the dis-ease within our world, the vitamins, the illness, the new health and diet fads as we begin to question if it's all really healthy for us - and that perhaps, our state of EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING HAS THE ULTIMATE EFFECT ON OUR PHYSICAL HEALTH.

So the grime, the dirt, the boils, the sores, the hurts - they're our beacon of where we need to re-align ourselves with the well being that is natural to us, in our natural state - flowing with our emotions and not withholding, manipulating, blocking, refusing or repressing them.

In a week of a major Lunar Eclipse "pit stop",
Empty your emotional tank
and refill it!