Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scorpio News Update

Jupiter moves into Scorpio - just take a look at these current news stories containing Scorpio favorites - Sex and Death. Jupiter blows everything up out of proportion remember, so it all bnecomes a big deal and a focus of public attention. Stay tuned for more!

Lithuania's sex traffic on the rise :

Ghana needs you...dead or alive

Internet Child Porn block calls

Lion skulls unearthed at London Tower

Your brain's sex can make you ill

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Jupiter enters Scorpio

I just got off a shoot for a short Horror film. How appropriate is that for an intro into Jupiter, the planet of Opportunity entering Scorpio.

What will JUPITER entering SCORPIO bring? An expansion (Jupiter) of pornography (Scorpio). People taking more (Jupiter) sexual (Scorpio) risks (Jupiter)? For certain, sex sells and in great quantity coming up ahead.

Jupiter is good fortune to us folks on Earth, he teaches us something we value and appreciate (as opposed to Saturns lessons which are hard to swallow). So we may learn something new about how we're using our power or misusing it. If Jupiter is our Education, perhaps we'll get a few pointers in how to shape up, get rid of bad habits - by first overdoing what we shoudn't be doing.

Let's break it down - Jupiter expands whatever it enters. In Scorpio - power games become pretty obvious. Sex becomes a big deal - we want more and oh, boy will more be available.

Death is Scorpio - so funeral homes may start overcharging for the service of being Dead. Nice, eh? News of new opportunities in the land of the deceased may crop up - remember the TV series Six Feet Under - we'll see more being made of death, the afterlife and all that goes into the stranger, mysterious and more taboo areas of life.

Taboos. There's a Scorpio word. Jupiter loves a new experience and Scorpio takes us into some shady areas of life. Jupiter will exagerrate these to show us whether we control them or they control us - are we being led by our desires or are we leading them.

Metaphysical avenues will open up - there'll be more interest in Tarot, Psychic work, Astrology, ghosts, mystery - horror may open up some new possibilities - what will the new breed of Horror flicks show (some Jupiter lesson we need to learn). Stay tuned.

Scorpio relates to Tax - could we have a new tax break? Who knows under the current administration. Jupiter blows things up out of proportion so we may end up up-in-arms about some Scorpio areas. Death (euthanasia) laws (jupiter) may again shift, Death becomes Headline News - but not ina way we'd expect. Something surrounding Scorpio death matters could actually have us laughing - stories of weird things happening at funerals perhaps, or just some public deaths being made fun of - Jupiter is the clown, and Scorpio is all serious - an interesting combination. If we all know the end is coming to us at some point, then we can relax and enjoy what we have right here, right now.

New ways to look at old skeletons in the closet is our other theme - Jupiter loves knowledge. Scorpio is all things hidden, so imagine new metal detectors being invented. Airports could well start implementing more invasive tactics (Scorpio) to learn (Jupiter) what you have hidden (Scorpio) beneath your clothes.

Jupiter is our tour guide. Wherever he is, we learn, we want more of and we grow. Scorpio is sex. You can only imagine. Death teaches us a lot too. Power is useful if you know the ins and outs of it. So we'll get to see some pretty grand things in this cycle - and I'm excited (but then I have Scorpio Rising so I'll be flying by the seat of my Jupiter pants not long from now).

I'll keep us up to speed on what happens as Jupiter moves in, Oct 26. Keep an eye on the news and see for yourself what is being suggested. Jupiter doesn't do things by halves. Scorpio doesn't either. Two energies poles apart but both seeking the Truth - thats what we'll get - and lots of it. Dive beneath the surface and you'll discover that Truth Really Does Set You Free. What if it's hidden in some dark stuff? Do you have the courage to look?

Let your Journey into Truth take you wherever you need to go. Bon Voyage!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Sun enters Scorpio Oct 23

The time of Scorpio is upon us.

That means our focus shifts from the airy balance of Libra, to the watery depths of Scorpio. Watch a shift in the news as we move into Oct 23 - Scorpio connects us to all things associated with endings - death, completion, a chapter closing and loss.

The trees are losing their leaves, we all lose the heat of summer. Many of us begin to desire change in our own lives - a physical move (mine comes soon since I have Scorpio Rising, I'll be heading to CA at the end of November, just as we enter Sagittarius the Sign of Travel), a change of job, relationship or just the urge to start over.

I'm staying tuned for these news to hit the headlines. Another Scorpio biggie - Sex. When JUPITER - the planet of expansion - enters Scorpio on Oct 26, Scorpios themselves will suddenly find their life growing accordingly - waist sizes may increase, the horizon expands and they take off (literally) begin a new course of study, and seek out more than they have already. Good luck and Bon Voyage to them. We'll talk more on that soon.

For the rest of us, as we enter Scorpio, we're asked to let go of what has gone before. Scorpio is depth emotion, self-control, the removal of that which is no longer any use, the recycling of the same stuff and the starting over - rising from the ashes like the legendary Phoenix we associate with this sign.

Scorpio. I love this sign. You know where you are with Scorpio - when they know where they are themselves. And they usually know. They may not always like it, but Scorpios know. Thats' their beauty.

So we'll know soon enough. As the news focuses on death, destruction, Autumn (or 'Fall' as it's known here in the States, how symbolic for Scorpio, with connotations of Eden and the Fall - and more interestingly in that Taurus relates to Earth/Eden and is Scorpio's opposite sign) endings, survival, life-after-death and Halloween (Scorpio masks, celebration of the deceased) we'll see signs of life-after-the-storm (also symbolic since the hurricane approaches the East coast right now).

Pluto, Scorpios ruler, wipes things out, and destroys that which we no longer need. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? So whoever is left standing during Scorpio time is strong. Whatever leaves, is not weak, it's not just right for us on our paths. What remains was always meant to. It's as simple as that.

Scorpio's Mantra - "I will Survive!"

Enjoy the last few days of Libra Season, and prepare for the darkness of Scorpio, with some humor, some spooky masks, some soul-searching, cleansing, detoxing and (fingers crossed) some damn good sex.


Monday, October 17, 2005

The Song We All Will Sing

I came across this article online tonight and thought it worth sharing (in particular, the last paragraph) regarding a theory on the Mayan Calendar end in 2012 and what it potentially means for us all.

I find it poignant and worthy food for thought during this time when Planet Earth and all who ride her, begins to find a Voice.

Be mindful of what you're singing, each day is another note in our final piece.

Explosive Emotions and Collective Change. Lunar Eclipse Oct 17 2005 at 24 Aries

We complete 2005's Eclipse pair with the Lunar Eclipse, falling at 24 Degrees Aries on Oct 17.

Phew! As an Astrologer you're meant to pride yourself on being ahead of the game, mapping energy patterns and working out what is likely to transpire below us on Planet Earth.

This Eclipse is personal to me - my Natal Venus is at 24Aries along with my South Node (past lives). It will be interesting to see how this will all play out. I did get "into it" with someone today which I should have realized and backed out of, but with my Arian South Node and Venus, it seemed all too easy to fall into old (south node) aggressive (Aries) tendencies. Another lesson learned.

That's the key now for everyone. Aries isn't an easy going sign. With a Lunar Eclipse highlighting certain facets of our lives that need changing, these changes won't happen quietly. True, we may pass this Eclipse time as we have many times before, with nothing major on the planetary radar, but somehow I don't forsee this, at this time.

Before 2006 arrives, we're set for some major shifts. Emotions are about to be pulled, chains yanked, and drama used as a vehicle to manipulate the masses again. People are waking up, but more scheduled 'situations' are likely before the numbers of awakened souls reached that point when we'll be able to see through the shenanigans currently playing out.

Lunar Eclipses bring up emotions, old habits, past life issues, and childhood conditioning. What was then is now and it's back to be resolved. I guess since this is personal in my own Chart, I'm the spokesperson for this Change and I feel it quite profoundly and intensely inside.

Under this Eclipse I predict news of more weather shifts - possible fires, explosions, volcanic eruptions, road rage, widespread anger. The trouble is, Mars the planetary ruler of the Aries Eclipse, is Retrograde - making it doubly difficult to move energy outwardly in a healthy way.

Repression flares up and is expelled once Mars goes Direct on Dec 10. So I'm sure this may just well be a Red Christmas. And with Mars in the sign of the taurus, the Bull, a time of red rags and much charging.

Back to this Eclipse. Let it go For goodness sakes just let it go. Something is passing from your life. Wherever 24Aries falls in your Natal Chart is a place where you get another piece of the jigsaw. You'll get emotional over it, for a reason. Clue into that reason, for it's important. It's something to be dissolved, resolved, let go of, or wrapped up. Basically, if it's not happening in the next couple of months on that front, forget it. Sometimes we have no choice but to give in. Only then can we truly win.

People get erratic on Full Moons, but this Eclipse makes it all the more important to let things slide. Aries is fast - so speed kills, as we'll see in many news reports this week and within the next month. Energy, when misdirected causes a whole host of problems. In many ways, this Eclipse is like standing too close to the firework, or dropping a match in a fireworks shed. Basically, there's nothing you can do but get away, run for cover, and let it blow over!

Eileen Nauman has a splendid article on the best ways around this Eclipse, to work with it but escape unscathed - so check out the link on my website for more.

No matter what happens (or doesn't happen) we're cleansing, it's a planetary detox once more. Some things will be shed, some souls moving onto higher levels, and us folk down here will be asked to once more relinquish our hold on things that are no longer healthy for us.

How can you tell how bad an addiction is for you?Not by the effect it's having on your life, but on the aftermath of its passing. That's a clue on how this Eclipse works. Give it up willingly, or face a fight which may not loosen its grip for quite some time.

On the flip side, this is an amazing time to really set yourself free, to enjoy who you are, to be hyour own crazy self, to fly solo even if you're with someone, or to cherish the Moments we have - together or apart. It really doesn't matter. All good relationships have equal time together and apart - find yourself , then share what you find. It's a game of win-win and a team-effort at happiness.

My wish for this Eclipse, as the Moon sits on my South Node and Venus, is to remember all Past Loves we have all been lucky enough to have and hold, and to send Love to all who have crossed our paths, but then to look at who we are now, and to love the New Us, the new soul who is ready for new travels, new experiences, and new quests.

Be Aggressive in your pursuit of Peace and Comfort, but be peaceful in the face of aggression.

This is the way forward, while kissing goodbye to what is passing behind.

Drop me a note and let me know how it has been or is going for you!
Aries Eclipse Fireworks and Fun,

Friday, October 14, 2005

Mars Retrograde (Oct 1 - Dec 10) Anger Management

It's easy to get pissed off, when Mars turns retrograde. After all, he's the planet representing Aggression, Push, Drive, Thrust, Assertion, Masculinity, Violence, War, Weapons, Action and Wham Bam thank you Ma'am.

Lord knows I've been antsy lately as Mars squares my natal Mars. Talk about a lesson in Energy.

In the sign of Taurus (fixed earth) mountains truly are immovable, but do we stand and butt out heads against them, dig our heels in like Taurus insists. Problems remain, as does Taurus, when Mars moves backwards through the sign of the Bull.

Patience. I think that about sums it up right now. Whatever you're going through (no doubt, financial delays - manifested in throat or thyroid problems, along with the need to express ones true feelings instead of repressing or swallowing our Truth) face the fact that progress may not be as easy as you'd think.

Have we missed a few steps on our heat-seeking Mars mission? Whatever you're trying to achieve, building blocks and a step-by-step approach can't be avoided. Not now, with the planet of Energy re-directed inwards in a sign known for its slow, steady way movement.

People with their Natal Mars in the other fixed signs Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio are bound to experience the tension like no one else - Aquarian Mars want to be free to act how they choose, butting heads with others around them who try and slow them down, Taurus style. Can they find financial freedom? Leo Mars want their way and say, but delays cause ego problems - how can you be on top if you're unsure of your footing? Scorpio Mars want to get about tearing down useless ways of living while Taurus Mars asks us to grow and build on what we have. Go back over your Taurus foundations before you call in the Bull -dozer.

With planets in your chart in Taurus, Mars goes back over these retrograding, to help you unlock exactly what value it has for you. You simply can't miss it - Mars hammers on it again and again until Dec 10 so you understand what it is about that planet that makes you mad or fires you up for action.

Emotions are Energy in Motion (e-motion) and Mars moving backwards helps us see how we use our vital energy force. Do you have enough now, or are you tired, exhausted, burned out.
Mars manifests in headaches, cuts, bruises, bangs, scrapes. In Taurus, he brings throat issues, thyroid problems, from staying too long in the same place.

Are you furnishing a rut, or refusing to settle and secure your life enough?

Anger Management is under way worldwide under this current transit. Whichever House Mars is moving through in your Birth Chart is an area in need of your attention. Don't overdo it, but don't underdo it either - if you're angry, what are you not getting that you need? What are you not doing that you should be? And where can you learn more patience and practicality?

I hope this period is productive, because it sure as hell doesn't seem to be peaceful. Check your checkbooks, balance your bank accounts and keep a little in reserve. Cautious calculated action beats flying off the handle.

And as I said on air lately, 'Choose Your Battles'. Sometimes you win by refusing to get into it at all. At least there'll be something left to salvage later on. So be wise.

Mars salutes,

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Neil D Paris

Welcome to the New World Astrology Forum!

Greetings Planet Earth!

With so much going on planetary-wise, and with so many new radio faces and places asking so many old and new questions, I thought it about time to join the 'blogging' world and set up my own place where you can gain access into my personal journey.

Here you'll find new pieces of information as I research and discover them. You can add your own thoughts or pose a question and generally share in the flavor of my website which has always been as a collection of information, pooled energy and shared ideas, thoughts, opinions and knowledge.

So, welcome, it's now Oct 13 2005 on the old, old calendar we are currently using. We're entering a New Night in the Mayan Calendar (the fifth night) which begins in Nov 2005.
We are headed towards a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on Oct 17 and Mars is currently Retrograde in Taurus. Phew. Let's just say this year doesn't end on a quiet note.

I look forward to sharing more with you as and when it downloads into my hard-drive brain. It is currently 6:01am and Uranus electrifies me to stay up all night once more. I'm glad of it, since it gave me a chance to connect with you in this way.

Here's to the Adventure!