Saturday, December 23, 2006

Gift Giving by the Signs!

Life and Style Magazine over in Spain asked me to supply them with an Astrological Gift-Giving Guide for their magazine's special Christmas Edition.

You can read it here and if you're still searching for something for someone, then you'll probably find something perfect for them here!

Material things aside, this season for me is more about "good vibes" - which can be difficult round the Holidays, but I like the magic of this time, because people seem more tuned in to ethereal things and spirit.

Wherever you may be, whatever you may 'believe' and whatever is happening in your life, this is a great time to remember you're not alone, and you're always loved. The Universe watches and provides, if only we open ourselves to it.

Here's to more treasures in 2007 - look out for some changes at the site as the numbers on our calendars change.

And thanks for all your Shared Magic this year!

Much Love,
Neil xxx

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Forecasts are up! (Updated each Tue)

You can read the forecasts as always at this site, or you can visit my front page and read them every week.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Mapping a New World: Dec 20 - New Moon in Sagittarius

The New Moon this months falls on Dec 20 at 28 Degrees Sagittarius.

With six planets in the Sagittarius there's no escaping the themes of this sign now. I've noticed numerous news stories involving travel, hiking, the grand outdoors, overindulgence, legal adjustments, religious shifts and even in my personal lives, encounters with people who use the B word - Beliefs.

What do you believe?

At the New Moon we get to look closely at our own version of 'Truth'. Does it fit our new life or are we clutching to old beliefs. A timely question as we approach a Holiday that many now celebrate merely for the twinkling lights and gifts. After all - how many really feel religiously connected to a dated story that spans many religions (same dates, different names)?

Belief rules the world as what we believe, we seem to get - we're living under a Self Fulfilling Prophesy and this New Moon we get to learn something new to help us make a leap into a new world, based on new energy and less on traditions and beliefs we have held just because it seemed like a good idea.

We're ready to open a door, throw open the window and explore the world at large. It's so vast yet we forget, as we move from one box (our bed) to another (our home) to another (our car) to another (the store) to another (the office cubicle) to another (the bus) to another (the coffin!).

No, in all seriousness, it's worth considering where your freedom is this week - and if you can venture past the city limits of your own Comfort Zone.

We're all students and teachers at the same time now - we receive messages and pass them on unknowingly.

This New Moon asks us to:

Get out on a trip somewhere
Pick up a new book, learn a new language, do something totally new
Expand space - clear up at home, move clutter, give yourself leg room and elbow space
Be the free spirit you truly are
Allow others their own space
Redefine your belief system and don't get caught up in holy wars
Stop preaching
Stand for something new - rework your 'message'
Ask yourself - am I being honest or bluffing?
Walk your talk!
Bridge Cultural Divides
Go Horseriding
Tell the truth no matter how painful or nervous it makes you
Find greener grass
Reach for a dream, star, better situation
Laugh - comedy is SO needed now!
Be optimistic, reconnect with your inner faith
Renew your religious or spiritual vows or connections
Ask the Big Questions of your life and Destiny
Publish a new book or get writing
Start a new course or take an exam
Live with integrity
Be an example, even if no one else is doing it
Have faith in the silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel
Kick up the dust and take off
Put up a map, or map out a new course or destination
Enjoy the journey for what it is
Keep moving!
Visit overseas or a new town, city - anywhere you've not been before!
Keep your mind active and your limbs moving

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign - think of the forest fires we've heard about so often on the news now. That's sag - spreading wildly, untamed and running free like the Centaur; the symbol of the sign.

See your Bigger Picture. Forget the small stuff and don't sweat the details. Stand back. Gain perspective. Climb a Hill, take a breather, look beyond the current time frame of circumstance and find the bigger meaning.

There's no reason to get bogged down in chilly feelings or emotional potholes now - the road of life is showing us a new horizon, a new exit, a detour to a new place. Are we "present" enough to see this?

Choices open up and once again we see just where our freedom and power lies - in choosing the best for ourselves. You cannot fool someone out of the truth -it's felt in our heart and guts and souls as a bell chiming inside. Truth seeks truth and finds it this week - so the question becomes:

Are you living the life you were born to live?
Anything else is a lie.
Honesty isn't the best policy, then.
It's the only one.
And assurance (and insurance)
of Bliss, guaranteed.


Monday, December 18, 2006

December 22: Global Orgasm Day!

Don't forget - December 22 is Global Orgasm Day.

It's a time when all sexual energy is being dedicated to the healing of the planet and to everyone on it. Don't laugh - this could be pretty powerful!

So, wherever you are, if you're one of the lucky ones having an orgasm, send it to the Universe, and read up here on what other people will be doing on this day, worldwide.

Be part of something bigger than yourself - and this time, Size Matters. (Sorry couldn't resist...)

Energy is powerful. As the years go by, we're going to see this.
Let's try an experiment, and this is the place to begin.

Enjoy healing yourself and everything else you're connected to - which is everything!


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Significance of Moles on the Body

I had a rather enlightening conversation early this morning with a Vedic Astrologer in India.
I rarely have my chart read by anyone else (as most people don't know how to read charts!) but he took a look over mine, and I over his.

He suggested a 'wrap-up' lifetime of serving people, and also about Tantric energy, using sexual energy to reach a higher level. He mentioned past lives studying this and he asked if I had a "mole on my thing". A little probing (excuse the pun) and he notified me that it was a sign if I had one that I have a background in this energy work.

Indeed I have.

Now you know. A mole on your thing comes with great sexual energy and possible Tantric connections. This led me on a little quest of my own and I found this site today, who knows if this holds any water, but it does for me and I found the conversation really helpful.

What's the significance of moles on your body? See if this website gives you any ideas!


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Culture is Not Your Friend

I came across this short video from a longer one, regarding the shape of society and this thing called Culture, which I learned back in my early media days, is another form of a cult (cult-ure) and is worth mentioning here.

Here's the video.

To breaking free from the 'machine'!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Chakra Meditation

Here's a morning ritual that can strengthen and cleanse the body, using the Chakra energy centres. It's a short audio to listen to that will help you focus on and become aware of these special areas of the body.

The audio references 'God' but isn't a religious practice but references what many people call by different names - the Universe, Spirit, the Energy that connects us all etc. Find whatever works for you, because it's the same principle. We are all connected, and all one.

This is a great meditation to do each morning before you begin your day but can be performed at any time when you feel the need for more balance, peace, harmony or grounding.

Click here to listen.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

Emotional "Mind"-fields: Full Moon in Gemini (Dec 4)

What are you talking about?

If you're currently on edge, you could read that as aggressive and pushy.
If you're contemplative, you may think it offers a genuine interest in your life.

Perception is everything. Under the Full Moon this month (under the sign of communication - Gemini) we get to see just how our mind holds the key to most things that happen now. Everything is a potential until passed through the filter of our minds.
If we perceive it, we can achieve it. If we see it, we can build it. If we think it, it has a reality to us. Thoughts have wings. If you mind, it matters...if you don't mind it doesn't matter.

That last one is an interesting one if we see 'mind' as meaning "to think about" and 'matter' as manifestation. If we hold it in our minds, we can materialize it on the physical plane now.

The power of emotions cannot be underestimated - not now, at this point in the period of Humanity's shift to a new level. E-motions are energy-in-motion. They fuel everything - the desire to get out of bed in the morning, to flee from danger, to protect ourselves, to help heal someone.

I often think of the EARTH as the HEART Chakra for something much larger. Whether that holds true or not, Full Moons bring home our own most personal truths in the areas of our Charts where they fall.

This month's falls at 12 Degrees Gemini so wherever this falls in our Birth Charts is where the action is. If you don't know your chart, drop me a line and I'll help you out. Feel free to research the rest yourself or allow me to interpret it for you. Details at my site, as always.

This month, everyone falls under the spell of this particular lunar vibration. Are we mentally fulfilled or are we wasting mental energy on thinking over things without adding something new to the pot?

Are your mental records boring you?

This Full Moon we're urged to:
Watch what we say and stop ourselves from speaking negatively, thinking negatively, acting negatively, writing negatively and otherwise engaging in meaningless conflict
Finish up paperwork
Give u
p an old chip on your shoulder
Resolve disputes with siblings and neighbors

Find something new to chew on

Speak our truth without holding back for fear of being misunderstood

Seek new information and new methods and means of moving ahead
Take the car in for a tune up

Dust the cobwebs from our brains
Get more Oxygen

Take things much more lightly
Decide finally on something you've been wavering on

Keep an open mind
Travel back to our roots (through looking through photos, or else reconnecting with our past with a trip mentally or physically)

Clean up our environment, street, building, hallway, city

Refuse to fall victims to playing a role in someone else's negative "self-speak"

Watch what we are saying and thinking repeatedly (we're building our reality with each)
Write a heartfelt letter

Say it as you see it (or feel it) - feelings can't be judged.
They just 'are' and thus should be accepted (even if not understood or agreed with)
Put your knowledge to use
Read an intense book or watch an intense movie to stir your feelings
Go for a run, jog, hike
Watch for speeding or traffic stress (drivers are more emotional at this time)

As you know by now if you've followed this Blog, Full Moons ask us if we're fulfilled in the area it influences. In Gemini, are we happy with our surroundings, with what we're learning, our level of mental satisfaction? If we're stuck mentally we may have a breakdown now leading to a breakthrough.

One thing is certain - communication is very emotional now both on an inner and outer level. So keep that in mind as you go about your daily life. Traffic trouble is another sign when you're out of these blockages. Energy is either flowing or stuck, remember, so we get to see just where and how during the Full Moon.

Slap on an ipod or mp3 player, walkman or cd player, or find a place of solitude if you can and see what your mind is craving, frustrated over or excited about. It may do well to bit your tongue now, but don't stop yourself from speaking a truth you feel someone needs to hear. You may just pass on a message that is much needed now.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Messenger, and this is perhaps the key to this Moon - messages are often relayed to us on riding the wave of Emotion. If you can see past the personal, you'll get to the Universal now. Truth dwells in the quiet moments between sentence.

Do animals need to speak? No. [If they good, I would shudder to think of what they would say to our treatment of a vast number of them. I became a vegetarian based purely on the fact that I cannot hurt or maim and animal, and it would be hypocritical to eat one just because it was served to me already slaughtered on my plate. I have no qualms with anyone eating meat, but for me personally, when I was 17, I suddenly stopped. When I moved to LA I couldn't watch the people fishing at the pier in Santa Monica, because I'm too sensitive to seeing any sort of suffering. I help cockroaches escape my building via a glass. Yeek. Good luck to them!]

We don't need to speak either, at all times. We're either voicing/emoting now or keeping silent. What we choose to talk about or think about defines us now. Are you being defined by the darkness? Are you keeping your mind on the stuff you want, instead of the stuff you're stuck with? Sometimes words do nothing but cause even more problems and tension. I'm of the old school that people need to know what they are doing and the pain it is causing so I find it hard to keep shtum, but I do believe silence often is a good enough reply.

So, what words are flying, what thoughts have wings now?

Under every event, every word spoke, every idea, and every possibility lies a spiritual status-quo that everything is fine, everything is as it should be, and that everything just 'is'. Perhaps our perceptions can be seen for what they are - not reality, but perceptions.

Whatever bugs you at this Full Moon time, in the next two weeks, your perception is likely to be either FOR or AGAINST it. Either side is a bias, of course. If you're truly not happy, then what are you doing to change the situation? How long can you accept it? This is OUR choice and our responsibility (response - ability, the ability to respond to what comes out way).

If you are happy, then know that all things change, but the happiness you see and feel is a reflection of what you are happy with inside.

Each path now leads to the same place, but using our minds, we can decide to follow the more scenic one.

I don't believe any growth necessarily needs to come with pain. Teething, growth spurts, puberty - these do cause tension and strains. But just as a weed can finally find its way through even the thickest concrete, via a small crack, a small possibility, as quietly as night turns to day, so too can we grow by taking the easiest route available at any given time -

by moving continually in the direction of our own Light -
even at times when there appears
to be none.