Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Last Weekly Scopes of 2011!

You can find the Scopes for the last week of 2011 by clicking here.

Since we're in Capricorn Season, it's time to focus on our new goals, ambitions, visions, plans and projects for the New Year. Have you started yet? are you looking ahead or still focused on what has gone before, and that which has already manifested?

Train your brain to look to the greater possibilities, the open horizon, the happier option or better feeling thought and get excited - very excited - about the growth and the adventure before us in 2012.

As far as I see, the world is not ending, new world(s) are being born right now in the hearts of individuals across the globe who are waking up to the connectedness of all of life. And when Neptune moves into Pisces once more, where it belongs, we'll all feel or face the merging into a greater cosmic awareness (or face the inevitable Neptune tests of addiction, loss of sense of self or confusion). You have to surrender to the voice of your Spirit.

Stay rooted in the Moment and check the Weekly Scopes for my final offerings for 2011. Don't forget to catch me on Facebook for daily updates.

I have lots of goodies in the New Year - new video classes (courtesy of Camtica), new asteroid material, a whole new year of Scopes, new Readings and lots more.

See you in the New Year. And enjoy creating your own New World.
Your Astrologer,
Neil D Paris

Friday, December 23, 2011

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Have an amazing Holiday,
Your Astrologer,

Friday, December 09, 2011

Emotional Messages: Lunar Eclipse in Gemini (Dec 10)

Saturday hosts the Gemini Lunar Eclipse - which can be seen across the United States. It's an emotional time so watch for Reactions and try and go for healthier Responses instead. How you THINK about what's going on determines how it plays out for you. A lot of messages pouring in that make us feel something strongly.

News of endings, new starts.

The news is sure to be abuzz at this time (Gemini/Sag = media, reporting, journalism, other countries and travel). Messages are stamped with major emotional over - and under - tones now!

We've all been through a Gemini Lunar Eclipse before (Dec 21 2010) so don't worry you'll survive this one. What happened back then? This blog entry is longer than usual, but detailed with what to expect in the next 6 months...

Wherever 18 Gemini falls in our Chart is an area of REVELATION - we'll face important information here. An ultimatum, a major announcement, a sudden insight, a radical message. The news will be emotional in nature and it will either be delivered by you or to you (from your own unconscious, from your own lips, in your email in box or presented on your TV or in a newspaper article).

What are the details of this important message?

Lunar Eclipses illuminate some area of our lives - we may receive news of an Ending, an enforced New Start, Deaths, a parting of the ways, a definite 'No thanks', a Green Light on a Project (woo hoo!), a final notice, a hiring or firing, a marriage or divorce, a relocation. You name it. The chess pieces of our lives are re-arranged under Lunar Eclipses and usually we FEEL it.

Since the Full Moon is joined to the Lunar South Node in Gemini, we have to stop overthinking, tying ourselves in knots. We have to quit the double-speak, double-standards and deceit (saying one thing, doing another). Old "justifications" or "excuses" could be back on the scene so keep them at bay by avoiding gossip and justification and always go for the Bigger Picture, the Better Picture, the Higher Path and the more Honest Way.

Asteroids Astraea (non-closure) and Psyche (psychological scars, childhood trauma) challenge this Eclipse in Virgo: expect there to be a seemingly unstoppable "re-play" of those soft spots and situations that trigger them. It may hurt but it's all to reveal yourself to you - and those places of Hurt that can finally be Healed or Accepted with compassionate sensitivity. Are you defined by awful events that happened to you in the past? Why? Happiness is always your other Choice. Maybe there's a better path.

Look for events to happen in twos instead of threes, courtesy of The Twins...

If in doubt - talk it out. Write a letter. Don't keep it bottled up. And stop lying to yourself and others. Keep it clear, open, honest and if you're feeling it - throw in some wit. We could use it these days.

Something is about to surface. A feeling that needs to find its voice. An emotion that was never felt, or understood but which now can be - through the simple act of Talking About It.

Prepare then, to Emote. To Say How You Feel (or at least understand that you feel it, admitting it even just to yourself for example!). Maybe you won't get a chance to tell someone who has since died, or maybe you'll have a face-off with someone still alive, maybe you'll just hear yourself voicing certain feelings.

Can you let the past go? Can you find a certain peace? Can you accept how you feel? Can you revisit it one last time to truly see it and say it? Can you put words to your pain?

If you can, you'll be one of the lucky ones who use this period in the way it was intended: as a Mental Purging of Toxic Emotions that are polluting your field of experience: personal, familial, social and finally global. What you purge, affects the whole.

You can run, you can hide, but you can't get away from what's going on right now. Your part is essential. Be part of the Process, to be Part of the Solution, or wind up Part of the Problem.

"Death" is simply part of this Lunar Eclipse, as we resolve, shed, complete and move on.
You may be faced with a Communication Blackout, being cut off or cutting off from something or someone, you may find yourself turning into a Communication Monster, attacking/fighting/screaming and purging things you never knew you felt, and never knew you had it in you to say. The news may be filled with stories, images and people full of angst/pain/hurt.

Everyone and everything is purging. And this is good.

Endings are here. Death leads to a Re-Birth. Acknowledgment leads to Understanding of at least acceptance. But first we'll all face a personal and collective "Why?!".

Why, indeed?

Questions will be asked. And that's good. If we ask the right ones and not get lost in the propaganda, twisted and distorted messages of the times. With Uranus at 00 Aries, turning Direct, we just want to be FREE.

Here's your Chance.

As we leave 2011 and realize that Your Power to Respond far outweighs your Tendency to React.

To find out how this Eclipse is likely to affect you and what Changes it may bring in its wake, try a PERSONAL ECLIPSE READING.

Your Astrological Reminder that You Have a Right To Say How You Feel (and another reminder to let go of old thoughts and conversations that simply keep you stuck in the Past),

Your Future awaits!

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

It's intense, it's sexy, it's Dark and it's Oh So Attractive.
Are you IN or OUT?

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: read all about it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mercury Retrograde and YOU!

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Your Astrologer,

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your Sign in 2012: CD Series: Early Bird Special!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Special: Buy One Get One Free!

Thanksgiving Time again – I have to say, I am a sucker for traditional holidays. I’m a vegetarian though so it’ll be a ‘variation’ on the traditional menu. But out here in Twin Peaks, we’ll be enjoying a cozy

fire and – you never know – some snow? We’ve had two storms out this way in the past few weeks.

I want to THANK YOU for being here – if you’re reading this, you’re one of the people on the planet really making a difference. By understanding who we are, and the personal cycles and challenges of growth and evolution we all go through, you’re adding to the “intelligence quota” on the planet and the number of people who are trying to expand their insight, awareness and vibration. What you can do for your own life, helps the bigger picture.

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Enjoy and Thank You for being here and being You!

Your Astrologer,

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Monday, November 14, 2011

The March of Mars: Weekly Scopes up!

Mars normally stays in a sign for around 7 weeks but this time, he'll be a certain area of your Chart (and like) for 8 months! So you get plenty of firepower and ACTION in this area of your life. To do as you choose.

But of course, there's also the possibility of plenty of friction (Mars likes heat, energy, confrontation and aggression).

Your Weekly Scope has a special message for you to keep, save and remember for the next 8 months.
Don't leave home without it!

Your Astrologer,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Taurus Full Moon: (Nov 10)

When the Sun is opposing the Moon we have the Full Moon, every month. The Moon falls in a different sign and this time it's TAURUS.

Taurus relates to many things: MONEY, material stuff (the things you own), Nature, The Senses (so music, dance, massage, taste, scents etc), Your Value System (what you think it's worth and your own self-worth) and Physicality (enjoying the physical body and physical realm).

Some examples so far:

Did you see the news that they are auctioning off (Taurus) items from the late Michael Jackson (Scorpio)? What a perfect manifestation of Taurus/Scorpio energy! We also have public demonstrations at the Bank of America (Taurus) as protests continue in Los Angeles.

In your own life, you get to figure out the balance between the Scorpio part of yourself and Chart and the Scorpio part. The Taurus Full Moon challenges you to let go of any physical tension in your body (breathe! relax!), realize that money doesn't rule your life (or try and align with this idea) and that we all can tap into the ABUNDANCE that is constantly around us.

So often we look at what we have (or don't have) in the bank to determine how we feel. But we can shift all of that simply - by getting comfy, by enjoying WHAT YOU ALREADY HAVE (since it's wealth!) and remember what we APPRECIATE AND VALUE.

Keep feeding emotional energy to what you desire. The solution, not the problem. Appreciation opens the doors of gratitude which draws even more to us.

GET GROUNDED - tap into Nature. A walk outside. A bath. Grounding root vegetables or home cooked meals. Scorpio Season is an intense time and I'm sure you're feeling it. The Taurus Full Moon can help balance out this intensity. It's simply a time to align more with your body and awareness of your physical surroundings.

Seek out BEAUTY now, (Taurus is ruled by Venus) and alleviate any stress by getting back into your body and valuing yourself.


Try it. It'll change everything.

Special Rate FULL MOON RITUAL READINGS to help you understand what's going on for you
(ends Nov 18)
Your Astrologer,

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Treats for You!

It's Halloween tomorrow - the perfect Scorpio Celebration - people wearing masks, stalking in the shadows. I love it (but then I do have Scorpio Rising...another reason I am working on a horror screenplay).

I have two TREATS for you which end on Nov 1 so be snappy:

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekly Scopes Now Up (Oct 24)

This Scorpio Moon kicks off Scorpio Season, as we each enter a new Cycle. You can check your Forecasts each Monday at the main site or click here to go right there now.

Coming Soon - New Sign Pages!

Your Astrologer,

Monday, October 10, 2011

Anger, Sex & Yourself: Aries Full Moon

How do you maintain yourself and your own Personal Identity while in a relationship? This can be a friendship, a romantic partnership, a business deal or any other type of human interaction. Where does the WE factor end and the ME factor begin?

That's the question we all have to ask during this Aries Full Moon (Oct 11). Aries relates to Selfhood - who we are outside of anyone else. Our desires. Our wants. Our needs. Me and I.

How do you express anger? That's a huge theme that is sure to pop up now. When your personal needs are not met (or you're overlooked or under appreciated) and your personal desires are thwarted, you get angry. This Full Moon, you're being urged to look at YOU, and see if you're overstepping boundaries. Are you over-pushing your own agenda or are you losing yourself and your own identity due to the influence of and interaction with other people in your life? Can balance be restore oo you need to come out fighting for your personal rights?

My South Node is in Aries so my prior lives were laden with Aries themes. I've had my fair share of conflict (who hasn't) and often the way it was dealt with wasn't the mot efficient or evolved (I'm human too), but it's been a great learning curve.

In your Birth Chart, MARS is where you look to determine what makes you mad, how you get angry and whether you have any karmic patterns that need untying this lifetime.

Born with Mars Retrograde for example (draw your Chart and locate the Symbol above, that's Mars. If it has an R next to it, that means Retrograde), you don't use your Personal Mars the same as others without it. Maybe you stifle your anger and implode (or build up so much pressure you wind up exploding). Maybe in a prior life you were violent and don't want to repeat the same pattern.

How is your Personal Mars?

Mine is in the 3rd House so i EXPRESS my anger (3rd House of Communication). Others complain sometimes I am too punchy, too direct, too aggressive in how I speak (especially when voicing my displeasure or anger). To me, I'm simply being direct and upfront in the way I hope others will be with me. Needless to say, that others don't always see it that way. My Mars, thankfully, is in pretty good shape this lifetime. If not, I'd be a limp lettuce (and a bad writer!).

This Full Moon is ruled by Mars since this is the planet connected to Aries. Impatience is sure to rise in you (be careful of speeding tickets, road rage and general argumentativeness). But so is Taking a Leap into the unknown - doing something new and courageous. Taking a Stand. Yet, Aries also relates to War, such an easy path to follow once you lose track of yourself and what you want. It's a fine line between assertiveness and aggression yet there is room for both. When faced with an attacking Mountain Lion (thankfully I've seen none in my new neighborhood yet there are bears here) your Mars kicks in and you fight back! When someone pisses you off, however your Personal Mars dictates how things may play out.

Channel your energy now into Working Out, Renovating, PHYSICAL stuff to burn off any stress you're carrying. Work on your physical appearance. Chop Wood, Carry Water. Keep busy. Get Stuff Done. Mars rules Sexuality - so anticipate extra hormones this next two weeks as we're juiced up and seeing red with "Testosterone Mars".

Remember, your Personal Desires are important - and they are rightfully yours so respect them. Because the Full Moon is a time when the Sun is opposite the Moon, the Aries Moon is opposed by the Sun in Libra - so we're still trying to figure out where WE are in all of this (Aries), surrounded by the loud needs of the OTHER in your life (Libra).

Start with yourself - root out your needs and desires. Realize not everyone can help you fulfill them but you have a better shot if you express them. Maybe try and fulfill them yourself. Be direct, upfront, clear just avoid nastiness, it's simply not worth it.

Whether you wind up having a two week period of Action Packed Adventure and New Leads or whether you have to face old issues, arguments, bangs/bruises, suppressed anger or actual violence (or just a headache) can be determined by HOW you respond to life's current events, and your Astrological Birth Chart.

I'll help you understand your Inner Mars and what your Chart says about this particular Full Moon period for you if you sign up for my special FULL MOON RITUAL READING - for one week only, from the time of each Full Moon.

Remember, you already ARE you so there is nothing to prove. The question is, can you accept you for who you are and continue working on improving your response-ability to life and taking into account the needs of others? It takes courage but that's what this Full Moon is all about.

To Assertively Fulfilling your Own Desires and Bravely Marching Forward,
Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Moon in Libra

We're under the light of the New Moon in Libra - a great time to reach an agreement, shake hands, agree to disagree, sign on the dotted line IF you know what you want and are willing to compromise on and are willing to hear the other party out too. Fairness reigns and Justice will out in the end.

Can you UP the Beauty & Harmony level in your life? Try it. Amazing things happen when you try and create peace and bring more beauty back to your world. We need it.

Check your scopes!

NEW MOON RITUAL READINGS are available for the next week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekly Scopes: Mars in Leo, Sun moves into Libra

Your Weekly Scope is now up - Read Yours Here.

If you're not on FACEBOOK with me, you can receive all these updates by clicking here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

New World Astrology is expanding!

After a number of synchronistic conversations and events, I am happy to introduce you to my two new departments, here at New World Astrology.

For general information and queries, you can now email Ben at and for any questions or queries specifically related to your Order, Susan will help you at

I'm happy to welcome them both - since work has increased I am unable to give you all the attention you deserve via email. I am thankful for the additional support, and can now provide you all with the information and answers you're seeking.

I'll still be here for your continued blog updates and Weekly Scopes, and of course for our regular in-person Readings.

Can you believe the Summer is on the way out? I'm excited though, as Autumn is so magical to me, and here in Twin Peaks, new animals are stirring and the campfire smell of Fall is already descending.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, September 12, 2011

Special Full Moon Scopes & Readings!

This week's Scopes cover the Pisces Full Moon - the next two weeks is about wrapping things up, letting go and receiving the results of what we've already set in motion.
Feelings may run high so that's all the more reason to chill, go with the flow, pray, meditate and do what you can to soothe yourself with compassion, cake, bubble baths or whatever else calms your ego and floats your boat!

Read Your Weekly Scope

Special FULL MOON RITUAL READINGS available until Sep 19.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Free Gift with Every Report!

We have another month until Summer officially ends (Libra marks the Autumnal Equinox).
To honor the final days of your Summer, I'm offering this special:

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Enjoy the last of your own Summer 2011, make it one to remember.

Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Join me for Free Readings tonight at Soul Journeys Radio!

If you're free at 7pm Eastern (10pm Pacific) tonight, then join me over at Souls Journey Radio with host Diana Dorell for a show on How To Stay Grounded During This New Moon Cycle.

We'll be taking your calls and giving free Readings on-air so now's your chance to connect with me live.

Hope to see you all there!
Your Astrologer,

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius

This is the Full Moon in Aquarius. Each Full Moon, two signs are tied together in opposition. The needs of the Aquarius Moon now try to blend with the essence of the Leo Sun.

Working in harmony, we are full of live, we feel inherently special, and yet we also know others have needs. We're both performer and observer, never getting too caught up in the glamour of the spotlight (or ego attention) and never being so distant and detached that we fail to participate. We're using our specialness to help humanity on some level (like the Hollywood Actor who uses their fame to raise money for charity).
We appreciate our friends (Aquarius) and can love (Leo) strangers (Aquarius) with the same purity we love those in our inner circle. We can celebrate the specialness (Leo) of our uniqueness (Aquarius).

When these energies are pulling against each other we have the rebel (Aquarius) overthrowing the ruler (Leo). We let ego (Leo) blind us to the fact we're as special as anyone else in society (Aquarius). Each Full Moon brings something up within us and now it's these two polar opposites. Love Given (Leo) and Love Received (Aquarius). Stand on one side too long and immediately the opposing side is activated.

At Full Moon time it's best to blend both energies together, to avoid conflict. Working as a Team, Leo/Aquarius is about love and friendship combined, creativity and detachment and being special and being 'one of the crowd'. You just can't be either/or.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius

Under the power of twi fire signs, things always heat up. The Sagittarius Moon needs room to breathe, to grow and learn. To expand its horizons, knowledge base and possibilities. To open up to More - with an optimistic spirit and an open mind and heart.

In Leo Season, the Sagittarius Moon wants to find new creative ways to have fun. Everything is larger than life, and that includes our appetites. Size begins to matter so we may go over the top (on purchases, emotional reactions, any appetite can be supersized). Sagittarius is not about finding limits, its often about excess (absorb enough and you'll find Truth sooner or later). Leo is about living large. Put the teo together and you have a highly dramatic coupling where we can discover more, let our hair down, live with passion and purpose (as long as we avoid intellectual arrogance or judgmental attitudes).

The best of Leo/Sagittarius is to realize our inner child is alive and well in the present. And we can shine light wherever darkness falls, and bring Joy, Optimism and the Enjoyment of the Journey As Destination.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio

Leo Season is all about brightness, opening our hearts, playing and expressing ourselves in our own unique way. Finding a new Joy in life. Creating.

Under the Scorpio Moon we yearn for more depth, so our passions are aroused, things become more intense (already dramatic under the fiery Leo Sun). Secrets are forged or dug up (The Scorpio Moon is the 4th House under Leo, relating to our private selves, emotional foundations and our family conditioning).

Things can get ugly with two signs as intense (and stubborn) as these. When threatened, under the Scorpio Moon we may retaliate or strike before we're stung. Or we can use this time to heal and transcend old wounds and old triggers.
Creatively (and in all areas) it's time to add more depth to your creativity, more passion to your love (or find it), more intensity to your focus and strip away all that masks your true spiritual self (so expect some ego showdowns and moments when you realize you're acting from your lower nature).

The best of the Leo/Scorpio Combo is a depth of love that doesn't hide, nor does it allow itself to be pulled down into its own self-indulgent shadow. We live loud and proud, with nothing else but our hearts, leading the way.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra

Under the Libra Moon we all want beauty, and we yearn for the things that bring a sense of calm: music, candlelight, art, relaxation, good company, beautiful things, quiet scenery etc. In Leo Season this is truly welcome - Leo wants quality and so does Libra. Combined, this energy is about truly opening your heart and sharing yourself with others. Getting along with those in our lives becomes essential because ruffled feathers means rocked boats and Libra Moons want nothing but calm comfort.

Social events go well under this combination as does schmoozing, socializing at special functions/mixers or just having a great time with whomever you're with.

Since Leo is love and Libra is romance, put the two together and you have the makings of beautiful dates, romantic escapes (picnics, walks alone together, evenings by the fire or under the Sunset). We have to be careful we don't ignore or sweep more important things under the carpet for the sake of "peace" but for now, we can live well by enjoying sharing, mutual love and respect (and admiration - think Mutual Fan Club) and celebrating how good life really is.

Happiness is a Choice, and we choose to share our good vibes with others and they with us, under the combo of Leo/Libra.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Cancer

Our egos are always on the line during Leo Season - that's why what we create is something that brings up insecurity in us. Leo energy is about living from the heart - 100% investing in something (be it a relationship, hobby, career direction). Under the Leo Sun, everything is bigger, there can be more Joy but also more Drama or Darkness (when we're blocking our natural Light).

Under the Cancer Moon, emotions are bigger also. We need to feel safe and secure and yet our egos are still being spotlighted. The worst of this combo is childish tantrums, replaying childhood dramas or traumas and being needy - expecting others to shower us with the love we haven't yet given ourselves.

The best of this combo is an immense heart and capacity to care and nurture. We truly care. We can pour ourselves into our home (decorating, making it our Palace), those close to us (blood-family, or our chosen circle) and even in fulfilling our own needs so that we can better be there for others.

We need to feel under the Cancer Moon, and in Leo Season this can bring up sensitive issues that may be secret hurts but also a chance to nurture ourselves in an adult way.

Leo is ruled by the Sun and Cancer is ruled by the Moon. So when these two come together, they are in their rightful place. Ego and Unconscious. Male and Female. We get to balance out both sides of our nature, by seeing where it's out of harmony.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Gemini

Under the Leo Sun, everything is seen through the filter of love and creativity. We're either bright and beaming or a black hole - everything is more dramatic. Under the Gemini Moon we need to find new thoughts that enhance our love and creativity. We can use beautiful words, express how we feel, and choose thoughts that empower us, strengthening our ability to shine and thereby enhancing how bright our light is.

We need to be able to explore new ways to create - like writers seeking the right words, we now get to try out new possibilities, trying on new ideas and feeling (Moon) our way to new thought (Gemini) that will lift our hearts (Leo).

The best of this combo, is finding and expressing our power through the words we use inside (self-speak) and outside (communication with the world around us). We can add to life's Joy through our words and thoughts, or we can add to potential drama. The choice is ours.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Taurus

The Sun in Leo brings a month of Finding our Joy in various ways. Leo relates to creativity, that life force that moves through us that creates the desire for children (creating extensions of ourselves) or the desire to further ourselves in some way with something that is OF us - a creative project for example. Or romantically expressing our feelings.

Putting our egos on the line is essential - we may fail, but we'll have fun just Trying. This month, risk your happiness by trying to be more, create more.

Under the Taurus Moon, we always need comfort, we crave the riches of the world (from a hug, to great sex or dessert, from money in the bank to the feel of nice fabric on our bodies). Leo is quality of course - 5-star all the way (it's the sign of Royalty and Celebrity) so add Taurus energy and you have the makings of gourmet treats, luxurious pampering, egotistical unyielding attitudes or dramas (if we're going too far) and enjoying all that life has to offer (from spectacular sunsets to quiet nights by the fire).

Seek beauty and you'll find the riches you desire.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

We need a release, after all the emotions of the month (during Cancer Season) come to a head and we're too 'full'. Something has to give.

We're urged to find emotional compassion for other's pain (let's face it, who ISN'T going through a trying time right now?) as well as our own human-suffering. be sensitive now, be a caring healer, transmuting negativity where you can, by ending it in your own life.

We're also urged to explore emotional release (crying for example). Often times under this combo, we have to simply accept or let go of major emotional 'stuff'.

Cancer Season is about our domestic situation, our past and our feelings. Under the Pisces Moon, we may try and run from how we feel (or any emotional situation that feels 'too much'). We're not meant to deny, avoid or repress our feelings now. We're ultimately seeking for redemption, completion, closure.

A bath, time to meditate, a nap, some creative daydreaming, more sleep and some nurturing soothing energy is what we really crave now. Go gentle. Let yourself feel - and follow each feeling to its ultimate destination, when it dissolves back into the Whole. Thank it for its lesson, its gift and let it go.

Emotions remember aren't meant to be held onto. They are in motion. So don't hold on. Feel them, let them go and you'll find they let YOU go in return...

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SPECIAL: Past Life Reading ($50)

Astrology cannot tell us who we were exactly in other lives but it gives a lot of detailed clues about our Soul's Journey, the patterns of previous lifetimes, and the habits we've picked up along the way that may no longer be of use in your current lifetime.

Astrology also details gifts you brought in with you, whether through ancestral and genetic patterning, or through your own efforts previously. Nothing is forgotten.
The Soul Remembers.

This Special Reading is a fun, informative and unique insight into the Path of your own Soul - where it's been, where it wants to go and what you're here working on now.

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Keep on Truckin! Full Moon in Capricorn

Capricorn is the energy of discipline, commitment, hard work and the quest to achieve or overcome. We achieve mastery when we give it enough practice. We need elbow grease, effort. We can't quit.

The Capricorn Full Moon is a time of resetting your boundaries, re-designing your goals and re-committing to gaining mastery over something. Ruled by Saturn, planet of "karma" (the tests and challenges we must face living a physical life, along with the rules and restrictions we must all play within) we may find that during this time, our personal "Karma" comes to the fore - what we MUST work with in this lifetime.

Any fear is up for review - can you face it and let it go? Full Moons are cleansing, clearing times, remember?

Can you let go of a goal you no longer desire? Maybe it's not your goal but a parents? Is it your goal and are you truly committed?

Are you disciplining yourself to overcome? Or are you programming yourself with "failure"?

Review all of this and come out with a new found sense of dedication to Getting Through Your Life. Why let anything or anyone get you down?

You owe it to yourself to give it your best shot. Only then will you be able to relax and say 'Well, at least I tried'.

Keep trying, and remember - some blocks are not meant to be overcome, they are challenges to see how we'll proceed when faced with a brick wall, a dead end, a red light or a rejection. Some things weren't meant to be transcended but worked with (or around).

As the limits of the physical body are helpful to us as souls, some limits and restrictions serve us well.

Keep on truckin!

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius

Our emotions now turn to creating space and distance in order to breathe and gain perspective, under the airy Aquarius Moon. Cancer Season is anything but detached - we're attached to the outcome, to how we feel, to our past, protecting our past and safeguarding our security.

Something has to give under this combo - we need to stand apart from even our own history - we need to be different (non-reactionary for example) than those who have gone before us.

Since Cancer Season shines the spotlight on our home situation, family matters, stuff from our past and our feelings, the Aquarius Moon helps us break free from old patterns, detach from drama, and look at things in a whole new light. We may even be able to find a radically new approach to old matters. But first we must pull back from repeating patterns, instead breathing new life into our lives. Then, our pasts become storehouses of valuable material and information, and no longer traps containing old ways of being, reacting and feeling.

Freedom comes when we find a new way to feel, and a new way to respond.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Stalemate or Stale Mate? Venus Opposes Pluto

July 7/8 play host to the planetary alignment Venus opposing Pluto. You can read up on what it means in the article below (it's a biggie!).

Stalemate or Stale Mate?

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Libra

When the Moon shifts in Libra, we need to restore some sense of calm, after the nitpicking clear-up order-inducing Virgo Moon. Under the Cancer Sun, the Libra Moon seeks domestic calm - a spot of interior decorating perhaps. Candle, music, ambiance. Whatever that means to you.

Emotionally, we want to build bridges between the self and others. Cancer Season is always a sensitive time, because we're all dealing with some of the core issues and needs in our lives - namely, things from our past (yesterday, last year, childhood). So when the Moon moves into Libra, we want to smooth ruffled feathers, restore a sense of calm, find a common ground and - perhaps most importantly - creating a beautiful space in which to unfold these feelings.

Since Libra is the 4th sign from Cancer (ruling the domestic and family scene as well as our past and emotional foundations), the Moon here bodes well for creating a port in a storm. When in doubt, restore balance through beauty, calm through cooperation, comfort through compromise and love through reciprocity.

We all have needs, under this combo we have to give and take to make sure everyones are met.

Monday, July 04, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Virgo

Since Virgo Moons give us a craving for some sort of order, we often find ourselves cleaning (Virgo) our homes (Cancer) at this time. Virgo can be critical and nitpicking, and with Cancer connected to emotions, it could be a trying time if we're not kind (as we begin finding fault with how we feel or how another feels). Still, this may be good if there are past issues (or buried emotions) that need digging and cleaning up also.

Seeking simple (Virgo) comforts (Cancer) may be the best way to go. Or helping another (Virgo) who needs nurturing (Cancer) or helping another to find comfort.

Virgo needs a routine, a structure, to improve upon something so life isn't acceptable 'as-is'. Cancer is a traditional sign that deals with the basic feeling function within us humans, without judgment or discernment. But we can have the best of both worlds if we analyze (Virgo) how we feel (Cancer) or look for a way to heal or mend hurt hearts and to ultimately find a way to feel (Cancer) better (Virgo).

The best use of this combination is to bring everything back to basics and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo

Things always get more dramatic under Leo Moons. Which bodes well for parties, celebrations and creative pursuits (and less well but still equally as potent for causing scenes!

Emotions (Cancer) now become bigger (Leo). We take things more personally, which again is great when we're investing our feelings into creative self-expression and having fun, but more problematic when we begin letting our ego (Leo) get in the way.

The best we can achieve now is a certain pride in caring (opening our hearts wide), enjoying ourselves while being sure to nurture others.

Emotions are contagious, this we realize under this combo. When you're happy, it spreads like wildfire (Leo is a fire sign, after all). When we're down, we suck the life out of the room.

So be aware of the size of your feeling and its appropriate expression. Live big, celebrate your human existence. Boost another up (with a compliment even), and in return you'll feel amazing.

It's in how we make others feel, that is the true gift of this combo.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Cancer Solar Eclipse (Jul 1)

The Solar Eclipse at 10 Cancer today heralds a potential new beginning. When the Sun’s light temporarily goes out, it invokes a symbolic time when we can ring the changes in our lives and ‘start over’. In Cancer, we all have a chance to establish new habits.

Wherever the Eclipse falls in your own Birth Chart, you have an opportunity to see if you can let go of old emotional ‘pulls’ and establish a new foundation, a new secure place on which to build.

For example: in your 2nd house, new self esteem practices will provide a solid foundation for new earning potential. In your 9th house, new comfort zones help create a new sense of faith in life. In your 8th House, you get to embrace the intensity of your feelings and do away with any unhealthy attachments you still have sticking to you.

Get it?

For all of us, the Cancer Eclipse will rock our emotional world – our intimate connection to others. Expect shifts within your family for better or worse. Try and get comfy where you are and “make home” in all areas of your life. The more secure and comfortable you are, the more this period opens up and you can create some new, healthier, emotional habits for yourself.

With the Eclipse slap bang between Uranus in Aries (personal freedom issues) and Saturn in Libra (relationship legalities and commitment/rules of engagement issues), the Eclipse in Cancer brings us back to what we really need and where our hearts REALLY are.

Follow them to a new, healthier place. Don’t follow old feelings if they don’t feel good. It’s that simple. You can always reframe your present based on how you’re feeling right now. Opposing Pluto in Capricorn, the Eclipse says offload your baggage as you only have yourself to blame, if you’re suffering from something that happened to you in the past.

Use the next week period to begin something that “feeds” you. Anything else you’re hungering for that doesn’t ultimately satisfy you, try and release your attachment. You’ll leave energy for other things – things you truly need now.

If you feel a little emotionally shaky, unsure, confused, lost or unhappy - or you just want a check in to see how best to navigate the road ahead – you can always check in with me for a Personal Reading (or order a Report specific to you).

Enjoy your human feelings, but don’t take any of it too seriously – and don’t, I repeat, don’t, cling to your feelings (or any life situation) as though it WAS you. You’re bigger than this, and it’s all an illusion.

Choose the best feelings and proceed!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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When I first explored Karmic Astrology - from the viewpoint that your Chart holds secrets to your past lives and present one - I was amazed.

18 years later it proves to be my favorite area of Astrology (with relationships coming a close second).

My Karmic Insight Report is one of the most popular I have on offer. I love it. It explores your past patterns (you'll agree straight away), shed light on why you do what you do (even when you don't want to do it!) and how to move ahead.

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Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini

We need to express (Gemini) our feelings. We now have a chance to talk about what is in our hearts. We even have a chance to explore (Gemini) new comfort zones (Cancer).
Journaling is a great idea now, or at least making a list of positive aspects of our lives (to expand these areas by focusing on them). Writer have a great time now, since they can explore their hearts and heads in combination. Actually, all of us can, not favoring one over the other.

If we don't focus on what feels good (including thoughts), we end up running our heads in circles (negative Gemini) and becoming emotionally knocked into the darkness (negative Cancer).

Under Cancer, the focus is still on our feelings, habits, past and family/home situation. Our needs are paramount now. Under the Gemini Moon, we get to talk about it, find out new information to help us fulfill our needs..and to laugh off how dramatic we can be when we claim ownership over any particular emotion..since in time, they all shall pass.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Order a Karmic Insight Report Get One FREE!

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This is one of my most popular Reports, covering your past life patterns, replaying in the present. Break free from those things that just seem to happen over and over again!

I love this Report. It even covers some of the gifts and skills you picked up before you even arrived here. Tap into these for maximum success.

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Your Astrologer,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Taurus

Our emotions and needs must be grounded in the physical, under this combo. We're still focused on Cancer things for the entire month (our home, family, domestic situation, real estate, our feelings and also our habits).

Under the Taurus Moon (for the next 2.5 days), we get to look more closely at our financial needs (budgeting, extra expenditure). We feel a heightened need for comfort - a cozy cuddle-up in front of the fire or a movie, a long lazy bubble bath, burning scents, gourmet food (home cooking is ideal now).

Taurus is about physical comfort, appreciation. Finding natural, simple ways of grounding your emotions is the way to go. We need to feel good now and we'll do whatever we can to claim that feel-good factor.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces

We're all looking to our home and families for comfort, conflict-resolution, blame, security - you name it. Whatever is going on, is close to home. We feel connected to it. It's highly personal. And we may feel a little lost, drifting, daydreaming or just plain avoiding something or confused by it. All is not as it seems.

Cancer/Pisces connections are all related to the safety of the emotions. Being able to feel and not be punished or judged for it. Comfort eating may be common now. So would feeling the need to sink into a bath (or into someone's arms).

We want safety (Cancer) and need magic and escapism (Pisces). We feel (Cancer) and need compassion (Pisces) for self and others.

Go easy, then until the turning of the tide.

Update from your Astrologer!

Hey Gang,

Did you miss me? Well I missed you. I just relocated to my new home in Twin Peaks, CA, which took longer than expected. Yes there actually IS a town of that name, and with the number of odd situations that befell my partner and I during this move, it seems fitting.

Yes, strange things do happen to Astrologers. Even we are not immune to the chance events of "fate" or the pre-selected life lessons that inevitably find us, no matter where we are. Astrology can help us uncover the cycles, and work with them. But I have truly come to believe that some events are meant to be worked through, and don't mean anything negative at all.

As my Progressed Sun moved into Aries, the shift was a natural next step. New beginnings abound for me. Right on Track.

The trip was worth it - I am now in the beautiful woods up by Lake Arrowhead (the place that bottles all that spring water of the same name). Who would have though that in the middle of the vast desert of southern california, there would be such an oasis. I am going to be very happy here, and for a 4th house Sun to say that, is really something.

What's ahead for us all? Well stay tuned. I have more video horoscopes, more articles on what's happening. New Readings and Reports, Personal anecdotes and of course, every Monday I'll update the Weekly Scopes, which seem to be turning into more Weekly Thoughts with a dose of Astrology - my thoughts and insights coupled with a finger on the pulse of what's going on Astrologically.


many of you are still curious about the TV Show I have mentioned previously. Depending on how long you've been with me, you may already know I have been called on numerous times to partake in Astrology Shows for TV. I've met executives, been called in for auditions and run-throughs and interviews on the subject. There's a truly a market, so hopefully soon, someone is going to jump on this and run with it. We're moving out of the Dark Ages where people fear the field and are now beginning to realize its validity and truly helpful guidance on life's rocky roads.

I am still in talks with Los Angeles and will keep you posted.


I am back to my Reading Schedule so if you are having issues, or just want a personal session to uncover your own life path and possibilities, along with your personal cycles, then you can sign up at the website and order there (along with the extensive list of Reports on offer that you can order and have in your hands within 24-48 hours).

That's it for now, I am glad to be back and look forward to sharing the crazy road ahead with you, through this summer and into 2012. So much ahead!

Whatever you're going through right now, embrace it as all right on track. No matter how stressful or weird, or upsetting or confusing. Life has a bigger meaning and if you stick with me,I'll show you a bigger picture and a potential future for you, where you're smiling from ear to ear.

Your Astrologer,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sun in Gemini squares Moon in Pisces

What better way to learn about the Astrology of the day, than to begin a blog series that covers the daily trends, so you can watch them play out and decide how YOU want to be a player.


Today, the Gemini Sun is square (tension, conflict, action) the Pisces Moon. Our consciousness (Sun) is electric and alive, mentally buzzing. Notice how today your mind has things to juggle. The phone rings and then the doorbell goes (as it did for today while I was on a Reading). You receive an important email you have to reply to. You have a brainwave. You have a really important conversation or there's a voice mail with news you've been waiting for.

Gemini months are all about getting your head in order. You have things you have to say, things you have to write and it all comes down to how well you can adapt to the 101 one things vying for your attention.

.....the PISCES MOON confuses things. We need to be space-cadets. We don't have time for 'shoulds', we want to drift and dream. So if you find yourself staring at the green light and everyone around you is honking, you're in the throws of Gemini-Pisces vibes.

Stay alert and awake but let your imagination wander. There may be white lies or pretty huge ones, there may be spelling mistakes in emails (and perhaps even this blog article), there may be hang-ups and disconnections. Traffic may be weird. You may feel like you're on drugs or actually may BE on drugs.

If you feel like taking a nap, having a drink, zoning out for a're feeling the effects of today. My only word of advice - Pay Attention!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

All Reports Half-Off in May!

Can you feel the change of season? We're now in Taurus, the sign most connected to the Earth and pleasures of the physical realm.

Whether you're mapping your career road, in a relationship (or seeking one), from financial hopes to health questions, we're all moving through different cycles, lessons and experiences. We all have different needs and questions, hopes and dreams - and potentials

This month only, here's a gift for you -

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Enjoy yourself, whatever you do, wherever you go. And enjoy browsing an Astrology Report to shine some light on your road ahead.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, May 02, 2011

Slow, Steady, Sensual, Sexy: The Taurus New Moon (May 2)

If you've been keeping track of the blog, you'll know what Taurus represents - its the physical sign of the zodiac, earthy reality, the senses and all things relating to matter you can touch, mold, sculpt - from gardens, to haircuts, to massaging muscles to cooking to counting money.

Since the New Moon is an open door, we're invited for the next two weeks to ENJOY EDEN - whatever that is for you - a comfy fire, nice food, an expensive restaurant, a new pair of shoes, a walk in the park, a visit back to the ocean you haven't seen for years, a hug (are you being touched enough - if you can't get, Give!) satisfying sex, and so forth.

Where is your Eden?

We're not talking religion, we're talking being comfy in your own skin, where all true peace begins.

The New Moon trines the asteroid JUNO (partnership) in Virgo so others can be helpful to your crusade - especially offering helpful insight or advice or the exact data you need (a phone number, a tipoff, a recommendation or simple straightforward down to earth advice). Financially, pooling with others is a great idea (potlucks, shared lotto tickets, mutual purchases, joint investments etc).

What do you value?

Whatever you focus on, grows. This New Moon invest in things that make you feel comfy and cared for. Seeds grow in the strangest of places - plant some new ones this Monday and for the next two weeks, keep it simple, keep it real and give your time and energy to only things you think are worthwhile. Leave the rest and move on...

And as we've said before - give thanks, be thankful and show thanks for what you have. The good times have only just begun. Keep your eye on the prize, YOUR prize, and keep a smile on your face knowing it's all unfolding as it should.

Eat, drink, laugh, dance, sing - and be merry. The Universe loves a party, so host one in your heart today...and more generous guests will be sent your way.


Monday, April 04, 2011

New Horoscope Column every Monday!

Every Monday, you can now visit the new Weekly Scope column. This week, you'll receive tips specific for your sign during this Mercury Retrograde period.

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Your Astrologer,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Monday, February 28, 2011

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Your Astrologer,

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Relationships and Finances become intense. Venus is our desire to connect to others. When we reach out now, we meet PLUTO the Darth Vader planet. We can't help but zero in on some of our dirty dark secrets and shadows. The things hidden away that fester. So there may be a purging in relationships. Whatever happens, you get to go deeper. Are you ready and willing to take your values to the bottom line? What is it ultimately worth?

Some may decide that they've had enough. And call it quits. But can you see through this 'Hell' passage and see what's beyond? Chances are you're facing a karmic wound or trauma. Something in your soul's history that hurt. That remains a Dark Part of your Nature.

We're attracted (Venus) now to things that are mysterious, dangerous, deep, sexy, smouldering, that promise a cathartic experience. Is it a fatal attraction? We'll soon see. Are you seeking a soul connection or just a mind blowing orgasm? Are you totally in or not even gonna bother?

Artists find this a time to focus, commit and churn all their emotions into some pretty amazing pieces. In Capricorn, Venus/Pluto manifests something pretty dazzling.

It's all about the subtle approach. The black dress that HINTS at sexuality, not the pornographic centerfold. Understate power is hotter than outright control (and thus insecurity).

In all your unions, face your fear of Loss, Betrayal and even your fear or Greater Intimacy and your own Innate Power.

Ditch superficial attachments and go for the soul.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, February 07, 2011

Your Valentine Gift: $10 Gift Certificate!

Some of us are in the throes of amazing relationships. Some aren't. Some are struggling with legal battles, others with the sort that rage under behind closed doors. We're all doing the Saturn in Libra dance. Negotiating. Working out sides. Trying to find moderation. Peace.

Whether you're with someone or single, this Season of Love, I have a gift for you: a $10 gift certificate to get yourself something, or something for someone who's been there for you.

There are reports on Love (Relationship Compatibility Report, Cosmic Couple), and ones on yourself (Natal, Indra, Centaur, past Life) and ones on your road ahead (Solar Return, Transit, AstroJourney). Reports for children and adults. Something for everyone.

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Keep Loving, no matter where you currently stand, and things can only keep getting better and better.

Your Astrologer,

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fresh Air of Freedom: Aquarius New Moon

Freedom Calls!

Just look at the News. We want Freedom, scream the people! That's the vibe of this Aquarius New Moon. (The United States was born with the Moon in Aquarius and its icons of 'freedom' such as the Statue of Liberty still stand as testaments to its promise...however much it has since strayed and will go through its own revolutions in the years ahead).

You can find the forecasts for each sign for this New Moon if you click here.

Briefly here, this is your time to explore your own brand of uniqueness. To celebrate the weird being that you are. The one off, never to be repeated. If you left the planet, no one could replicate what you did or who you were. Not exactly.

Play with freedom, space, perspective, detachment. Connect with like-minds. Reach out with those you 'get' or who 'get you'. See which groups around sound like something you'd like to dive into. Break the rules of restriction you've imposed on yourself of late.

Be kinky, different, rebellious, odd, unusual, queer, bizarre, laid back and Just Yourself. Guaranteed, it'll shift things in a really cool, new way.

Your Astrologer,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I"m included in the Top 50 Blogs!

I made it to the Top 50 "Fortune Telling Blogs", under Astrology.

Check it out here!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All is Fair in Love & War? Saturn Retrograde in Libra

Expect to re-work your career plans, wrestle with a legal matter a bit longer, shift from overdoing something to under doing it, to see how unfair someone is being (or be told how unfair you are), find you're rejected or you want 'out' of a certain partnership (be it personal or professional) or simply finding yourself wrestling your inner demons and the conflicted or divided parts of your inner self (when you're not fighting City Hall, the Government or those in Charge: see Egypt, Libya and a city near you soon...)

We all are doing the Retro Saturn in Libra dance. Just in different areas. Boil it all down and you can see Saturn (laws, structure) in Libra (balance, relationship) retrograde (reviewing) as a time when everyone withdraws to the corner of the ring to decide 1 - what they want. 2 - what the other person wants and 3 - what the compromise will be (since neither side will get the full goods).

If you're not hearing from someone, chances are they need space and time. Old karmic connections return - from past lovers with a word about how you did them wrong, (or you're contacting them), and from family feuds to neighbor issues, from coworker strains to boss-employee, government/people, parent/child, our relationship to authority is really up for review.

What can you do? PLAY FAIR. Anytime you overstep your mark, do something unjust, you put a check against you, one more chip in the scale against you. And Libra likes Balance. So expect to pay up in certain areas: things will slow down, stop, delay, frustrate you, or generally you'll think Karma Is A Bitch.

it is, when you don't heed the message or see the warning. Slowing down, affords you a chance to do some serious re-evaluating. Are you committed? Are you really in? Do you want out? Are you acting fairly? Are you working within the law? Are you willing to meet someone halfway? Are you getting your fair share? Can you shift your work focus into a new area? Is there something you can re-work when it comes to your career goals and plans?

get serious. Wake up. The sober business of RELATING is upon us. Until June, you'll come back to the table many times over as you negotiate, re-negotiate, discuss, share, trade, re-work, re-draft and ultimately come to new conclusions, contracts and commitments. Better ones.

Win-Win situations.

Stick it out, the rewards are awaiting behind the nitty gritty, seemingly unfair moments under this Phase. What;s out of balance is being re-aligned, that's all! Adjust and adapt to the discomfort and before you know it, you'll be riding with the wind and Saturn will reward your patience with something no one will be able to touch or take away.

Your Astrologer,

Monday, January 03, 2011

Free Astrology Chart in 2011

Happy New Year (sorta). Why sorta? Watch my video below and you'll see what I mean.

I'm excited to share this free gift with you in 2011, as a tool of your continued voyages and adventures in the physical: Your very own Astrology Chart.

Here's to using your Blueprint to map out a brighter future and a more fun Life Experience!

To Your Dreams in 2011,
Your Astrologer,

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