Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New Column in DOT Magazine

Hey folks,

My monthly forecasts are now appearing in Dot News Magazine, a free and fun mag distributed throughout California. So if you see a copy you can now see my eyes (and words) staring back at you, astrologically informing you of the crazy escapades for each sign each month.

It's out now for April but you can check out their website if you're not in California (or within the cities it reaches), the site needs updating for the new feature, so keep checking back, or drop the editor a line and let them know you're craving a glimpse of your new astro-writer! :)



Monday, April 23, 2007

Apr 23 - 29 Forecasts are up!

Enjoy this week's forecasts as the Sun moves into Earth Sign Taurus - the sign of the Physical Realm. Get comfy, back to nature and enjoy the magic of being in a body!

Read them here.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Solar Charts

I was thinking recently about the power of Solar Charts, something many Astrologers don't use, but which bring it all back to basics and reveal some really useful information we may have missed.

Solar Charts put the sign we're dealing with on the First House Cusp. The other houses follow on accordingly. This is how horoscopes are drawn up, say you're a Cancer it would look like the chart shown here.

The US is a Cancer country. If we use the Solar Chart we see that ARIES is the sign on the Midheaven (at the top of the chart). This is the sign's legacy. So Cancers often leave a legacy of aggression, ambition (something many people don't see when they look at the softer side of the crab). But Crabs will fight to defend their territory. Look at the USA with its Homeland (home being a Cancer issue always) Security. This happened of course when Saturn (Structure, limitation, security) was passing through Cancer (home, safety). The States is known for (midheaven of the chart) War (Aries).

The chart here shows where the planets are now for Cancer. As a country, we have Saturn in the 2nd house right now. The dollar has steadily declined (I believe it is now around 2 dollars to every UK pound). Saturn limits and tightens budgets and spending. The US has financial issues. I believe we'll see more problems with banks and credit companies ahead.

Jupiter (expansion, growth) is in the 6th house of health along with Pluto (death, rebirth) showing the obsession (Pluto) with weight (Jupiter = size). I actually find it hard to buy clothes here often since I'm 6'1 and 150 and most stores carry BIG size clothes. So health and disease are top priorities within the country currently.

Uranus and the North Node (surprises, revolution and a nation's karmic direction) are in the 9th House (overseas, foreign affairs, culture, education) showing the constant shocks and shifts relating to the 'foreign born' and also within the education system (yet more school shootings, this time...as one reader of my blog put it initiated by quote "a foreigner". I'm sure it's this attitude that got the country in a huge mess to begin with (natally the North Node of Destiny was in the States 9th House to begin with showing a need to grow overseas, and bridge the cultural divide.). Weirdly enough, within the States it's a huge melting pot for cultures. So why such a hatred of outside cultures outside of the walls of the country? How bizarre.

George W Bush of course is a Cancer and so works magically alongside this country to expose its seamy underbelly. It takes one to know one. We're in good hands...if you count good as karmically cleaning up with little choice but to wake up and smell the coffee. For all those who complain about having Bush in office, I actually (from an astrological perspective) see the beauty in this.

So for Cancers generally, the themes above will follow, in various stages. We can do the same for each Sun sign in turn.

We often forget, with so many Astrological timing techniques, the most simple and basic ways of reading a chart. Solar Charts work wonders for even more layers of information. If you have any basic knowledge of Astrology, try playing around with them yourself. You'll be surprised at things you forgot.

Armed (how appropriate since we just left Aries territory) with your NATAL CHART and your SOLAR CHART you can pretty much navigate through the major phases of your life. It's worth the investment of time and energy.

For those of you who have no idea what this all means because you know zero Astrology, don't worry, I'll try and explain it all as we progress.


Release! Saturn goes Direct (April 18)

Since Dec 5 2006, Saturn, the planet of hard work/karma/discipline/organization/rules-regulation-and-red-tape/career has been moving retrograde (backwards) and on April 18 went Direct once more, resuming his normal course.

How do we feel this here on Earth?

As a certain 'clunk' and a new drive and discipline to achieve Material Success. Growth inside has now done us the service of helping us see what needed strengthening within. This structure now puts us in a good space to deliver the goods in the outside world and MAKE something of ourselves.

Career objectives become solidified now - give it some time, but soon you'll have a greater sense of what you want and are able to achieve, with a little hard work and dedication.

At the same time, Vesta has gone retrograde - she's the asteroid of commitment and dedication and focus, and this energy will help us to continue probing our inner depths and working on our insecurities, with a view to spinning it round and securing something pretty damned special on the physical plane.

Saturn loves work, he loves serious disciplined dedicated effort. He loves to give us limits and help us overcome obstacles. He's the one who puts the ROAD CLOSED sign up but then gives you the biggest most quality box of chocolates as the reward when you find a detour and get around the problem.

He's the one we love to blame for punishing us, but the one we run to like a parent to say 'Look, did you see the amazing job I did?'.

Take a look in your life at your ACHIEVEMENTS to date. Most likely they are inner ones, the success you have to show is something inside - perhaps a greater self of self worth (for the Cancers in the crowd), a greater sense of discipline and ability to survive (Leo), a greater sense of their body and health (Pisces), a feeling of unshakable inner security (Taurus), commited relationships or give-and-take with others (Aquarius), focusing the mind (Gemini), dissolving unhealthy attachments and habits (Virgo), stepping into their true power (Scorpio), structuring their quests for knowledge and freedom (Sagittarius), breaking through fear to experience true trust and intimacy (Capricorn) and working on enjoying and expressing their ego without controlling life (Aries).

Now, the inner work you've done (the demons you've chased, the "issues" you've worked on inside, the fears you've broken through or faced...these now can be put to use in the outside world. Build something. Work on something. Put your career and professional life back as a top priority.

THE STRESSFUL ROADBLOCKS AND LIMITS of the past were for a reason - to now give you the freedom to create a much more stable and structured present and future with a view to what may not work, what can be tweaked, what holding onto fear can do, and how we can tighten our belts and our resolve to overcome the odds.

Whatever you want to manifest in the material world - Saturn is asking us to pour effort into it now. We can hold onto the shadows of the past, mourn our losses but this only delays the inevitable - that we are here to create and build something. So cut your losses, and now focus purely...on the gains.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Forecasts are up! (April 16 - 22)

Read your forecasts here for the week of April 16 - 22!



I attended a screening of a short film I starred in, last year here in Hollywood a couple of days ago and realized today that it was a strong symbol of this upcoming Aries New Moon period. The movie was entitled 'Hurt'. I play the lead who is tied to a chair, beaten, but who in the end frees himself and traps my abuser in the same chair. The dialogue contains the line 'I'm better than my Father, I can hurt you without breaking a bone, when I want to'.

I wonder where we learned violence? Maybe it's an animal thing inside. It's worth investigating our anger issues during this lunar cycle. Why the need to pick on someone for their way of living. We don't like it, why can't we move beyond it? Why must another suffer because we are not happy? Good question. Misery does love company - if we mkae another as unhappy as we may feel, I guess we're not alone anymore. And yet Aries - the sign of aggression IS the sign of the lone gunman, the single soul, the 'I stand alone' motif.

The Aries energy of aggression, fighting, testosterone, is so prevalent during the Aries New Moon, and we have a choice in how to use this. New Moons aren't karmic in nature - they are seed planting times. We have a choice (perhaps it's easier at this point that it is at the Full Moon when we're more irrational due to a build up of unreleased tension). Violence hurts us, no matter if we inflict ir or suffer it. Even the release of a film can be symbolic. I only realized this today, but a short film on violence, released a day before the Aries New Moon, conciding with more gun themes in the States, are two of the shadow sides of Aries energy.

I'll endeavor to keep my eyes and ears open for the flip side - Aries energy of the pioneering kind, championing another's cause, using energy to achieve something, not bring something or someone down.

That choice remains ours this month. Somehow, during times of violence, it's easy to part people into two camps - abusers and victims, but in reality they are two sides of the same coin, however crazy it may sound. When we dance across the polarity divide, we only fall into illusion.

What seeds are you planting with the focus of your energy?


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On your marks...set... Aries New Moon (April 17)

The Aries New Moon - the first of the New Moons of this year (in the true Astrological Calendar) is always a special one. it's the STARTING point for us, where we get to truly enter the 'spirit of spring' no matter what weather you're currently experiencing in your corner of the cosmos.

The Ram, the Easter Bunny, the sap rising - the spirit of Aries is a fresh start, the pioneering and perennial childlike naive openness of which miracles are born.

Somehow, somewhere, life is offering you a fresh start. A new beginning. A clean slate.

When you woke up this morning (chances are you'll read this blog the day after if not the day of..it lasts all month so don't worry) something inside has shifted. maybe it's just a new desire, a new bravery, the energy to get up, stand up and change something, look at something anew or else turn a page (and a corner) with new determination.

Aries is the sign of war and fighting (also weapons of war - the day before this New Moon we heard the story of the worst school massacre in US history, according to some reports). War will erupt now - but only in places and pockets of society (and our psyche) where we feel stuck, trapped, repressed.

Mars is the planetary ruler of this particular New Moon but he's currently in Pisces, the sign before Aries, giving us a karmic look back at how our anger is expressed. Pisces says 'flow, let it go, it's not worth getting angry about. if you do get angry and abuse your power over it, you lost all your power TO it. So give it up, relax, let go. Don't give it so much energy'. If we go against this golden promise of peace, then Mars anger is sure to erupt negatively, which is what we saw.

But there is no reason to let the Aries energy go to waste on such silly things (in the eyes of reincarnation and the philosophy that we are connected) as killing people, or even getting into a fight. This New Moon, channel your energy into a battle, yes. It's good for the soul. Conquer something. A project. The Gym. A new project. An old project that needs new life. Beat a wall down. Run a marathon. Sure, go to a shooting range. Shout, buy a punchbag and let it out. Have it out with someone who did you wrong - whether in person, or just in thought. We don't need a physical presence before us to effect massive change. Aries is pure energy - the first of the fire signs. We need only think of someone, bring them to mind, and they are 'in our space'. So if you need to get pissed off at someone, do it in this safe and secure energy-space. It will create a change, guaranteed, if it comes from the heart. They too shall feel it. And some form of release will be afforded you.

Aries New Moons are all about choosing our battles.

Some battles lead to something created.
Some battles lead to something destroyed.

In the simple act of choosing creation, we choose destruction. But we end up with something to show at the end, that we can be proud of. The only thing we destroy is the void, the waiting, the nothingness that was there before. Our product has been birthed by the energies of spring - be it a poem, a new home, a relationship, a baby, a novel, a painting, a portfolio, a presentation, a driving test.

START what you want, desire and dream of. This is WISH DAY in the Astrological Calendar. Wherever Aries falls in our charts is where new seeds will be planted. Doing so consciously is the way to go. If you sign up for a Personal Reading now I'll let you know what it means for you personally based on your own Birth Chart (if you order the special 45 minute Past Life,Present path Reading, I'll throw some info in at the end for you too on this, look under the What's New page) and I'll give you pointers on how to best make use of this time.

For those of you who know Astrology, it falls at 27Aries. the Sabian Symbol is "a large disappointed audience" which is interesting. I wonder how this will pan out? The New Moon is such an amazing time for a launch, yet this symbol appears to be less than satisfactory. Will a new TV show flop (Seinfeld's last episode was aired on this degree and its audience was deeply disappointed). However some disappointments are actually bittersweet, like the disappointment something amazing has ended, which I'm sure it was in this case.

Back to business, this New Moon period:

Bang something - anything except someone else or your head on a wall
Avoid bruises, cuts, burns and fights by re-channeling energy and slowing down when necessary
Get the ball rolling
DO some sports or hit the gym
Do it NOW
Stop procrastinating
Find a new look - define yourself in new ways
Have a haircut, tweeze hairs, have cosmetic surgery
Launch a new product
Be courageous - no more pussyfooting around
Stand up and be counted
Be active and assertive, not passive/passive-aggressive and annoying
Be impulsive but don't run a red light
Give slow people lots of leg room
Save yourself a headache by moving AROUND obstacles fast

It's a very masculine time. "men's" issues are major now, just watch the news. Aries is war remember, so fighters are well starred. The army will love this period. So will athletes, firemen, cops and anyone who has to show a test of courage and strength. Women too aren't immune to this - testosterone hits them, and we'll see the posse of aggressive women hit the screen again - Alias or Buffy style. The old 'kick ass women with a gun' routine. Don't laugh, just you watch.
Women get to test out their masculine sides. Yee-haa..

Spiritually this is a time to define the self. Since it all comes from you, and comes back to you - who are you?

Work out what makes you tick,
and your body clock will happily
keep on tocking.

Forward March, this April!


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Swimming with Sirens: Mars enters Pisces (April 6)

On April 6, Mar marches into Pisces.

That's how Mars usually acts - he marches, strides, confidently, with assertiveness. That's how he finds himself, a definition of himself. That's how we define who we are - through action, through being. "I am".

The sign he's in shows us how he does this, how best we can do this...but in Pisces it's confusing. Pisces is a sign of 'no-self' of selflessness, where we merge back into the Source of life, the Divine, the eternal, the indescribable. How can Mars find himself in such a sign without structure?

Mars swims in Pisces, his heavy armour falls away, it has to or he risks drowning in the oceans of emotions he's now called to wade through.

For everyone on Earth, Mars in Pisces is a time to invest energy back into refreshing our soul-space. By turning inward and following out instinct, our intuition, our gut feeling. Do we need an extra five hours of sleep? Will sitting drawing, sketching, painting ease our souls aches? Would a shower, bath or a drink of water ground us again? Are there emotions inside that need releasing in some physical form (such as tears, laughter)? Can we find ourselves by losing ourselves?

This is the time to drift, to let the waters of life carry you. There is no need for a plan, for a course of action. Connecting with your spiritual power is the best way to feel present. You can be here by allowing yourself to feel.

To some, Mars in Pisces is a time to dive into deeper waters. To find more depth. It's crushing to some signs, it's stifling, smothering and they risk drowning. Strong egos battle this - is it insanity, when all seems to slip, fade, crumble and dissolve? Poetic souls will love this time - as it helps them tap into greater creativity. Images. Ideas. Notions. Feelings. Visuals.

No words are needed now. All is found and all comes into being, from a feeling.

Mars in the final sign asks us to complete a physical cycle. Tie up loose ends. Prepare to clean house for a new beginning when Mars marches (this time for real) into Aries, the sign he belongs in (May 15).

Saying goodbye to old actions, old patterns of behavior and old anger is important now. Release your attachment to any form of resistance in your life. It's the only cause of pain. Once you leave the shore you've chained yourself to, the waters of Pisces will carry you. And there'll be no more room for pain and anger because there'll be no more resistance. Just acceptance and allowing and being carried on life's current.

Let the sirens soothe you with their soul song. You can hear them by tuning in and letting yourself feel how you feel. And then to kick off from the shore of even this emotional island, and on to the next feeling.

Close your eyes, and float....


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Transit Report Special

I've been receiving a lot more letters this past few weeks with the major planetary shifts we're all experiencing, asking about when these end, how long they last, how they affect us, and I'm trying my best to detail all of this and more in these blogs, but of course as an Astrologer the vast amount of my information comes out during personal readings - when you get to sit down and we go through your entire birth chart to outline your own personal cycles, that go far beyond your Sun Sign interpretation you're used to reading in the horoscope column.

For those of you who aren't sure if you want to make that step and have a personal one-on-one Reading of your Chart, I am putting up a special for the TRANSIT REPORT. This specific Report (lasting anywhere between 40 - 60 pages) will outline your own cycles in your own chart, detailing each one and what it involves. It will explain what you're currently going through and why. And give you some options on how to deal with it all.

See it as a sort of overall snapshot of where you're at right now. The Report is currently just $15, and is emailed out to you within 48 hours max (normally within 24 hours unless it's an extra busy day).

Hope this helps for all those questioning their own sanity and cycles. And hopefully it will help you further your own Astrological knowledge of yourself.

Link to Transit Reading

Much Love,

"In-tuition" : Jupiter Retrograde: April 5

The word 'intuition' means 'inner tuition' - knowledge from within, or 'inner knowing. It's the information we receive from our own psychic feedback, akin to dolphin sonar. It's the source of the real Truth - our Truth, based on what feels right for us, for the individual that we are, aside from the collective culture we decided to be born into. Jupiter relates to culture, but when it goes retrograde, we put all prejudice aside, and all outside sources of info on hold, and get a chance to go inside for our "news update".

People love peddling the Truth when Jupiter goes Retrograde.

Jupiter, the planet of Knowledge & Wisdom goes inward asking us to question our own inner Truths. Are you sure what you believe in, is accurate? Do you have First Hand experience of what you're talking about, or is it something of the 'teaching-preaching' type - ie, you heard it, read it or were told about it?

Whose truth is it?

The months ahead will try and sell us many varied versions of the same story. Every one is accurate and truthful of course, from their own perspective and that's just it: Perspective is Everything.

If you haven't directly experienced something, how do you know it's true?

FAITH comes into question now - from Jupiter Retrograde issues with Religion (expect a questioning of validity, "we need proof" and the search for something intangible - will we find it?) Jupiter relates to LAW so there'll be a lot of people going back to court (retrograde). Jupiter is EDUCATION - school strikes, or old laws being reintroduced, education reform - these are areas to look to in the coming months as people begin to grumble about the laws holding things together.

Sometimes we HAVE no proof and no book, teacher or newspaper holds the knowledge we seek. And therein lies the beauty between now and August 6 - we have ourselves, and our direct experience. We also have that magical thing called Faith, Optimism, and a belief in a higher power, "good luck", providence or 'serendipity'. The Jewish faith calls it 'B'shert - "meant to be".

Finding what you believe in, and then questioning it, is a tall order. After all, reality is created by a set of agreed upon 'beliefs'. Change your belief, change your perception, which changes your reality. Pretty big stuff - but what else do you expect from the biggest planet?

Jupiter brings up old teachings, old information and old beliefs that are ready to fall by the wayside. Archaic ritual will be replaced with new and fresh insights of what is REALLY happening. Can you stay present and OPEN to the new information ready to pour in?

Our intuition (inner tuition) is remarkable, Jupiter is in the sign if rules (sagittarius) heightening its power, but testing out its theories and honesty. As Pluto continues to also go retrograde in Sagittarius, we're truly getting a chance to walk our talk - or to reevaluate our talk based on new information, that completely destroys an old philosophy. All we seek is inside - our outer world will continue to mirror the conflicts or peace we have on the inside.

Keep your inner ear open and your eyes glues to the TV inside yourself, where news comes 24/7 by way of intuition and direct experience. Everything you need is there - with no monthly fee..


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Blocks to Imagining...

I've been reading some Paul Williams lately, and you'll find quotations I think worthy of inclusion here, in this blog. I hope you enjoy them and they trigger some awareness in you, as they have done for me.

"A lot depends on what we imagine is possible.
Is it possible for me to be loved?
To be free of money anxieties? To be honest about my feelings?

Before asking what it takes for you to get what you want, ask first,
what will it take for you to be able to imagine that this is possible?
Put some energy into imagining it, work on the obstacles that come up.
After you overcome the obstacles that keep you
from being able to imagine it,
other obstacles tend to fall away."

Paul Williams

Monday, April 02, 2007

Forecasts are up! April 2 - 8

Week of April 2 - 8.

Forecasts are up detailing Pluto Retrograde for each of the 12 signs. If you know your Rising Sign, read that too!

Read them here!


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Emotional Tug of War: Full Moon in Libra (April 2)

Every War is a Tug of War.

Since war implies conflict you can't have one unless one side is battling against another side.

They're the folk who will be excited with the Libra Full Moon on April 2.

Libra is the midway sign in the Astrological Circle, implying a middle ground, a dividing line. "me" and "you" for instance. Libra is the sign of partnership (we know the rumor about single Libras and their inevitable depression).

Since Full Moons are are a completion, a release and a peak emotional time, and Libra is the sign of the "other", then it's a sure sign of an emotional tug of war in some area of our lives.

Is a relationship about to change? They always are. Will it end? That depends on many factors. What is certain is that when one end releases their end of the rope/bargain/deal the game is up.
Since every fight is a fight with ourselves (nobly brought to us by an outside who plays their role with amazing dexterity to help us "get through it", and every "other" (friend, lover, parent, boss, stranger, enemy, business client) is "us" (us in another form), then this is a funny old time. We get to incestuously play off with another in either a fun and feisty way, or buy into the illusion that there is a "me" versus "them" situation to fight, in which case we're lost chasing illusions.

Remember, as long as we take one side (I'm good, she's bad, I'm right, he's wrong, I am a happy person, they are sad people) you automatically must bring in its polar opposite to balance out. Nature loves balance. Night/Day, Dry/Wet, Hot/Cold, Male/Female.

The Polarity Dance on Earth has always been a fun one, but it's time is waning. As the fFull Moon shines in this particular Libra phase, we're tested on how fulfilled we are with the people we're bringing in - but it goes deeper, how fulfilled we are in ourselves, is determined by how much peace we bring in from the outside (in the form of helpful people) or how much conflict we bring in (because we're torn and divided inside).

I know I'm riddled with irritation daily at the moment, since Change is wafting through my life, and I'm sure you all are. So to claim we're fully at peace would be a pretty amazing and surprising thing to say. It's not impossible, but I guess that most of us are in conflict with at least one person, situation, event or encounter.

Getting off the see-saw, letting go of the rope, ends the game. Remember that, the next conflict you are Just about to step into. Even the one with yourself "is it right to do A, should I have said this instead, should I open Door 1 or Door 5, should I stay or go etc etc. Give up the indecision. When you choose, reality adjusts around your decision and opens up new doors. But you must decide.

What happens now will help you work out which partnerships you want and which you don't. They're all helpful (in aiding you to come to some sort of truce or resolution inside) but which ones are you enjoying? After all, I believe the quest for enlightenment, should be a fun one.
Growth doesn't HAVE to be painful!

This Full Moon hits my natal Pluto (and will hit yours too if you were born late 75 to late 78). So it should be interesting to see what karmic challenges await and what powerful emotions and new pathways will open up as those of us in this time period will get to step into our power and focus on the work we came here to do.

For everyone else, whether the relationship issues are small or large, it's ALL ABOUT US. It's deeply personal. You choose whether to stop or go. You can cut someone off if it's unhealthy or you can sign a new contract because you want to grow with someone. We're dancing with many partners and whoever said we only have one soul-mate, is mistaken.

Each person we meet on the path is a soul-mate. Whether we're single or commited to someone, we're all in relationship - with life, with pets, with strangers, with lovers, with family, with friends. No one is alone. Even the relationship with our mind is a strong and lifelong union. Each person outside of ourselves though, is a bud who's here to help us get closer to ourselves, through the intimate moments spent with another.

Whether we choose to spend most moments locked in an embrace of conflict, or an embrace of mutual respect and sharing, it's a personal choice only we can make.

Since you can never escape the Art of Sharing:

Who are you dancing with
and why?


BBC's UFO landing coverage

Did you see it, were you awake?

If not, where have you been. It's on every television, every radio. I didn't get a wink watching it unfold. We knew it would happen and it finally did - contact with another "life form".

It's early yet, but we'll soon see what will happen now. And end to all war, new technology?

April Fools! it is April 1 after all(unless this blog sends this out late in which case the joke totally fell flat). And for those in other cultures - April 1 is traditionally the time we play a 'joke' on others. Annoying, I know. In France they say 'poisson d'avril (april fish) and stick paper fish to each others back, so it could be worse i guess...

Startling News is the order of the day now as Mercury, planet of mind power teams up with Uranus today, planet of sudden insight, inspiration, intuition and surprises. Anything is possible. (Though the fact no one assumes we're the aliens on this planet makes me smile...)

Someone's ready to shoot their mouth off. Someone's coming up with an amazing new idea whose time has come. Computers designed now are lightening fast, or else we're suffering power surges!

Can you keep a clear head while so much is buzzing inside of it? That's the challenge now - brainstorms are on the horizon, keep an umbrella and a notepad handy - and watch what you say - by the time you hit the SEND button or it comes out of your mouth, it's hard to take it back.

Telepathy is being tuned in to the cosmic current zapping through our heads now.

Drivers - slow down!

Pedestrians - walk faster!

Remember, meditation isn't something you need to do sitting crossed-legged eating mung beans. It's a 24/7 thing, a way of Being. No matter how crazy energy gets, we can keep a sacred space inside where it's quiet always.

Enjoy the lightening fast pace, the neon, the cars screeching by, the new books, magazines, conversations, gossip and possibilities of this weekend. I wonder what will land next week after all the dust settles?

As you think so you become!