Saturday, December 29, 2007

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Friday, December 28, 2007

A look back at YOUR 2007

Honor 2007. The crappy things that went amiss. The people you thought would stay forever but who had to go. The ones you never dreamed you'd meet (and the ones you wished you hadn't). The shitty people who crossed your path. The idiotic things that happened that threw you for a loop. The people who arrived to make you smile and laugh and the ones who ran away. As we stand on the verge of another calendar year, I invite you to take a look back at the lessons, challenges, triumphs, people, places, loves, losses, miracles and nightmares that made up YOUR own story.

Did you make the most of planetary transits? Have a look at the following checklist:

1. Did you defeat prejudice inside (Pluto in Sagittarius) and open yourself up to learning through each person you met? Did you allow others their opinions without cutting them off or destroying them?

2. Did you clean up a major portion of your life (or attempt to) or did you sink back further into addictive behavior and drift with the tide? (The Pisces/Virgo eclipses).

3. Did you forgive, forget or otherwise move on with your full being from situations that crashed and burned and died a death around you? Did you truly move on or did you kid yourself into believing you'd made a clean slate?

4. Did you expand your comfort zone and see more of the world or learn more?
Did you stretch yourself, talk to strangers, make new friends and listen instead of preaching? (Jupiter in Sagittarius)

5. Did you allow yourself to be angry and then trace back the root cause of it instead of spouting off to the nearest people to you? (Mars retrograde in Cancer)

6. Did you allow for more playtime and discipline yourself to work on your creative talents? Did you step up to the plate as a responsible parent or allow your unmet inner-child's needs to ruin the show? (Saturn in Leo)

7. Did you get back up when your 'plan' failed and continue on regardless? (Saturn opposite Neptune).

No matter. Every step of every road is a marker for our own choices. And here we stand on the threshold of another calendar year, full of new promise, new obstacles to test your mettle, new people to aid you (or attempt to thwart you) on your new path, new horizons to see, new opportunities, new ways to spread or try your wings.
New reasons to get out of bed, and new reasons to experience the freshness of each moment.

Whatever 2007 brought, it's time to turn a page, turn a cheek and turn our sights now on new fields in which to play. Stay tuned for a look ahead to what 2008 MAY hold (if you so choose) and some of the things likely to face us all as a collective, as we move into this new phase of the journey.

2007 was a '9' year - a year of saying goodbye, of endings, old ways of life that seemed set in stone and forever, and possibly of losing the people who joined you at the start of the year (or the jobs, homes, objects you had with you when 2007 began). This is all part of the story of 2007. A parting of the ways.

More on 2008's promise soon.

In the meantime, a Happy OLD year to you, and an even greater New Year - if you can keep your eyes focused on your ultimate goal.

A quotation I have carried for some time now in my wallet and now beside me at the computer as I type is appropriate to pass on to you now, on the verge of a new era:

Be happy for this moment....
...for this moment is Your Life.

See you on the flip side!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stumbling down Memory Lane - Cancer Full Moon (Dec 24)

In the final Full Moon of 2007, we close the lunar cycles of this current year.

THis one isn't particularly easy - it falls in the sign of Cancer and is tied up with MARS so family situations are likely to dredge up old feelings and resentments (since Mars is retrograde (old anger, recreated aggression, retracing steps) in Cancer still, dragging up the past.

All trips down Memory Lane are apt to make you short-fused, irritable, and very angry. but passive aggressive. Taking your annoyances out on others in the present, based on things that happened in the past, is a sure way to mess things up even further ("creating more karma" as they say). It's tough, but whatever comes up, purge it without getting into a hot and heavy emotional display, if possible.

If not, enjoy the fireworks that are sure to fizzle and spark around you as you unleash years of pent up feelings. Home heating problems (Mars relates to heat and trapped aggression when retrograde) are a clue there's an aggression and anger issue not being expressed at home, burns while working in the kitchen, things that need repairing at home, Stomach issues, bloating, and all that belly action seems rife right now, and a sure sign you're having an emotional pull or 'hook' (think : "something here is unresolved" each time these issues come up).

If you're going back to the past, or back home, make sure it's to visit the best of it, and the worst of it with a view to not re-living it for the sake of emotional self-indulgence but to work out what happened then that is interfering with now. And then leave again. We've all moved on whether we allow ourselves to know this or not. Chaining ourselves to past grievances makes us a prisoner of a moment that has already been played out.

Cleaning up things at home is a great idea, clear a new space for new things to come in 08. It's feng-shui basics and make a lot of sense under a cleansing Full Moon in a sign connected to Home. Clear out your stomach of bad feelings, clear your chest with things left unexpressed.

Remember: Everything in your life RIGHT NOW was allowed there. You created your world. All gifts to yourself by buying them, allowing yourself to receive it.

So make this the measure on where you're 'at' with your life. Who are you, and how do you feel about YOURSELF based on what and WHO is in your emotional field currently.

Get angry, get pumped up if need be. This is the fuel to making lasting emotional changes in life now, based on what you NEED right here today rather than what you USED to need.

As the Sun in Capricorn is opposed by the Moon in Cancer, we face tradition. Christmas, Hannukah and every other 'holiday' - what does it mean now for You?

Forget family, forget how it always WAS done.
Think today. What makes you feel comfy and warm today? And move in that direction - even if it's far from a heritage you have been accustomed to.

Life is evolving now faster than ever before and each decision and FEELING is a major signpost on where to go next and whether you're on track on YOUR path, not someone else's.

So keep following the clues, keep feeling the feelings and steer yourself in a more comfy direction.

When it comes down to it - there's really no reason for stress, if we choose to bundle up in situations, with people and things in places that make us feel equally 'at home'.

Little Pig, it's time to build a new home!

All in time for 08. Perfect.

Start putting out a new welcome mat to invite a new comfort zone and safe space for yourself and everyone around you. Don't you deserve it?

Feel Great.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Some Astrological Thoughts on "Christmas"

For those interested in an Astrological look at what the Christmas season is all about, and how the story told by religion regarding the birth of the Jesus figure, may actually have an entirely different meaning, tune your dialer to 10 minutes into the film.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Horizons! Jupiter enters Capricorn

If you missed the article, click here. Jupiter enters Capricorn today!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Yep - Gift Certificates Available!

For those who emailed asking about gift certificates (to save you from having to sit and decide which Report or Reading to order) YES there are gift certificates available at the site.

Click HERE to order your Gift Certificates.

People can use them anytime they wish, and can choose what to order themselves (Readings or Reports).

Hope this helps!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Jupiter in Capricorn (Dec 18 2007 - Jan 5 2009)

It's time to set your sights on a new horizon.

Jupiter always shows us where our growth is - where we experience more, where we WANT more, where we can have more, where we hope to expand our horizons with more knowledge and direct experience. Where we get more (hopefully in order to GIVE more and thus receive even more - the karmic law of dissemination). Jupiter is the treasure we find, to bring back to the tribe. The adventure and the journey, and the knowledge that this IS the destination.

Jupiter enters a new sign (Capricorn) this Dec 18 and remains there until Jan 5 2009 expanding our "Capricorn" nature. Each of us holds each sign within us (our charts show WHERE this Capricorn energy is within you - if the 2nd house you handle material resources like a Capricorn, if the 7th House you attract and work well with practical and organized folk, if the first house you embody the principles of Capricorn - attention to work and managerial control). These specific areas of our lives (the House Capricorn falls in) will be faced with a choice - EXPAND AND GROW, or face frustrating stagnation. These areas will get BIGGER in order to attract our attention.

Jupiter rules:

BELIEF: Our philosophy, code of conduct, what we believe and thus live according to, which becomes our ethics or morals.
MAKING THINGS BIGGER: The expansion of what we put our attention on, which thus grows (we find what we seek) and which then becomes the 'proof' to the philosophy we believed above.

HONESTY/INTEGRITY/THE TRUTH: The collecting of various perspectives in order to decide upon our own point of view. Seeing the bigger picture and the thread of truth that runs through everything. The more we know, the more we see it's all can be boiled down to a simple truth. Living according to this truth becomes our integrity. Dis-honesty, then, becomes living against what we claim to be our personal truth or point of view of how things 'should be'. Personal Bias is just Personal Perspective. to "live" in reverse to what we know is right for us, is "evil" (the word in reverse).

DISSEMINATING/THE "MESSAGE": The passing on of what we have learned in our physical or mental travels. The bringing back the treasure from the exploration. The giving and receiving (sharing and listening) along the way. The message becomes what we have to add to the pool of the collective (our knowledge, wisdom, ideas and truths given to society to enrich and further our database of knowledge).

GREED: The constant hunger and pursuit of what we expanded upon earlier. We get more and want more. A never-ending hunger to fill a need previously unmet through the attainment or achievement of what we have constantly focused upon. A cover for more pressing unmet and undisclosed needs.

The experience of seeing what we focus on grow, so that we can enjoy the fruits of our manifestation-harvest. The more we have, the more we CAN have. The more we believe (above) that is is possible, and thus find that 'good fortune' favors us and we attract more of the same (like attracts like, the rich become richer etc). We experience inside what it is we wanted outside, and thus it shows up outside (and reinforces the feeling inside which creates an endless loop of abundance). At its simplest level, we feel 'full' - because we have gratitude for what we feel (not always because of what we 'have'.)

Without any evidence, or 'proof' our beliefs (above) couple with a feeling that things can be better, can get better, can be even greater. The fuel of the journey of seeking that Jupiter exemplifies. The silver lining, the light at the end of the tunnel, the happy ending. A possibility worth pursuing.

The first stage of Jupiter is always EXCESS - we want more. And often get it. Too much of it.

The second stage is knowledge - we know that too much doesn't make us feel any better. Satiation leads to boredom. Now what?

The third stage is wisdom - we know that the pursuit is enough, and that the attaining of something only sets us up for further desire-satiation. Yet we use this to fuel us to greater heights, to seek more and share more of he abundance of our findings (or attainment). Desire becomes a stepping stone to our next worthy cause.

Just what is this "Capricorn" nature we possess?

It's the side of us that likes to get to the top, be on top, have control, wield control, clock-watch and make sure things run according to "protocol". It's the inner Authority Figure we have, who points the finger and says 'You SHOULD be doing this or that'. It's the inner father. It's the part of us that knows we have limited time here, and the clock is ticking. It's the part of us that wants to do what we KNOW we came here to do, deep down. It's about ACHIEVEMENT, STATUS, or REPUTATION and our OFFERING TO THE WORLD. It's about making your mark with effort, impact, and dedication.

What can we expect? A strong "business" feel to everything. A better structure. A more expansive 'plan' to our lives. Great new horizons as we take our career 'on the road' so to speak - trying on new facets of ourselves. Growing our business. Publishing information on our climb to the top, our 'story'. Teaching what we know to a wider audience. Merging with others who made it before us.

Our 'direction' is surely to change with the arrival of this Jupiter energy at our disposal. Whether you love your career, don't have one, are 'stuck' (or so it feels) or seeking fresher fields, this is the period when we can do so - as long as we work with the perfect balance of both sign (Capricorn) and planet (Jupiter). Pragmatism with hope. Structure with positivity. Planning with belief. Grounded visions. A workable philosophy.

There's only one way to see if it works now.

Try it.

Simple as that.

Bon Voyage!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

If you missed it, here's Part II on this powerful planetary alliance we're all experiencing right now.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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This Holiday:

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Treat yourself (I'm a big believer in that!) or someone else. Material gifts last only so long, but the gift of knowledge truly shifts perceptions, changes worlds and makes magic happen.



Buried Treasure: The Jupiter-Pluto Alignment Part II

Jupiter is the energy within us that wants more, to seeks more, that desires to understand, to know, to experience firsthand the Truth of something. It is expansion and growth, cultural connections, joy and laughter, serendipity and synchronicity based on faith in good fortune and a Higher Power. Jupiter relates to courts, legal systems, bodies of knowledge, philosophies, religion, teaching and education, road trips and long distance pilgrimages, libraries or publications and publishing, abundance and prosperity.

Pluto is the energy in us
that recycles in order to recreate and renew. The energy that destroys cells in order to rebuild the body with fresh ones. It connects us to the desire to die and return stronger/better/freer. It wipes out anything that we cling to with the false belief that we need it or need to be defined by it. It's our soul's deepest yearning or obsession. It strips to the core, digs, unearths. Pluto relates to secrets, hidden things, the underground or underworld, passion and intensity, merging of energies (sexual, financial etc), soul-unions, taboos - rape, incest, sexual secrets, abuse, power issues, sexuality, abortion, murder, revenge, jealousy and all the other lower-vibration emotions, volcanic eruptions and their fertile aftermath, nuclear power, purging, cleansing, elimination, and ultimate transformation.

Right now, these two are dancing together side by side in the skies. Symbolically the myths of the two energies are now combined and ready to incarnate their own energies on the planet below, and WILL be experienced, felt or witnessed by all those who dwell on Planet Earth.

We each have a chance to embody these energies in creative or destructive ways, all of our own choosing, in various areas of our lives. To start off, take a look at the forecasts for where you'll generally experience a major shift if you're willing, by clicking here for Part 1 of the alignment.

We have a chance now to get to the core of the matter. To really zoom in on what we desire. To enrich our lives now with a totally new code of conduct, a new belief system, a new way of looking at life based on a new hope, a new faith, and a new perspective.

Can you look around and destroy one way of operating? Enjoy everything you have right now, because change is imminent. Your old ways of living cannot continue if they are holding you back from what you truly desire. Desires work magic with this alignment and the more force, emotion, intent and passion you inject into a belief, the more likely it is to appear in your life. Do you want it? How much do you want it? And how do you feel about having it?

Feel it now. Witness it appearing later (if not sooner).

On the global scale, we already are bearing witness to some big legal (Jupiter) investigations (Pluto) into why the CIA (A secretive agent of Pluto) destroyed (Pluto) tapes of legal interrogations. You can't keep hidden what Pluto decides must be unearthed. Not when Jupiter, Lord of expansion makes it a bigger deal and shines the spotlight of truth on matters.

A variety of manifestations for us so far:

The former Peruvian President was just jailed for "abuse of power"
The Federal Reserve is helping bail out banks (Pluto and Jupiter combined relate to massive wealth)

A former Bosnia Serb general gets 33 years for attacks on civilians between 1992 - 1995.

A new massive (Jupiter relates to BIG things!) dinosaur discovered (Pluto rules excavations)
A library book (Jupiter ruled) returned after 40 years.
The world's most expensive cocktail launched. (Jupiter/Pluto massive wealth)
Sex and Size or exaggeration?! Jack Nicholson says he could be the father of 9,000 kids.
Big mouths and big words (often with a sexual context with Pluto hanging around) with Christina Aguilera claiming she'll still wear crotchless chaps at 60.

Of course, as Jupiter expands information it can also expand the lie, creating exaggeration and hyperbole. Coupled with Pluto, how do we know it's accurate and trustworthy? We don't and can't. This alignment is all about letting it come out in the wash. Words matter least of all when it comes to truth - the truth will always out, often by the energetic downfall of those who KNOW they are deceiving. only the untrustworthy have any real reason to fear
a betrayal.

The tangled webs of those who lie will unravel in the days, weeks and months ahead and an almighty scrambling to regain ground will begin. Watch those who struggle to appear innocent, for they are the ones who are trying to hide.

As Pluto prepares to depart from Sagittarius we can look back at an era of themes that all encompass this blend of energies:

The death and rebirth of the airline industry
Mass death on planes
Horror movies (Pluto) relating to the outback, foreigners, travel, getting lost, losing the map (all Sag themes)
The re-interpreting of religion (in movies such as the Da Vinci code)
Transformative powerful beliefs re-introduced into society (The Secret - a Pluto theme)
More shootings in Schools (the latest in India) and Churches (Both Sag areas)
Educational Reforms

It's not over yet. As Jupiter and Pluto meet in the final degrees of Sagittarius, we'll get a final message of just what these two are trying to do - destroy all beliefs and knowledge that separates us, that leads us to believe we can get away abusing our positions and power and information in order to manipulate or bend others to our will. As religion has created such divides, we now stand on the border of a new land, a new place where we're all "simply human".

Whether we end this phase (Feb 08) seeing the bombing of churches, or some religious downfall, whether we face more annihilation in order to shift our beliefs away from believing we are powerless, whether we witness "acts of god" that religious bodies will use as punishment to keep us in check, whether we suddenly discover we've been lied to on a grand scale, or whether all is quiet and we just feel a desire to expand our life, travel overseas, learn more or decide we no longer will be at the mercy of our inner demons, we're equipped cosmically with a powerful too:

To redesign our life, by re-writing our internal philosophical scripts. To live only our truth yet remain open to the stories of others.

Earth will end one chapter of its history soon, and we get to tie it all together now. Digging deep to locate the parts of yourself hidden from view - fears, phobias, and our Dark Side, we get to unearth the treasure. How can the world reflect hidden darkness if we reveal our own and offer it ot the Light of conscious awareness?

The more you shed, the more you reveal and unearth the brighter things become. Out yourself, free yourself and shed your baggage, and the world breathes easier. Stuff it away, hide it, repress it, lie about it or try and manipulate others to protect it, are all sure fire ways to create some major revelation in your own life or on the main stage of life's arena.

The choice - as always - is yours.

Play your power cards with open integrity, so you don't become a hidden card in someone else's unscrupulous hand.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Not arriving

" I know now why the Universe and I are so unstable, so restless, and why we love to go on creating order (it's beautiful! as long as we don't actually ever have to arrive there. To arrive is to stop. We don't want to come yet."

Paul Williams, Waking up Together

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wow: The Jupiter-Pluto Alignment - Part I

Here's a brief breakdown of what it means when Jupiter and Pluto dance hand in hand this week - an alignment that won't happen again in the sign of Sagittarius for a long, long, long, long time. Someone please do the math (the sign of Sag rarely wants to get down to calculators, it's all about the Bigger Picture, right?)

I'll be talking more on what this means for us all collectively but here's a more personal look. As always, for the complete picture, order a Transit Report, or a Solar Return look at your year ahead, or schedule a personal Reading with me to detail where this MASSIVE GROWTH SPURT it coming at you from (and welling up inside from). You can truly turn a corner now.

Any questions, feel free to email or leave your thoughts and messages here.

Expect great things.

Yes it's time to spread your wings. Perhaps there never has or never will be this much of a sign that you really do need to go, to take off, to fly away, to seek more, to learn more, to try more, to destroy the comfort zone, throw open the windows and let the Gypsy within carry you to your next scheduled soul-meeting with the next person or piece of information you need on your Quest. Where are you going? Who knows. But the current alignment shows that you can't expect to sit still or stay where you are. Take a look around and enjoy the present because it does all change, what you know will change, and how you experience the world will change. What you believed has changed form so many times, you're like an atheist who found God, or a Nun who decided money was worth saving and spending and pursuing, a teacher who decides to quit to backpack or a student who quits a class and decides its time to study abroad, away from family, friends and everything they've known before. Remaining open, while all you knew, or thought you knew falls away, is everything now. Your new road map is formed by your passion yet your willingness to go where your soul calls you to.

Walls that kept you safe by keeping people out, safeguards that protected your money away from sticky fingers, policies that kept your property labeled and specifically yours (and insured) and fences that marked your comfort zone and "safe space" are being erased. By landslide, mudslide, rainstorm, dynamite, destruction or loss, you're no longer protected by the illusion of separateness. You have to share. What was yours solely, is no longer. You need to share - to borrow, to lend, to combine, to collaborate. For a sign of ownership, it's hard to know where you stand when the game keeps changing. Journeys into the darkness have taught you much and served you well because now you stand, stripped of anything that you didn't need (even while you struggled against desires for things to be totally different) that in many ways you've learned to talk to the dead - the parts of your life that had to depart. A new level is imminent. Like a computer game, you're ready to turn a corner and leave the last stage behind. You've evolved. But there must be one more parting of the ways. Do you trust enough? Can you merge assets, bodies, souls? If you remember that your true wealth now lies in not what you own, nor what others may take from you, but how much energy you can pool and share so that everyone cashes in.

For so long you've prided yourself on your freedom, your ability to adapt and keep moving, your youthful, carefree side and the fact you never really "needed" a relationship to "complete you". How much has changed. Somewhere in this last major cycle you tasted the fruits of the underworld realm of hungering love, of yearning and burning and the loss that comes when forbidden fruit turns rotten and what you thought you had was a lie, a sham, or worse, just dying with no reason and no way to heal. Soul mates come and go. Yet we have many. Being able to let someone you love, fly free is the greatest act of love, even when it means you may wind up alone for a time. Whether in business or romance, your contracts and connections are under review. Some must go, to be replaced by even deeper sharing. But maybe you already know this? Your ability to relate has been purified. Fairness, equality. These are your new strengths. To control anyone or anything, leads to a downfall every time. Make it all now an act of sharing - do you want to dance with this person? Do you want to share the floor? Every time you reach out, connect, and share, you are making love. Decide now who you're willing to truly make love to.

It's all connected. Your dislike of your job dramas, causes physical ailments. Emotions tucked away create stomach issues. Your coworker relationships reflect arguments you're having inside. Your schedule or lack thereof, shows the alignment you have with your purpose (or lack thereof). The mess in your home reflects your emotional and spiritual chaos. The leaky pipe holographically resembles the damn about to bust inside. The things that no longer work have made themselves VERY evident in the past few years you'd be insane not to see them, and more insane to have avoided dealing with them. In fact I'd say it was virtually impossible. Establishing a new pattern, a new rhythm, a new schedule and a new more holistic way of handling your life has been essential. You're headed for one final clearout of the guck. A detox of sorts. Whether it manifests in your job and you leave or a door slams shut, or whether you suddenly take off in a new direction or take on a whole new health-kick it's all a message, a sign, a clue and a reflect of your new "health consciousnes"> and it's not just about physical health, it's about your emotional health, your mental health, your sexual health, your spiritual health, the health of your pets and plants, the health of your kids and friends, and the health of your home and garden. Everything. Facilitate the healing now by allowing change to blow new air through your world.

Is pain a color in the artists palate? Surely. The vast canvases created by the worlds inspired, most often seem to be from visions that shook these souls to their core, or else the dark depths of despair and destruction that force dying hearts to the surface just long enough to offer their creations to others. Trips to Hell are often the most fertile for the performer. And as a Leo, you're no stranger to those trips of the past few years when the stage was trashed, your performance faltering, your inner child silently crying or your inner actor frozen. Look around you and notice the kids in your life or the ones you've seen or heard about and you'll see the message of the past few years - that keeping it simple was all you needed to do. That most of what you lost was ego-fodder, the polish covering a fading or forgotten crown. The new phase opening brings you back to your true power - as a giver of Light, of energy, of Joy, of Wonder. To illuminate any and all darkness. And to use the darkness to fuel even greater glory. Say goodbye to performance-anxiety or the destruction of your creations, and fuel a new direction - a journey to the height and depth and to share the many shades of your powerful palate.

You're only as strong and capable as your roots, your foundation, your footing and your platform. How can you dive when you fear the board snapping beneath your feet? The cracks of your past have shown, oh yes, and it's this gift that has been both the biggest curse and the biggest blessing of recent years. From deaths in the family, to members cutting you off, you them off, from vanquishing demons in the family tree to being the one who either was digging crap up or shoving it under the carpet, where you came from and where you're currently calling home has been subject to enormous and profound alterations that will stay with you forever. Emotionally, it's time now to tie it all up together and celebrate the destruction around you. Now - perhaps finally - you can actually be safe, be comfortable and be settled (!) on the new fertile soil from the aftermath of the volcano's release. No more living in a pressure cooker or fearing annihilation. No more dwelling on anything. The only dwelling place you should focus on is the new nest you need to create. Look around and know that all the discomfort has helped you realize JUST how much you need (and how much was old conditioning) to look after yourself. Allow a final ripping up at your roots to be replanted in richer, more fertile soil.

When all is said and done (and wow, the things that have been said this past few years), it all comes back to how you see things. Walking around in your head, peering out of those eyes has been, well, an eye-opener. Sweet Libras, full of peace, beauty and calm. Hardly. The darkness you've seen, thought about, dwelled upon or mentally been dragged through has been too intense to write about, even here. How do you put in words the pits of despair you've reached recently, yet the depths and heights and the information you've been privy to? The neighbors lives you've seen shift, the neighborhood transformations. Finally - you could be free of mental loops. Of obsessing about anything. Giving your power away to a thought. Engaging in a head-fuck, making love over and over to an image, a symbol, something or something you've turned into a fetish that may feed a hunger but never truly satisfy. Kill it. The words you use - on paper, in conversation, and more importantly the ones you hear inside your head, along with the pictures you create, are key to everything for you now. Rewiring the circuits in your head changes your life. Don't just change your mind, allow your mind to change you. Stop thinking and let yourself be thought. Prepare to download a new way, a new idea, a new possibility, once you give up playing the old tapes you've collected to date.


Whether you end up a millionaire or living from paycheck to paycheck, it doesn't matter. Who cares how much you do or do not have, when you're not happy, not comfy, not feeling good inside your skin, not healthy and not feeling fulfilled. What a shock to find that adding 000s the end of financial checks/cheques or your bank balance sometimes just adds up to one big fat Zero. The more you have, the more you could lose and need to safeguard. And on the flip side, the less you have, the more it seems you have to overwork to scratch your way back to 'O'. Try this - look around and say goodbye NOW to the self worth issues you've been carrying relating to how much you have, how much you've been earning, how much you've felt ripped off and how much discomfort you've felt. What would happen if tomorrow, you became filthy rich? What then? What if success changes everything? Feel the shift. Enjoy the last stage of one financial trip. To enter a new spiritual and financial bounty phase, you must honor enjoying whatever you DO have, the simple things and just knowing that you're worth it and that things CAN change. If you're reading this, you have a body and eyes and you're still alive and kicking. Start there, then move ahead into what you want and the new quality you won't trade for second best anymore.

Can you remember a time when you weren't in the midst of SOME power game, some intense drama unfolding, some life or death situation, losing something, having to say goodbye, being majorly disappointed that it didn't work out as you'd have liked, or you weren't "taking out the trash" yet again? Look around and celebrate all you've shed. Talk about a spiritual detox diet! You're defined now by what you DON'T have - crappy relationships, dead-end jobs, tumors growing in your body, ugly emotions clinging to your heart. And for those things you don't seem able TO shed, but would like to, have no fear. Act now and feel as though they have already gone, already shifted and you've moved on. Feel it in every cell. Every. No half measures. Be done with it. Until you can let yourself go, nothing else can truly free itself from your life. The New You is here but you can't step into the skin of this new body until you shed one last time. Are you willing to die while still alive? It could be the most painful experience to date, or it could feel like the most intensely fulfilling orgasm as you transition. You won't know, if you don't let go...

The Power locked up inside yourself has either separated you from the vast majority of the world at large (how can the other humans understand?), or given you such a complex about what would happen IF you unleashed it, that you're stuck between a rock and a hard place or have been. Do yourself a favor - take a look around and say goodbye to a period of suspension, of floating without a direction, of not knowing whether you're about to explode into a million pieces or suddenly be airlifted out of your body and off the planet. If you're still here, you're meant to be. With new superhuman powers filtering down into your psyche (and some pretty far out dreams at night as it happens) you're becoming "connected" to something vast, something strong and something that needs you as its messenger. But you have to clear your head, heart, soul, psyche and space in order to let the purest information come through. You're more than your career, relationship and body. When you have faith you're here for a grander design, you'll finally unlock the door to a world where you can have it all yet be controlled by none of it.


Funny. You're a sign that loves being different and not fitting in, yet you want friends who understand you and often you join groups or have a string of buddies who are the ones to bolster your self worth by agreeing with who you are and what you stand for. It's interesting. Yet the past few years especially have shown you something new about yourself. That many of the connections you've aligned yourself with - from organizations, to career paths, to pals and buddies weren't actually right for you. How many friends turned out to not really be friends? What do you do when you realize your social circle is crumbling and you need to find a new group? The secret behind the madness is as always for you, true freedom. Anywhere you sold out, gave your power away to someone else, stuffed your wild side away, is being exposed. You can only pretend for a while before you stand imploding. Society needs you again - you're about to become a New Age Worker once more. A Sleeper Agent designed to be triggered into affecting mass change right where you stand (or sit). Breaking new rules, showing a new way begins with you. Break free. Change it. Rewrite the script. Show us you're here to shift a paradigm. Bring the future into the present. Change what you see and don't like, in society. Make yourself count.

You never wanted control, you never really wanted to be the go-to guy or gal who had to take responsibility for anyone else. You have a big enough job drifting through the emotional changing tides of a single day in your life. But you've had to step up and deal with it. Pisces Fish are called now to step into their power, to realize that all this was prep work to let go of what was shallow and pointless so that when the REAL work came along you'd be ready for it. This is it. What is success to you? Once you define that, you have a goal, a map, a Plan. If you don't have these tools, you'll become a pawn in someone else's game. Say goodbye now to fears surrounding your inability to deliver or look after yourself or being too much in the spotlight and realize this has never been ABOUT you. Your life is a showcase for something from 'beyond'. You're the actor about to bestowed a major role, if you can stop running lines or asking others what you should be saying or doing.

Go to Part II.

(c) Neil D Paris 2007
Please ask permission before duplicating this information or for use elsewhere.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mapping your New World: Last New Moon of 2007

Welcome to the last New Moon of 2007. A last chance to correct our course, and take ourselves in a new direction before 08 kicks in. It's never too late to change.

In Sagittarius Season we're reminded that life is full of a bounty of one sort or another. We can't all be millionaires at the same time, we can't all be happily married or dating at the same time, and we can't all be taking vacations at the same time. That's now how life is set up currently on Earth. But we CAN have it all, if we realize that life is infinite and that our Chart represents a moment of time - we are ambassadors of that Moment in Time. Everything we do affects that moment of time that we represent, and in changing our lives, in each choice we make, we change the very moment we are. The Moment of our birth. Yes, we change the past...all from the present moment.

One choice now could change everything for you. That's the power of a New Moon and nowhere is the possibility of great things more apparent than in Sagittarius, the signs of grand schemes, amazing dreams and mighty adventures. Shoot for the Moon and you may just land there. And never judge a story until it's final page - and even then, how do you know it's really truly over?

This unique New Moon brings in the crackily craziness of Uranus to zap us into our rightful selves, free of the shackles of zany notions that we're stuck, that we're limited, that we're doing something wrong, and free of the idea that we all need to copycat each other and stuff our individuality into our unconscious, never to see the light of day.

This New Moon reminds us that those things that annoy, irritate or make us explode now, are those parts of ourselves that long-since stuffed "below" are rising to the surface in order to be freed - and thus freing us in the process. You're only as free as the amount of fear you don't hold onto.

So taking a chance on being independent, wild, freakish, "different" and without a group, gang, posse or place on society is a good thing, as long as it's not leading us to hell-bent destruction since we're lost without a cause. Find one. Even if it's helping a friend out. Dedicate yourself now to something that helps out. Pick up litter. Better yet, free yourself so that the rest of us can benefit from YOUR liberation.

Is it so hard to see as we move into a new year, that everything we do as individual is helping everyone? It is. Every jail you break free from inside, helps us all breathe that much easier. Perhaps in 2008 the key to cosmic climate, won't be greenhouse gases so much as the end to the symbolic polluting of our air, with negative thoughts and words. Air, after all represents the realm of the intellect.

Since the New Moon is also tied with Neptune this month, we're allowed a dose of beautiful inspiration and escapism. Channeling it into artistic creations, helping those in need, and tapping into the magic of the holiday "spirit" is a great way to manifest this energy. Music. Candles. Fantasy. Illusion. Magic. And not to get sidetracked into believing anything will be the key to your ultimate freedom, just an enjoyment along the way.

If anything, break your chains now as we leave 2007 behind. Old ideas, nagging addictions that distract you from a place of inner peace. Let it all go. You don't need it. All stress now seems to come from some manifestation of a belief in being trapped somehow and somewhere. Breathe. Be mentally free before you seek to feel free and thus BE free.

You can't keep your TRUE self down any longer. Whoever you REALLY are and were meant to be is coming back to remind you. Will you fight it, or become this person you truly are, all masks aside?

What do you believe?

At the New Moon we get to look closely at our own version of 'Truth'. Does it fit our new life or are we clutching to old beliefs. A timely question as we approach a Holiday that many now celebrate merely for the twinkling lights and gifts. After all - how many really feel religiously connected to a dated story that spans many religions (same dates, different names)?

Belief rules the world as what we believe, we seem to get - we're living under a Self Fulfilling Prophesy and this New Moon we get to learn something new to help us make a leap into a new world, based on new energy and less on traditions and beliefs we have held just because it seemed like a good idea.

We're ready to open a door, throw open the window and explore the world at large. It's so vast yet we forget, as we move from one box (our bed) to another (our home) to another (our car) to another (the store) to another (the office cubicle) to another (the bus) to another (the coffin!).

No, in all seriousness, it's worth considering where your freedom is this week - and if you can venture past the city limits of your own Comfort Zone.

We're all students and teachers at the same time now - we receive messages and pass them on unknowingly.

This New Moon asks us to:

Get out on a trip somewhere
Pick up a new book, learn a new language, do something totally new
Expand space - clear up at home, move clutter, give yourself leg room and elbow space
Be the free spirit you truly are
Allow others their own space
Redefine your belief system and don't get caught up in holy wars
Stop preaching
Stand for something new - rework your 'message'
Ask yourself - am I being honest or bluffing?
Walk your talk!
Bridge Cultural Divides
Go Horseriding
Tell the truth no matter how painful or nervous it makes you
Find greener grass
Reach for a dream, star, better situation
Laugh - comedy is SO needed now!
Be optimistic, reconnect with your inner faith
Renew your religious or spiritual vows or connections
Ask the Big Questions of your life and Destiny
Publish a new book or get writing
Start a new course or take an exam
Live with integrity
Be an example, even if no one else is doing it
Have faith in the silver lining and the light at the end of the tunnel
Kick up the dust and take off
Put up a map, or map out a new course or destination
Enjoy the journey for what it is
Keep moving!
Visit overseas or a new town, city - anywhere you've not been before!
Keep your mind active and your limbs moving

Sagittarius is the mutable fire sign - think of the forest fires we've heard about so often on the news now. That's sag - spreading wildly, untamed and running free like the Centaur; the symbol of the sign.

See your Bigger Picture. Forget the small stuff and don't sweat the details. Stand back. Gain perspective. Climb a Hill, take a breather, look beyond the current time frame of circumstance and find the bigger meaning.

There's no reason to get bogged down in chilly feelings or emotional potholes now - the road of life is showing us a new horizon, a new exit, a detour to a new place. Are we "present" enough to see this?

Choices open up and once again we see just where our freedom and power lies - in choosing the best for ourselves. You cannot fool someone out of the truth -it's felt in our heart and guts and souls as a bell chiming inside. Truth seeks truth and finds it this week - so the question becomes:

Are you living the life you were born to live?
Anything else is a lie. Honesty isn't the best policy, then.
It's the only one. And assurance (and insurance)
of Bliss, guaranteed.


Monday, December 03, 2007

Gift Giving By Sign...

Aries: (21 March-20 April)
Affordable and Aries go hand in hand. Shopping for Rams is a cinch when you remember they’re kids at heart! Since they’re all action, ruled by the Lets-Do-It Planet Mars, then go for something fun like tickets to a go-cart grand-prix (as long as they can join in!), athletic events, an hour on a shooting range, bungee jumping, ice-skating, bowling, a games arcade day (or lifetime) pass. They don’t have time to sit around and dwell on things so forget time-consuming detailed gifts or activities! Aries have a love of accentuating their heads – so a new baseball cap, hat, funky glasses or shades, mascara, false eyelashes, hair dye (and other products) are all winners for the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is associated with metal – that includes tools, cars, DIY / home-improvement materials. Aries love playing so costumes or other novelty gifts are fun choices. They love toys too – even a watch from a cereal box would make them smile, so play to the child inside and you’ll not go far wrong! Oh yes, and anything red – it’s their colour; it stands out, makes them feel special and draws attention to them. A guaranteed winner!
Recommendation: A Full In-Depth Natal Chart all about THEM!

Taurus: (21 April-21 May)
It’s all about Quality for these folk – and that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Taurus Bulls appreciate the simple things in life – stuff that smells, feels, sounds, tastes and looks good. If it’s fake – forget it (that goes for flowers, fur, feelings and fabrics!). Since this sign rules the sensual world, a luxurious bedspread, a collection of sumptuous smelling candles (or candies) would go down a treat. Bulls adore massage – their sense of touch is so finely tuned so get them a full on body treatment at the local spa (or give one yourself – and don’t forget the heavenly scented oils!) Lovers of nature, a potted plant or bonsai tree would win them over, as would a gourmet feast of their favourite food or wine. These folks are all about life’s simple luxuries. Taurus connects to the neck – so a choker, chain or necklace would be much appreciated. This sign dislikes anything too dramatic or showy, so stick to traditional quality merchandise – something that will last and bring long-term pleasure. Music is also a fine choice – since it plays to their senses again, so sweep them away with some awe-inspiring songs or get tickets to a concert. Wine, dine and delight their sense of style and taste and you’ll hit bulls-eye!

Recommendation: A Lunar Return Annual Subscription, to chart their personal and financial cycles.

Gemini: (22 May-21 June)

Since Gemini Twins love to try new things, you can’t go wrong really when it comes to holiday gifts! Gemini rules the Hands so rings and watches are always a good choice (and don’t worry if they already have it – they like backups, Gemini always have two of everything anyway!). Such keen talkers as they are; a pager, email device, text messenger or new cell phone is sure to please them. Writing materials and computers are also always a number one choice. Also, these folk love travel – a gift to make their car journey more fun and comfy is ideal, or how about a trip planned for out of town? Gemini is Peter Pan personified, so anything that plays to their inner child, and helps them keep their youthful looks is guaranteed to go down well! A karaoke machine would keep them singing and talking well into next year (since every Gemini is a DJ-wannabe). A CB radio, walkie-talkie, anything that keeps them guessing and their minds busy (they love word games, board games, chess and puzzles) are all good ideas since Gemini will do anything to avoid boredom! Keep them active, gift gifts that surprise or change (shape, colour etc) and you’ll make them doubly happy this holiday season.
A Full-Natal Report to outline their various personalities, or a Solar Return Report detailing their next 12 months and all its possibilities.

Cancer: (22 June-23 July)

How do you put Cancer in the holiday mood this year? Give the gift of comfort and you’ll discover why Crabs are the best huggers in the whole zodiac (with Taurus a close second!). Buy something for their home – since they love to spend time there. The way to a Cancer’s heart is always through their stomach so food is a much desired gift all year round - they love home-baked goods and they’ll thank you for a box of cookies you made yourself above store-bought ones. Nostalgic crabs love photos – make a collage of memories, or frame a special shot yourself. Photography is a natural gift for many of these so cameras would be well received. Cancer likes silver more than gold so sterling rings, chains are worth investing in. A hamper of goodies, a house-warming present (no matter how long its been since they moved!) and anything that brings more comfy feelings their way are the best gifts to give – a comfy bed is a must, so pillows, duvets, candles, flowers are excellent choices. Do you have the ticket stub to that first movie you shared with them? Take them back to see it, visit an old place together or send them the stub - memories are their life-food. Crabs are romantic, so make it special, intimate and without spending much money, you’ll make them feel good, and in the end, that’s all Cancer could ever ask for.
Recommendation: A Personal Reading to uncover their soul's past, their current family patterns and their Soul's Purpose.

Leo: (24 July-23 August)
You’ve probably realized by now that Leo does require a little extra forethought and money to really impress. And why not, these folk give a lot and they do expect a little magic at this time of year! Front row tickets to a show are always a treat. Go five-star, have a limo pick them up. Short on cash? Put rose petals in their card and make the card – Leo likes the personal touch – spend the time rather than money and they’ll know you care. Anything gold - Leo’s love it, and also the bright colours orange, yellow and reds. They love flowers for the new energy they bring. Leos seem to have an affinity for cats or Lion soft toys, and there’s always room for more. Their ruler is the Sun – so sunrise pictures, desert landscapes or a ticket to somewhere hot and luxurious would hit the spot. Leo loves theatre, movies, gambling (stick a scratch card in their stocking), red carpet establishments, places where the stars hang out. A gift of a one-of-a-kind personal tattoo would be as special and unique as they are. If you really are on a budget, then write them a poem, make their gift, offer to read their palm or give them a back rub/massage and you’ll hear them purr this holiday season. Be generous with your time and energy, give thanks and Leo will be proud to bestow their blessings on you for another year.
Recommendation: A Full In Depth Natal Reading to show them the glory of their soul and uncover their Soul Purpose this lifetime!

Virgo: (24 August-23 September)
Since Virgos are always thinking of others, and looking after people so well, show you care and give thanks for their love, with a pampering gift – they need it! Anything that focuses on them is perfect – a trip to the salon for example. Virgos are organized folk and always like calendars, trinket boxes, practical and useful gifts. How about some teeth-whitening strips – sounds crazy, but these folks are always on the path to perfection! A manicure/pedicure would achieve the same thing, and since Virgo is connected to the sixth house of Pets, if they don’t already have a furry companion, maybe it’s time! No matter how small, Virgos love taking care of things - a fish, sea-monkeys, a gerbil or guinea pig – all would find home with these caring souls. Also, these folk are health-conscious – so a trip to an energy worker of nutritionist would be a wise choice, as would a membership to a spa or health-club / gym. Beauty / vitamin supplements are easy gifts and Virgo’s also enjoy writing and word games – so anything that keeps their mind busy would be appreciated. For maximum success though, show you thought of them and you care. They do it for everyone else 24 / 7, 365 days a year, even on their birthday. Make it all about them this Holiday.
Recommendation:A Past Life or Karmic Insight to help them see the beauty in their 'faults' and the gifts they carry still.

Libra: (24 September-23 October)
As the sign ruled by Venus (luxury and beauty) Libras are always suckers for the trappings of romance and good taste. These souls always love candles, so you can’t go wrong, but go for something luxurious, remember, not just your usual wax affairs! Colognes, cosmetics and clothes are always favourites, but they have specific tastes so observe their style to avoid a clash! Sexy underwear is a fun idea, if you are intimate with one of them– romance is Libra’s oxygen. A beautiful wine-and-dine evening would be a wonderful gift and anything that makes their home a little more special is sure to please – these signs are already Feng-Shui masters so why not get them a book or collection of Feng-Shui items for their home (plants, fish tank, fountain, chimes)? As the sign of Peace, soothing music or romantic ballads would be sensual stocking-fillers and if they’re single why not sign them up for a trial at a dating service – this is the sign of partnership after all. Libra doesn’t like to be alone for long periods, so social plans – tickets to events etc, would also be a fun gift. Plan on doing something with them and you’ll win them over and bring out those infamous Libra dimple-smiles. You haven’t seen them yet? You will and you’ll melt.
Recommendation: A Relationship Reading to uncover their romantic potential or compare them to the love of their life (or their current date!).

Scorpio: (24 October-22 November)
These people are not as hard to buy for as many think. They usually shop well for you because they intuit what you need or desire, but to make them smile give them something private and personal. A diary with a lock, a secret hiding place in a fake book would be a fun gift. Scorpio adores intrigue, so a murder-mystery weekend would be a cool gift or a whodunit novel (as would all movies or books with a forensic feel – think X-Files and Sherlock Holmes!) Red and Black are their colours so keep that in mind and remember this signs infamous sexual side? Forget the Karma Sutra – they already know it by heart (since birth!) so instead go for more sensual stuff – hot oils, massage lotion, toys and other goodies to add to their collection. Since these souls love to work things out like a psychologist, a book on hypnosis or body language is sure to seduce them, as would a deck of Tarot cards or a crystal ball – they are always ready to peak behind the veil. Also, since every Scorpio is a private investigator, why not get a spying device – a buttonhole camera or miniature bug? Yes, they may snoop on you but since you gave it, you’re waived from their personal probing! Play to their love of mystery and the unknown!

Recommendation: A Karmic Insight Report showing what they carry from other lifetimes.

Sagittarius: (23 November-22 December)
As the sign of good times and humour, Archers are always ready for a laugh and appreciate gifts that remind them of the good stuff in life. Give them a ticket to backpack across Europe (or a one way ticket to Australia for maximum adventure) and you won’t see them for dust! Travel plans are always well starred, since Sag likes trying new places, new food (exotic cuisine) and meeting new people. Maps or travel books and guides of course are good choices but perhaps your Sag is a stay-at-home traveller in which case go for books – they adore knowledge, a subscription to their favourite magazine perhaps, or a philosophical classic. A fantasy or adventure movie or computer game is another option since they love stretching their minds if not their legs. Sagittarians also seem to get drawn to gambling a lot – so a scratch card (or ten) should do the trick, or how about taking them to the roulette at the local casino? They’d try just about anything if it’s fun. Just stick to a limit, before they push their natural good luck! Horse riding is another choice for an unusual gift since they’re half centaur. If it gets them out, gives them something new to try or learn it’s a classic gift in their book. Make them laugh (practical jokes are welcome) and you can’t give them a more perfect present – inspire and uplift them, it’s their gift to you each and every day!
Recommendation: A Solar Return and Year Ahead Report to give them a bigger picture on their lives!

Capricorn: (23 December-20 January)
As an Earth sign it’s always easy to buy for Capricorn when you realize they seek things that last. Relationships, jobs and so forth, it goes the same for gifts! So, think quality, think durability and you’ve got it! Furniture, objets d’art, sculptures, clothes that won’t fade or dissolve in the wash, a secret place to put their hard-earned cash (like an investment scheme or a safe!) and don’t forget how important their job is so a new uniform (or serious dress-up clothes) works well, as would really posh business cards – in full colour of course with logo and extensive credentials! A resume makeover service or some kind of personal PR for them would be useful – it may sound boring but if it helps their reputation, it’s a winner. Office toys for the Cappie executive, stationary with their name on, and since their ruling planet is Saturn – connected to time (this is the sign of reverse aging) - a watch or clock would put you in good hands. Also, Capricorns have another side (represented by the watery tail) – they love mysteries, ghosts, UFOs and aliens and the paranormal. X-Files, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, a personal astrology reading would be a special treat to take their mind off work and remind them of life’s mystery and magic!

Recommendation: A Career Reading to help them set their sights higher in the New Year.

Aquarius: (21 January-19 February)
Give Aquarius something unusual this year – unique, quirky and deliciously different (just like them) and they’ll be overjoyed. Why? Because Aquarius is the sign of new things, so forget the usual gifts – boring! These souls love technology – so the latest technological wizardry intrigues them. Things that make life easier are always welcome. They love lighting, and the more unusual the better – a glass dome with electricity inside, optic/lava lamps, lights that turn on when you clap, you get the picture! Computers, hand-held devices, metal detectors for finding underground treasure are all good ideas to keep them captivated. Aquarians are also into metaphysical stuff too – meditation, healing work or an energy reading for example. They have so much energy that a gift to take them out of themselves would really be a blessing. The colour electric blue is usually a good choice too, as is a membership to a club (or something online would be appreciated – access to free downloaded music to add to their collection for example, an mp3 player or portable CD player or a membership to a dating/networking site or something else obscure and unique. Be different, daring and find the latest cutting edge in any field and you’ll find the Aquarius soft spot!
Recommendation: A Centaur Report because it's strange, unique, cool and wise, just like them!

Pisces: (20 February-20 March)
Pisces Fish love magic, so this year go and seek out something a little out the ordinary. Harry Potter movies, Tarot cards, a telescope, things that glow, astrology or numerology books, a past life reading, dream analysis and meditation tapes would really put them in a fishy frenzy. Pisceans adore water – it’s their element, so a fountain or fish tank would go down swimmingly and speaking of which, swimwear is a good choice since many fish love to take to the local pool. How about a scuba lesson? Turquoise and aquamarine are their colours as they are connected to the ocean. Dreamy music (think Enya or meditation) or anything emotional and awe-inspiring would move them, as would a book of poetry, or a journal for them to compose their own. Dancing lessons (from the latest hip-hop to more classical moves) would be a very unique gift and since Pisces rules the feet – how about shoes or roller blades? Also, Fish either love alcohol or don’t touch the stuff – so choose accordingly. If the latter – they’ll have a favourite drink of choice from apple juice to green tea. Play to the natural and romantic side with good-vibe-gifts – special lighting for their home, a foot massage at the spa, a trip to a water-park, or a magic set. Pisces aren’t fans of expensive show – they prefer gifts that make them feel good. It’s as simple and magical as that!
Recommendation: A Karmic Insight or Past Life Report because they're so attuned to the other side.

(c) Neil D Paris
Please ask permission before reprinting elsewhere.

Astrology Gift Guide (and Specials!)

Stay tuned - the New World Astrology Annual Gift-Giving Guide for the Signs is on its way!

But first, here' the quick low down on what's hot at the site and treats for yourself or anyone else on your list since it's that time again (came round fast again, right?)

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4. There are special Deluxe Packages to follow you through an entire year of your life, or 6 months or however long you choose.

And with that,stay tuned for the Gift Guide coming soon to help you find something else special for those you deem worthy of your unique brand of magic.

And the physical world aside, I want to wish you a spiritually rich Holiday Season wherever you are, and most importantly, whomever you choose to spend it with (even if it's just yourself).

Warm Wishes from a chilly Los Angeles!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Special ends Dec 1!

The Buy Two Get One Free Report Special ends Dec 1. Here's the link to the Reports on offer. Great gifts and treats for yourself.

Enjoy them!

Join me at the Red Carpet Fundraiser...

November is National Adoption Month and I will be appearing at the "Zen Zone" at the
Red Carpet Adoption Awareness and Fundraiser for the Casa Hogar Sion Orphanage.

You can find out more about Thursday night if you click here.

In the Zen Zone (a peaceful sanctuary off the main party area created with the salt=lamp crystals from Illume (mentioned in previous blogs) I'll be chatting about the many benefits of applying Astrology in your personal and professional life, and we can take a look at your Lunar Nodes and Soul Path. You may even get to glimpse some celebs who are stopping by.

Say Hi if you can make it!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your Karma Class - 2007- 2009

Your Karma Class of 2007 - 2009

Saturn, planet of Work, Discipline and “career Karma” just moved into Virgo – the sign of getting it (and keeping it) together. That's right - you gotta tighten your belt and buckle up for the next two years in ONE area in particular....there's nowhere to hide, so you best read on...

Saturn the Sanitary strides into your House of Health, Hygiene & Work to whip you into shape or risk getting bent out of it. Yoga anyone? Natural Remedies? A better job? Revamp your schedule. Clean up your mess. Ditch bad habits. Failing this test prolongs your celestial colonic…


Saturn the Serious strides into your House of Love, Romance, Risks & Playtime. Schedule in some fun time and laugh for god’s sake. If it’s not fun why do it? Love is a bitch this year if you play coy, shy. Play well but don’t play games. Give, even if no one says thanks. Those who risk nothing lose everything. Who cares what the audience thinks – this is your spotlight!

Saturn the Stoic strides into your House of Home & Family. Oh boy – just exactly where is home? Here? There? You’ll have to move or rearrange furniture to give yourself the ideal nest. A new neediness overcomes you, as karma forces you to reveal your more tender side. Seek privacy but avoid walls. Are family roots in need of weeding? If in doubt, hug to disarm all scary looking situations.

Saturn the Strict strides into your House of Communication to test you on How you say it, What you say, and Who you say it to. Siblings could annoy the hell out you (along with neighbors) but it’s all a test of your mouth and mind. Stop depressing mental loops. Spit it out. If not, karma will send a cat to locate your tongue.

Saturn the Schoolmaster has left your sign. What have you learned? Don’t a thank you. Keep shining when the sun goes in. Hard work does pay off. Congrats! Your next challenge is to cash in on your newfound courage, dedication, & leadership skills. Clean up your checking account. Balance your books. Can royalty live light yet still luxuriously?

Saturn the Sedate strides into your sign giving you two years to get yourself together. Maybe you won’t come out a model of maturity, hard work, courage and pristine health - but maybe you will. Begin now. Destroy worry. Love your job or move on. Eat well. Help people. Stop complaining. You’re the zodiac’s Improver and you’re now assigned to…yourself.

Saturn the Sober strides into your House of the Unconscious, Past Lives, Karma & Escapism. Addictions no longer work. Your dreams scream. Your yesterday invades today and needs resolution. Forget? Sounds nice but first you must face your darkest hour. Can you let go? We’ll see. If it goes or is gone - don’t hold on! Seek soul space and nurture your secret self.

Saturn the Sincere strides into your House of your Future, Friendships, Goals and Groups to clean up your social shenanigans. Tell Dirty friends to clean up their act before dirtying your doorstep. Set your social sights higher by being a rebel with a cause to aid those who’ll help (not hinder) your future freedom.

Saturn the Steady strides into your House of Career, Achievement, Status and Authority. Yes you’ll need to prove yourself but not become a control freak. Yes, you can take the wheel but no, you can’t run red lights. You’re in the hot seat – but you want to drive, so stop kicking back, hiding in the back or looking back.


Saturn the Staid strides into your House of Travel, Adventure, Expansion & Knowledge. How much do you know? Suffering from culture-clash? Maybe it’s time for a trip to new lands, for new information or people. Open your mind. Close your mouth. To pop prejudice, Karma bumps you into a bubble of foreign origin.

Saturn the Somber strides into your House of Death, Rebirth, Power & Transformation. For starters, sex is serious (you want more or less). You have to learn to trust (through deceit?). You must cut your cards or your phone line to escape creditor calls. Deep down it’s about death. Die. Be reborn. Crash and Burn. Get back up. Repeat.

Saturn the Stern strides into your House of Partnership, Fair-Play, Cooperation and Compromise. A major make-or-break could lie ahead if you clean up your contracts - 50-50 still means you’re only giving (and getting) half. Give tops or you’ll bottom out. In or out?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Emotional Mind-Fields: Gemini Full Moon

No, you're not schizo. You're either talking a heck of a lot about what ails you, or keeping totally schtum. You COULD talk about it. Or then again you could just continue to bounce it around in your skull. It's your choice.

Gemini, as the sign of the twins highlights (under the Full Moon) areas of your life where you're in TWO MINDS about something, or someone.

Here's the full analysis of the Gemini Full Moon for the low-down on what's going on for the next month under this lunar phase.

I'll say in closing that this particular Full Moon is challenged by Saturn, so there's a somber feel to our thoughts. We're more likely crushed into conversation, squeezed to share our thoughts or generally a little on the depressed or downward spiral (old mental loops and draining repetitive thought patterns).

If you catch yourself being down AGAIN about something, great. Here's your chace to purge your life of an old mental daemon that robs you of cerebral clarity and mental bliss. Thoughts are things, so don't let yourself get bogged down with so much attention to the drudgery of life, let them fly by leaving just an ounce of space for the possibility that a new way will be found through the falling leaves of a dying season in your life.

Everything is cyclic, remember. And what you choose to think about is ultimately another aspect of free-will operating in your life. No one can make you think anything (unless you let them).

Where's your head?

Keep talking,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Thanksgiving "Thanks" for YOU...

who read these words, no matter where you live, no matter what you have, or don't have, or what you've done, or not done.

Thank you all for sharing this journey with me, for incarnating into delicate human bodies to play out this ridiculous and cool story of human beings, with 5 toes (sometimes), a checking account that bounces black and red, with emotions that bounce around like yoyos in a hurricane.

Planet Earth wouldn't be the same without ya, and my life sure as heck wouldn't be as multi-colored.

May we all continue the journey with a lot less stress and a lot more humor. Or at least enough of the latter to aid the former.

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU.



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to the Drawing Board: Mars Retrograde in Cancer

What's on your drawing board?

A half-finished rough sketch of how you wanted life to be?
We sigh and groan when we're told we have to get back to it, but isn't everything begun at the drawing board?

Mars, the planet of 'Place your Energy HERE', 'I WANT this' and 'Let's make it happen NOW' is turning retrograde tomorrow (November 15) until well into January, to give us a second chance, a second go, another reason and opportunity to go BACK to our drawing board to see if what we're creating and working on is really what we want.

Mars will be moving through Cancer, the sign that relates to a number of things:

Your Home, Family, Domestic Situation: Can we say repairs? How about some home improvement. It's likely. Anger? You betcha, if someone can't be a little more patient. Clearing the air is no doubt the best way to go here. But do louder voices really help people hear? Smoke alarms and fire alarms are either going off, being checked (make it a point), or else someone is burning toast or throwing gas on their furniture because they're 'done'. Either way, heat, aggression and a lot of energy suddenly is sucked into everyones home space, their private domain where no one else can see what's going on. Oh, the things said and done between now and January in homes across the world...

Your Roots and Past
A heck of a lot of reviewing pulls us back to repeat or relive facets of our life story that we're particularly pained over, or proud of. The choice is yours. If it worked well, by all means try it again. If it caused stress, then back off. For everyone's sake. You can get angry about what happened to you back then, but why bother? if anything, channel anger into improving your present situation.

Your Emotions
Digestion problems or stomach complaints now could be a sign of emotional indigestion - being unable to deal with your feelings. Mars retrograding back through such a sensitive sign gives us all a chance to release volatile feelings. Emotions aren't pretty, but who said they were meant to be? Volcanic eruptions of anger, roadrage, the desire to kill kill kill, or self-inflicted wounds on ourselves or on those closest to us are all ways of using mars retrograde. The message is - anger is a fire we can feed, try to stifle or let burn warmly and toast marshmallows over. Using anger to achieve something less destructive is a great idea, especially now.

Okay, so you're angry. great. You tapped into something that doesn't make you happy. mars Retrograde has bestowed its gift to you. Now what?

1. Make amends, clear up the crap, move on.
2. Put all irritation and angst into a plan to improve your situation.
3. Do something good for yourself.
4. Realize you may just be fighting your own guilt, anxiety, inabilities, mistakes, behavior through someone else.
5. Know this too shall pass, have your say then go off and find something useful to do.

Mars, the bringer of War could see a turnaround in military plans. No one 'wins' any war. Maybe retrograde mars will bring a few home explosions as the anger is turned BACK on the propagator.

Since the US is a Cancer country, it's likely we'll see a show of more warrior themes, attacks, anger, bloodshed or violence.

Let me ask you this:

How are things in YOUR home?
When I say home i don't just mean your house, apt, flat, box, dungeon or wherever else you may call home. I'm talking YOU - your skin, your soul. How are things deep within you?

That's a marker for what you'll get involved in with mars Retrograde. If you're repressing anger, something at home may explode or need fixing. If you feel comfortable, you escape from the pains others who are repressing may face. Your HOME is a strong indicator of how much internal peace you have.

Mars relates to:

Anger - so we'll be tested during retrograde, on how well we use our anger, how easily irritable we are, how unkind we can be when we're pissed off, and how we tend to make matters worse by responding to them in this mode. In Cancer, a sign known for its 'sideways' moves, we get to play out an entire period of MAJOR PASSIVE AGGRESSION - my advice, if you're pissed off, tell us. if you bottle it up, you make it worse for everyone. Our emotional trigger points are HOT this period.

Assertion - can you stand your ground? Do confrontations make you freak out or can you handle them in a way that not only establishes your rights, but also allows others room to have their say too? Are you defending your own interests in a healthy way or backing off and letting others dominate space?

Action - retrogrades often pull energy inside of us, so LOOK (and FEEL) before you leap - this is the planetary cycle of WHOOPS - impulsive and impatient actions that can't be taken back or undone. We can however regroup and reformulate our mission, our plan of attack (Mars loves a plan and even more so, an attack).


How well do you respond to 'bad vibes' - annoying people, things, situations or incidents? How do you react when someone accuses you of something, or calls you names or treats you with disrespect? Do we REACT or RESPOND (reacting means to re-act, to act AGAIN repeating a learned knee-jerk reaction) whilst responding is just that - replying, not replaying.

Retrograde Mars will give us a chance to see how we all act and react or respond. Call it our responsibility (response ability) that governs how our lives play out. Chances are pretty high that when you get wrapped up in something ugly, that you're playing some energy game with another of similar vibration (angry people attract angry/triggering people). It's energetics. How will you respond with what you're faced with during this time?

Sex & Desire - What will you do to get what you want? How much do you want? Is sexual frustration masked as irritability and a short fuse (when it comes to fuses, size doesn't matter...). is your desire a problem, as opposed to the NOT getting what you want. Are you pushing for something that is pushing you away or uninterested? Retrograde Mars asks us to reformulate our desires - as it could turn out you don't REALY want what you have become so used to fighting for or chasing....

Launching things
From getting up in the morning, to starting a company to throwing a party, everything has a launch. A beginning. Mars as the impetus behind movement, could reflect a few frustrations and upsets in getting something off the ground. Again, if emotions aren't fully engaged, now is the time when you'll likely be faced with enough delays and blocks or disappointments to help you refocus and relax more (hopefully). Once you let up, energy frees up. Remember that this cycle.

Mars and Health
Mars relates to heat - skin rashes, temperatures, burns. Mars relates to Bangs - cuts, bruises, bumps, wounds, bleeding. Mars relates to adrenalin - adrenal glands, muscles. Mars relates to the Head - headstrong, headfirst, head wounds, headaches.

Retrograde we may see some old symptoms reappear, and in Cancer the sign of the chest and stomach, problems in these areas would reflect an emotional imbalance. Don't eat when angry. Don't comfort eat. Chest issues could reflect a lack of proper self nurturing (we hug people to our breasts, we feed through our breasts, we emotionally keep our feelings close to our chest or need to get things off our chest.
See the connections?

That's a wrap here. Enjoy slowing down. We need to. Follow feelings to their natural conclusion - back to the past, and back to their source. You.

You are in control of your Emotional Experience in this lifetime.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Dancing in the flames: New Moon in Scorpio

Our current lunar phase of new beginnings (the New Moon) is the sign of endings (Scorpio), and the sign of Transformation, moving from one state to another. Nothing is allowed to stagnate now at this New Moon, and how can we have a new beginning if we don't take care of the old stuff hanging around?

Something needs to die now, and the New Moon will bring about the energy to allow for a chapter change. Just as midwives help us birth something, we now need those who can aid us in letting go - who teaches us this? So now, look to play this role in others lives and for others to appear to help you with this process yourself.

Ah, there's an important word now: process. All is a process - don't expect to magically let go of everything that has to leave now. It's our nature to hold on, to dig our nails in to retain some sense of a status quo in our lives, but this new Moon shows it's tough to do that. Something has to go, something has to change, something has to die and be reborn. So accepting that something has to change, is the first step to embracing the theme of this current lunar cycle.

This New Moon:

Realize what's keeping you chained to pain, and give it up
Look at your addiction to the dark side
Begin some recycling scheme
Clear out things you no longer, use, value, need, like Be open to intimacy and going deeper
Seek support, give support, pool resources, talents
Face your shadow
Shed a skin and don't look back

Realize your power of choice
Watch horror movies, and notice the symbolism of facing your fear/demons Investigate, research, uncover, probe
Ask for a loan, extend credit, seek financial advice/support
Accept it's OVER
Use passion to move mountains
Take your anger, rage, jealousy, hatred and channel it into something positive in your life
Enjoy sex with a soul connection

Learn Tantra
Try Kundalini Yoga
Visit a sex shop, indulge in erotica, discover your hidden desires
Accept and embrace your Power - power 'is', it's what you do with it that matters most
Undergo hypnosis, surgery, counseling
Talk about taboos
Order the Karmic Insight and Past Life Report (to detail what you're carrying with you from other lives that maybe tripping you up still. Buy thse two and choose a third FREE under the current special). See samples here.
Cast a spell or perform a ritual to enhance your power and release negativity

New Moon square Chiron
Are we really emotionally wounded or is it just an excuse to lick our wounds and hide from society, friends or connecting? Sulking is a sign you're not being honest about how you feel. If anything, we get to reprogram our own mothering instincts again now. We get to parent ourselves now - ask yourself in each and every moment 'Am I comfortable', 'Do I feel okay about this'. If not - why not? And what will you do to regain emotional ground once more. Is an old habit ready to die? Will you let it?

New Moon square Neptune

Don't kid yourself into thinking you've moved on from certain lessons by ignoring them or avoiding them. They still may carry a charge - and basically, if you're even SEEING an ounce of an old karmic lessons, the residue is still around. The question becomes - how much emotional energy will you invest in it as this may ignite it once more. Cutting ties is good if it involves forgiveness within. Addictions may arise once more now - are you running away from doing what you know you need to do (and keep saying you will do?) Enjoy a time out, just don't disappear for good.

New Moon trine Mars and Uranus
The impetus (Mars) and freedom (Uranus) to turn in a new direction is here so grab it. Who cares if it's new ground and there IS no permanent comfort (don't seek that in this lunar cycle, or you'll be left wanting. Each moment holds a conflict between keeping things the same (however crappy) or shaking free. Stay flexible, and don't give up if things don't go according to plan (whose plan?). it's time to free yourself - changing any area of your life that has become Boring. Simple as that. If you're fed up with it - CHANGE IT BY CHANGING YOUR INTERACTION WITH IT. Perspective, involvement, even fantasies surrounding it.


So, at this New Moon we get to ask ourselves:

Are we truly ready to give up the pain of our past & present?
Are we willing to try a new approach?
Do we have an open mind?
Can we risk losing a comfort zone that wasn't THAT comfy to begin with?
Are we willing to replace stagnation
with new energies and new experiences?

Prepare for the death of one way, and the birth of a new path, a new possibility and a new power.

See you on the other side - with the shocking new hairstyle or job, or whatever else you're ready to ring the changes with. Let me know where your own personal zaniness comes forth!