Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Centre of the Wheel is Best: The Cardinal Grand Cross of 2014

Here's the simple breakdown (even though this particular Time-Period is anything but simple as seen from Planet Earth):

Picture a magician proclaiming this enchantment


What would the manifestations be?

Picture him again:


How would the end results look?

And once again:


How things manifest are always subject to choice/change/flux and laws, within human free will but beyond our human comprehension. But...we Astrologers know that this Planetary Period and Astrological Alignment is sort of like the puzzle box from the Hellraiser movies. A major piece moves. And it causes quit a stir. The entire planet feels it, and responds or reacts.

Perhaps as "One", perhaps as "Billions" - perhaps as Both.

How will this Cardinal Grand Square affect you, personally?

Only your Chart can truly reveal this. Schedule a Reading or Order a Transit or Progressions Report (under TRANSIT here,  less then $10! Knowledge is Power, so see what life is re-arranging for you).

We can say that the CHANGES and CHOICES  will profoundly affect YOU, Your Living Situation or Family/Domestic life, Your Life Ambitions or Actual Life Direction....and...Your Relationship with Everyone Else!

The Cardinal Gross hangs in the signs of the seasons, the very bedrock and foundation of Human Lives (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn). At 13 Degrees (cue Jaws music) it should be interesting to see the manifestations in the United States whose very IDENTITY and sense of self (The Sun) lies at 13 Degrees Cancer.

As another piece of the cosmic puzzle clicks into place, remember the golden rule when faced with any and every transit, progression, aspect or alignment in your chart:

                                        THE CENTRE OF THE WHEEL IS BEST.

Out of the 12 is always born the 13th (King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, Jesus and his 12 Disciples etc)- not a Sign, but You. 

Be the Center of the Storm, be Nothing and Everything. Go within.

And remember - each time you leave the centre of the wheel, you wind up taking sides
(be it rebel, destroyer, warrior, controller etc) and thus will be met with SQUARES and OPPOSITIONS - forces which will come at you from the side or head-on. 

Go forth and only make choices you're happy to live with. And be ready to embrace those thrust upon you. There IS a meaning behind current events, and nothing is simple. The box opens, and we enter another dimension, cross through another threshold and open another door.

When faced with a grand cross, there's no way out of the box 
until the puzzle clicks again and a new picture emerges.

It's all an Illusion, but it feel so real!
That's the point.

Your Astrologer,

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Cardinal Grand Cross & Libra Lunar Eclipse 
April 2014

There was a time when people made little connection between their personal lives and celestial forces. But that time is over.

Astrology may not be able to always tell you precisely how something will manifest (since your participation is always one half of the equation) - but it always answers the "Why".

Because the pressure to evolve 
has become too great for anything to stay the same.

Right now, everyone is banding together energetically (even in areas where conflict continues to divide us physically) through a Neptune in Pisces ability to 'pick up' energies in the ether (think shark's smelling blood or dolphin sonar). It's as if everyone suddenly became more psychic, whether they choose to open up to it, or not.

Everyone on Planet Earth knows that we live in a New Time. Uncertain. Ever Changing. Surprising. As the Old World goes through its death throes (complete with loud noises, struggles, refusals and resistances) the New World remains unformed, created by the both the acceptance of what no longer works or is no longer available to us...and ...the new energetic pathways we create in our individual minds (and Cosmic Mind) through the simple act of living more consciously.

                                         Are you where you thought you'd be by now?

The answer will always be NO, because whether you're doing better or worse than you feel you should be, life has other plans, there are always surprises. Our lives are stories. Movies. Just as the Universe affects us, we affect it. The Universe grows as we change our reactions to events. Sometimes you can surprise the Universe as much as it surprises you.  We're living in one of those periods. When we take new pathways, when we stand up and face a fear and keep moving, when we fall apart and begin the process of putting ourselves back together again, when we continue to keep a light on through dark times.

These days, simply admitting you have a problem, takes enormous guts.

We weren't all meant to be born as Astrologers, but we all become one when we see the correlation between how we feel, what is playing out and what the larger cosmic forces are reflecting back to us.

Right now - as we move into April and May 2014, things continue to change, on an ever-faster acceleration.


     Awakenings.                                                                          Whoa!

Karma comes flying around, whether we can trace its roots or not. When life seems unfair, remember that. Don't, however, assume you are being punished for every crummy thing that unfolds before you (and do your damnedest to avoid getting sucked into battles that aren't your own), and if you are a target for karmic payback your only job is to not to pollute your world further, ultimately freeing yourself.   At the same:

open to the possibility that a nice, normal, quiet day
 is actually IS good karma, being paid in kind.

Nothing is as it seems down here on Planet Earth. The simple is often complex. The most honest can be fraught with the most deceit. Things are unstable. And everyone is waking up to that. While some continue to slumber, it's up to the awake to move forward as consciously as possible.

Whether through turmoil or celebration, we WILL all come together. It's inevitable.
Maybe not through beliefs, maybe not through laws. Maybe not even through agreement.

But through Human Empathy.

Protect yourself this April and May. Psychic Shields up. Appearances are more deceiving that ever before. Life throws you challenges but never without a blessing. Accept both with an equal and open heart. 

April and May will Bring It.
May your Response from here on in be "Bring It ON!"

Your Astrologer,

 * More astro-details on the Grand Cross coming soon. In the meantime, you can read up on past articles about the Libra Full Moon here (the Libra Total Lunar Eclipse is April 15)

Wednesday, April 02, 2014



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