Friday, February 27, 2009

SALE: Your Full Natal Report (80-100 pages)

80-100 pages personally compiled by me, about YOU.

What about you? Your complexes, your personality quirks, your love nature, what you like sexually, how you handle money, your Karmic signature (things you're here working on this lifetime), your True Direction (Your "spiritual north"), your potential partners, career aptitudes, things that trip you up, your negative side, your amazing positive side....all this and more.

Includes sections on the Asteroids, which aren't used by many Astrologers.

It's on sale right now for $65 (normally $75). Ends in one week.
Here's your chance to grab your own mega profile all about yours truly.

Order your Full Natal Report here and find out what you'll get Right Here!

What will I have to say about YOU...?

Your Armed Astrologer,
www. New World Astrology .com

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleepy, Drifty, Dreamy: Pisces New Moon (Feb 24)

Felt the urge to zone out, tune out, switch off, knock off, quit, let it slide, go with the flow, run away, hide, deny, take drugs, down a BIG stuff drink, eat five chocolate cakes, stay up all night, smoke a bowl, dance dance dance, cry, write poetry, walk by the ocean, listen to the rain, leave the planet, sleep 80 hours?

Or are you resisting the urge to?

We're in the flow of Pisces energy right now
- which, for some of you, is music to your ears, magic to your soul and a beautiful thing in your life. To some of you, it's a truly terrifying time when you feel lost, dazed, confused and swimming in circles, or nowhere in particular.

Whether you're lost, or just cruising on autopilot, the deepest need at this time is to REMEMBER OUR SOULS VOICE. By escaping from physical reality for a time, we refresh our spirit, we wash away the woes of the day and have a chance to go back 'home' - to our true selves, not our bodies and bills, relationships and repairs.

The New Moon on Feb 24 gives us all a prime opportunity for a moment to get away. To celebrate our souls and renew our relationship to ourselves and to all of our own lives, but reminding us that fantasy is fantastic, that escapism is enjoyable, that magic is marvelous and that reality is but a dream and that dreams create our realities.

So - firstly, celebrate the fact that things don't seem that structured right now. They're not MEANT to be. We get to creatively coast a while under a Pisces New Moon. To sleep longer, dream deeper and to let things take their course.

Old karmic patterns are sure to surface, as Pisces is the sign of karmic completion, the last stop on the soul's journey 'around the wheel' of the zodiac. And in aspect to Uranus, the planet of Liberation, this new Moon allows us to find out what old patterns we're addicted to, so we can free ourselves from being at the mercy of them.
True freedom now comes from freeing ourselves from unhealthy, addictive escapist paths that lead nowhere but to a feeling of being drained and depleted.

So you can stay on track now by knowing you're in a karmic loop when you feel you have no control, you're 'cracked out', 'amped up', or drifting into a victim role or just lost and hopeless or running away through less healthy channels (eroding your body and energy supplies) - and you have a chance to play it out one last time before you let it go for good.

What are you addicted to that no longer serves you?

Find an alternative - fantasy, creative visualization, music, mystery, fantasy - anything that takes you out of yourself and gives you a chance to connect something deeply moving. Meditation. movement. Music. Candlelight. The Ocean. Romantic Music. Sad stories. Charitable work. Even just sitting and letting yourself feel.

Feelings are everything now - whatever comes up has relevance. So let it be there. The hopelessness, the void. All part of the human story and drama of being on planet earth.

Pisces New Moons are about learning to continue charting a course, while simultaneously (the two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions) letting things take their course.

"Let it go" - keep doing that right now, and you'll be spiritually lighter.

This New Moon, enjoy the Great Letting Go - and read up on the previous blog I wrote on this New Moon period for extra insight, on what to do, what to expect and what it all means. READ IT HERE.

Relax - you're in the flow of the current of your own life. You always were, you always were. There is no control, just a moving. A flowing. Stop fighting the tide, by letting go we always float again, eventually.

With you all the way - after all I'm a Pisces Sun and Mercury (with the Sun square Neptune and Mercury square Neptune) so I'm over-qualified to help you out with this enchanting and strange period, so call me on whenever you need.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Week Only: $2/min readings: You Choose Length!

I've never done this before but thought I'd throw this out there for fun for the rest of February. Some of you aren't able or don't want to commit (like with cell phone plans and marriage) to a longer reading so I am offering this:

$2/min, you choose the length, for a week only!

Sign up here!

Have $15 in your pocket and need some guidance? Order a 7 1/2 min check in!
$60 gets you a half-hour reading.
And so on. (An Hour Reading will save you $55.)

You'll be surprised how much we can cover in the time. Anyone who has ever read with me knows I talk fast (but still understandable)and it's all recorded for you to replay. Just precise, helpful and direct info at your fingertips.

I'll still need your birth info at the time of the reading. You can input that at the time you sign-up.
If it's a relationship reading (where we'll look at more than one chart)
then it's a half hour minimum.

That's it. There are no rules, just choose your length reading and away we go. Ends Feb 25 (one week).

Don't get stuck or feel you have no options, let's look at things and I'll give you a bigger overview, look at your past life patterns that are repeating, answer any questions you have, remind you of your true nature, look at your relationship situation, talk about finances, or give you a glimpse of what cool things you can expect coming up and how to navigate through your NOW!

Talk soon!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Love You, yes YOU!

Thanks for being part of my Journey, and on this Valentine's Day, I wanted to say that - no matter where you are, what you're doing, where you've been, what you've done (or haven't) and what is going on in your life...

that I Love You.

Thank you for being You, straight up, undiluted, no apologies needed or given.


Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Love Gotta do with it? The Leo Lunar Eclipse (Feb 9)

Lunar Eclipse Readings available now, based on your chart and expected changes in the next 6 months.

Lunar Eclipses bring emotional change. Astrologically, the Moon reigns over our emotional natures, home lives, family situations and our day to day feelings. During a Lunar Eclipse, these areas of our life are temporarily shaken - often by events in our physical lives that temporarily force our hands and force our attention in a certain direction.

Some experience an emotional 'high' as events reach a completion and success. At other times, we may experience a complete emotional overhaul, and feel insecure, nervous or just about any other disrupting and often worrying emotion.

Feeling raw and open?

You may find yourself amongst the majority who will experience an ENDING, A Chapter Closure, a relationship end, a job ending - one phase of life seems to hold no more promise.

If so, welcome to the Chess Pieces of Your Life moving things around to get you ahead. Believe it or not, that's what's happening.

This Lunar Eclipse fell in Leo, creating Grand & Dramatic Emotional Moments
for many of us. We feel things in a big way. What do we feel? LOVE. Or, we feel its lack.

Let's explain this further - we open our hearts under Lunar Eclipses. In Leo, we feel so strongly, so passionately it can only be attached to the vibrational energy of Love; the outpouring from the heart. And this can happen through loss, death, transition, disappointment etc. Or from the more fun emotions of Gain, Joy, Play, Romance.

Love is making a comeback in your life now. Look around, From friendships (Aquarius is the sign power-packed opposite this Leo Eclipse) to social networks and groups to aid you (health groups, social groups, charitable groups etc) you're being offered Love in the same ratio as you're giving it out to the world.

Ask yourself now - how much love am I revealing from within myself?

Love is given in many forms, through music, artwork, making someone laugh or smile, being fun and fancy-free, playing and creating. Enjoying life and showing others a good time. Giving compliments. Thanking someone. Offering a gift. Making Love. Sharing a hug.

What is love to you?

Now, depending as always on where this one falls in YOUR chart, this Eclipse will spark any of the 12 areas of your life or inner and outer life drives (shown by the planets). I can help you work this out through a special Chart Reading.

My Lunar Eclipse Readings will help you. Read up on what you get during this special 40-minute on what the Lunar eclipse means to you in YOUR Chart.

Since the Lunar Eclipse is awkwardly aspected by Uranus, we may find the electricity in our bodies, lives, relationships, houses, cars, computers plays up a little. You want to change but aren't sure in what measure. Do you stay put (Moon) or go (Uranus)? Try and sustain something or jack it in and split?
It's all part of the re-wiring process of this lunar period. You may find your nervous system goes through an upgrade, which isn't always pleasant. You may need to buy new electrical equipment.

Facilitate these changes and shifts by being free enough to move through every emotional you encounter as though it's helpful and conspiring to help you reach a better place. It is.

Don't hold on to any feelings. Any that seem to stick around are markers for your new needs and desires and where Change is needed to avoid further pain. Use them as guides. Know it's all part of a bigger picture, a grander story and nothing - nothing - is ever a waste, or wasted.

Life is a grand game, this Lunar Eclipse reveals that, with big displays, dramatic gestures and heart-opening moments that liberate us from too much (or too little) self love and more connected to the universal grid of consciousness, awake now through the multitude of planets passing through Humanity's sign of Aquarius.

Feel your way to a better life, through Love.

Your Open-Heart Spiritual Surgeon,

www. New World Astrology .com

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a Wonderful World...

Thanks to Deborah over in England who sent this over to me.


Watch the video now.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Goodbye to Mitri

It is with such a heavy heart that I say goodbye to Mitri, the black Cancerian Cat,who passed away yesterday whom I had the fortune of living with for 3 years and who made the trip from Seattle to Los Angeles with me a few years ago.

He was a true Cancer - liked tummy rubs, loved his food, was a total homebody and yet, in the last weeks before he left, he plucked up the courage to venture past the city limits of his apartment, and sample tickles from neighbors and stairways leading to unknown lands. Maybe you fulfilled your Destiny this time around?

I miss you SO much, little guy.

Thanks for sharing 3 yrs with me and I hope to see you again somewhere.

I love you,

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Valentine Special: Cosmic Couple & Relationship Report Package $60

Even if you're single you're in a relationship with someone, somewhere.

Your friend, your parent, your boss, your coworker.

Synastry is the art of comparing your Birth Charts with another person to detail your compatibility.

We can see your soul-contracts (what you're offering to help each other work on), your karmic ties (things you haven't let go of between you from other lives), gifts you share (areas you two just "work") and stumbling blocks (things that are virtually guaranteed to 'hit the fan' between you!)

So if you're dating, married, recently separated or single, this Package is for you. It may well shine light on WHY you're where you're at, givce you both something giggle about and truly have a better understanding on them, and they of you.

These Reports work for BOTH of you, so you'll get 2 reads out of each, theirs and yours! Feel free to email them your lover or partner, or whoever you choose to find out more about.

Its the Valentine Special Package ($60)

You get:

The Relationship Report
& The New Cosmic Couple Report

Read up at the link below to see SAMPLES.

Romantic - Friendship - Business! It works for everyone.

Find out more and Order here, just look for the Valentine Special Package

I LOVE these Reports. And yes, I do them for the people I have the good fortune (or otherwise!) of meeting and dating. They are awesome.

Enjoy finding more intimacy with yourself and those in your life with this offering of mine.

Your Cosmic Cupid,
www.New World Astrology .com

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Special Solar Eclipse Readings!

Feeling frenzies, frazzled and unsure what to do next?

Solar Eclipses turn out the light in key areas of our lives - to help us to re-member & re-vitalize those parts of us in need of re-awakening.

How often we forget to live as well-rounded souls, experiencing various facets of human existence! Solar Eclipses turn out the light in key areas of our lives - to help us to re-member and re-vitalize those parts of us in need of re-awakening. Those lagging areas in your life you now get to re-discover and re-explore with the aid of the Solar Eclipse.

CHANGE is here in your life, knocking at the door asking you to go. How will this Eclipse be affecting you for the rest of this year?

These Readings I am offering are specially designed to facilitate this change and help you locate where and what to expect it. Your Chart reveals the path ahead.

Find out more at the link below!

Schedule your personal Solar Eclipse Reading here.